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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6535

Chapter 6535 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Alvarado J., 1986: Subconjunctival injections preservative related changes in the corneal endothelium

Hirata C., 1987: Subconjunctival lipid infiltration caused by an isolated meibomian gland cyst

Hein H.F., 1979: Subconjunctival steroid injections for the treatment of chemically burned eyes

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534003

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534004

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534005

Genis Galvez J.M., 1987: Subcorneal macrophages in the development of the anterior chamber in the chick a study with light and scanning electron microscopy

Wilkinson D.S., 1979: Subcorneal pustular dermatosis

Ackerman A.B., 1979: Subcorneal pustular dermatosis a variant of pustular psoriasis

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534009

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534010

Cotterill J.A., 1981: Subcorneal pustular dermatosis and immuno globulin a gammopathy

Salvi F., 1985: Subcorneal pustular dermatosis and immunoglobulin a myeloma

Saurat J H., 1982: Subcorneal pustular dermatosis and mono clonal immuno globulin a

Winkelmann R.K., 1983: Subcorneal pustular dermatosis and pustular psoriasis a clinico pathologic correlation

Folkers, E.; Tafelkruyer, J., 1978: Subcorneal pustular dermatosis sneddon wilkinson disease therapeutic problems

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534016

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534017

Oosterlinck W., 1985: Subcoronal hypospadias

Lieberman A.R., 1986: Subcortical afferent and efferent connections of the superior colliculus in the rat and comparisons between albino and pigmented strains

Mehler W.R., 1980: Subcortical afferent connections of the amygdala in the monkey

Veening, J. G., 1978: Subcortical afferents of the amygdaloid complex in the rat horseradish peroxidase study

Lohman A.H.M., 1980: Subcortical afferents of the nucleus accumbens septi in the cat studied with retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase and bis benzamide

Cowan W.M., 1980: Subcortical afferents to the hippocampal formation in the monkey macaca fascicularis

Kosmal A., 1986: Subcortical afferents to the mediodorsal thalamic nucleus of the dog

Zyo K., 1986: Subcortical afferents to the nucleus reticularis tegmenti pontis in the rabbit a retrograde horseradish peroxidase study

Arikuni, T.; Ban, T. Jr, 1978: Subcortical afferents to the prefrontal cortex in rabbits

Favale E., 1987: Subcortical and cortical responses following infraorbital nerve stimulation in man

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534028

Vignolo L.A., 1983: Subcortical aphasia 2 clinical computed tomography correlation studies

Rascol A., 1984: Subcortical aphasia neurolinguistic and computed tomography scanning study of 25 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534031

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534032

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534033

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534034

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534035

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534036

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534037

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534038

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534039

Van Buskirk R.L., 1983: Subcortical auditory and somato sensory afferents to hamster mesocricetus auratus superior colliculus

Kosmal A., 1981: Subcortical connections of the prefrontal cortex in dogs afferents to the medial cortex

Dabrowska J., 1980: Subcortical connections of the prefrontal cortex in dogs afferents to the orbital gyrus

Kosmal A., 1981: Subcortical connections of the prefrontal cortex in dogs afferents to the proreal gyrus

Kobler J.B., 1987: Subcortical connections of the superior colliculus in the mustache bat pteronotus parnellii

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534045

Coats A.C., 1982: Subcortical correlates of the auditory brain stem potentials in man bi polar electro encephalographic and multiple unit activity and electrical stimulation

Coats A.C., 1981: Subcortical correlates of the auditory brain stem potentials in man referential electro encephalography responses

Almanza X., 1984: Subcortical correlates of the auditory brain stem potentials in the monkey bi polar electro encephalogram and multiple unit activity responses

Olvera A., 1982: Subcortical correlates of the auditory brain stem potentials in the monkey referential responses

Olvera A., 1986: Subcortical correlates of the p 300 potential complex in man to auditory stimuli

Velasco, M.; Velasco, F., 1986: Subcortical correlates of the somatic auditory and visual vertex activities ii. referential electroencephalographic responses

Velasco, M.; Velasco, F.; Olvera, A., 1985: Subcortical correlates of the somatic auditory and visual vertex activities in man i. bipolar electroencephalographic responses and electrical stimulation

Rogers P.J., 1986: Subcortical crossed aphasia a case report

Buchwald N.A., 1984: Subcortical crossed axonal projections to the caudate nucleus of the cat a double labeling study

Unterharnscheidt F., 1984: Subcortical electro encephalographic changes in rhesus monkeys following experimental hyper extension hyper flexion whiplash

Canedo A., 1982: Subcortical influences upon prefrontal cortex of the cat

Thompson, R.; Spiliotis, P. H., 1981: Subcortical lesions and retention of a brightness discrimination in the rat appetitive vs. aversive motivation

Takashima, S.; Armstrong, D. L.; Becker, L. E., 1978: Subcortical leuko malacia relationship to development of the cerebral sulcus and its vascular supply

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534059

Weisberg L.A., 1985: Subcortical lobar intracerebral hemorrhage clinical computed tomographic correlations

Oakley, D. A.; Russell, I. S., 1976: Subcortical nature of pavlovian differentiation in the rabbit

Bust J.C.M., 1982: Subcortical neglect

Delaloye B., 1988: Subcortical neglect neuropsychological spect and neuropathological correlations with anterior choroidal artery territory infarction

Black S.E., 1987: Subcortical neglect quantitation anatomy and recovery

Probst, A., 1977: Subcortical neuro fibrillary degeneration in an old man with straight filaments and twisted tubules

Conforti N., 1987: Subcortical pathways involved in the mediation of adrenocortical responses following frontal cortex stimulation

Killackey H.P., 1984: Subcortical projections from ectopic neocortical neurons

Kaas J.H., 1979: Subcortical projections of 6 visual cortical areas in the owl monkey aotus trivirgatus

Fish S.E., 1985: Subcortical projections of area 17 in the anophthalmic mouse

Mishkin M., 1984: Subcortical projections of area mt in the macaque

Norden, J. J.; Lin, C. S.; Kaas, J. H., 1978: Subcortical projections of the dorsomedial visual area of visual association cortex in the owl monkey aotus trivirgatus

Yin T.C.T., 1984: Subcortical projections of the inferior parietal cortex area 7 in the stump tailed monkey

Gruschka H., 1983: Subcortical projections of the striate cortex in the adult albino rat and during post natal development

Martin P.R., 1983: Subcortical projections to lateral geniculate and thalamic reticular nuclei in the hooded rat

Burne R.A., 1981: Subcortical projections to layer i of the visual cortex area 17 of the rat

Devito J.L., 1980: Subcortical projections to the hippocampal formation in squirrel monkey saimiri sciureus

Villar M.J., 1982: Subcortical projections to the lateral geniculate body in the rat

Tigges M., 1983: Subcortical projections to the occipital and parietal lobes of the chimpanzee pan troglodytes brain

Divac, I.; Kosmal, A.; Bjoerklund, A.; Lindvall, O., 1978: Subcortical projections to the prefrontal cortex in the rat as revealed by the horseradish peroxidase technique

Gerhart J.C., 1987: Subcortical rotation in xenopus eggs a preliminary study of its mechanochemical basis

Gerhart J.C., 1987: Subcortical rotation in xenopus eggs an early step in embryonic axis specification

Oakley, D. A.; Russell, I. S., 1977: Subcortical storage of pavlovian conditioning in the rabbit

Gambaryan M.L., 1984: Subcortical structures of the brain and the behavior of albino rats

Garibyan A.A., 1983: Subcortical structures of the brain in the course of evolutionary development of animals

Anschel S., 1982: Subcortical structures projecting to visual cortical areas in squirrel monkey saimiri

Shima F., 1984: Subcortical thalamic and cortical somatosensory evoked potentials to median nerve stimulation

Cronin Golomb A., 1986: Subcortical transfer of cognitive information in subjects with complete forebrain commissurotomy

Grechin, V. B., 1977: Subcortical units of optimization of human intellectual thought activity

Fujita M., 1987: Subcortical vascular encephalopathy in a normotensive young adult with premature baldness and spondylitis deformans a clinicopathological study and review of the literature

Teitelbaum P., 1982: Subcortical waking and sleep during lateral hypothalamic somnolence in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534091

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534092

Kaplinsky E., 1988: Subcostal cross sectional echocardiographic imaging of patent ductus arteriosus

Sethi J.P., 1981: Subcostal lump an unusual presentation of infrapulmonary effusion a case

Slama R., 1983: Subcostal m mode computerized echo cardiography an alternative or complementary approach to parasternal echo cardiography?

Drinkovic N., 1984: Subcostal m mode echo cardiography of the right atrial wall for differentiation of supraventricular tachy arrhythmias with aberration from ventricular tachy cardia

Belgrano E., 1981: Subcostal xypho umbilico flap a new approach to the neoplastic kidney

Teggin A.F., 1985: Subcultural delusions and hallucinations comments on the present state examination in a multi cultural context

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534099

Tsukada Y., 1986: Subcultured astrocytes suppress the proliferation of neuroblasts in vitro

Burger D.R., 1985: Subcultured human endothelial cells can function independently as fully competent antigen presenting cells

Kawamura Y., 1986: Subcutaneous abscesses caused by ochroconis gallopavum

De Pietro U., 1986: Subcutaneous adiponecrosis in the newborn etiopathogenetic considerations on a clinical case

Tonnesen K.H., 1987: Subcutaneous adipose tissue blood flow in the forefoot during 24 hours labelling pattern and reproducibility

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534105

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534106

Lankisch P.G., 1987: Subcutaneous administration of the synthetic trypsin inhibitor foy 305 induces hypertrophy of the exocrine pancreas

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534108

Shawa N.J., 1986: Subcutaneous and intramuscular pressures in the post phlebitic limb

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534111

Nakajima Y., 1984: Subcutaneous and intraperitoneal inoculation of dirofilaria immitis microfilariae into mice

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534113

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534114

Klemp P., 1985: Subcutaneous blood flow in psoriasis

Jensen K., 1987: Subcutaneous blood flow in the temporal region of migraine patients

Ell S.R., 1985: Subcutaneous calcifications masquerading as pulmonary lesions in long term hemodialysis review of nodular pulmonary opacities in the population undergoing hemodialysis

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534118

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534119

Schwillie P.O., 1985: Subcutaneous cannula in the jugular and femoral vein a tool for frequent blood sampling and infusions in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534121

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534122

Ogunseyinde O.A., 1987: Subcutaneous emphysema and pneumomediastinum complicating endotracheal intubation a case report

Wegener M., 1986: Subcutaneous emphysema and pneumothorax complicating diagnostic colonoscopy

Schwarz E., 1985: Subcutaneous emphysema during status asthmaticus

Reeder S.R., 1986: Subcutaneous emphysema pneumomediastinum and pneumothorax in labor and delivery

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534127

Betsill W.L.Jr, 1985: Subcutaneous endometriosis diagnosed by fine needle aspiration cytology

Stevens F.D., 1988: Subcutaneous facial emphysema secondary to use of the cavi jet

Hattori K., 1987: Subcutaneous fat distribution pattern in japanese young adults

Heyters C., 1985: Subcutaneous fat evaluation of pupils from 7 to 12 years old

Cicioni V., 1987: Subcutaneous fat necrosis in the newborn

Tel N., 1986: Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn

Bailey, S. M.; Gershoff, S. N.; Mcgandy, R. B.; Nondasuta, A.; Tantiwongse, P., 1985: Subcutaneous fat remodeling in southeast asian infants and children

Smith F.W., 1988: Subcutaneous fat thickness measured by magnetic resonance imaging ultrasound and calipers

Mirwald R.L., 1986: Subcutaneous fat topography age changes and relationship to cardiovascular fitness in canadians

Roche A.F., 1986: Subcutaneous fatness and stature relationship from infancy to adulthood

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534138

Sullivan A.F., 1987: Subcutaneous formalin induced activity of dorsal horn neurons in the rat differential response to an intrathecal opiate administered pre formalin or post formalin

Grossin, M. B. C.; Aitken, G.; Belaich, S.; Bocquet, L., 1985: Subcutaneous forms of the castleman's benign lymphoma a case report with a review of the literature

Hill J.J.Jr, 1986: Subcutaneous granuloma annulare of the finger

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534143

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534144

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534145

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534146

Pickup J.C., 1986: Subcutaneous implantation of a ferrocene mediated glucose sensor in pigs

Gabrielli M.F.R., 1984: Subcutaneous implantation of dentin tubes filled up with calcium hydroxide material histological study in rats

Townsend K.M.S., 1987: Subcutaneous implantation of double velour dacron into the mouse infiltration and angiogenesis

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534150

Olsson P O., 1987: Subcutaneous insulin substitution in insulin dependent diabetes mellitus pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic studies

Shanker R., 1984: Subcutaneous kerosine toxicity in albino rats

Mohr W., 1986: Subcutaneous leiomyosarcoma of the hand

Lloyd, L. C., 1970: Subcutaneous lesions induced in rabbits by mycoplasma mycoides

Igarashi M., 1986: Subcutaneous long term pulsatile administration of lhrh to patients with hypothalamic amenorrhea

Hueter J., 1986: Subcutaneous mastectomy indications histological results

Kolendorf K., 1984: Subcutaneous measurements of xenon 133 disappearance with portable cadmium telluride detectors elimination of interference from combined convection and diffusion

Arocena Lanz F., 1985: Subcutaneous metastasis of a prostatic adenocarcinoma

Gotti G., 1984: Subcutaneous metastasis of malignant mesothelioma of the pleura rare complication of thoracic postoperative drainage

Ramos J.L.A., 1985: Subcutaneous mucormycosis caused by rhizopus oryzae probable nosocomial acquired infection

Pena Yanez J., 1988: Subcutaneous mucormycosis due to cunninghamella sp in an aids patient

Hiraki S., 1987: Subcutaneous operation and examination under universal endoscope

Peters V.J., 1988: Subcutaneous ossification of the legs examined by spect

Terayama I., 1988: Subcutaneous pedicle flaps for scalp defects

Hutt M.S.R., 1985: Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis a histopathological study of 9 cases from malawi

Ajello J., 1984: Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by cladosporium devriesii new species

Radcliffe G.N., 1984: Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by exophiala spinifera

Ajello L., 1988: Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by scolecobasidium humicola in a cat

Mcginnis M.R., 1988: Subcutaneous phaeohyphomycosis caused by xylohypha emmonsii

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534170

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534171

Tagger, M.; Tagger, E., 1986: Subcutaneous reactions to implantation of tubes with ah 26 and grossman's sealer

Fefer A., 1987: Subcutaneous recombinant gamma interferon in cancer patients toxicity pharmacokinetics and immunomodulatory effects

Postma M.H., 1988: Subcutaneous rheumatoid nodules

Haller H., 1987: Subcutaneous rupture of the flexor tendon reconstruction of primary arthrodesis

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534176

Ralph D.R., 1988: Subcutaneous sacrococcygeal myxopapillary ependymal rests

Winkelmann R.K., 1984: Subcutaneous sarcoidosis

Tagami H., 1988: Subcutaneous sarcoidosis with extensive caseation necrosis

Holz U., 1988: Subcutaneous tendon ruptures of the upper arm

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534181

Hunt T.K., 1987: Subcutaneous tissue oxygen tension falls during hemodialysis

Shimizu S I., 1988: Subcutaneous tissue responses in rats to injection of fine particles of synthetic hydroxyapatite ceramic

Matousek J., 1985: Subcutaneous transposition of a kidney experimental study in the rat

Yannopoulos P.A., 1985: Subcutaneous transposition of the proximal esophagus in esophagoplasty

Deckert F., 1988: Subcutaneous transposition of the spleen a new alternative method for treatment of complications in portal hypertension

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534187

Clausen B.A., 1988: Subcutaneous tunnelling of epidural catheters

Santos J.L.D., 1985: Subcutaneous vaccination of cattle with low doses of b 19 strain

Zic R., 1987: Subcutaneous walker 256 carcinosarcoma in rats dynamics of bone cells and pathogenesis of hypercalcemia

Beck E., 1985: Subcutaneous wiring using the goetze technique in torsion fractures of the lower leg

Eriksen J., 1986: Subcutaneously implanted injection system for epidural administration

Tewari J.P., 1986: Subcuticular growth of alternaria brassicae in rapeseed

Benson C.E., 1985: Subcuticular skin closure after inguinal surgery a controlled trial of polypropylene or polydioxanone

Riegraf W., 1987: Subdelloidina luterbacheri new species foraminifera from kimmeridgian to tithonian upper jurassic sponge algal facies of southern west germany

Collagen Podiatr Invest Group, 1986: Subdermal collagen injections for the treatment of hyperkeratotic lesions

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534197

Conley, J. J.; Clairmont, A. A., 1977: Subdermal fascial augmentation

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534199

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534200

Johansson E.D.B., 1979: Subdermal norethindrone pellets a method for contraception?

Green R.A., 1979: Subdiaphragmatic adiposity mimicking ascites by liver lung scintigraphy

Finkel S.I., 1988: Subdiaphragmatic bronchogenic cyst with gastric communication

Leibenhaut, M. H.; Hoppe, R. T.; Varghese, A.; Rosenberg, S. A., 1987: Subdiaphragmatic hodgkin's disease laparotomy and treatment results in 49 patients

Drebes, G., 1968: Subdieciousness in the centric diatom coscinodiscus granii

Mahrwald R., 1984: Subdividing the locations of waste deposits into pure and mixed pollutant deposits based on the oxygen consumption of the deposit surfaces

Gagiev M.H., 1985: Subdivision and correlation of frasnian famennian boundary deposits in terms of conodonts ussr northeast fore kolyma uplift

Luo H., 1984: Subdivision and correlation of the cambrian system in southeastern yunnan china

Akhvlediani, D. G.; Botvinnik, P. V.; Gambashidze, R. A., 1975: Subdivision and correlation of the cenomanian deposits of the southern and northern slopes of the greater caucasus ussr

Fu H., 1987: Subdivision and correlation of the sinian system in jiangxi province china with special reference to concerned problems

Koblenz C., 1980: Subdivision and differentiation of milk cells in cows with clinically intact and pathological udders

Sun J., 1980: Subdivision and recognition of the nihewan strata

Rook G., 1986: Subdivision of daughter strains of bcg according to secreted protein patterns

Patterson S.D., 1988: Subdivision of equine tf into h 1 and h 2

Berg C.C., 1986: Subdivision of ficus subgenus urostigma section galoglychia moraceae

Macnab R.M., 1986: Subdivision of flagellar genes of salmonella typhimurium into regions responsible for assembly rotation and switching

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534217

Yohro T., 1979: Subdivision of mouse vibrissae on an embryological basis with descriptions of variations in the number and arrangement of sinus hairs and cortical barrels in balb c nu t nude nu nu and hairless hr hr strains

Collins C.H., 1985: Subdivision of mycobacterium tuberculosis for epidemiological purposes a 7 year study of the classical and asian types of the human tubercle bacillus in southeast england uk

Grange J.M., 1982: Subdivision of mycobacterium tuberculosis into 5 variants for epidemiological purposes methods and nomenclature

Pitt T.L., 1988: Subdivision of o serotypes of pseudomonas aeruginosa with monoclonal antibodies

Papworth D.G., 1984: Subdivision of s phase and its use for comparative purposes in cultured human cells

Roussel G., 1986: Subdivision of shoot growth of maritime pine pinus pinaster geographic variation of morphogenetic and phenological components

Birnie G.D., 1985: Subdivision of the acute non lymphoblastic leukemias by measurement of the relative abundance of a specific rna sequence

Dewar, P. J.; Coates, E. W.; Murray, S., 1977: Subdivision of the antigen hl a b 4

Ye D Q., 1988: Subdivision of the cretaceous of the songliao basin china based on micropaleobiotic evolution

Lindgren, A.; Westermark, B., 1976: Subdivision of the g 1 phase of human glia cells in culture

Chrtek, J.; Slavikova, Z., 1978: Subdivision of the genus adonis into 3 genera

Okada, T., 1976: Subdivision of the genus chymomyza diptera drosophilidae with description of 3 new species

Beschovski, V., 1978: Subdivision of the genus oscinella diptera chloropidae with description of a new species

Yao A., 1984: Subdivision of the mesozoic complex in kii yura area southwest japan and its bearing on the mesozoic basin development in the southern chichibu terrane

Colten H.R., 1984: Subdivision of the s region of the mouse major histocompatibility complex by identification of genomic polymorphisms of the class iii genes

Skarin A., 1984: Subdivision of vaginal isolates of anaerobic curved bacteria based on genetic morphologic biochemical and gas chromatographic mass spectrometric studies

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534234

Kaas J.H., 1987: Subdivisions and connections of inferior temporal cortex in owl monkeys

Winer, J. A.; Diamond, I. T.; Raczkowski, D., 1977: Subdivisions of the auditory cortex of the cat the retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase to the medial geniculate body and posterior thalamic nuclei

Graybiel A.M., 1987: Subdivisions of the dopamine containing a8 a9 a10 complex identified by their differential mesostriatal innervation of striosomes and extrastriosomal matrix

Payne, R.; Amos, B.; Kostyu, D.; Engelfriet, C. P.; Van-Den-Berg-Loonen, P. M.; Curtoni, E. S.; Richiardi, P., 1978: Subdivisions of the hl a b 5 and hl a bw 35 complex

Knudsen E.I., 1983: Subdivisions of the inferior colliculus in the barn owl tyto alba

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534240

Garvie E.I., 1981: Subdivisions within the genus leuconostoc as shown by rna dna hybridization

Nicolau A., 1985: Subdosage irradiation the cause of therapeutic failure in neoplasm of the cervix uteri

Shishido T., 1980: Subdural abscess in infant and child

Ingham H.R., 1981: Subdural abscess secondary to covert dental sepsis

Rogon E., 1980: Subdural anesthesia

Bazan J., 1980: Subdural collection infected by salmonella paratyphi b

Suzuki J., 1981: Subdural effusion following radical surgery for chiasmal region tumors in children 4 cases

Sato J., 1982: Subdural effusion hematoma accompanied by enlargement of subarachnoid spaces

Omanga U., 1979: Subdural effusion in children analysis of 60 cases observed in a general pediatrics ward in kinshasa zaire

Ngandu-Kabeya, G., 1978: Subdural effusion in infants observed in an african ward of general pediatrics description of 23 cases

Arsalo, A.; Louhimo, I.; Santavuori, P.; Valtonen, S., 1977: Subdural effusion results after treatment with subdural pleural shunts

Brandl H., 1980: Subdural effusions in children under 2 years clinical and computer tomographical data

Porras M., 1983: Subdural effusions reappearing after shunts in patients with nontumoral stenosis of the aqueduct

Et Al, 1988: Subdural electrodes in the evaluation for epilepsy surgery in children and adults

Bancescu I., 1984: Subdural empyema

Orrison W.B., 1982: Subdural empyema 2 cases verified by autopsy

Sakai N., 1980: Subdural empyema 9 cases and a review of the literature in japan

Tulleken C.A.F., 1984: Subdural empyema a review of 48 patients

Lilet C., 1987: Subdural empyema a serious complication report of 4 cases

Dolberg M., 1986: Subdural empyema caused by hematogenous spread

Bergtraum M., 1981: Subdural empyema caused by infection of preexisting subdural hematoma

Weisberg L., 1986: Subdural empyema clinical and computed tomographic correlations

Tiberin P., 1980: Subdural empyema complicating acute paranasal sinusitis

Farmer T.W., 1981: Subdural empyema complicating meningitis in infants improved prognosis

Danziger A., 1984: Subdural empyema computed tomographic findings

Gillett G., 1986: Subdural empyema continuing diagnostic problems in the computed tomographic

Tandon P.N., 1984: Subdural empyema in children

Wiesmann, R., 1969: Subdural empyemas

Parent A.D., 1987: Subdural empyemas in children

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534271

Koizumi H., 1988: Subdural fluid collection

Sugita K., 1987: Subdural fluid collection following craniotomy

Miwa T., 1980: Subdural fluid collection in infancy and childhood with special reference to subdural fluid pressure

Bret, P.; Lecuire, J.; Lapras, C.; Deruty, R.; Desgeorges, M.; Prudhon, J. L., 1976: Subdural hematoma and anti coagulant therapy

Nowacki P., 1980: Subdural hematoma and hemorrhagic changes of the pachy meningosis hemorrhagica interna type

Tijssen J.G.P., 1982: Subdural hematoma and oral anti coagulant therapy

Moussa, A. H.; Sharma, S. K., 1978: Subdural hematoma and the mal functioning shunt

Taneda M., 1982: Subdural hematoma from arterial rupture mechanism of arterial rupture in minor head injury

Gulati D.R., 1979: Subdural hematoma in an adult following a blast injury case report

Kleefield J., 1985: Subdural hematoma in patients with brain tumor computed tomography evaluation

Denham M.J., 1981: Subdural hematoma in the elderly

Kaufmann J.C.E., 1980: Subdural hematoma of the spinal cord and widespread subarachnoid hemorrhage complicating anti coagulant therapy

Kohno C., 1981: Subdural hematoma secondary to chronic disseminated intra vascular coagulation due to gastric cancer

Ambiavagar, P. C.; Sher, J., 1978: Subdural hematoma secondary to metastatic neoplasm report of 2 cases and a review of the literature

Dean D.F., 1983: Subdural hematoma secondary to ruptured intra cranial aneurysm computed tomographic diagnosis

Davis D.O., 1979: Subdural hematomas an unusual appearance on computed tomography

Martin A.A., 1981: Subdural hematomas in neo nates surgical treatment

Brodsky Yu S., 1987: Subdural hematomas in the newborn surgical treatment and results

Ponssen H., 1980: Subdural hygroma results of treatment by ventriculo abdominal shunt

Schubiger O., 1979: Subdural inter hemispheric empyema in a 7 year old boy

Pribram H.F.W., 1981: Subdural metastases from prostatic adeno carcinoma

Laterre C., 1981: Subdural or subarachnoid peri cerebral effusions in the infant with subdural or subarachnoid localization

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534294

Albin M.S., 1979: Subdural tension pneumo cephalus report of 2 cases

Gilsanz F., 1981: Subdural tension pneumocephalus after posterior fossa operation is the inverted bottle phenomenon the only causative factor

Obashi J., 1984: Subdural tension pneumocephalus as a post operative complication 3 cases

Cotanch W.W., 1982: Subdural tension pneumocephalus following surgery

Spekreijse H., 1984: Subdurally recorded pattern and luminance evoked potentials in the alert rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Folts J.D., 1985: Subendocardial and subepicardial segmental function changes in the dog heart due to gradual coronary flow reduction by an acutely developing thrombus

Sleet R.A., 1984: Subendocardial infarction in 2 young boys

Levine H.D., 1985: Subendocardial infarction in retrospect pathologic cardiographic and ancillary features

Et Al, 1985: Subendocardial myocardial infarction modes of evolution prognostic implications

Josephson M.E., 1985: Subendocardial resection for sustained ventricular tachycardia in the early period after acute myocardial infarction

Josephson M.E., 1984: Subendocardial resection for ventricular tachycardia predictors of surgical success

Dysko R.C., 1987: Subendocardial segment length shortening at lateral margins of ischemic myocardium in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534307

Kollecker P., 1986: Subendothelial beta 2 adrenoceptors in the rat vena cava facilitation of noradrenaline release via local stimulation of angiotensin ii synthesis

Rand J.H., 1982: Subendothelial deposition of von willebrands factor requires the presence of endothelial cells

Ozawa T., 1987: Subendothelial extracellular matrix heparan sulfate proteoglycan degrading activity of human monocyte macrophages

Kimani J.K., 1981: Subendothelial fibrillar laminae in the carotid arteries of the giraffe giraffa camelopardalis

Sixma J.J., 1986: Subendothelial proteins and platelet adhesion von willebrand factor and fibronectin not thrombospondin are involved in platelet adhesion to extracellular matrix of human vascular endothelial cells

Behrendt, H.; Kuehnel, W., 1976: Subendothelium in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Battisti O., 1986: Subependymal and intraventricular hemorrhages in the eutrophic premature infant at the gestational age of 34 weeks or less

Huang F Y., 1985: Subependymal cysts in normal neonates

Robertson D.M., 1979: Subependymal giant cell astro cytoma case report with ultrastructural study

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534317

Marangos P.J., 1984: Subependymal giant cell astro cytoma significance and possible cyto genetic implications of an immuno histochemical study

Becker L.E., 1983: Subependymal giant cell tumor astrocytic or neuronal

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534320

Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534321

Grawe L., 1980: Subependymal glycosamino glycan networks in adult and developing rat brain

Giertsen J.C., 1986: Subependymoma and unexpected death

Zimmerman H.M., 1987: Subependymoma in autopsy files over a 35 year period

Munoz M.J., 1981: Subependymoma of the lateral ventricle

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Section 7, Chapter 6535, Accession 006534981

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