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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6530

Chapter 6530 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Pellitier, G.; Gauthier, P.; Laflamme, G.; Coan, P.; Lepage, M., 1976:
Study of the natural anti histamine like substance in bile of mammals

Renier J.C.; Audran M.; Seret P.; Secher V., 1986:
Study of the natural development of osteoporosis 30 patients monitored over an eleven year period

Lin, C.C.; Kuo, Y.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Huang, W.C., 1987:
Study of the natural killer cell activity in lung cancer patients

Kryukova, I.N.; Il'in, K.V.; Spure-Zh-Zh, 1975:
Study of the nature of antigens detectable in cross reactions by anti sera to antigens of milk from patients with mammary gland carcinoma and to oncornavirus d type isolated from hep 2 cells

Vorob'ev K.V.; Koval'chuk L.V.; Gankovskaya L.V., 1984:
Study of the nature of cells regulating migration inhibition factor production in c 57bl 6 mice low responsive to candida albicans antigen

Kuropteva, Z.V.; Dovgyallo, E.N.; Pulatova, M.K., 1978:
Study of the nature of electron acceptor groups of peptide molecules and their derivatives part 1 glycyl glycine ethyl ester and amide

Dovgyallo, E.N.; Kuropteva, Z.V.; Pulatova, M.K., 1978:
Study of the nature of electron acceptor groups of peptide molecules and their derivatives part 2 combinations with aromatic and leucine amino acid residues

Giorgadze T.K., 1987:
Study of the nature of interaction processes of bone tissue with corundo ceramic endoprosthesis

Belyaeva O.B.; Timofeev K.N.; Litvin F.F., 1987:
Study of the nature of intermediate products of protochlorophyllide photoreduction in vivo and in vitro by optical and esr spectroscopy

Shaginyan, O.V.; Kryukova, I.N., 1975:
Study of the nature of membrane cellular antigens induced by avian sarcoma leukemia complex viruses

Pozdnyakova A.L., 1987:
Study of the nature of nervous cell membrane depolarization induced by the application of antibodies to s 100 protein

Carretero Accame M.E.; Pardo Garcia M.P., 1984:
Study of the nature of polygala microphylla polygalaceae

Neustroev G.V., 1985:
Study of the nature of the chalone fraction of erythrocyte extracts

Petrov, R.V.; Novikov, V.I.; Zakharova, L.A.; Stepanenko, R.N.; Mikhailova, A.A., 1978:
Study of the nature of the humoral factor from bone marrow stimulating antibody production

Mozhaeva L.V.; Pil'shchikova N.V.; Kuzina V.I., 1979:
Study of the nature of the motive force of plant exudation with the use of chemical effects

Khodorov B.I.; Khodorova A.B.; Mukumov M.R., 1984:
Study of the nature of the potassium contracture phasic component in frog myocardium

Llavero Rodriguez J.; Yuste Grijalba F.J.; Pastor Aldeguer V.; Arizcum Pineda J., 1987:
Study of the needs of perinatal hospital care in the autonomous community of madrid spain

Bozhkov, D.; Kajtazov, A., 1976:
Study of the nematodes infesting the colorado beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata in bulgaria part 1

Martinez, A., 1975:
Study of the neotropical pachydemini coleoptera scarabaeidae melolonthinae

Dauwalder P.; Remane J., 1979:
Study of the nerinea bed at the kimmeridgian portlandian demarcation in the jura of southern neuchatel switzerland

Yoshimura Y., 1983:
Study of the neural pathway concerned with nonrhythmic involuntary movements in cats

Vladeeva N.V.; Kuznetsov V.G.; Smirnov V.A.; Shchekoldina V.I., 1983:
Study of the neuro muscular synapse by improved histochemical methods

Dudkin, K.N.; Glezer, V.D., 1975:
Study of the neuro physiological mechanism of the brightness scale

Sokolov S.Ya; Ivashin V.M.; Zapesochnaya G.G.; Kurkin V.A.; Shchavlinskii A.N., 1985:
Study of the neurotropic activity of new substances isolated from rose root

Lucchelli, A.; Boselli, C.; Grana, E., 1986:
Study of the nicotinic activity of very potent muscarinic agents

Klichev B.M.; Anisova A.A.; Syzrantsev Y.K., 1985:
Study of the nitrogen balance in children with small intestine fistulas kept on a diet that includes protein enteral nutrition products

Del Olvido Chereguini M., 1986:
Study of the nitrogen cycle in santander bay spain

Ginsburg R.; Bristow M.R.; Billingham M.E.; Stinson E.B.; Schroeder J.S.; Harrison D.C., 1983:
Study of the normal and failing isolated human heart decreased response of failing heart to isoproterenol

Pelliccia F.; Belloni G.; Ferraro M.; Rocchi A.; D.C.poa A., 1979:
Study of the nucleolus organizer in a mouse strain carrying centric fusions

Ronjat M.; Lacapere J.J.; Dufour J P.; Dupont Y., 1987:
Study of the nucleotide binding site of the yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe plasma membrane proton atpase using formycin triphosphate terbium complex

Rebrov, L.B., 1975:
Study of the nucleotide composition of rna synthesized by poly nucleotide phosphorylase ec in toluene treated escherichia coli cells

Dvorak, F., 1976:
Study of the number of chromosomes of 4 angiosperms

Dvorak, F.; Grull, F., 1978:
Study of the number of chromosomes of angiosperms part 7

Pokrovskaya I.V., 1985:
Study of the nutrition of patients with esophageal carcinoma

Bukhalo A.S.; Solomko E.F.; Zakordonets L.A.; Reznik S.R.; Kharkevich E.S.; Kapich A.N., 1985:
Study of the nutritive value of cultured mycelium of higher edible basidiomycetes

Balayan V.M.; Levitskii A.P., 1985:
Study of the nutritive value of grain proteins with the aid of tribolium confusum larvae

Daro, M.H., 1974:
Study of the nycthemeral migrations of the zoo plankton in a shallow marine environment

Grazia, J.; Del-Vecchio, M.C.; Hildebrand, R., 1985:
Study of the nymphal stages of heteropterous predators i. podisus connexivus pentatomidae asopinae

Grazia, J.; Del-Vecchio, M.C.; Hildebrand, R.; Ramiro, Z.A., 1982:
Study of the nymphal stages pentatomidae heteroptera living on soybean glycine max 3. thyanta perditor

Talavera A., 1979:
Study of the o antigenic structure of escherichia coli strains isolated from feces of diarrheic calves from different dairy farms

Goudswaard P.C., 1985:
Study of the occurrence of portunion maenadis and priapion fraissei isopoda epicaridea off the netherlands coast

Benevolenskaya L.I.; Iontova I.M.; Burlev A.A.; Totolyan A.A., 1986:
Study of the occurrence of type specific antibodies to streptococcal lipoproteinase according to population screening data

Dimitrov S., 1987:
Study of the oil content in some sunflower cultivars and hybrids

Clamp J.R.; Gough M., 1979:
Study of the oligo saccharide units from mucus glyco proteins of meconium from normal infants and cases of cystic fibrosis with meconium ileus

Aliev A.M.; Movsumov I.S.; Kerimova M.G.; Bagirova B.A.; Aliev M.Kh, 1985:
Study of the olive oil prepared from olive fruit grown in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Bresler S.E.; Perumov D.A., 1979:
Study of the operon of riboflavine biosynthesis in bacillus subtilis effect of genotype on regulation of gtp cyclo hydrolase synthesis

Viksman M.E.; Mayanskii A.N., 1980:
Study of the opsonic factors in nitro blue tetrazolium reduction by human neutrophils

Guiolet, A.; Garson, J.C.; Levecque, J.L., 1987:
Study of the optical properties of human hair

Shchetinina E.V.; Bulk V.F.; Perel'man E.V., 1985:
Study of the optimal conditions for the cultivation of staphylococcus aureus strain a 676 with a view to obtaining biologically active protein a

Il'inskii, O.B.; Krylov, B.V.; Cherepnov, V.L., 1977:
Study of the optimal form of the nerve ending of an encapsulated tissue mechano receptor pacinian corpuscle

Van Dijk H.; Rademaker P.M.; Klerx J.P.A.M.; Willers J.M.N., 1985:
Study of the optimal reaction conditions for assay of the mouse alternative complement pathway

Kazanskii A.B., 1985:
Study of the optimal reproductive strategy in fish populations based on a simulation model

Hietanen, J.; Salo, O.P.; Kanerva, L.; Juvakoski, T., 1984:
Study of the oral mucosa in 200 consecutive patients with psoriasis

Ribaux C.L., 1979:
Study of the oral protozoans trichomonas tenax in scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy

Braga, P.I.S., 1976:
Study of the orchid flora of the state of amazonas part 1 description and observation of floral biology of stanhopea candida

Farges, G., 1975:
Study of the organ of bellonci in the anomura

Katyuzhanskaya, A.N., 1977:
Study of the organic acid composition of carbon di oxide extracts of some spicy aromatic plants

Gomez P.; Gumuzzio J.; Polo A., 1987:
Study of the organic matter and the humic compounds in soils containing salts

Sollertinskaya, T.N.; Lyakas, R.I., 1977:
Study of the organization of the hypothalamic amygdaloid system in the rabbit

Robin, A.; Guillot, B.; Ferry, S.; Collombel, C., 1978:
Study of the organo chlorine insecticide content of medicinal plants

Arman, I.P.; Devin, A.B., 1969:
Study of the origin of secondary mutations of yeast cells in respect to the ad 2 locus

Grossin M.; Bocquet L.; Kahn M.F.; Duparc J.; Feldmann G., 1981:
Study of the osseous differentiation in the chondro sarcomas

Benedet M.J.; D.L.s Heras G.; Hernandez S.; Martin P.; Zaragoza D., 1984:
Study of the outline and image of the body in hypospadic children who have undergone surgery

Fauvel C., 1983:
Study of the ovary of macrobrachium rosenbergii crustacea decapoda during spawning description of ovulation

Fauvel C., 1981:
Study of the ovary of the fresh water prawn macrobrachium rosenbergii during reproduction cycles 1st description of the secondary folliculogenesis in a decapod crustacean

Chefranova-Yu, A., 1977:
Study of the ovicidal effects of anhydrous ammonia on ascarid eggs in a laboratory experiment

Saha, N.C., 1970:
Study of the p wave in normal and obstructive lung disease in delhi

Calpena Rico R.; Medrano Heredia J.; Pardo Correcher J.M.; Diego Estevez M.; Vazquez Rojas J.L.; Candela Polo F.; Barragan Ortiz J.; Garcia Cortes M.J.; Arrese Caballero R., 1987:
Study of the pancreatic exocrine function stimulated with secretin and cck cholecystokinin in the dog

Huynh, K.L., 1988:
Study of the pandanus pandanaceae of west africa 9. pandanus liberiensis new species

Huynh K L., 1984:
Study of the pandanus pandanaceae of western africa 1

Melikadze, L.D.; Usharalui, E.A.; Khitiri, G.S., 1977:
Study of the paraffin hydro carbon content of samgori oil with a view to obtaining animal feed proteins

Boitsov V.M., 1982:
Study of the parameters of probe fluorescence spectra under model conditions

Katsiotis S.T., 1988:
Study of the parameters which influence the essential oil yield of fructus foeniculi

Wagele J W., 1981:
Study of the paranthuridae crustacea isopoda anthruidea from the mediterranean

Butorina, T.E., 1976:
Study of the parasite fauna of the young of salmon of the genus oncorhynchus in the sea of okhotsk ussr

Dupont F.; Lambert A., 1986 :
Study of the parasitic communities of monogenea dactylogyridae from cyprinidae in lake mikri prespa northern greece description of three new species from an endemic barbus barbus cyclolepis prespensis karaman 1924

Getova, D.; Markovska, V., 1988:
Study of the participation of the dopaminergic transmission system in the effects of two newly synthesized barbiturates

Banciu T.; Arcan P.; Stroe A.; Ocica I.; Tudose N., 1984:
Study of the participation of the immune mechanism in atrophic gastritis

Hasan, S., 1976:
Study of the passage of a plant pathogenic fungus colletotrichum lagenarium through the gut of euparypha pisana

Guillaumin, J.J.; Pierson, J., 1978:
Study of the pathogenic capacity of 4 isolates of armillariella mellea with respect to 4 host species

Sinha A.K., 1986:
Study of the pathogenic effects of procamallanus spiculogubernaculus nematoda on the stomach wall of the freshwater fish heteropneustes fossilis

Porchkhidze K.Sh, 1983:
Study of the pathogenicity and resistance to some environmental factors of aeromonads isolated from different sources

López-Martínez, R.; Toriello, C.; Mier, T.; Ximénez-García, C.; Martínez, A.; Fernández-Diez, J., 1978:
Study of the pathogenicity of Conidiobolus coronatus in experimental animals

Pol'shakov V.I.; Dvoryantseva G.G.; Sheinker Y.N.; Presnova Z.F.; Chernov V.A.; Safonova T.S., 1986:
Study of the pathways of the biotransformation of spirobromin

Smirnova G.A.; Raskin B.M.; Mel'nikova V.A.; Tseligorova E.L., 1985:
Study of the peptide and amino acid composition of different protein bases of culture media

Prikhod'ko L.S.; Frantsev A.P.; Klyshev L.K., 1979:
Study of the peptide supply in glassworts salicornia herbacea

Erard M.; Dick R.; Zimmerli B., 1986:
Study of the per capita consumption of foodstuffs by the swiss population

Dow C.J.; Dumont J.E.; Ketelbant P., 1986:
Study of the percentage of epithelial cells fibroblasts and endothelial cells in the thyroid gland of dogs

Ferragut, C.; Gavini, F.; Izard, D.; Leclerc, H., 1978:
Study of the percentage of guanine plus cytosine in a group of hydrogen sulfate negative enterobacteria related to the genus citrobacter

Ledesma Jimeno A.; Montejo Gonzalez A.L.; Silos Gamonal F.J.; Acosta Lopez A., 1984:
Study of the perceptual defense and aggressiveness in epilepsy of the right and left temporal lobes

Guiochon, G.; Gonnord, M.F.; Siouffi, A.; Zakaria, M., 1982:
Study of the performances of thin layer chromatography 7. spot capacity in 2 dimensional thin layer chromatography

Guiochon G.; Siouffi A.M., 1982:
Study of the performances of thin layer chromatography spot capacity in thin layer chromatography

Friedmann F., 1986:
Study of the perianth structure in paleotropical pisonia with description of pisonia sechellarum new species nyctaginaceae

Allen, D.J.; Zacharias, A.; Didio, L.J.; McGrath, A.J.; Gentry, E.; Stolf, N.A.; Caetano, E.; Armelin, E.; Zerbini, E.J., 1983:
Study of the periosteal and arachnoidal aspects of dura mater implanted surgically in the ventricular wall of the canine heart

Bentley, S.A.; Catovsky, D.; Lewis, S.M.; Wardle, J.M., 1978:
Study of the peripheral blood leukocyte population by fourier analysis of the cell volume histogram

Madec F.; Gourreau J.M.; Kaiser C.; L.D.ntec J.; Vannier P.; Aymard M., 1985:
Study of the persistence of activity of the h 1n 1 influenza virus in swine intensive units out of epidemic phases

Llisto A.M.S.M.; Pigati P.; Souza L.G.; Marcondes D.A.S.; Ferreira M.S., 1982:
Study of the persistence of dimethoate and phenthoate in cottonseeds

Gonzalez Pradas E.; Villafranca Sanchez M.; Perez Alvarez I.; Garcia A.V.; Plaza Capel R.J., 1986:
Study of the pesticide contamination in greenhouse soils

Latsinik, N.V.; Sidorovich, S.Y., 1978:
Study of the phagocytic capacity of stromal cell precursors of hemopoietic tissue

Sollogub L.V.; Kiseleva G.S.; Sagindykova B.A., 1988:
Study of the pharmaceutical availability of euphylline from substances and tablets

Bezdetko, G.N.; German, A.V.; Khasina, I.E.; Shevchenko, V.P.; Dardymov, I.V.; Myasoedov, N.F.; Barenboim, G.M.; Todorov, I.N., 1982:
Study of the pharmaco kinetics and action mechanism of eleutherococcus glycosides 2. metabolism and kinetics of binding with serum components

Shamovskii, I.L.; Primakov, I.M.; Baevskii, A.V.; Ovchinnikov, A.A.; Barenboim, G.M., 1982:
Study of the pharmaco kinetics and action mechanisms of eleutherococcus glycosides 4. evaluation of some characteristics of the electron structure of eleutheroside b eleutheroside b 1 eleutheroside d and eleutheroside e by quantum chemical method cndo s

German, A.V.; Bezdetko, G.N.; Mitrikhin-Yu, I.; Chirkov, G.N.; Shevchenko, V.P.; Barenboit, G.M.; Dardymov, I.V.; Myasoedov, N.F.; Todorov, I.N., 1982 :
Study of the pharmaco kinetics and mechanism of action of eleutherococcus glycosides 2. eleutheroside b distribution in organs and sub cellular fractions

Shamovskii, I.L.; Ovchinnikov, A.A.; Barenboit, G.M., 1982:
Study of the pharmaco kinetics and mechanism of action of eleutherococcus glycosides 3. calculation of the conformation of medicinal glycosides with reference to eleutherosides

Foussard-Blanpin, O.; Moreau, C.; Niviere, P., 1975:
Study of the pharmacodynamic properties of heptaminol chromone carbonamide on the central nervous system

Barenboim, G.M.; Sterlina, A.G.; Bebyakova, N.V.; Ribokas, A.A.; Fuks, B.B., 1986:
Study of the pharmacokinetics and action mechanism of eleutherococcus glycosides 8. study of the activation of natural killers by eleutherococcus extract

Magny, J.F.; Bromet, N.; Bonmarchand, M.; Dehan, M., 1987:
Study of the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamic activity of almitrine bismesylate in infants during the recovery phase following bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Todorov, I.N.; Sizova, S.T.; Mitrokhin-Yu, I.; German, A.V.; Dardymov, I.V.; Barenboim, G.M.; Shul'man, M.L., 1984:
Study of the pharmacokinetics and the mechanism of action of eleutherococcus glycosides 7. the effect of the extract and individual glycosides on protein biosynthesis

Galushko S.V.; Bulkina Z.P.; Petrusha N.A.; Shishkina I.P., 1986:
Study of the pharmacokinetics of 6 azacytidine

Rusakov I.G.; L.A.D.; Akimova A.Ya; Shchitkov K.G., 1988:
Study of the pharmacokinetics of anthracycline antibiotics deposited by polymers

Moiseeva L.M.; Fardman S.Sh; Kurilenko V.M., 1987:
Study of the pharmacokinetics of cephedrine

Keda B.I., 1985:
Study of the pharmacokinetics of halothane and pentrane in human blood by gas liquid chromatography

Firsov A.A.; Dolgova G.V.; Berezhinskaya V.V.; Eiromdzhants A.A., 1985:
Study of the pharmacokinetics of sisomicin in perilymph and blood serum an approach to predicting the ototoxic effect

Tsoi A.N.; Gneushev E.T.; Bogovskii B.P.; Kaz'mina E.M.; Abrosimov A.G., 1987:
Study of the pharmacokinetics of theophylline

Amroyan E.A.; Aivazyan A.G.; Gabrielyan E.S.; Nalbandyan S.G.; Madakyan V.N.; Kazaryan R.K.; Manukyan S.M.; Boroyan R.G.; Girgoryan M.R.; E.A., 1986:
Study of the pharmacological activity of some water soluble metalloporphyrins

Ordyan M.B.; Boroyan R.G.; Madakyan V.N.; Kazaryan R.K.; Gabrielyan E.S., 1987:
Study of the pharmacological activity of the zinc complex meso tetra 4 n ethylpyridylporphin

Loginov, A.V.; Ivanova, L.D., 1975:
Study of the pharmacological properties and harmlessness of levomycetin solutions in hexa methylenetetramine for intra venous administration

Zvezdina E.A.; Zhdanova M.P.; Nechayuk I.I.; Barchan I.A.; Simkina Y.N.; Buchnaya T.A., 1986:
Study of the pharmacological properties of pyridinium pyrazoline and pyrazole salts

Egorov A.D.; Polyakova A.P., 1983:
Study of the phase structure of the cardiac cycle during tests in prolonged 140 185 day lower body negative pressure

Protsenko Y.L.; Izakov V.Ya, 1986:
Study of the phasic and tonic components of mechanical tension in the myocardium of the frog atria and ventricles

Trofimov A.G.; Tamoikin M.Yu, 1986:
Study of the phene pool of myctophum nitidulum myctophidae of the tropical zone of the atlantic ocean

Lazaro Carrasco M.J.; Rubuelta M.; Vivas J.M.; Baraibar C., 1987:
Study of the phenolic acids and acylphloroglucinol derivates in osmunda regalis l

Chaisemartin C., 1985:
Study of the phenomena of bioaccumulation and fluoride fluctuation in contaminated fresh water environments

Pisarev, V.M.; Pevnitskii, L.A., 1977:
Study of the phenomenon of specific suppression of the immune response in the adoptive transfer process

Brudnaya, S.M., 1977:
Study of the phenomenon of spleen cell migration inhibition in experimental ascariasis

Descoins C.; Eihorn J.; Lalanne Cassou B.; Pralavorio M., 1985:
Study of the pheromone secretion of the european carnation tortrix cacoecimorpha pronubana lepidoptera tortricidae tortricinae

Martins, A.V.; Falcao, A.L.; Da-Silva, J.E., 1977:
Study of the phlebotomine sand flies of minas gerais state brazil part 12 description of the male of lutzomyia paulwilliamsi new species diptera psychodidae phlebotominae

Menendes, A.; Zavalishina, R.A.; Pokrovskii, A.A., 1976:
Study of the phosphatase activity in bone tissue and blood serum during 90 day hypo kinesia

Gonzalez-Abreu, A.; Savich, V., 1975:
Study of the phosphate sorption in a humic carbonated soil

Berg, G.; Witzel, L.; Troll, U., 1971 :
Study of the phosphatide fractions in small intestine juice before and after administration of medium chain tri glycerides

Drigues P.; Lafforgue D.; Asselineau J., 1981:
Study of the phospho lipids of pseudomonas solanacearum occurrence of monoenoic alpha hydroxylated fatty acids

Tadzhibaev-Yu, A.; Mukhamedova-Kh, S.; Akramov, S.T., 1978:
Study of the phospho lipids of various crambe amabilis organs according to the periods of vegetation

Kotrikadze N.G.; Tsartsidze M.A.; Dzhishkariani O.S.; Londaridze A.M.; Lomsadze B.A.; Madichi K.K.; Charkviani L.I.; Vasadze N.V.; Kharaishvili T.K., 1987:
Study of the phospholipid composition of blood lipids in patients with breast and uterine body cancer

Carballeira N.M.; Maldonado L., 1987:
Study of the phospholipid fatty acids from the marine sponge tedania ignis

Arines J.; Sainz M.J.; Fabregas R., 1986:
Study of the phosphorus retention by soil samples from the valle de lemos northwest spain and estimation of phosphorus fertilizer requirements

Touati, B.; Plenchette, C.; Tabi, M., 1976:
Study of the phosphorus supplying capacity of some soils in quebec using phosphorus 32

Levine B.A.; Griffiths H.S.; Patchell V.B.; Perry S.V., 1988:
Study of the phosphorylatable light chains of skeletal and gizzard myosins by nmr spectroscopy

Tetenchuk K.P.; Dvoryantseva G.G.; Musatova I.S.; Elina A.S., 1984:
Study of the photochemical reactions of dioxydine

Laipanova R.Ya, 1979:
Study of the physical chemical compatibility and stability of a solution containing strophanthin k and corazole

Vainberg Y.P.; Shagalov L.B.; Yartsev E.I.; Loginova G.N., 1987:
Study of the physicochemical and biological properties of the complex of dna with mesatone

Stozharov, A.N.; Razumovich, A.N., 1975:
Study of the physicochemical and enzymatic properties of the contractile protein in rat liver mitochondria

Baglai A.K.; Baev A.A.; Belousov V.P.; Beregovykh V.V.; Grushenko M.M.; Gurarii L.L.; Konstantinov S.G.; Kostyushko Y.L.; Kuleshov G.G.; E.A., 1984:
Study of the physicochemical characteristics of substances used in the synthesis of vitamins a and e

Kocherginskii N.M.; Korolev P.N.; Krasnokutskaya E.V.; Karyagin V.A.; Bulgakova V.G.; Polin A.N., 1988:
Study of the physicochemical mechanisms of gramicidin s action using a model membrane

Dolya V.S.; Likhoded V.A.; Brazhenko A.V.; Reshetnik O.A., 1985:
Study of the physicochemical properties of a byproduct in the manufacture of dog rose oil

Livertoux M.H.; Jayyosi Z.; Batt A.M., 1988:
Study of the physicochemical properties of aqueous dantrolene solutions by differential pulse polarography

Gabrielyan E.S.; Ordyan M.B.; Tatebosyan A.T.; Madakyan V.N.; Matevosyan R.Sh, 1984:
Study of the physiological activity of some derivatives of porphyrins

Kavalyenka S.P.; Idzyel'chyk M.S.; Harnak N.M., 1981:
Study of the physiological and biochemical characteristics and identification of some ethanol assimilating yeasts

Galfi P.; Neogrady Z.; Kutas F., 1988:
Study of the physiological factors responsible for the adaptation of ruminal mucosa in cell culture preliminary report

Pang Y.; G.F.; Zhang Z., 1986:
Study of the physiological reorganization on keronopsis rubra

Shindate, Y.; Sawada, Y., 1982:
Study of the physique and physical activity of girl handball players 4. physical fitness morphological index and functional index of the high school girl handball players

Muromtsev G.S.; Strunnikova O.K., 1981:
Study of the phyto pathogenic fungus verticillium dahliae using immuno fluorescent staining

Berestetskii, O.A.; Patyka, V.F.; Nadkernichnyi, S.P., 1978:
Study of the phyto toxic substance from penicillium granulatum

Fournier D.; Pralavorio M.; Pourriere O., 1985:
Study of the phytoseiid cydnodromus chilenensis to use against tetranychus urticae in glasshouses

Gul'binas V.; Kabelka V.; Postnikova G.B.; Savitskene Zh, 1987:
Study of the picosecond processes of carboxyleghemoglobin photodissociation

Brigage, P., 1983:
Study of the pigmentary phenotypes of the roselle hibiscus sabdariffa l. malvaceae iii. the anthocyanin pigments ecophysiological and genetic determining factors

Irastorza A.J.; Ibanez M., 1981:
Study of the pigments in the macrophytic algae of the inter tidal zone of the basque coast spain

Fishchenko, O.P.; D-Yachkov, I.N.; Rish, M.A., 1968:
Study of the pigments on the fleece of karakul lambs in connection with the inheritance of color

Koufos G.D., 1987 :
Study of the pikermi greece hipparions part i generalities and taxonomy

Koufos G.D., 1987:
Study of the pikermi hipparions part ii comparisons and odontograms

Vanhems, E.; Bousquet, J., 1975:
Study of the pituitary function of dysgenesic female rats exploration by the grafting method

Gaudy, R., 1976:
Study of the plankton in the northern part of the bay of villefranche sur mer at the end of spring may 17 june 16 1971 part 3 secondary production of pelagic copepods

Kang S.Y.; Kim Y.Y.; Choi B.W.; Park C.S., 1982:
Study of the plasma level of cyclic nucleotides in bronchial asthmatics

Lin, C.; Dong, B.; Qian, C., 1984:
Study of the plasmid of bacillus polymyxa 2. formation regeneration and transformation of bacillus polymyxa protoplast

Cernyseva, M.I.; Knjazeva, E.N.; Egorova, L.S., 1977:
Study of the plate agglutination test with rose bengal antigen for the diagnosis of human brucellosis

Braun, C.A.S., 1978:
Study of the poisonous amphibia of the state of rio grande do sul brazil part 1 bufonidae

Caccavari M.A., 1986:
Study of the pollen characteristics in mimosa series lepidotae

Mesquida J.; Renard M., 1982:
Study of the pollen dispersal by wind and of the importance of wind pollination in rapeseed brassica napus var oleifera

Shen H H.; Rudin D.; Lindgren D., 1981:
Study of the pollination pattern in a scotch pine pinus sylvestris seed orchard by means of isozyme analysis

Martineaud M.L.; Faugere J.G.; Salinieres J.B.; Chaurial B., 1984:
Study of the pollution and purification of coastal lagoons

Jimenez Dominguez I.; Bernal Vazquez J., 1986:
Study of the pollution of fluoride in natural waters of la rioja spain through a membrane electrode of lanthanum fluoride

Mangeney, P., 1978:
Study of the polonovski reaction on a model molecule dregamine

Shabalin-Yu, A.; Vagabov, V.M.; Tsiomenko, A.B.; Zemlenukhina, O.A.; Kulaev, I.S., 1977:
Study of the poly phosphate kinase ec activity in yeast vacuoles

Hrytsenko, V.I.; Tykhonov, O.I.; Pryakhin, O.R., 1977:
Study of the poly saccharide preparation propolis

Mercier, B.; Passera, L.; Suzzoni, J.P., 1985:
Study of the polygyny of the ant plagiolepis pygmaea hymenoptera formicidae i. the fecundity of the queens reared in monogynous experimental condition

Mercier, B.; Passera, L.; Suzzoni, J.P., 1985:
Study of the polygyny of the ant plagiolepis pygmaea hymenoptera formicidae ii. the fecundity of the queens reared in polygynous experimental conditions

Baranov, O.K., 1969:
Study of the polymorphism of the hemolysate proteins of pig erythrocytes by inst immuno electrophoretic analysis i general antigenic spectrum and group specific systems

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Study of the polyosides of the mucilage of activated sludges

Obukh, I.B.; Kryukova, I.N., 1975:
Study of the population composition of rous sarcoma virus carr zilber strain

Klabnik L., 1984:
Study of the population dynamics and breeding biology of the lapwing vanellus vanellus in the foothills of schluckenau czechoslovakia

Moore D.; Clements O., 1986:
Study of the population dynamics of dipterous stem borer larvae of ryegrass swards under rotationally grazed or cut conditions

Veiga Borgeaud T.; Lemos C.R.; Bastos C.B., 1987:
Study of the population dynamics of holochilus brasiliensis rodentia cricetidae wild reservoir of schistosoma mansoni maranhao lowlands sao luiz brazil

Smirnov V.S.; Meretskov V.V.; Lebedinskii V.A.; Derbin M.I.; Garin N.S.; Kuz'mich M.K.; Tarumov V.S., 1982:
Study of the population of immuno competent cells with receptors for the protective anthrax antigen after immunization of monkeys with sti anthrax vaccine

Mendes, L.F., 1978:
Study of the populations of thysanura of the serra de monsanto lisbon portugal microcoryphia zygentoma apterygota part 2 ecologic notes

Jestin A., 1986:
Study of the porcine amoeba entamoeba polecki and attempts at in vitro culture

Kalinovic, D.; Pivar, G.; Kalinovic, I.; Halt, M.; Ilic, B.; Todorovic, M., 1977:
Study of the possibilities for preventing contamination of flour and flour products from biologic sources during production storage and processing

Fabre J P.; Devergne J C.; Riom J., 1982:
Study of the possibilities of feeding of elatophilus nigricornis hemiptera heteroptera anthocoridae on the larvae of matsucoccus feytaudi coccoidea margarodidae by means of immunochemical methods

Zolotarskaya, E.E.; Dukhovnaya, E.M.; Dreizin, R.S., 1975:
Study of the possibilities of inactivating the adeno associated type 4 virus

Injac, M., 1977:
Study of the possibilities of protection of the granulosis virus baculovirus of the fall webworm hyphantria cunea against uv light

Aubert, M.; Breittmayer, J.P.; Noel, J.; Desjardins, M., 1977:
Study of the possibilities of tele detection in phyto planktonic population analysis

Dubinina L.G.; Sergievskaya S.P.; Kurashova Z.I., 1984:
Study of the possibility of analyzing prolonged mutagenesis

Dulevichyus, Z.; Smailis, A.; Mutskus, K., 1976:
Study of the possibility of cardiac de fibrillation using ultrasound

Shchedrina L.E.; Brutko L.I.; Mukhina T.Yu, 1988:
Study of the possibility of identifying gram negative microorganisms as sources of bacterial pyrogens

Vyazova E.P.; Fetisova L.V.; Azhigirova M.A.; Shuvalova A.L.; Khachatur'yan A.A., 1986:
Study of the possibility of sorting hemoglobin polymer solutions for a long time

Bulk V.F.; Perel'man E.V.; Shchetinin E.V., 1986:
Study of the possibility of the formalin inactivation of material containing staphylococcal protein a at different stages of protein production

Arzola Pina N.; Perez Pereda L.; Santana B.A., 1985:
Study of the possibility of use as fertilizer of the residues of the poultry drudgery

Matsievskii, G.A.; Rokhlenko, A.A.; Trukshina, T.S., 1978:
Study of the possibility of using an acoustic method for control of medium size particles of suspensions using hydrocortisone as an example

Selin, M.M.; Donetskii, I.A.; Volodin, A.A.; Kochergin, P.M., 1978:
Study of the possibility of using anisotropic membranes from n vinyl pyrrolidone co polymer with methyl methacrylate for ultra filtration of dextran solutions

Pivovarova N.I., 1985:
Study of the possibility of using fodder yeast and animal blood hydrolysates for the preparation of culture media for the diagnosis of intestinal infections

Ferster L.N.; Zharkova V.A.; Khrapova N.P.; Volkov E.A., 1986:
Study of the possibility of using indirect hemagglutination test to determine the sensitivity of malleus and melioidosis bacteria to antibiotics

Vysheslavova, M.Y. ; Kozlova, I.N., 1976:
Study of the possible carcinogenic action of some ingredients of food rubbers

Pliss G.B.; Vol'fson N.I., 1980:
Study of the possible carcinogenic action of the chromogen di carboxidine

Frol'tsov A.E.; Kharchenko N.M.; Lebedeva M.N.; Pylev L.N., 1984:
Study of the possible carcinogenic activity of the soviet antimalarial drug dabequine in a chronic experiment in animals

Navio Lantada G.; Navarro Redondo J.; Mena Marugan M.C.; Acosta Mira J., 1986:
Study of the possible formation of neo antigens when subjecting factor viii to heating procedures

Gourreau J.M.; Kaiser C.; Monsarrat P., 1982:
Study of the possible pathogenic action of the oryctes baculovirus in the white mouse

Cardona L.F.; Ocampo J.A., 1985:
Study of the possible use of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas as biological fertilizers in two soils

Boiteau, G.; Perron, J.M., 1977:
Study of the post embryonic hemocyte complex of lambdina fiscellaria fiscellaria lepidoptera geometridae

Ohmi M.; Sugi K.; Kato T.; Tanazan K.; Mori F.; Esato K.; Mohri H., 1988:
Study of the postoperative hemodynamics and fluid balance after open heart surgeries in relation to the rectal and peripheral deep body temperature

Molnár, K.; Csaba, G.; Kovács-Gayer, E., 1986:
Study of the postulated identity of Hoferellus cyprini (Doflein, 1898) and Mitraspora cyprini Fujita, 1912

Arsenault A.B.; Valiquette C., 1981:
Study of the postural statics of persons who have had a leg amputated and practices of weight distribution

Okamura, M.; Pimenta, L.H.M., 1974:
Study of the potassium and sodium in the cerebro spinal fluid and blood in patients with cranio encephalic trauma

Kozhevnikova, N.A.; Rapoport, I.A., 1987:
Study of the potential of para aminobenzoic acid to restore the activity of alkaline rnase

Masuda Y., 1980:
Study of the potentiating effect of epinephrine on the anesthetic activity of local anesthetics using mental nerve block in guinea pigs

Cayrol, J.C.; Brun, J., 1975:
Study of the predatory ability of some nematode trapping fungi against the nematode caenorhabditis elegans at different temperatures

Dejean A., 1986:
Study of the predatory behaviour in the genus strumigenys formicidae myrmicinae

Gaspar, S.; Klika, E., 1976:
Study of the predictive validity of histological tests

Binyukov V.I.; Vedyashkin P.F.; Chelabi Zade V.U.; Ostrovskii D.N., 1985:
Study of the preparation pv 1 from cheese whey by epr

Bezvershenko, I.A.; Boiko, M.H.; Bykova, L.M., 1977:
Study of the preparation reacting with sheep erythrocytes and rabbit immuno globulin g obtained from whole cortisone resistant thymocytes

Dalla Valle E.; Zechini D'aulerio A.; Lucchini D., 1987:
Study of the presence of contaminating fungi in food products

Gavryushov V.V.; Milenin O.B.; Efimov M.S.; Aksel'rod V.G., 1987:
Study of the pressure gradient in high frequency jet ventilation of the lungs on the model of newborn lungs

Bertrand, E.; Serie, F.; Kone, I.; Le-Bras, M.; Boppe, J.L.; Beda, B.; Assamoi, M.O.; Thomas, J.Y., 1976:
Study of the prevalence and of certain epidemiological aspects of arterial hypertension in the ivory coast

Sidky, H.A.; Moustafa, A.M.; Hassan, R.R.; Awadalla F el-Z.M.hamed, S.A.; el-Sheekh, N.; Kamal, N.M., 1988:
Study of the prevalence of amoebiasis among university students

Miro J.M.; Puig D.L.B.llacasa J.; Gatell J.M.; Ginel A.; Jimenez D.A.ta M.T.; Pumarola A.; Garcia San Miguel J., 1984:
Study of the prevalence of staphylococci carriers in skin and mucosae among heroin addicts from the barcelona area spain and of the microbiological characteristics of heroin and injection paraphernalia

Litvin, F.F.; Balashov, S.P.; Sineshchekov, V.A., 1975 :
Study of the primary photochemical conversions of bacterio rhod opsin in purple membranes and cells of halobacterium halobium by the low temperature spectrophotometry method

Li, A.L.; Yunusov, T.S.; Kal'metova, E.R., 1984:
Study of the primary structure of subunits in 11s globulin of cultivar 108 f cottonseeds 1. acid soluble peptides of complete tryptic hydrolysis of subunit b

Rao, K.S.; Masson, P.L., 1977:
Study of the primary structures of the peptide core of bovine estrus cervical mucin. Possible existence of small similar subunits

Rosztoczy, I., 1976:
Study of the priming effect of interferon in l cells part 1 the primed interferon response and the kinetics of development of priming

Rosztoczy, I., 1977:
Study of the priming effect of interferon in l cells part 2 metabolic requirements for the development of primed state

Bhattacharya P.K.; Patel P.J.; Patel V.K., 1985:
Study of the probable reason why nickel ii is excluded from metalloenzymes

Casal M.; Luque E., 1985:
Study of the problem of human bites by scorpion buthus occitanus in the province of cordoba spain

Hayashi, K.; Ito, S., 1987:
Study of the procedure to prove guanase histochemically and distribution of the enzyme in human tissues

Levi-Sh ; Spirov, G.; Pencheva, E., 1978:
Study of the process of acid catalytic acetonation of l sorbose to 2 3 4 6 di acetone l sorbose

Nedostup A.V.; Bogdanova E.A.; Platonova A.A., 1980:
Study of the process of atrial fibrillation in clinical practice by means of statistical analysis

Egorova N.A.; Reznikova S.A., 1982:
Study of the process of differentiation of micro spores and pollen grains in coriandrum sativum anther and bud culture

Savchenko G.B.; Glumova E.F.; Prozorov A.A., 1985:
Study of the process of excision on integrated pbd 12 plasmid from bacillus subtilis chromosome

Goncharenko G.K.; Chernyshev I.S.; Orlova E.I.; Novikova G.S.; Pershina N.A., 1979:
Study of the process of extracting medicinal substances from raw plant material

Desta, I.; Oganesyan, E.T.; Ponomarev, V.D., 1978:
Study of the process of hydrolysis of saponins of aralia mandchurica

Lebedenko V.Ya; Demina N.B.; Gracheva I.I.; Aisina R.B.; Kazanskaya N.F., 1980:
Study of the process of levomycetin micro capsulation

Koshel, M.I.; Skyrstymons'kyi, A.I.; Demchyns'ka, L.A.; Yatsyuk, M.V.; Keller, B.N., 1977:
Study of the process of methane fermentation on fodder yeast production waste

Faingol'd Z.L.; Karpukhin V.F.; Zav'yalova E.V.; Nikolaev B.V.; Yakubova A.R.; Memerskaya A.S., 1987:
Study of the process of mycelial waste electrochemical treatment in antibiotic production

Ivanova V.M.; Larina L.L.; Belyaev D.L.; Akimov B.S.; Rogovin V.V., 1988:
Study of the process of oxygen absorption by neutrophil leukocytes of different murine lines during phagocytosis

Levina G.A.; Yagud S.L.; Grutman M.I.; Prozorovskii S.V., 1981:
Study of the process of salmonella typhi l transformation in experiments carried out in vivo with the use of diffusion chambers

Val'kovich, A.A.; Khanson, K.P., 1978:
Study of the process of transcription in thymus cells of x irradiated rats part 3 template activity and some structural characteristics of the chromatin

Nikolov, O.T.; Komar, I.N.; Orlov, V.D.; Nevil'ko, V.N., 1975:
Study of the processes of carbonization of molecular crystals of amino acids by esr spectroscopy and ir spectroscopy

Dragneva N.; Astrukov N., 1986:
Study of the production of reagins and degranulation of mastocytes in rats parasitized by fasciola hepatica trematodes

Shopov T., 1987:
Study of the productive characteristics of hybrid maize seed fractions

Suh, M.J., 1979:
Study of the productivity of afla toxin through the interaction of bacillus subtilis and aspergillus flavus 1. the effects of culture conditions on the production of afla toxin by aspergillus flavus

Vlad P.F.; Kyl'chik A.N.; Shmidt E.N.; Koltsa M.N.; Odinokov V.N.; Pentegova V.A., 1986:
Study of the products of larixol ozonolysis

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Study of the products of the hydrolysis of grape pectin by enzymic preparations pectawamorin and pectocinerin

Vlad P.F.; Aryku A.N.; Koltsa M.N.; Shmidt E.N.; Pentegova V.A., 1987:
Study of the products of the ozonolysis of epitorulosol

Buligescu, L.; Voiculescu, M.; Costin, A.; Drăghici, I., 1987:
Study of the prognosis factors in liver cirrhosis

Baklavadzhyan O.G.; Bagdasaryan K.G.; Avetisyan I.N., 1984:
Study of the projections of visceral and somatic afferent systems to the identified neurons of the supraoptic nucleus

Kazantseva I.A.; Makhmudova G.K., 1984:
Study of the proliferation and mitotic regimen of lung cancer

Marenaud, C.; Llager, G., 1976:
Study of the propagation of isometric labile ring spot viruses in a cherry prunus avium orchard

Lokshina L.A.; Lubkova O.N.; Gureeva T.A.; Orekhovich V.N., 1985:
Study of the properties and specificity of cathepsin h from bovine spleen

Bakh, N.L.; Beier, E.M.; Vidershain, G.Y. ; Bovin, N.V.; Zurabyan, S.E., 1981:
Study of the properties and substrate specificity of multiple forms of human alpha l fucosidase ec using natural and synthetic fucose containing oligo saccharides

Pospelova, T.A.; Rudakova, I.P.; Yurkevich, A.M., 1975:
Study of the properties of 9 adenylylalkyl cobalamins as cobamide coenzyme analogs

Augier-De-Montgremier, H.; Larroque, N., 1973:
Study of the properties of an anti poly inosinic acid poly cytidylic acid serum prepared by the method of conjugates

Myasnikova, L.G.; Bel'kevich, E.A., 1977:
Study of the properties of clostridium perfringens cultures resistant and nonresistant to morphocycline

Bennejean, G.; Picault, J.P.; Lahellec, M.; Guittet, M., 1975:
Study of the properties of different strains of infectious avian encephalomyelitis virus

Zelenov E.Yu, 1985:
Study of the properties of enteritis virus in minks for selecting commercial strains

Vorob'eva, G.S.; Agranenko, V.A.; Vinograd-Finkel, F.R.; Cherkashina, N.A.; Dmitrieva, M.G.; Andreeva, A.P.; Tsibul'skaya, L.M.; Morozova, G.M.; Khametova, R.N.; Et-Al, 1975:
Study of the properties of erythrocytes frozen with high glycerin concentrations at moderately low temperatures and their clinical use

Sale W.S.; Taylor L.B., 1985:
Study of the properties of magnesium induced stationary bends in demembranated sea urchin lytechinus pictus sperm

Voronina O.L.; Bulygina E.R.; Telepneva V.I., 1985:
Study of the properties of nad kinase from the tissues of some fish species

Persanov, V.M.; Voronova, E.A.; Karpilov-Yu, S., 1976:
Study of the properties of nadp malate dehydrogenase ec from corn leaves

Tang L.; Chen J., 1987:
Study of the properties of oxide surfaces in soil colloids

Gladun L.V.; Knyazev D.A.; Bochkarev A.V., 1985:
Study of the properties of polynomial approximation of isotope effects of coordination compounds and evaluation of its accuracy

Pak G.Yu; Satybaldiev N.A.; Bakanurskaya T.L.; Aniskina G.A.; Soorbekov O.S., 1985:
Study of the properties of strains of the causal agent of plague resistant to diagnostic phage l 413 c

Shkel' N.M.; Moiseeva E.A., 1986:
Study of the properties of the spatial arrangement of the root system of spring wheat grown in tubes

Chudnaya L.M.; Shekhter A.B.; Krasyuk L.S.; Oksiyuk V.G.; Fastovskaya B.N.; Bryzhataya S.I.; Titova L.L.; Chaban E.P.; Anikeev L.N., 1988:
Study of the prophylactic immunization schedule under the conditions of its wide practical use

Fjuii, H.; Niibori, D.; Okamura, K.; Hashimoto, H.; Tokunaka, S.; Yachiku, S.; Osanai, H., 1988:
Study of the prostatic tissue cefbuperazone (CBPZ) level

Oogaki S., 1984:
Study of the protease inhibitors and complements in sera and synovial fluids from patients with rheumatoid arthritis

Binder P.; Despringres X.; Saint Marc B.; Paucod J C.; Pribat A.; Creach O., 1985:
Study of the protection of the mouse immunized using an extract of yersinia enterocolitica o 3 biotype 4

Vetkova L.G.; Antsiferova N.G.; Moroz A.F., 1985:
Study of the protective action of pseudomonas aeruginosa polyvalent corpuscular vaccine against some enterobacteria representatives

Rodionychev E.A.; Kuznetsova E.M.; Krasnoproshina L.I., 1981:
Study of the protective activity of antigenic preparations isolated from streptococcus pneumoniae serotype 3 by different methods

Nozhenko, A.A.; Prane, L.Y., 1975:
Study of the protective effect of group b vitamins on metabolism of erythrocytes of tumor bearing rats that received cyclo phosphamide

Obrosova Serova N.P.; Slepushkin A.N.; Kupryashina L.M.; Volkov V.E.; Pugaeva V.P.; Rykhletskaya N.S.; Chernetsov Y.V.; Shtunderenko G.V.; Gol'denberg B.I., 1979:
Study of the protective effect of rimantadine during influenza a h 1n 1 outbreak in december 1977

Khaletskaya E.V.; Fadeevva L.L.; Selezneva A.Yu; Semenova T.B., 1987:
Study of the protective effects of commercial vaccine poludan and their combinations in experimental herpes infection

Bekhalo V.A.; Ratgauz G.L.; Fontalin L.N., 1986:
Study of the protective role of effectors and t suppressors of delayed hypersensitivity in mice with localized staphylococcal infection

Bondarenko O.D.; Solov'eva T.F.; Ovodov Y.S., 1980:
Study of the protein component of the lipo poly saccharide protein complex of yersinia pseudotuberculosis

Shopova K., 1986:
Study of the protein content in normal and amylose maize inbred lines

Shternshis, M.V.; Solonenko, L.P., 1975:
Study of the protein of viral inclusions by thin layer electrophoresis with iso electric focusing

Behera, N.K.; Patnaik, K.K., 1977:
Study of the protein value and economic nature of eclipta alba

Pelvat B.; D.H.ller G., 1984:
Study of the proteins synthesized during regeneration of the apical zone of membranelles in stentor coeruleus

Krest'yanova, I.N.; Rassulin-Yu, A.; Meshkov, A.N.; Levitov, M.M., 1977:
Study of the proteolytic complex of enzymes from actinomyces 771

Castillejo J.; Riballo M.I.; Diaz Cosin D.J., 1987:
Study of the protoconchs of the microgastropods of the cabaninos forest sierra de los ancares lugo spain

Khoshtariya, D.E., 1978:
Study of the proton transfer during enzymatic hydrolysis by the method of temperature dependence of the kinetic isotope effect part 2 beta trypsin hydrolysis of benzoyl arginine ethyl ester

Khoshtariya, D.E.; Topolev, V.V.; Krishtalik, L.I.; Reizer, I.L.; Torchilin, V.P., 1979:
Study of the proton transfer in enzymatic hydrolysis by the method of kinetic isotope effect temperature dependence 3. hydrolysis of n acetyl l tyrosine and n benzoyl l tyrosine ethyl esters by alpha chymotrypsin immobilized on soluble dextran

Romero Rodriguez J., 1979:
Study of the protozoa eimeriidae parasites of epimys norvegicus norvegicus in granada spain

Konnov N.P.; Anisimov P.I.; Kondrashkina K.I.; Sinichkina A.A.; Luk'yanova A.D.; Demchenko T.A., 1979:
Study of the proventriculus of the flea xenopsylla cheopis by scanning electron microscopy

Bottin H.; Setif P.; Mathis P., 1987:
Study of the ps i acceptor side by double and triple flash experiments

Trabach Valadier C.; Floret D., 1987:
Study of the psychological circumstances surrounding accidental poisoning in children

Sozinov V.N.; Orlova L.M.; Mashkovskii M.D.; Suvorov N.N., 1981:
Study of the psychotropic activity of 3 tert butylaminoacyl indoles

Wanner, A.; Friedman, M.; Baier, H., 1977:
Study of the pulmonary circulation in a canine asthma model

Lahaye D.; Strauss P.; Schalenbourg J.; Dondeyne F., 1987:
Study of the pulmonary function of workers exposed to quicklime dust

Adamovich, B.A.; Borshchenko, V.V.; Vernikov-Ya, N.; Prishchep, A.G.; Rogatovskaya, A.P., 1977:
Study of the pulse method of the hygienic washing of underwear

Baltassat, F.; Darbour, N.; Ferry, S., 1984:
Study of the purine content of caffeine containing drugs 1. mate ilex paraguariensis

Baltassat, F.; Darbour, N.; Ferry, S., 1985:
Study of the purine content of drugs with caffeine 2. guarana paullinia sorbilis

Dumitrescu, C.; Georgescu, M., 1982:
Study of the purine metabolism in obese patients during a slimming diet

Peligard I.; Mogos A.; Matache C.; Negut E.; Szegli G.; Besliu C.; Pirvu E., 1985:
Study of the purity and specificity of two autochthonous allergen extracts dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and candida albicans by the elisa inhibition method

Scuderi, G.; Sborgia, G.; Sborgia, C.; Manno, M.L., 1975:
Study of the pyridine nucleotides in eye tissues part 1 concentration of nad and nadh in the crystalline lenses of various animals

Scuderi, G.; Sborgia, C.; Sborgia, G.; Manno, M.L., 1975:
Study of the pyridine nucleotides in eye tissues part 2 nad and nadh concentration in crystalline lenses of rabbits of varying ages

Scuderi, G.; Sborgia, G.; Sborgia, C.; Manno, M.L.; D'antonio, L., 1975:
Study of the pyridine nucleotides in eye tissues part 3 concentrations of nad and nadh in the retina of various animals

Kivman, G.Y. ; Prokhorov, B.S.; Poberezhnaya, Z.N.; Komarova, E.A.; Kobytyaeva, V.I., 1975:
Study of the pyrogenic effect of some drugs containing pyrogens following repeated injection in rabbits

Ivanov I.N.; Mikhailova M., 1981:
Study of the qualitative indicators and the fecundation ability of rams semen preserved at a temperature of 0 4 celsius

Sato S.; Mimura H.; Noda T.; Orita K.; Hiraki Y.; Awai S.; Nagaya I.; Aono K., 1987:
Study of the quantitative evaluation of liver volume and accumulation rate of radioactive agent with single photon emission computed tomography

Solov'ev A.A.; Erokhin Y.E., 1985:
Study of the quantity localization and the comparative chemical activity of sulfhydryl groups in the reaction centers of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides r 26

Valuyevich A.A., 1982:
Study of the racial composition of the causal agent of wheat brown rust puccinia triticina in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Chudina, A.P., 1968:
Study of the radio sensitivity of human chromosomes in normal conditions and during anom downs disease children

Kondakova, N.V.; Levitman, M.K. ; Tselikova, S.V.; Eidus, L.K., 1975:
Study of the radioprotection mechanisms of dna

Mandrugin, A.A.; Konstantinova, M.M.; Nekrasova, I.V.; Tarasenko, A.G., 1977:
Study of the radioprotective activity mechanism of the hydro bromides 2 amino 5 6 di hydro 4h 1 3 thiazine 4 methyl thiazoline and 2 amino thiazoline

Gałat, A.; Popowicz, J., 1978:
Study of the Raman scattering spectra of chitins

Chauvin M.; Fellinger F.; Dickele M.C., 1985:
Study of the range of the atrial refractory periods the role of the intensity of the stimulation current

Daraga A.V.; Galimova L.M., 1987:
Study of the rapid by reassociating dna fraction in the imperfect fungus pyricularia oryzae cav

Kubota K., 1979:
Study of the rate equation for the soaking and cooking of red bean

Shpachenko, D.I., 1976:
Study of the rate of acoustic reception of radio telegraph signals in the psychological selection of cadet pilots

Pavelek Z.; Srajer R., 1987:
Study of the rate of breakdown of the compound 2 3 iodopropargyloxybenzothiazole in dosage form

De-Almeida-Cunha, B.C., 1975:
Study of the rate of heat loss in a polyphasic system

Clavert, J., 1975:
Study of the re population of gonads with sexual cells after treatment with cyclo phosphamide

Cariou G.; L.D.c A.; Serrie A.; Cortesse A.; Teillac P.; Ziegler F., 1985:
Study of the reabsorption of irrigation solute during percutaneous nephrolithotomy

Poverennyi, A.M.; Podgorodnichenko, V.K.; Tsyplyakovskaya, L.M.; Potapova, N.V., 1975:
Study of the reaction between antibodies and dna by adsorption of immune complexes on membrane nitro cellulose filters

Mikeladze, D.G.; Matveeva, L.N.; Severin, S.E., 1978:
Study of the reaction mechanism of succinyl coenzyme a synthetase from pigeon thoracic muscle

Keener T.C.; Davis W.T., 1984:
Study of the reaction of sulfur di oxide with sodium bi carbonate and sodium carbonate

Galantsev V.P.; Ermolaeva V.N.; Skopichev V.G., 1982:
Study of the reaction of the micro circulatory channel of mammary gland in lactating white mice

Vartazaryan N.D.; Ovsepyan A.V., 1983:
Study of the reaction of the serum of patients with chronic brucellosis with antigens of the joints heart liver and spleen tissues using immuno fluorescence

Baranov, A.A.; Saakov, V.S.; Chunaev, A.S.; Borshchevskaya, T.N.; Kvitko, K.V., 1975 :
Study of the reactions of chlorophyll formation and light protection in mutants of green algae by absorption spectrophotometry

Abou-Assali, M.; Royer, J.; Dreux, J., 1976:
Study of the reactivity of coumarins part 2 regio selectivity of grignards reagents involved with 4 methyl coumarin 3 methyl coumarin and 3 phenyl coumarin

Abou-Assali, M.; Decoret, C.; Royer, J.; Dreux, J., 1976:
Study of the reactivity of the coumarins part 1 regio selectivity of grignards reagents involved with coumarin

Dobrovol'skii, A.B.; Gusev, N.B., 1976:
Study of the reactivity of troponin sulfhydryl groups

Zaror, C.L.; Vivanco, K.A.; Lembke, P.C., 1976:
Study of the reactivity to histoplasmin and paracoccidioidin in valdivia province

Popov O.V.; Sumarokov A.A.; Shkol'nik R.Ya; El'bert L.B.; Vorob'eva M.S.; Krutyanskaya G.L.; Razgulyaeva A.V.; Rasshchepkina M.N., 1985:
Study of the reactogenic and antigenic potency of dried chromatographic purified concentrated inactivated vaccine against tick borne encephalitis

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Study of the reactogenicity toxicity and tolerance of reaferon in healthy volunteers

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Study of the reception of thyroliberin in the brain of the suslik citellus undulatus during hibernation

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Study of the receptivity of burgundian france forest soils to damping off and root necrosis caused by pythium spp

Perrin R., 1987 :
Study of the receptivity of forest soils to soil borne diseases caused by rhizoctonia solani kuehn relationship with stand conditions

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Study of the receptor epithelium of the vestibular apparatus in a cochlea exposed to acceleration and noise

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Study of the reciprocal inhibition on pulsating human motor units

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Study of the recovery of inter tidal benthos after removal of log booms nanaimo river estuary british columbia canada

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Study of the redox state of fermentation broth during the biosynthesis of amphotericin b

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Study of the reduction modalities of the members in a serpentiform squamate scelotes malagasy and african scincidae

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Study of the reductive metabolism pathway of 4 methyl 5 2 pyrazinyl 1 2 dithiole 3 thione an electrochemical approach

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Study of the regeneration process of photoactive proto chlorophyllide 650 in some gymnosperm and angiosperm plants

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Study of the regulation of activity of gtp cyclo hydrolase the enzyme of the 1st stage of flavinogenesis in yeasts

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Study of the regulation of energy exchange in synchronous culture of escherichia coli in a chemostat

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Study of the regulation of granulocytic and monocytic precursor cells in chronic lympho leukemia

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Study of the regulation of oxidation and carbon di oxide assimilation in intact nitrobacter winogradskyi cells

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Study of the relation between biotin thiamine d glucose and l levo asparagine concentrations and the vegetative growth of ascobolus biguttulatus fungi ascomycetes using response surface methodology part 1

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Study of the relation between catecholamine metabolism and coenzyme a content in rat tissues

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Study of the relation between muellers duct and wolffs duct in human embryos of horizons 18 to 20

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Study of the relation between risk factors and mortality in aortocoronary bypass operations

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Study of the relation between straw quality and its colonization by rumen microorganisms

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Study of the relation of dense bodies to the differentiation of intra vacuolar formations and of vacuoles in plant cells

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Study of the relations between paradoxical sleep and learning processes

Savard L.; Moreau G., 1982:
Study of the relations between piscicultural communities of different habitats of a northern river the notion of an optimal habitat

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Study of the relationship among marine and terrestrial enterobacteria by means of in vitro dna ribosomal rna hybridization

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Study of the relationship between blood plasma cyclic nucleotide content and the clinical course of chronic alcoholism

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Study of the relationship between cell volume and vacuole volume in yeasts

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Study of the relationship between disturbances of nocturnal respiratory rhythm and hypersomnia

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Study of the relationship between dynamic and static equilibrium methods for the measurement of hydrophobicity comparison of capacity factors and partition coefficients for some 5 5 di substituted barbituric acids/

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Study of the relationship between intra cranial pressure and paradoxical sleep in the cat

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Study of the relationship between labile arterial hypertension and reninemia preliminary results

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Study of the relationship between pisciculture quality of sturgeon breeding stock and biochemical parameters of blood

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Study of the relationship between serum digoxin level toxicity and serum digoxin level clinical efficiency in elderly people

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Study of the relationship between termites and their offspring and field vegetation in the state of para brazil

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Study of the relationship between the embryotoxic action of dioxidine and cyclophosphamide and immune responsiveness of the mother embryo system in mice

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Study of the relationship between the frequency of complaints from neurotic patients and the way in which they cope with personality problems

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Study of the relationship between the granulocyte lactate dehydrogenase alkaline phosphatase and zinc at the level of the leukocyte in patients with chronic myeloid leukemia

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Study of the relationship between the population density of taiga ticks ixodes persulcatus and their virus carrying capacity in foci of tick borne encephalitis in the novgorod oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Study of the relationship between the specific activity of antitetanus immunoglobulin and the degree of its fragmentation

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Study of the relationship between tissue ph and rna degradation

Penev M., 1984:
Study of the relationship in the synthesis of alpha beta chains of the globin in hemoglobin fractioning through electrophoresis

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Study of the relationships between 3 variable antigen repertoires of trypanosoma brucei brucei

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Study of the relationships between environmental characteristics and forest production using factorial analysis of correspondences

Gueneau G.; Drouet J.; Sabatier R.; Breteau N.; Court L., 1983:
Study of the relative biological effectiveness of neutrons 34 mev from proton bombarded beryllium for brain nerve cells on the basis of the quantitative study of a radio induced lesion in the dentate gyrus of the rabbit

Thiagarajan R.; Kandoran M.K.; Thomas M., 1988:
Study of the relative effectiveness of extension methods in educating fisherwomen

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Study of the relative effectiveness of some promoters of escherichia coli and phage lambda

Attiyat A.S., 1987:
Study of the relative effects of classes of solvents on the atomic absorption spectrophotometric determination of copper and zinc

Hayhoe, H.N., 1978:
Study of the relative efficiency of finite difference and galerkin techniques for modeling soil water transfer

Emel'yanov, I.G., 1976:
Study of the relative growth of certain viscera in social voles from the population of the askaniya nova virgin steppe

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Study of the release mechanism of theophylline from newly designed sustained release preparations

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Study of the release of the toxic metals lead and cadmium from ceramic cookware and containers

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Study of the remediation of deficiencies in auditory perception

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Study of the renal tubular interactions of thyro calcitonin cyclic amp 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol and calcium ion

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Study of the repair of single strand breaks in dna of the regenerating liver of gamma irradiated rats by sedimentation

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Study of the reproduction time of human chromosomes using 5 bromodeoxy uridine

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Study of the reproductive biology of ephemeroids of the tisza river basin transcarpathian oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

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Study of the reproductive function in hygienic standardization of dilor

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Study of the reproductive function of monkeys after chronic irradiation

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Study of the resin receptacles in larix dahurica and larix amurensis in the khabarovsk krai ussr

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Study of the resistance of subjects immunized orally with live tissular influenza monovaccine a h 3n 2 to the intranasal administration of a low attenuated influenza virus strain

Mikhova S.; Donchev N., 1988:
Study of the resistance of wheat cultivars and lines of foreign origin to the pathogen causing yellow rust puccinia striiformis west

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Study of the resistance to chemo therapeutic agents of salmonella strains isolated during the 1977 1979 period

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Study of the respiration and the nitrogen and phosphorus excretion of zoo planktonic populations of the mauritanian upwelling march to april 1972

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Study of the respiration of copepods from various bathymetric levels in the south moroccan and canarian area

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Study of the respiratory chain in micrococcus luteus by esr spectroscopy

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Study of the respiratory function of the lung in children with chronic respiratory symptoms i. bronchial asthma

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Study of the respiratory system of endomyces magnusii properties of mitochondria from cells grown on glycerol

Gontarovskii V.A.; Kirikashvili L.V., 1986:
Study of the response of self pollinated corn lines to crossing with the paraguayan type of cytoplasmic male sterility

Marquetti Fernandez M.D.C.; Bisset Lazcano J.A.; Navarro Ortega A., 1986:
Study of the resting places of culex quinquefasciatus say 1823 diptera culicidae

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Study of the restoration of the upper forest limit in the carpathians ukrainian ssr ussr

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Study of the results of using new inactivated whole virion influenza vaccines in the ussr

Viret J.; Testylier G.; Leterrier F., 1986:
Study of the resumption of cerebral acetylcholinesterase activity in the rat following mpt poisoning

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Study of the retinal microcirculation connection between alpha 2 macroglobulin and retinal complications in 48 patients treated with chromocarb diethylammonium

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Study of the reversibility of mitotic arrest and of the induction of multipolar mitosis after nocodazole treatment

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Study of the reversibility of the effects of strontium 90 and metaphos on cyprinus carpio

Cuevas R.; Puche C., 1986:
Study of the rheological behavior of corn dough using the farinograph

Crouau Y., 1986:
Study of the rheotaxic behavior of a cavernicolous mysidacea

Hughes T.A.; Elkan G.H., 1981:
Study of the rhizobium japonicum and soybean symbiosis

E.P.; Bacle B.; Tailliezq R., 1985:
Study of the rhizobium legume symbiosis preparation of isolated cells for in vitro study

Touimi-Benjelloun, A.; Bonaly, R., 1976:
Study of the rhodotorula rubra cell wall part 7 influence of chloramphenicol on its morphology and phosphatase activity

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Study of the riboflavin synthesis operon in bacillus subtilis part 1 genetic mapping of the linkage group

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Study of the riboflavine biosynthesis operon in bacillus subtilis part 12 determination of the levels of atp riboflavine 5 phospho transferase and riboflavine synthetase in cells of different genotypes

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Study of the riboflavine biosynthesis operon in bacillus subtilis part 8 genetic mapping of ribc markers in relation to the cluster of structural genes

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Study of the riboflavine biosynthesis operon in bacillus subtilis part 9 production and properties of mutants resistant to lumiflavine or lumichrome

Shapovalova, S.P.; Malkova, I.V., 1976:
Study of the rifampicin effect on some immunological and protective reactions of the body

Bossy, J.; Godlewski, G.; Maurel, J.C., 1976 :
Study of the right left asymmetry of the fetal planum temporale

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Study of the rimantadine sensitivity of different influenza virus a 2 strains

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Study of the rimantadine sensitivity of influenza virus a new jersey 8 76

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Study of the riparian vegetation from the centiles archipelago in the st lawrence river quebec canada

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Study of the risk factors and their deposit in genetics of rheumatic diseases

Darbinyan V.Zh, 1983:
Study of the risk factors in multiple sclerosis

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Study of the risk factors in premenopausal and postmenopausal patients with breast cancer

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Study of the risk factors revealed by mammography in cancer of the breast stages i and ii

Bloesch J., 1981:
Study of the river benthos in the aare and rhine rivers switzerland

Garcia Segura J.M.; Gavilanes J.G., 1982:
Study of the rna degradating activities during the development of the insect ceratitis capitata

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Study of the rna replicative complex from datura stramonium plants infected with potato virus x

Tyurina, G.P., 1976:
Study of the rnase activity of pig embryo kidney culture during interferon production

Chararas C.; Pignal M C., 1981:
Study of the role of 2 yeasts isolated in the digestive tube of phoracantha semipunctata coleoptera cerambycidae xylophage specific to eucalyptus

Nikolaeva M.G.; Vorob'eva N.S., 1979:
Study of the role of abscisic acid and indole compounds in seed dormancy of ash species

Fraikin G.Ya; Belenikina N.S.; Pospelov M.E.; Timofeev K.N., 1987:
Study of the role of activated oxygen forms in the photoinactivation of yeast cells by visible light

Krasnovskii A.A.; Chernysheva E.K.; Kritskii M.C., 1987:
Study of the role of activated oxygen species in a flavin photosensitized oxidation of nadh

Aderhold L.; Knothe H.; Frenkel G., 1980:
Study of the role of anaerobic bacteria in pyogenic dental infections

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Study of the role of bivalent copper ions in photo sensitized electron transfer in complexes of lysozyme with its substrate inhibitors

Desmons, F.; Deligny, J.Y., 1977:
Study of the role of Candida albicans infection in different infant conditions including a diaper rash (64 cases)

Boichenko M.N.; Levashev V.S., 1987:
Study of the role of cyclic amp during experimental salmonella infection

Shotter A.V.; Roosaar P.O., 1982:
Study of the role of deep brain structures in regulation of the intra cerebral micro circulation

Bredikis-Yu-Yu ; Vaitsekavichyus, E.Y. ; Rimsha, E.D.; Dobkevichene, A.P., 1978:
Study of the role of electro cardial stimulation during selective contrast study of coronary arteries using data of continuous registration of his bundle potentials and arterial pressure

Konstantinova, M.M.; Nekrasova, I.V.; Gusareva, E.V.; Dontsova, G.V., 1978:
Study of the role of endogenous serotonin in the mechanism of action of radioprotective agents part 3 absence of correlation between modified radio sensitivity of cells and variations in their endogenous serotonin content

Ostrovskii S.Yu; Kondakov V.I., 1987:
Study of the role of histidine in the nonenzymatic inactivation of acetaldehyde

Syrtsova L.A.; Druzhinin S.Yu, 1987:
Study of the role of histidine residues and carboxylic groups of nitrogenase from azotobacter vinelandii

Popov, V.O.; Rodionov-Yu, V.; Egorov, A.M.; Berezin, I.V., 1978:
Study of the role of histidine residues of formate dehydrogenase from bacterium sp

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Study of the role of humic acids in the pathogenic effect of coal dust

Silva, A.; Saburenkov, E.N., 1978:
Study of the role of imitation in the verkhovka leucaspius delineatus during movements of the school in a water current

Kosarev I.V.; Surovtsev V.I.; Zav'yalov V.P., 1985 :
Study of the role of intermolecular electrostatic cooperative interactions stipulating cryoprecipitation of monoclonal human immunoglobulin m

Castronovo, V., 1987:
Study of the role of laminin in tumor invasion

Burlakova E.B.; Gvakhariya V.O.; Glushchenko N.N.; Dupin A.M., 1979:
Study of the role of lipids in regulation of microsomal glucose 6 phosphatase activity during modification of microsomes in vivo and in vitro effect of phospho lipid effectors on glucose 6 phosphatase activity

Saks, V.A.; Lyulina, V.N.; Chernousova, G.B.; Voronkov-Yu, I.; Smirnov, V.N.; Chazov, E.I., 1975:
Study of the role of mitochondrial creatine phospho kinase ec iso enzyme in energy transport in heart cells

Boichenko M.N.; Kaziakhmedova D.B.; Levashev V.S., 1985:
Study of the role of peritoneal macrophages in the development of experimental salmonella infections

Abou-Gabal, M.; Atia, M., 1978:
Study of the role of pigeons in the dissemination of Cryptococcus neoformans in nature

Yastrebtsova, N.L.; Simutenko, L.V., 1976:
Study of the role of prolonged emotional stress in the genesis of hyper cholesterolemia and hypertension

Housset, P.; Nagy, M., 1977:
Study of the role of purine phospho ribosyl transferases in the uptake of adenine and guanine by schizosaccharomyces pombe cells

Beusen D.D.; Covey D.F., 1984:
Study of the role of schiff base formation in the aromatization of oxygen 18 labeled 3 testosterone and oxygen 18 labeled 3 17 di androstenedione by human placental aromatase

Lavrova E.A.; Natochin Y.V., 1985:
Study of the role of short horn sculpin myoxocephalus scorpius cottidae kidneys in the regulation of the ionic composition and the volume of body fluids

Tsyrlina, E.V.; Semiglazov, V.P.; Moiseenko, V.M.; Bornoeva, T.P., 1985:
Study of the role of steroid receptors in human breast cancer

Ignat'eva O.Yu; Golovanova T.A.; Kaulen D.R., 1982:
Study of the role of strain differences in elaboration of stem cell inhibitory factor

Berger L.P., 1984:
Study of the role of temperature and photoperiod in the development of leucania separata lepidoptera noctuidae

Shul'gina I.P.; Klement'ev B.I.; Vartanyan G.A., 1984:
Study of the role of the pituitary in postural asymmetry fixation at the segmental level after spinal cord hemisection

Collombier J.; Groliere C.A.; Senaud J.; Grain J.; Thivend P., 1984:
Study of the role of the rumen ciliates as a nitrogen source in the ruminant duodenum by direct estimation of the quantity of ciliates leaving the rumen

Karamushka V.I.; Ul'berg Z.R.; Gruzina T.G.; Podol'skaya V.I.; Pertsov N.V., 1987:
Study of the role of the surface structural components of microorganisms in heterocoagulation with colloidal gold particles

Porotikov V.I.; Cherenshchikova E.A.; Filippov A.K.; Mashkovskii M.D.; Yuzhakov S.D., 1984:
Study of the role of transmembrane ionic currents in the mechanism of action of beta adrenoblockers

Nikandrov V.N.; Kazyuchits O.A., 1988:
Study of the role of tryptophan residues in the streptokinase molecule using the chemical modification method

Khandudzha K.L.; Esakova T.D.; Tarusov B.N., 1979:
Study of the role of vitamin a in chemical carcinogenesis of the mammary gland

Agamirov U.M.; Radaeva T.V., 1985:
Study of the root system of some introduced species of barberry under conditions of apsheron azerbaijan ssr ussr

Avilan R.L.; Garcia M.L.; Leal F.; Sucre R., 1984:
Study of the root system of the key lime citrus aurantiifolia in a soil of alluvial origin

Bleich H.E.; Glasel J.A.; Latina M.; Visintainer J., 1979:
Study of the rotational diffusion properties of peptides in solution

Goya P.; Martinez A.; Jimeno M.L.; Pfleiderer W., 1987:
Study of the rotational isomerism and synthesis of glucosides derived from pyrazino 2 3 c 1 2 6 thiadiazine 2 2 dioxides

Grigorashvili G.Z.; Proidak N.I., 1982:
Study of the safety and biological value of a protein isolate from lucerne

Bichurina M.A.; Bryantseva E.A.; Rozaeva N.R.; Titova T.S.; Korovina G.I.; Shevchenko A.I.; Fridman E.A.; Noskov F.S., 1984:
Study of the safety and effectiveness of the experimental aerosol administration of inactivated influenza chromatographic vaccine

Aksyuk I.N.; Gradusov Y.N.; Kostyukovskii Y.L.; Melamed D.B., 1985:
Study of the safety of animal husbandry products obtained with the use of feeds preserved with allyl isothiocyanate

Grebenyuk V.N.; Marchenko V.I.; Parfenov V.V.; Pozhidaev Y.I.; Zubanova N.A., 1981:
Study of the safety reactivity and therapeutic efficacy of ointment containing porcine leukocytic interferon

Stumpf I.V.K., 1986:
Study of the scarab fauna in mandirituba parana brazil

Castex M.; Fuentes O.; Navarro A.; Rodriguez T., 1985:
Study of the schedule of hematophagic activities of simulium quadrivittatum diptera simulidae in the isle of youth cuba

Jourdane, J.; Mingyi, X., 1986:
Study of the schistosome mollusk compatibility by microsurgical transplantation of sporocysts technique in two schistosoma japonicum and oncomelania hupensis combinations originated from mainland china

Munari L., 1983:
Study of the sciomyzidae diptera cyclorrhapha for the biological control of mollusks hosts of the parasitic helminths etiological agents of bilharziasis and distomiasis of man and cattle

Gardash'yan, A.M., 1976:
Study of the scrapie agent as adapted to hamsters

Kantoh S., 1987:
Study of the screening of thyroidal dysfunction in adult

Papchenkov V.G., 1985:
Study of the seasonal dynamics of phytomass accumulation in helophytes

Borisova O.F.; Grechko V.V.; Aleshkina L.A.; Kuznetsova N.V., 1984:
Study of the secondary and tertiary structure of phage ms 2 rna by means of nucleases and dyes specific to secondary structure

Nyakabwa M., 1985:
Study of the secondary herbaceous community with paspalum virgatum in the city of kisangani zaire

Donzel, B.; Rivier, J.; Goodman, M., 1977:
Study of the secondary structure of the luteinizing hormone releasing factor using intra molecular charge transfer complexes/

Park, C.U., 1982 :
Study of the secondary xylem in herbaceous dicotyledons 1. boraginaceae cruciferae and euphorbiaceae

Miyamoto F.; Naoki H.; Naya Y.; Nakanishi K., 1980:
Study of the secretion from a scale insect ceroplastes ceriferus di terpenoids and sester terpenoids

Albillos, A.; Abreu, L.; Alvarez-Mon, M.; Gea, F.; Gonzalo, M.A.; Rossi, I.; Garrido, A.; Barrios, C.; Escartín, P., 1988:
Study of the secretion of pepsinogen I in cirrhotic humans with and without portacaval shunt

Reynaud, C., 1985:
Study of the seed coat of some mediterranean species of hypericum guttiferae by scanning electron microscopy i

Casotto M.; Palozzo A.L.; Agostini G.; Benshimol A.L., 1984:
Study of the seed lectins of venezuelan papilionoideae leguminosae

Bouhache M.; Boulet C.; Hammoumi M., 1983:
Study of the seed of stock echinochloa crus galli in the soil of rice fields in gharb morocco

Do-Nascimento, D.J. ; Kneebone, W.R., 1980:
Study of the seed production components of bermuda grass cynodon dactylon var dactylon 3. correlations between the various components

Kosturski N., 1986:
Study of the seeding rate of wheat grown under intensive field management

Bravo L.D., 1982:
Study of the seeds of the genus cassia series aphyllae

Selin M.M.; Donetskii I.A.; Volodin A.A.; Kochergin P.M., 1984:
Study of the selective characteristics of membranes made of copolymers of n vinylpyrrolidone with methylmethacrylate during the ultrafiltration of dextran solutions

Labonte, S.; Frechette, J., 1978:
Study of the selectivity of the commercial shrimp dragnet yankee 41 for the pandalus borealis population of the northwestern gulf of st lawrence canada

Shimono, M.; Tsuji, N., 1987:
Study of the selectivity of the impregnation of neurons by the Golgi method

Selin M.M., 1985:
Study of the selectivity of ultrafiltration acetyl cellulose membranes in aqueous solutions of varying concentrations

Dochkova B.; Topchieva A.; Antonova N.; Mirchev M.; Maslinkov M., 1986:
Study of the self pollinating alfalfa ellerslie i

Urvoy J.; Fudalewicz Niemczyk W.; Rosciszewska M.; Petryszak A., 1985:
Study of the sense organs of the mouth parts carausius morosus cheleutoptera

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Study of the sensitivity and specificity of fluorescing immuno globulins to herpes simplex virus

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Study of the sensitivity of 176 strains of pathogenic staphylococci to urinary antimicrobial agents widely used in brazzaville congo

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Study of the sensitivity of african swine fever diagnostic techniques

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Study of the sensitivity of barley varieties originating in france and the near east to helminthosporium teres

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Study of the sensitivity of candida to polyene antibiotics during the treatment of candidiasis of the oral mucosa

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Study of the sensitivity of cells of the lemurian lemur fulvus to different viral strains

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Study of the sensitivity of mosquitoes of the genus anopheles to insecticides in northeast afghanistan part 1

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Study of the sensitivity of neo nates to digoxin contribution of erythrocyte rubidium 86 uptake test

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Study of the sensitivity of rickettsia prowazekii erythromycin resistant strain e to antibiotics when cultivated in the body of the vector

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Study of the sensitivity of the hypothalamus to cortico steroids in the remote period after irradiation

Korshunov V.M.; Sinitsyna N.A.; Levashev V.S.; Ginodman G.A., 1986:
Study of the sensitivity of the intestinal microflora of patients to antimicrobial preparation with a view to prescribing effective antibiotic therapy

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Study of the sensitivity of triploid rainbow trout x coho salmon hybrids to infectious pancreatic necrosis and viral hemorrhagic septicemia

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Study of the sensitivity to antibiotics of 139 strains of listeria serotyped by the french national reference center in 1983

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Study of the sensitivity to antibiotics of some in hospital microbial strains

Kochetkova V.A.; Znamenskaya I.N., 1981:
Study of the sensitization of oncological patients to bacterial allergens by the leukocyte migration inhibition test

Dobritsa V.P.; Sukhodoeva G.S.; Beklemishev N.D., 1986:
Study of the sensitizing properties of haemophilus influenzae soluble antigens

Tregub A.V.; Pokrovskii V.V., 1985:
Study of the serological activity of the structural modifications of a synthetic antigen imitating salmonella o determinant 4 by means of enzyme immunoassay

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Study of the serological types of pasteurella multocida cultures isolated from sheep in the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Tarnavschi R.; Baluna R.; Barac D., 1986:
Study of the serum and plasma fibronectin in normal humans and various animal species

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Study of the setal micro structure of polychaetes of capitellidae and oweniidae with scanning electron microscopy a precise systematic criterion

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Study of the sex pheromone blend produced by the virgin female of the cereal tortrix cnephasia pumicana lepidoptera tortricidae

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Study of the sex pheromone of eupoecilia ambiguella lepidoptera tortricoidea cochylidae

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Study of the sexual specificity of hypophyseal gonadotropins of the russian sturgeon acipenser guldenstadti acipenseridae 1. biological action of gonadotropins with low electrophoretic mobility on loach misgurnus fossilis cobitidae oocyte maturation and ovulation

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Study of the shoals of skipjack by body size compositions

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Study of the shoot apex of spinach before and after the floral induction

Hobo S., 1983:
Study of the side shift of the mandible during lateral movement by an electronic measuring system

Hoepfner B., 1982:
Study of the significance of different qualities of filter paper in the radio immunological determination of thyrotropin in new borns

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Study of the significance of progesterone production for regulation of menstruation

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Study of the simulium damnosum complex in west africa part 4 analysis of water of larval breeding places during dry season

Quillevere, D.; Gouzy, M.; Sechan, Y.; Pendriez, B., 1977:
Study of the simulium damnosum complex in west africa part 6 analysis of breeding site water in the rainy season comparison with the dry season

Quillevere, D.; Pendriez, B.; Sechan, Y.; Philippon, B., 1977:
Study of the simulium damnosum complex in west africa part 7 study of the biology ecology and vector ability of the females of simulium sanctipauli simulium soubrense and simulium yahense in ivory coast

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Study of the simulium damnosum complex in west africa part 8 study of bio ecology and vector efficiency of savanna females in comparison with forest females

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Study of the simultaneous movement of water and air in soils

Kuterman E.M.; Tsydenov M.M., 1984:
Study of the sinus rhythm of the heart in the postoperative period of neurosurgical patients

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Study of the site of nuclear dna replication in embryonic cells of the sea urchin strongylocentrotus intermedius

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Study of the sites and mechanisms of action of bumetanide in man

Barralis G.; Chadoeuf R.; Gouet J P., 1986:
Study of the size of the sampling for the study of the buried weed seed bank

Cacoveanu I., 1985:
Study of the skeleton of megaceros giganteus kept in the collections of the grigore antipa museum romania

Le-Quang, T.Y., 1976:
Study of the skin and cutaneous glands of some amphibia of the family rhacophoridae

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Study of the skin and humoral mediatory reactivity in patients with diencephalic pathology

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Study of the skin and skin glands of some amphibians of the genus ptychadena

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Study of the skin contamination with radioactive substances part 3 about the contamination removal reagents

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Study of the skin permeability of hydralazine on the interface of media with different polarity

Kazennov A.M.; Maslova M.N.; Shalabodov A.D., 1984:
Study of the sodium potassium atpase activity of mammalian erythrocytes

Korolyuk T.V., 1986:
Study of the soil cover of steppe and dry steppe areas based on multizonal aerospace photographs

Singhal R.M.; Sharma S.D., 1986:
Study of the soils of dehradun forests india in relation to vegetation type

Singhal R.M.; Sharma S.D., 1985:
Study of the soils of doon valley forests india

Kumar O.; Saxena I.P.; Mathur H.N., 1987:
Study of the soils of eastern doon valley forests india

Iriarte-Mayo, A.; Garcia-Chicano-Fernandez, J.L.; Barahona-Fernandez, E., 1987:
Study of the soils of the guadix baza basin granada spain i frequency distributions and relationships between the properties of the top soil and subsoil horizons

Camejo Corrales J.; Cisneros Pestana F., 1985:
Study of the solidification process of milk fat

Zhang L Y.; L.G.G.; Guo J Y., 1988:
Study of the somatic embryogenesis from leaf of begonia fimbristipula hance in vitro

Benito Rueda E.; Diaz Fierros Viquera F., 1986:
Study of the some factors what affect the microaggregates formation in soils from northwest spain

Kreutzer M., 1979:
Study of the song of the cirl bunting emberiza cirlus repertory characteristics and distribution

Baranova I.P.; Egorov N.S.; Polin A.N.; Grushina V.A., 1985:
Study of the sorption and desorption of nisin on silica gel s 3

Rachinskii, V.V.; Davidova, E.G.; Volkova, L.V.; Shkarin, B.I.; Gradova, N.B.; Tret'yakova, V.P.; Kuchinskii, M.E.; Golovatskaya, A.N., 1976:
Study of the sorption capacity of active sludges with respect to zinc

Eretskaya E.V.; Nikolaev V.G.; Sergeev V.P.; Stefanov A.V.; Vovyanko S.I., 1986:
Study of the sorption of blood plasma proteins by carbon fibrous materials

Gras, R.; Saint-Jean, L., 1976:
Study of the spatial distribution of zoo plankton in lake chad africa variations in the distribution according to sampling methods and environmental conditions

Gloveli T.V.; Ioseliani T.K., 1984:
Study of the spatial organization of hippocampal commissural fibers

Borisova O.F.; Grechko V.V.; Aleshkina L.A.; Kuznetsova N.V., 1984:
Study of the spatial organization of phage ms 2 rna by using fluorescent dyes

Kashirin, I.A.; Grebenshchikov, N.I.; Baratova, L.A.; Shishkov, A.V.; Gol'danskii, V.I., 1986:
Study of the spatial structure of proteins with the aid of tritium labeling iii. thermally activated tritium atoms used to determine the accessible surface of tobacco mosaic virus protein in the virus

Vasilev, V.I.; Rachovska, G., 1988:
Study of the specialization of pseudomonas syringae pathovar atrofaciens mccull. young dye wilkie and of wheat and aegilops resistance to it

Rambla, M., 1976:
Study of the species astrobunus grallator arachnida opiliones sclerosomatinae

Sekhniashvili E.Sh, 1982:
Study of the species composition and the prevalence of blood sucking and blood licking flies in connection with the construction of cattle breeding complexes

Shuratov, I.K. ; Berdinskikh, M.S., 1977:
Study of the specific anti influenza activity of human respiratory tract secretions and their fractions recovered by gel filtration

Kapinus, L.N., 1978:
Study of the specific antigen of amyloid fibrillae in secondary amyloidosis

Yagodina L.O.; Saburova E.A.; Markovich D.S.; Vol'kenshtein M.V., 1986:
Study of the specific binding of neutral salt anions by lactate dehydrogenase based on enzyme kinetic data

Ishimori K.; Morishima I., 1988:
Study of the specific heme orientation in reconstituted hemoglobins

Vyazov S.O.; Vlasikhina E.M.; Margolina A.N.; Favorov M.O.; Poverennyi A.M.; Golosova T.V.; Anan'ev V.A., 1985:
Study of the specific innocuousness and immunogenicity of a subunit vaccine against hepatitis b

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Study of the specificity of action of oxygen cholesterol oxido reductase ec on certain sterols and related substances

Saf'yanova V.M.; Titova I.V.; Gracheva L.I., 1983:
Study of the specificity of dry leishmaniasis antigen for an immuno fluorescent test

Barinskii, I.F.; Shubladze, A.K.; Ugryumov, E.P.; Tsypkin, I.S.; Bocharov, A.F.; Posevaya, T.A.; Dadashev-Kh-Yu ; Zaitseva, A.I., 1977:
Study of the specificity of human leukocyte leukosis virus

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Study of the specificity of proteolytic enzymes of ascaris suum and ascaridia galli

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Study of the spectrophotometric measurement of lithium using tmc crownformazan

Polyakova E.V.; Korochkin O.I., 1986:
Study of the spectrum of esterase isoenzymes in various species of the drosophila virilis group

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Study of the spectrum of vibration of l cysteine and d l cysteine

Suckov V.V.; Grinberg V.J.; Tolstoguzov V.B., 1980:
Study of the spinnability of emulsions based on 2 phase water casein sodium alginate system

Razumov A.I.; Tarasova R.I.; Nikolaeva V.G.; Syrneva L.P., 1982:
Study of the spontaneous and acid hydrolysis of nibufin

Damonte C.; D.N.don J.; Scarpazza G.; Soramel S.; Zennaro M.; Fumagalli G., 1985:
Study of the spontaneous cough under a pharmacological treatment and of the cough induced by a non specific bronchial stimulation a simple method of cough recording

Rendić, S.; Kajfez, F.; Zamola, B.; Valles, P.; Mildner, P., 1975:
Study of the sporulation of Bacillus thuringiensis var. thuringiensis

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Study of the stability and bactericidal capacity of various dilutions of chlorhexidine and their evolution over time

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Study of the stability of a new 17d thermostable yellow fever vaccine

Djoko E.; Perrin B.; Hamon M., 1984:
Study of the stability of an ointment treated by beta rays for sterilization

Sivolodskii, E.P., 1974:
Study of the stability of antibiotic resistance of shigella sonnei in epidemiological practice

Bessonova N.I.; Pudel' M.E., 1986:
Study of the stability of aqueous citral solutions

Taisova A.S.; Gryaznova N.S., 1984:
Study of the stability of enzymes inactivating aminoglycoside antibiotics

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Study of the stability of fish oils

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Study of the stability of freeze dried vaccines against mareks disease

Lopez Bote M.A.; Blanco S.; Galvez M.; Brosed A., 1988:
Study of the stability of monitoring cameras of an electron linear accelerator employed in clinical medicine

Tomankova, H.; Zyka, J., 1977:
Study of the stability of pyrimidine series cytostatics ftorafur and fluoro uracil injections

Kamilov-Kh, M.; Sadikova-Sh, A.; Shakirov, T.T., 1978:
Study of the stability of strophanthidin acetate in solution

Moiseenok, A.G.; Slyshenkov, V.S.; Dedovich, T.V., 1987:
Study of the stability of the phosphorus ester bond in d pantothenic acid 4' phosphate

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Study of the stability of the sea buckthorn oil extracted with freon 12 and hexane

Zito F.; Roberto M., 1979:
Study of the stapedial reflex wave form at various sound intensities

Voronin, A.D.; Babanin, V.F.; Malinovskii, V.I.; Shapiro-Yu, E., 1976:
Study of the state of water on the surface of hydrogen ion sodium ion magnesium ion saturated kaolinite by the nmr method

Krasil'nikov T.I.; Shner V.F.; Turchin K.F.; Anisimova O.S.; Grinenko G.S., 1982:
Study of the stereochemistry of processes of introduction of a 16 alpha methyl group and a 17 alpha hydroxyl group in the steroid molecule

Niccolai N.; Schnoes H.K.; Gibbons W.A., 1980:
Study of the stereochemistry relaxation mechanisms and internal motions of natural products utilizing proton relaxation parameters solution and crystal structures of saxi toxin

Garbuzov A.G.; Medvedev F.A.; Levachev M.M.; Khurtsilava D.I.; Takeshelashvili C.F.; Gogiya V.T., 1988:
Study of the sterol composition of the oil of avocado plants introduced on the black seashore in georgia ussr

Lupandin V.I.; Rybin I.A., 1980:
Study of the stevens scaling function for brightness perception

Lagarde D.; Milhaud C., 1986:
Study of the stimulant crl 40028 di in the macaque

Shmarov D.A.; Samoilov V.O., 1979:
Study of the stimulus excitation function in the peripheral part of the taste analyzer in frogs

Diamandis E.P.; Hadjiioannou T.P., 1983:
Study of the stoichiometry and the kinetics of the jaffe reaction with a picrate ion selective electrode

Alonso, C., 1978:
Study of the stomach content of pimelodus clarias maculatus pisces pimelodidae

Groot-Bruinderink, G., 1977:
Study of the stomach content of the wild boar sus scrofa in the veluwe area in the province of gelderland netherlands

Rudman A.R.; Eremeev V.B.; Vengerova N.A.; El'tsefon B.S., 1985:
Study of the strength of swollen hydrate cellulose membranes for hemodialysis by bursting pressure

Le-Roux, G., 1976:
Study of the stridulations produced by myrmica laevinodis hymenoptera formicidae

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Study of the structural and functional state of the protein synthesizing apparatus in rat hepatocytes at early stages of liver regeneration part 2

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Study of the structural gene regions in dna of phage lambda and phage phi 80 with the aid of lambda h lambda t 80 hybrids

Medvedev S.V.; Tsygankov N.I., 1985:
Study of the structural properties of the flow of impulse activity in neuronal populations

Robin J.; Berthiaume L.; Laperriere A., 1984:
Study of the structural proteins of lymphocystis disease virus strain leetown nfh grown in tissue culture

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Study of the structure activity correlation in the flavonoid series 2. the structure activity correlation in chalcone derivatives

Hore, A., 1977:
Study of the structure and behavior of chromosomes of the different varieties of apium graveolens celery

Mushkacheva G.S.; Shorokhova V.B.; Rusinova G.G.; Turdakova V.A., 1983:
Study of the structure and metabolism of nucleic acids in rat thymus during long term administration of tritium oxide in different dosages

Vengerova N.A.; Vysotina T.A.; El'tsefon B.S.; Rudman A.R.; Selina T.M.; Eremeev V.B.; Mendel'son A.N.; Ryabchenko A.S.; Irklei V.M.; Shilokhvost V.P., 1986:
Study of the structure and properties of a new hydrate cellulose membrane ultracell used for hemodialysis

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Study of the structure and protein content of the bacterio phage t 2 connector

Gamayunov N.I., 1985:
Study of the structure formation process in the drying of capillary porous materials

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Study of the structure of a seco compounds the products of the oxidation of ursolic acid

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Study of the structure of ambary lignins by the alkaline nitro benzene oxidation method

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Study of the structure of eremurus gluco mannans by electron microscopy and roentgenography

Mardashev, S.R.; Kharitonenkov, I.G.; Semina, L.A.; Gonchar, N.A., 1976:
Study of the structure of histidine decarboxylase of micrococcus sp by circular dichroism

Gafurova, N.D.; Ryshka, F.Y., 1975:
Study of the structure of lacto somatotropic hormone part 5 characteristics of peptides of tryptic hydrolysis of fragments b 1 and b 2 of lacto somatotropic hormone

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Study of the structure of lipid emulsions using phosphorus 31 nmr

Kamenir Y.G., 1987:
Study of the structure of living matter in water bodies based on size spectra

Skuratovskii, I.Y. ; Bartenev, V.N., 1978:
Study of the structure of magnesium and lithium salts of t 2 phage dna by the x ray diffraction method possible mechanism of participation of cations in the structural transformations of double stranded dna

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Study of the structure of plant tri acyl glycerols using stereospecific analysis

Mayanskii, D.N., 1978:
Study of the structure of the liver in transplantation disease

Ryabinina M.I., 1984:
Study of the structure of the stem and conducting system of the plants of spring triticale in connection with the falling off of the caryopses

Chuvakova Z.K.; Fursova L.M.; Isaeva E.S.; Kim E.V., 1984:
Study of the structure of virus proteins of influenza a h 1n 1 of various origins

Zaitseva L.V.; Sultanovich Y.A.; Geiko N.S.; Nechaev A.P., 1987:
Study of the structure of yeast lipid triacylglycerols

Garcia P.J.; Tamega O.J.; Soares J.C.; Piffer C.R.; Zorzetto N.L., 1982:
Study of the styloid prominence in the posterior tympanic cavity

Batey, R.G.; Gallagher, N.D., 1977:
Study of the sub cellular localization of iron 59 and iron binding proteins in the duodenal mucosa of pregnant and nonpregnant rats

Darozhkin M.A.; Palilava A.M.; Valuyevich A.A., 1984:
Study of the subpopulations of puccinia triticina in the belorussian ssr ussr

Ikeda K.; Kunugi S.; Ise N., 1982:
Study of the substituent effect on alpha chymotrypsin catalyzed hydrolysis of phenyl acetates by using a stopped flow titration method

Gol'dfel'd M.G.; Kol'tover V.K.; Maior P.S.; Mikoyan V.D.; Dmitriev P.I.; Shapiro A.B., 1986:
Study of the substrate specificity and structure dynamic correlations in chloroplast coupling factor

Sazykin A.Yu; Navashin S.M., 1984:
Study of the substrate specificity of beta lactamases detected in some gram negative bacteria

Gudkova L.V.; Kirilenko M.T.; Levitina T.L.; Kozlov E.A., 1985:
Study of the subunit structure of penicillium vitale catalase

De-Bievre, C.; Fromentin, H.; Mariat, F., 1978:
Study of the sugar composition of conidiobolus strains saprophytic or pathogenic for man and animal

Ansberga, S.E.; Irgen, A.M., 1975:
Study of the suitability of brewers yeast for bio phosphorylation of adenosine

Ivanov L.L.; Shilin V.V.; Matsuka G.Kh, 1982:
Study of the sulfhydryl groups of leucyl transfer rna synthetase from cow mammary gland

Marziano G.L.; Shir C.C.; Shieh L.J.; Sutera A.; Gianolio L.; Ciprian M., 1979:
Study of the sulfur di oxide distribution in venice by means of an air quality simulation model

Guillou F.; Martinat N.; Combarnous Y., 1986:
Study of the superactivity of equine fsh in in vitro stimulation of rat sertoli cells

Nilsen, P.A.; Meling, A.B.; Abldgaard, U., 1976:
Study of the suppression of lactation and the influence on blood clotting with bromocriptine cb 154 parlodel a double blind comparison with di ethyl stilbestrol

Kumazawa J.N.O.; Matsumoto T.; Tanaka M.; Omoto T.; Ando S.; Ito K.; Hara S.; Iwakawa A., 1987:
Study of the suppressive effects of long term norfloxacin therapy on the recurrence of complicated urinary tract infections

Leskov V.P.; Cheredeev A.N.; Solov'ev V.V., 1979:
Study of the suppressive factor release by mouse lymphocytes during contact with syngeneic erythrocytes

El'skaya A.V.; Ivanov L.L.; Yaremchuk A.D.; Stapulenis R.R.; Yarmolenko V.V.; Tamulyavichyus A.I.; Buldakova O.V.; Kovalenko M.I., 1986 :
Study of the supramolecular structure of eukaryotic aminoacyltransfer rna synthetases

Yusupov M.M.; Spirin A.S., 1986:
Study of the surface of escherichia coli ribosomes and ribosomal subunits by tritium bombardment

Ebert, R.V.; Kronenberg, R.S.; Terracio, M.J., 1976:
Study of the surface secretion of the bronchiole using radioautography

Pietri, C.; Breittmayer, J.P., 1976:
Study of the survival of an enterovirus in ocean water

Sandor, F., 1981:
Study of the swallow population of a west hungarian settlement ujker 1. house marten delichon urbica

Cornet, M.; Raymond, H.; Dieng, P.Y., 1975:
Study of the sylvatic vectors of yellow fever virus attempted demonstration of the survival of female vectors in the dry season in an endemic focus in eastern senegal

Donald, D.E.; Ferguson, D.A., 1970:
Study of the sympathetic vaso constrictor nerves to the vessels of the dog hind limb

Ngandu-Kabeya, G., 1976:
Study of the symptomatology of african trypanosomiasis in children based on 24 cases

Born J.D.; Hans P., 1981:
Study of the symptomatology of traumatic comas caused by diffuse brain lesions

Madeira N.G.; Dias E.S.; Mascarenhas C.S., 1982:
Study of the synanthropic calliphoridae diptera fauna of pampulha belo horizonte minas gerais brazil

Yurkyanets E.A., 1980:
Study of the synaptic structures of intrafusal and extrafusal muscle fibers of the frog

Tatosyan, A.G.; Yakovleva, L.C.; Semenova, L.A.; Kiselev, F.L., 1977:
Study of the synthesis of rous sarcoma virus specific rna in chick embryo cells

Ginsburger Vogel T.; Meusy J J., 1982:
Study of the synthesis of vitellogenin in inter sex males of orchestia gammarellus amphipod crustacean effects of the transplant of an ovary

Claussen C., 1985:
Study of the syrphid fly fauna diptera syrphidae of the schleswig part of the state schleswig holstein west germany supplement 1979 1983

Tamanini, L., 1973:
Study of the systematics and distribution of hemiptera heteroptera of the egadi islands and lipari islands italy and of ustica italy

Prognon P.; Mahuzier G.; Poitou P.; Hamel D.; Ceymol G., 1987:
Study of the systemic passage of aluminum after administration of a gastric dressing

Kovac J.; Hudecova D.; Nemethova A., 1980:
Study of the systemic properties of fungicide n 1 formamido 2 2 2 trichloroethyl morpholine trimorphamide

Shchipkov V.P.; Buyanova N.I.; Myandina G.I.; Pekhov A.P., 1985:
Study of the systems that control tra genes of derepressed f like plasmids

Guillot M.; Fournier J.; Chazal J.; Levai J.P.; Vanneuville G.; Escande G.; Verge Garret J.; Amrane M.; Scheye T., 1981:
Study of the talus and of the calcaneus by different methods including radiography and compression

Bastide, M.; Hadibi, E.; Bastide, J.M., 1977:
Study of the taxonomy of the genera cryptococcus and rhodotorula sensitivity of the wall to endo beta 1 3 d glucanase

Garcia Filho R.J., 1987:
Study of the techniques for percutaneous bone biopsies

Roshchin N.I.; Efimova L.S.; Minina S.A.; Plyushkin S.A., 1985:
Study of the technological properties of tablets and coatings applied to tablets under conditions of pseudoliquefaction

Ignat'ev, A.V.; Krasnov, E.V.; Sheigus, V.E., 1976:
Study of the temperature conditions of the growth of scallops by the oxygen isotope composition of their shells

Marupov R.; Bobodzhanov P.Kh; Yusupov I.; Mavlyanov A.M.; Frolov E.N.; Likhtenshtein G.I., 1979:
Study of the temperature stability of plant fibers by the spin label method

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Study of the template properties and protein composition of postirradiation degradation products of rat thymus chromatin

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Study of the transverse diffusion of spin labeled phospho lipids in biological membranes part 2 inner mitochondrial membrane of rat liver use of phosphatidyl choline exchange protein

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Study of the type material of 3 taxa of bryum

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Study of the type of higher nervous activity in twins

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Study of the types of 8 species of the bryum capillare group

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Study of the types of bryum cernuum and bryum uliginosum/

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Study of the types of peck and murrill which belong or belonged to the genus melanoleuca

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Study of the ultrastructure of some intestinal bacteria grown in the endo and levine media prepared on the basis of raw materials unsuitable for human consumption

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Study of the unsaponifiable matter and fatty acids of the tubers of asphodelus albus

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Study of the urinary excretion of vanil mandelic acid 17 keto steroids 17 hydroxy cortico steroids and creatinine in twins

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Study of the use of a new dressing duoderm in the treatment of decubitus ulcers

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Study of the use of drugs in pregnancy in the province of huesca spain during the first 6 months of 1987 results

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Study of the use of thoracobrachial measurement as a substitute for birth weight in evaluating the health of newborns at the dantec maternity hospital in dakar senegal 201 cases

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Study of the uterine environment in association with intra uterine contraceptive devices

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Study of the utilization of sintered metallic filters for filtering wine

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Study of the valepotriate content of cultivated valeriana wallichii

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Study of the validity of the second order scale by comparison with the hamilton depression scale brief psychiatric rating scale and in patient multi dimensional psychiatric scale

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Study of the vallesian hipparions of the lower axios valley macedonia greece

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Study of the value of creatine phospho kinase and lactate dehydrogenase iso enzyme determinations in the differential diagnosis of ischemic chest pain

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Study of the value of hybrids from vegetation group fao 100 to 200 developed as a result of the process of creating new corn inbred lines and hybrids zea mays

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Study of the valves of an endemic diatomaceae cyclotella plitvicensis by light microscopy and electron microscopy

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Study of the variability and inheritance of the length of the spiciferous internodes in soft wheat hybrids

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Study of the variability in soil phosphorus content as a function of the dose and application site of phosphatic fertilizer in a maize zea mays l. experiment

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Study of the variability of features of 2 species of the genus polyxenus polyxenus lagurus and polyxenus fasciculatus diplopoda penicillata

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Study of the variability of fusicoccum amygdali a fusicoccin producing fungus using protoplast cultures

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Study of the variability of mercury copper zinc and lead content in 3 species of mollusks from the berre lagoon france

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Study of the variability of the manifestation of nasobemia mutation in drosophila melanogaster

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Study of the variability of the p m system of hybrid dysgenesis between drosophila melanogaster populations

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Study of the variability of the vobla rutilus rutilus caspicus acclimatized in kapchagai reservoir kazakh ssr ussr

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Study of the variability of viola pyrenaica ramond ex dc. in the iberian peninsula spain

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Study of the variation in pulmonary clearance levels of technetium 99m dpta diethylenetriaminepentaacetic acid aerosols induced by an incursion dive

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Study of the variation in the chemical composition and classification of basil ocimum basilicum essential oils from madagascar

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Study of the variation of cardiovascular parameters by the main component method

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Study of the variation of microfilaremia in loa loa filariasis

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Study of the variations occurring in the adrenal glands of white mice during different ages

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Study of the variations of the sculptures of the anterior lateral area of the petiole of aphidius frumentarius hymenoptera aphidiidae

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Study of the various antigens of west nile virus

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Study of the vascular density in tissues surrounding the right recurrent nerve 56 observations

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Study of the venom of vipera ursini renardii 2. chemical and biological characteristics of the fractions

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Study of the venous hepatic vascularization in the human fetus

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Study of the venous phase on renal angiography in cases of renal carcinoma

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Study of the ventral nerve cord of some social wasps hymenoptera vespidae during metamorphosis

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Study of the vestibular structure and ionic composition of clawed frog larvae exposed to weightlessness

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Study of the viability of dehydration of banana puree with the spouted bed dryer

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Study of the viability of quail embryos and nestlings from eggs exposed to gamma radiation vibration and various storing periods

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Study of the viability of the tomato pollen collected at the optimal period

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Study of the virostatic action of rimantadine on a phage bacteria model

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Study of the virus carrier state in chicken influenza

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Study of the virus isolated from the brain of syrian hamsters with a persistent infection caused by an attenuated viral strain of the tick borne encephalitis complex

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Study of the visual bin ocular field with campimetric projection and goldmann perimeter in small angle esotropia

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Study of the voice after pulmonary fistuloplasties

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Study of the volatile components in a new type of brandy celery brandy

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Study of the water regimen of the central asian hawthorns crataegus ferganensis crataegus hissarica crataegus pseudomelanocarpa in apsheron peninsula azerbaijan ssr ussr

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Study of the white rami discharges evoked with stimulation of different areas of the limbic cortex

Renevey B., 1981:
Study of the wing beat pattern of night migrating birds with a tracking radar

Degras, L., 1976:
Study of the yam dioscorea alata bearing bulbils and subspontaneous in the antilles west indies

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Study of the yeast growth on hydrolysates containing carbohydrates organic acids and alcohols

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Study of the yeast secretory invertase messenger rna species translation under conditions of autoregulation of enzyme biosynthesis

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Study of the yield of postreplication repair defective spontaneous and n nitroso n ethylurea induced visible mutations in the drosophila lines mei 41d 5 and mus 1 104d 1

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Study of the zinc containing d d carboxy peptidase of streptomyces albus g by small angle x ray scattering in solution

Bressac Y., 1983:
Study of the zoo plankton of 3 artificial lakes in corsica france

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Study of theophylline pharmaco kinetics in pediatric bronchial asthma patients application of the practical and simplified monitoring plan to out patients

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Study of theophylline pharmacokinetics by a spectrophotometric micromethod in children with bronchial asthma

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Study of therapeutic activity of a digestive enzyme

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Study of thermal and acid denaturation of DNA by means of voltammetry at graphite electrodes

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Study of thermal denaturation of oat globulin by uv and fluorescence spectrophotometry

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Study of thermal inactivation of acetyl cholin esterase of human erythrocytes by the kinetic analysis method

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Study of thermal properties of oat globulin by differential scanning calorimetry

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Study of thermal stability of skin collagen by differential calorimetry influence of a cosmetic treatment

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Study of thermo inactivation kinetics for magnesium calcium atpase of cow myometrium plasma membranes

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Study of thermo induced changes of fluorescence of some chlorophyll containing systems

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Study of thermo induced structure reconstructions in lysosome membranes and lipids during experimental cancerogenesis

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Study of thermo luminescence and absorption spectra of blood serum in vitro after x irradiation

Erokhin, P.I., 1976:
Study of thermo resistance in cows considering their genotypical variability

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Study of thermodynamics and mechanism of interaction between bilirubin and serum albumin in neutral and weak alkaline media

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Study of thermotropic structural changes in lipo proteins of human plasma using spin probe technique

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Study of thick filament structure in isolated a discs and longitudinal sections of vertebrate skeletal muscle by optical diffraction

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Study of thiobacillus ferrooxidans spheroplasts

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Study of thiorphan degradation

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Study of three laser systems for treatment of superficial varicosities of the lower extremity

Iwasawa H.; Takasu T., 1985:
Study of thumb pad regions developed by the administration of testosterone in a young female of rana nigromaculata with a supernumerary forelimb

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Study of thymic factors part 2 failure of thymosin to alter the natural history of nzb and nzb nzw mice

Papiernik, M., 1976:
Study of thymic lymphocyte sub populations in neo natal mice compared to adult mice

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Study of thymidine kinase activity and its isozymes in breast tumors

Nagy A.; Balgavy P., 1983:
Study of thymine interactions with tryptophan by ir spectroscopy

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Study of thymocyte differentiation antigen thy 1 expression in mouse mammary carcinoma cells in vitro

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Study of thymocyte receptors responsible for rosette formation

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Study of thymus and peripheral lymphocyte populations characterized by the dominant nucleolar type

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Study of thymus derived lymphocyte and bone marrow derived lymphocyte status in long living chimeras from cba to cba x c 57bl 6 f 1

Atakhanova, B.A.; Turakulov-Ya-Kh ; Kadyrova, D.A., 1976:
Study of thyro globulin biosynthesis by the incorporation of carbon 14 glucosamine carbon 14 mannose and carbon 14 galactose in the cell free system of the thyroid gland

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Study of thyroid function by radiochemical and radio immunological techniques

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Study of thyroid function of patients treated with lithium carbonate

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Study of thyroid hormones during a low calorie diet in obese patients

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Study of thyrotropic reserve in diabetics of adult type

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