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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6537

Chapter 6537 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bergmann H., 1982: Substitution of anti thrombin iii in shock patients

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Cole W.G., 1988: Substitution of arginine for glycine 664 in the collagen alpha 1i chain in lethal perinatal osteogenesis imperfecta demonstration of the peptide defect by in vitro expression of the mutant complementary dna

Hughes D.W., 1984: Substitution of aryl halides by thiolate anions

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Hodgson, E.; Ligon, B. G.; Rock, G. C., 1977: Substitution of choline by related compounds in the diet of argyrotaenia velutinana and heliothis virescens

Strunnikov, V. A., 1976: Substitution of chromosomes in silkworm

Eisinger H.J., 1987: Substitution of cobalt alpha 5 hydroxybenzimidazolylcobamide factor iii by vitamin b 12 in methanobacterium thermoautotrophicum

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536012

Dismukes G.C., 1987: Substitution of copper in the reaction center diquinone electron acceptor complex of rhodobacter sphaeroides determination of the metal ligand coordination

Manzano M.F.F.L., 1987: Substitution of corn meal for sun dried cassava meal in the feeding of equines

Aleksandrov V.A., 1981: Substitution of corn with wheat and barley grain in broiler rations

Aono, H.; Yuasa, S., 1976: Substitution of d tryptophan for l tryptophan on escherichia coli k 12

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536018

Balazs J., 1985: Substitution of extracted soy protein by sweet lupines in rations of pigs

Gomez M., 1984: Substitution of finger millet eleusine coracana and bulrush millet pennisetum typhoides for maize in broiler feeds/

Valdivie, M.; Aragon, E.; Jordan, H., 1977: Substitution of fish meal and or soybean meal by a mixture of torula yeast and sunflower seed meal in broiler rations

Surdzhiiska S., 1986: Substitution of fish meal in compound feeds for laying hens by feed yeasts

Kaback H.R., 1986: Substitution of glutamine 60 with glutamic acid causes the lac permease escherichia coli to become temperature sensitive

Mukhopadhyay, T.; Seebach, D., 1982: Substitution of hexa methyl phosphoric triamide by the cyclic urea n n' di methyl n n' propylene urea as a co solvent for highly reactive nucleophiles and bases

Berdyshev G.D., 1986: Substitution of histones by sperm specific proteins gametons at different stages of squid spermatogenesis

Kovacik V., 1980: Substitution of hydrogen by deuterium hindrance of the biochemical dehydrogenation of alditols in the sense of the bertrand hudson rule

Straube W., 1984: Substitution of immunoglobulins in cases of severe infections

Koleszar M., 1982: Substitution of import protein by poultry meal in the diet of broilers

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Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536030

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536031

Pant K.P., 1986: Substitution of legume hays for cottonseed cake in rations based on corn crop residues for sheep under confinement

Green L., 1982: Substitution of leisure for income in pigeon workers as a function of body weight

Jerez, I. A.; Elias, A.; Zamora, A.; Ugarte, J., 1980: Substitution of maize by raw sugar in diets for dairy cattle 1. milk production energetic efficiency and rumen fermentation

Pettersson D., 1987: Substitution of maize with different levels of wheat triticale or rye in diets for broiler chickens

Johnson A., 1982: Substitution of methyl tert butyl ether for di ethyl ether in the standardized thin layer chromatographic method for lichen products

Cantell, K.; Tovell, D. R., 1971: Substitution of milk for serum inthe production of human leukocyte interferon

Grace D.M., 1987: Substitution of mixed amino acids resembling soy protein for mixed amino acids resembling casein in the diet reduces plasma cholesterol in slowly but not rapidly fed nor fasted baboons

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536039

Harper W.J., 1984: Substitution of non fat milk solids in ice cream with whey protein concentrate and hydrolyzed lactose

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536041

Abbott M.T., 1979: Substitution of nucleoside tri phosphates for ascorbate in the thymine 7 hydroxylase reaction of rhodotorula glutinis

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536043

Matzker J., 1988: Substitution of pharynx and upper esophagus by synthetic skin

Comings D.E., 1982: Substitution of poly buffer for ampholytes in iso electric focusing

Miyata S., 1988: Substitution of porphyropsin for rhodopsin in mouse retina

Eperon I.C., 1988: Substitution of pre messenger rna with phosphorothioate linkages reveals a new splicing related reaction

Riedemann, S.; Zamora, J., 1977: Substitution of rabbit sera in the culture medium of leptospira use of bovine amniotic fluid

Hilderbrand E., 1983: Substitution of retinal by analogs in retinal pigments of halobacterium halobium contribution of bacterio rhod opsin and halo rhod opsin to photo sensory activity

Zograf Yu N., 1986: Substitution of rna polymerase sigma subunits and transcription regulation

Bielg, L. M.; Driscoll, C. J., 1970: Substitution of rye m chromosome 5r l for chromosome 5b of wheat m and its effect on chromosome pairing

Takeya T., 1988: Substitution of serine 17 of pp60c src biological and biochemical characterization in chicken embryo fibroblasts

Jackson R.L., 1986: Substitution of serine 61 glycine 61 in human apolipoprotein c ii does not alter its activation of lipoprotein lipase

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536054

Fowler L.G., 1980: Substitution of soybean and cottonseed products for fish meal in diets fed to chinook oncorhynchus tshawytscha and coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

Takahashi R., 1987: Substitution of soybean meal by chrysalis meal in ration of growing rabbits

Hernandez J., 1980: Substitution of soybean meal by combination of torula yeast sunflower seed meal in diets for fattening chickens

Chrastinova L., 1981: Substitution of synthetic nitrogen compounds for extracted groats in dairy cow feed mixtures

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536059

Hemmerich P., 1981: Substitution of the flavine chromophore with lipophilic side chains a novel membrane redox label

Risser R., 1988: Substitution of the ltr and abelson murine leukemia virus does not alter the cell type of virally induced tumors

Botstein D., 1987: Substitution of tyrosine for either cysteine in beta lactamase prevents release from the membrane during secretion

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536063

Robinson N.W., 1980: Substitution of whole wheat for whole corn in finishing rations for yearling cattle

Becade, P.; Bastide, G., 1975: Substitution pathways for the arterial system of the inferior limbs

Ortar, G.; Morera, E.; Romeo, A., 1978: Substitution reactions of 17 alpha vinyl 17 beta trifluoroacetoxy steroids

Boehme, H.; Nehne, J., 1980: Substitution reactions of 6 amino 4 methyl salicylates 1. nitrosation and nitration

Katsurada M., 1986: Substitution reactions of brominated aromatic heterocycles with thiols

Podder S.K., 1979: Substitution reactions of gold iii nucleoside nucleotide complexes in nonaqueous medium

Braun G., 1984: Substitution reactions of ketimine n s acetals

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536073

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536074

Bergmann H., 1982: Substitution therapy with an anti thrombin iii concentrate in shock and disseminated intra vascular coagulation

Jordan R.M., 1979: Substitution value of birdsfoot trefoil for alfalfa grass in pasture systems

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536077

Busch H., 1980: Substitutions insertions and deletions in 2 highly conserved u 3 rna species

Monneret C., 1980: Substitutions of allyl esters preparation of amino glycals with 3 carbon atoms and study of their acido catalytic glycosidation application to the hemi synthesis of glycosides of the anthracycline group

Miyama A., 1987: Substitutions of cysteine residues of escherichia coli heat stable enterotoxin by oligonucleotide directed mutagenesis

Sherman F., 1985: Substitutions of proline 76 in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae iso 1 cytochrome c analysis of residues compatible and incompatible with folding requirements

Turel Z.R., 1987: Substoichiometric determination of cadmium by neutron activation analysis

Tachikawa E., 1985: Substoichiometric determination of cobalt in crud

Turel Z.R., 1986: Substoichiometric determination of mercury by radiochemical neutron activation analysis

Turel Z.R., 1986: Substoichiometric determination of silver by neutron activation analysis

Suzuki N., 1981: Substoichiometric isotope dilution analysis for tin with salicylidene amino 2 thio phenol complexation in nonaqueous medium application to the analysis of coal fly ash

Suzuki N., 1981: Substoichiometric isotope dilution analysis of calcium in biological materials

Raman K.V., 1979: Substoichiometric isotope dilution technique for the determination of calcium as oxalate

Watanabe H., 1987: Substrain differences of age related changes in in vivo dopamine synthesis in the striatum and nucleus accumbens of the rat brain

Korn J.H., 1985: Substrain heterogeneity in prostaglandin e 2 synthesis of human dermal fibroblasts differences in prostaglandin e 2 synthetic capacity of substrains are not stimulus restricted

Turley E.A., 1983: Substrata formed by combinations of extracellular matrix components alter neural crest cell motility in vitro

Huber, C. T.; Frieden, E., 1970: Substrate activation and the kinetics of ferr oxidase

Thomas D., 1987: Substrate activation and thermal denaturation kinetics of the tetrameric and the trypsin generated monomeric forms of horse serum butyrylcholinesterase

Strukova, S. M.; Umarova, B. A.; Kireeva, E. G., 1978: Substrate activation in the thrombin catalyzed hydrolysis of synthetic esters of arginine

Tsai, C. M.; Hassid, W. Z., 1973: Substrate activation of beta 1 3 glucan synthetase and its effect on the structure of beta glucan obtained from udp d glucose and particulate enzyme of oat coleoptiles

Pearlstein, E., 1978: Substrate activation of cell adhesion factor as a prerequisite for cell attachment

Gray D.W., 1980: Substrate activation of phenyl alanine hydroxylase a kinetic characterization

Prado E.S., 1987: Substrate activation of porcine pancreatic kallikrein by n alpha derivatives of arginine 4 nitroanilides

Cornelius, R. D.; Cleland, W. W., 1978: Substrate activity of atp tetra ammine cobalt iii with yeast hexo kinase and separation of dia stereomers using the enzyme

Reed G.H., 1987: Substrate activity of synthetic formyl phosphate in the reaction catalyzed by formyltetrahydrofolate synthetase

Langel Yu L., 1981: Substrate acyl fragment effects in butyryl cholin esterase catalyzed reaction

Eshel S., 1981: Substrate adhering lymphoid cells show impaired tumorigenicity and increased immunogenicity

Timpl R., 1981: Substrate adhesion of rat hepatocytes a comparison of laminin and fibronectin as attachment proteins

Timpl R., 1981: Substrate adhesion of rat hepatocytes mechanism of attachment to collagen substrates

Hook M., 1984: Substrate adhesion of rat hepatocytes on the mechanism of attachment to fibronectin/

Obrink B., 1981: Substrate adhesion of rat hepatocytes on the role of fibronectin in cell spreading

Koempf J., 1980: Substrate affinity in phospho gluco mutase isozymes 1 2 and 3

Kurteva J., 1979: Substrate affinity of neuraminidase from erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae for kappa casein

Read R.S.D., 1985: Substrate aggregation and cooperative enzyme kinetics consideration of enzyme access with large aggregates

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536110

Solomon E.I., 1985: Substrate analog binding to the coupled binuclear copper active site in tyrosinase

Kluger, R.; Nakaoka, K.; Tsui, W. C., 1978: Substrate analog studies of the specificity and catalytic mechanism of d 3 hydroxy butyrate dehydrogenase

Plaut A.G., 1988: Substrate analogue inhibitors of the iga1 proteinases from neisseria gonorrhoeae

Walsh C.T., 1987: Substrate analogues as mechanistic probes of methyl s coenzyme m reductase

Reuben, J., 1971: Substrate anchoring and the catalytic power of enzymes

Moss, J.; Manganiello, V. C.; Vaughan, M., 1977: Substrate and effector specificity of a cyclic gmp phospho di esterase from rat liver

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536117

Stouthamer A.H., 1988: Substrate and energy costs of the production of exocellular enzymes by bacillus licheniformis

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536119

Himes R.H., 1986: Substrate and inhibitor activities of the screw sense isomers of metal nucleotide complexes in the formyltetrahydrofolate synthetase reaction

Donnelly, C. H.; Murphy, D. L., 1977: Substrate and inhibitor related characteristics of human platelet mono amine oxidase ec

Murphy, D. L.; Donnelly, C. H.; Richelson, E., 1976: Substrate and inhibitor related characteristics of mono amine oxidase in c 6 rat glial cells

Parkinson, D.; Callingham, B. A., 1979: Substrate and inhibitor selectivity of human heart mono amine oxidase ec

Meyer, W.; Follmann, H., 1980: Substrate and inhibitor specificities of amp amino hydrolase 5' nucleotidase and adenylate kinase with adenosine carboxylates of variable chain length

Asboth B., 1984: Substrate and inhibitor specificity of a transient soluble proteolytic activity from sheep rumen

Dobbins J.W., 1985: Substrate and inhibitor specificity of anion exchangers on the brush border membrane of rabbit ileum

Farkas, W. R.; Jacobson, K. B.; Katze, J. R., 1984: Substrate and inhibitor specificity of transfer rna guanine ribosyl transferase ec

Orlowski M., 1986: Substrate and inhibitor studies of thermolysin like neutral metalloendopeptidase from kidney membrane fractions comparison with bacterial thermolysin

Pillai, R. P.; Marshall, M.; Villafranca, J. J., 1980: Substrate and metal ion binding to carbamate kinase ec nmr and epr studies

Canellas, P. F.; Wedding, R. T., 1980: Substrate and metal ion interactions in the nad malic enzyme ec from cauliflower

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536131

Deonier, D. L.; Kincaid, S. P.; Scheiring, J. F., 1976: Substrate and moisture preferences in common toad bug gelastocoris oculatus hemiptera heteroptera gelastocoridae

Gibb W., 1981: Substrate and nucleotide specificity of placental microsomal 3 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase

Taylor C.R., 1987: Substrate and oxygen fluxes during rest and exercise in a high altitude adapted animal the llama

Corn S.B., 1983: Substrate and phospho lipid specificity of the purified mannitol permease of escherichia coli

Juchau M.R., 1981: Substrate and position specificity of hematin activated mono oxygenation reactions

Wiktorowicz, J. E.; Campos, K. L.; Bonner, J., 1981: Substrate and product inhibition initial rate kinetics of histone acetyl transferase ec

Flashner M., 1982: Substrate and product specificity of arthrobacter sialophilus neuraminidase

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536139

Wagner F., 1987: Substrate and stereospecificity induction and metallo dependence of a microbial hydantoinase

Matthews, J. C.; Hori, K.; Cormier, M. J., 1977: Substrate and substrate analog binding properties of renilla luciferase

Collins, L. S., 1977: Substrate angle movement and orientation of 2 sympatric species of limpets collisella digitalis and collisella scabra

Winzor D.J., 1988: Substrate as a source of thermodynamic nonideality in enzyme kinetic studies invertase catalyzed hydrolysis of sucrose

Hawkins C.P., 1984: Substrate associations and longitudinal distributions in species of ephemerellidae ephemeroptera insecta from western oregon usa

Geiger B., 1981: Substrate attached membranes of cultured cells isolation and characterization of ventral cell membranes and the associated cytoskeleton

Walton, O. E. Jr, 1978: Substrate attachment by drifting aquatic insect larvae

Kuehlhorn, F., 1978: Substrate attack chain of domestic german dipteran species on foodstuffs bearing in mind medical and hygienic points of view

Rognes, A.; Abraham, K. A., 1976: Substrate binding ability of escherichia coli rna polymerase in relation to its protein composition

Galante Y.M., 1982: Substrate binding affinity changes in mitochondrial energy linked reactions

Shifrin, S.; Parrott, C. L.; Luborsky, S. W., 1974: Substrate binding and inter subunit interactions in l asparaginase

Wedler, F. C.; Boyer, P. D., 1972: Substrate binding and reaction intermediates of glutamine synthetase escherichia coli w as studied by isotope exchanges

Misato T., 1986: Substrate binding by blasticidin s deaminase an aminohydrolase for novel 4 aminopyrimidine nucleosides

Rhodes, M. E.; Payne, W. J., 1968: Substrate binding by crude membranes and solubilized membrane extracts from pseudomonas natriegens

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536154

Steitz T.A., 1979: Substrate binding closes the cleft between the domains of yeast phospho glycerate kinase

Modak M.J., 1988: Substrate binding domain of murine leukemia virus reverse transcriptase identification of lysine 103 and lysine 421 as binding site residues

Meunier, J. C.; Buc, J.; Soulie, J. M.; Pradel, J.; Ricard, J., 1981: Substrate binding isotherms of spinach chloroplastic fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase ec and the photo regulation of the calvin cycle

Kochhar S., 1986: Substrate binding nodes of bacillus amyloliquefaciens alpha amylase

Reed, B. C.; Rilling, H. C., 1976: Substrate binding of avian liver prenyl transferase ec

Massey, T. H.; Fessler, D. C., 1976: Substrate binding properties of converting enzyme using a series of p nitro phenyl alanyl derivatives of angiotensin i

Lee, R. T.; Denburg, J. L.; Mcelroy, W. D., 1970: Substrate binding properties of firefly luciferase part 2 atp binding site

Smith Jones L., 1985: Substrate binding properties of the human liver hexosaminidase a activator protein

Kristjansson, J. K.; Hollocher, T. C., 1979: Substrate binding site for nitrate reductase ec of escherichia coli is on the inner aspect of the membrane

Biely, P.; Kratky, Z.; Vrsanska, M., 1981: Substrate binding site of endo 1 4 beta xylanase ec of the yeast cryptococcus albidus

Sato R., 1984: Substrate binding site of microsomal cytochrome p 450 directly faces membrane lipids

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536166

Travers F., 1979: Substrate binding sites on arginine phospho kinase homarus vulgaris

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536168

Ebel, R. E.; O'keefe, D. H.; Peterson, J. A., 1978: Substrate binding to hepatic microsomal cytochrome p 450 influence of the microsomal membrane

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536170

Misselwitz, R.; Jaenig, G. R.; Rein, H.; Buder, E.; Zirwer, D.; Ruckpaul, K., 1977: Substrate binding to solubilized cytochrome p 450 from rabbits at different temperatures

Nissler, K.; Schellenberger, W.; Hofmann, E., 1976: Substrate binding to yeast phospho fructo kinase ec modeling of the magnesium atp binding

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536173

Gogala, M.; Cokl, A.; Draslar, D.; Blazevic, A., 1974: Substrate borne sound communication in cydnidae heteroptera

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536175

Mader D., 1980: Substrate bound nest burrows of the solitary bee colletes daviesanus hymenoptera colletidae

Kirsh M.M., 1981: Substrate cardioplegia during hypo thermic arrest in the alloxan diabetic dog

Blake N.J., 1985: Substrate catabolism related to reproduction in the bay scallop argopecten irradians concentricus as determined by oxygen to nitrogen ratio and respiratory quotient physiological indexes

Honey R.N., 1982: Substrate changes during fasting and re feeding contrasted in old and young rats

Berg C.M., 1980: Substrate channeling alpha keto butyrate inhibition of acetohydroxy acid synthase in salmonella typhimurium

Spivey H.O., 1985: Substrate channeling of oxalacetate in solid state complexes of malate dehydrogenase and citrate synthase

Sweet, F.; Patrick, T. B.; Judd, R. M., 1978: Substrate characteristics of progesterone albumin conjugates with 20 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase ec

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536183

Hossner L.R., 1981: Substrate characterization of an experimental marsh and 3 natural marshes

Mclaughlin, P. J.; Stuart, D. I.; Klein, H. W.; Oikonomakos, N. G.; Johnson, L. N., 1984: Substrate cofactor interactions for glycogen phosphorylase ec a binding study in the crystal with heptenitol and heptulose 2 phosphate

Pegel M., 1986: Substrate colonization by black fly larvae and pupae

Gillis J.E., 1982: Substrate color matching cues in the cryptic grasshopper circotettix rabula rabula

Demorrow, J. M.; Henry, E. W., 1978: Substrate comparability vs poly phenol oxidase activity in ethrel and uv treated little marvel dwarf pea pisum sativum tissue

Kahn E.G., 1979: Substrate competition between a salt marsh diatom and a bacterial population

Liebling, M. R.; Barnett, E. V., 1977: Substrate competition between dnase i and anti dna antibody

Liebling, M. R.; Dorsch, C. A.; Barnett, E. V., 1977: Substrate competition in systemic lupus erythematosus clinical relevance

Pegorier J.P., 1981: Substrate concentration changes during pregnancy in the conscious rat

Battaglia F.C., 1981: Substrate concentration changes during pregnancy in the guinea pig studied under unstressed steady state conditions

Thompson B.G., 1986: Substrate concentration control by dialysis in fermentations of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536195

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536196

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536197

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536198

Dawson W.R., 1984: Substrate concentrations and turnover of plasma glucose during cold exposure in seasonally acclimatized house finches carpodacus mexicanus

Salathe, E. P.; Wang, T. C., 1980: Substrate concentrations in tissue surrounding single capillaries

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536201

Hollosi M., 1980: Substrate conformation directs selective enzymic cleavage of beta lipotropin into beta endorphin

Raleigh, J. A.; Blackburn, B. J., 1978: Substrate conformation in 5 amp utilizing enzymes 8 5 cyclo amp

Wold F., 1982: Substrate containing gel electrophoresis sensitive detection of amylolytic nucleolytic and proteolytic enzymes

Vilhjalmsson M., 1986: Substrate control of lower cambrian trace fossils from bornholm denmark

Okuda S., 1980: Substrate control of termination of fatty acid biosynthesis by fatty acid synthetase from brevibacterium ammoniagenes

Howard A.E., 1980: Substrate controls on the size composition of lobster homarus gammarus populations

Thanei Wyss U., 1983: Substrate conversion efficiency kinetic parameters and lifetime of a urease reactor

Belfiore, F.; Iannello, S., 1978: Substrate cycles and the pathogenesis of obesity

Wolfe R.R., 1985: Substrate cycling between gluconeogenesis and glycolysis in euthyroid hypothyroid and hyperthyroid man

Christensen J., 1986: Substrate dependence and oxygen sensitivity of tone and of spontaneous and evoked contractions of the distal colonic muscularis mucosae of opossum

Maxwell, G. D., 1976: Substrate dependence of cell migration from explanted neural tubes in vitro

Erecinska M., 1985: Substrate dependence of metabolic state and coronary flow in perfused rat heart

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536216

Van Dam R.T., 1980: Substrate dependence of re oxygenation arrhythmias in the isolated rat heart

Rupert, C. S.; To, K., 1976: Substrate dependence of the action spectrum for photo enzymatic repair of dna

Forte J.G.Jr, 1980: Substrate dependency for hydro chloric acid secretion by isolated piglet gastric mucosa

Theron, C. N.; Russell, V. A.; Taljaard, J. J. F., 1986: Substrate dependency of specific and non specific estrogen 2 4 hydoxylase activities measured by the radio enzymatic method in rat brain microsomes

Kwatra, M. M.; Sourkes, T. L., 1981: Substrate dependent activation energy of the reaction catalyzed by mono amine oxidase ec

Schmidt A., 1986: Substrate dependent arylsulfatase activity in the cyanobacterium plectonema 73110

Hathaway, G.; Criddle, R. S., 1966: Substrate dependent association of enz lactic dehydrogenase subunits to active tetramer cow heart

Hillegas W., 1985: Substrate dependent differences in growth and biological properties of fibroblasts and epithelial cells grown in microcarrier culture

Elwell, M.; Hersh, L. B., 1979: Substrate dependent dissociation of malate thio kinase ec 6.2.1.

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536226

Urbina C., 1986: Substrate dependent effect of epidermal growth factor on intercellular adhesion and synthesis of triton insoluble proteins in human carcinoma a 431 cells

Jacobus W.E., 1987: Substrate dependent functional defects and altered mitochondrial respiratory capacity in hearts from guinea pigs with iron deficiency anemia

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536229

Spencer, S. G.; Brewer, J. M., 1982: Substrate dependent inhibition of yeast enolase ec by fluoride

Soylemez, Z.; Ozer, I., 1984: Substrate dependent kinetic behavior of horse plasma cholinesterase ec evidence for kinetically distinct populations of active sites

Cayama, E.; Apitz-Castro, R.; Cordes, E. H., 1973: Substrate dependent thiol dependent inactivation of pig brain nad glyco hydrolase

Labouesse B., 1984: Substrate depletion analysis as an approach to the pre steady state anticooperative kinetics of aminoacyl adenylate formation by tryptophanyl transfer rna synthetase from beef pancreas

Jacks T.J., 1986: Substrate depletion during formation of aflatoxin and kojic acid on corn inoculated with aspergillus flavus

Willenbrock F., 1987: Substrate derived two protonic state electrophiles as sensitive kinetic specificity probes for cysteine proteinases activation of 2 pyridyldisulfides by hydrogen bonding

Risk M.J., 1985: Substrate destruction and sediment production by the boring sponge cliona caribbaea on grand cayman island british west indies

Wallace, R. L., 1977: Substrate discrimination by larvae of the sessile rotifer ptygura beauchampi

Gramzinski R., 1985: Substrate diversity of an active heterotrophic nitrifier an alcaligenes sp

Windler D.R., 1979: Substrate ecology of lichens in maryland usa

Morris M.D., 1986: Substrate effect of flavin enzyme interaction in p hydroxybenzoate hydroxylase as probed by resonance inverse raman spectroscopy

Kinzel V., 1983: Substrate effected release of surface located protein kinase from intact cells

Foker J.E., 1988: Substrate effects in the post ischemic myocardium

Palni L.M.S., 1987: Substrate effects of cytokinin metabolism in soybean callus tissue

Tiffany L.H., 1980: Substrate effects of helminthosporium maydis race t conidium and germ tube morphology

Benade A.J.S., 1979: Substrate effects on mitochondrial function and tissue lipids in low flow hypoxia of isolated perfused rat hearts

Snow, T. R., 1978: Substrate effects on myo cardial performance during normoxia and hypoxia

Bizet M C., 1988: Substrate effects on the dynamics of neurite growth in vitro a quantitative multi parametric analysis

Elcombe, C. R.; Bridges, J. W.; Nimmo-Smith, R. H., 1976: Substrate elicited dissociation of a complex of cytochrome p 450 with a methylenedioxyphenyl metabolite

Zelinka J., 1983: Substrate elution of guanylo rnase sa from carboxymethyl sephadex

Mirkin, B. M.; Karpov, D. N.; Maksimova, O. A., 1976: Substrate evaluation according to vegetation and species group indicators

Sato A., 1983: Substrate factors involved in oviposition response of the lima bean pod borer etiella zinckenella lepidoptera pyralidae

Vliegenthart J.F.G., 1985: Substrate fatty acid activation in soybean lipoxygenase 1 catalysis

Krilis S.A., 1986: Substrate for endothelial prostacyclin production in the presence of platelets exposed to collagen is derived from the platelet rather than the endothelium

Frey, W. A.; Fishbein, R.; De-Maine, M. M.; Benkovic, S. J., 1977: Substrate form of d fructose 1 6 bis phosphate utilized by fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase

Kirk T.K., 1986: Substrate free radicals are intermediates in ligninase catalysis

Von-Gaudecker, B.; Schmale, E. M., 1974: Substrate histochemical investigations and ultra histochemical demonstrations of acid phosphatase in larval and pre pupal salivary glands of drosophila melanogaster

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536259

Varani J., 1981: Substrate hydrolysis by immune complex activated neutrophils effect of physical presentation of complexes and protease inhibitors

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536261

Egger K.N., 1986: Substrate hydrolysis patterns of post fire ascomycetes pezizales

Clark P., 1986: Substrate hydroxylation and cell adhesion

Colman, R. F., 1972: Substrate independence of molecular weight of tpn specific iso citrate dehydrogenase

Evans M.L., 1982: Substrate induced alterations in tryptophan pyrrolase activity in 2 mouse strains

Jacobus W.E., 1987: Substrate induced alterations of high energy phosphate metabolism and contractile function in the perfused heart

Printz, M. P.; Gounaris, A. D., 1972: Substrate induced and inhibitor induced conformational changes in enzymes measured by tritium hydrogen exchange part 2 yeast pyruvate decarboxylase ec

Soper, T. S.; Ueno, H.; Manning, J. M., 1985: Substrate induced changes in sulfhydryl reactivity of bacterial d amino acid transaminase ec

Whysner, J. A.; Ramseyer, J.; Harding, B. W., 1970: Substrate induced changes in visible absorption and electron spin resonance properties of adrenal cortex mitochondrial p 450

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536270

Jung C.Y., 1987: Substrate induced conformational change of human erythrocyte glucose transporter inactivation by alkylating reagents

Sramek, S. J.; Frerman, F. E.; Mccormick, D. J.; Duncombe, G. R., 1977: Substrate induced conformational changes and half the sites reactivity in the escherichia coli coenzyme a transferase

Royer, G. P.; Ikeda, S. I.; Lee, T. K., 1977: Substrate induced conformational changes in lactate dehydrogenase ec proteolysis of the immobilized enzyme in the presence of specific substrates

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536274

Kiener, P. A.; Waley, S. G., 1977: Substrate induced deactivation of penicillinases ec studies of beta lactamase i by hydrogen exchange

Cheng, S. C.; Harding, B. W., 1973: Substrate induced difference spectral epr and enzymatic properties of cholesterol depleted mitochondrial cytochrome p 450 of bovine adrenal cortex

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Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536742

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Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536784

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Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536997

Cumming J.G.R., 1984: Subtotal pancreatectomy in the male wistar rat

Section 7, Chapter 6537, Accession 006536999

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