Summer aspect of algal zonation on a texas usa jetty in relation to wave exposure

Kapraun, D.F.

Contributions in Marine Science 23: 101-110


Accession: 006541582

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Benthic marine algae [44 spp.], including 3 species newly reported for the area [Callithamnion cordatum, Cladophora prolifera and Polysiphonia macrocarpa] were collected in a quantitative study of species abundance and vertical ranges in relation to tide levels on exposed and sheltered vertical rocks at Port Aransas, Texas. Some species were selectively restricted to exposed or sheltered habitats, while species found in both environments typically presented a vertical displacement and obvious disparity in abundance between the 2 habitats. Characteristic communities of co-occurring species were found on both the sheltered and exposed sides. Similarity coefficients, expressed in composite treallis diagrams, demonstrated the relationship of algal zones to tidal levels and surf exposure.