Study of the simulium damnosum complex in west africa part 7 study of the biology ecology and vector ability of the females of simulium sanctipauli simulium soubrense and simulium yahense in ivory coast

Quillevere, D.; Pendriez, B.; Sechan, Y.; Philippon, B.

Cahiers OO.M.-(Office-de-la-Recherche-Scientifique-et-Technique-Outre-Mer)-Serie-Entomologie-Medicale-et-Parasitologie. 15(4): 301-330


Accession: 006529558

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After a review of the problem raised by the existence of the S. damnosum complex and a statement on the techniques used, the daily biting cycle, the density and the age of the biting populations, the dispersion, the zoophily and the vector potential of S. sanctipauli, S. soubrense and S. yahense in the Ivory Coast are discussed. The study of parasitism by Onchocerca volvulus in the different species yielded a calculation giving the theoretical composition of a biting population. Clear differences exist between the species regarding their bio-ecology and vector potential.