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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6531

Chapter 6531 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Chang M.W., 1986:
Study of urogenital mycoplasmas

Marini M.A.; V'kizlansky; Escobar S.O., 1987:
Study of urticaria in angiitis

Leodolter S.; Philipp K.; Szalay S.; Janisch H., 1980:
Study of utero placental perfusion by a circulation model

Champredon, C.; Pion, R., 1977:
Study of utilization of methionine in goats using sulfur 35 labeled methionine

Filippov, V.D.; Lotareva, O.V., 1978:
Study of uv induced mutagenesis in bacillus subtilis part 8 mutability of strains reca recb recf

Hannan M.A.; Paul M.; Amer M.H.; A.W.tban F.H., 1984:
Study of uv radiation and geno toxic effects of natural sun light in relation to skin cancer in saudi arabia

Gueth L.; Vincze I.; Holland J.; Szabo L.D., 1980:
Study of uv radiation induced dna repair in mouse spleen cells after total body cobalt 60 gamma irradiation

Singh T.K.C.; Barman S.D.; Gupta A.N., 1986:
Study of vaginal delivery in patients with one previous lower segment cesarean section

Janot M M.; Guilhem J.; Contz O.; Venera G.; Cionga E., 1979:
Study of valerian alkaloids valeriana officinalis actinidine and naphthyridylmethyl ketone a new alkaloid

Hooman H.A., 1982:
Study of validity of ratings

Shestakov, N.M., 1976:
Study of valvulo muscular kinetics of the heart in some rhythm and conductivity disorders

Andrusenko I.T.; Ved'mina E.A.; Givental N.I.; Pasternak N.A.; Aleksandrova I.K.; Shenderovich V.A.; Koreshkova E.A.; Shepelev A.P.; Sobolev V.R., 1984:
Study of variability of vibrio cholerae under the effect of subbacteriostatic concentrations of antibiotics

L.C.M.; G.F.Z.; Chen B Q., 1987:
Study of variables affecting rubella virus hemagglutination and hemagglutination inhibition test

Driessen Y.T.; Aquarone E., 1980:
Study of variables in the enzyme treatment of pseudostem of musa cavendishii banana tree

Philippon, B.; Artru, F.; Munsch, R.S., 1975:
Study of variations in cerebral blood output following hyperbaric oxygenation in the traumatic coma

Guerin, J.P.; Gaudy, R., 1977:
Study of variations in dry weight and elementary chemical composition of tisbe holothuriae copepoda harpacticoida reared on different artificial diets

Pugeat M.; Lejeune H.; Mazenod B.; Dechaud H.; Fleury M C.; Tourniaire J., 1988:
Study of variations in sex steroid binding protein and transcortin plasma concentrations during oral estrogen therapy in postmenopausal women

Monsen, R.B.; Engebretson, A.M., 1977:
Study of variations in the male and female glottal wave

Diep, O.; Boulet, M., 1977:
Study of variations in the sedimentation coefficient and in molecular dimensions of 7s soybean globulin in function of ionic strength at acid and alkaline ph and in presence of n butanol

Diep, O.; Boulet, M., 1977:
Study of variations in the sedimentation coefficient and molecular dimensions of 11s soybean globulin in function of ionic strength at acid and alkaline ph and in presence of n butanol

Topall G.; Laborit H., 1982:
Study of variations of cerebral tyrosine amino transferase in vivo on the action of inhibitors and activators of mitochondrial proteic synthesis

Usmanov, R.A.; Kochetov, G.A., 1978:
Study of various conformational states of transketolase by perturbation uv spectrophotometry

Richard H.; Benjilali B.; Banquour N.; Baritaux O., 1985:
Study of various essential oils of thyme from morocco

Tanaka Y., 1986:
Study of various factors influencing body sways

Lagriffol J.; Monnier M., 1983:
Study of various parameters in connection with the in vitro culture of ovules of capsella bursa pastoris

Benz C.; Schwarz P.; Sonnabend E., 1987:
Study of various physical parameters of toothbrushing and their correlation with the occurrence of noninflammatory gingival recession

Persico G.; Toscano F.; Altieri V.; Amatucci G.; Spagnuolo S., 1980:
Study of vascular alterations and their consequences on experimental kidney transplantation carried out by micro surgical techniques

Goncharova, V.A.; Syromyatnikova, N.V.; Danikov, L.N.; Dotsenko, E.K.; Abramova, I.A.; Lebedev, E.S., 1986:
Study of vasoactive agents and hemodynamic shifts during changes in pulmonary vascular bed and bronchial patency

Salaices M.; D.G.egorio A.; Marin J., 1985:
Study of vasodilator effects of papaverine adenosine and related drugs in isolated cat cerebral arteries

Marrs, R.H.; Hicks, M.J., 1986:
Study of vegetation change at lakenheath warren england uk a re examination of a. s. watt's theories of bracken dynamics in relation to succession and vegetation management

Sobolevskaya, K.A., 1977:
Study of vegetation resources of siberia during 60 years of soviet rule

Boussioud-Corbieres, F.; Savoure, B., 1978:
Study of vegetation surrounding a continental lagoon in northern tunisia lake ischkeul

Scherer W.F.; Madalengoitia J.; Meneses O.; Acosta M., 1980:
Study of venezuelan encephalitis virus and isolation of st louis encephalitis eastern encephalitis group c and guama group arboviruses in the amazon region of peru 1975

Laroche J.; Peron M.; L.G.l Y., 1982:
Study of vertebral and cranial hyper ostosis in 2 teleosts trachurus trachurus and trachurus mediterraneus by x ray diffraction and radio calcium accretion

Bukin, V.A.; Sarvazian, A.P.; Pasechnik, V.I., 1979:
Study of vesicular lipid membranes by the ultrasound method

Palchun V.T.; Vishnyakov V.V.; Bulaev Y.O., 1981:
Study of vestibular analyzer function by sinusoidal rotation in normal persons

Blagoveshchenskaya N.S.; Karlov V.A.; Urumova L.T., 1985:
Study of vestibular disorders in patients with temporal epilepsy using electronystagmography and functional visual and vestibular loads

Larsen, J.L.; Rasmussen, H.B.; Dalsgaard, I., 1988:
Study of Vibrio anguillarum strains from different sources with emphasis on ecological and pathobiological properties

Derteva I.I.; Zaretskaya G.V.; Uryupina N.V.; Uspenskaya L.V.; Konnov N.P.; Vorob'eva T.V., 1980:
Study of vibrio cholerae and other species of vibrios and bacteria by means of cholera h anti sera and cholera oh anti sera

Chaumeil J.C.; Carouge M.L.; Ardisson J., 1979:
Study of vicine concentration in some varieties of vicia faba

Lemperiere, T.; Sarrazin, A.; Feline, A.; Rucine, M.O.; Pilate, C.; Basset, P.; Simon, J., 1980:
Study of vigilance after ingestion of zopiclone in comparison with nitrazepam and placebo

Detrait J.; Bea A.; S.G.rons H., 1982:
Study of vipera seoanei venom reptilia viperidae

Lyubimtseva, G.E.; Abibova, E.; Yukel'son, L.Y., 1980:
Study of vipera ursini renardi venom 4. hemolytic action of phospho lipase a 2

Berihuete J.C.; Blasco R.; Merino A.; Munoz R., 1987:
Study of viral hepatitis using specific markers importance of procollagen iii and ferritin

Alayse, A.M.; Cohen, J.; Scherrer, R., 1975:
Study of viral specific rna synthesis in fathead minnow fhm and rainbow trout gonad rtg 2 cells infected with infectious pancreatic necrosis virus

Fomina, A.N.; Shubladze, A.K.; Davydova, A.A., 1977:
Study of viremia in chronic herpesvirus infection in humans

Beaudry Y.; Daveze J L.; Frappa J.; Chaprier P.; Fontanges R., 1983:
Study of virucidal activity of 3 antiseptics using sephadex lh 20 gel filtration

Mazurenko N.N.; Fedorova S.N.; Bogovskii B.P.; Knyazev P.G.; Seits I.F.; Kiselev F.L., 1986:
Study of virus specific proteins in cells transformed by the avian sarcoma virus d 6

Teng G.; E.A., 1986:
Study of visceronociceptive neurons of the posterior group thalamic nuclei po in rat

Kawamura, G., 1979:
Study of vision of spotted mackerel pneumatophorus tapeinocephalus in relation to angling techniques 5. light intensity of the fish lamp

Lebedeva N.N.; Avakyan G.N.; Sidorova O.P., 1988:
Study of visuo motor coordination and its clinical importance

Volovoi, V.L.; Kharat'yan, A.M.; Sin'kova, I.G., 1977:
Study of vitamin b 12 binding substances produced by the gastric mucosa

Evseev V.A.; Pletsityi K.D.; Gekht B.M.; Spirichev V.B.; Davydova T.V.; Fomina V.G.; Sanadze A.G.; Pereverzeva O.G.; Alekseeva I.A., 1986:
Study of vitamin d immunocorrecting properties in myasthenia patients

Andrieux N.; D.F.escheville J.; Herberts C., 1986:
Study of vitellin proteins from the hemolymph and ovary of the decapod crustacean carcinus maenas effect of the parasite sacculina carcina crustacea rhizocephala

Aguayo J.; Glaser B.; Mildvan A.; Cheng H M.; Gonzalez R.G.; Brady T., 1985:
Study of vitreous liquefaction by nmr spectroscopy and imaging

Mukherjee, P.K.; Holland, R.P., 1979:
Study of 'Vivalan' in geriatric patients suffering from depression

Vernon F.; Richard H.M.J., 1983:
Study of volatile constituents of curly parsley petroselinum hortense leaves essential oil

Egorov, I.A.; Rodopulo, A.K.; Bezzubov, A.A.; Skripnik, A.Y. ; Nechaev, L.N., 1978:
Study of volatile oils in grapes of different cultivars during ripening

Dzhakhua, M.Y. ; Drboglav, E.S.; Dzhaparidze, M.A., 1978:
Study of volatile phenol compounds in white wines

Manohar, K.V.; Patel, R.J., 1986:
Study of volvocales of gujarat india iii. some genera of family phacotaceae

Garrido Fernandez A., 1984:
Study of wastewaters from ripe olive processing effects of re using lye or aeration solutions on color texture and canning brines

Lazaridou-Dimitriadou, M.; Daguzan, J., 1978:
Study of water balance and its evolution in relation to temperature and relative humidity in euparypha pisana gastropoda pulmonata stylommatophora

Mank, V.V.; Sotskova, T.Z.; Derevyanko, A.I.; Kurilenko, O.D., 1977:
Study of water cholesterol interaction in organic media by di electric and nmr spectroscopy

Shmat'ko, I.G., 1976:
Study of water conditions and drought resistance of plants as a problem of particular physiology

Thuet, P., 1978:
Study of water diffusion flow in the isopod sphaeroma serratum as a function of the concentration of the exterior environment

Goncharova E.A.; Udovenko G.V.; Nechiporenko G.A.; Zholkevich V.N., 1984:
Study of water exchange in vegetable marrow fruits with the aid of a tritium label

Haran, N.; Shporer, M., 1976:
Study of water permeability through phospho lipid vesicle membranes by oxygen 17 nmr

Mrevlishvili, G.M.; Sharimanov-Yu, G., 1978:
Study of water phase transition in the system collagen water by calorimetry and nmr

Prusakov V.E.; Belonogova O.V.; Frolov E.N.; Stukan R.A.; Gol'danskii V.I.; Berg A.I.; May L., 1979:
Study of water protein system dynamics by gamma resonance spectroscopy

Izutsu, K.; Yamamoto, Y., 1987:
Study of water resources i. diverting irrigated water to other water resources

Gajbhiye K.S.; Kolarkar A.S., 1979:
Study of water soluble boron in some rainfed soils of western rajasthan india

Stepanova, L.P.; Kaurichev, I.S.; Karpukhin, A.I., 1976:
Study of water soluble organic substances in natural water using gel chromatography

Antonova G.F.; Malyutina E.S.; Shebeko V.V., 1983:
Study of water soluble poly saccharides in developing xylem of scotch pine

Yunuskhanov Sh; Dzhalilov B.D., 1986:
Study of water soluble proteins from the seeds of cotton gossypium hirsutum and gossypium barbadense

Demertzis P.G.; Kontominas M.G., 1988:
Study of water sorption of egg powders by inverse gas chromatography

Karpova L.V.; Nikolaev G.M.; Tukeeva M.I.; Zubarev V.A.; Ermakov I.P.; Shulaev V.I., 1987:
Study of water state in the swelling of pollen grains in lilium regale wils

Morizet J., 1980:
Study of water transfers in sunflower helianthus annuus analysis of interaction between nitrogen nutrition and root medium aeration

Volkov V.Ya; Velikanov G.A., 1979:
Study of water transport in yeast cell membranes by the nmr impulse method

Ugryumov, M.V., 1978:
Study of ways of penetration of some substances into neuro secretory axons in the rats posterior pituitary

Fuhrer J., 1987:
Study of wet and dry atmospheric deposition at two altitudes in central switzerland

Todorov T.S., 1987:
Study of wheat cultivars grown as short term monoculture

Karabaev M.K.; Kershanskaya O.I.; Maleva M.N.; Maichekina R.M.; Intykbaeva B.B.; Usharova G.P.; Dzhardemaliev Z.K.; Bedenko V.P., 1984:
Study of wheat leaf photosynthesis in connection with ontogenic changes in the photophosphorylation and photochemical activity of isolated chloroplasts

Vedel, F.; Quetier, F.; Dosba, F.; Doussinault, G., 1978:
Study of wheat phylogeny by eco r i analysis of chloroplastic and mitochondrial dna

Deshevaya E.A.; Kryuchkova I.V.; Shaidorov Y.I.; Popov V.V., 1983:
Study of wheat straw degradation under artificial conditions

Almendros G.; Martinez A.T.; Gonzalez A.E.; Polo A.; Dorado E., 1984:
Study of wheat straw mineralization by several fungal species

Smirnov G.F.; Cher P.D.; Vaipan T.N., 1987:
Study of wheat transpiration at high air temperatures

Nery, C.A.D.S.; Laredo-Filho, J., 1987:
Study of wiberg's ce angle in black subjects

Ribeiro, R.D.; Barretto, M.P., 1975:
Study of wild reservoirs and vectors of trypanosoma cruzi part 61 behavioral aspects of several strains of trypanosoma cruzi in culture

Berrino, F.; Chiappa, L.; Oliverio, S.; Todeschin, P.; Turolla, E.; Vegetti, P., 1979:
Study of women who did not respond to screening for cervical cancer

Gol'traf E.I., 1982:
Study of wood of some representatives of the genus populus salicaceae using scanning electron microscopy

Baiashvili E.I., 1987:
Study of woody cultures of the enguri and tskhenistsqali rivers georgian ssr ussr

Vasina T.A.; Lobanova E.D.; Bitsaev A.R.; Kutasova I.V., 1982:
Study of wound microbial flora and its antibiotic sensitivity in patients with chronic renal insufficiency before and after kidney transplantation

Ryaim T.; Pole V., 1986:
Study of x ray diffraction and ir linear dichroism of the dna violamycin b1 complexes

Wang D.; Zhang D.; L.K.; W.Y.; W.G., 1983:
Study of x ray photo electron spectroscopy and extended hueckel molecular orbitals calculation on silatrane compounds

Volgarev M.N.; Smirnova M.G.; Ekimovskii A.P., 1979:
Study of xanthurenuria at different stages of hepatic disorders caused by deficiencies of protein and choline

Huzulak J.; Matejka F., 1980:
Study of xylem pressure potential daily dynamics by means of auto correlation analysis

Zakharov, A.M.; Kulikov, R.I., 1975:
Study of y chromatin in the human buccal epithelium

Babayan, T.L.; Kharat'yan, S.G.; Paskonova, E.A., 1974:
Study of yeast autolysis in the presence of the culture lactobacillus delbrueckii

Ravelomanana R.; Guiraud J.P.; Vincent J.C.; Galzy P., 1984:
Study of yeast flora from traditional cacao fermentation in madagascar

Vlasova I.I.; Kuprin S.P., 1985:
Study of yeast phosphoglycerate kinase using the spin label technique

Awan, J.A.; Stevic, B., 1975:
Study of yeast respiration in pure and mixed cultures of metabolically compatible strains

Ktenidou Kartali S.; Diza Matafsis E.; Papapanagiotou J., 1979:
Study of yeast vaginitis

Furuta, T.; Okimoto, Y., 1975:
Study of yeasts in honey

Lemoine, B., 1977:
Study of yield losses due to processionary caterpillar on maritime pine in the landes of gascogne france

Yoshihara S.; Yoshimura H., 1981:
Study of yusho progress in this decade

Ndiaye, B.; Guiraud, M.; Brugere, B., 1987:
Study of zaditen in prurigo aestivalis and besnier's prurigo in dakar senegal

Sagaidachnyi, A.Y. ; Gilyarov, A.M.; Matveev, V.F., 1977:
Study of zoo plankton spatial distribution by principle component analysis

Gryazina, A.G.; Zagoruchenko, E.A.; Andreeva, L.A., 1977:
Study on 10 percent dermatol ointment

Hasegawa T.; Nishino H., 1987:
Study on 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate stimulated degradation of phosphatidylcholine in c3h10t1 2 cells

Tsuruta K.; Mori N., 1985:
Study on 15 hydroxyprostaglandin dehydrogenase activity in human term placenta relationship between dehydrogenase activities and perinatal factor

Kobayashi T., 1983:
Study on 2 genetically different spawning groups of pacific herring clupea harengus pallasi appearing in ishikari bay hokkaido japan

Vettori G.; Minchella E.; Cantarella G.; Parotelli R.; Verga A., 1986:
Study on 50 subjects with allergy of grass pollens spt and rast evaluation of 5 allergenic fractions isolated from pollen of two grasses dactylis glomerata and phleum pratense

Graziano A.; Bosisic O.A.; Montes J.R.; Grilli C.; Gomez C.; Lumi C.M.; Gualdrini U.A., 1986 :
Study on 62 patients with different types of benign anorectal pathology their treatment with a new proctological ointment

Xiao X.; Zhang L.; Cao Y.; W.W.; Wang Y., 1981:
Study on a bio genetic synthesis of prostaglandins

Magalhães, J.C.; Arce-Gomez, B., 1987:
Study on a Brazilian isolate. I. Population structure and random genetic drift

Magalhães, J.C.; Arce-Gomez, B., 1987:
Study on a Brazilian isolate. II. Opportunity for selection

D.C.rneri I.; Trane F., 1983:
Study on a chemotherapeutic model for human giardiasis the failure of the lombard and pakistani strains of giardia intestinalis to grow in pathogen free but immunodepressed rabbits rats and mice

Kawahatsu K.; Enomoto K.; Ito M.; Nagase S.; Nagase T.; Hamazaki H.; Aoto K.; Wada H.; Shimomura M.; E.A., 1987:
Study on a community sports oriented exercise program for the chronic coronary patients a trial of the nonsupervised sports rehabilitation program

Shin K., 1987:
Study on a drug protein binding in elderly subjects

Desplats D.; Roy Dias C.; Biron P E., 1983:
Study on a fossil wood dadoxylon ourikense new species quarried from the upper triassic basalts of the high atlas ourika morocco

Girolami, A.; Santarossa, A.; Martinelli, S.; Sartori, M.T.; Visentin, I., 1987:
Study on a new chromogenic substrate for the prothrombin time determination

Kalyankar, S.D.; Palladwar, V.D., 1977:
Study on a new poultry worm amoebotaenia kharati new species cestoda dilepididae dilepidinae from aurangabad india

Marica, D.; Vasiu, C.; Mihalca, E., 1975:
Study on a presumed mechanism of immunologic hemolysis involving serum inhibition

Rautenberg, P.; Schädler, R.; Reinwald, E.; Risse, H.J., 1982:
Study on a proteolytic enzyme from Trypanosoma congolense. Purification and some biochemical properties

Long Z.; X.Z.; Y.Y.; H.D.; Zhou S.; Shao B., 1979:
Study on a quartan type simian malaria parasite in macaca assamensis from guangxi china

L.Y.; Peng X.; Chen B., 1982:
Study on a temperature sensitive host killing mutant of the plasmid rp 4

Matsuoka Y.; Tsuji T.; Okamoto Y.; Kubota C.; Moriya W.; Tamura M.; Kita E.; Tsuji R.; Shimizu Y.; Morita K., 1979:
Study on abnormal metabolism of lipids and vascular disturbance in diabetes mellitus

Kanematsu N., 1982:
Study on abnormalities in the appearance types of finger and palm prints in children with cleft lip alveolus and palate and their etiologies

Shinotsuka A.; Hirono Y.; Takenaka H.; Kamigaki I.; Ito S.; Hishida T., 1986:
Study on absent liver uptake in gallium 67 scintigraphy

Garcia, R.; Bartko, P.; Ortiz, R.; Perez, U., 1981:
Study on acid base balance in cattle 1. ph and net acid base values in the urine of holstein cows with different production levels

Padu, E., 1976:
Study on activity and isozymic composition of dehydrogenases in potatoes infected with potato nematodes

Sraubaev, E.N.; Ivanov, N.G., 1976:
Study on activity of lung surfactant in determining the irritation threshold of industrial toxins

Sopinska A.; Niezgoda J.; Jamroz M., 1984:
Study on acute toxicity of a suspension gamakarbatox preparation in carp cyprinus carpio

Gol'dberg, L.E.; Shepelevtseva, N.G.; Filippos'yants, S.T.; Vertogradova, T.P.; Belova, I.P.; Kunrat, I.A., 1978:
Study on acute toxicity of carminomicin administered orally to laboratory animals

Stefanova, S., 1975:
Study on adaptational reactions of some pig breeds part 1 influence of various doses of acth

Lukanin, V.V., 1976:
Study on adaptive response to changing medium salinity in scyphoid jellyfish aurelia aurita planulae

Takai N., 1988:
Study on adoptive immunotherapy for the experimental brain tumor

Ogata, S.; Kato, F.; Hongo, M., 1976:
Study on adsorption of inducible bacteriocin clostocin o toward sensitive bacteria

Kuptsova N.I.; Nikitin N.V.; Nikolaev B.P.; Petrov L.N.; Teslenko A.Ya; Toropov D.K., 1985:
Study on adsorption of spin labeled flocculants on escherichia coli cells

Miyamoto S.; Kikuchi H.; Karasawa J.; Nagata I., 1985:
Study on adult cases with moyamoya disease

Tsukamoto M.; Onohara T.; Ushirogawa K.; Matsuura S., 1983:
Study on age characters of the mud skipper boleophthalmus chinensis

Kolev, D.; Dimitrov, S., 1985:
Study on agrotechnics of triticale in the conditions of southeast bulgaria

Hashimoto S., 1986:
Study on airborne fungal flora the distribution of air borne fungi in the homes of children with bronchial asthma

Sadovnikova N.V.; Pluzhnikova G.N.; Smirnova A.P.; Ermak N.M.; Shvachkin Y.P.; Fedotov V.P., 1986:
Study on ala 5 orn 9 somatostatin properties the inhibition of pancreatic and hypophyseal hormone secretion in a cell culture

Wei N S.; L.Y., 1987:
Study on alfalfa mosaic virus white clover isolate wc

Yokoyama H.; Fujise H.; Nishikawa S.; Kobayashi K.; Ishibashi M., 1984:
Study on alkaline phosphatase in ishibashi rats enzymatic properties of alkaline phosphatase with phosphoethanolamine as substrate

Bajnova A.; Kaloyanova F., 1985:
Study on allergenic and irritating effect of synthetic pyrethroids on skin

Wang X.; Zhong S.; Ling Z.; Xiong M., 1986:
Study on allergic action of chlorothalonil

Shashkina, L.F.; Bobrov, V.I.; Tsarichenko, G.V.; Starkov, M.V.; Terekhina, A.I., 1976:
Study on allergic properties of medicinal agents in a toxicological experiment

Choi, S.H.; Park, H.S.; Shin, D.H., 1988:
Study on alpha adrenoceptors of the isolated atrium in cold blood animals i. experiments with clonidine oxymetazoline and phenylephrine in frog atria

Kojima, S., 1978:
Study on amino acid pattern of protein in school lunch part 1 nutritive value of protein calculated by the amino acid pattern of 1957 and 1973

Kojima, S., 1978:
Study on amino acid pattern of protein in school lunch part 2 the seasonal variation of amino acid score of protein in school lunch

Lojda, Z.; Gossrau, R., 1980:
Study on amino peptidase a ec

Ryuzaki, M.; Kojima, H.; Tamai, Y., 1975:
Study on amphibian lipids part 2 characteristic constituents of mono glycosyl ceramides from the skin of 3 frog species

Chung H.R.; Han W.D.; Kim H.R., 1986:
Study on amylase in digestive tract of hyphantria cunea drury

Miyakita, T.; Miura, H., 1985:
Study on an evaluation index for noise susceptibility 1. estimation of critical bandwidth in acoustic reflex

Miyakita, T.; Miura, H., 1985:
Study on an evaluation index for noise susceptibility 2. reduction of acoustic reflex threshold art 1k art w n and critical bandwidth in acoustic reflex

Kanazawa I., 1987:
Study on an index of pressor response and vascular reactivity to plasma norepinephrine concentration during norepinephrine infusion

D.L.renzo S.; D'alba F., 1985:
Study on an oscillating belousov zhabotinsky system by electrochemical methodology and a new kinetic model

Ferraroni, J.J.; Hayes, J., 1977:
Study on an outbreak of malaria among mayongong and sanoma indians northern roraima

Yang B S., 1987:
Study on anaerobic treatment of low strength wastewater

Ying B.P.; Han J.; L.G.W.; Zhong Y., 1988:
Study on anthraquinones of ventilago leiocarpa

Okulov, V.B.; Anisimov, V.N.; Azarova, M.A., 1978:
Study on anti blastomogenic action of epidermal chalones part 1 the effect of epidermal chalones on some transplantable mouse tumors

Murakami H., 1987:
Study on anti phospholipid antibodies in chronic idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Kuzechkin, A.N.; Ivanitskii, A.M., 1977:
Study on antibiotic admixtures in enzymatic preparations of microbial origin used as food additives

Boronin A.M.; Anisimova L.A.; Bogdanova V.V., 1979:
Study on antibiotic resistance of pseudomonas aeruginosa clinical strains

Kurosawa T., 1986:
Study on antibody coated candida in oral candidiasis

L.Q.X.; L.D.T.; Zheng Y T.; Mei Y F.; Ren Z Y., 1986:
Study on antibody to liver specific membrane lipoprotein in sera of patients with viral hepatitis or some autoimmune diseases

T.G.; Y.W.; Cao Q.; Ren Y.; Cheng D.; Zhang W.; Ruan C., 1985:
Study on anticoagulant mechanism of an anticoagulation principle of agkistrodon halys venom from zhejiang province china

Chen, R.T.; Lu, Z.X.; Cheng, J.L.; Xu, B., 1988:
Study on antidotes of homoharringtonine

Zhu H.; Che X., 1987:
Study on antifertility effect of achyranthes bidentata saponins abs on rats and mice

Kandil A.; Gobran W.; Shafik A., 1985:
Study on antiinflammatory potential of cid 85

Gan, Y.Q.; Chen, J.Y., 1986:
Study on antimicrobial resistance and transferable resistance of Salmonella strains

Chen, Y.L.; Du, R.S.; Hao, Y.; Li, M., 1987:
Study on antitumor antibiotics 77 3082 iv. identification and structural elucidation of antibiotic 77 3082a antibiotic 77 3082b and antibiotic 77 3082y

D.Miralles D.A.B., 1984:
Study on argentine gordiaceae

Akasaka, K.; Suzuki, T.; Ohrui, H.; Meguro, H., 1987:
Study on aromatic phosphines for novel fluorometry of hydroperoxides i. synthesis and spectral properties of diphenyl arylphosphines and their oxides

Akasaka, K.; Suzuki, T.; Ohrui, H.; Meguro, H., 1987:
Study on aromatic phosphines for novel fluorometry of hydroperoxides ii. the determination of lipid hydroperoxides with diphenyl 1 pyrenylphosphine

Fukunaga, S.; Hamanaka, Y.; Ishihara, H.; Sueda, T.; Tsuji, K.; Murakami, H.; Matsushima, T.; Orihashi, K.; Matsuura, Y., 1987:
Study on artificial heart for cardiac assistance 1. evaluation of performance of newly assembled driving system

Hamanaka, Y.; Fukunaga, S.; Ishihara, H.; Sueda, T.; Tsuji, K.; Murakami, H.; Matsushima, T.; Orihashi, K.; Matsuura, Y., 1988:
Study on artificial heart for cardiac assistance 2. left ventricular assistance simulation on mock heart failure

Gasa S., 1981:
Study on aryl sulfatases of lung carcinomas

Kruglikov, G.G.; Arutyunov, V.D.; Batsura-Yu, D., 1976:
Study on aseptic inflammation by scanning electron microscopy

Abdulaev, N.G.; Kiselev, A.V.; Feigina, M.Y. ; Ovchinnikov-Yu, A., 1977:
Study on asymmetric arrangement of bacterio rhod opsin in the purple membrane of halobacterium halobium

Zhou, W.; Zhuang, Z.; Wang, Z., 1984:
Study on asymmetric synthesis of 19 norsteroids synthesis of a new optically active synthon 2r 3s dextro 2 ethyl 2 3' oxo 4' eneamyl 3 acetoxycyclopentanone

Igarashi K.; Hara M.; Fukuyama Y., 1985:
Study on attention span in epileptic children perception of visual numerousness

Noguchi Y.; Furusawa S.; Hashimoto T.; Yanagida T.; Okamoto S., 1981:
Study on autologous leuko phagocytosis in behcets disease

Yamaoka Y.; Katsuya K., 1984:
Study on axenic cultures of melampsora chelidonii pierotii melampsora coleosporioides and melampsoridium betulinum

Boemare, N.; Vey, A., 1977:
Study on bacterial strains isolated from the crayfish atlantoastacus pallipes affected by septicemia and hepato intestinal diseases

Spasojevic, V., 1976:
Study on bactericidal antibody in the sera of children exposed to bordetella pertussis infection

Vasser, S.P., 1976:
Study on basidiomycetes of the ukrainian ssr ussr part 5 species from the family agaricaceae order agaricales new for the ussr part 4

Zhu S M.; Guo L P.; Dong X Z., 1987:
Study on benzalkonium bromide ion selective electrode

Khalatur P.G., 1983:
Study on bi layer lipid membrane permeability by monte carlo method

L.F.; Zhang Z G.; Zhou T C., 1987:
Study on binding area of benzodiazepine receptors by chemical modification

Kuwabara R., 1983:
Study on biological water in living materials problems in the thermal analysis of water

Hung T C.; Tsai C.C.H.; W.S.J.; Chuang A., 1986:
Study on biomass and primary productivity along the southwestern coast of taiwan

Fadeeva, L.E.; Malkov, M.A., 1978:
Study on biosynthesis of nystatin components and fatty acids during cultivation of actinomyces noursei strain 153

Hida M., 1986:
Study on bleeding lesion in autopsied chronic glomerulonephritis patients under dialysis

Wang, C.J.; Luo, D.Y.; Deng, S.L.; Li, Y.Q.; Liu, Y.L., 1988:
Study on blockage of esophageal cancer in rats with selenium

Irisawa T.; Sato T.; Imai K.; Katagiri M.; Nakamura C.; Kobayashi M.; Shiraiwa K.; Washio M., 1981:
Study on blood and water balance after open heart surgery using extracorporeal circulation in infants under 12 months of age with ventricular septal defect

Timonina, L.G., 1976:
Study on blood groups in common eels anguilla anguilla of the kurski zaliv and vislinski zaliv baltic sea ussr

Cho C H.; Yang H S.; Park K Y.; Youm M K., 1982:
Study on bottom mud of shellfish farms in jinhae bay korea

Lippmaa, E.T.; Olivson, A.I.; Yarvet-Yu, I.K. ; Aguraiuya, R.K., 1983:
Study on bovine carbonic anhydrase d ec by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Miyamoto, J.; Kotake, H.; Mashiba, H., 1986:
Study on bradycardia induced by diltiazem in the rabbit sinoatrial node

Lee, J.O.; Goh, H.G.; Kim, Y.H.; Kim, H.S.; Choi, K.M., 1986:
Study on brown planthopper biotypes 3. plant damage of different rice cultivars to combination of biotypes

Chen W.; Tian B.; Yang X.; Zhu Y.; Sun G., 1986:
Study on burdock stunt viroid the denaturing behavior and occurrence in separate plant of burdock stunt viroid rna 1 and rna 2

Katayama N., 1984:
Study on burst promoting activity in human bone marrow conditioned media

Ueno, T.; Sekine, T., 1978:
Study on calcium transport by sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles using fluorescence probes

Zhuang C.; Zhuo J., 1987:
Study on callus induction and plant regeneration in amorphophallus

Adzet, T.; Iglesias, M.R.; Ponz, J., 1984:
Study on cannabinoids content in hemp cannabis sativa 1. dioecious and dioecious x monoecious types

Romojaro F.; Riquelme F.; Gimenez J.L.; Llorente S., 1988:
Study on carbohydrate fractions in some almond cultivars of the spanish southeast

Wu, G.H.; Han, Z.T.; Wu, W., 1986:
Study on carbohydrate mediated recognition in infection of pathogenic bacteria i. effect of carbohydrate on adherence of escherichia coli to epithelial cells

Fujii M.; Mayumi T.; Kawai Y.; Namikawa M.; Kawano H.; Hama T., 1985:
Study on carbon 14 butylated hydroxyanisole absorption and distribution in rat

Bauer H.; Knoblich K., 1986:
Study on cardiovascular stress of dentists

Singh, J.; Kuila, R.K.; Ranganathan, B., 1978:
Study on casein degradation by a gamma radiation induced mutant of lactobacillus bulgaricus

Okada K.; Saigusa T.; Yagi A.; Tamio T.; Sakuramoto K.; Okajima K.; Siraki M., 1980:
Study on cases of nonvisualized cholecystogram by the use of endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography

Otsuka, S.; Nakatsu, S.; Sato, S.; Motozaki, T.; Ban, S.; Yamamoto, T.; Fukumitsu, T.; Nakao, S., 1988:
Study on cases of traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage

Nedelcheva, K.; Kirkov, V.; Khadzhieva, I.; Trendafilova, R., 1976:
Study on catecholamine excretion in vibration disease

Takase, Z.; Miyoshi, T.; Fujiwara, M.; Nakayama, M.; Komoto, Y.; Shirafuji, H., 1986:
Study on cefotiam in the perinatal period

Tokumo K., 1988:
Study on cell kinetics in human gastric mucosa gastritis mucosa adenoma and adenocarcinoma by in vitro perfusion method

Jin J.; L.N., 1987:
Study on cell necrosis in cartilaginous tissue of human embryo

Ding S.; Zhou Y.; X.Y.; Tang H., 1987:
Study on cell surface charge and self renewal ability of cfu s in mice fetal liver and adult bone marrow cells

Sakaguchi, S.; Takahashi, T.; Nishizuka, Y., 1982:
Study on cellular events in post thymectomy auto immune oophoritis in mice 1. requirement of lyt 1 effector cells for oocyte damage after adoptive transfer

Sakaguchi, S.; Takahashi, T.; Nishizuka, Y., 1982:
Study on cellular events in post thymectomy auto immune oophoritis in mice 2. requirements of lyt 1 cells in normal female mice for the prevention of oophoritis

Kincses, E.; Torok, M., 1977:
Study on cellular immune response after complicated cataract operations and in sympathetic ophthalmia

Shigeta, Y., 1986:
Study on cellular immunity in dmba induced hamsters' tongues neoplasia formation delayed type hypersensitivity reaction and peritoneal macrophage function superoxide production observed in hamsters

Sanchez A.; Sacristan J.C.; Bello A., 1985:
Study on cereal cultivars resistant to heterodera avenae

Smirnova, M.I.; Kirsanova, G.I.; Denisova, E.A.; Kochanova, E.M., 1976:
Study on cerebral blood flow in neuro circulatory dystonia with xenon 133

Aritaka K I., 1983:
Study on cerebral dominance by a dich otic listening task in schizophrenia

Takahashi, T., 1977:
Study on cerebro spinal fluid dynamics in infants and children with microcephalus by means of radio isotope cisternography

Min, Y.I. ; Lim, D.; Park, J.H.; Song, J.S.; Lee, C.H.; Bae, J.H., 1977:
Study on cerebro vascular accidents part 3 changes of major electrolytes in cerebro vascular accidents

Rodriguez M.; Alzamora S.; Alzamora L.; Olate J., 1982:
Study on certain characteristics of the structure purity grade and biological activity of lipo poly saccharides extracted from outer membrane of escherichia coli

Zhang, C.J.; Wang, Y.; Lu, W.Q.; Li, Y.M.; Shen, Z.X.; Li, J.X.; Liu, X.C.; Zhou, S.D.; Gao, J.S., 1984:
Study on cervical visual disturbance and its manipulative treatment

Buyanov, P.V., 1976:
Study on changes in the volume of the circulating blood under physical load in healthy individuals

Ceresnakova, Z.; Chrenkova, M.; Sommer, A.; Flak, P., 1987:
Study on changes of properties in thermically and hydrothermically treated feeds 2. nitrogen fractions in fermentation medium at the incubation of treated feeds under in vitro conditions

Yan, Y.; Qian, J.; Xi, X., 1985:
Study on characteristics of bromodeoxyuridine resistant cells 2. nucleolar organizer regions activities of 4 bromodeoxyuridine resistant sublines and mechanism of the nucleolar organizer region suppression caused by bromodeoxyuridine

Kawamura, A., 1986:
Study on characteristics of electrically evoked response (EER) in the rabbit eyes

Ahn, J.K.; Hong, S.H.; Sohn, S.I.; Han, S.D.; Byun, K.O., 1987:
Study on characteristics of natural populations of pinus densiflora s. et z. in korea simple correlation study among characteristics of tree growth and form at hapch'on and puan populations

Cai, M.Y.; Jiang, D.X.; Liu, L.; Li, X.F.; Mu, J.W.; Jia, W.X.; Wang, D.R.; Liu, W.F., 1987:
Study on characteristics of PHSA receptor on HBV

Hyun, J.S.; Hwang, S.J., 1986:
Study on characteristics of phytoplankton communities in two reservoirs with different environmental conditions i. seasonal changes in abiotic factors

Hwang, S.J.; Hyun, J.S., 1986:
Study on characteristics of phytoplankton communities in two reservoirs with different environmental conditions ii. seasonal changes in phytoplankton

Y.Y.; Liang J., 1987:
Study on characteristics of proteinuria of diabetic nephropathy

Carvalho C.J.B.D., 1980:
Study on charadrella diptera muscidae cyrtoneurininae

Lasota W.; Florczak J., 1984:
Study on chemical composition of armilariella mellea

Bryzgalova, T.E.; Orlova, N.V., 1976:
Study on chemical composition of mycelium of active strain actinomyces rimosus and inactive mutant in connection with oxytetracycline biosynthesis

Kronestedt T., 1979:
Study on chemo sensitive hairs in wolf spiders araneae lycosidae by scanning electron microscopy

Blanco Loizelier A.; Barrera Pozas J.; Rueda Zambrana A.; Marcotegui Jaso M.A.; Jimenez Criado A.; Fruto Palacios I.D.; Esperanza Martin Pinillos P.D.L.; Saiz D.A.toni R., 1985:
Study on chlamydial enteritis of rabbit

Xiao B.; Zhou X.; Wang A.; X.L.; Zhou J., 1986:
Study on chromosome fragility in patients with viral diseases

Xie C.; Fan W., 1987:
Study on chromosomes of periplaneta australasiae

Cellini M.; Lodi R.; Giubilei N., 1986:
Study on chronic open angle glaucoma by doppler with spectrum analysis of frequency and b mode echotomography with analysis in real time

Semeria Y.; Quilici S., 1986:
Study on chrysopidae from la reunion indian ocean first contribution

Yasuda, K., 1977:
Study on clinical application of a new alloy cop precipitation hardening stainless steel as surgical implants

Ishida K., 1980:
Study on clinical assessment of the dynamic systolic time intervals at the exercise testing in the ischemic heart disease

Sasaki, E.; Ikeda, H.; Shimotsura, Y.; Koga, M.; Hidaka, R.; Shimokobe, M.; Murayama, S.; Ueda, T.; Fujimi, T.; Et-Al, 1985:
Study on clinical course and relapse of crohn's disease

Ohyama M., 1984:
Study on clinical significance of immunoglobulin m antibody against hepatitis b core antigen in fulminant hepatitis and its related disorders

Mizorogi, F., 1977:
Study on clinical significance of leukocyte density in various leukemias

Ke, J.L., 1984:
Study on clinical value of significance of serum haptoglobin in patients with malignant tumors

Chen Q.; E.A., 1987:
Study on cloning of the hsv 1 dna sequences as bam h i fragment in escherichia coli

Guo E.; Guao J.; Zhuong D.; Wang C., 1985:
Study on cluster analysis of the usual crossing parents from the tai hu valley japan in rice

Kondo, M.; Nakashima, Y.; Kodama, H.; Okamoto, K., 1987:
Study on coacervation of the repeat pentapeptide model of tropoelastin: effect of cations

Kitajima T.; Yoshinaka A.; Ogata H., 1980:
Study on coagulative and fibrinolytic dynamics during aorto coronary bypass procedure

Huang, S.W., 1982:
Study on coastal trawl in sendai bay japan and its adjacent waters 2. fishing effort and fishing power

Moon J.Y.; Choi J.S.; Shin K.C.; Kim S.B., 1986:
Study on cold injury of three pear cultivars pyrus serotina rehder by low temperature treatment from october to april

Otteu G.; Wendt O.; Roll U.; Dueben W., 1983:
Study on colo rectal tumors in mice after truncular vagotomy

Kawamura, S.; Aibe, T.; Miyahara, T.; Yosimura, S.; Matsuura, S.; Yasutake, R.; Arima, K.; Noguchi, T.; Nakata, K.; Et-Al, 1987:
Study on colonic cancer with the ultrasonic endoscope 1. with reference to depth of infiltration and internal echo patterns

Murakami, K., 1987:
Study on colonic transit in man using colonoscintigraph part ii. motility of the ileocecal region and the response of the intestine to eating

Murakami K., 1987 :
Study on colonic transit in man using colonoscintigraphy

Rudakova, S.F.; Ivanov, V.K.; Pavlov, V.V.; Baisogolova, G.D., 1976:
Study on colony producing bone marrow cells by mono layer cultures in patients with lympho granulomatosis

Hayashi H.; Fujii M.; Fujii T.; Yoshikumi C.; Kawai Y.; Iwaguchi T., 1987:
Study on combination effects of antitumor drugs by cell electrophoresis

Demirevska-Kepova, K.N.; Bakardjieva, N.T., 1976:
Study on competition between guaiacol and ascorbic acid in peroxidase ec reaction and on ion effect by means of absorption spectra

Yoshimura S.; Toriya H.; Maeshiro K.; Oyama Y.; Kokawa H.; Nakaoka K.; Okamoto T.; Futami K.; Arima S.; Shimura H., 1986:
Study on complications of endoscopic injection sclerotherapy

Sun C.; Y.R.G.; Yang Q H.; Sheng S.G.; Zhao X F., 1987:
Study on components of acetylspiramycin

Tani, I., 1981:
Study on congenital nystagmus 1. a new method of analysis of congenital nystagmus by ir television fundus camera

Wang, S.Q.; Cheng, Y.H., 1987:
Study on conjugate modification of elastase

Cellini M.; Madella M.; Barbaresi E.; D.G.ulio G., 1987:
Study on conjunctival bacterial flora with polyhema contact lenses in healthy people

Yoshida Y., 1981:
Study on controlling the precision of the 1st screening in mass survey for stomach cancer

Obojska K.; Najer A.; Parnowska W., 1987:
Study on correlation of resistance to disinfecting agents to hemoprotein content in pseudomonas aeruginosa strains

Suladze, A.I., 1976:
Study on correlations in the organism environment system from the eupatorian layer

Mito K., 1987:
Study on criteria for diagnosis of diabetes mellitus

Sarra, P.G.; Vescovo, M.; Fulgoni, M., 1986:
Study on crop adhesion genetic determinant in Lactobacillus reuteri

H.Y.; Oshiki T., 1984:
Study on cross breeding of a robust silkworm race for summer and autumn rearing in a low latitude area in china

Shorin, V.A.; Averbukh, L.A., 1976:
Study on cross resistance in tumor cells and staphylococci to anthracycline anti tumor antibiotics

Kim, C.M.; Han, W.D.; Song, C.H., 1987:
Study on cultivation on onion set for winter production

Sapunov, V.B.; Kaidanov, L.Z., 1977:
Study on cyto morphological characteristics of ring glands in lines of drosophila melanogaster differing in male sexual activity

H.Y.; Han L.; Xia A.; Wang G., 1986:
Study on cytogenotoxic effects induced by n acylglutamic acid in mice

Vig, B.K.; Natarajan, A.T.; Zimmermann, F.K., 1977:
Study on cytological effects of carofur a new mutagen

Okonogi, T.; Hattori, Z.; Fukami, M.; Inoue, T.; Sato, M.; Aijiki, Y.; Kogure, Y., 1978:
Study on de toxifying effect of persimmon tannin against the habu venom by intra muscular injection in rabbits

Lin X.; Wen Q.; X.N., 1985:
Study on decomposition of plant residues in soils of guangzhou and wuxi china

Chemeris-Yu, K.; Khitrov-Yu, A.; Ugolkova, N.G.; Venediktov, P.S., 1977:
Study on delayed chlorophyll fluorescence in the culture of synchronously dividing chlorella vulgaris cells

Piotrowski R., 1984:
Study on delayed hypersensitivity in the course of experimental toxoplasmosis in rats

Gomez A.; Sierra A.; Doreste J.; Gonzalez R.; Alvarez R.; Hardisson A.; Chiscano R., 1987:
Study on dental caries in the population of an area with endemic fluorosis

Dore, M.; Merlet, N.; Blanchard, T., 1978:
Study on determining conditions of haloform formation

Hoshi Y., 1981:
Study on development of an enzyme activity measuring capsule system and its clinical application for trypsin activity in the upper small intestine of post gastrectomy cases

U.K.; Makino T.; Takayama S.; Tanimoto S.; Nakamura J.; IIzuka R., 1986:
Study on development of radioimmunoassay for corticotropin releasing factor

Wakamatsu A., 1988:
Study on developmental pharmacology of caffeine therapy for apnea in premature infants

Laine J.; Albornoz A.; Carias O.; Griffe B.; Marcano E.; Marty F.; Severino F., 1986 :
Study on devices for automobile emission control deactivation of a copper chromium catalytic converter by leaded gasoline

Gossrau, R.; Lojda, Z., 1980:
Study on di peptidyl peptidase ii ec

Yoshida M., 1980:
Study on diabetic nephropathy using the hydroxy proline content of isolated human glomeruli as an index

Choi W.J.; Bae H.D., 1987:
Study on diamine oxidase activity in human amniotic and chorionic tissues

Isaev, V.A., 1976:
Study on diapause in mass species of blood sucking midges diptera ceratopogonidae

Chikan, G., 1976:
Study on diatom deposits in the miocene in the vicinity of eger hungary

Kikuchi Y.; Sakamoto N.; Ito Y.; Kokubun Y., 1982:
Study on dietary standard for geriatric patients on dialysis

Lopez D.; Seitz J.L., 1979:
Study on different factors affecting birth weight in charolais cattle

Petrov P.I., 1987:
Study on different methods for applying asulam against bracken pteridium aquilinum kuhn

Sao Jose A.R.; Pereira F.M., 1987:
Study on different methods for pollen collection and pollination of guava psidium guajava l

Rizvi N.; Qureshi A.W., 1988:
Study on differentiation of cow and buffalo leather

Kunikata S.; Kaneko S.; Akiyama T.; Kurita T., 1987:
Study on diffusion of cefpiramide cpm into prostatic tissue

Kang T.H.; Thak T.Y.; Ryu H.H., 1984:
Study on digestible nutrient of feedstuff in korean native cows

Liang H.; L.Z.; Wang L.; H.Y.; Song G.; Chen Z., 1986:
Study on dissection of chromosome in ptk 2 by laser microirradiation

Domka F.; Stawicki S.; Szulczynski M., 1979:
Study on dissimilatory reduction of sulfates

Nakamura, Y.; Suzuki, N.; Takahashi, W.; Sato, T., 1978:
Study on dissolution and disintegration of calcium bilirubinate stone

Dai T.; Tang S.; Xiao C., 1984:
Study on distribution and excretion of iodine 125 labeled defibrinase in vivo of animals

IIda T.; Soma K.; Miura F., 1985:
Study on distribution form of mesiodistal crown diameter in a large number of samples part 1

Ihara, T.; Miyachi, Y., 1988:
Study on distribution of epidermal growth factor (EGF) in rat tissues

Tsuruta, O.; Manabe, M.; Saito, M., 1978:
Study on distribution of myco toxin producing fungi part 3 distribution of some particular fungi associated with damage of cereals in southeast asia

Manabe, M.; Tsuruta, O.; Goto, T.; Matsuura, S., 1978:
Study on distribution of myco toxin producing fungi part 4 myco toxin producing ability of aspergillus strains inhabited in southeast asia

Chung K C.; Lee T Y., 1988:
Study on distribution of visual acuity of university entrants

Morita, Y.; Mitsuya, H.; Miyake, K., 1972:
Study on dna content of individual human spermatozoa

Luo J.; Wang H.; W.X.; Huang W.; Yang X., 1987:
Study on dna homology of three nuclear polyhedrosis viruses

Cap-Hosp-Dep-Basic-Med-Sci-(China), 1978:
Study on double aldehyde stabilized erythrocytes for passive hem agglutination test

Shi Z D.; Wang J X.; G.B.Z.; Zhu S J.; Dai X M.; Zhang Y H., 1984:
Study on double lysogenic strain in corynebacterium diphtheriae

Duckova K.; Chalabala M.; Baluch J.; Rak J., 1983:
Study on drug micro forms the fluid coating of paracetamol

Heliova, M.; Rak, J.; Chalabala, M., 1987:
Study on drug microforms xvi. the influence of softeners on physical chemical properties of polymer membranes

Deguchi K.; Fukayama S.; Nishimura Y.; Yokota N.; Tanaka S.; Oda S.; Matsumoto Y.; Ikegami R.; Satoh K.; E.A., 1985:
Study on drug sensitivity of multiple drug resistant staphylococcus aureus

Nikolova S., 1986:
Study on dust factor in working environment in extraction processing and use of zeolite raw material

Bai Q.; L.Z.; Tan L.; Liu F.; Liang H.; Chen X., 1982:
Study on early embryo selectively damaged by laser micro beam and subsequent cleavage of the survivors in vitro in mammals

Lee, J.G.; Kim, K.S.; Kim, Y.G.; Sohn, S.K.; Cho, Y.Y.; Chee, S.H.; Park, Y.I., 1984:
Study on early selection using body measurements of holstein heifers 1. principal component index for body size and shape in holstein heifers

Bober, T.; Jaskolski, E.; Nowacki, Z., 1980:
Study on eccentric concentric contraction of the upper extremity muscles

Tamura, Y., 1986:
Study on ectopic calcification in bone marrow of rat tibia caused by vinblastine

Samsioe G., 1982:
Study on effect of 30 micrograms ethynyl estradiol plus 150 micrograms desogestrel on lipid and lipo protein metabolism in healthy volunteers also in comparison with 30 micrograms ethynyl estradiol plus 150 micrograms levo norgestrel

Kim M.J.; Choe P H., 1986:
Study on effect of hypoxia for free thyroid hormone levels in full term newborns

Belizhenko V.D., 1979:
Study on effect of tetracycline combination with sodium deoxy cholate on synthesis of proteins and nucleic acids in cells of nonagglutinating vibrio staphylococcus aureus and escherichia coli

Ohya T., 1986:
Study on effect of vitamin on dmba induced lingual carcinoma in hamsters

Iruthayaraj M.R., 1981:
Study on effect of water management practices and nitrogen levels on weed growth in 2 swamp rice varieties

Nishio S.; Kishimoto T.; Maekawa M.; Kawakita J.; Morikawa Y.; Funai K.; Hayahara N.; Yuki K.; Nishijima T.; E.A., 1987:
Study on effectiveness of carmofur mifurol for urogenital carcinoma especially bladder cancer as a post operative adjuvant chemotherapeutic agent

Gondo A.; Saeki N.; Yamamoto E.; Tokuda Y., 1985:
Study on efficacy of ketotifen in atopic dermatitis and chronic urticaria

Tsunashima F., 1987:
Study on efficient land use by rotation system in nara prefecture japan a survey in iwamuro district

Sachde, A.G.; El-Zalaki, M.E.; El-Tabey, A.M.; Abo-Donia, S.A., 1979:
Study on egyptian fresh and aged wines 1. ph acidity esters and sulfur di oxide content

Sachde, A.G.; El-Zalaki, E.M.; El-Tabey, A.M.; Abo-Donia, S.A., 1979:
Study on egyptian fresh and aged wines 2. total nitrogen and amino acid content of wines of 3 vintages

Sachde, A.G.; El-Zalaki, A.M.; El-Tabey, A.M.; Abo-Donia, S.A., 1980:
Study on egyptian fresh and aged wines 3. alcohol aldehydes reducing sugars total soluble solids tannin and coloring matter contents

Watanabe Y.; Ito H.; Ishigaki I., 1988:
Study on electron beam sensitivities of bacillus pumilus spores

Tsuchiya, T., 1978:
Study on emotional changes in children under dental treatment part 1 changes in external behavior triggered by a variety of dental stimuli

Tsuchiya, T., 1978:
Study on emotional changes in children under dental treatment part 2 changes in internal behavior triggered by a variety of dental stimuli

Thak T.Y.; Kang T.H.; Chiang Y.H., 1981:
Study on energy and nitrogen requirement for basal metabolism of korean native cattle

Lin, K.H.; Chiang, C.H.; Yang, C.S., 1985:
Study on enterovirus 70: age distribution of neutralizing antibody and some characteristics of the virus

Leonova I.N.; Nedel'kina S.V.; Salganik R.I., 1986:
Study on enzymatic systems of insecticide detoxication in colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata

Kamyszek, F., 1975:
Study on epizootiology of trichophytosis in cattle

Targowski S.P.; Milgrom F., 1979:
Study on erythrocyte antibody agglutinating factor released by cells with fc receptors

Mikhailov-Yu, E.; Gerasimov, A.M.; Gusev, V.A.; Brusov, O.S., 1976:
Study on erythrocyte super oxide dis mutase activity in rats exposed to the toxic effect of discontinuous hyperbaric oxygenation

Nys, P.S.; Savitskaya, E.M.; Klesov, A.A.; Sinitsyn, A.P.; Shvyadas, V.Y., K.; Berezin, I.V., 1978:
Study on escherichia coli penicillin amidase ph dependence of enzyme inactivation kinetics

Kida, K., 1988:
Study on estimating energy expenditure by heart rate i. methodological study of method estimated energy expenditure from relation of heart rate and oxygen consumption

Cheong, I.C.; Chung, S.B.; Park, Y.I., 1987:
Study on estimation of genetic parameters and selection index for hatching time body weights and body measurements in maternal lines of broiler breeders 1. estimation of heritability and genetic correlations

Cheong, I.C.; Chung, S.B.; Park, Y.I.; Ohh, B.K., 1987:
Study on estimation of genetic parameters and selection index for hatching time body weights and body measurements in maternal lines of broiler breeders 2. estimation of selection index and expected genetic gain

Kumar S., 1987:
Study on estrus pattern and conception rate in relation to various factors in nondescript rural cattle

Popova, J., 1977:
Study on ethyl methanesulfonate and n nitroso n methyl urethane mutagenic activity in inducing endospermal mutations of inbred corn lines

Shan G.; Zhu S.; Wang Z.; H.J.; Yang J., 1986:
Study on evolution of farmland ecosystem and the comprehensive improvement of drought waterlogging salinization and alkalization of soils in alluvial plain of xuzhou and huaiyin region china

Tanev, G., 1975:
Study on ewes milk casein part 2 determination of some chemical and physicochemical characteristics of s carboxyamido methylated kappa casein

Fukuta, O.; Kawata, N.; Kurosu, K.; Nagasaka, N., 1986:
Study on examination items of the deciduous tooth pulpitis

Pei S.; E.A., 1986:
Study on excretive regularity of thiodiglycolic acid in urine for vinyl chloride exposed workers

Takaoka, M.; Tanaka, H., 1975:
Study on excretory and secretory antigen in cotton rat filaria litomosoides carinii

Hokama, Z., 1978:
Study on experimental envenomation by the habu trimeresurus flavoviridis

Fujii M., 1979:
Study on experimental immuno chemo therapy using propionibacterium acnes corynebacterium parvum and its cell wall fraction

Yamazaki A., 1984:
Study on experimental pleural adhesion

Harada Y., 1983:
Study on experimental spinal cord injuries by distraction using spinal cord evoked potentials

IIda K., 1986:
Study on experimental suppurative osteomyelitis influence of intramedullary nail on infection in open fracture

Sasaki S.; Miyagami T.; Suzuki N., 1981:
Study on experimental toxoplasmic meningo encephalo myelitis its infectious route and lesions in central nervous system

Guo M.; E.A., 1987:
Study on extraction and purification mycoplasma pneumoniae dna

Ishikawa, H.; Kashima, Y.; Inagaki, M.; Suzuki, T.; Nakano, N.; Nishida, S.; Kitano, S., 1985:
Study on eye movements in Wallenberg's syndrome

Himuro T., 1987:
Study on facial form cognition by mandibular prognathism patients before orthognathic surgery

Yamauchi, H., 1985:
Study on factors affecting biliary beta glucuronidase activity in cholelithiasis i. bacilli and beta glucuronidase activity in the bile

Yamauchi, H., 1985:
Study on factors affecting biliary beta glucuronidase activity in cholelithiasis ii. pancreatic juice and its component alpha amylase in the bile and beta glucuronidase activity

Kaneko T.; Kawakami N.; Haratani T., 1987:
Study on factors affecting health practice among workers life style and health status

Raj S.K.; Gupta B.M.; Rana N.S., 1985:
Study on factors influencing yield and activity of 6 mfa an interferon inducing antiviral agent from mold fungus aspergillus ochraceus

Okamoto H., 1987:
Study on factors regulating the pulse wave velocity measuring the changes in the descending aortic radius

Tsanev R.; Kirova E.; Peshevska M., 1984:
Study on fatty acid composition of fats in infant dry milk

Fang Y., 1986:
Study on fauna of the moths in lushan china

Zheng W F.; Chen Z Q.; Jia C X.; Zou S S.; Zhu M G.; Chen J Z.; Yen S D.; Biang T Y.; W.Z.R.; E.A., 1983:
Study on fc mur plus and fc gamma plus cells in normal adults and patients

Kim, B.H.; Han, J.H., 1984:
Study on feeding values by some varieties of green rape 1. the characteristics of growth and yields

Han, J.H.; Kim, B.H., 1985:
Study on feeding values by some varieties of green rape 2. chemical composition and digestibility

Zhou, G.B.; Jin, Y.Q.; Chen, Y.Y.; Hong, Z.L.; Wang, G.S., 1985:
Study on fermentation process of pellet form of penicillium chrysogenum 5. trial to improve the conversion yield of penicillin

Zhu S M.; Jiang J H.; Peng C Z., 1986:
Study on filcilin ion selective electrode

Li, Y.Q.; Lu, R.R.; Wei, L.X., 1986:
Study on flavonoids of Iris dichotoma Pall

Yoshida S.; Wakabayashi T.; Izumiya K., 1987 :
Study on food acceptance and dietary behavior of the elderly cases of elderly in extended families

Dekhnik, T.V.; Sinyukova, V.I., 1976:
Study on food supply of ocean fish larvae as a factor indicating their survival

Hida M., 1986:
Study on frequency of complicated heart and liver diseases in autopsied chronic glomerulonephritis patients who had undergone dialysis

Kurioka S., 1985:
Study on gamma aminobutyric acid receptor

Hasegawa R., 1979:
Study on gamma glutamyl trans peptidase soluble form of the enzyme from dog kidney

Dos-Santos, J.H.R.; Lima, P.J.B.F.; Wilson-Lima-Verde, L., 1976:
Study on garlic in ceara brazil part 2 use of methyl bromate phosphine and malathion to protect stored garlic

Dos-Santos, J.H.; Lima, P.J.B.F., 1976:
Study on garlic in ceara brazil part 3 loss of weight during storage in bulbs of plants attacked in the field by mites

Kuuzik, A., 1976:
Study on gas exchange cyclicity in beetles coleoptera by continuous gas chromatographic recording

Berdar A.; Mento G.; Todaro F.; Forino D.; Giannetto S.; Cavaliere A., 1981:
Study on gasophthalmos and exophthalmos experiments conducted on fish species in the aquarium

Miyahara T., 1984:
Study on gastric mass survey in employees with special reference to rehabilitation to work after gastrectomy

Abe S., 1987:
Study on general anesthesia for cesarean section condition of ventilation and inhaled oxygen concentration

Noiri, I., 1978:
Study on genetic influence on activity of gamma amino levulinic acid dehydratase in erythrocytes of general population with special reference to lead exposure

Lostrie Trussart N.; Letesson J.J.; Depelchin A., 1984:
Study on genetic inheritance of phagocytic and killing capacities of bovine polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Makaveev, T.; Baulov, M.; Tyankov, S., 1977:
Study on genetic polymorphism of erythrocytic catalase in 3 sheep breeds reared in bulgaria

Monastyreva, L.E.; Ozolina, N.V.; Levites, E.V., 1976:
Study on genetic polymorphism of succinate dehydrogenase in corn

Sakharova A.E.; Matveeva E.S.; Epifantseva M.A.; Bodunkova L.E., 1981:
Study on gentamicin levels in the blood serum and lung tissue of children with chronic pathological processes of the lungs and bronchi

Klyueva L.M.; Zakharevich N.S., 1985:
Study on gentamicin sorption in counter flow of liquid and solid phases

Laredo Filho J.; Turibio F.M.; Schiper L.; Mestriner L.A., 1987:
Study on germs and their sensitivity in patients with chronic osteomyelitis

Huang, Z.H.; Gao, H.; Xu, R.B., 1987:
Study on glucocorticoid receptors during intestinal ischemia shock and septic shock

Takemura H., 1982:
Study on glutathione and enzymes related to it in the hexose mono phosphate shunt in streptozotocin induced diabetic rats

Stehling R.N.; Vargas O.L.; Santos E.C.D.; Duarte R.M., 1986:
Study on goat mastitis evolution induced by staphylococcal and streptococcal enterotoxins

Ivanova Chemishanska L.; Ilieva P.; Zaikov Kh, 1987:
Study on gonadotoxic effect of lavendotricin standardization

Cao, X.; Pei, M.; Wang, X.; Ai, X.; Liu, Y.; Wu, Z.; Shi, Y., 1986:
Study on granulosis virus of agrotis segetum vi. preparation and characterization of homologous and uniform dna molecules

Maekawa, N.; Soeda, A.; Kiryu, T., 1986:
Study on gravity center of newborn infant 1. normal infant

Maekawa, N.; Kiryu, T.; Usui, N., 1987:
Study on gravity center of newborn infant 2. low birthweight infant

Thelot J P., 1979:
Study on ground dwelling fauna description and distribution of a new species of leptotyphlinae from var france coleoptera staphylinidae

Sharma K.P.; Pradhan V.N., 1983:
Study on growth and biomass of underground organs of typha angustata

Asano H., 1983:
Study on growth of liver of intra uterine growth retardation fetus induced in rats with special reference to ultrastructural observation

Ohyama T., 1981:
Study on guanidine compounds in chronic renal failure comparison of hemo filtration and hemo dialysis

Maiorca, A.; Reverberi, G., 1977:
Study on ha ploidy in discoglossus pictus

Qiao Z.; Gai B., 1987:
Study on hbv transmission by daily life contact double sera investigation of hbv infection in students of a college

Miyake S.; Ohhashi M.; Dota N.; Tachibana Y., 1986:
Study on hearing loss caused by headphone among high school students

Hassenstein, E.; Renner, K., 1978:
Study on hematological toxicity in irradiation and icrf 159 1 2 bis 3 5 di oxo 1 piperazinyl propane combination treatment during experimentation on animals with particular consideration of long term effects

Hagiwara H., 1986:
Study on hemodynamics after lower leg bypass combined with arteriovenous fistula

Shibata M., 1987:
Study on hepatocellular membrane transport of indocyanine green

Dimitrijevic, M.; Suljagic, M., 1977:
Study on herbicide effectiveness for weed control in potatoes

Cepero Garcia S.; Garcia S.R.; Perez X.M., 1984:
Study on herbicide washing in a brown carbonate soil

Zhukov-Verezhnikov, N.N.; Anisimov, P.I.; Goncharova, N.S.; Bochko, G.M.; Karaseva, Z.N.; Shanina, L.N.; Fomin, S.N., 1976:
Study on heterogeneous antigens in vibrio cholerae vaccines

Fukatsu, H.; Yamada, H.; Nonomura, H.; Miyagawa, Y.; Hatano, Y.; Waki, M.; Hiraiwa, S.; Muramatsu, T.; Yamada, Y.; Nishikawa, E., 1987:
Study on heterotransplantation of human malignant urogenital tumors in nude mice: establishment of the tumor line in nude mice from human primary ureteral tumor and its characteristics

Honda, N., 1986:
Study on heterotransplantation of human malignant urogenital tumors in nude mice: results of transplantation and the characteristics of the transplanted tumors

Okada K.; Yoshida O., 1984:
Study on heterotransplantation of malignant urogenital tumors in nude mice results of transplantation and characteristics of the explants

Popov, M.D., 1976:
Study on hexa chloro butadiene stimulation of plants part 2 experiments on the stimulation of seeds of crops

Kifuji K.; Koizumi M.; Honjo M.; Hashimoto S.; Tomita Y.; Araake M., 1987:
Study on histamine release from human leukocytes after challenge with mycoplasma and skin tests

Sekine, T.; Tsukahara, T.; Asano, H.; Yokoyama, S.; Ohsone, S.; Ito, H.; Hosokawa, T., 1980:
Study on histogenesis of pelvic endometriosis

Hasegawa, K.; Akahori, T.; Ohtsu, F.; Kinugasa, M.; Takeuchi, K.; Tokiwa, Y.; Takeuchi, Y.; Mocihzuki, M., 1987:
Study on histological grading of malignancy of cervical adenocarcinoma

Tanaka T.; Goto S.; Tomoda Y.; Akaza T., 1985:
Study on hla in patients with trophoblastic neoplasms

Ahmed R.U.; Lowgren M.; Velarde N.; Abrahamsson L.; Hambraeus L., 1981:
Study on home prepared weaning food for consumption in bangladesh with special reference to protein quality

Zhao, S.Y.; Cai, W.C.; Wang, W.H.; Zhang, J., 1988:
Study on homology between two kinds of human thymidine kinase gene by Southern blot analysis

Park S C.; Park J B.; Kim S Y.; Kang S B., 1987:
Study on human oncogenes human papilloma viral genes and several oncogenes in korean cervical cancer tissues

Dolci S.; Manna C.; Baschieri L.; Greco E.; Piccione E.; Pasetto N., 1985:
Study on human spermatozoa fertilizing capacity by the use of hamster oocytes deprived of their zona pellucida hamster test

Hazama, M.; Okada, H.; Matsumoto, O.; Takada, K.I.; Tomioka, O.; Kamidono, S.; Ishigami, J.; Kitamura, S.; Fukushima, T., 1982:
Study on human spermatozoal motility using multiple exposure photography method 2. semi auto analysis with computer and clinical application with polaroid photography

Stepanenko, L.S.; Maksimov, O.B., 1976:
Study on humic acids by gel chromatography on sephadex in di methyl sulfoxide

Sergeev, S.I.; Bergol'ts, V.M.; Kovalev, B.N.; Timofeevskaya, E.A., 1976:
Study on humoral immunity in human sarcomas

Akuzawa R.; Ito O.; Yokoyama K., 1981:
Study on hydrolysis of casein by low temperature intra cellular protease from streptococcus lactis

Hori S., 1982:
Study on hyperbaric oxygen induced convulsion with particular reference to gamma amino butyric acid synaptosomes

Uchiyama, T., 1976:
Study on hypertension tritiated catecholamine metabolism in hypertensive rabbits with constriction of common carotid arteries

Garcia Vadillo J.A.; Morales Piga A.; Elena Ibanez A.; Irigoyen Oyarzabal M.V.; Rodriguez Garcia A.; Lopez Abente G., 1987:
Study on igm rheumatoid factors among a spanish rural population aged above 40 years

Wang X P.; Yang M J., 1988:
Study on il 1 production of macrophage induced by immune rna

Algeorge G.; Stoian M.; Petre A.; Banica D.; Molan M.; Bercea O.; Morgenstern H., 1987:
Study on immune reactivity and immunomodulator induced changes in bronchopulmonary infections

Fujimaki Y., 1984:
Study on immunodiagnosis of trichinellosis study on trichinellosis in japan 3

Ogimoto, K., 1984:
Study on immunofluorescence of the japanese strain of trichinella spiralis iwasaki strain 2. epi immunofluorescence with soluble antigen studies on trichinellosis in japan 5

Ogimoto, K., 1984:
Study on immunofluorescence of the japanese strain of trichinella spiralis iwasaki strain 4. biological activities of soluble antigen studies on trichinellosis in japan 7

Ogimoto, K., 1984:
Study on immunofluorescence of the japanese strain of trichinella spiralis iwasaki strain 5. immunoelectron and immunofluorescent microscopic localization of antigen studies on trichinellosis in japan 8

Doo C.D., 1986:
Study on immunofluorescent antibodies against hantaan seoul and puumala viruses in sera from patients with hemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome in korea

Penzikova, G.A.; Chaikovskaya, S.M., 1976:
Study on immunological properties of rnase from actinomyces rimosus

Babinkov, V.I., 1976:
Study on immunological status and incidence of leukoses in akr and cc 57br mice chronically immunized with the anti pertussis diphtheria tetanus vaccine

Patcharapreecha, P., 1987:
Study on improvement of saline soil

Ghittori S.; Imbriani M.; Borlini F.; Pezzagno G.; Zadra P., 1984:
Study on in vitro blood stability of acetates

Sohn C.; Chang Y.S., 1985:
Study on in vitro fertilization of mouse

Zhu Z Y.; Tang H Y.; F.G.M.; Weng J Q.; Yao S R., 1985:
Study on inapparent in rabbits for epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus

Pilotti L.; Data P.G.; G., 1984:
Study on inappropriate gonadotropin secretion in polycystic ovary syndrome

Viklicka, S.; Keprtova, J.; Tkadlecek, L.; Cibulka, M.; Minarova, E., 1978:
Study on incorporation of tritiated dna in the l cells by means of electron microscopic auto radiography

Iwata, K., 1980:
Study on indentation gonioscopy and its efficacy 2. efficacy of peripheral iridectomy and ratio of peripheral anterior synechia

Chen S.; Chen Z., 1987:
Study on infantile asthmatic immune status with thymosin treatment

D.D.Z.; Wang Y Y.; Wang C L.; L.F.H.; L.R.R.; Cui G L.; G.D.F.; H.H.X.; Zhao F Y., 1988:
Study on infectivity of the nodule endophyte of some non leguminous nitrogen fixing plants

Santamarina Mijares A.; Gonzalez Broche R., 1988:
Study on infestation and parasite development of romanomermis culicivorax ross and smith 1976 rhabditida mermithidae in larvae of anopheles albimanus wiedeman 1821 diptera culicidae under laboratory conditions

Okubo J.; Watanabe I.; Baron J.B., 1980:
Study on influences of the plantar mechano receptor on body sways

Kitano K.; Suzuki K.; Oshitani N.; Obata A.; Hiki M.; Matsumoto T.; Hashimura H.; Okawa K.; Kobayashi K., 1986:
Study on infusion method of topical thrombin solution for lower intestinal hemorrhage

Roy, R.G.; Madesayaa, N.M.; Ghosh, R.B.; Gopalakrishnan, D.V.; Murthy, N.N.; Dorairaj, T.J.; Sitaraman, N.L., 1976:
Study on inhalation therapy by an indigenous compound on plasmodium vivax and plasmodium falciparum infections a preliminary communication

Kim K.Y.; Choi W.Y., 1987:
Study on inhibiting factors of cathepsin d activity in toxoplasma gondii

Chang K.Y.; Cho S.S.; Lee W.J., 1983:
Study on inhibition of the immune response of neo natal rat spleen by azathioprine administered during pregnancy

Zhang C.; W.H., 1987:
Study on inhibition of tritiated tdr incorporation assay for nk cell activity of human peripheral blood

R.K., 1987:
Study on insulin resistance in rats treated with estrogen and progesterone assessment with the euglycemic glucose clamp technique

Chandravanshi, B.R., 1975:
Study on inter cropping in sorghum sorghum bicolor under uniform and paired row planting systems

Krupyanko, V.I.; Kagan, Z.S.; Ivanova, G.S., 1978:
Study on interaction of aspergillus clavatus intra cellular rnase ec with its substrate derivatives

Vernikova, L.M.; Zhukovskaya, S.A., 1978:
Study on interaction of flocculants with native antibiotic solutions mechanism of the process

Baranov E.P.; Brikenshtein V.Kh; Dmitrevskaya T.V.; Barenboim G.M., 1984:
Study on interaction of rubomycin and its aglycone with dna by fluorescent methods

Moroz S.V.; Glazunov V.P.; Vakorina T.I.; Pavlenko A.F.; Odinokov S.E.; Ovodov Y.S., 1987:
Study on interconnection between spatial structure and antigen activity of trophoblast specific beta glycoprotein

Luo C.; Liang S.; Xia X.; Deng H.; Zhang S.; Sun F., 1987:
Study on interrelationship between size of bacteriophage particles and size of plaques

Rybtsov, S.E.; Dubravina, N.B.; Zhitomirskii, V.G., 1976:
Study on intra pleiad and inter pleiad relations between characters in the pine marten martes martes uralensis

Vainberg Y.P.; Isaeva L.V.; Kir'yanov G.I.; Shagalov L.B., 1985:
Study on intracellular distribution of dna complex with carminomycin

Hwang, K.P.; Chen, E.R., 1988:
Study on intracranial migration of Angiostrongylus cantonensis in mice

Ohtsuka, K., 1987:
Study on intraoral tumors and free radicals

Ohashi T.; Irie S.; Ohashi Y.; Furukawa M.; Yamashita Y.; Nagai A.; Ohmori H., 1988:
Study on intratubular androgen levels report 2

Nenbai A., 1988 :
Study on intrinsic pigmentation in teeth

Wang L.; Zhu H.; Rong J.; Liang Z.; Zhen Y.; Guan Q., 1988:
Study on introgression of useful genes from hordeum bulbosum to common wheat

Yamada Y.; Miyoshi T.; Imaki M.; Yoshimura T., 1986:
Study on iodine intake in japanese report 1 digestibility of iodine from the seaweed undaria pinnatifida

Salustri A.; Martinozzi M., 1980:
Study on isolated growing mouse oocytes cultured in defined medium and in presence of follicle cells

Parigi, A.; Rossodivita, A.; Salvaggio, E.; Di-Bernardo, L.; Porcelli, G.; Santagata, P.; Colabucci, F., 1987:
Study on kallikrein kininase system over a group of diabetics' newborns

Zhang W., 1985:
Study on karyotypes of the bats tadarida teniotis insignis and hipposideros pratti

Vorob'eva, E.N., 1976:
Study on kinetics of blood granulocytes labeled with phosphorus 32 dfp

Sook, L.I., 1975:
Study on knowledge of infants feeding of mothers in rural area chun sung kun kang won do korea

Gupta R.S.R.; Sharma A.P.; Rao A.R., 1987:
Study on labor and power inputs for agriculture production in harikot village of haryana state india

Zheng Z.; Zhong J., 1987:
Study on lactate dehydrogenase isoenzyme in normal serum of tree shrew tupaia belangeri chinensis

Kim, M.H.; Lee, H.P.; Noh, Y.T., 1987:
Study on laelaptid mites parasitizing rodents in korea iii. mites of the genus haemogamasus berlese 1889 acari mesostigmata

Sharapov, M.B.; Solov'ev, M.M., 1976:
Study on lamblia intestinalis growth in culture for improving cultivation method

Solov'ev, M.M.; Chentsov-Yu, S., 1976:
Study on lamblia intestinalis trophozoites from culture by scanning electron microscopy

Liu, Z.H.; Fu, C.S.; Li, Z.K.; Chi, Y.C.; Song, Y.F.; Gao, F.M.; Liu, X.T.; Wei, L.X., 1986:
Study on late effects of radioiodine on rats

Shinde, P.H.; Shingte, A.K., 1976:
Study on leaching losses of nitrogen and phosphorus from the nitrogen phosphorus compound and mixed fertilizers in soil

Korc, I.; Perez-Banfi, Y.; Cammay-De-Mate, H.; Arruda-Souza, N.; Levy, J.A., 1976:
Study on lens proteins in mice with an acute hypo glycemia induced by insulin

Orts Poveda M.C.; Bandres Sanchez M.P.; Indacochea Caceda S.; Tambini Gomez G., 1986:
Study on leprosy in san pablo loreto peru

Wei J J.; Tong G Z.; Shi S F., 1987:
Study on leptotrombidium gaohuensis new species newly discovered vector of tsutsugamushi disease

Osechenskaya, G.V.; Kakhetelidze, M.G.; Sevast'yanova, M.G.; Rybachenkova, M.A., 1976:
Study on leukopoietic and toxic properties of blood serum in patients with leukopenia of unknown etiology

Couri, M.S.; Lopes, S.M., 1985:
Study on limnophorinae i. key for neotropical genera including heliographa diptera muscidae

Sommer, H.; Kaspar, H.; Foesel, T., 1977:
Study on lipid absorption in uremia

Golay A.; Felber J.P.; Meyer H.U.; Maeder E.; Jequier E.; Curchod B., 1984:
Study on lipid metabolism in obesity diabetes

Swietlinska, Z.; Zaborowska, D.; Haladus, E.; Zuk, J., 1978:
Study on liquid holding recovery in di epoxy butane inactivated rad 3 mutant of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Wada S.; Nishio S.; Kishimoto T.; Maekawa M.; Yuki K.; Sasaki S.; Oshima N.; Hayahara N.; Nishijima T.; E.A., 1985:
Study on local use of amikacin

Monosov, E.Z.; Oreshkin, E.N.; Nakhapetyan, L.A., 1976:
Study on localization of gluco amylase in ion exchange immobilization on deae cellulose

Itoh K., 1984:
Study on localization of hyperfunctioning parathyroid glands by thallium 201 technetium 99m subtraction scintigraphy

J.Peng L., 1979:
Study on locusts and grasshoppers from sinkiang uighur autonomous region china with descriptions of beybienkia barkolensis new species and beybienkia barbarus new species pamphaginae orthoptera acridoidea

Shi Z.; E.A., 1986:
Study on lung function of nickel carbonyl workers

Fukuoka K.; Makino T.; Takahashi M.; Lin B L.; Suekane H.; Yokokura T., 1988:
Study on luteal insufficiency by two step lhrh test

Kurosu, Y.; Isozumi, M.; Aoki, N.; Ishikawa, S.; Ishii, I.; Tanjo, K.; Mizuno, T.; Morita, K., 1987:
Study on lymph node metastasis of cancer using the methylene blue formalin fixing method

Gagliardi R.; Cescut A.; Gamboz C.; Rugolo F., 1986:
Study on lysozyme mediated bacterial lysis

Kil'chevskii A.V.; Khotyleva L.V.; Fedin M.A.; Mats S.R., 1987:
Study on main environment parameters as a background for selection in a breeding process

Barthelemy L.; Belaud A., 1982:
Study on mammal rat of the neuro muscular synapse function under hyperbaric conditions 11 atmospheres effects of the curarization

Arpin, M.; Reboud, J.P.; Reboud, A.M., 1975:
Study on mammalian ribosomal protein reactivity in situ part 3 effect of trypsin on 40s and 60s subunits

P.Q.L.; L.Y.X.; Yang J.; Yan S Y., 1987:
Study on mass spectra of the alkaloids from sophora alopecuroides l

Botta R.M.; Donatelli M.; Zampardi A.; Incandela T.; Valenza P.; Albano V.; Bompiani G., 1982:
Study on maternal fetal and amniotic prolactin in gestational diabetic women at term

Chatterjee P.; Nag S.; Kali M.; Chatterjee S., 1988:
Study on maximal aerobic capacity of female athletes in relation to menstrual cycle

Boccard, R.; Dumont, B.L.; Lefebvre, J., 1976:
Study on meat production in sheep part 10 relationships between the anatomical composition of the different body regions of the lamb

Kambe, M.; Tsubokura, T.; Kobayakawa, T.; Ogoshi, M.; Hiramoto, M.; Mittman, C., 1981:
Study on mechanical properties of lung between smokers and nonsmokers

Kameyama S., 1986:
Study on mechanical strength of medial tibial condyle of rheumatoid knee

Sasamoto M.; Yamaki K.; Yamakawa I.; Satake T., 1984:
Study on mechanism of mucus plug formation in the airway

Sano A., 1980:
Study on mechanism of ventricular fibrillation in deep hypo thermia

Usui Y., 1980:
Study on mechanisms of cardiac hypertrophy in essential hypertension by means of echo cardiography

Korobeinik, N.V.; Lebedeva, S.A.; Mishan'kin, B.N.; Abramova, L.A.; Domaradskii, I.V., 1975:
Study on mechanisms of levomycetin inactivation by the plague causative agent and coli bacteria with episomal and chromosomal resistance enzymatic acetylation of levomycetin

Imatomi, M., 1987:
Study on mechanisms of the entero insular axis using the dogs with the thiry vella loop and with the tube jejunostomy

Tonozuka F.; Miyoshi K.; Tani T.; Sasajima M., 1986:
Study on menu planning for large group food services factors relating to satisfactory meal

Meung Hai K.; Lee H P.; Noh Y T., 1986:
Study on mesostigmatid mites parasitic from house mice in korea acari laelaptidae

Horiuchi, M.; Takashina, H.; Iwatani, T.; Iso, T., 1985:
Study on metabolism of dithiol compound 1. isolation and identification of metabolites of n 2 mercapto 2 methylpropanoyl l cysteine sa 96 in blood and urine of rat

Takashina, H.; Horiuchi, M.; Miyagi, S.; Uemura, O.; Iso, T., 1985 :
Study on metabolism of dithiol compound 2. determination of n 2 mercapto 2 methylpropanoyl l cysteine sa 96 and its metabolites in blood and urine of rats and dogs

Lee, S.H.; Seo, B.S.; Chai, J.Y.; Hong, S.J., 1984:
Study on metagonimus yokogawai in korea 7. electron microscopic observation on the tegumental structure

Jung K.Y.; Joo Y.H.; Park Y.D.; Kim J.J., 1986:
Study on methanogenic bacteria isolation and utilization

Chen M.; Lei Y.; Wang D.; D.Z.; Lan T., 1986:
Study on method of b and f separation of hcg radioreceptor assay

Liu Y.; E.A., 1987:
Study on methods of detecting siga in secretions of acute and chronic rhinitis

Bakanova, D.Y. ; Grig, M.G.; Dykhno, M.M., 1976:
Study on micro flora and its antibiotic sensitivity in patients with chronic pharyngitis subjected to cryo therapy

Tkachenko, E.I., 1976:
Study on micro polarization effect in focal epilepsy

Terakura T., 1981:
Study on micro viscosity of erythrocyte membranes in hepato biliary disorders

Tao T.; Xie X.H.; Zhou J.; Liu K.D.; Lin G., 1988:
Study on microspheres for embolization of hepatic artery

Ilieva I., 1986:
Study on microsporogenesis of the raspberry cultivar lyulin

Kubota K.; Kurokawa M.; Suzuki K.; Esaka M., 1988 :
Study on microwave cooking rate equation of cylindrical potato

Mascellino M.T.; Prignano G.; Iegri F.; Delia S., 1981:
Study on minimal inhibitory concentration of a new cephalosporin hr 756 data compared with other beta lactam antibiotics

Shcherbak, G.I., 1976:
Study on mites of the genus protogamasellus gamasoidea rhodacaridae

Y.J.H.; O.D.H.; Kong I.S.; Park Y.S.; Lim H.C., 1988:
Study on mixed cultures of lactobacillus acidophilus and saccharomyces cerevisiae in soymilk

Trubitsin, A.Y. ; Belyanina, V.F.; Lur'e, L.M.; Levitov, M.M., 1976:
Study on mixing conditions in penicillin biosynthesis

Furusho T.; Yoshimaru H.; Maruyama H.; Isshiki G.; Aono S.; Nakajima S.; Tani M.; Matsuda I.; Fujimoto S.; E.A., 1985:
Study on models of gene interaction for juvenile onset insulin dependent diabetes mellitus

Qiwu C.; Lawson G.J., 1982:
Study on models of single populations an expansion of the logistic and exponential equations

Novakova S.; Dekov S.; Dinoeva S.; Mladenova S., 1986:
Study on molybdenum effect on experimental hypercholesterolemia

Ichikawa, N., 1986:
Study on monoamine metabolite contents of cerebrospinal fluid in patients with neurodegenerative diseases

Castro Ruiz R.M.; D.C.rraly Yerro M.S.; Ruiz Carrasco M.P., 1985:
Study on monomolecular layers of the system dexamethasone dimiristoyllecithin

Nishida T., 1980:
Study on morphological changes of ovaries in mice exposed to cobalt 60 gamma ray irradiation histogenesis of interstitial cells in an early stage

Khan A.H.; Aminuddin; Beg M.Z., 1985:
Study on morphological diversification of some species of solanum nigrum complex

Chung, H.S., 1977:
Study on mothers attitude and habitual methods of daytime toilet training for infant and toddler

Esaki K.; Hirayama M., 1979:
Study on mouse strain differences in susceptibility to oral acute toxicity of bs 100 141 n amidino 2 2 6 dichlorophenyl acetamide hydro chloride

Addetia, A.M.G.; Lichtenstein, S.V.; Ko, A.S.; Sikkonen, M.; Sainani, M.; Salerno, T.A., 1986:
Study on myocardial contractility after cardiopulmonary bypass vs. cardioplegic arrest in an air ejecting in vivo heart model

Igarashi K., 1987:
Study on myocardial metabolism in the experimental supravalvular aortic stenosis

Yarygin, V.N.; Doronin, P.P.; Rodionov, I.M.; Giber, L.M.; Yarygin, K.N., 1976:
Study on nerve and glial cells from the sympathetic ganglia in mice of different age part 1 interferometric and electron microscopic study of nerve cell perikaryons in normally developing animals

Yarygin, V.N.; Doronin, P.P.; Rodionov, I.M.; Giber, L.M.; Yarygin, K.N., 1976:
Study on nerve and glial cells from the sympathetic ganglia in mice of different age part 2 interferometric and electron microscopic studies of nerve cell perikarya from populations with highly reduced cell number

Yarygin, K.N.; Doronin, P.P.; Rodionov, N.M.; Yarygin, V.N.; Giber, L.M., 1976:
Study on nerve and glial cells from the sympathetic ganglia in mice of different ages part 3 study on perikaryal satellite cells in normal animals and in mice with sharply reduced numbers of ganglionic neurocytes

Ramananarivo, R.; Artaud, J.; Estienne, J.; Peiffer, G.; Gaydou, E.M., 1981:
Study on neutral lipid composition of malagasy zebu bos indicus fats 1. quantitative analysis of fatty acids and sterols

Argotte Vazquez J.; Herrera Altuve J., 1987:
Study on nitrogen fertilization in potato

Aggarwal, R.K.; Dhir, R.P.; Kaul, P., 1977:
Study on nitrogen fractions in some arid zone soils differentially managed under normal rainfed farming and saline sodic water use

Jo, J.; Yoshida, S.; Kayama, R., 1981:
Study on nitrogen volatilization in the grassland 1. effect of applied forage powders of some species and soil ph on nitrogen volatilization

Shibuya T.; Izuchi K.; Kuroiwa A.; Okabe N.; Shirakawa K., 1986:
Study on non specifc immunity in pregnant women by chemiluminescence assay

Shibuya, T.; Izuchi, K.; Kuroiwa, A.; Okabe, N.; Shirakawa, K., 1987:
Study on nonspecific immunity in pregnant women: increased chemiluminescence response of peripheral blood phagocytes

Zivy, M.; Thiellement, H.; De-Vienne, D.; Hofmann, J.P., 1984:
Study on nuclear and cytoplasmic genome expression in wheat by 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis 2. genetic differences between 2 lines and 2 groups of cytoplasms at 5 development stages or organs

Zivy, M.; Thiellement, H.; De-Vienne, D.; Hofmann, J.P., 1983:
Study on nuclear and cytoplasmic genome expression in wheat triticum aestivum by 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis 1. 1st results on 18 alloplasmic lines

Muroi K., 1985 :
Study on nucleodiagnosis of uterine tumors with thallium 201 chloride

L.W.; Liu D.; Feng X., 1985:
Study on numerical classification of soils in chengxian county of gansu province china

Ivanova L., 1985:
Study on nutrition of workers producing antibiotics and some of the basic requirements

Von-Goldschmidt-Rothschild, B.; Lueps, P., 1976:
Study on nutritional ecology of wild domestic cats felis silvestris f catus in the canton of bern switzerland

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Study on oil content in leaves of eucalyptus camaldulensis dehnhart from a two year old plantation in nepal

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Study on oogenesis in marine sponges halisarca dujardini part 2 phagocytic activity of oocytes and vitellogenesis

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Study on ophrys holosericea ssp elatior gumprecht gumprecht

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Study on optical remote sensing atmospheric aerosol and water vapor content

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Study on orally active cephalosporin pro drug synthesis oral absorption and antibacterial activity of 5 methyl 2 oxo 1 3 dioxol 4 ylmethyl 7 d o aminoacylmandelamido 3 5 methyl 1 3 4 thiadiazol 2 ylthiomethyl 3 cephem 4 carboxylates

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Study on organo mineral complexes of some cultivated soils in northeast china

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Study on oriental cercopoidea hemiptera homoptera

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Study on osmotic fragility of red blood cells in workers exposed to styrene or a mixture of toluene and methylethylketone using a coil planet centrifuge

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Study on ototoxicity of gentamicin injected into the cerebrospinal fluid space of rabbits

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Study on outbreak of meningococcal meningitis

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Study on p type humic acids column chromatography on sepiolite quantitative evaluation of pigments

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Study on path coefficient analysis in mothbean vigna aconitifolia equals phaseolus aconitifolius

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Study on patterns of actinomyces antibioticus growth and oleandomycin biosynthesis

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Study on pearlfishes ophidiiformes carapidae of taiwan

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Study on penicillin amidase from escherichia coli kinetics of enzymatic hydrolysis of 7 phenylacetamidodeacetoxy cephalosporanic acid

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Study on peripheral adenocarcinoma of the lung by scanning electron microscopy: report of 9 cases

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Study on peripheral blood mononuclear cell subpopulations in children 2. peripheral blood mononuclear cell subpopulations in patients with kawasaki disease

Kuribayashi, N., 1978:
Study on peripheral lymphocyte counts and their blastogenesis in patients with stomach cancer

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Study on peroxidase levels and anti oxidative activity of lipids in ischemic and preserved kidneys

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Study on peruvian phlebotominae part 2 the madre de dios department list of species collected and description of females of lutzomyia micropyga and lutzomyia calcarata diptera psychodidae phlebotominae

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Study on phage typing of coagulase negative staphylococci

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Study on phosphate retention by soils

Kitagawa H., 1985:
Study on placental blood flow in later pregnancy by intravenous technetium 99m method

Ahn W.Y.; Bae H.S.; Kim Y.S.; Bang G.P.; Lee D.K., 1986:
Study on planting density of the mechanical rice transplanting in double cropping area

Kitajima, H., 1986:
Study on plasma or serum ferritin in various diseases in childhood i. clinical evaluation of plasma ferritin for the diagnosis of anemia in adolescence

Kitajima, H., 1986:
Study on plasma or serum ferritin in various diseases in childhood ii. clinical evaluation of serum ferritin in acute leukemia and other various diseases in childhood

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Study on plasma thromboxane b 2 concentration in patients with various kinds of diseases

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Study on plasma viscosity in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Study on plasmid coding for enterotoxin 5. comparison of plasmids from cfa positive and cfa negative etec strains

Yao, R.; Bao, Y., 1987:
Study on plasmids coding for enterotoxin 4. characterization and detection of colonization factor antigen i and ii cfa i and cfa ii in enterotoxigenic escherichia coli isolated from humans

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Study on polarity of the egg of the sea urchin paracentrotus lividus

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Study on polarographic behavior of sodium 7 d levo a 4 ethyl 2 3 dioxo 1 piperazinecarboxamido a 4 hydrophenylacetamido 3 1 methyl 1h tetrazol 5 ylthiomethyl 3 cephem 4 carboxylate

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Study on population changes of alfalfa stem nematode in shiraz iran

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Study on population dynamics in an epigeal nesting site of culex pipiens 1758 diptera culicidae in toulouse france

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Study on populations in animals without clones during their life cycle part 3 on some problems of species

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Study on possible carcinogenic properties of flexographic dyes

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Study on practical use of apple chemical thinning

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Study on pregnant diagnosis in the voles

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Study on prevalence of bruxism at playa municipality

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Study on prevention of post operative infection with special reference to intra venous use of antibiotics during operations

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Study on primary photosynthetic reactions in the leaves of the cotton cultivar 108 f and its variegated mutant

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Study on processing and utilization of cultured undaria pinnatifida part 1 effect of heat treatment on the storage life of dry salted undaria pinnatifida

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Study on producing rats with experimental testicular dysfunction and effects of mecobalamin

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Study on production and toxicity of cultured gambierdiscus toxicus

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Study on production of interferon gamma induced by antivirus immune rna

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Study on productive ecology of a high yielding japonica indica hybrid rice cultivar suweon 258

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Study on prognostic factors in bone metastases of breast cancer

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Study on properties of a strain of tobacco mosaic virus isolated from allium spp

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Study on properties of some soil humus in china

Shirai N., 1985:
Study on prophylaxis of postoperative deep vein thrombosis

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Study on prostaglandin of the gastric mucosal biopsy specimen first report. assay procedure and clinical application

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Study on protein binding of 3 r and 3 s hydroxy derivatives of quinidine and hydroquinidine

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Study on protein fraction in some almond varieties of the spanish southeast

Gutierrez, R., 1976:
Study on protein requirements and sugar utilization in starter diets for ducks 0 to 3 weeks

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Study on protein synthesis of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ishiguro, J., 1976:
Study on proteins from yeast cytoplasmic ribosomes by 2 dimensional gel electrophoresis

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Study on proton transfer in enzymatic hydrolysis by temperature dependence of kinetic isotope effect part 1 alpha chymotrypsin hydrolysis of n acetyl l tyrosine ethyl ester and n benzoyl l tyrosine ethyl ester

Miteva D.I., 1979:
Study on protozoa in the rhizosphere of orchards in southwest bulgaria

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Study on pruning and thinning for citrus natsudaidai cultivar natsudaidai kawano 1. effect of pruning and thinning on young trees

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Study on psidium guajava i. anti diabetic effect and effective components of the leaf of psidium guajava part 1

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Study on pulmonary gas exchange indices by computer simulation

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Study on pulmonary, prostatic and renal (medulla and cortex) distribution of sagamicin at different time intervals

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Study on pulmonary surfactant in cardio pulmonary bypass and endo toxin shock

Hecht, F.M., 1980:
Study on quantitative changes in the his bundle during aging in man

Fukami M.; Hattori Z., 1982:
Study on quantitative determination of local lesions induced by snake venoms

Takahashi K., 1988:
Study on quantitative measurement of endotoxin in human blood using chromogenic substrate especially pretreatment of plasma

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Study on radiosensitivity of the patients with esophageal cancer by micronucleus test

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Study on ragi eleusine coracana mosaic with special reference to virus vector relationship

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Study on rapid detection of interleukin 2 biological activity with mouse thymocyte

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Study on rations for broilers i. comparative efficiency of different vitamin and mineral supplements in broiler's starter ration i

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Study on recombinant hepatitis b vaccine development of elisa methods for detection of contaminating yeast components in the vaccine and humoral anti yeast component antibody developed in humans and guinea pigs

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Study on record flood peaks of smaller rivers in setouchi region japan 3

Glinskikh, N.P.; Zusman, F.Y., 1976 :
Study on recovery of continuous cells after long term storage at liquid nitrogen temperatures

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Study on red color development of sweet potato epidermis by treatment with phosphate preparations

Wang X.; L.D., 1984:
Study on regulation of purine biosynthesis by using gene fusion

Sueda T., 1984:
Study on reinforced polytetrafluoroethylene grafts with polyurethane

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Study on relation between behavior in open field and emotivity in young chicken

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Study on relation between different etiological forms in severe fulminant viral hepatitis

You C.; E.A., 1984:
Study on relationship between dopamine beta hydroxylase and primary hypertension

Fukawa, M., 1981:
Study on relationship between effects of BCG on tumor growth and hosts' immune responses

Kobatake M., 1981:
Study on relationship between plasma and brain amino acids in various animal models of hepatic failure

Suzuki Y., 1988:
Study on relationship between sodium metabolism and atrial natriuretic polypeptide in spontaneously hypertensive rats shr

Takagai M., 1985:
Study on relationship between sodium metabolism and prostaglandin in spontaneously hypertensive rats

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Study on relationship between the muscular pathology and prognosis in the motor neuron disease

Tosa H.; Shimada Y.; Terasawa K.; Mitsuma T.; Tanaka M., 1988:
Study on relationship between tongue coating and gastric lesion

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Study on relationships between sonographic endometrial images and ovarian hormone levels

Miyajima A., 1979:
Study on remodeling of bone grafts an application of nuclear medicine

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Study on remote aftereffects of repellents part 2 regulations of use of the repellent di ethyl toluamide

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Study on renal function in chronic peroral propineb intoxication

Averbukh, L.A., 1976:
Study on resistance increase in cells of fisher lymph adenosis l 5178 to dipin and bruneomycin by the method of probit analysis

Myasnikova, L.G., 1976:
Study on resistance of clostridium perfringens to lincomycins

Kirkov V.; Kirkov A., 1984:
Study on resorption time in vibration disease

Gaudy, R., 1977:
Study on respiratory metabolism modifications in acartia clausi crustacea copepoda populations after passage through the cooling circuit of a power plant

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Study on retention behavior of peropyrene type polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons with various bonded stationary phases in reversed phase liquid chromatography

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Study on retino tectal synapses in frogs by recording total extracellular excitatory postsynaptic potential produced by a single axon synapse

Cui T A.; Ding Z K., 1987:
Study on reversible anticholinesterase agents synthesis of derivatives of 1 3 2 dioxaphosphorinane 2 oxide

Cobos, A., 1973:
Study on rhaeboscelis and related genera coleoptera buprestidae

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Study on rheological and sensory properties of cooked rice i. changes in flavor and appearance of cooked rice during storage

Hwang, J.S.; Kim, C.K.; Byun, K.W.; Chang, H.G.; Kim, W.J., 1987:
Study on rheological and sensory properties of cooked rice ii. effect of storage on textural properties of cooked rice

Shvarts, E.I.; Chukhlovin, A.B.; Rozenberg, O.A., 1976:
Study on rna synthesis in lymphocytes with a trisomic chromosome 21

Komori M., 1988:
Study on rnase activity in tissues of human colonorectal mucosa using synthetic substrate activity in normal mucosa cancer tissue and inflammatory mucosa of ulcerative colitis

Zhang G J., 1981:
Study on rnase from snake venom of zhejiang cobra naja naja atra

Dzhishkariani, O.S.; Kotrikadze, N.G.; Tsartsidze, M.A.; Lomsadze, B.A., 1976:
Study on rotational correlation of lipids in normal and tumorous rats

Yang W.; E.A., 1986:
Study on route of transmission domestic rat type of epidemic hemorrhagic fever

Shen Z R.; Guan Z H.; Deltour J.; Dagnelie P., 1986:
Study on sampling from a simulated aphid population by the monte carlo test

Borja A., 1986:
Study on sampling minimal area in an intertidal population of little mollusks

Tanaka O.; Morita T.; Kasai R.; Kinouchi J.; Sanada S.; Ida Y.; Shoji J., 1985:
Study on saponins of rhizomes of panax pseudo ginseng ssp himalaicus collected at tzatogang and pari la bhutan himalaya

Kogure, S., 1980:
Study on saturation discrimination by lovibond color vision analyzer 2. color vision of congenital color vision deficiencies

Kogure, S., 1980:
Study on saturation discrimination by the lovibond color vision analyzer 1. color vision of normal subjects

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Study on sea snakes and the bites in malaysia thailand and hong kong

Hagino S., 1985:
Study on sea water exchange characteristics in lake saroma japan

Izvorska, N.; Kachurmazov, V., 1977:
Study on seasonal regenerative ability of isolated meristem tissues of the sim carnation

Tsai, Y.P.; Wang, C.K., 1975:
Study on seed borne disease of taiwan vegetables

Sharma, I.P.; Siddiqui, M.R., 1978:
Study on seed myco flora of paddy from assam and west bengal

Park, C.S.; Lee, K.S.; Kim, W.B.; Park, Y.I., 1978:
Study on selection of breed of swine adapted to low nutritional level

Zhirnov, O.P.; Burkinskaya, A.G., 1977:
Study on sendai virus proteins proteolytic activity in virus particles

Kravchenko, L.S., 1978:
Study on sensitivity of membrane bound ribosomes from dog kidneys to the effect of amphotericin b in vitro

Anisimov, V.N., 1980:
Study on serotoninergic mechanisms of compensatory ovarian hypertrophy in rats

A.S.adi H.K.; Naddier H.H.; Beg I.A.; Ahmad J.M., 1980:
Study on serum calcium levels in friesian cows during different stages of reproductive activity

Kameoka A., 1987:
Study on serum free amino acids as a substrate for gluconeogenesis in low birth weight infants

Takeuchi, T., 1981:
Study on serum immuno globulin e in children 1. serum immuno globulin e levels in healthy neo nates infants and children

Shimizu M., 1987:
Study on serum ketone bodies in pregnant diabetics

Yoo S.H.; Lee Y.W.; Lee S.H., 1981:
Study on serum lipid per oxide level in normal adult koreans and cardio vascular diseases

Ikeda, H., 1987:
Study on serum secretory IgA and dimeric IgA in inflammatory bowel disease

Harumoto, T.; Kato, M., 1976:
Study on several factors affecting the estimate of voluntary intake in grazing animal by chromogen chromic oxide method

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Study on short term effect of high dosage of ipratropium bromide on airflow obstruction in patients with bronchial asthma

Matsumoto, M.; Taki, T.; Kojima, K., 1976:
Study on sialic acid containing glyco lipid in rat ascites hepatoma cells

Liu L.; Wang Y., 1988:
Study on skeletal muscle fibers of a rat

Imokawa G., 1979:
Study on skin irritating and biological properties of mono alkyl phosphate anionic surfactants

Corfariu O.; Popoviciu L.; Asgian B.; Codreanu M.; Gaspar S.; Contiu T.; Komjatszegi M., 1981:
Study on sleep adjustment peculiarities in patients with 1 2 weeks of night shift work

Kyuki, K., 1980:
Study on small intestinal lesions induced by nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs 1. effect of single administration of various nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs and influence of fasting or bile duct ligation on it in rats

Kyuki, K., 1980:
Study on small intestinal lesions induced by nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs 2. effect of combination of salicylate or mepirizole with nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs

Kyuki, K., 1980:
Study on small intestinal lesions induced by nonsteroidal anti inflammatory drugs 3. effect of starvation bile duct ligation and combination with salicylate or mepirizole on pharmaco kinetics of indomethacin

IIoka H.; Moriyama I.; Itoh K.; Saito M.; Hino K.; Okamura Y.; Itani Y.; Kakimoto K.; Ibaragi T.; Ichijo M., 1987:
Study on sodium and l alanine cotransport of human placenta using microvillous membrane vesicles

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Study on soil profiles from black and associated soils of madhya pradesh

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Study on sole fishes family soleidae from taiwan

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Study on some antibiotics of the group of carbonyl conjugated pentenes

Isaenko, V.V., 1977:
Study on some aspects of winter hardiness and biological approach to increasing it

Subhadrabandhu S.; Punsri P., 1986:
Study on some characters of apple cultivars grown in the highlands of northern thailand

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Study on some chemical changes in irradiated spices part 1 ground paprika

Alvarez, A.; Caloca, M.; Gancedo, R.; Mosquera, M.C.; Salinas, J.M., 1978:
Study on some commercial algae in spain part 1 contribution to knowledge of the microscopic structure of fertile phylloids of gelidium sesquipedale

Taniguchi A.; Hayashi Y.; Yuki H., 1986:
Study on some factors affecting the precision of luminescence analyses

Sheitanov J.; Petrov P., 1984:
Study on some immunological indices in the peripheral blood and synovial fluid in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

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Study on some inducible enzyme systems in rat tissues under the effect of hydrocortisone and estradiol

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Study on some opportunistic parasitic infections in Egyptian diabetic patients

Chen, W.; Li, G.; Mao, X., 1988:
Study on some optic properties of burkitt's lymphoma cell lines and normal lymphocytes

More P.R.; Vadlamudi V.P.; Qureshi M.I., 1988:
Study on some pharmacological actions of aqueous extract of flowers of parthenium hysterophorus linn

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Study on some properties of exo 1 3 beta glucanases from geotrichum candidum 3c

Rogov, I.A.; Gel'fand, S.Y. ; Nomerotskaya, N.F., 1976:
Study on some properties of lipids of ir irradiated meat

Lin H X., 1986:
Study on some regulations for selections of japanese encephalitis attenuated strains

Marzec, Z.; Bulinski, R., 1985:
Study on some trace elements in home made foodstuffs 5. chromium nickel and selenium content in vegetable and fruit preserves

Marzec, Z.; Bulinski, R., 1986:
Study on some trace elements in homemade food stuffs part vi. chromium nickel and selenium content in cereals flaked corn and noodles

Bulinski, R.; Kot, A.; Bloniarz, J.; Koktysz, N., 1986:
Study on some trace elements in homemade food stuffs part vii. lead cadmium zinc copper vanadium and cobalt content in vegetables and fruits

Kormutak A., 1985:
Study on species hybridization within the genus abies

Fain, A., 1977:
Study on specificity and parallel host parasite evolution in mites of the family myobiidae

Saito, Y., 1979:
Study on spinning behavior of spider mites 3. responses of mites to webbing residues and their preferences for particular physical conditions of leaf surfaces acarina tetranychidae

Gertig, H.; Duda, G., 1985:
Study on stability of cooking oil tocopherols 3. stability of commercial rapeseed oil tocopherols

Motkova M.O.; Gladkikh E.G.; Korobkova T.P., 1984:
Study on stability of streptomyces cremeus ssp tobramycini a tobramycin producing organism by the property of antibiotic production

Peeva, T.; Terziiski, G.; Todorova-Ts, 1986:
Study on staphylococcal enterotoxin ii. incidence of enterotoxigenic staphylococci in humans engaged in production of foodstuffs

Peeva, T.; Kazareva, M.; Terziiski, G., 1985:
Study on staphylococcal enterotoxins i. study on enterotoxigenic productivity of strains of staphylococcus aureus isolated from foodstuffs

Sanina, O.L.; Datsenko, Z.M., 1975:
Study on sterol composition of the rabbit sarcolemma in the norm and during experimental muscular dystrophy

Suzuki T.; Nakano G I.; Sakamoto K.; Kudo M.; Noguchi T.; Nagamachi Y., 1987:
Study on strain difference and immunological background of 1 2 dimethylhydrazine induced colon tumors in the rat

Shi K.; Zhong X.; Chen S.; H.F.; L.S.; Xiao Y.; W.J., 1986:
Study on strain hunan 79 of epidemic hemorrhagic fever virus

Podosinovikova N.P.; Dolgo Saburov V.B., 1979:
Study on structural and catalytic properties of brain acetyl cholin esterase in post natal ontogenesis of rabbits

Meng Q.; S.T.; Deng L., 1985:
Study on structure and gel permeation chromatography performance of hydrophilic porous polymeric microspheres

Bannikov V.M.; Bochkova A.P.; Ushakova G.I.; Filippovich Y.B., 1982:
Study on sub cellular localization of some enzymes in silkworm bombyx mori eggs

Tatehara T., 1987:
Study on subglottic and supraglottic pressures during phonation an experimental study combined with visualization of air flow

Shestkov, B.P., 1976:
Study on subjective assessments of their own condition by operators during prolonged tracking

Suganami, S., 1977:
Study on subjective symptoms of fatigue of senior high school students part 2 study on physical load of senior high school students

Modestin J.; Kopp W., 1988:
Study on suicide in depressed inpatients

Watanabe, H., 1986:
Study on supernumerary teeth in the maxillary incisor area in children part ii. morphological observation on 797 extracted supernumerary teeth

Sawada A.; Yoshida S.; Kamiike O.; Morita M.; Nishioka M.; Inomata T.; Hamada T.; Ohara S.; Ogawa Y.; Maeda T., 1986:
Study on suppressed uptake by liver in gallium 67 scintigraphy

Chen E R.; Yen C M., 1985:
Study on survey immunodiagnosis and treatment of human clonorchiasis on southern taiwan

Pang M T., 1986:
Study on susceptibility of mice to japanese encephalitis virus by oral route

Morito N.; Okuda S.; Noda M.; Nishiwaki H.; Yoshida N.; Sarai S.; Okada T.; Indo T., 1986:
Study on suspected case of empty nest syndrome

Tabata, H.; Iwamoto, Y.; Morimoto, K.; Morisaka, K., 1987:
Study on sustained release suppository i. sustained release and bioavailability of diclofenac sodium suppository containing aerosil

Yoshida S., 1984:
Study on sympathetic activity in normal subjects and patients with cardiovascular diseases at rest and during exercise

Nishiuchi M.; Toyooka R.; Mitsui T.; Kikuchi M., 1982:
Study on t cell subsets in t cell lymphoma using mono clonal antibodies

Sakurai H.; Yamanaka K., 1987:
Study on technical improvement in recording of electrical activities of cultured cardiac myocyte and electrophysiological effects by nicorandil sg 75 calcium antagonist on spontaneous beating cells

Yokoi, S.; Soeda, A.; Shoji, J., 1985:
Study on temperament of japanese infants 1. standardization of infant temperament questionnaire

Sokolowski, A.; Wisniewski, J., 1975:
Study on teratological changes in ant workers of formica rufa group hymenoptera formicidae

Emel'yanova, I.A.; Deryagina, M.A., 1976:
Study on territorial use of mixed forest by small rodents

Ballerini R.; Casini A.; Chinol M.; Mannucci C.; Giaccai L.; Salvi M., 1986:
Study on the absorption on ketoprofen topically administered in man comparison between tissue and plasma levels

Niu Z.; Jia S R.; Yang S.; L.Z.M., 1986:
Study on the action of intracellular polysaccharide of polystictus versicolor on res function action on the experimental acute liver damage

Niu Z.; D.X.N.; Zhou G Z.; L.Z.M., 1986:
Study on the action of intracellular polysaccharide of polystictus versicolor on res function the influence of endotoxin clearance

L.Y.; Wei S.; Zhang C., 1985:
Study on the activity of adenosine deaminase in blood by ammonia gas sensing electrode

Seniow, A., 1976:
Study on the activity of aspartate amino transferase ec and alanine amino transferase ec in grass snake natrix natrix natrix liver and serum

Bouche, M.B., 1976:
Study on the activity of epigeal prairie invertebrates part 1 general and geological results lumbricidae oligochaeta

Alekhina, N.D.; Kenzhebaeva, S.S., 1977:
Study on the activity of glutamine synthetase in plant roots with respect to growth temperature

Ohkubo M., 1981:
Study on the activity of hem agglutinin in extracts of tapes literata

Zharinov, V.I., 1976:
Study on the activity of wild bees and honey bees in lucerne pollination

Pacha, I.O.; Rait, V.K., 1977:
Study on the adsorption of alkaline phosphatase by clay minerals and its properties in the adsorbed state

Ueno M.; Kimoto Y.; Ikeda Y.; Momose H.; Zana R., 1987:
Study on the aggregation number of mixed micelles in aqueous binary mixtures of the bile salts and nonionic surfactant

Zhang J T.; Chen K.; M.G.Y.; Chen X T., 1984:
Study on the airborne pollen and its allergy in nanning guangxi china

Maziere, J.C.; Maziere, C.; Polonovski, J., 1977:
Study on the alkaline phosphatase activity of hamster fibroblasts both normal and transformed by sv 40 effect of cyclic amp

Zhou, Y.L.; Ye, J.H.; Li, Z.M.; Huang, Z.H., 1988:
Study on the Alkaloids of Melodinus tenuicaudatus

Mazurov, K.V.; Popov, V.I.; Berezin, A.A., 1976:
Study on the allergic properties of viscose rayon

Tsikaridze, N.V.; Molchanov, M.I.; Trusova, V.M.; Kalichava, G.S., 1976:
Study on the amino acid composition of chloroplast lamellar proteins from lemon leaves

Kurbanov-Kh ; Ekimovksii, A.P., 1976:
Study on the amino acid composition of proteins extracted together with melanosomes from the skin of guinea pigs

Jecsai, J.; Szelenyi-Galantai, M.; Juhasz, B., 1977:
Study on the amino acid supplies of young hungahib pigs

Haneda, K.; Muya, A.; Hamanaka, M.; Hashido, K., 1976:
Study on the amount of food supply available for japanese serow capricornis crispus in summer at iwakura state forest in central japan

Iede, K., 1977:
Study on the amplitude of somato sensory evoked response by repetitive stimulations

Lii C Y.; Chang S M.; Jou Z W., 1983:
Study on the amylose constituents of red bean phaseolus radiatus var aurea starch and other legume starches

Qian W., 1986:
Study on the anatomy and histology of trachea and lung of neophocaena asiaeorientalis

Zhu S Y.; H.Z.H.; Y.W.Q., 1980:
Study on the annual periodicity of growth and development of fritillaria pallidiflora

Kuruvilla A.; Stephen P.M., 1983:
Study on the anti arrhythmic effects of some centrally acting drugs benzodiazepines

Park, J.I. ; Bang, J.H., 1978:
Study on the anti sperm antibody of women with unexplained infertility

Serkedzhieva-Yu ; Georgiev, G.; Ivanova, M., 1975:
Study on the anti viral action of newly synthesized compounds of the hydroxy pyrimidine group

Xerri, L.; Broggio, R., 1985:
Study on the antibacterial activity of ceftazidime in an in vitro pharmacokinetic model

Kolev K.K.; V"rbanov S.; Chervenkov S.; Pavlov A., 1987:
Study on the antibacterial activity of some esters and replaced 2 sterile derivatives of chlorquinaldol

Varga I.; Horvath G.; Bodolai G.; Nagy F., 1986:
Study on the anticoccidial efficacy of rumensin and lerbek in hogs

Scotti D.C.rolis A.; Passarelli F.; Pezzola A., 1986:
Study on the anticonvulsant activity of clonidine against pentylenetetrazole induced seizures in rats pharmacological evidence of alpha 2 adrenoceptor mediation

Fomina, A.N.; Shubladze, A.K.; Davydova, A.A.; Tolmacheva, V.D.; Grebenyuk, V.N., 1977:
Study on the antigenic properties of herpesvirus strains isolated from herpetic lesions of different localizations

Okano T.; Kawaoi A.; Shikata T.; Dobashi K.; Okumura H., 1980:
Study on the antigenicity of human chorionic gonadotropin factors which affect human chorionic gonadotropin immuno histochemistry

Yanchev, I., 1977:
Study on the antigens of guerin ascites tumor cells by immuno fluorescence

Yoshimura A., 1984:
Study on the appearance of basophilic stippled erythrocytes and coproporphyrinuria in cases of other than lead poisoning

Homma, Y.; Murakami, Y., 1977:
Study on the applicability of the integral counting method for the determination f radium 226 in various sample forms using a liquid scintillation counter

Hirobe M., 1987:
Study on the application time of fertilizer on early variety satsuma mandarin citrus unshiu marc

Fehr D., 1979:
Study on the aroma substances of celery apium graveolens var graveolens 1

Dethier M., 1984:
Study on the arthropods associated with an alpine meadow in the swiss national park

X.X.P.; Zheng C Y.; Wang C Y.; L.Q.H., 1985:
Study on the association of hla with graves disease

Xu, X.P.; Zheng, C.Y.; Wang, C.Y.; Li, Q.H., 1986:
Study on the association of HLA with malignant lymphoma

Xu, X.P.; Li, S.B.; Wang, C.Y.; Li, Q.H., 1986:
Study on the association of HLA with pulmonary tuberculosis

Kudoh, Y.; Iimura, O., 1987:
Study on the atherosclerosis mechanism in chronic hemodialysis

Chomakov, H., 1975:
Study on the bacterial contamination of raw and pasteurized cows milk for white brine cheese

Ito H.; Araki K., 1984:
Study on the balance of nitrogen applied to soil for the greenhouse cultivation of tomato plants

L.X.; M.J.; W.H., 1986:
Study on the banded chromosomes of citellus dauricus

Ueda, Y., 1976:
Study on the basic morphology of japanese encephalitis virus the envelope and the origin of the large particles of hem agglutinin

Akashi, M., 1976:
Study on the basic morphology of japanese encephalitis virus the isolation of purified hem agglutinin and the detection of core membrane

Hozawa, S., 1985:
Study on the behavioral changes prior to dental treatment in children 1. changes of adaptable behavior before treatment

Hozawa, S., 1985:
Study on the behavioral changes prior to dental treatment in children 2. continuous changes of internal behavior before treatment

Belaich, A.; Simonpietri, P.; Belaich, J.P., 1978:
Study on the beta galactoside permease of escherichia coli solubilization of a thio di galactoside binding protein from escherichia coli membrane containing beta galactoside permease/

Mean, F.; Pellaton, M.; Magrini, G., 1977:
Study on the binding of di hydro testosterone testosterone and estradiol with sex hormone binding globulin

Macovschi, M.E.; Macovschi, O., 1976:
Study on the bio structure of the muscle tissue by the squeezing method part 2 fortran program for calculating the amount of free water in the tissue muscle/

Wang G.; L.H.; Chen Q., 1986:
Study on the biochemical identification of the resistance to pyricularia oryzae in rice varieties

Verry, M.; Bryon, P.A.; Dechavanne, M.; Lagarde, M.; Vainer, H., 1975:
Study on the biochemical phenomena of platelet metabolism gliclazide a regulatory agent of platelet physiology

Matheus, M.; Barrionovo, N.; Sala, M.A., 1986:
Study on the biochemistry of human semen ii. ascorbic acid

Hilgenstock, C.; Schmiedel, G.; Bührens, K.G., 1987:
Study on the bioequivalence of two ranitidine formulations

Barinsky, I.F.; Dementiev, I.V.; Shvetsova, T.P.; Ugryumov, E.P.; Ryabova, M.V., 1975:
Study on the biological activity of hepatitis b antigen in cultures of human blood leukocytes

Uzunova S.; Petrunov B.; Bainova A.; Jordanova J.; Lolova D., 1986:
Study on the biological activity of textile materials containing polyester fibers and silks

Holub M., 1984:
Study on the biological and allergic properties of some avian and atypical bacilli isolated from pigs

Kovacs, V.; Viragh, E.; Kocsis, E.; Gyurjan, S., 1977:
Study on the biological effect of fast neutrons part 1 effect of fast neutrons on germinability of barley seeds and on the chlorophyll content of the seedlings according to the dose used

Kiwada, H.; Awazu, S.; Hanano, M., 1979:
Study on the biological fate of paraben at the dose of practical usage in rat 1. the metabolism and excretion of ethyl p hydroxy benzoate ethyl paraben and p hydroxy benzoic acid

Roemer R.C.; Winter L.; Hall G.; Schaller K H.; Weltle D.; Strobel E., 1988:
Study on the biological monitoring of environmental cadmium exposure in the free state of bavaria west germany

Muthiah C., 1982:
Study on the biology of johnieops vogleri of bombay india waters

Fisteag G.; Sanda V.; Popescu A., 1985:
Study on the biomass of the principal swamp and halophilous phytocenoses on some banks of the danube delta romania

Haag T.; Hetru C.; Kappler C.; Moustier A.M.; Hoffmann J.A.; Luu B., 1988:
Study on the biosynthesis of ecdysone part iv synthesis of high specific activity 22 23 tritium labeled 2 22 dideoxyecdysone tissue distribution of the c 22 hydroxylase in locusta migratoria

Song J Y.; Wang X L.; L.Y.R., 1987:
Study on the biosynthesis of spiramycin through resting cell system

Nefelova M.V.; Sverdlova A.N.; Karelina I.Yu; Negrin S.; Egorov N.S., 1985:
Study on the biosynthesis on nonactin effect of potassium orthophosphate on the incorporation of glucose and acetate into nonactin

H.Y.; E.A., 1986:
Study on the blood pressure of children of 13 minority nationals in china

Koyama, S.; Hada, K., 1974:
Study on the blood serum proteins in milk serum proteins

Stiborova, M.; Leblova, S., 1979:
Study on the bonding of the substrate to rape brassica napus alcohol dehydrogenase ec

Margolis, E.; De-Mello-Netto, A.V.; Albuquerque, I.D.A.; Montenegro-Filho, M.; Campello, G.D.A.B., 1975:
Study on the capabilities of soil use and conservation planning by the tambe experiment station brazil

Schleich H H., 1982:
Study on the cape verde giant skink macroscincus coctei reptilia sauria scincidae

Inoue, M.; Arimoto, T.; Vadhanakul, S., 1977 :
Study on the catching mechanism of shrimp trap in a experimental tank part 1 thigmo taxis and spacing behavior

Watanabe D., 1985:
Study on the cause of death of registered tuberculosis patients

Nakano, H., 1987:
Study on the cause of elevated total serum immunoglobulin M in patients with acute hepatitis A

Kuang, J.; Et-Al, 1983:
Study on the cell cycle and its synchronization of s 180 v cell line 1. analysis of the cell cycle

Kuang, J.; Et-Al, 1984:
Study on the cell cycle and the synchronization of s 180 v cell line 3. cell synchronization

Miyakawa, Y.; Komano, T., 1981:
Study on the cell cycle of bacillus subtilis using temperature sensitive mutants 1. isolation and genetic analysis of the mutants defective in septum formation

Namikawa K., 1988:
Study on the celtis jessoensis community in sapporo hokkaido japan

Okatani Y., 1986:
Study on the central action of catechol estrogen effect of 2 hydroxyestrogens on the preovulatory luteinizing hormone surge

Zuo W M.; Chen M Q., 1986:
Study on the central mechanisms of the depressor effect induced by stimulation of peripheral end of abdominal vagus in the rabbit

Kato M.; Mochizuki H.; Shigeta M.; Morikawa A.; Kuroume T., 1987:
Study on the change in bronchial hyperresponsiveness in children with bronchial asthma

Y.J.S.; Kim H.T.; Park A.J., 1987:
Study on the change of b and t lymphocyte subpopulations in acute and chronic hepatitis

Kim Y.M.; Kim N.D., 1987:
Study on the changes of calcium contents in the rat heart treated with ginseng

Shirakabe, T., 1976:
Study on the changes of catecholamine contents in penicillin induced epileptogenic focus of the cat cerebral cortex

Rhee, K.M.; Shin, C.W.; Park, J.K.; Lee, J.Y., 1987:
Study on the changes of soil fertility in continued and rotated vegetable cropping systems

Melamed J.; Berkowski J.; Sapisochin E., 1986:
Study on the characteristics and costs of urgent medical assistance in geriatric patients

Zalazar C.A.; D.Z.lazar S.B., 1983:
Study on the characteristics of cheeses matured by the addition of fungi

Takeuchi H., 1981:
Study on the characteristics of postsynaptic reception to the putative neuro transmitters using the identifiable giant neurons of the african giant snails achatina fulica

Maksimov, D.G.; Odintsov, S.G.; Kheimets, G.I., 1976:
Study on the characteristics of seismo cardiographic sensors

Petkov R., 1984:
Study on the chemical composition of pheasant meat

Islam K.R.; Hossain M.M.; Chowdhury M.J.A., 1984:
Study on the chemical composition of various indigenous and waste organic materials as potential sources of nutrients

Y.X.J.; Cheng B Q., 1987:
Study on the chemical constituents from the essential oil of cinnamomum tenuipilis kosterm

Chen M J.; Hou L L., 1985:
Study on the chemical constituents of fluggea virosa

Ding Z.; Ding J.; Yang C.; Saruwatari Y., 1988:
Study on the chemical constituents of garlic oil in yunnan china

Zheng R D.; Wang M T.; Zhang H D., 1985:
Study on the chemical constituents of lancea tibetica

Kawamoto K.; Akaboshi M., 1982:
Study on the chemical evolution of low molecular weight compounds in a highly oxidized atmosphere using electric discharges

Hirano, S.; Koyanagi, T., 1981:
Study on the chemical forms of radio nuclides in sea water 3. complexes of cobalt 60 with amino acids

Hirano, S.; Koyanagi, T., 1978:
Study on the chemical forms of radio nuclides in sea water part 1 chloride sulfate and hydroxide complexes of cerium 144

Shen, S.C.; Chen, S.K., 1978:
Study on the chromid fishes chrominae pomacentridae of taiwan

Im, B.I., 1977:
Study on the chronic mental disorders special references of social psychiatry

Blagoeva P.; Balanski R.; Mircheva Ts; Stojchev I., 1987:
Study on the clastogenic effect of urethane and cyclophosphamide with the micronuclear test in bone marrow and peripheral blood of mice

Kiriyama T., 1986:
Study on the clinical evaluation of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate loading as a fetoplacental function test effect of dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate on the estrogen metabolism at the fetoplacental unit

Shibayama Y., 1988:
Study on the clinical usefulness of the mmpi alexithymia scale in japan

Ohta M.; Iwasaki M.; Kouno K.; Ueda Y., 1985:
Study on the color reaction mechanism of the seliwanoff reaction with 4 ethylresorcinol as the color developing reagent

Liu S., 1987:
Study on the commercial cultivation of gracilaria in south china

O.S.R.; Kim S K.; Shim C K.; Kim D C., 1984:
Study on the comparative bioavailability of acetaminophen in soft capsule and hard capsule

Bachacou, J.; Decourt, N., 1976:
Study on the competition in regular plantations using variograms

Nielsen B.; Hevia P.; Brito O., 1983:
Study on the complementation of 2 proteins of low quality black bean phaseolus vulgaris and sesame sesamum indicum

Sun, C.; Yu, R.G.; Yang, Q.H.; Sheng, S.G.; Zhao, X.F., 1987:
Study on the components of acetylspiramycin

Das, S.K.; Adhikary, P.K.; Bhattacharyya, D.K., 1976:
Study on the composition of bovine gingival lipids

Popov, N.I.; Mrochkov, K.A.; Kaverzneva, E.D., 1976:
Study on the composition of whale meat as a source of high quality proteins

Nagamori, M.; Irimajiri, K., 1974:
Study on the connection of the distribution of the forest soil type with topography in southeastern shikoku japan

Ito, K.; Lai, J., 1978:
Study on the constituents of marsdenia tinctoria var tomentosa

Tobioka H.; Kato M., 1987:
Study on the constituents of ruminal fluid and the blood characteristics of jersey cow maintained in the stock farm of kyushu tokai university kumamoto japan

Kida, M., 1987:
Study on the constitution of the human cervical plexus, with special reference to C3 and C4

Gotoh, K.; Ogita, S.; Yamada, N.; Hozawa, S.; Kurosu, K., 1981:
Study on the contact points in primary teeth 2. the position shape and area of maxillary anterior teeth

Gotoh, K.; Ogita, S.; Yamada, N.; Hozawa, S.; Kurosu, K., 1981:
Study on the contact points in primary teeth 3. the position shape and area of mandibular anterior teeth

Domenech J.; Boccas B.; Pellegrin F.; Laurent D.; Kohler K.; Magnol J.; Lambert C., 1984:
Study on the contamination of maize by fusarium moniliforme in new caledonia related to equine pathology toxic leukoencephalomalacia

Itoh H.; Yoshida R.; Mizuno T.; Kudo M.; Nikkuni S.; Karki T., 1984:
Study on the contents of volatile isothiocyanate of cultivars of brassica vegetables

Yaguchi S I.; Shimizu K.; Kometani A.; Nakajyo S.; Urakawa N., 1984:
Study on the contraction and oxygen consumption induced by high potassium sodium deficient solution in the urinary bladder and gallbladder of guinea pig

Yachida Y.; Tsuchihashi K.; Minari O., 1987:
Study on the conversion mechanism of a i n phospholipid complex into a i 2a ii 2 phospholipid complex

Kubota K.; Araki H.; Suzuki K.; Esaka M., 1986:
Study on the cooking rate equations by microwave heated cooking of potato slices

H.J.K., 1985:
Study on the correlation between some morphological characteristics of reticulum and omasum in korean native goats

Kim H.S.; Chung S.B.; Lee K.S.; Choi K.S.; Sul D.S., 1980:
Study on the cross bred between korean native cattle and beefalo

Zhu Z.; W.H.; A.Q., 1984:
Study on the culture of unpollinated ovaries of nicotiana tabacum and its cytology

Adachi I.; Furuhashi K.; Ueno M.; Horikoshi I., 1988:
Study on the cupric phenanthroline induced serotonin release in digitonin permeabilized platelets

Hong J J.; Chen X M.; X.H.; Chen J Y., 1987:
Study on the cylinder cup assay of home made candicidins antibiotic 414

Istamov-Kh, I., 1977:
Study on the cyto genetic effect of some defoliants and the insecticide methyl mercaptophos

Falakali B., 1987:
Study on the cytological aspects of the thymus gland enclosed in a diffusion chamber

Kim B K.; Kimura T., 1986:
Study on the daedong flora korea

Balynina, E.S., 1976:
Study on the de toxicating oxidative function of the liver by the santonin test

Kobrin M.B.; Fedorova G.B.; Katrukha G.S., 1988:
Study on the deglycosylation process of certain antibiotics belonging to the vancomycin group

Hayashi, S., 1977:
Study on the degradation of glycosamino glycans by canine liver lysosomal enzymes part 1 the mode of contribution of hyaluronidase beta glucuronidase and beta n acetyl hexosaminidase on hyaluronic acid

Hayashi, S., 1978:
Study on the degradation of glycosamino glycans by canine liver lysosomal enzymes part 2 the contributions of hyaluronidase ec beta glucuronidase ec sulfatase ec and beta n acetyl hexosaminidase ec in the case of chondroitin 4 sulfate

Perevoshchikov A.G.; Raikhlin N.T.; Katenkamp D., 1983:
Study on the degree of rectal cancer cell differentiation by light microscopy and electron microscopy

Clark M.R.; Guatelli J.C.; White A.T.; Shohet S.B., 1981:
Study on the dehydrating effect of the red cell sodium potassium pump in nystatin treated cells with varying sodium and water contents

Shen, S.C.; Chan, S.K., 1978:
Study on the demoiselles pomacentridae pomacentrinae from taiwan

Matayoshi J., 1986:
Study on the demonstrability of cancer lesions by indirect x ray in the field of gastric mass survey

Chen X R.; Ding J H.; X.J.; Yuan X T.; Zhang M J.; Wang J.; A.C.X.; Zhu G F., 1986:
Study on the detection and serotyping of antibodies against dengue viruses by elisa

Watanabe Y.; Ikawa Y., 1988:
Study on the detection method of grapevine leafroll glr by grafting

Wang W H.; E.A., 1985:
Study on the detection of plague fi antibodies with elisa enzyme linked immunosorbent assay inhibition test

Robbs, P.G.; De-Barros, G.C.; Sole-Vernin, C., 1975:
Study on the detection of staphylococcus and salmonella in frozen fish fillets in rio de janeiro area

Yoshikawa R.; Ichikawa T., 1986:
Study on the determination of thiamin in raw tuna meat raw mackerel meat and their canned products

Nishiyama S.; Imanishi K., 1986:
Study on the development and evaluation of the safety abilities of preschool and school children

Tan-Tue-Vu, 1976:
Study on the development of the digestive tract of the larvae of dicentrarchus labrax

Kim H.S.; Kim H D.; Rah B J., 1986:
Study on the development of the human fetal kidney a histological observation

Chang G N., 1988:
Study on the development of toxoplasma gondii toxoid in swine

Wu, L.; Wang, Z., 1987:
Study on the developmental genetics of isozymes in grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella i. analysis of isozymes in various tissues and organs of grass carp

Wu, L.; Wang, Z., 1987:
Study on the developmental genetics of isozymes in grass carp ctenopharyngodon idella ii. analysis of isozymes during the early development of grass carp

Kamiya, H., 1975:
Study on the diagenetic and experimental alteration of some aragonitic shells basic research concerning the early process of their fossilization

Hirai, M., 1987:
Study on the diagnosis and treatment of cushing's disease and acromegaly caused by pituitary adenoma

Suzuki M., 1987:
Study on the diagnostic indices in renal function after exercise effects of exercise intensity on urinary concentrating ability after exercise in healthy male volunteers

Braga F.M.D.S.; Braga M.A.A.D.S., 1987:
Study on the diet of prionotus punctatus bloch 1797 teleostei triglidae in the region of anchieta island sao paulo state brazil

J.W.; L.J.; Zou R.; Yan Y., 1986:
Study on the dietary protein requirement in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Nakamura, F.; Okamoto, T.; Sunami, S., 1977:
Study on the differences of values of examinees in mass examination of circulatory disease in 2 continuous years

Balbo, T.; Costantini, R.; Peracino, V., 1975:
Study on the diffusion of pulmonary nematodes in the ibex capra ibex and the chamois rupicapra rupicapra of the gran paradiso national park and the valdieri reserve italy

Kang T.H.; Lee S.C.; Lee B.J., 1988:
Study on the digestible nutrients of feedstuffs in korean native cattle

Tsuji Y.; Takeuchi K.; Wakabayashi S.; Ota S., 1980:
Study on the digestion of ingested food 3

Drescher-Kaden, U.; Seifelnasr, E.A., 1977:
Study on the digestive tract of roe deer fallow deer and mouflon part 3 microorganisms in the rumen of roe deer fallow deer and mouflon

Kitazawa H.; Oaku T., 1982:
Study on the discards by the danish seine fishery in western wakasa bay japan

Bruun C.; Moe D.; Madsen H.E.L., 1983:
Study on the dissolution behavior of calcium fluoride

Mitreikin, V.F.; Fadeev, N.P.; Savel'eva, O.P., 1976:
Study on the distribution of gallium 67 citrate in rat tumors

Bayonove, J., 1978:
Study on the distribution of the different elements included in the external part of rice caryopsis

Okano, K., 1983:
Study on the diurnal change of arrhythmia attacks in sick sinus syndrome

Islam K.R.; Chowdhury M.J.A.; Faiz S.M.A.; Ahmed I.U., 1983:
Study on the diurnal water relations of helianthus annuus cultivar perodovic sunflower under different soil moisture regimes and evapo transpiration demand

Chang J., 1985:
Study on the division of age group and the age composition of population of striped hamster cricetulus barabensis in beijing area china

Fukazawa, C.; Arita, M., 1976:
Study on the dna dna reassociation kinetics of yeasts as measured by optical method part 1 dna collapse hyper chromism and setting up the optical start point of reassociation kinetics

Yang C H., 1986:
Study on the dna glycosylases that release 3 methyladenine and o 6 methylguanine from escherichia coli

Eizuka K., 1986:
Study on the drug therapy in the peptic ulcer disease estimating a method of desirable treatment with h 2 blocker including the prevention for recurrence

Nasu M., 1986:
Study on the drunkenness by combined use of bettas as an ethical preparation of ephedrine

Stankushev, T.; Beshkov, H.; Girginova, V., 1987:
Study on the dynamics and age structure of the registered alcoholic morbidity

Penas-Lado, E., 1978:
Study on the dynamics and strategy of exploitation of the stock of sardines sardina pilchardus of the coast of castellon spain

Bogdanova M.E.; Momot N.N., 1987:
Study on the dynamics of vitamin b 12 cyanocobalamin sorption by silochrome c 120

Velican, C.; Velican, D.; Anghelescu, M., 1977:
Study on the early age dependent changes of human arteries and of their relevance to athero sclerotic involvement

Minervini M.M.; Leone D.; D.B.nedetta C.; Corsi F.; Montrone S., 1979:
Study on the eating habits of a population from puglia italy criteria of quantification of qualitative responses

Takematsu T.; Konnai M.; Takeuchi Y.; Ichizen N., 1979:
Study on the ecological properties and control of perennial weed horse nettle

Karulin, B.E.; Litvin, V.Y. ; Nikitina, N.A., 1976:
Study on the ecology and characteristics of the epizootic process in small mammals by the radio isotope method

Rizvanov S.; Khristo D., 1987:
Study on the effect of a yeast preparation on some blood indices in swine

Risvanov S., 1987:
Study on the effect of a yeast preparation saccharomyces cerevisiae on the quality of pork

Poshina, I.S.; Adzhimolaev, T.A.; Durinyan, R.A., 1976:
Study on the effect of adequate stimulation on impulse electrical activity of isolated muscle spindles in frogs

Mizuta T., 1987:
Study on the effect of anti coagulant agent heparin on renal injury in japanese rabbits induced by habu snake trimeresurus flavoviridis venom

Sabbah A.; Oreac J.; Heulin M.G.; Kalfon P., 1988:
Study on the effect of antibiotic therapy on cell mediated immune responses

Ito, C.; Kato, M.; Mito, K.; Ishibashi, S.; Matsumoto, Y., 1987:
Study on the effect of atomic bomb radiation on thyroid function

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