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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6534

Chapter 6534 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kanda Y.; Suzuki N., 1980: Sub stoichiometric isotope dilution analysis of inorganic mercury and methyl mercury with thionalide

Suzuki N.; Nakamura S.; Imura H., 1980: Sub stoichiometric isotope dilution analysis of iron in biological materials by the 8 quinolinol extraction

Alphey T.J.W., 1981: Sub surface application of liquid fumigants to arable soils for the control of plant parasitic nematodes

Hemond H.F.; Fifield J.L., 1982: Sub surface flow in salt marsh peat a model and field study

Hickey J.J.; Ehrlich G.G., 1984: Sub surface injection of treated sewage into a saline water aquifer at st petersburg florida usa water quality changes and potential for recovery of injected sewage

Antony M.K.; Murty C.S.; Reddy G.V.; Rao K.H., 1985: Sub surface temperature oscillations and associated flow in the western bay of bengal india

Morris, J. D.; Martin, R. A.; Johnson, E.; Birch, M. C.; Thompson, D., 1978: Sub test order and wechsler intelligence scale for children revised scores of a sample of educable mentally retarded subjects

Marguiles M.M.; Weistrop J.S., 1980: Sub thylakoid fractions containing ribosomes

Cooper, J.; Wieland, M.; Hines, A., 1977: Sub tidal abalone populations in an area inhabited by sea otters

Cullinane J.P.; Whelan P.M., 1983: Sub tidal algal communities on the south coast of ireland

Hanson, C. H.; Bell, J., 1976: Sub tidal and inter tidal marine fouling on artificial substrata in northern puget sound washington usa

Ferri T.; Bottazzi D., 1985: Sub total reconstructive laryngectomy using the labayle method clinical experience on 21 cases

Anderson C.M., 1981: Sub trooping in a chacma baboon papio ursinus population

Bruton, C. J.; Hartley, B. S., 1968: Sub unit structure and specificity of enz methionyl transfer rna synthetase from escherichia coli

Tancer M.L.; Mooppan M.M.U.; Pierre Louis C.; Kim H.; Ravski N., 1983: Sub urethral diverticulum treatment by partial ablation

Ivey H.H.; Kattwinkel J.; Alford B.A., 1981: Sub visceral pleural air in neo nates with respiratory distress

Akbar M.A.; Gupta P.C., 1985: Subabul leucaena leucocephala as a source of protein supplement for buffalo calves

Strizak A.M.; Danzig L.; Jackson D.W.; Greenway G.; Resnick D.; Staple T., 1982: Subacromial bursography an anatomical and clinical study

Lie S.; Mast W.A., 1982: Subacromial bursography technique and clinical application

Sigholm G.; Styf J.; Herberts P., 1988: Subacromial pressure during diagnostic shoulder tests

Valtonen, E. J., 1976: Subacromial triamcinolone hexacetonide and methyl prednisolone injections in treatment of supraspinal tendinitis a comparative trial

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Modarres Sadeghi H.; Rogers H.; Emami J.; Guiloff R.J., 1988: Subacute administration of a trh analogue rx 77368 in motorneuron disease an open study

Thomas, S.; Paulet, G., 1978: Subacute alcoholic intoxication in rats action of an intra venous injection of glucagon or adrenaline

Al Sheikh W.; Sfakianakis G.N.; Mnaymneh W.; Hourani M.; Heal A.; Duncan R.C.; Burnett A.; Ashkar F.S.; Serafini A.N., 1985: Subacute and chronic bone infections diagnosis using indium 111 gallium 67 and technetium 99m methylenediphosphonate bone scintigraphy and radiography

Pozzati E.; Frank F.; Frank G.; Gaist G., 1980: Subacute and chronic extradural hematomas a study of 30 cases

Castro Malaspina H.; Schaison G.; Passe S.; Pasquier A.; Berger R.; Bayle Weisgerber C.; Miller D.; Seligmann M.; Bernard J., 1984: Subacute and chronic myelo monocytic leukemia in children juvenile chronic myelo monocytic leukemia clinical and hematologic observations and identification of prognostic factors

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Makita, T.; Izawa, Y.; Koyama, T.; Wada, H.; Hashimoto, T.; Tsubura, Y., 1977: Subacute and chronic toxicity tests of da 1773 sodium picosulfate in beagle dogs

Noma K.; Rupp H.; Jacob R., 1987: Subacute and long term effect of swimming training on blood pressure in young and old spontaneously hypertensive rats

Hikino H.; Takahashi M.; Konno C.; Hashimoto I.; Namiki T., 1983: Subacute and subchronic toxicity of aconitum roots and mesaconitine

Gordon D.; Beck C.H.M., 1984: Subacute apomorphine injections in rats effects on components of behavioral stereotypy

Murphy M.J.; Lyon L.W.; Taylor J.W., 1981: Subacute arsenic neuropathy clinical and electro physiological observations

Bove E.L.; Kavey R E.W.; Sondheimer H.M.; Parker F.B.Jr, 1982: Subacute bacterial endo carditis and complete endo cardial cushion defect

Vandepitte, J.; De-Geest, H.; Jousten, P., 1977: Subacute bacterial endo carditis due to actinobacillus actinomycetem comitans report of a case with a review of the literature

Baker E.L.Jr; Peterson W.A.; Holtz J.L.; Coleman C.; Landrigan P.J., 1979: Subacute cadmium intoxication in jewelry workers an evaluation of diagnostic procedures

Grace T.W.; Platt F.W., 1981: Subacute carbon mon oxide poisoning another great imitator

Shomura T.; Okada Y.; Miyamoto S.; Nishiuchi S.; Hata H.; Tatemichi K., 1987: Subacute cardiac rupture following myocardial infarction report of three cases and review of the literature

Olson, H. M.; Capen, C. C., 1977: Subacute cardio toxicity of adriamycin in the rat biochemical and ultrastructural investigations

Ogawa O.; Hashimoto K.; Taniguchi T.; Nakagawa T.; Kusaka H.; Takahashi R.; Matsumoto S.; Imai T., 1987: Subacute cerebellar degeneration with hcg beta positive seminoma of the testis

Angelini L.; Broggi G.; Nardocci N.; Savoiardo M., 1982: Subacute cervical myelopathy in a child with cerebral palsy secondary to torsion dystonia?

Rifkinson Mann S.; Mormino J.; Sachdev V.P., 1986: Subacute cervical spine instability

Jones R.B.; Priest J.B.; Kuo C C., 1982: Subacute chlamydial endo carditis

Clayton P.T.; Smith I.; Harding B.; Hyland K.; Leonard J.V.; Leeming R.J., 1986: Subacute combined degeneration of the cord dementia and parkinsonism due to an inborn error of folate metabolism

Lever E.G.; Elwes R.D.C.; Williams A.; Reynolds E.H., 1986: Subacute combined degeneration of the cord due to folate deficiency response to methyl folate treatment

Huminer D.; Shvili D., 1985: Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus

Sontheimer R.D.; Thomas J.R.; Gilliam J.N., 1979: Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus a cutaneous marker for a distinct lupus erythematosus subset

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Callen J.P.; Ross L., 1981: Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus and porphyria cutanea tarda report of a case

Reed B.R.; Huff J.C.; Jones S.K.; Orton P.W.; Lee L.A.; Norris D.A., 1985: Subacute cutaneous lupus erythematosus associated with hydrochlorothiazide therapy

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Oh, S. J., 1978: Subacute de myelinating poly neuropathy responding to cortico steroid treatment

Okamoto, M.; Riker, W. F. Jr, 1969: Subacute de nervation a means of disclosing mammalian motor nerve terminals as critical sites of acetyl choline autonomic and facilitatory drug actions physostigmine autonomic cat

Nyulassy, S.; Hnilica, P.; Buc, M.; Guman, M.; Hirschova, V.; Stefanovic, J., 1977: Subacute de quervains thyroiditis association with hl a bw 35 antigen and abnormalities of the complement system immuno globulins and other serum proteins

Kinney H.; Burger P.C.; Vogel F.S., 1980: Subacute diencephalic angio encephalopathy an additional case

Teske, R. H.; Bishop, S. P.; Righter, H. F.; Detweiler, D. K., 1976: Subacute digoxin toxicosis in the beagle dog

Takahashi Y.; Mochitate K.; Miura T., 1986: Subacute effects of nitrogen dioxide on membrane constituents of lung liver and kidney of rats

Rasaretnam R.; Chanmugam D., 1980: Subacute effusive constrictive epi carditis

Ponsonnaille J.; Bouniol B.; Pailloncy M.; Heiligenstein D.; Gras H., 1980: Subacute embolic cor pulmonale diagnosis and treatment

Norrby, E.; Kristensson, K., 1978: Subacute encephalitis and hydrocephalus in hamsters caused by measles virus from persistently infected cell cultures

Nielsen S.L.; Petito C.K.; Urmacher C.D.; Posner J.B., 1984: Subacute encephalitis in acquired immune deficiency syndrome a postmortem study

De La Monte S.M.; Ho D.D.; Schooley R.T.; Hirsch M.S.; Richardson E.P.Jr, 1987: Subacute encephalomyelitis of aids and its relation to htlv iii infection

Duche B.; Louiset P.; Demotes Mainard J.; Loiseau P., 1987: Subacute encephalopathy idiosyncratic reaction to carbamazepine

Peters R.A.; Spencer H.; Bidstrup P.L., 1981: Subacute fluoro acetate poisoning

Klemmer, P. J.; Hadler, N. M., 1978: Subacute fluorosis a consequence of abuse of an organo fluoride anesthetic

Waldbott G.L., 1983: Subacute fluorosis due to airborne fluoride

Fahmy N.W.; Honore L.H.; Cumming D.C., 1987: Subacute focal endometritis association with cervical colonization with ureaplasma urealyticum pelvic pathology and endometrial maturation

Roberts J.M.; Drummon D.S.; Breed A.L.; Chesney J., 1982: Subacute hematogenous osteo myelitis in children a retrospective study

De Cree J.; Geukens H.; Cobo C.; Verhaegen H., 1987: Subacute hemodynamic effects of nebivolol in man at rest and during exercise

Sheen I S.; Liao Y F.; Chu C M.; Chen T J., 1984: Subacute hepatic failure

Beaubien, A. R.; Mathieu, L. F.; Huddleston, J. A.; James, H. F., 1977: Subacute imipramine changes in single dose pharmaco kinetics in rats

Sui G.J.; Liu Y.H.; Cheng X.S.; Anand I.S.; Harris E.; Harris P.; Health D., 1988: Subacute infantile mountain sickness

Rabinowitz S.G.; Johnson T.C.; Dal Canto M.C., 1979: Subacute infection with temperature sensitive vesicular stomatitis virus mutant g 41 in the central nervous system of mice part 1 clinical and virologic studies

Dal Canto M.C.; Rabinowitz S.G.; Johnson T.C., 1979: Subacute infection with temperature sensitive vesicular stomatitis virus mutant g 41 in the central nervous system of mice part 2 immuno fluorescent morphologic and immunologic studies

Legrain S.; Herson S.; Etienne S.D.; Chomette G.; Bouchon J.P.; Godeau P., 1988: Subacute infectious endocarditis in the elderly a retrospective study of 33 cases

Kato N.; Morinobu S.; Ishizu S., 1986: Subacute inhalation experiment for methyl bromide in rats

Tansy M.F.; Werley M.; Landin W.; Oberly R.; Kendall F.M.; Miller A.; Sherman W., 1981: Subacute inhalation toxicity testing with iodoform vapor

Herkowitz H.N.; Rothman R.H., 1984: Subacute instability of the cervical spine

Hackney D.B.; Atlas S.W.; Grossman R.I.; Gomori J.M.; Goldberg H.I.; Zimmerman R.A.; Bilaniuk L.T., 1987: Subacute intracranial hemorrhage contribution of spin density to appearance on spin echo mr images

Jenkins O.; Bailey R.; Crisp E.; Jackson D.M., 1980: Subacute l dopa in mice biochemical and behavioral effects

Coma Canella I.; Lopez Sendon J.; Gonzalez L.N.; Ferrufino O., 1983: Subacute left ventricular free wall rupture following acute myo cardial infarction bedside hemodynamics differential diagnosis and treatment

Kuzuhara S.; Ohkoshi N.; Kanemaru K.; Hashimoto H.; Nakanishi T.; Toyokura Y., 1987: Subacute leukoencephalopathy induced by carmofur a 5 fluorouracil derivative

Hall R.J.C.; Mchaffie D.; Pusey C.; Sutton G.C., 1981: Subacute massive pulmonary embolism

Ellis D.A.; Neville E.; Hall R.J.C., 1983: Subacute massive pulmonary embolism treated with plasminogen and strepto kinase

Mori Y.; Et Al, 1984: Subacute mastoiditis in adults

Atcheson, S. G.; Van-Horn, G., 1977: Subacute meningitis heralding a diffuse granulomatous angiitis wegeners granulomatosis

Ricoy J.R.; Ortega A.; Cabello A., 1982: Subacute myelo optic neuropathy 1st neuro pathological report outside japan

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Frager D.; Elkin C.; Swerdlow M.; Bloch S., 1988: Subacute osteoporotic compression fracture misleading magnetic resonance appearance

Svindland H.B., 1981: Subacute parathion poisoning with erysipeloid like lesion

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Pall H.S.; Williams A.C., 1987: Subacute polyradiculopathy with optic and auditory nerve involvement

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