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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6541

Chapter 6541 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Schneider V., 1987: Suicide with sodium azide

Sundqvist Stensman U.B., 1987: Suicides among 523 persons in a swedish county with and without contact with psychiatric care

Leivonniemi A., 1985: Suicides among male finnish seafarers

Hytten K., 1985: Suicides among norwegian soldiers in the eight year period 1977 1984 a retrospective study

Berger L.R., 1988: Suicides and pesticides in sri lanka

Marek, Z.; Widacki, J.; Zwarysiewicz, W., 1976: Suicides committed by minors

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540006

Sundqvist Stensman U.B., 1987: Suicides in close connection with psychiatric care an analysis of 57 cases in a swedish county

Missliwetz J., 1979: Suicides in hospitals of vienna austria

Kolodziej, J.; Kunz, J.; Gross, A., 1978: Suicides in krakow poland a comparative study of autopsy materials from 1881 1975

Vansan G.A., 1987: Suicides the self destructive means used in ribeirao preto brazil

Uyeki, E. M.; Nishimura, T.; Strom, S.; Bisel, T. U., 1977: Suiciding of hematopoietic and tumor clonal cells by tritiated nucleosides in vitro

Uyeki, E. M.; Nishimura, T.; Bisel, T. U., 1978: Suiciding of lymphocytic precursor cells by tritiated nucleosides in vitro

White, T. D.; Harris, J. M., 1977: Suid evolution and correlation of african hominid localities

Cooke, H. B. S., 1978: Suid evolution and correlation of african hominid localities an alternative taxonomy

Guanfang C., 1984: Suidae and tayassuidae artiodactyla mammalia from the miocene of steinheim am albuch germany

Steglich W., 1986: Suillin a characteristic metabolite from boletes of the genus suillus boletales

Harmaja, H., 1978: Suillus lapponicus new species of bolete from northern finland

Stewart E.L., 1984: Suillus neoalbidipes new name for suillus albidipes

Steinberg, B.; Dowell, R. V.; Fitzpatrick, G. E.; Howard, F. W., 1978: Suitability among native or naturalized plant species of southern florida usa for citrus blackfly development

Betters, D. R.; Rubingh, J. L. , 1978: Suitability analysis and wildland classification an approach

Trevathan L.E., 1988: Suitability and efficacy of ground corncobs as a carrier of fusarium solani spores

Traut H., 1979: Suitability and recovery of capillary blood plasma for lipid determinations

Pirotte J., 1979: Suitability criteria for compartmental analysis of the plasma clearance curve of exogenous cholephils iodine 131 labeled rose bengal fulfils these criteria

Greenblatt J., 1979: Suitability digestibility and assimilation of various host plants of the gypsy moth lymantria dispar

Schueppel H., 1980: Suitability for bacteriological meat testing of various indicator culturing media

Otake S., 1980: Suitability for food processing on purple specked soybean seeds by cercospora kikuchii

Alstrom J.E., 1984: Suitability for insight oriented psycho therapy as a prognostic factor in treatment of phobic women

Borderias A.J., 1981: Suitability for lyophilization of pastes of jurel trachurus trachurus and bacaladilla micromesistius poutassou

Rutledge E.M., 1981: Suitability for septic tank filter fields and taxonomic composition of 3 soil mapping units in arkansas usa

Ng, P. Y.; Allan, R. N.; Hofmann, A. F., 1977: Suitability of 11 12 tritiated cheno deoxy cholic acid and 11 12 tritiated litho cholic acid for isotope dilution studies of bile acid metabolism in man

Magnusson W.E., 1981: Suitability of 2 habitats in northern australia for the release of hatchling crocodylus porosus from artificial nests

Ablett, R. F.; Richards, R. H., 1980: Suitability of 24 hour and 48 hour unfed artemia as an early foodstuff for 0 group dover sole solea solea production

Skrede G., 1984: Suitability of 4 black currant cultivars for industrial syrup production

Temerak S.A., 1984: Suitability of 5 lepidopteran host insects to the ectolarval parasitoid bracon brevicornis

Deschodt, C. C.; Strijdom, B. W., 1976: Suitability of a coal bentonite base as carrier of rhizobia in inoculants

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540036

Franzmann A.W., 1985: Suitability of a formulated ration for moose alces alces

Antonio M., 1983: Suitability of a natural mixed diet for penaeus japonicus growth

Muehlebach S., 1988: Suitability of a propanolic pvp iodophor preparation as preoperative skin disinfectant germicidal activity and chemical stability

Greuel E., 1981: Suitability of a purified diet for comparative studies with rainbow trout salmo gairdneri and coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch

Levisky J.S., 1986: Suitability of a throat culture method for evaluation of group a streptococcal antigen detection kits

Haddox V.G., 1984: Suitability of amfonelic acid induced loco motor stimulation in mice as a model for the evaluation of classical and atypical anti psychotics

Manganaro A., 1981: Suitability of an unprocessed natural diet composed of trawling fishing scraps for penaeus kerathurus culture

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540045

Saddler J.N., 1987: Suitability of aspenwood biologically delignified with phlebia tremellosus for fermentation to ethanol or butanediol

Powierza L., 1986: Suitability of bioagrotechnical systems

Hall, A. D.; Stevenson, E., 1978: Suitability of breeders plots and a small harvester for evaluation of spring barley

Kuusela S., 1984: Suitability of carrion flies for field experiments on reproductive behavior

Garnett H.M., 1986: Suitability of cell suspension cultures for studying the interaction of cassava with the pathogen causing bacterial blight

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540053

Smerens'ka, A. V.; Ladanii, M. M.; Volovych, N. I.; Kushnirova, O. P., 1975: Suitability of certain nutrient media for obtaining staphylococcal entero toxins

Saxena S.K., 1984: Suitability of certain systemic nematicides as dip treatment in relation to penetration and development of meloidogyne incognita on tomato

Begum K., 1985: Suitability of chick pea cicer arietinum varieties for sowing late in bangladesh

Jung, K.; Gruetzmann, K. D.; Fechner, C.; Pergande, M.; Egger, E., 1979: Suitability of commercial control sera for the quality control of activity determination of alkaline phosphatase ec

Graci A.V.Jr, 1982: Suitability of commercial cottonseed for producing edible high protein flours by liquid classification

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540060

Bretaudiere, J. P.; Rej, R.; Drake, P.; Vassault, A.; Bailly, M., 1981: Suitability of control materials for determination of alpha amylase ec activity

Bailly M., 1981: Suitability of control materials general principles and methods of investigation

O'donnell, M. D.; Mcgeeney, K. F., 1983: Suitability of control materials in the differential inhibition assay for human pancreatic and salivary amylase ec

Tronstad L., 1986: Suitability of controlled release delivery system for root canal disinfection

Mansharamani H.J., 1983: Suitability of counter immunoelectrophoresis for detection of antibodies to rabies virus

Kim K.S., 1979: Suitability of cynthia roretzi for processing

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540068

Heydorn, K. P.; Meyer, J. N., 1977: Suitability of di sperm for testing fertility of artificially inseminated boars

Notermans, S.; Van-Leusden, F. M.; Van-Schothorst, M., 1977: Suitability of different bacterial groups for determining fecal contamination during post scalding stages in the processing of broiler chickens

Holub, B. J.; Piekarski, J., 1978: Suitability of different molecular species of 1 2 di acyl glycerols as substrates for di acyl glycerol kinase in rat brain microsomes

Soni, J. L., 1978: Suitability of different serological tests for diagnosis of brucellosis in buffalo bubalus bubalis

Arora S.K., 1983: Suitability of different varieties of ash gourd benincasa hispida for candy making

Zegota H., 1988: Suitability of dukat strawberries for studying effects on shelf life of irradiation combined with cold storage

Srinivasan T.E., 1980: Suitability of dwarf rice varieties from northeast india to different sowings in 1 year

Janitschke K., 1986: Suitability of echinococcus antigens from selected intermediate final host cycles for diagnosis of hydatidosis in man

Hussian A., 1985: Suitability of eucalyptus kitsoniana for planting in pakistan

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540078

Samsijah, 1986: Suitability of five mulberry species and four silkworm races for the development of silk industry in the payakumbuh area west sumatra indonesia

Passman A., 1985: Suitability of formulated diets as sole diets for farming the brushtail possum trichosurus vulpecula for fur

Olansky A.S., 1982: Suitability of frozen and lyophilized reference sera for cholesterol and tri glyceride determinations

Morrison R.K., 1987: Suitability of frozen sitotroga cerealella olivier eggs for temporary rearing of geocoris functipes

Horn W., 1988: Suitability of gellan and different agar qualities for in vitro cultures of kalanchoe hybrids

Dayan, E.; Enoch, H. Z.; Fuchs, M.; Zipori, I., 1986: Suitability of greenhouse building types and roof cover materials for growth of export tomatoes in the besor region of israel i. effect of climatic conditions

Dayan, E.; Enoch, H. Z.; Fuchs, M.; Zipori, I., 1986: Suitability of greenhouse building types and roof cover materials for growth of export tomatoes in the besor region of israel ii. effect of fresh and dry matter production

Basak B.C., 1986: Suitability of groundwater for irrigation use in sadar and trishal upazilas of mymensingh district bangladesh

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540089

Zemanek F., 1979: Suitability of heifers of different commercial types for early calving studies of growth with abilities and body size

Ruisch J., 1985: Suitability of hydrogenated soybean oils for prefrying of deep frozen french fries

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540092

Donges J., 1988: Suitability of in vitro xenodiagnosis development of trypanosoma cruzi in triatoma infestans depending on larval stage of bugs and number of trypomastigotes taken during in vitro blood meal

Bernhardt, D.; Hecker, M.; Bernhardt, H., 1978: Suitability of intact seeds of caryophyllaceae for the determination of dna rna and protein biosynthesis by incorporation experiments

Holl F.B., 1986: Suitability of intrinsic antibiotic resistance as a method of strain identification in rhizobium trifolii

Eriksson A L., 1980: Suitability of ion crowns for the restoration of deciduous molars

Bhargava P.N., 1983: Suitability of kharif crops to agro climatic conditions of jamnagar india

Mango, C. K. A.; Galun, R., 1977: Suitability of laboratory hosts for rearing of ornithodoros moubata ticks acari argasidae

Vakharia, D. D.; Vakharia, M. R.; Munshi, S. R.; Rao, S. S., 1978: Suitability of leukocyte migration test in assessing immune pathology in rabbits

Degen M.J., 1986: Suitability of limestone derived soils for on site wastewater disposal

Lindegren J.E., 1985: Suitability of lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae as a host for the entomogenous nematode steinernema feltiae rhabditida steinernematidae

Van-Eck, W. H., 1976: Suitability of membrane filter techniques to study the ultrastructure of fusarium solani in soil

Voigtlaender R., 1982: Suitability of methods for determination of crude protein in feeds with particular reference to coulometric analyses

Gupta K.G., 1983: Suitability of methods for quantitation of staphylocoagulase

Soeder, C. J., 1976: Suitability of micro algae for nutritional purposes

Murakami K., 1988: Suitability of milk clotting enzyme from irpex lacteus for gouda cheese manufacture

Wefer G., 1980: Suitability of mono saccharides as markers for particle identification in carbonate sediments

Samsijah, 1988: Suitability of mulberry species for pure silkworm races a x b x n 1 and n 2 in the payakumbuh area west sumatra indonesia

Zohdy N.Z.M., 1981: Suitability of myzus persicae for the development of chrysopa carnea as affected by changing prey food

Gossrau, R., 1977: Suitability of naphthyl alpha l fucosides for the investigation of alpha l fucosidases

Dowell R.V., 1980: Suitability of native or naturalized plants as long term hosts of the citrus black fly aleurocanthus woglumi

Weiland L.H., 1984: Suitability of near total laryngopharyngectomy in piriform carcinoma

Bagyaraj D.J., 1986: Suitability of neem cake as an additive in earthworm feed and its influence on the establishment of microflora

Johnson F.B., 1986: Suitability of new chlamydia transport medium for transport of herpes simplex virus

Zaadhof K J., 1983: Suitability of newer selective media for the detection of staphylococcus aureus in foods

Bansal, M. P.; Kumar, S., 1976: Suitability of nonavian cell cultures for propagation of newcastle disease virus

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540117

Halliday J., 1983: Suitability of oven dried root nodules for rhizobium strain identification by immuno fluorescence and agglutination

Sinha, S. K.; Sharma, A. K.; Manglik, V. P., 1977: Suitability of pantnagar india soils and their productivity for wheat and maize

Pandey P.N., 1980: Suitability of parts of food plant for argina cribraria lepidoptera hypsidae

Pandey, P. N., 1976: Suitability of parts of food plant for utethesia pulchella lepidoptera arctiidae

Wutzler, P.; Sproessig, M.; Peterseim, H., 1975: Suitability of per acetic acid for sterilization of media for mycoplasma spp cultures

Kloss R., 1985: Suitability of plant height for determining the optimal use span of alfalfa medicago media

Bagga J.K., 1985: Suitability of populus ciliata poplar for hardboards

Waddill V.H., 1985: Suitability of potential wild hosts of diaphania species in southern florida usa

Vlahcevic Z.R., 1985: Suitability of primary monolayer cultures of adult rat hepatocytes for studies of cholesterol and bile acid metabolism

Suess, R.; Koenig, K. H., 1987: Suitability of prolific crossbred sheep for fattening lamb production 2. fertility and raising performance

Zeleznik Z., 1980: Suitability of rabbits in diagnostics of swine fever

Gates, G. F.; Goris, M. L., 1977: Suitability of radio pharmaceuticals for determining right to left shunting concise communication

Zoellner U., 1986: Suitability of rape cultivars with different levels of glucosinolate content for brevicoryne brassicae and myzus persicae hemiptera aphididae

Kreider, J. W.; Bartlett, G. L.; Purnell, D. M., 1976: Suitability of rat mammary adeno carcinoma 13762 as a model for bcg immuno therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540132

Repak A.J., 1986: Suitability of selected bacteria and yeasts for growing the estuarine heterotrich ciliate fabrea salina

Repak A.J., 1983: Suitability of selected marine algae for growing the marine heterotrich ciliate fabrea salina

Rees N.E., 1985: Suitability of selected north american grasshopper species as hosts for grasshopper parasites from pakistan

Lee, E. H.; Ryu, B. H.; Yang, S. T., 1975: Suitability of shellfish for processing part 2 seasonal changes in heavy metal content of baby clam

Lee, E. H.; Kim, W. J.; Kim, S. K.; Cho, D. J., 1980: Suitability of shellfishes for processing 4. mussels mytilus edulis

Lee, E. H.; Chung, S. Y.; Kim, S. H.; Ryu, B. H.; Ha, J. H.; Oh, H. G.; Sung, N. J.; Yand, S. T., 1975: Suitability of shellfishes for processing part 3 suitability of pacific oyster for processing

Schoeberlein L., 1984: Suitability of shot bioptate for morphometric and histochemical examination of muscular tissue

Sandu G., 1987: Suitability of sludges from sugar factories to revegetation

Sawicki J., 1985: Suitability of some cultivars of bread rye secale cereale for mixtures used as green forage and for seed production from regrowth

Beuchat, L. R., 1977: Suitability of some enrichment broths and diluents for enumerating cold and heat stressed vibrio parahaemolyticus

Rankovic, M., 1978: Suitability of some methods in the purification of plum poxvirus strains

Nanou M., 1984: Suitability of some microbial coagulants for feta cheese manufacture

Greenwood, P. B.; Sheath, G. W., 1982: Suitability of some pasture species within sub humid areas of otago new zealand 2. legumes

Sheath, G. W.; Greenwood, P. B., 1982: Suitability of some pasture species within subhumid areas of otago new zealand 1. grasses

Gupta V.K., 1985: Suitability of some soil test methods for zinc and response of chick pea cicer arietinum to applied zinc in non calcareous soils

Mourtazov T., 1987: Suitability of some substrata for greenhouse production of cucumbers

Saxena S.C., 1987: Suitability of soybean varieties for maize plus soybean intercropping

Hahn H.J., 1985: Suitability of specific staining methods for the estimation of beta cell volume in rat pancreas with normal and reduced insulin content

Jackson R.D., 1987: Suitability of spectral indices for evaluating vegetation characteristics on arid rangelands

Hegazi, E. M.; El-Minshawy, A. M.; Hammad, S. M., 1977: Suitability of spodoptera littoralis larvae for development of microplitis rufiventris

Parashar R.D., 1982: Suitability of stable bleaching powder and other chemical formulations for the control of bacterial leaf spot of green gram vigna radiata

Winter S.R., 1980: Suitability of sugar beets beta vulgaris for limited irrigation in a semi arid climate

Murray R.K., 1979: Suitability of sulfur 35 labeled l methionine for studying the biosynthesis of the poly peptides of mouse liver endoplasmic reticulum membrane fractions in vivo

Therre H., 1986: Suitability of sulfur labeling reagent amersham as an in vitro protein radiolabeling reagent for two dimensional electrophoresis

Gopalakrishna, C. V. S. S. V.; Subbarao, D.; Sastry, A. S., 1975: Suitability of test paper method for harvesting some advanced breeding lines of flue cured tobacco

Bolton J.J., 1985: Suitability of the agarophyte suhria vittata rhodophyta gelidiaceae for mariculture geographical distribution reproductive phenology and growth of sporelings in culture in relation to light and temperature

Alva A.K., 1988: Suitability of the aluminon technique for measuring phytotoxic aluminum in solutions with varying sulfate concentrations

Westhoff D., 1984: Suitability of the asm 2 standard test of the national committee for clinical laboratory standards for evaluation of anti microbial disc potency

Vlassak K., 1987: Suitability of the blcr medium for isolating azospirillum brasilense

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540167

Marose B.H., 1984: Suitability of the contact herbicide paraquat as a simulator of mexican bean beetle epilachna varivestis coleoptera coccinellidae defoliation under greenhouse conditions

Zurawicz E., 1986: Suitability of the fruits of several strawberry cultivars and clones for freezing

Plocharski W., 1986: Suitability of the fruits of several strawberry cultivars and clones for freezing and compotes

Katic P., 1981: Suitability of the fukuda 2 3 5 tri phenyl tetrazolium chloride test for a quick assessment of shellfish freshness

Kraft D., 1982: Suitability of the iliac crest biopsy in element analysis of bone and marrow

Krieglstein, G.; Krieglstein, J.; Stock, R., 1972: Suitability of the isolated perfused rat brain for studying effects on cerebral metabolism

Muenzer, W.; Keydel, F., 1977: Suitability of the lodicules for criticism of the flower opening of wheat

Tvrda B., 1981: Suitability of the micro agglutination test for detection of post infection and post vaccination q fever antibodies in human sera

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540177

Kowbel D.J., 1983: Suitability of the modified fluctuation assay for evaluating the mutagenicity for unconcentrated drinking water

Grunwaldt, G.; Ehwald, R.; Goering, H., 1977: Suitability of the osmotic shock procedure for the analysis of membrane transport in root tips of zea mays

Holdsworth S.D., 1986: Suitability of the ottawa pea tenderometer to assess the quality of raw peas

Lewis O., 1987: Suitability of the plastic cable tie as a shark tag

Howard L.S., 1979: Suitability of the rabbit for hypo thyroid studies

Provost, P. J.; Villarejos, V. M.; Hilleman, M. R., 1977: Suitability of the rufiventer marmoset as a host animal for human hepatitis a virus

Mcmurtry J.A., 1986: Suitability of the spider mite tetranychus evansi as prey for phytoseiulus persimilis

Buck E.M., 1987: Suitability of the warner bratzler shear for textural measurements of fish protein gels

Grinberg P.S., 1984: Suitability of the white marked tussock moth lepidoptera lymantriidae as an alternate host for the imported gypsy moth lepidoptera lymantriidae parasite rogas lymantriae hymenoptera braconidae

Gopakumar K., 1985: Suitability of tuna euthynnus affinis red meat for preparation of wafers

Yurkowski M., 1986: Suitability of two rainbow trout salmo gairdneri reference diets for arctic charr salvelinus alpinus

Townsend A.M., 1987: Suitability of ulmus wilsoniana the urban elm and their hybrids for the elm leaf beetle xanthogaleruca luteola mueller coleoptera chrysomelidae

Dobetski M., 1980: Suitability of various air sampling methods for the evaluation of occupational exposure of workers to toxic substances

Cobbinah J.R., 1983: Suitability of various eucalypts for growth of the larvae of uraba lugens

Griess H., 1985: Suitability of various substrates for pot experiments with potato in hydroponic culture

Lindner D., 1985: Suitability of vertical slot and denil fishways for passing north temperate nonsalmonid fish

Snow N.E., 1980: Suitability of vigilance test data as a neuro behavioral measure of uremic status

Sharma K.K., 1981: Suitability trials of different species and provenances of pines in the doon valley of india

Loncaric, E., 1978: Suitable cages for butterfly breeding

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540199

Lett, M. C.; Fleck, J.; Fritsch, C.; Durr, A.; Hirth, L., 1980: Suitable conditions for characterization identification and isolation of the messenger rna of the small subunit of ribulose 1 5 bis phosphate carboxylase ec from nicotiana sylvestris

Aramburu J., 1985: Suitable conditions for detecting apple chlorotic leaf spot virus in apricot trees by elisa

Hirayama K., 1984: Suitable food plankton for growth of a bryozoan bugula neritina under laboratory conditions

Saito Y., 1980: Suitable habitats for certain algae with respect to their growth on the vertical surface of breakwaters

Rivat C., 1985: Suitable hollow fiber immunobioreactors for specific ex vivo removal of antibodies and antigens from plasma

Bagyaraj D.J., 1988: Suitable level of zinc copper and manganese for mass production of the vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus glomus fasciculatum

Yone Y., 1982: Suitable levels of lipids and ursodeoxy cholic acid in diet for yellowtail

Ram M., 1982: Suitable line requirement methods for acid soils of meghalaya india

Doi Y., 1980: Suitable medium condition for callus induction from stem segment and its application to anther culture in tea plant

Vesela O., 1980: Suitable parameters of spirometric screening examinations in occupational medicine

Imasato Y., 1986: Suitable size of preparations to evaluate the bioavailability of enteric coated preparations by the use of gastric acidity controlled rabbits

Rapusas, H. R.; Gabriel, B. P., 1976: Suitable temperature humidity and larval density in the rearing of bombyx mori

Vazirani T.G., 1982: Sukunahikona popei new species coleoptera coccinellidae feeding on scale insects hemiptera homoptera diaspididae infesting coconut palm in gujarat india

Iapichino C., 1984: Sula bassana stercorariidae and larus melanocephalus in east sicily italy

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540214

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540215

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540216

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540217

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540218

Falcioni E., 1987: Sulbenicillin pharmacokinetics and penetration into bronchial secretion in elderly patients

Navia J.M., 1988: Sulcal plaque ph and remineralization of sulcal caries in rats exposed to dietary and water fluoride

Waldman I.N., 1979: Sulcal prominence in young chronic schizophrenic patients computed tomography scan findings associated with impairment on neuro psychological tests

Van Eijk G.W., 1987: Sulcatine a norsesquiterpene from the fungus laurilia sulcata

Moczar L., 1985: Sulcomesitius kuncheriai new female hymenoptera bethylidae

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540224

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540225

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540226

Cimasoni G., 1980: Sulcular polymorphonuclear leukocytes and gingival exudate during experimental gingivitis in man

Berzofsky, J. A.; Peisach, J.; Blumberg, W. E., 1971: Sulf heme proteins part 1 optical and magnetic properties of sulf myo globin and its derivatives

Berzofsky, J. A.; Peisach, J.; Blumberg, W. E., 1971: Sulf heme proteins part 2 the reversible oxygenation of ferrous sulf myo globin

Berzofsky, J. A.; Peisach, J.; Alben, J. O., 1972: Sulf heme proteins part 3 carboxysulf myo globin the relation between electron withdrawal from iron and ligand binding

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540231

Dijkhuizen, P.; Buursma, A.; Gerding, A. M.; Zijlstra, W. G., 1977: Sulf hemo globin absorption spectrum millimolar extinction coefficient at 620 nanometers and interference with the determination of hemo globin and of hemo globin cyanide

Schmitter, C. R-Jr, 1975: Sulf hemo globinemia and met hemo globinemia uncommon causes of cyanosis

Yao, S. Z.; Xiao, J.; Nie, L. H., 1987: Sulfa drug sensitive electrodes selectivity and potentiometric titration

Nie L H., 1987: Sulfa drug sensitive membrane electrodes and their analytical applications

Menon S.K., 1987: Sulfa drugs thermodynamic proton ligand and metal ligand stability constants

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540237

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540238

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540239

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540240

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540241

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540242

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540243

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540244

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540245

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540246

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540247

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540248

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540249

Morland J., 1981: Sulfadimidine acetylation in norwegians comparison of sulfadimidine metabolism in lapps north norwegians and south norwegians

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540251

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540255

El Nimr A., 1984: Sulfaethidole lysozyme interactions by fluorescence quenching

Padeiskaya, E. N.; Polukhina, L. M., 1977: Sulfalene

Kholodov L.E., 1981: Sulfalene circulation in patients with kidney diseases

Ketterer B., 1986: Sulfamate formation is a major route for detoxification of 2 amino 3 methylimidazo 4 5 f quinoline in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540260

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540261

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540262

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540263

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540264

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540265

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540266

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540267

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540268

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540269

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540270

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540271

Sarges, R.; Kuhla, D. E.; Wiedermann, H. E.; Mayhew, D. A., 1976: Sulfamyl urea hypo glycemic agents part 6 high potency derivatives

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540273

Shaywitz B.A., 1982: Sulfanilic acid behavioral changes related to azo food dyes in developing rats

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540275

Mumcuoglu, Y.; Schlein, Y., 1978: Sulfaquinoxaline a possible means for the control of the house dust mite dermatophagoides pteronyssinus

Jordan, A. M.; Trewern, M. A., 1976: Sulfaquinoxaline in host diet as the cause of reproductive abnormalities in the tsetse fly glossina spp

Gupta, R. C.; Sud, S. C., 1978: Sulfaquinoxaline in poultry

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540279

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540280

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540281

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540282

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540283

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540284

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540285

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540286

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540287

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540288

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540289

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540290

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540291

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540292

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540293

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540294

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540295

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540296

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540297

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540298

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540299

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540300

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540301

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540302

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540303

Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540304

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Section 7, Chapter 6541, Accession 006540306

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