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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6544

Chapter 6544 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Nations C., 1988: Superoxide dismutase induces differentiation in microplasmodia of the slime mold physarum polycephalum

Koskimies S., 1987: Superoxide dismutase isoenzymes glutathione peroxidase and selenium in blood from hla b27 positive and negative subjects

Santavuori P., 1986: Superoxide dismutase isoenzymes in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma from patients with neuronal ceroid lipofuscinoses

Winblad B., 1985: Superoxide dismutase isoenzymes in normal brains and in brains from patients with dementia of alzheimer type

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543004

Viswanathan P.N., 1986: Superoxide dismutase isozymes of rat lung

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543006

Oberley L.W., 1985: Superoxide dismutase levels in chinese hamster ovary cells and ovarian carcinoma cells after hyperthermia or exposure to cycloheximide

Roberts J., 1987: Superoxide dismutase like activities of copper ii complexes tested in serum

Sorenson J.R.J., 1987: Superoxide dismutase mimetic activity of antiepileptic drug copper complexes

Hirobe M., 1986: Superoxide dismutase mimetic activity of cytokinin copper ii complexes

Dovrat A., 1986: Superoxide dismutase molecules in human cataractous lenses

Reichard P., 1986: Superoxide dismutase participates in the enzymatic formation of the tyrosine radical of ribonucleotide reductase from escherichia coli

Kloner R.A., 1986: Superoxide dismutase plus catalase improve contractile function in the canine model of the stunned myocardium

Atkinson H.J., 1986: Superoxide dismutase polymorphism in field populations of the potato cyst nematodes globodera rostochiensis and globodera pallida

Malik A.B., 1986: Superoxide dismutase prevents the thrombin induced increase in lung vascular permeability role of superoxide in mediating the alterations in lung fluid balance

Spray D.C., 1987: Superoxide dismutase protects cultured neurons against death by starvation

Eaton J.W., 1987: Superoxide dismutase rich bacteria paradoxical increase in oxidant toxicity

Misra H.P., 1985: Superoxide dismutase tissue cellular and subcellular distribution in adult canine heart

Sevilla, F.; Del-Rio, L. A.; Hellin, E., 1984: Superoxide dismutases ec from a citrus plant presence of 2 iron containing isoenzymes in leaves of lemon trees citrus limonum

Fenichel G.M., 1987: Superoxide dismutases glutathione peroxidase and catalase in neuromuscular disease

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543022

Nachtman J.P., 1986: Superoxide generation by 1 nitropyrene in rat lung microsomes

Pabst M., 1985: Superoxide generation by human blood leukocytes under the effect of cytolytic agents

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543025

Conley N.S., 1986: Superoxide generation by pig alveolar macrophages

Nobunaga M., 1986: Superoxide generation by synovial fluid neutrophils enhanced by immune complexes and suppressed by rheumatoid factor in synovial fluid

Ruuge E.K., 1987: Superoxide generation by the respiratory chain of tumor mitochondria

Kaye M.P., 1986: Superoxide generation during cardiopulmonary bypass is there a role for vitamin e?

Ostrovskii M.A., 1984: Superoxide generation via melanin interaction with oxygen

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543031

Mimura Y., 1986: Superoxide in ocular inflammation human and experimental uveitis

Chait A., 1987: Superoxide initiates oxidation of low density lipoprotein by human monocytes

Mccleary C.J., 1987: Superoxide ion as a primary reductant in ascorbate mediated ferritin iron release

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543035

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543036

Mukerjee S.K., 1984: Superoxide mediated monodehalogenation of cyclodiene insecticides

Lynch R.E., 1986: Superoxide mediates the toxicity of paraquat for chinese hamster ovary cells

Winterbourn C.C., 1988: Superoxide modulates the activity of myeloperoxidase and optimizes the production of hypochlorous acid

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543040

Fong F.K., 1986: Superoxide photogeneration by chlorophyll a in water acetone esr studies of radical intermediates in chlorophyll a photoreaction in vitro

Stendahl O., 1986: Superoxide production and chemiluminescence induced in differentiated hl 60 cells by the chemoattractant formylmethionylleucylphenylalanine

Karnovsky M.J., 1986: Superoxide production by polymorphonuclear leukocytes a cytochemical approach

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543044

Kitamura T., 1986: Superoxide production of polymorphonuclear leukocytes in surgical patients with gastric cancer

Marletta M.A., 1985: Superoxide promoted oxidation reactions of aniline and n methylaniline in dimethyl sulfoxide

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543047

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543048

Goncharenko E.N., 1985: Superoxide radical generation in electron transfer photosynthetic reactions in bacteria

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543050

Mueller W.E.G., 1987: Superoxide radical induced loss of nuclear restriction of immature messenger rna a possible cause for aging

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543052

Debler, E. A.; Sershen, H.; Lajtha, A.; Gennaro, J. F. Jr, 1986: Superoxide radical mediated alteration of synaptosome membrane structure and high affinity carbon 14 gamma aminobutyric acid uptake

Akedo H., 1986: Superoxide radical potentiates invasive capacity of rat ascites hepatoma cells in vitro

Ruuge E.K., 1985: Superoxide radical production by ischemic heart mitochondria

Von Sonntag C., 1988: Superoxide radical reactions in aqueous solutions of pyrogallol and n propylgallate the involvement of phenoxyl radicals a pulse radiolysis study

Bachur N.R., 1985: Superoxide radical reactions with anthracycline antibiotics

Z Nagy I., 1985: Superoxide radical scavenging ability of centrophenoxine and its salt dependence in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543059

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543060

Minakami S., 1984: Superoxide release and intracellular free calcium of calcium depleted human neutrophils stimulated by n formylmethionylleucylphenylalanine

Hirayama C., 1988: Superoxide release by polymorphonuclear leukocytes and monocytes in chronic liver diseases

Muniain-Ezcurra, M. A.; Rodriguez-Lopez, M. D.; Pozuelo-Del-Rosal, F.; Romero-Tabares, A.; Mata-Alcazar-Caballero, R.; Rodriguez-Hornillo, M. C.; Venero-Gomez, J.; Garrido-Peralta, M., 1987: Superoxide release chemotaxis and pathergic phenomenon in patients with behcet's disease

Jones S.R., 1987: Superoxide removal and radiation protection in bacteria

Gulyaeva N.V., 1987: Superoxide scavenging activity of carnosine in the presence of copper and zinc

Siegel L.M., 1988: Superoxidized states of escherichia coli sulfite reductase heme protein subunit

Odugbemi T., 1984: Superoxol and amylase inhibition tests for distinguishing gonococcal and nongonococcal cultures growing on selective media

Mendelson J., 1982: Superoxol catalase test for identification of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Ferrucci J.T., 1988: Superparamagnetic iron oxide clinical application as a contrast agent for mr imaging of the liver

Lehn J M., 1985: Superpolyamines macrocyclic polyamines induce highly efficient actin polymerization

Mahaney W.C., 1984: Superposed neoglacial and late pinedale wisconsinan tills titcomb basin wind river mountains western wyoming usa

Schiff, H.; D'isep, F.; Candone, P., 1986: Superposition and scattering of visual fields in a compound double eye i. stimulation sequences for different distances in a stomatopod from a dim habitat

Schiff, H.; Candone, P., 1986: Superposition and scattering of visual fields in a compound double eye ii. stimulation sequences for different distances in a stomatopod from a bright habitat

Medjes S., 1981: Superposition measuring method in scintigraphy

Johnson D.H., 1986: Superposition models of the discharge patterns of units in the lower auditory system

Towe A.L., 1985: Superposition of antidromic responses in pyramidal tract cell clusters

Barrett, T. W., 1976: Superposition of bin aural influences on single neuron activity in the medial superior olive elicited by electrical stimulation of the osseous spiral laminae

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543079

Arias J.R., 1985: Superposition of culicidae species growing in small artificial water recipients in forests and coops in manaus amazonas brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543081

Ratliff, F.; Knight, B. W.; Milkman, N., 1970: Superposition of excitatory and inhibitory influences in the retina of limulus effect of delayed inhibition

Goldfinger M.D., 1984: Superposition of impulse activity in a rapidly adapting afferent unit model

Feldman, A. G., 1980: Superposition of motor programs 2. rapid fore arm flexion in man

Zaalishvili M.M., 1987: Superprecipitation and atpase activity of the protein m actomyosin complex

Kohama, K.; Saida, K.; Hirata, M.; Kitaura, T.; Ebashi, S., 1986: Superprecipitation is a model for in vitro contraction superior to atpase activity

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543087

Shengeliya L.V., 1985: Superprecipitation of hybrid actomyosin containing pathologic actin of failing hearts from adults and infants

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543089

Cosman B., 1987: Superpulse carbon dioxide laser treatment of facial syringomata

Bifarini G., 1983: Superselective angiography of the hip

Sato T., 1985: Superselective arterial embolization of the rat liver

Sakakura Y., 1985: Superselective continuous intra arterial infusion therapy via superficial temporal artery for head and neck tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543094

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543095

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543096

Carrier G.O., 1986: Supersensitivity and endothelium dependency of histamine induced relaxation in mesenteric arteries isolated from diabetic rats

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543098

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543099

Prince A.K., 1987: Supersensitivity of dextro amphetamine induced hyperthermia in rats following continuous treatment with neuroleptics

Nieoullon A., 1988: Supersensitivity of presynaptic receptors involved in the dopaminergic control of striatal high affinity glutamate uptake after 6 hydroxydopamine lesion of nigrostriatal dopaminergic neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543102

Netto J.C., 1984: Supersensitivity of the isolated guinea pig vas deferens induced by a toxic fraction of scorpion venom tityus serrulatus

Takacs L., 1986: Supersensitivity of the renal tubule to catecholamines in the chronically denervated canine kidney

Chase T.N., 1988: Supersensitivity to a d 1 dopamine receptor agonist and subsensitivity to a d 2 receptor agonist following chronic d 1 receptor blockade

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543106

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543107

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543108

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543109

Mercer P.F., 1987: Supersensitivity to ne alters renal function of chronically denervated rat kidneys

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543111

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543112

Shandurina A.N., 1986: Superslow fluctuations of the potentials of affected human visual nerves as an index of their status

Dusheiko A.G., 1988: Superslow freezing of swine oocytes

Frolov, M. V., 1986: Superslow oscillations of characteristics of human operator's state in monotony

Burns J.M., 1983: Superspecies atrytonopsis ovinia atrytonopsis ovinia plus atrytonopsis edwardsi and the nonadaptive nature of interspecific genitalic differences lepidoptera hesperiidae

De Jong R., 1987: Superspecies pyrgus malvae lepidoptera hesperiidae in the east mediterranean with notes on phylogenetic and biological relationships

Pavlinov I.Ya, 1980: Superspecific groupings in the subfamily cardiocraniinae mammalia dipodidae

Bernor R.L., 1980: Superspecific groups of some old world hipparionine horses

Killeen, P. R., 1978: Superstition a matter of bias not detectability

Dhawan S., 1988: Superstitions in pediatric illnesses among rural mothers

Devenport L.D., 1979: Superstitious bar pressing in hippocampal and septal rats

Brigner, W. L., 1985: Superstitious behavior in a robot a mathematical model and computer simulation based on adams' theory of motor learning

Morris E.K., 1987: Superstitious behavior in children

Ono K., 1987: Superstitious behavior in humans

Reberg, D.; Innis, N. K.; Mann, B.; Eizenga, C., 1978: Superstitious behavior resulting from periodic response independent presentations of food or water

Milford G., 1984: Superstitious belief and intensionality

Neuringer, A. J., 1970: Superstitious key pecking after 3 peck produced reinforcements

Sati T.R., 1986: Superstitious therapy during illnesses of pre school children

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543130

Chalmers, J. H. Jr ; Seale, T. W., 1971: Supersuppressible mutants in neurospora mutants at the tryp 1 and tryp 2 loci affecting the structure of the multi enzyme complex in the tryptophan pathway

Araki S., 1985: Supersymmetric formulation of stochastic quantization

Forejt J., 1986: Supertypic hla bw 4 antigen detected by a new monoclonal antibody

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543134

Dishman R.K., 1988: Supervised and free living physical activity no differences in former athletes and nonathletes

Carden P.W., 1987: Supervised control of apple pest in southern england uk

Sun F Z., 1985: Supervised intermittent chemotherapy for pulmonary tuberculosis in a rural area of china

Ripa, L. W.; Leske, G. S.; Sposato, A. L.; Rebich, T. Jr, 1983: Supervised weekly rinsing with a 0.2 percent neutral sodium fluoride solution results after 5 years

Kass F., 1982: Supervising intake diagnosis a psychiatric rashomon

Roxburgh B., 1988: Supervising lithium a comparison of a lithium clinic psychiatric out patient clinics and general practice

Hattori Y., 1980: Supervision and control system at the kanagawa waste water treatment plant yokohama japan

Schneider H R., 1987: Supervision in social psychiatry

Ebersole J.S., 1987: Supervision of ambulatory cassette eeg screening a strategy based on the temporal distribution of epileptiform abnormalities

Mandin J., 1983: Supervision of cytomegalovirus disease among renal transplant recipients by the enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay method

Brook O.H., 1987: Supervision of mental health care in the netherlands

Reiff M.I., 1981: Supervision of pediatric trainees in bio social pediatrics a survey of graduate programs

De-Rosis, H. A., 1971: Supervision of the 1st year psychiatric resident

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543149

Tan H., 1986: Supervision of vaccination in the department of val de marne france

Kakkar S., 1982: Supervisor affect attraction and positive evaluation as a function of enhancement of others

Laubendorf J., 1987: Supervisory departments for technological control and their evaluation in prevention hygienic surveillance

Olivotto, I. A.; Ludgate, C. M.; Allen, L. H.; Rootman, J., 1985: Supervoltage radiotherapy for graves' ophthalmopathy cancer control agency of british columbia canada technique and results

Angus R.B., 1985: Suphrodytes new genus new status a valid genus not a subgenus of hydroporus coleoptera dytiscidae

Laurin S., 1983: Supination adduction injuries of the ankle in children radiographical classification and treatment

Langenskiold, A.; Ritsila, V., 1977: Supination deformity of the fore foot

Laurin S., 1982: Supination eversion injuries of the ankle in children a retrospective study of radiographic classification and treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543158

Dolan G.F., 1986: Supine change in arterial oxygenation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Brundin K., 1984: Supine chest radiography with a mobile x ray unit comparison between low kilovolt peak and high kilovolt peak technique

Chen J.T.T., 1987: Supine cross table lateral chest roentgenogram for the detection of pericardial effusion

Bar Haim Y., 1985: Supine feeding in the pathogenesis of otitis media in infancy

Smith A.D., 1986: Supine flexible cystoscopy

Marburger R., 1988: Supine interface pressure in children

Ochiai, C.; Masuzawa, H.; Manaka, S.; Sano, K.; Kitamura, K.; Komatsuzaki, A., 1979: Supine lateral approach vs. sitting operation statistical analysis of brain stem cranial nerve and cerebellar function in 165 acoustic neurinomas

Gordon D.H., 1979: Supine pedal venous pressure measurement in patients with venous disease

Abitbol M.M., 1985: Supine position in labor and associated fetal heart rate changes

Kuntz W.D., 1980: Supine pressor roll over test an evaluation

Westcott J.L., 1981: Supine subpulmonary pneumo thorax

Ostergard D.R., 1987: Supine urethroscopic and standing cystometry as screening methods for the detection of detrusor instability

Kolodny G.M., 1987: Supine versus upright anterior images comparison in thallium 201 myocardial scintigraphy

Rowe B., 1979: Supplement 22 1978 to kauffmann white scheme

Rowe B., 1983: Supplement 25 1981 to the kauffmann white scheme

Bockemuehl J., 1985: Supplement 28 1984 to kauffmann white scheme

Grubov V.I., 1979: Supplement 8 to the list of flora of the mongolian peoples republic

Buchanan C., 1986: Supplement chloralose anesthesia in morphine premedicated dogs

Koehler W., 1982: Supplement effect in the hapto globin streptococcus reactions

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543178

Le-Minor, L.; Rohde, R.; Rowe, B., 1976: Supplement no 19 to kauffmann white scheme

La-Rivers, I., 1976: Supplement no 2 to the catalog of taxa described in the family naucoridae hemiptera heteroptera with descriptions of new species

Le-Minor, L.; Rohde, R.; Rowe, B., 1978: Supplement no 21 1977 to the kauffmann white scheme

Le-Minor, L.; Rohde, R.; Rowe, B., 1977: Supplement no xx to kauffmann white scheme

Le-Minor, L.; Bockemuhl, J., 1984: Supplement no. 27 1983 to kauffmann white scheme

Urbina R.N., 1983: Supplement of 2 tropical pasture hays in the diet of holstein heifers in a high altitude savanna during the dry season

Kawaguchi H., 1986: Supplement of exogenous interleukin 2 abrogates induction of tolerance in drug induced t cell proliferation

Liang Z., 1987: Supplement of nad for the glycerate to serine conversion in intact spinach leaf peroxisomes

Schwarz, F. J.; Kirchgessner, M., 1978: Supplement of the feed ration with high amounts of copper for dairy cows

Franz H., 1981: Supplement to a monograph on south american scydmaenidae coleoptera

Houston T.F., 1985: Supplement to a revision of the bee genus ctenocolletes hymenoptera stenotritidae

Enns W.R., 1982: Supplement to an annotated checklist of missouri usa leaf beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae new state records and host plant associations

Scudder G.G.E., 1983: Supplement to an annotated checklist of the trichoptera insecta of british columbia canada

Karabatsos, N., 1978: Supplement to international catalog of arboviruses including certain other viruses of vertebrates

Gaskin D.E., 1987: Supplement to new zealand crambinae lepidoptera pyralidae corrections description of females of two species and notes on structure biology and distribution

Huber-Morath, A., 1980: Supplement to p.h. davis flora of turkey and the east aegean islands vol. 1 6 1965 1978 1

Langlois, Arthur-C; Mccurrach, James, C., 1976: Supplement to palms of the world

Norris D.O., 1984: Supplement to rhizobium screening of stylosanthes for effectiveness in nitrogen fixation date and norris 1979 lists of host accessions and strains of rhizobium forming effective and highly effective associations

Aherne, W., 1975: Supplement to some morphometric methods for the central nervous system

Puzyrev A.N., 1985: Supplement to the adventive flora of the udmurt assr russian sfsr ussr

Pierre J F., 1987: Supplement to the algological study of the meurthe river france

Reiprich, A.; Petrasovic, J., 1976: Supplement to the catalog of the butterfly fauna of the slovensky area and the region around spisska nova ves czechoslovakia in 1972 1973

Morimoto K., 1985: Supplement to the check list of the family rhynchophoridae coleoptera of japan with descriptions of a new genus and four new species

Khamenever M.L., 1981: Supplement to the classification of staphylococcus aureus ecological variants

Haffer, J., 1971: Supplement to the distribution of pipra fasciicauda and pipra iris in brazil

Ritter, H., 1975: Supplement to the expert opinions on the forensic validity of quantitative acid erythrocyte phosphatase and glutamate pyruvate trans aminase studies

Kofler, A., 1977: Supplement to the faunistic catalog of the mollusks of east tirol austria

Sharma M., 1982: Supplement to the flora of punjab state india

Sharma M., 1982: Supplement to the flora of punjab state india 2

Malysheva V.G., 1988: Supplement to the flora of the kalinin oblast russian sfsr ussr

Stetsura N.N., 1987: Supplement to the lichen flora of the zeya reserve amur oblast russian sfsr ussr

Chandler, M. E. J., 1978: Supplement to the lower tertiary floras of southern england uk part 5

Wurdack, J. J., 1978: Supplement to the melastomataceae of venezuela

Valocka, B., 1977: Supplement to the nematode fauna in czechoslovakia from alfalfa growth

Pneva G.P., 1986: Supplement to the oligocene flora of ashutas mountain kazakh ssr ussr

Reiprich, A., 1977: Supplement to the prodromus of slovak czechoslovakia lepidoptera

Bath, H., 1978: Supplement to the revision of the blenniini with 2 new genera pisces blenniidae

Gilles G., 1980: Supplement to the rhodophyllus of the coastal forests of gabon and ivory coast

Verves-Yu, G., 1977: Supplement to the species composition of sarcophagids diptera sarcophagidae of the central dnieper region ukrainian ssr ussr

Kaston, B. J., 1976: Supplement to the spiders of connecticut usa

Sagara, N., 1976: Supplement to the studies of ammonia fungi part 1

Hrynevs'ka O.H., 1987: Supplement to the synopsis of the flora of the southwestern ukrainian ssr ussr

Maheshwari, J. K.; Singh, V., 1976: Supplement to the synoptic flora of kota division southeastern rajasthan india

Pandey R.P., 1984: Supplement to the synoptic flora of kota division southeastern rajasthan india iii

Pandey R.P., 1979: Supplement to the synoptic flora of the kota division southeast rajasthan india 2

Verseghy K.P., 1981: Supplement to the type catalog of the lichen collection of the botanical division of the hungarian museum of natural science budapest hungary 3

Mcdivitt R.W., 1979: Supplemental and concluding report of the working group to review the national cancer institute american cancer society breast cancer detection demonstration projects

Cameron, E.; Pauling, L., 1978: Supplemental ascorbate in the supportive treatment of cancer reevaluation of prolongation of survival times in terminal human cancer

Gaines T.P., 1986: Supplemental boron effects on yield and quality of seven bermudagrass cynodon dactylon

Gall D.G., 1988: Supplemental calories improve essential fatty acid deficiency in cystic fibrosis patients

Carmichael S.W., 1985: Supplemental clinical dissections for freshman gross anatomy

Kass, E.; Kolasa, K., 1978: Supplemental commodity food use by participants in the project focus hope in detroit michigan usa

Perry, T. W.; Weatherly, W. H., 1976: Supplemental corn steep liquor soap stock and soybean oil for finishing beef steers

Kosykh V.M., 1982: Supplemental data for the crimean flora ukrainian ssr ussr

Ahnelt H., 1983: Supplemental description of scartelaos tenuis pisces gobiidae

Zhang B., 1981: Supplemental descriptions of anopheles pattoni

Matsui M., 1988: Supplemental effect of retinoids on immune function in vitamin a deficient rats

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543240

Underwood L.E., 1985: Supplemental essential amino acids augment the somatomedin c insulin like growth factor i response to refeeding after fasting

Owings W.J., 1981: Supplemental fat and metabolizable energy to nutrient ratios for growing turkeys

Green J.H., 1981: Supplemental feeding of marmoset callithrix jacchus triplets

Milo T., 1985: Supplemental food program effects on health and pregnancy outcome

Tsujita M.J., 1982: Supplemental high pressure sodium lighting and night temperature effects on seed geraniums pelargonium hortorum

Jutras P.J., 1984: Supplemental irrigation of bananas in st lucia west indies

Tsujita M.J., 1979: Supplemental lighting and nitrogen nutrition effects on yield and quality of forever yours roses

Adams J.E., 1986: Supplemental mandibular condyle

Yazdani, R.; Hadders, G.; Szmidt, A. E., 1986: Supplemental mass pollination in a seed orchard of pinus sylvestris l. investigated by isozyme analyses

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543253

Watanabe, I.; Nakano, H.; Tabuchi, K., 1983: Supplemental nitrogen fertilizer to soybeans 1. effect of side dressing at early ripening stage on yield yield components and protein content of seeds

Nakano, H.; Kuwahara, M.; Watanabe, I.; Tabuchi, K.; Naganoma, H.; Higashi, T.; Hirata, Y., 1987: Supplemental nitrogen fertilizer to soybeans ii. effect of application rate and placement on seed yield and protein yield

Hoogmoed M.S., 1986: Supplemental observations on lithodytes lineatus salientia leptodactylidae

Tamura T., 1980: Supplemental observations on structural changes in stigmal tissue of hens ovarian follicle in the process of ovulation

Frey G.A., 1979: Supplemental oxygenation of electric generating station cooling water

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543260

Blaustein J.D., 1984: Supplemental progesterone delays heat termination and the loss of progestin receptors from hypothalamic cell nuclei in female guinea pigs

Kirby A.C., 1986: Supplemental protein degradation bacterial protein synthesis and nitrogen retention in sheep eating sodium hydroxide treated straw

Beck B.E., 1981: Supplemental protein magnesium and selenium plus vitamin e for beef cows fed straw diets in winter

Young, A. W., 1978: Supplemental protein withdrawal from corn corn silage rations effect of weight and corn intake at withdrawal

Welch L.F., 1988: Supplemental radiation effects on senescence plant nutrients and yield of field grown corn

Naessig W., 1983: Supplemental remarks on the distribution of aglia tau in southern europe lepidoptera saturniidae agliinae

Field T., 1980: Supplemental stimulation of preterm neo nates

Et Al, 1985: Supplemental stimulation of preterm neonates

Warncke K., 1985: Supplemental studies on bees of the genera panurgus and melitturga andreninae apidae chiefly from the turkish area

Tokudome S., 1981: Supplemental studies on enzymatic constituents in the peri cardiac fluid after death

Suenaga K., 1982: Supplemental studies on serum gastrin response to test meal with special reference to relationship between serum gastrin and the patho physiology of the peptic ulcer diseases

Yamagami, T.; Nishio, K.; Nishimura, H.; Matsukuma, T.; Kato, T., 1976: Supplemental studies on the treatment of uterine cervical carcinoma and ureteral disturbance based on a statistical analysis

Tsuneya T., 1987: Supplemental studies on the volatile oils of the asarum group 2

Tsuneya T., 1987: Supplemental studies on the volatile oils of the asarum group 3

Et Al, 1981: Supplemental study on incidence of stroke in shibata japan 1976 1978 the shibata stroke study

Kusui Y., 1988: Supplemental surveys of tabanid flies in okushiri island hokkaido japan

Heeg T.R., 1985: Supplemental vitamin c in swine diets

Winchurch, R. A.; Togo, J.; Adler, W. H., 1987: Supplemental zinc restores antibody formation in cultures of aged spleen cells ii. effect on mediator production

Lindsay T.J., 1984: Supplemental zinc restores antibody formation in cultures of aged spleen cells/

Whitehead J., 1986: Supplementary analysis at the conclusion of a sequential clinical trial

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543283

Gutter Y., 1983: Supplementary anti mold activity of phosethyl al a new brown rot fungicide for citrus fruits

Artemova V.V., 1985: Supplementary artificial diet management of patients with burn trauma

Marx, H., 1976: Supplementary catalog of type specimens of reptiles and amphibians in field museum of natural history

Buc M., 1987: Supplementary characteristics of anti mhc class ii monoclonal antibodies elicited by an all cell line immunofluorescence cytofluorometry c dependent cytotoxicity two dimensional analysis of antigen

Zama K., 1986: Supplementary consideration of the triglyceride matrix model on reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Guenther K.K., 1981: Supplementary contributions on the psocoptera fauna of mongolia insecta psocoptera

Lillie L.E., 1984: Supplementary copper for grazing beef cattle injectable copper glycinate and copper sulfate in free choice mineral supplements

Oehmichen, M.; Huber, H., 1978: Supplementary cyto diagnostic analyses of mononuclear cells of the cerebro spinal fluid using cytological markers

Podlech, D.; Anders, O., 1976: Supplementary data and additions to the flora of gramineae of afghanistan contributions to the flora of afghanistan part 8

Lewejohann, K.; Lobin, W., 1981: Supplementary data and observations on o. eriksson a. hansen and p. sunding flora of macaronesia checklist of vascular plants 2nd revised edition

Boehme, W.; Bings, W., 1977: Supplementary data on canary islands lizards lacerta simonyi reptilia sauria lacertidae

Danielopol, D. L., 1976: Supplementary data on pussella botosaneanui ostracoda bairdiidae

Zicsi, A., 1976: Supplementary data on the earthworm fauna oligochaeta lumbricidae in the canton of ticino switzerland

Schreiber, A., 1976: Supplementary data on the genus monsonia in southwest africa

Galeano M.E., 1979: Supplementary data on the life cycle of polybetes pythagoricus araneae eusparassidae

De Ridder M., 1986: Supplementary data on the presence of rotifera in belgium

Mougin, J. L.; Jouanin, C.; Roux, F., 1985: Supplementary data on the sabbatical years of the cory's shearwater calonectris diomedea borealis on the island of selvagem grande 30 degree 09 minutes north 15 degrees 52 minutes west

Roessler, H.; Merxmueller, H., 1976: Supplementary data to the introductory flora of south west africa

Vachon M., 1981: Supplementary description of acanthothraustes brasiliensis equals teuthraustes brasilianus synonym of euscorpius flavicaudis scorpiones chactidae

Kornicker L.S., 1987: Supplementary description of cypridina americana mueller 1890 a luminescent myodocopid ostracode from the east pacific

Breuning S., 1981: Supplementary description of new south african lamiinae coleoptera cerambycidae

Lode H., 1982: Supplementary dose after hemo dialysis

Takeuchi, T.; Watanabe, T.; Ogino, C., 1978: Supplementary effect of lipids in a high protein diet of rainbow trout

Funamoto H., 1983: Supplementary effect of several nutrients on nutritive deficiency of bakers yeast for population growth of the rotifer brachionus plicatilis

Tanimura A., 1985: Supplementary examinations on material and migration test methods for acrylonitrile monomer in the final draft for japanese standards on plastic packages and containers for foodstuffs

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543497

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543498

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543514

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543582

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543583

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543592

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543593

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De La Rosa M., 1987: Suppressed induction and expression of delayed hypersensitivity responses in balb c mice infected with trypanosoma venezuelense

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543605

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543606

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543610

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543611

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Molin M., 1982: Suppressed prolactin but normal neurophysin levels in cigarette smoking breast feeding women

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543617

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543620

Morris M., 1987: Suppressed serum prolactin in sinoaortic denervated rats

Kurata, T.; Micksche, M., 1977: Suppressed tumor growth and metastasis by vitamin a plus bcg in lewis lung tumor bearing mice

Kurata, T.; Micksche, M., 1978: Suppressed tumor growth and metastasis by vitamin a plus bcg in lewis lung tumor bearing mice

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Culbertson M.R., 1985: Suppressible and nonsuppressible plus 1 guanosine cytosine base pair insertions induced by icr 170 2 methoxy 6 chloro 9 3 ethyl 2 chloroethylaminopropylaminoacridine dihydrochloride at the his 4 locus in saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543637

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543638

Nishibori K., 1988: Suppressing effect of perilla for odor of sardine

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543640

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Kasuya, S.; Ohtomo, H.; Ishizaki, T., 1977: Suppressing effects of purified eosinophils derived from guinea pigs sensitized with ascaris antigen on lymphocyte blast formation

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Green D.R., 1985: Suppression and contrasuppression in the induction of contact sensitivity by the administration of cell bound antigen antibody complexes

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543649

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Fonberg, E., 1976: Suppression and dis inhibition of instrumental alimentary reactions after successive lesions of the dorsomedial and lateral amygdala in dogs

Dessart P., 1979: Suppression and dismemberment of the genus neoceraphron hymenoptera ceraphronoidea ceraphronidae

Mcmurtrie R., 1981: Suppression and dominance of trees with overlapping crowns

Slavin S., 1983: Suppression and elimination of b cell leukemia by allogeneic bone marrow transplantation

Oberly W., 1985: Suppression and elimination of rhynchosporium oryzae by benomyl in rice foliage and seed in liberia

Falke D., 1986: Suppression and enhancement of humoral antibody formation by herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2

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Dray S., 1979: Suppression and enhancement of the rabbit primary in vitro antibody response with anti allotype antibody concurrent effects on thymidine incorporation blastogenesis and cell surface immuno globulin

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543660

Minden, P.; Mcclatchy, J. K.; Brunda, M. J., 1978: Suppression and immuno therapy of the guinea pig cell line 10 hepato carcinoma mediated by nonviable staphylococcus aureus

Mathews H.L., 1980: Suppression and immuno therapy of the guinea pig line 10 hepato carcinoma mediated by heat killed disrupted mycobacterium bovis strain bcg

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543664

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543665

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543666

Schaefer R., 1986: Suppression and re expression of transformed phenotype in hybrids of ha ras 1 transformed rat 1 cells and early passage rat embryonic fibroblasts

Harris H., 1980: Suppression and reappearance of n tropic l virus production in somatic cell hybrids after introduction and loss of chromosomes carrying fv 1b

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543670

Canham C.D., 1985: Suppression and release during canopy recruitment in acer saccharum

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Kniskern P.J., 1979: Suppression and reversal of allergic encephalo myelitis in rhesus monkeys with basic protein and peptides

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543675

Tanigawa, Y.; Kawamura, M.; Kitamura, A.; Shimoyama, M., 1978: Suppression and stimulation of dna synthesis by adp ribosylation of nuclear proteins from adult hen and chick embryo liver/

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543677

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543678

Elliot C.H., 1980: Suppression and substitution in the treatment of nail biting

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543687

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543688

Khare, G. P.; Sidwell, R. W.; Witkowski, J. T.; Simon, L. N.; Robins, R. K., 1973: Suppression by 1 beta d ribofuranosyl 1 2 4 triazole 3 carboxamide virazole icn 1229 of influenza virus induced infections in mice

Sener A., 1985: Suppression by 2 ketoisocaproate of the insulinotropic action of hypoglycemic sulfonylureas

Miyamoto T., 1982: Suppression by adenine compounds of histamine induced contraction in isolated guinea pig tracheal rings

Murgita R.A., 1986: Suppression by alpha fetoprotein of murine natural killer cell activity stimulated in vitro and in vivo by interferon and interleukin 2

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543693

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543697

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543698

Yamaguchi, H.; Tatara, A., 1977: Suppression by caffeine and edta of exposure of 3 prime hydroxyl termini in the dna of gamma irradiated barley seed

Friedman H., 1988: Suppression by cannabinoids of a cloned cell line with natural killer cell activity

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543701

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543703

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543705

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Friedman H., 1988: Suppression by delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol of interleukin 2 induced lymphocyte proliferation and lymphokine activated killer cell activity

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543708

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543709

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543710

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543717

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543718

Matsushima T., 1987: Suppression by herbimycin a of 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate induced dissociation of cells and morphological changes in cultured fl and mdck cells

Wilton, J. M. A., 1978: Suppression by immuno globulin a of immuno globulin g mediated phagocytosis by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543721

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543722

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543723

Dizik M., 1987: Suppression by methionine and choline of onco fetal patterns of liver transfer rna methyltransferase activities in carcinogen treated rats

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543725

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543726

Kato S., 1987: Suppression by neurotropin of production of human immunodeficiency virus by the virus producing molt 4 cell line

Nagasawa, H.; Yanai, R.; Azuma, I., 1978: Suppression by nocardia rubra cell wall skeleton of mammary dna synthesis plasma prolactin level and spontaneous mammary tumorigenesis in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543729

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543730

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543731

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543732

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Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543735

Mann L.I., 1980: Suppression by progesterone of nonspecific in vitro lymphocyte stimulation in mice as a mechanism for the enhancement of herpes simplex virus type 2 vaginal infection

Zurier R.B., 1980: Suppression by prostaglandin e 1 of vascular permeability induced by vasoactive inflammatory mediators

Keller R., 1979: Suppression by radioactive strontium of the spontaneous cyto toxicity expressed by adherent predominantly phagocytic cells from various mouse tissues

Mcsweeney F.K., 1987: Suppression by reinforcement a model for multiple schedule behavioral contrast

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543740

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543741

Halliday W.J., 1984: Suppression by serum of immuno reactivity to a common tumor antigen in cancer patients

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543743

Morag M., 1981: Suppression by sodium valproate of gamma vinyl gamma amino butyric acid induced facilitation of visual evoked potentials in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543745

Ward P.A., 1981: Suppression by super oxide dis mutase of immune complex induced pulmonary alveolitis and dermal inflammation

Rowbury R.J., 1986: Suppression by the col v i k 94 plasmid of a growth lesion in omp a mutants of escherichia coli

Rowbury R.J., 1988: Suppression by the colv i k94 plasmid of inhibitor sensitivities in omp a mutants of escherichia coli

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543749

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543750

Lapchak P.H., 1984: Suppression by thymidine requiring mutants of escherichia coli k 12

Wolf, R. E.; Goldstein, A. L.; Ziff, M., 1978: Suppression by thymosin of pokeweed mitogen induced differentiation of human bone marrow derived cells

Harrison R.V., 1985: Suppression by tones of the click evoked compound action potential in the normal and pathological guinea pig cochlea and in man

Bercowitz H., 1984: Suppression by tumor growth of t cell growth factor production in mouse lymphoid cell cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543756

Hatayama I., 1987: Suppression effect of cipc on nucleoli in vicia faba root tip cells

Abdellah M.M.H., 1984: Suppression effect of the reduviid predator allaeocranum biannulipes on populations of some stored product insect pests

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Bechly M., 1983: Suppression in simultaneous masking

Pop A., 1983: Suppression in strabismus and the hemi retinal trigger mechanism

Lukas D., 1985: Suppression in xenopus laevis thymus inducer spleen effector cells

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543766

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543767

Keshgegian A.A., 1983: Suppression of 1 mono clonal immuno globulin in the presence of another in multiple myeloma evidence for benign b cell neoplasia

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Izumi, T.; Shishikura, K.; Fukuyama, Y., 1986: Suppression of 2' 3' cyclic nucleotide 3' phosphohydrolase activity in suckling rat brain by acth

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Brown, M. S.; Goldstein, J. L., 1974: Suppression of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase activity and inhibition of growth of human fibroblasts by 7 keto cholesterol

Fung, C. H.; Wang, C. H.; Khachadurian, A. K., 1978: Suppression of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase activity and of incorporation of acetate into cholesterol in homo zygous hyper cholesterolemic fibroblasts by ferritin low density lipo protein conjugates

Smith L.C., 1979: Suppression of 3 hydroxy 3 methyl glutaryl coenzyme a reductase by low density lipo proteins produced in vitro by lipo protein lipase action on nonsuppressive very low density lipo proteins

Feuer, G.; Kellen, J. A.; Kovacs, K., 1976: Suppression of 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene induced breast carcinoma by coumarin in the rat

Sugiyama T., 1982: Suppression of 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene induced chromosome aberrations in rat bone marrow cells after treatment with sudan iii and related azo dyes

Sugiyama T., 1986: Suppression of 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene induced chromosome aberrations in rat bone marrow cells by vegetable juices

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543778

Theall, G.; Low, K. B.; Soll, D., 1977: Suppression of a defective alanyl transfer rna synthetase in escherichia coli a compensatory mutation to high alanine affinity

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543780

Foster, J. E., 1977: Suppression of a field population of the hessian fly by releases of the dominant avirulent great plains biotype

Heitler W.J., 1983: Suppression of a locust schistocerca americana visual inter neuron descending contralateral movement detector during defensive kicking

Bost, R. G.; Cribbs, R. M., 1969: Suppression of a missense mutation in the l ribulo kinase gene of escherichia coli

Koltin, Y.; Stamberg, J., 1972: Suppression of a mutation disruptive to nuclear migration in schizophyllum commune by a gene linked to the b incompatibility factor

Sadowski, P. D., 1974: Suppression of a mutation in gene 3 of bacterio phage t 7 t 7 endo nuclease i by mutations in phage and host poly nucleotide ligase

Turner R.A., 1986: Suppression of a pokeweed mitogen stimulated plaque forming cell response by a human b lymphocyte derived aggregated immunoglobulin g stimulated suppressor factor suppressive b cell factor

Smith J.B., 1985: Suppression of a polyclonal b cell response by supernatants from the murine autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction

Oppenheim, A., 1977: Suppression of a prm mutant by the sar mutation for the synthesis of repressor by bacterio phage lambda

Forni L., 1981: Suppression of a recurrent idiotype results in profound alterations of the whole b cell compartment

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543790

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543791

Tardivel P., 1988: Suppression of a subcardial gastric diverticulum

Flurkey W., 1985: Suppression of a thioesterase gene expression and the disappearance of short chain fatty acids in the preen gland of the mallard duck anas platyrhynchos during eclipse the period following postnuptial molt

Nathans D., 1983: Suppression of a vp 1 mutant sv 40 by missense mutations in serine codons of the viral agnogene

Carli, G.; Lefebvre, L.; Silvano, G.; Vierucci, S., 1976: Suppression of accompanying reactions to prolonged noxious stimulation during animal hypnosis in the rabbit

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543796

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543797

Alexander E.A., 1988: Suppression of acidification along inner medullary collecting duct

Strauss R., 1986: Suppression of acquired immunity to infection with salmonella typhimurium by cyclosporin a

Ulevitch R.J., 1983: Suppression of acth induced steroidogenesis by supernatants from lipo poly saccharide treated peritoneal exudate macrophages

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543801

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543802

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543803

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543804

Herberman R.B., 1980: Suppression of activity of mouse natural killer cells by activated macrophages from mice treated with pyran co polymer

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Zurier R.B., 1981: Suppression of acute and chronic inflammation by orally administered prostaglandins

Ward P.A., 1979: Suppression of acute and chronic inflammation in tumor bearing rats

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543809

Alvord E.C.Jr, 1982: Suppression of acute experimental allergic encephalo myelitis in guinea pigs by prior transfer of suboptimal numbers of experimental allergic encephalo myelitis effector cells induction of chronic experimental allergic encephalo myelitis in whole tissue sensitized guinea pigs

Tanaka R., 1987: Suppression of acute experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in lewis rats with cerebral contusion

Zurier R.B., 1988: Suppression of acute inflammation by 15 methylprostaglandin e 1

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543813

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543814

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543815

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543816

Lefford M.J., 1983: Suppression of adoptive anti tuberculosis immunity by normal recipient animals

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543818

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543819

Kotchen J.M., 1983: Suppression of adrenal mineralo corticoid production in pre hypertensive young adult men

Rapp J.P., 1986: Suppression of adrenal renin in dahl salt sensitive rats

Bergamini M.V.W., 1981: Suppression of adrenergic adaptation in the eye with a prostaglandin synthesis inhibitor

Taniguchi N., 1979: Suppression of adult bone marrow derived cell differentiation in pokeweed mitogen stimulated cultures by fc immuno globulin g receptor negative thymus derived cells from cord blood

Peters R.H., 1987: Suppression of adult copulatory behaviors following lithium chloride induced aversive contingencies in juvenile male rats

Devenport J.A., 1980: Suppression of adult poly dipsia by early stimulation

Weiss, A., 1977: Suppression of adult rat lymphoid proliferative responses by homologous neo natal serum

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543827

Okuda J., 1983: Suppression of afferent activity of the hepatic vagus nerve by anomers of d glucose

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543829

Mueller, J., 1978: Suppression of aldo sterone biosynthesis by treatment of rats with acth comparison with gluco corticoid effects

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543831

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543832

Webster J.M., 1982: Suppression of alfalfa medicago sativa cultivar vernal growth by concomitant populations of pratylenchus penetrans and 2 fusarium species

Hori Y., 1980: Suppression of allergic contact dermatitis by alpha l fucose

Holt P.G., 1982: Suppression of allergic reactions in helminth parasitized rats of low immuno globulin e responder phenotype

Holan, V.; Hasek, M.; Chutna, J., 1978: Suppression of allo sensitization in vitro by cells from tolerant rats/

Bonmassar, E.; Cudkowicz, G., 1976: Suppression of allogeneic lymphomas in spleens of irradiated mice importance of the d end of the h 2 histo compatibility complex

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543838

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543839

Kumagai K., 1985: Suppression of alloimmune cytotoxic t lymphocyte generation by depletion of natural killer cells and restoration by interferon and or interleukin 2

Svet-Moldavskii, G. Ya ; Tumyan, B. G.; Karmanova, N. V.; Barkhotkina, M. F., 1975: Suppression of alpha feto protein production by extracts of various tissues

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Manley, J. L.; Gesteland, R. F., 1978: Suppression of amber mutants in vitro induced by low temperature

Richter V., 1987: Suppression of aminoacyladenylate synthesis by methyl mercury in vitro and in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543845

Chiel, H. J.; Wurtman, R. J., 1976: Suppression of amphetamine induced hypo thermia by the neutral amino acid valine

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543847

Wada J.A., 1985: Suppression of amygdala kindled seizure in cats by enhanced gamma aminobutyric acid ergic transmission in the substantia innominata

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543849

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543850

Diet, N. H.; Libikova, H.; Rajcani, J., 1978: Suppression of an arenavirus by a togavirus in experimental acute double infection

Libet, B.; Gleason, C. A.; Wright, E. W-Jr ; Feinstein, B., 1977: Suppression of an epileptiform type of electro cortical activity in the rat by stimulation in the vicinity of locus coeruleus

Chandler, M.; Silver, L.; Caro, L., 1977: Suppression of an escherichia coli dnaa mutation by the integrated r factor r 100 1 origin of chromosome replication during exponential growth

Bird, R. E.; Chandler, M.; Caro, L., 1976: Suppression of an escherichia coli dnaa mutation by the integrated r factor r 100 part 1 change of chromosome replication origin in synchronized cultures

Chandler, M.; Silver, L.; Frey, J.; Caro, L., 1977: Suppression of an escherichia coli dnaa mutation by the integrated r factor r 100.1 generation of small plasmids after integration

Ferguson A., 1988: Suppression of an established dth response to ovalbumin in mice by feeding antigen after immunization

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543857

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543858

Chaloupka J., 1983: Suppression of an exocellular proteinase synthesis in bacillus megaterium by increased temperature

Chapman L.F., 1983: Suppression of an ilv a mutation in bacillus subtilis

Luckenbach, G. A.; Kennedy, M. M.; Kelly, A.; Mandel, T. E., 1978: Suppression of an in vitro humoral immune response by cultured fetal thymus cells

Berman L.D., 1980: Suppression of anaphylactic reactions in guinea pigs by previous treatment with ragweed aerosol

Schally A.V., 1981: Suppression of androgen production by d tryptophan 6 lhrh in man

Inagami T., 1988: Suppression of angiotensin ii release by prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors in hind legs

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543865

Friedman, J.; Orshan, G.; Ziger-Cfir, Y., 1977: Suppression of annuals by artemisia herba alba in the negev desert of israel

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543867

Gardner I.D., 1981: Suppression of anti bacterial immunity by infection with influenza virus

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543869

Avrameas S., 1987: Suppression of anti dna antibody production in mrl mice by treatment with anti idiotypic antibodies

Grayzel A.I., 1987: Suppression of anti dna antibody synthesis in vitro by a cross reactive antiidiotypic antibody

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Abbas A.K., 1982: Suppression of anti hapten antibody responses by hapten specific cytolytic t lymphocytes role of i a associated antigen on target b lymphocytes

De Weck A.L., 1981: Suppression of anti hapten immuno globulin e and immuno globulin g antibody responses by isologous anti idiotypic antibodies against purified anti carrier ov albumin antibodies in balb c mice

Levy R., 1987: Suppression of anti mouse immunoglobulin antibodies in subhuman primates receiving murine monoclonal antibodies against t cell antigens

Clevinger B.L., 1980: Suppression of antibody and thymus derived cell proliferative responses to a polymer containing l glutamic acid l alanine and l tyrosine by a specific mono clonal thymus derived cell factor

Scheper R.J., 1980: Suppression of antibody mediated accumulation of eosinophils in chronic inflammatory lesions by concomitant delayed hyper sensitivity reactions

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543880

Opelz G., 1985: Suppression of antibody response and prolongation of skin graft survival by multiple blood transfusions in the rat

Cunningham, C. M.; Watson, D. W., 1978: Suppression of antibody response by group a streptococcal pyrogenic exo toxin and characterization of the cells involved

Kubota K., 1981: Suppression of antibody response in mice by acute exposure to nitrogen di oxide in vitro study

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543885

Opelz G., 1985: Suppression of antibody response to transfusions in rats by preconditioning with antibody coated cells

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543887

Yonkosky, D.; Buffett, R. F.; Bennett, M., 1976: Suppression of antibody responses in allogeneic mice by products of lymphoid tissue part 1 allogeneic suppressive factor from spleens re populated with thymus cells

Yonkosky, D.; Buffett, R. F.; Bennett, M., 1976: Suppression of antibody responses in allogeneic mice by products of lymphoid tissue part 2 lack of antigenic specificity and immuno genetic requirements of allogeneic suppressive factor

Kuhn R.E., 1980: Suppression of antibody responses in humans infected with trypanosoma cruzi

Tizard I.R., 1979: Suppression of antibody responses to leptospira biflexa and brucella abortus and recovery from immuno suppression after berenil treatment

Tomasi T.B., 1984: Suppression of antibody responses to topically applied antigens by uv light irradiation induction of phototolerance

Shin H.S., 1979: Suppression of antibody sensitized tumor cells by macrophages insufficient supply or activation of macrophages within large tumors

Gunning W.T.IIi, 1982: Suppression of antibody synthesis by prostaglandin e as a mechanism for preventing murine immune complex glomerulo nephritis

Oller F V.L., 1987: Suppression of antiepileptic treatment

Douvres F.W., 1985: Suppression of antigen and mitogen induced proliferation of bovine lymphocytes by excretory secretory products of oesophagostomum radiatum

Spagnuolo P.J., 1979: Suppression of antigen induced and mitogen induced human thymus derived lymphocyte dna synthesis by bacterial lipo poly saccharide mediation by monocyte activation and production of prostaglandins

Francis L., 1985: Suppression of antigen induced release of endogenous pyrogen interleukin 1 by spleen cells of specifically desensitized donors evidence for the role of a suppressor cell

Naides S.J., 1986: Suppression of antigen specific interleukin 2 production in the mrl mpj 1pr 1pr mouse

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Bril, H.; De-Ruiter, H.; Hussaarts-Odijk, L. M.; Bianchi, A. T. J.; Benner, R., 1985: Suppression of antigraft immunity by preimmunization iv. persistence by long lived recirculating suppressor t cells

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543902

Madge G.E., 1979: Suppression of aortic elastic tissue auto fluorescence for the detection of viral antigen

Madden L.V., 1988: Suppression of aphid colonization by insecticides effect on the incidence of potyviruses in tobacco

Eastwood L., 1982: Suppression of apo morphine induced oral stereotypy in rats by micro injection of muscimol into mid brain

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543906

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543907

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543909

Wong P.T H., 1984: Suppression of arterial pressure heart rate and cardiac contractility following micro injection of kainic acid into the nucleus ambiguus of the rat

Fortlage R.J., 1986: Suppression of aspergillus flavus in raisins by solar heating during sun drying

Turley L., 1980: Suppression of asporogeny in bacillus subtilis allele specific suppression of a mutation in the spo iia locus

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543913

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543914

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543915

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543916

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543917

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543919

Siegel J., 1980: Suppression of attack behavior in cats by stimulation of ventral tegmental area and nucleus accumbens

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543921

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Javel, E.; Mcgee, J.; Walsh, E. J.; Farley, G. R.; Gorga, M. P., 1983: Suppression of auditory nerve responses 2. suppression threshold and growth iso suppression contours

Cox K.O., 1983: Suppression of auto antibodies is specific for the foreign antigens inducing the auto immunity

Folch H., 1982: Suppression of auto immune thyroiditis by phyto hem agglutinin

Morton, R. O.; Goodman, D. G.; Gershwin, M. E.; Derkay, C.; Squire, R. A.; Dteinberg, A. D., 1976: Suppression of auto immunity in nzb mice with steroid sensitive x radiation sensitive syngeneic young thymocytes

Tokuzen, R.; Okabe, M.; Nakahara, W.; Azuma, I.; Yamamura, Y., 1978: Suppression of autochthonous tumors by mixed implantation with nocardia rubra cell wall skeleton and related bacterial fractions

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543928

Nolan V.Jr, 1987: Suppression of autumnal migratory unrest in dark eyed juncos held during summer on near or far from their previous wintering sites

Elson C.E., 1983: Suppression of avian hepatic lipid metabolism by solvent extracts of garlic impact on serum lipids

Lindheimer M.D., 1988: Suppression of avp release by drinking despite hypertonicity during and after gestation

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543932

Tsivion, Y., 1981: Suppression of axillary buds of its host 1. by parasitizing cuscuta 1. competition among sinks and indirect inhibition

Chun C.S., 1984: Suppression of b cell and t cell immunity by protein fractions of human seminal plasma

Rogers, T. J.; Campbell, L.; Calhoun, K.; Nowowiejski, I.; Webb, D. R., 1982: Suppression of b cell and t cell responses by the prostaglandin induced t cell derived suppressor 1. analysis of the prostaglandin induced t cell derived suppressor factor beta

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Luster M.I., 1986: Suppression of b cell differentiation by 2 3 7 8 tetrachlorodibenzo p dioxin

Taniguchi N., 1980: Suppression of b cell differentiation by dialyzable humoral factors derived from pokeweed mitogen stimulated cord t cells

Siegal, F. P.; Siegal, M.; Good, R. A., 1976: Suppression of b cell differentiation by leukocytes for hypo gamma globulinemic patients

Kumagai K., 1986: Suppression of b cell differentiation by natural killer asialo gm 1 positive cells in mice

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543941

Beining, P. R.; Merchant, B.; Lizzio, E. F.; Hoffman, T., 1986: Suppression of b cell immunity to n 2 4 dinitrophenyl beta alanylglycylglycine by serotherapy with monoclonal anti n 2 4 dinitrophenol beta ananylglycylglycine antibodies effect of the treatment schedule on the magnitude of specific suppression and its duration

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543943

Westerman M.P., 1985: Suppression of b lymphocyte function by t lymphocytes in patients with advanced lung cancer

Andersen V., 1983: Suppression of b lymphocytes in mature new born infants

Kato N., 1981: Suppression of b memory cell function by poly clonal lymphocyte activators

Herd Z.L., 1987: Suppression of b16 melanoma lung colonization by syngeneic monoclonal antibodies

Nansen P., 1985: Suppression of babesia microti infection in mice concurrently infected with fasciola hepatica

Nansen P., 1985: Suppression of babesia microti infection in mice concurrently infected with schistosoma mansoni

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Spitalny G.L., 1980: Suppression of bactericidal activity of macrophages in ascites tumors

Alfred L.J., 1987: Suppression of basal and corynebacterium parvum augmented nk activity during chemically induced tumor development

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543954

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543955

Waldhausl W.K., 1985: Suppression of basal but not of glucose stimulated insulin secretion by human insulin in healthy and obese hyperinsulinemic subjects

Turner, R. C.; Hart, G.; London, D. R., 1977: Suppression of basal insulin secretion by adrenaline in normal man and in patients with insulinomas

Kato, K.; Yamamoto, K. I.; Kakinuma, M.; Ishihara, C.; Azuma, I., 1981: Suppression of bcg cell wall induced delayed type hyper sensitivity by bcg pre treatment 1. induction of adherent suppressor cells by live bcg injection and their characterization

Kato, K.; Yamamoto, K., 1982: Suppression of bcg cell wall induced delayed type hyper sensitivity by bcg pre treatment 2. induction of suppressor t cells by heat killed bcg injection

Askenase P.W., 1984: Suppression of bcg cell wall induced delayed type hyper sensitivity by pre treatment with killed bcg induction of nonspecific suppressor t cells by the adjuvant portion muramyl di peptide and of specific suppressor t cells by the antigen portion tuberculin active peptide

Glowa J.R., 1986: Suppression of behavior by food pellet lithium chloride pairings in squirrel monkeys

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543962

Kaufman, A.; Baron, A., 1968: Suppression of behavior by timeout punishment when suppression results in loss of positive reinforcement rat

Van Dyke C.G., 1984: Suppression of binding between rhizobia rhizobium japonicum and soybean glycine max cultivar ransom roots by heterodera glycines

Barbanti Brodano G., 1988: Suppression of bk virus replication and cytopathic effect by inhibitors of prokaryotic dna gyrase

Baldwin, W. F.; Gross, H. P.; Wilson, M. L.; Keill, D. J.; Stuart, R. J.; Sebastien, R. J.; Knight, A. G.; Chant, G. D.; Knight, P. A.; Et-Al, 1977: Suppression of black fly populations in deep river ontario canada

Moore R.K., 1981: Suppression of blackout due to blinks

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543968

Kimura G., 1988: Suppression of block to entry into s phase in cell cycle mutants of rat 3y1 fibroblasts after transformation by adenovirus type 12

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543971

Zhukova I.V., 1980: Suppression of bone marrow colony forming capacity with syngeneic t lymphocytes in lympho blastic leukemia of akr mice

Cohen, S.; Yoshida, T., 1977: Suppression of bone marrow derived cell migration inhibition factor production by thymus derived cells and soluble thymus derived cell derived factors

Hayward, A. R.; Lydyard, P. M., 1978: Suppression of bone marrow derived lymphocyte differentiation by new born thymus derived lymphocytes with an fc receptor for immuno globulin m

Voss H.V., 1980: Suppression of bone marrow in neo natal herpes simplex virus infection under virustatic therapy with arabinoside amp

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543976

Loewenstein J., 1986: Suppression of both macrophage mediated tumor cell lysis and cytolytic factor production by a factor cytolytic inhibitory factor derived from normal embryonic fibroblasts

Everlith K.M., 1982: Suppression of bovine t lymphocyte and b lymphocyte responses by fetuin a bovine glyco protein

Yoshimoto T., 1981: Suppression of brain swelling with mannitol and per fluorochemicals an experimental study

Pariente R., 1984: Suppression of broncho alveolar lymphocyte antibody secretion by alveolar macrophage an in vitro study in the rabbit

Nagasaka T., 1987: Suppression of brown adipose tissue metabolism following intraventricular bombesin in rats

Goulty L.G., 1984: Suppression of brown patch disease of creeping bent grass by isolates of nonpathogenic rhizoctonia spp

Casey K.L., 1983: Suppression of bulboreticular unit responses to noxious stimuli by analgesic mesencephalic stimulation

Russell G.F.M., 1983: Suppression of bulimic symptoms with methyl amphetamine

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543985

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543986

Chan, C. T.; Wells, H.; Kramsch, D. M., 1978: Suppression of calcific fibrous fatty plaque formation in rabbits by agents not affecting elevated serum cholesterol levels the effect of thiophene compounds

Erxleben C., 1987: Suppression of calcium current by an endogenous neuropeptide in neurons of aplysia californica

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543989

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543990

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543991

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543992

Takahama U., 1982: Suppression of carotenoid photo bleaching by kaempferol in isolated chloroplasts

Enroth-Cugell, C.; Jakiela, H. G., 1980: Suppression of cat retinal ganglion cell responses by moving patterns

Section 7, Chapter 6544, Accession 006543995

Kahn C.R., 1982: Suppression of catecholamine and melanin synthesis and promotion of cholinergic differentiation of quail neural crest cells by heart cell conditioned medium

Pearson, R. C.; Szkolnik, M.; Meyer, F. W., 1978: Suppression of cedar apple rust pycnia on apple leaves following post infection applications of fenarimol and triforine

Sakita T., 1982: Suppression of cell mediated anti tumor immunity by complete freunds adjuvant

Cohen S., 1979: Suppression of cell mediated immune reactions by mono saccharides

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