Subcutaneous aprotinin causes local hyperaemia. A possible mechanism by which aprotinin improves control in some diabetic patients

Williams, G.; Pickup, J.C.; Bowcock, S.; Cooke, E.; Keen, H.

Diabetologia 24(2): 91-94


ISSN/ISBN: 0012-186X
PMID: 6188643
Accession: 006532664

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Local changes in blood flow at the s.c. injection site of the proteinase inhibitor aprotinin and its diluent were measured by photoelectric plethysmography. Aprotinin, but not its diluent, caused local hyperemia in 5 normal subjects and in 5 stable and 5 brittle insulin-dependent diabetic patients, local blood flow increasing by 80-180%. The duration of the hyperemic response was shorter in the brittle diabetic patients than in the other 2 groups, but there was wide individual variation. Aprotinin is known to enhance s.c. insulin absorption in normal subjects and in some brittle diabetic patients. The basis for this might be through increasing blood flow near the injection site rather than by inhibition of insulin breakdown.