Study of the value of hybrids from vegetation group fao 100 to 200 developed as a result of the process of creating new corn inbred lines and hybrids zea mays

Parlov, D.

Poljoprivredna Znanstvena Smotra 66: 303-319


Accession: 006529803

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The necessity to create early maturing lines and hybrids from vegetation group FAO 100-200 arises largely nowadays. Genetic variability of the population from hilly.sbd.mountainous regions of Croatia and Bosnia [Yugoslavia] was used in creating very early lines and hybrids. The hybrids were valuated in the organized network of trials that were carried out for .gtoreq. 1 yr at quite a few locations. From those trials hybrids 'Bc 183', 'Bc 191', 'Bc 188' and 'Bc 193' were selected and later on registered as new cultivars. Hybrids Bc 175, Bc EH 9.sbd.1108 and Bc EH 9.sbd.224 were applied for registration.