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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6536

Chapter 6536 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Weiner H., 1983: Subnormal plasma dehydro iso androsterone to cortisol ratio in anorexia nervosa a 2nd hormonal parameter of ontogenic regression

Uchino H., 1982: Subnormal platelet response to thromboxane a 2 in a patient with chronic myeloid leukemia

Seppala M., 1979: Subnormal post conceptional levels of prolactin do not interfere with the early events of human pregnancy

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535003

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535004

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535005

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535006

Meikle, A. W.; Stringham, J. D.; Olsen, D. C., 1978: Subnormal tissue 3 alpha androstanediol and androsterone in prostatic hyperplasia

Wanger P., 1987: Subnormal visual acuity in children prognosis and visual evoked cortical potential findings

Mahendra B., 1985: Subnormality revisited in early 19th century france

Baluda M.A., 1987: Subnuclear associations of the v myb oncogene product and actin are dependent on ionic strength during nuclear isolation

Kondoh H., 1988: Subnuclear localization and antitransforming activity of n myc beta galactosidase fusion proteins

Sippel A.E., 1986: Subnuclear localization of proteins encoded by the oncogene v myb and its cellular homolog c myb

Souza L.M., 1988: Subnuclear localization of the trans activating protein of human t cell leukemia virus type i

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535014

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535015

Mcneill T.H., 1980: Subnuclei in the rat hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus a cyto architectural horseradish peroxidase and immuno cytochemical analysis

Dawes J.D.K., 1985: Suboccipital approach in the removal of acoustic neuromas

Mosdal C., 1981: Suboccipital micro surgery of acoustic neuromas

Przuntek H., 1987: Suboccipital puncture for cerebrospinal fluid in the common marmoset callithrix jacchus

Schunck O., 1983: Suboccipital puncture of guinea pigs

Thomsen, J., 1976: Suboccipital removal of acoustic neuromas results of 125 operations

Troupp H., 1986: Suboccipital removal of vestibular neurinoma with preservation of the labyrinth

Wilkinson A., 1986: Suboccipito vault skull diameter an early indicator of ventricular dilatation in preterm babies

Coppens Y., 1982: Subocclusal morphology and alveolar process relationships of hominid gnathic elements from the hadar formation ethiopia 1974 1977 collections

Zapffe C.A., 1982: Suboceanic thermodynamics in relation to meteorology and world climate

Murav'ev V.Yu, 1985: Suboperative diagnosis of incipient cancer of the stomach

Turner, M. W.; Seymour, N. D.; Kazatchkine, M. D.; Mowbray, J. F., 1985: Suboptimal complement c 3b c 3bi deposition and defective yeast opsonization i. evidence for the absence of essential co factor activity

Turner, M. W.; Seymour, N. D.; Kazatchkine, M. D.; Mowbray, J. F., 1985: Suboptimal complement c 3b c 3bi deposition and defective yeast opsonization ii. partial purification and preliminary characterization of an opsonic co factor able to correct sera with the defect

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535029

Griffiths D., 1981: Suboptimal foraging in the ant lion macroleon quinquemaculatus

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535031

Draulans D., 1984: Suboptimal mussel dreissena polymorpha selection by tufted ducks aythya fuligula test of a hypothesis

Funderburk, S. J.; Guthrie, D.; Meldrum, D., 1976: Suboptimal pregnancy outcome among women with prior abortions and premature births

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535034

Lagergren K.R., 1981: Suboptimal vigilance in patients with complete heart block influence of cardiac pacing and a neotropic substance

Adler S., 1983: Subordinate imitation of supervisor behavior the role of supervisor power and subordinate self esteem

Brown J.L., 1982: Subordinates must wait

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535038

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535039

Wu M., 1986: Subpallidal projections to the mesencephalic locomotor region investigated with a combination of behavioral and electrophysiological recording techniques

Isono, T.; Katoh, T., 1987: Subparticles of anabaena phycobilisomes ii. molecular assembly of allophycocyanin cores in reference to anchor protein

Krause W., 1986: Subpartual analysis of ctg score and transcutaneous oxygen pressure in hypotrophic and eutrophic fetuses

Gonzalez C., 1985: Subpectoral pacemakers for the prevention of necrosis of the pocket

Calixto C.A., 1984: Subpectoral prosthesis implant by a transareolomamillar approach pitanguys technique

Seebeck T., 1987: Subpellicular and flagellar microtubules of trypanosoma brucei brucei contain the same alpha tubulin isoforms

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535046

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535047

Harris G.J., 1983: Subperiosteal abscess of the orbit

Freng A., 1979: Subperiosteal early resection of the mid palatal suture a morphological study in 12 patients operated for choanal atresia

Hayes W.C., 1982: Subperiosteal expansion and cortical remodeling of the human femur and tibia with aging

Mund M.L., 1981: Subperiosteal hematic cyst of the orbit

Harcke H.T., 1986: Subperiosteal hematoma another scintigraphic doughnut

Rogers D.E., 1982: Subperiosteal hematomas of the orbit angiographic and computed tomographic diagnosis

Harris G.J., 1988: Subperiosteal inflammation of the orbit a bacteriological analysis of 17 cases

Okoye B.C.C., 1988: Subperiosteal mastoid abscesses in chronic suppurative otitis media

Ippolito E., 1986: Subperiosteal osteoid osteoma a case report

Marton D., 1986: Subperiosteal osteoid osteoma of the talus

Knoche U., 1982: Subperiosteal segmental resection and insertion of a fibula graft in the treatment of solitary bone cysts of the humerus

Faehn O., 1979: Subperiosteal trans mucosal porous ceramic and titanium implants clinical experience from 3 cases

Giannakopoulos X., 1980: Subperitoneal schwannoma

Nerdrum H J., 1981: Subphrenic abscess

Van Der Sluis R.F., 1984: Subphrenic abscess

Cunill Y.Lopez M.E., 1980: Subphrenic abscess a statistical review of this complication

Bassan H.M., 1983: Subphrenic abscess following per cutaneous liver needle biopsy

Pinkhas J., 1979: Subphrenic abscess simulating metastatic carcinoma

Schulman A., 1981: Subphrenic abscess the radiological approach

Seicaru T., 1985: Subphrenic abscesses anatomo clinical and therapeutic considerations

Hendelman W., 1985: Subpial infiltration of blood products following experimental subarachnoid hemorrhage

Carlomagno S., 1982: Subpial spinal lipomas

Penneys N.S., 1983: Subpicogram analysis of sweat proteins using 2 dimensional poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis

Bruna E., 1988: Subpicogram determination of malondialdehyde by gas liquid chromatography with nitrogen phosphorus detector i standardization

Shank C.V., 1980: Subpicosecond and picosecond studies of electron transfer intermediates in rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides reaction centers

Ippen, E. P.; Shank, C. V.; Lewis, A.; Marcus, M. A., 1978: Subpicosecond spectroscopy of bacterio rhod opsin

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535074

Kawanami, O.; Ferrans, V. J.; Crystal, R. G., 1980: Subplasmalemmal linear densities in cells of the mononuclear phagocyte system in lung

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535077

Miles M.L., 1982: Subplasmalemmal linear density a mesodermal feature and a diagnostic aid

Butler, B. E., 1976: Subplasticity in australian soils introduction

Mcintyre, D. S., 1976: Subplasticity in australian soils part 1 description occurrence and some properties

Brewer, R.; Blackmore, A. V., 1976: Subplasticity in australian soils part 2 relationships between subplasticity rating optically oriented clay cementation and aggregate stability

Walker, P. H.; Hutka, J., 1976: Subplasticity in australian soils part 3 particle size properties of soil materials of varying plasticity

Blackmore, A. V., 1976: Subplasticity in australian soils part 4 plasticity and structure related to clay cementation

Norrish, K.; Tiller, K. G., 1976: Subplasticity in australian soils part 5 factors involved and techniques of dispersion

Markovitz A., 1984: Subpleural fat pads in patients exposed to asbestos distinction from noncalcified pleural plaques

Knight B., 1982: Subpleural petechiae and pseudopetechiae

Moulder P., 1984: Subpleural pulmonary hamartoma demonstration by computed tomography

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535088

Smith P.J., 1988: Subpopulation analysis of drug induced cell cycle delay in human tumor cells using 90 degrees light scatter

Balch C.M., 1986: Subpopulation analysis of human granular lymphocytes associations with age gender and cytotoxic activity

Conley N.S., 1987: Subpopulation of alveolar macrophages inhibits superoxide anion production by macrophages

Sasaki S., 1987: Subpopulations and functions of long c 3 c 5 propriospinal neurons

Nahm M.H., 1987: Subpopulations of b lymphocytes in germinal centers

Steinberg A.D., 1987: Subpopulations of cd4 cd8 thymocytes

Shortman K., 1988: Subpopulations of cd4 negative cd8 negative murine thymocytes differences in proliferation rate in vivo and proliferative responses in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535096

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535097

Brochier J., 1986: Subpopulations of circulating lymphocytes in adults with celiac disease

Braunsteiner H., 1984: Subpopulations of colony forming b lymphocytes exhibit distinct in vitro growth characteristics

Cohen H., 1986: Subpopulations of common acute lymphoblastic leukemia antigen positive lymphoid cells in normal bone marrow identified by hematopoietic differentiation antigens

Wilson, A.; D'amico, A.; Ewing, T.; Scollay, R.; Shortman, K., 1988: Subpopulations of early thymocytes a cross correlation flow cytometric analysis of adult mouse ly 2 negative l3t4 negative cd8 negative cd4 negative thymocytes using eight different surface markers

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535102

Boreiko C.J., 1987: Subpopulations of human bronchial epithelial cells in culture respond heterogeneously to 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate tpa and other modulators of differentiation

Tay, S. K.; Jenkins, D.; Maddox, P.; Campion, M.; Singer, A., 1987: Subpopulations of langerhans' cells in cervical neoplasia

Rome L.H., 1986: Subpopulations of liver coated vesicles resolved by preparative agarose gel electrophoresis

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535108

Kraal G., 1988: Subpopulations of lymphoid and non lymphoid cells in bronchus associated lymphoid tissue balt of the mouse

Mordoh J., 1987: Subpopulations of mcf7 cells separated by percoll gradient centrifugation a model to analyze the heterogeneity of human breast cancer

Hijmans W., 1985: Subpopulations of mononuclear cells in aging expansion of the null cell compartment and decrease in the number of t and b cells in human blood

Biberfeld P., 1984: Subpopulations of mononuclear cells in microscopic lesions of psoriatic patients selective accumulation of suppressor cytotoxic t cells in epidermis during the evolution of the lesion

Hodgson G.S., 1986: Subpopulations of mouse bone marrow high proliferative potential colony forming cells

Kung J.T., 1987: Subpopulations of mouse lyt a+ t cells defined by the expression of an ly 6 linked antigen b4b2

Mccall C.E., 1986: Subpopulations of neutrophils with increased oxidative product formation in blood of patients with infection

Ciotti M.T., 1986: Subpopulations of rat cerebellar astrocytes in primary culture morphology cell surface antigens and tritiated gamma aminobutyric acid transport

Van Helden D.F., 1985: Subpopulations of sympathetic neurons differ in their sensitivity to nerve growth factor antiserum

Barrios, R.; Selman, M.; Franco, R.; Chapela, R.; Lopez, J. S.; Fortoul, T. I., 1987: Subpopulations of t cells in lung biopsies from patients with pigeon breeder's disease

Man'ko, V. M.; Sayadyan-Kh, S.; Gevorkyan, M. I., 1985: Subpopulations of t lymphocytes controlling the differentiation of hemopoietic stem cells 1. characteristics of t lymphocytes inhibiting the phenomenon of hybrid resistance

Licence S.T., 1988: Subpopulations of t lymphocytes emigrating in venous blood draining pig thymus labelled in vivo with fluorochrome

Nagy J., 1987: Subpopulations of t lymphocytes in iga glomerulonephritis

Koech D.K., 1987: Subpopulations of t lymphocytes in kenyan patients with visceral leishmaniasis

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535123

Berkel A.I., 1985: Subpopulations of t lymphocytes in primary immunodeficiency diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535125

Declue, J. W.; Guyton, A. C.; Cowley, A. W-Jr ; Coleman, T. G.; Norman, R. A. Jr ; Mccaa, R. E., 1978: Subpressor angiotensin infusion renal sodium handling and salt induced hypertension in the dog

Kulig, J. W.; Tighe, T. J., 1976: Subproblem analysis of discrimination learning stimulus choice and response latency

Macgregor L., 1982: Subproestrus estrogen levels facilitate lordosis following septal or cingulate lesions

Krongrad, E.; Ellis, K.; Steeg, C. N.; Bowman, F. O-Jr ; Malm, J. R.; Gersony, W. M., 1976: Subpulmonary obstruction in congenitally corrected transposition of the great arteries due to ventricular membranous septal aneurysms

Shinebourne E.A., 1985: Subpulmonary pleural effusions in children after cardiac surgery

Schulman, A.; Dalrymple, R. B., 1978: Subpulmonary pneumo thorax

Christensen, E. E.; Dietz, G. W., 1976: Subpulmonic pneumo thorax in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Khalmukhamedova R.A., 1981: Subrecent palynological spectra in the western tien shan kirgiz ssr ussr

Nikiforova, L. D., 1978: Subrecent spore pollen spectra from the central taiga of the northeastern european part of the ussr

George A.R., 1988: Subrectal glands of reduviidae insecta heteroptera

Wang, H. S.; Greenberg, C. R.; Hewitt, J.; Kalousek, D.; Hayden, M. R., 1986: Subregional assignment of the linked marker g 8 d 4s 10 for huntington's disease to chromosome 4p16.1 16.3

Tan, Y. H.; Greene, A. E., 1976: Subregional localization of the gene governing the human interferon induced anti viral state in man

Certa, U.; Bannwarth, W.; Stueber, D.; Gentz, R.; Lanzer, M.; Le-Grice, S.; Cuillot, F.; Wendler, I.; Hunsmann, G.; Et-Al, 1986: Subregions of a conserved part of the human immunodeficiency virus gp 41 transmembrane protein are differentially recognized by antibodies of infected individuals

Tanooka H., 1987: Subrenal capsule assay applied to examine the sensitivity of allogenic mouse fibrosarcoma to hyperthermia chemotherapeutic drugs or combined treatment

Maenpaa J., 1985: Subrenal capsule assay as a predictor of clinical response of ovarian cancer to chemotherapy part ii

Klastersky J., 1987: Subrenal capsule assay for fresh human tumors in immunocompetent mice an inappropriate technique for non small cell lung cancer

Koiso K., 1988: Subrenal capsule assay host reaction and tumor size

Linna M., 1985: Subrenal capsule assay in human breast cancer response to cytostatic drug combinations and correlation with receptor status

Abrams, J.; Jacobovitz, D.; Dumont, P.; Semal, P.; Mommen, P.; Klastersky, J.; Atassi, G., 1986: Subrenal capsule assay of fresh human tumors problems and pitfalls

Edstrom J E., 1988: Subrepeats within the br1 beta repeat unit in chironomus pallidivittatus can be classified into different types depending on codon usage

Erkkila H., 1982: Subretinal and disc neo vascularization in serpiginous choroiditis

Hoffman M.E., 1985: Subretinal choroidal neovascularization in birdshot retinochoroidopathy

Liu Y P., 1982: Subretinal displacement of photo receptor nuclei in human retina

Hilton G.F., 1979: Subretinal fibrosis in retinal detachment

Rogell G.D., 1981: Subretinal lens an unusual complication of pars plana lensectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535151

Chisari F.V., 1980: Subretinal neo vascular membrane and disciform scar in behcets disease

Ryan S.J., 1980: Subretinal neo vascularization after argon laser photo coagulation

Jamison, R. R., 1978: Subretinal neo vascularization and papill edema associated with pseudotumor cerebri

Klein, R.; Lewis, R. A.; Meyers, S. M.; Myers, F. L., 1978: Subretinal neo vascularization associated with fundus flavimaculatus

Kayazawa F., 1982: Subretinal neo vascularization associated with toxoplasmic retino choroidal scar

Frank, K. E.; Purnell, E. W., 1978: Subretinal neo vascularization following rubella retinopathy

Benson W.E., 1980: Subretinal neo vascularization in chronic uveitis

Friedman A.H., 1982: Subretinal neo vascularization in ocular toxoplasmosis

Berkow J.W., 1984: Subretinal neo vascularization in senile macular degeneration

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535161

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535162

Annesley W.H.Jr, 1987: Subretinal neovascular membranes associated with choroidal nonperfusion and retinal ischemia

Uyama M., 1985: Subretinal neovascularization after krypton laser photocoagulation

Hiraga Y., 1986: Subretinal neovascularization and snow banking in a case of sarcoidosis case report

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535166

Green W.R., 1988: Subretinal neovascularization in a pseudophakic eye treated with krypton laser photocoagulation a clinicopathologic case report

Manabe R., 1984: Subretinal neovascularization in eyes with localized inferior posterior staphylomas

Bindley C., 1985: Subretinal new vessels after krypton laser photocoagulation

Machemer R., 1984: Subretinal proliferation

Ogino N., 1987: Subretinal strands tissue culture and histological study

Machemer R., 1985: Subretinal strands ultrastructural features

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535173

De-Meillon, B.; Wirth, W. W., 1979: Subsaharan ceratopogonidae diptera 1. a new south african species of mackerrasomyia

De-Meillon, B.; Wirth, W. W., 1983: Subsaharan ceratopogonidae diptera 11. the genus serromyia

De-Meillon, B.; Wirth, W. W., 1979: Subsaharan ceratopogonidae diptera 2. ceratopogonidae taken on flowers of avocado persea americana in south africa

De-Meillon, B.; Wirth, W. W., 1979: Subsaharan ceratopogonidae diptera 3. new species and records of the genus fanthamia

De-Meillon, B.; Meiswinkel, R.; Wirth, W. W., 1982: Subsaharan ceratopogonidae diptera 8. 7 new species from the northern transvaal south africa

De-Meillon, B.; Wirth, W. W., 1983: Subsaharan ceratopogonidae diptera 9. new species and records from southern africa

De-Meillon, B.; Downes, J. A., 1986: Subsaharan ceratopogonidae diptera x. report on species collected in the drakensberg south africa

De-Meillon, B., 1987: Subsaharan ceratopogonidae diptera xii. new species and records mainly from south africa

De-Meillon, B., 1987: Subsaharan ceratopogonidae diptera xiii. two new south african genera of the tribe ceratopogonini

Furnival G.M., 1984: Subsampling trees for biomass volume or mineral content

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535184

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535185

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535186

Rieben A., 1981: Subscapular and triceps skin fold thickness cross sectional sample survey geneva switzerland 1972

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535188

Larson S.G., 1988: Subscapularis function in gibbons and chimpanzees implications for interpretation of humeral head torsion in hominoids

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535190

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535191

Gear A.R.L., 1988: Subsecond calcium dynamics in adp and thrombin stimulated platelets a continuous flow approach using indo 1

Novikova L.N., 1985: Subsegmental bronchoalveolar lavage in the diagnosis of inflammatory and disseminated processes in the lungs

Whitlow P.L., 1986: Subselective measurement of coronary blood flow velocity using a steerable doppler catheter

Meyerhoff J.L., 1985: Subsensitive pituitary cyclic amp response to stress following adrenalectomy is not caused by loss of adrenal epinephrine

Jenne, J. W.; Chick, T. W.; Strickland, R. D.; Wall, F. J., 1977: Subsensitivity of beta responses during therapy with a long acting beta 2 preparation

Groves P.M., 1982: Subsensitivity of catecholaminergic neurons to direct acting agonists after single or repeated electro convulsive shock

Frigo G.M., 1985: Subsensitivity of enteric cholinergic neurons to alpha 2 adrenoceptor agonists after chronic sympathetic denervation

Kameyama T., 1985: Subsensitivity of pre dopamine and postdopamine receptors following long term treatment with amphetamine electrophysiological pharmacology

Langer, S. Z.; Dubocovich, M. L., 1977: Subsensitivity of presynaptic alpha adrenoceptors after exposure to noradrenaline

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535201

Scatton, B.; Worms, P., 1978: Subsensitivity of striatal and meso limbic dopamine target cells after repeated treatment with apo morphine di pivaloyl ester

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535203

Langer, S. Z.; Luchelli-Fortis, M. A., 1977: Subsensitivity of the presynaptic alpha adrenoceptors after short term surgical de nervation of the cat nictitating membrane

De Moraes S., 1987: Subsensitivity to beta adrenoceptor agonists in right atria isolated from footshock stressed rats

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535206

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535207

Nelson, H. S.; Raine, D. Jr ; Doner, H. C.; Posey, W. C., 1977: Subsensitivity to the broncho dilator action of albuterol produced by chronic administration

Shanghai-Second-Med-Coll-Hsinhua-Hosp-Dep-Pediatr, 1974: Subsepsis allergica a clinical type of rheumatoid disease

Greene, M. H.; Hoover, R. N.; Fraumeni, J. F. Jr, 1978: Subsequent cancer in patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia a possible immunologic mechanism

Fraumeni J.F.Jr, 1979: Subsequent cancer in patients with ewings sarcoma

Palumbo P.J., 1982: Subsequent cancer risk in the incidence cohort of rochester minnesota usa residents with diabetes mellitus

Myers E.D., 1982: Subsequent deliberate self harm in patients referred to a psychiatrist a prospective study

Van-Der-Velden, J. W.; Van-Putten, W. J. L.; Guinee, V. F.; Pfeiffer, R.; Van-Leeuwen, F. E.; Van-Der-Linden, E. A. M.; Vardomskaya, I.; Lane, W.; Durand, M.; Et-Al, 1988: Subsequent development of acute non lymphocytic leukemia in patients treated for hodgkin's disease

Baird, R. J.; Feldman, P.; Miles, J. T.; Madras, P. M.; Gurry, J. F., 1977: Subsequent downstream repair after aorta iliac and aorta femoral bypass operations

Sarkar, S. D.; Beierwaltes, W. H.; Gill, S. P.; Cowley, B. J., 1976: Subsequent fertility and birth histories of children and adolescents treated with iodine 131 for thyroid cancer

Schwartz P.E., 1982: Subsequent malignancies associated with carcinoma of the uterine cervix including an analysis of the effect of patient and treatment parameters on incidence and sites of metachronous malignancies

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535218

Toth J., 1984: Subsequent monoclonal gammopathies

O'dell G.D., 1981: Subsequent performance of calves held at near birth weight for the 1st 3 weeks of life

Harvey P., 1981: Subsequent physical and mental development in infants with positive contraction stress tests

Currie, J. B.; Jekel, J. F.; Klerman, L. V., 1972: Subsequent pregnancies among teenage mothers enrolled in a special program

Ben Aderet N., 1987: Subsequent pregnancy following labor of a very low birth weight infant

Astbury J., 1986: Subsequent pregnancy following the birth of an extremely low birth weight infant

Bard H., 1982: Subsequent pregnancy following the loss of an early preterm new born infant weighing less than 1000 grams

Sablinska B., 1987: Subsequent pregnancy outcome in patients with molar pregnancy and gestational trophoblastic tumors

Jackson L., 1983: Subsequent reproductive outcome in couples with repeated pregnancy loss

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535228

Son Y.H., 1985: Subsequent upper aerodigestive malignancies following treatment of esophageal cancer

Hoc J M., 1981: Subsequent verbalization in the study of cognitive processes

Cava M.P., 1979: Subsessiline structure revision and synthesis

Ferrara G.B., 1986: Subset analysis of human class ii molecules controlled by the dr 2 dw 2 haplotype two separate dr subsets carry the dr 2 specificity

Werner D., 1987: Subset characteristics of dna sequences involved in tight dna polypeptide complexes and their homology to nuclear matrix dna

Schlossman S.F., 1979: Subset derivation of thymus derived cell acute lympho blastic leukemia in man

Saxon A., 1988: Subset of natural killer cells is induced by immune complexes to display fc receptors for ige and iga and demonstrates isotype regulatory function

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535236

Sigel M.M., 1981: Subset of spleen lymphocytes from balb ccrgl mice stimulated by mouse mammary tumor virus

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535238

Winfield, J. B.; Shaw, M.; Yamada, A.; Minota, S., 1987: Subset specificity of antilymphocyte antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus ii. preferential reactivity with t4 positive cells is associated with relative depletion of autologous t4 positive cells

Winfield J.B., 1985: Subset specificity of antilymphocyte antibodies in systemic lupus erythematosus preferential reactivity with cells bearing the t 4 and autologous erythrocyte receptor phenotypes

Szegedi G., 1985: Subset specificity of lupus antilymphocyte antibodies studied by 2 color microfluorometry

Provost T.T., 1979: Subsets in systemic lupus erythematosus

Warlow R.S., 1986: Subsets of autoantibodies to extractable nuclear antigens ena as assayed by elisa correlate with specific clinical abnormalities in sle

Wilson D.L., 1987: Subsets of axonally transported and periaxonal polypeptides are released from regenerating nerve

Pabst R., 1983: Subsets of blood spleen and re circulating lymphocytes in man

Konja J., 1988: Subsets of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia in croatia yugoslavia

Crum E.D., 1984: Subsets of circulating t lymphocytes mediating resistance to in vivo growth of a carcinogen induced syngeneic rat tumor

Stingl G., 1983: Subsets of epidermal langerhans cells as defined by lectin binding profiles

Vaccarino F., 1988: Subsets of gabaergic neurons in dissociated cell cultures of neonatal rat cerebral cortex show co localization with specific modulator peptides

Accolla R.S., 1981: Subsets of human ia like molecules defined by mono clonal antibodies

Oppenheim J.J., 1985: Subsets of human large granular lymphocytes exhibit accessory cell functions

Capusan I., 1984: Subsets of lymphocytes in collagen diseases

Kuroiwa Y., 1983: Subsets of lymphoid cells in blood and thymus in myasthenia gravis mono clonal antibody analysis

Coker L.Z., 1985: Subsets of lyt 2 positive cells defined by differential expression of the 9f 3 antigen alterations in mice of the lpr lpr genotype

Et Al, 1979: Subsets of malignant lymphomas in children related to the cell phenotype

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535256

Deodhar S.D., 1983: Subsets of onco fetal antigen induced t cells ability to mediate anti tumor immune response

Storb R., 1985: Subsets of patients with aplastic anemia identified by flow microfluorometry

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535259

Durso F.T., 1986: Subsets of real world knowledge

Kosaka M., 1985: Subsets of t cells in myeloma macroglobulinemia and benign monoclonal gammopathy analysis of surface markers defined by monoclonal antibodies and effect on immunoglobulin synthesis by b cells

Mason, D. W., 1981: Subsets of t cells in the rat mediating lethal graft vs. host disease

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535263

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535264

Scheinberg M.A., 1979: Subsets of thymus derived lymphocytes and lymphocyte cooperation modulation of the immuno cellular response

Niijima T., 1979: Subsets of thymus derived lymphocytes of patients with malignancies of the uro genital tract

Mckay M., 1988: Subsets of vulvodynia

Mehuys G.R., 1982: Subsidence and erosion of a histosol

Bosellini A., 1981: Subsidence and sedimentation on jurassic passive continental margin southern alps italy

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535270

Thiede, J., 1977: Subsidence of aseismic ridges evidence from sediments on rio grande rise southwest atlantic ocean

Schothorst, C. J., 1977: Subsidence of low moor peat soils in the western netherlands

Williams, N. H., 1976: Subsidiary cell development in the catasetinae orchidaceae and related groups

Williams N.H., 1979: Subsidiary cells in the orchidaceae their general distribution with special reference to development in the oncidieae

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535275

Ferreira, L. A. B.; Vilar, H. D.; Fragoso, M. A. C.; Aguiar, M. C.; Cruz, M. J. R.; Goncalves, M. M., 1975: Subsidies for the characterization of the timor hybrid coffee bean

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535277

Cucic V., 1980: Subsidized meals for workers as a component of advancement of the working environment

Frazao J.M.F., 1985: Subsistence benefits from the babassu palm orbignya martiana

Stocker T., 1983: Subsistence economies and the origins of andean complex societies

Watson D.J., 1982: Subsistence fish exploitation and implications for management in the baram river system sarawak malaysia

Gross D.R., 1979: Subsistence productivity and hunting effort in native south america

Vogel J.O., 1986: Subsistence settlement systems in the prehistory of southwestern zambia

Deith M.R., 1986: Subsistence strategies at a mesolithic camp site evidence from stable isotope analyses of shells

Rogers, E. S.; Black, M. B., 1976: Subsistence strategy in the fish and hare period northern ontario canada the weagamow ojibwa 1880 1920

Louman B.T.M., 1987: Subsistence use of fallow vegetation in the highlands of papua new guinea

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535287

Holm R.H., 1988: Subsite differentiated analogues of biological 4 iron 4 sulfur clusters synthesis solution and solid state structures and subsite specific reactions

Lee Y.S., 1986: Subsite distribution of large bowel cancers among the ethnic and dialect groups in singapore

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535290

Moffitt, M. J.; Means, G. E., 1978: Subsite interactions in chymotrypsin as reflected by acyl enzyme stability

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Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535875

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535876

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535877

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535878

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Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535915

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535916

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Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535922

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Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535936

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535937

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Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535971

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Brooks D.N., 1988: Substituting behavioral treatment for drugs in the treatment of insomnia an exploratory study

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Sutka J., 1986: Substitution analysis of plant regeneration from callus culture in wheat triticum aestivum

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Chen, I. S. Y.; Temin, H. M., 1982: Substitution of 5' helper virus sequences into non rel portion of reticuloendotheliosis virus strain t suppresses transformation of chicken spleen cells

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Klein E., 1985: Substitution of a starch polymer for glucose in peritoneal dialysis

Parson V., 1986: Substitution of aluminum salts by magnesium salts in control of dialysis hyperphosphatemia

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535997

Section 7, Chapter 6536, Accession 006535998

Kraus C.J., 1984: Substitution of anti human globulin by protein a bearing staphylococci in the detection of brucella antibodies

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