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Sulfhydryl groups in photosynthetic energy conservation part 3 inhibition of photo phosphorylation in spinach chloroplasts by cadmium chloride

Lucero, H.A.; Andreo, C.S.; Vallejos, R.H.

Plant Science Letters 6(5): 309-313


Accession: 006540708

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Low concentrations of CdCl2 inhibited cyclic and non-cyclic photophosphorylation in spinach [Spinacia oleracea] chloroplasts and depressed coupled electron transport to the basal level. The basal electron transport and the electron flow stimulated by several uncouplers, except arsenate, were not affected. The inhibitory effects of Cd were reversed by dithiols like dithioerythritol or 2,3-dimercaptopropanol. The light-induced pH rise of chloroplast suspensions and the trypsin-activated Ca-ATPase were not affected by Cd at the concentrations that inhibited ATP synthesis, but the latter was affected by higher concentrations.

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