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Sub cellular localization of the enzyme that forms mannosyl retinyl phosphate from gdp carbon 14 mannose and retinyl phosphate

Smith, M.J.; Schreiber, J.B.; Wolf, G.

Biochemical Journal 180(3): 449-454


ISSN/ISBN: 0264-6021
Accession: 006532543

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The subcellular distribution of the enzyme catalyzing the conversion of retinyl phosphate and GDP-[14C]mannose into [14C]mannosyl retinyl phosphate was determined by using subcellular fractions of rat liver. Purity of fractions, as determined by marker enzymes, was 80% or better. The amount of mannosyl retinyl phosphate formed (pmol/min per mg of protein) for each fraction was: rough endoplasmic reticulum, 0.48 .+-. 0.09 (mean .+-. SD); smooth membranes (consisting of 60% smooth endoplasmic reticulum and 40% Golgi apparatus), 0.18 .+-. 0.03; Golgi apparatus, 0.13 .+-. 0.03; and plasma membrane 0.02.

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