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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6540

Chapter 6540 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mandell, F.; Mcclain, M.; Reece, R. M., 1987: Sudden and unexpected death the pediatrician's response

Hasuo Y., 1987: Sudden and unexpected deaths observed in the hisayama japan residents during 22 year follow up

Kuller L.H., 1985: Sudden and unexpected natural death in childhood and adolescence

Maruno M., 1985: Sudden appearance of occipital vertebral arterial anastomoses during therapeutic embolization

Sliwinska I., 1979: Sudden bilateral blindness during temporal arteritis

Wang L.P., 1986: Sudden bilateral hearing loss after spinal anesthesia a case report

Weissman G., 1981: Sudden blindness in acute pancreatitis possible role of complement induced retinal leuko embolization

Hindman S.H., 1985: Sudden blowout rupture of the myocardium after infarction urgent management report of 4 cases

Weinberg, M., 1978: Sudden cardiac death

Xu Y S., 1985: Sudden cardiac death among autopsied cases

Becker A.E., 1986: Sudden cardiac death and acute pathology of coronary arteries

Lichtlen P.R., 1988: Sudden cardiac death and arrhythmia profile in patients with single vessel disease

Moesslacher H., 1987: Sudden cardiac death during long term ecg monitoring in a patient with aortic stenosis

Myerburg R.J., 1987: Sudden cardiac death epidemiology causes and mechanisms

Sugino J., 1981: Sudden cardiac death following adriamycin therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539015

Virmani R., 1986: Sudden cardiac death in air force recruits a 20 year review

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539017

Just H., 1984: Sudden cardiac death recorded during ambulatory electrocardiographic monitoring

Poli C., 1985: Sudden cardiac death results of a rapid response system for medical emergencies in the treatment of out of hospital cardiac arrest in the city of florence italy

Dykes, M. H. M.; Fuller, J. E.; Goldstein, L. A., 1970: Sudden cessation of cardiac output during spinal fusion

Walker D.A., 1987: Sudden changes in the rate of photosynthetic oxygen evolution and chlorophyll fluorescence in intact isolated chloroplasts the role of orthophosphate

Wadman S.K., 1986: Sudden child death and healthy affected family members with medium chain acyl coenzyme a dehydrogenase deficiency

Suzuki T., 1985: Sudden child death from bronchial asthma

Jordaan H.V.F., 1979: Sudden collapse and death of women obtaining abortions induced with prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Mariani F., 1979: Sudden coronary death a post mortem study in 208 selected cases compared to 97 control subjects

Rissanen V., 1979: Sudden coronary death and coronary artery disease a clinico pathologic appraisal

Roberts W.C., 1984: Sudden coronary death comparison of patients with to those without coronary thrombus at necropsy

Harland W.A., 1987: Sudden coronary death in glasgow scotland uk nature and frequency of acute coronary lesions

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539029

Suhonen O., 1983: Sudden coronary death in middle age and characteristics of its victims in finland a prospective population study

Furberg, C.; Romo, M.; Linko, E.; Siltanen, P.; Tibblin, G.; Wilhelmsen, L., 1977: Sudden coronary death in scandinavia a report from scandinavian coronary heart disease registers

Roberts W.C., 1984: Sudden coronary death relation of amount and distribution of coronary narrowing at necropsy to previous symptoms of myo cardial ischemia left ventricular scarring and heart weight

Grdinic B., 1986: Sudden deafness

Yanagita N., 1985: Sudden deafness

Scolari, R.; Gentile, A., 1978: Sudden deafness a clinical study

Nomura, Y.; Hiraide, F., 1976: Sudden deafness a histo pathological study

Et Al, 1987: Sudden deafness after influenza vaccination a report of two cases

Iwamoto Y., 1988: Sudden deafness and circulatory disturbance

Bergstrom, L.; Baker, B. B.; Sando, I., 1977: Sudden deafness and facial palsy from metastatic bronchogenic carcinoma

Matzker J., 1988: Sudden deafness and its therapy a clinical study of 548 cases

Mair, I. W. S.; Elverland, H. H., 1977: Sudden deafness and vaccination

Fernandez Julian E., 1987: Sudden deafness assessement of the treatment and prognostic pointers

Toriyama M., 1988: Sudden deafness changes in etiology

Et Al, 1981: Sudden deafness due to acoustic tumor neurinoma

Pinelli V., 1984: Sudden deafness in children

Hoshino, T.; Kato, I.; Kodama, A.; Suzuki, H., 1978: Sudden deafness in relapsing poly chondritis a scanning electron microscopy study

Smolinska K., 1982: Sudden deafness of unclear etiology lipid level examinations in serum

Et Al, 1984: Sudden deafness treated by stellate ganglion blocks a review of 35 cases

Yoshio S., 1987: Sudden deafness with down slope audiogram patterns

Kubis M., 1985: Sudden death

Lev M., 1985: Sudden death after catheter induced atrioventricular junctional ablation

Repo U.K., 1983: Sudden death after myo cardial infarction and t wave changes in connection with exercise testing

Marin-Garcia, J.; Moller, J. H., 1977: Sudden death after operative repair of tetralogy of fallot

Gillette, P. C.; Yeoman, M. A.; Mullins, C. E.; Mcnamara, D. G., 1977: Sudden death after repair of tetralogy of fallot electro cardiographic and electro physiologic abnormalities

Quattlebaum, T. G.; Varghese, P. J.; Neill, C. A.; Donahoo, J. S., 1976: Sudden death among post operative patients with tetralogy of fallot a follow up study of 243 patients for an average of 12 years

Choi K., 1983: Sudden death among southeast asian refugees an unexplained nocturnal phenomenon

Lown, B.; Graboys, T. B., 1977: Sudden death an ancient problem newly perceived

Taylor H.L., 1983: Sudden death and acute myo cardial infarction in a metropolitan area 1970 1980 the minnesota usa heart survey

Grace, W. J., 1976: Sudden death and acute myo cardial infarction what are we talking about

Lacroix P., 1985: Sudden death and experimental acute myocardial infarction

Schaefer A.T., 1987: Sudden death and hemiatrophia cerebri

Randall B., 1980: Sudden death and hepatic fatty metamorphosis a north carolina usa survey

Mcanulty, J. H.; Rahimtoola, S. H., 1978: Sudden death and high risk bundle branch block

Krosch, H., 1977: Sudden death and initial phase of the cardiac infarct

Et Al, 1986: Sudden death and its relation to qt interval prolongation after acute myocardial infarction two year follow up

Bailey J., 1981: Sudden death and myo cardial necrosis in cattle

Vina Simon M.C., 1988: Sudden death and nesidioblastosis

Mcallister H.A.Jr, 1982: Sudden death and partial absence of the right ventricular myo cardium 3 cases and a review of the literature

Vuori, I.; Makarainen, M.; Jaaskelainen, A., 1978: Sudden death and physical activity

Ballantyne D., 1986: Sudden death and vigorous exercise a study of 60 deaths associated with squash

Edwards W.D., 1987: Sudden death as the initial manifestation of primary pulmonary hypertension report of four cases

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539072

Soma L.R., 1988: Sudden death attributable to exercise induced pulmonary hemorrhage in racehorses nine cases 1981 1983

Balogh I., 1981: Sudden death caused by cancer of the larynx

Varga M., 1987: Sudden death caused by hydatid embolism

Harboe, M.; Folling, I.; Haugen, O. A.; Bauer, K., 1976: Sudden death caused by interaction between a macro globulin and a divalent drug

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539077

Hirschon A.J., 1984: Sudden death due to acute myocardial infarction in the late hospital phase a new perspective

Barba Padilla R., 1987: Sudden death due to bidirectional tachycardia in a youngster

Schmitt E.J., 1981: Sudden death due to colloid cyst of the 3rd ventricle

Schaumburg, H.; Simonsen, J., 1978: Sudden death due to congenital malformation of the left coronary artery a case report

Mazur, N. A.; Zhukov, V. N., 1976: Sudden death due to coronary insufficiency

Cohle S.D., 1988: Sudden death due to diabetic ketoacidosis

Hayashi K., 1982: Sudden death due to infantile pancreatitis

Solis O.G., 1985: Sudden death due to massive intraventricular hemorrhage into an unsuspected ependymoma

Othman H.S., 1987: Sudden death due to syphilitic aortitis

Stivers R.R., 1987: Sudden death due to thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539088

Weber H., 1987: Sudden death during ambulatory holter monitoring

Greenberg H., 1983: Sudden death during ambulatory monitoring analysis of 6 cases

Gradman, A. H.; Bell, P. A.; Debusk, R. F., 1977: Sudden death during ambulatory monitoring clinical and electro cardiographic correlations report of a case

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539092

Hurtado Del Rio D., 1986: Sudden death during holter monitoring

Pernot C., 1987: Sudden death during holter recording possible iatrogenic role of cardiovascular drugs ten cases

Janse M.J., 1984: Sudden death during long term ambulatory monitoring

Khurana S.K., 1986: Sudden death during treatment with phenothiazines

Edelstein J.M., 1988: Sudden death following administration of radio contrast media

Zoneraich, S.; Zoneraich, O.; Siegel, J., 1976: Sudden death following intra venous sodium di phenyl hydantoin

Gruener O., 1986: Sudden death for cardiac arrest after psychoemotional stress

Ohaegbulam, S. C., 1977: Sudden death from an asymptomatic sphenoid ridge meningioma

Rock W.A.Jr, 1981: Sudden death from coronary heart disease in young men pathologic findings

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539102

Cherkezishvili V.T., 1981: Sudden death from ischemic heart disease related to the climatic environment of some regions of extreme north western siberia and central asia ussr

Borzotta, A. P.; Riddick, L.; Sadlack, W.; Chun, B., 1978: Sudden death from massive tumor embolization of chondro sarcoma

Gwynne J.F., 1981: Sudden death from occlusive disease of the atrio ventricular node artery

Inoshita T., 1985: Sudden death from pericardial tamponade unusual complication of nonbacterial thrombotic endocarditis

Phillips, L. H. Iii ; Whisnant, J. P.; Reagan, T. J., 1977: Sudden death from stroke

Becker A.E., 1981: Sudden death in a youth a case of quadricuspid aortic valve with isolation of origin of left coronary artery

Murphy, G. K., 1978: Sudden death in adolescence/

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539110

Chilcote, R. R.; Williams, B.; Wolff, L. J.; Baehner, R. L., 1977: Sudden death in an infant from met hemo globinemia after administration of sweet spirits of niter

Clarke S.W., 1979: Sudden death in asthma

Fraser, G. E., 1978: Sudden death in auckland

Schocken D.D., 1984: Sudden death in cancer patients receiving lithium

Ferrier P.E., 1981: Sudden death in children and adolescents with unsuspected cystic medio necrosis of the aorta

Morganroth J., 1983: Sudden death in hospitalized patients cardiac rhythm disturbances detected by ambulatory electro cardiographic monitoring

Hess J., 1987: Sudden death in hydrocephalic spina bifida aperta patients

Epstein S.E., 1982: Sudden death in hypertrophic cardio myopathy a profile of 78 patients

Krikler, D. M.; Davies, M. J.; Rowland, E.; Goodwin, J. F.; Evans, R. C.; Shaw, D. B., 1980: Sudden death in hypertrophic cardio myopathy associated accessory atrio ventricular pathways

Kulbertus H., 1986: Sudden death in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy clinical and histological aspects report of 3 cases

Klinger A., 1987: Sudden death in infancy

Levy A.M., 1984: Sudden death in infants with chaotic atrial rhythm

Donoghue E.R., 1988: Sudden death in mitral valve prolapse

Fode K., 1982: Sudden death in mitral valve prolapse associated accessory atrio ventricular pathways

Ryabokon' O.S., 1979: Sudden death in myo cardial infarction its early indications and problems in its prevention

Denes, P.; Dhingra, R. C.; Wu, D.; Wyndham, C. R.; Amat, Y. Leon, F.; Rosen, K. M., 1977: Sudden death in patients with chronic bi fascicular block

Moore, M. T.; Book, M. H., 1970: Sudden death in phenothiazine therapy a clinico pathologic study of 12 cases

Sasamoto H., 1979: Sudden death in primary pulmonary hypertension from the aspect of pulmonary hemodynamics

Iskandrian, A. S.; Segal, B. L.; Wasserman, L.; Kimbris, D.; Bemis, C. E., 1978: Sudden death in severe aortic stenosis following cardiac catheterization

Munger R.G., 1987: Sudden death in sleep of laotian hmong refugees in thailand a case control study

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539131

Tranquilli C., 1986: Sudden death in the athletic subject too simple a diagnosis

Scopelliti A., 1986: Sudden death in the course of leptospirosis

Nardi R., 1986: Sudden death in the elderly causes and associated risk factors

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539135

Binik, Y.; Theriault, G.; Shustack, B., 1977: Sudden death in the laboratory rat cardiac function sensory and experiential factors in swimming deaths

Christensen, D.; Ford, M.; Reading, J.; Castle, C. H., 1977: Sudden death in the late hospital phase of acute myo cardial infarction

Schulze, R. A. Jr ; Strauss, H. W.; Pitt, B., 1977: Sudden death in the year following myo cardial infarction relation to ventricular premature contractions in the late hospital phase and left ventricular ejection fraction

Smetzer D.L., 1985: Sudden death in training and racing thoroughbred horses

Kocova J., 1986: Sudden death in venous diseases

Epstein S.E., 1980: Sudden death in young athletes

Chang H.H., 1982: Sudden death in young athletes

Sergeev S.N., 1980: Sudden death in young persons

Lev B., 1988: Sudden death in young soldiers high incidence of syncope prior to death

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539145

Churina S.K., 1984: Sudden death of acute coronary failure in women under 50 years of age

James, T. N., 1976: Sudden death of babies

Khmelenko T.I., 1981: Sudden death of patients with disturbances in intra ventricular conduction during myo cardial infarction

Ginet J.D., 1987: Sudden death of the athlete

James, T. N.; Marilley, R. J. Jr ; Marriott, H. J. L., 1975: Sudden death part 11 young girl with palpitations

James, T. N., 1976: Sudden death part 19 on the cause of sudden death in pheo chromo cytoma with special reference to the pulmonary arteries the cardiac conduction system and the aggregation of platelets

James, T. N.; Jackson, D. A., 1977: Sudden death part 27 histological abnormalities in the sinus node atrio ventricular node and his bundle associated with coarctation of the aorta

James, T. N., 1978: Sudden death part 28 apoplexy of the heart

Rehnqvist N., 1982: Sudden death precipitated by psychological stress a case

Singh J.B., 1982: Sudden death recorded during holter monitoring

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539157

Sptiz W.U., 1986: Sudden death resulting from chicken bone perforation of the esophagus

D'agostino R.B., 1987: Sudden death risk in overt coronary heart disease the framingham study

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539160

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539161

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539162

Kim, S., 1977: Sudden deaths due to heart diseases and measures against them

Gessa G.L., 1980: Sudden decrease in cerebellar gamma amino butyric acid binding induced by stress

Oyama T., 1986: Sudden diabetes insipidus induced by ketamine infusion

Lazar E., 1981: Sudden disappearance and reappearance of the pathologic q waves after successive myo cardial necrosis electro cardiographic and pathologic correlations

Wang, K.; Segal, M. S.; Ward, P. C. J., 1976: Sudden disappearance of electro cardiographic pattern of antero septal myo cardial infarction result of superimposed acute posterior myo cardial infarction

Graybiel A., 1986: Sudden emesis following parabolic flight maneuvers implications for space motion sickness

Zholkevich V.N., 1982: Sudden endodermal change of water potential in the root system

Janis, K. M., 1978: Sudden failure of ceiling oxygen connector

Giacobetti, R.; Feldman, S. A.; Ivanovich, P.; Huang, C. M.; Levin, M. L., 1977: Sudden fatal pulmonary calcification following renal transplantation

Perkins R.P., 1980: Sudden fetal death in labor the significance of antecedent monitoring characteristics and clinical circumstances

Gobernado J.M., 1988: Sudden headache associated with unilateral asterixis

Brenman A.K., 1982: Sudden hearing loss

Gussen R., 1981: Sudden hearing loss associated with cochlear membrane rupture 2 human temporal bone reports

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539176

Et Al, 1987: Sudden hearing loss due to acoustic tumor

Shanon E., 1985: Sudden hearing loss in the elderly

Holmquest, D. L.; Lake, P., 1976: Sudden hemorrhage in metastatic thyroid carcinoma of the brain during treatment with iodine 131

Knoop T., 1986: Sudden idiopathic hearing loss psychopathology and antecedent stressful life events

Mcnaughton G.B., 1983: Sudden incapacitation usa air force experience 1970 1980

Okamura H., 1987: Sudden increase of plasma fibrinopeptide a levels after induced abortion

Pearse R.G., 1986: Sudden infant death and cytomegalovirus inclusion disease

Kukull, W. A.; Peterson, D. R., 1977: Sudden infant death and infanticide

Susa J.B., 1980: Sudden infant death and liver phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539186

Russell, M. A.; Opitz, J. M.; Viseskul, C.; Gilbert, E. F.; Bargman, G. J., 1977: Sudden infant death due to congenital adrenal hypoplasia

Hartmann H.P., 1984: Sudden infant death epidemiological factors in infants with unexplained partly or adequately explained death

Biering-Sorensen, F.; Jorgensen, T.; Hilden, J., 1978: Sudden infant death in copenhagen 1956 1971 part 1 infant feeding

Jorgensen, T.; Hilden, J.; Biering-Sorensen, F., 1982: Sudden infant death in copenhagen denmark 1956 1971 4. infant development

Hilden J., 1979: Sudden infant death in copenhagen denmark 1956 1971 part 2 social factors and morbidity

Hilden J., 1979: Sudden infant death in copenhagen denmark 1956 1971 part 3 peri natal and peri mortal factors

Machin D., 1982: Sudden infant death in southampton uk and an evaluation of the sheffield scoring system

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539194

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539195

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539196

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539197

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539198

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539199

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539200

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539201

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539202

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539203

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539204

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539205

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539206

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539207

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539208

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539209

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539210

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539211

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539212

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539213

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539214

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539215

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539216

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539217

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539218

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539219

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539220

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539221

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539222

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539223

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539224

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539225

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539226

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539227

Peterson, D. R.; Chinn, N. M., 1977: Sudden infant death trends in 6 metropolitan communities 1965 1974

Barnes A., 1987: Sudden infant deaths and clear weather in a subtropical environment

Mason, J. K.; Harkness, R. A.; Elton, R. A.; Bartholomew, S., 1980: Sudden infant deaths in edinburgh scotland uk infant feeding and socio economic factors

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539231

Travis P., 1982: Sudden large and periodic changes in heart rate in healthy young men after short periods of exercise

Domashuk-Yu ; Voitkovyak, M., 1977: Sudden loss of consciousness in pilots with low intra ocular pressure during overloading

Miniti A., 1987: Sudden loss of hearing due to hypovolemia in a patient with juvenile angiofibroma

Zonis S., 1986: Sudden loss of vision in a monocular patient caused by visual cortex infarction

Melchior-Nissen, H.; Sorensen, B. L.; Wolf, H.; Tonnesen, K. H., 1975: Sudden massive hemorrhage after renal transplantation

Grand M.G., 1979: Sudden mon ocular visual loss in pseudotumor cerebri

Molander N., 1982: Sudden natural death in later childhood and adolescence

Kuller L.H., 1987: Sudden nontraumatic death in adolescence deaths at school

Angelino P.F., 1981: Sudden occlusion of a saphenous vein bypass graft relieved by direct injection of nitro glycerin

Magargal L.E., 1979: Sudden occlusion of the retinal and posterior choroidal circulations in a youth

Kleinschmidt Demasters B.K., 1987: Sudden onset of blindness in patients treated with oral ccnu and low dose cranial irradiation

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539243

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539244

Fielder A.R., 1987: Sudden onset squint

Janushkevichius, Z. I.; Bloozhas, J. N.; Stalioraityte, E. J.; Baubiniene, A. V.; Milashauskiene, M. A.; Grabauskas, V. J.; Mazheika, A. A.; Ryzhakovaite, M. V.; Kamarauskiene, D. B.; Ragaishis, J. R., 1977: Sudden out of hospital coronary death and chronic lesions of coronary arteries and myo cardium morphologic data of kaunas male population study

Navitskas R.S., 1985: Sudden out of hospital death from coronary heart disease the state of intercoronary collaterals

Zonis J., 1981: Sudden paraplegia due to spinal osteo blastoma

Hill R.O., 1987: Sudden quadriplegia complicating ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament and diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperostosis

Traverse F., 1986: Sudden respiratory difficulty and cardiac arrest due to ascaris lumbricoides aspiration after open heart surgery

Way L.W., 1982: Sudden reversal of renal failure after take down of a jejuno ileal bypass report of a case involving hemorrhagic procto colitis and renal and hepatic failure late after jejuno ileal bypass for obesity

Raju M.R., 1980: Sudden reversion to normal radio sensitivity to the effects of x irradiation and plutonium 238 alpha particles by a radio resistant rat mouse hybrid cell line

Graham, J. M.; Ramsden, R. T.; Moffatt, D. A.; Gibson, W. P. R., 1978: Sudden sensori neural hearing loss electro cochleographic findings in 70 patients

Shenoi P.M., 1982: Sudden sensori neural hearing loss treated by carbon di oxide and oxygen inhalation a preliminary study

Creel D., 1983: Sudden severe visual loss associated with peri papillary burns during pan retinal argon photo coagulation

Bonazinga B.J., 1983: Sudden sinus slowing with junctional escape a common mode of initiation of juvenile supraventricular tachy cardia

Binik, Y. M.; Sullivan, M. J. L., 1971: Sudden swimming deaths a psycho motor reinterpretation

Balthazard C., 1979: Sudden swimming deaths cardiac function experimental anoxia and learned helplessness

Lopez-Rois, F.; Iglesias-Diz, J. L.; Rodriguez-Perez, E.; Gonzalez, C.; Taboada-Castineiras, M.; Castro-Gago, M., 1987: Sudden sydenham's chorea and systemic lupus erythematous

Snyder, E. W.; Dustman, R. E.; Straight, R. C.; Wayne, A. W.; Beck, E. C., 1977: Sudden toxicity of methadone in monkeys behavioral and electro physiological evidence

Rajs J., 1982: Sudden unexpected child death associated with ingestion of fluid dish detergent

Ronnevik P.K., 1985: Sudden unexpected death among young adults under the age of 30

Hughes J.R., 1984: Sudden unexpected death associated with seizures analysis of 66 cases

Al Debs N.R., 1987: Sudden unexpected death due to cardiac fibroma report of a case and review of the literature

Jachimczyk J.A., 1982: Sudden unexpected death due to coronary giant cell arteritis

Rozin L., 1987: Sudden unexpected death due to fourth ventricular subependymoma

Drake R.M., 1982: Sudden unexpected death during central hyper alimentation

Schochet S.S.Jr, 1987: Sudden unexpected death in a 5 year old boy with an unusual primary intracranial neoplasm ganglioglioma of the medulla

Roberts W.C., 1979: Sudden unexpected death in avid dieters using the liquid protein modified fast diet observations in 17 patients and the role of the prolonged qt interval

Rajegowda, B. K.; Kandall, S. R.; Falciglia, H., 1978: Sudden unexpected death in infants of narcotic dependent mothers

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Dickinson L.J., 1986: Sudden unexpected death of epileptic patient due to cardiac arrhythmias after seizure

Menard J., 1984: Sudden unexpected infant death in a french county

Peltonen T., 1982: Sudden unexpected infant death of a healthy boy occurring on the doctors examining table at a well baby clinic

Simonsen J., 1986: Sudden unexpected natural death in young persons

Salel D., 1980: Sudden vertigo during sleep 76 electro nystagmographic recordings

Roberts L., 1988: Sudden visual loss associated with clostridial bacteremia

Buncic J.R., 1984: Sudden visual loss in pseudotumor cerebri due to central retinal artery occlusion

Rosenblum, P.; Zilkha, A., 1978: Sudden visual loss secondary to an orbital varix

Wollman S.H., 1986: Sudden volume changes of the lumen of inverted thyroid follicles in suspension cultures use in estimation of rates of water flux through thyroid epithelium

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539282

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539284

Parson, M., 1986: Suddenly finding it really matters the paradox of the analyst's non attachment

Lemus, J. D.; Lucioni, M. C.; De-Rose, T. A.; Glatstein, A., 1985: Sudeck's disease

Loew, M., 1988: Sudeck's dystrophy after arthroscopy of the knee joint a case report

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539288

Franke K.J., 1985: Sued and nonsued physicians self reported reactions to malpractice litigation

Culbertson M.R., 1988: Suf12 suppressor protein of yeast a fusion protein related to the ef 1 family of elongation factors

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539291

Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539292

Moses R.E., 1988: Sufficiency of the klenow fragment for survival of pol c ts pcb a1 escherichia coli at 43 c

Kawashima S., 1983: Sufficient amount of serum nullifies the inhibitory effect of glycosamino glycans on fsh stimulated cumulus expansion in vitro

Hoekstra, R. F., 1978: Sufficient conditions for polymorphism with cyclical selection in a sub divided population

Plokhinskii N.A., 1982: Sufficient number of samples

Obrtel, R.; Holisova, V., 1977: Sufficient sample size for analyses of small rodent diets

Pelikan J., 1979: Sufficient sample size for evaluating the litter size in rodents

Penney C.G., 1982: Suffix effects and probe modality in probed recall implications for readout from sensory memory

Penney, C. G., 1978: Suffix effects in lists of temporally grouped words

Fuchs, C. G., 1975: Suffocation by pedunculated hypo pharynx tumor

Mun, K., 1975: Suffocation deaths due to hypoxia

Nurberdyev, K., 1978: Suffusive karst phenomena on the piedmont plain of the kopet dag

Kleinzeller A., 1981: Sugar absorption and secretion by winter flounder pseudopleuronectes americanus intestine

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Glasziou, K. T.; Gayler, K. R., 1972: Sugar accumulation in sugarcane m role of cell walls in sucrose transport

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Section 7, Chapter 6540, Accession 006539318

Voelter W., 1988: Sugar amino acids and sugar peptides by triflate substitution

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