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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6546

Chapter 6546 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shebuski R.J.; Zimmerman B.G., 1984: Suppression of reflex tachycardia following alpha adrenoceptor blockade in conscious dogs comparison of urapidil with prazosin

Reid, P. R.; Greene, H. L.; Varghese, P. J., 1977: Suppression of refractory arrhythmias by aprindine in patients with the wolff parkinson white syndrome

Cummins, A. G.; Duncombe, V. M.; Bolin, T. D.; Davis, A. E.; Kelly, J. D., 1978: Suppression of rejection of nippostrongylus brasiliensis in iron and protein deficient rats effect of syngeneic lymphocyte transfer

Wood K.J.; Evins J.; Morris P.J., 1985: Suppression of renal allograft rejection in the rat by class i antigens on purified erythrocytes

Steiness, E., 1978: Suppression of renal excretion of digoxin in hypo kalemic patients

Rhee H.M.; Eulie P.J.; Peterson D.F., 1985: Suppression of renal nerve activity by methionine enkephalin in anesthetized rabbits

Sato Y.; Fujita T., 1984: Suppression of renal sympathetic activity with potassium supplement in deoxy cortico sterone acetate salt rats

Kaneda H.; Matsumoto J.; Haruyama T.; Yoshikawa K.; Takeuchi M.; Murata T., 1979: Suppression of renin in diabetic patients under chronic dialysis treatment

Landymore R.W.; Murphy D.A.; Kinley E.; Parrott J.; Sai O.; Quirbi A.A., 1980: Suppression of renin production in patients undergoing coronary artery bypass

Szilagyi J.E.; Chelly J.; Doursout M F., 1986: Suppression of renin release by antagonism of endogenous opiates in the dog

Vandongen, R., 1976: Suppression of renin secretion in the isolated rat kidney by cyclo heximide

Vandongen R.; Strang K.D.; Poesse M.H.; Birkenhager W.H., 1979: Suppression of renin secretion in the rat kidney by a nonvascular alpha adrenergic mechanism

Yun, J. C. H.; Kelly, G.; Bartter, F. C., 1977: Suppression of renin secretion of propranolol in salt depleted dogs

Kimura, E.; Tanaka, K.; Mizuno, K.; Honda, Y.; Hashimoto, H., 1977: Suppression of repeatedly occurring ventricular fibrillation with nifedipine in variant form of angina pectoris

Huguenard J.R.; Wilson W.A., 1985: Suppression of repetitive firing of neurons by diphenylbarbituric acid

Huebner, K.; Shander, M.; Croce, C. M., 1977: Suppression of replication of sv 40 and polyoma virus in mouse human hybrids

Keisler L.W.; Walker S.E., 1987: Suppression of reproductive function in autoimmune nzb w mice effective doses of four contraceptive steroids

Getz L.L.; Dluzen D.; Mcdermott J.L., 1983: Suppression of reproductive maturation in male stimulated virgin female microtus ochrogaster by a female urinary chemo signal

Sharbaugh, R. J.; Grogan, J. B., 1969: Suppression of res function in the rat with cyclo phosphamide

Samojlik E.; Santen R.J.; Worgul T.J., 1984: Suppression of residual estrogen production with amino glutethimide in women following surgical hypophysectomy or adrenalectomy

Press J.W.; Cline L.D.; Flaherty B.R., 1984: Suppression of residual populations of the rice weevil sitophilus oryzae by the parasitic wasp anisopteromalus calandrae

Tugarinov V.V., 1987: Suppression of resistance to streptomycin in green alga chlamydomonas reinhardii

Hymowitz N., 1979: Suppression of responding during signaled and unsignaled shock

Bradshaw, C. M., 1977: Suppression of response rates in variable interval schedules by a concurrent schedule of reinforcement

Hayashi T.; Negishi K., 1979: Suppression of retinal spike discharge by di propyl acetate depakene a possible involvement of gamma amino butyric acid

Ruprecht R.M.; Rossoni L.D.; Haseltine W.A.; Broder S., 1985: Suppression of retroviral propagation and disease by suramin in murine systems

Bowman, J. M., 1978: Suppression of rh iso immunization a review

Takeuchi T.; Hosono O.; Koide J.; Homma M.; Abe T., 1985: Suppression of rheumatoid factor synthesis by antiidiotypic antibody in rheumatoid arthritis patients with cross reactive idiotypes

Rao, N. R.; Dhala, S. A., 1978: Suppression of rhizobia by pseudomonas aeruginosa

Stephens C.T.; Herr L.J.; Hoitink H.A.J.; Schmitthenner A.F., 1981: Suppression of rhizoctonia solani damping off by composted hardwood bark medium

Emanuelsson H.; Heby O., 1983: Suppression of ribosomal gene expression in oocytes and nurse cells of a polychaete as a result of poly amine synthesis inhibition

Condreay L.D.; Brown D.T., 1988: Suppression of rna synthesis by a specific antiviral activity in sindbis virus infected aedes albopictus cells

Emanuel, N. M.; Dederer, L. Yu ; Kukushkina, G. V.; Gorbacheva, L. B., 1976: Suppression of rna synthesis by propyl gallate in the rna polymerase system

Sacher, R. F.; Hopen, H. J.; Jacobsen, B. J., 1978: Suppression of root diseases and weeds in peas pisum sativum treated with di nitro phenol and di nitro aniline herbicides

Tobe T.; Kusukawa N.; Yura T., 1987: Suppression of rpo h htp r mutations of escherichia coli heat shock response in suh a revertants

Murphy E.P.; Porter J.H.; Heath G.F., 1985: Suppression of schedule induced drinking and food reinforced bar pressing by tail pinch is not reversed by naloxone

Porter D.M.; Rud O.E., 1980: Suppression of sclerotinia blight of peanuts with di nitro phenol herbicides

Reyes A.A., 1988: Suppression of sclerotinia sclerotiorum and watery soft rot of celery by controlled atmosphere storage

Kimberlin R.H.; Walker C.A., 1986: Suppression of scrapie infection in mice by heteropolyanion 23 dextran sulfate and some other polyanions

Schaaf L.; Hendeles L.; Weinberger M., 1979: Suppression of seasonal allergic rhinitis symptoms with daily hydroxyzine

Ferrari, R. A.; Chakrabarty, K.; Beyler, A. L.; Wiland, J., 1978: Suppression of sebaceous gland development in laboratory animals by 17 alpha propyl testosterone

Stewart M.E.; Benoit A.M.; Downing D.T.; Strauss J.S., 1984: Suppression of sebum secretion with 13 cis retinoic acid effect on individual skin surface lipids and implications for their anatomic origin

Nilsson I.M.; Sundqvist S B.; Ljung R.; Holmberg L.; Freiburghaus C.; Bjorlin G., 1983: Suppression of secondary antibody response by intra venous immuno globulin in a patient with hemophilia b and antibodies

Oh J.O.; Minasi P.; Grabner G.; Ohashi Y., 1985: Suppression of secondary herpes simplex uveitis by cyclosporine

Besarab A.; Caro J.F.; Ihle B.U.; Burke J.F.Jr; Glennon J.A.; Fischer J.A., 1981: Suppression of secondary hyper parathyroidism by propranolol in renal failure patients

Mak, R. H. K.; Turner, C.; Thomspon, T.; Powell, H.; Haycock, G. B.; Chantler, C., 1985: Suppression of secondary hyperparathyroidism in children with chronic renal failure by high dose phosphate binders calcium carbonate vs. aluminum hydroxide

Reuben C.; Sundaram K.; Phondke G.P., 1979: Suppression of secondary immune response by anti lymphocyte serum time relationship between immunization and administration of anti lymphocyte serum

Mattingly J.A.; Kemp J.D., 1979: Suppression of secondary plaque forming cell responses by rat splenic adherent cells evidence for dependence on prostaglandin production

Rapoff M.A.; Altman K.; Christophersen E.R., 1980: Suppression of self injurious behavior determining the least restrictive alternative

Harris S.L.; Wolchik S.A., 1979: Suppression of self stimulation 3 alternative strategies

Coleman R.S.; Whitman T.L.; Johnson M.R., 1979: Suppression of self stimulatory behavior of a profoundly retarded boy across staff and settings an assessment of situational generalization

Ishihara C.; Mizukoshi N.; IIda J.; Kato K.; Yamamoto K.; Azuma I., 1987: Suppression of sendai virus growth by treatment with n alpha acetylmuramyl l alanyl d isoglutaminyl n epsilon stearoyl l lysine in mice

Goldberg J.; Colmers W.; Edstrom J.; Lukowiak K., 1987: Suppression of sensory to motor synaptic transmission and narrowing of the sensory neuron action potential by arginine vasotocin in aplysia californica

Baraban J.M.; Aghajanian G.K., 1980: Suppression of serotonergic neuronal firing by alpha adrenoceptor antagonists evidence against gamma amino butyric acid mediation

Vanderwolf C.H., 1987: Suppression of serotonin dependent cerebral activation a possible mechanism of action of some psychotomimetic drugs

Byrne J.J.; Carbone J.P.; Pepe M.G., 1988: Suppression of serum adrenal cortex hormones by chronic low dose polychlorobiphenyl or polybromobiphenyl treatments

Bronson, F. H.; Channing, C. P., 1978: Suppression of serum follicle stimulating hormone by follicular fluid in the maximally estrogenized ovariectomized mouse

Marder, M. L.; Channing, C. P.; Schwartz, N. B., 1977: Suppression of serum follicle stimulating hormone in intact and acutely ovariectomized rats by porcine follicular fluid

Takahara, J.; Hosogi, H.; Yamauchi, J.; Ogawa, N.; Ofuji, T., 1975: Suppression of serum growth hormone levels by glucagon in patients with active acromegaly

Miyake A.; Aono T.; Kinugasa T.; Tanizawa O.; Kurachi K., 1979: Suppression of serum levels of luteinizing hormone by short loop and long loop negative feedback in ovariectomized women

Kalra, S. P., 1977: Suppression of serum luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and luteinizing hormone in rats by an inhibitor of norepinephrine synthesis

Nadal C.; Le Rumeur E., 1981: Suppression of serum or liver cytosol induced g 1 s block in baby rat hepatocytes by a protease antagonist the kunitz factor

Lind L.; Wengle B.; Wide L.; Wrege U.; Ljunghall S., 1988: Suppression of serum parathyroid hormone levels by intravenous alphacalcidol in uremic patients on maintenance hemodialysis a pilot study

Ragavan V.V.; Frantz A.G., 1981: Suppression of serum prolactin by naloxone but not by anti beta endorphin anti serum in stressed and unstressed rats

Mori, M.; Kobayashi, I.; Wakabayashi, K., 1978: Suppression of serum thyrotropin concentrations following thyroidectomy and cold exposure by passive immunization with anti serum to thyrotropin releasing hormone in rats

Mori M.; Kobayashi I.; Wakabayashi K., 1981: Suppression of serum tsh concentrations following thyroidectomy and cold exposure by passive immunization with anti serum to trh in rats

Renner K.J.; Smits A.W.; Quadagno D.M.; Hough J.C., 1984: Suppression of sexual behavior and localization of tritium labeled puromycin after intracranial injection in the rat

Malsbury C.W.; Pfaff D.W.; Malsbury A.M., 1980: Suppression of sexual receptivity in the female hamster neuro anatomical projections from preoptic and anterior hypothalamic electrode sites

Nichols, A. R.; Williams, M. C., 1976: Suppression of shear induced hemolysis by 3 plasma proteins

Zwischenberger J.B.; Kirsh M.M.; Dechert R.E.; Arnold D.K.; Bartlett R.H., 1987: Suppression of shivering decreases oxygen consumption and improves hemodynamic stability during postoperative rewarming

Kannagi M.; Chalifoux L.V.; Lord C.I.; Letvin N.L., 1988: Suppression of simian immunodeficiency virus replication in vitro by cd8 positive lymphocytes

Rawson J.A.; Tilokskulchai K., 1981: Suppression of simple spike discharges of cerebellar purkinje cells by impulses in climbing fiber afferents

Sundaresan P.; Sainis K.B.; Phondke G.P.; Sundaram K., 1986: Suppression of skin allograft rejection by post transplantation administration of specific anti lymphocyte serum

Nawa, Y.; Fukumoto, T., 1978: Suppression of skin reactivity in rats bearing immuno globulin e or immuno globulin g 2 a immuno cytomas

Naito K.; Osama H.; Ueno R.; Hayaishi O.; Honda K.; Inoue S., 1988: Suppression of sleep by prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors in unrestrained rats

Davidson M.B.; Harris M.D.; Ziel F.H.; Rosenberg C.S., 1988: Suppression of sleep induced growth hormone secretion by anticholinergic agent abolishes dawn phenomenon

Arimura A.; Meyers C.A.; Case W.L.; Murphy W.A.; Schally A.V., 1979: Suppression of somatostatin levels in the hepatic portal and systemic plasma of the rat by synthetic human pancreatic poly peptide

Thomas W.E.G.; Ardill J.; Buchanan K.D., 1984: Suppression of somatostatin release by duodenogastric reflux in dogs

Stenzel, W., 1977: Suppression of sorbose fermentation of salmonellae by salicin

Wathen P.M.; Manning D.D., 1986: Suppression of specific immunoglobulin m immunoglobulin a and immunoglobulin g responses in mice treated with anti delta from birth

Klausner D.J.; Johnson D.W.; Thoen C.O.; Sloane E.D.; Muscoplat C.C., 1979: Suppression of specific lymphocyte blastogenesis after intra venous tuberculin injection in mycobacterium bovis sensitized cattle

Berg, P. E.; Kang, S. S., 1975: Suppression of spectinomycin resistance in a mutant of escherichia coli strain k 12

Voglmayr, J. K., 1975: Suppression of sperm granulomas in vasectomized rats by local heating of the testis

Robaire B.; Smith S.; Hales B.F., 1984: Suppression of spermatogenesis by testosterone in adult male rats effect on fertility pregnancy outcome and progeny

Weinbauer G.F.; Surmann F.J.; Nieschlag E., 1987: Suppression of spermatogenesis in a nonhuman primate macaca fascicularis by concomitant gonadotropin releasing hormone antagonist and testosterone treatment

Fukutani K.; Ishida H.; Shinohara M.; Minowada S.; Niijima T.; Hijikata K.; Izawa Y., 1981: Suppression of spermatogenesis in patients with behcets disease treated with cyclo phosphamide and colchicine

Wickings E.J.; Nieschlag E., 1980: Suppression of spermatogenesis over 2 years in rhesus monkeys actively immunized with follicle stimulating hormone

Wiebe J.P.; Barr K.J., 1984: Suppression of spermatogenesis without inhibition of steroidogenesis by a 1 2 3 tri hydroxy propane solution

Karagulova G.O.; Bochkina G.I.; Shuvalova T.V.; Lukoshkova E.V., 1986: Suppression of spinal afferent component of the pressor reflexes with noradrenaline

Klimanskii V.A.; Rabkin I.Kh; Zakharov G.N.; Gotman L.N., 1980: Suppression of spleen function by embolization of the splenic artery

Wierda D.; Pazdernik T.L., 1979: Suppression of spleen lymphocyte mitogenesis in mice injected with platinum compounds

Ito, M.; Ralph, P.; Moore, M. A. S., 1980: Suppression of spleen natural killing activity induced by bcg

Thurmond L.M.; House R.V.; Lauer L.D.; Dean J.H., 1988: Suppression of splenic lymphocyte function by 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene dmba in vitro

Imaya H.; Matsuura H.; Kudo M.; Nakazawa S., 1988: Suppression of splenic natural killer cell activity in rats with brain tumors

Yoshida M.C., 1980: Suppression of spontaneous and mitomycin c induced chromosome aberrations fanconis anemia by cell fusion with normal human fibroblasts

Kiesel U.; Maruta K.; Treichel U.; Bicker U.; Kolb H., 1986: Suppression of spontaneous insulin dependent diabetes in bb rats by administration of ciamexone

Zimin Yu I.; Red'kin A.P., 1987: Suppression of spontaneous leukocyte migration under agar by unstimulated lymphocytes

Smith G.H.; Henry T.J.; Vlahakis G.; Arthur L.O., 1982: Suppression of spontaneous mammary tumorigenesis despite mtv 1 gene expression in hybrid and backcross c 3h a v yfb x c 3h sm mice

Katz I.R.; Asofsky R.; Thorbecke G.J., 1980: Suppression of spontaneous reticulum cell sarcoma development and of syngeneic stimulator cells by anti mu treatment of sjl j mice

Wigston D.J., 1980: Suppression of sprouted synapses in axolotl ambystoma mexicanum muscle by transplanted foreign nerves

Burns, J. C.; Cope, W. A.; Wildonger, K. J., 1976: Suppression of standard forage in vitro dry matter disappearance by acetone methanol and aqueous extracts from crownvetch leaflets

Pryjma J.; Pituch Noworolska A.; Flad H D.; Ulmer A.J.; Ernst M., 1986: Suppression of staphylococcus aureus cowan i induced immunoglobulin synthesis in vitro discrimination between the presence of suppressor t cell precursors and effectors

Udou, T.; Ichikawa, Y., 1978: Suppression of staphylococcus aureus extracellular nuclease and alpha toxin synthesis by acetylmethyl carbinol/

Kerber E.R.; Green G.J., 1980: Suppression of stem rust puccinia graminis f sp tritici resistance in the hexa ploid wheat triticum aestivum cultivar canthatch by chromosome 7dl

Tsai Y H., 1987: Suppression of steroid receptor chromatin interaction by inhibitors present in ammonium sulfate fractionated rat testicular androgen receptor preparations

Leavitt M.L.; Miller R.E.; Kotchen T.A., 1980: Suppression of stimulated plasma renin by clonidine in the dog

Bassett, M.; Coons, T. A.; Wallis, W.; Goldberg, E. H.; Williams, R. C. Jr, 1977: Suppression of stimulation in mixed leukocyte culture by new born splenic lymphocytes in the mouse

Norris P.J.; Dhaliwal D.K.; Druce D.P.; Bradford H.F., 1983: Suppression of stimulus evoked release of amino acid neuro transmitters from synaptosomes by verapamil

Caufield P.W.; Gibbons R.J., 1979: Suppression of streptococcus mutans in the mouths of humans by a dental prophylaxis and topically applied iodine

Hunt P.; Bennett C.P.A.; Asman A., 1985: Suppression of sumatra disease symptoms in cloves syzygium aromaticum treated with antibiotics

Depew L.J., 1988: Suppression of sunflower moth lepidoptera pyralidae on sunflower with selected insecticides

Horio S.; Yamada T.; Shimizu H., 1981: Suppression of super precipitation of contractile proteins from chicken gizzard muscle by pre incubation in the presence of atp without calcium

Friman, C.; Davis, P.; Starkebaum, G.; Johnston, C.; Dasgupta, M.; Grace, M.; Wong, K., 1987: Suppression of superoxide generation by normal polymorphonuclear leukocytes preincubated in plasma from patients with felty's syndrome

Shebuski R.J.; Fujita T.; Smith J.M.Jr; Kopaciewicz L.J.; Blumberg A.L.; Hieble J.P., 1985: Suppression of sympathetic ganglionic neurotransmission by the selective dopamine 1 receptor agonist fenoldopam skf 82526 in the anesthetized dog

Esler M.; Zweifler A.; Randall O.; Julius S.; Cohen E.; De Quattro V., 1976: Suppression of sympathetic nervous function in low renin essential hypertension

Viswanathan M.; Hissa R.; George J.C., 1985: Suppression of sympathetic nervous system by short photoperiod and melatonin in the syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus

Fung, C. H.; Khachadurian, A. K., 1980: Suppression of synthesis and esterification of cholesterol and stimulation of low density lipo protein receptor activity by poly oxyethylated cholesterol in cultured human fibroblasts

Cooper H.L.; Bhattacharya B.; Bassin R.H.; Salomon D.S., 1987: Suppression of synthesis and utilization of tropomyosin in mouse and rat fibroblasts by transforming growth factor alpha a pathway in oncogene action

Peterkofsky B.; Prather W., 1986: Suppression of synthesis of pro alpha 1 i and production of altered pro alpha 2 i procollagen subunits in 4 nitroquinoline 1 oxide transformed fibroblasts

Berger, H.; Kozinski, A. W., 1969: Suppression of t 4d ligase mutations by gammaiia and gammaiib mutations

Gupta S.K.; Kharole M.U.; Kalra D.S., 1982: Suppression of t and b cell dependent immune systems in chicken

Palladino M.A.; Ranges G.E.; Scheid M.P.; Oettgen H.F., 1983: Suppression of t cell cyto toxicity by nude mouse spleen cells reversal by mono saccharides and interleukin 2

Mitchell E.B.; Askenase P.W., 1982: Suppression of t cell mediated cutaneous basophil hyper sensitivity by serum from guinea pigs immunized with mycobacterial adjuvant

Miller M.W.; Shearer G.M.; Mcadam K.P.W.J., 1980: Suppression of t cell mediated cyto toxic responses by spleen cells from mice rendered pre amyloid by a single injection of complete freunds adjuvant and mycobacterium butyricum

Varesio L.; Eva A.; Cavallo G.; Herberman R.B., 1980: Suppression of t cell mediated lymphokine production but not cyto toxic activity by macrophages

Uchida A.; Klein E., 1986: Suppression of t cell response in autologous mixed lymphocyte tumor culture by large granular lymphocytes

Gunther J.; Haas W.; Von Boehmer H., 1982: Suppression of t cell responses through competition for t cell growth factor interleukin 2

House R.V.; Lauer L.D.; Murray M.J.; Dean J.H., 1987: Suppression of t helper cell function in mice following exposure to the carcinogen 7 12 dimethylbenz a anthracene and its restoration by interleukin 2

Sanders G.E.; Perrillo R.P., 1985: Suppression of t helper function an immunoregulatory effect of rosette inhibitory factor in hepatitis b virus infection

Brown S.L.; Van Epps D.E., 1985: Suppression of t lymphocyte chemotactic factor production by the opioid peptides beta endorphin and methionyl enkephalin

Lyle D.B.; Schechter P.; Adey W.R.; Lundak R.L., 1983: Suppression of t lymphocyte cyto toxicity following exposure to sinusoidally amplitude modulated fields

Lyle D.B.; Ayotte R.D.; Sheppard A.R.; Adey W.R., 1988: Suppression of t lymphocyte cytotoxicity following exposure to 60 hz sinusoidal electric fields

Mcchesney M.B.; Altman A.; Oldstone M.B.A., 1988: Suppression of t lymphocyte function by measles virus is due to cell cycle arrest in g1

Meuth, J. L.; Morgan, E. L.; Discipio, R. G.; Hugli, T. E., 1983: Suppression of t lymphocyte functions by human c 3 fragments 1. inhibition of human t cell proliferative responses by a kallikrein cleavage fragment of human complement c 3b inhibitor

Olafsson J.H.; Graneru G.; Lindholm L.; Roupe G., 1985: Suppression of t lymphocyte mitogen response in patients with mastocytosis

Gemsa D.; Leser H G.; Deimann W.; Resch K., 1982: Suppression of t lymphocyte proliferation during lymphoma growth in mice role of prostaglandin e 2 producing suppressor macrophages

Cox R.A.; Kennell W., 1988: Suppression of t lymphocyte response by coccidioides immitis antigen

Wildermuth G.B., 1980: Suppression of take all caused by gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici by some australian soils

Weller D.M.; Cook R.J., 1983: Suppression of take all of wheat triticum aestivum by seed treatments with fluorescent pseudomonads

Buckel, P.; Piepersberg, W.; Boeck, A., 1976: Suppression of temperature sensitive aminoacyl transfer rna synthetase mutations by ribosomal mutations a possible mechanism

Maisurian, A. N.; Pozdniakov, V. N., 1971: Suppression of temperature sensitive mutants of bacterio phage t 4 by bacterial opal suppressors

Egilsson V.; Gudnason V.; Jonasdottir A.; Andresdottir V., 1985: Suppression of temperature sensitive mutations in oncogene related cdc genes in saccharomyces cerevisiae by catabolite repression resistance and cytoplasmic petite mutations

Hirochika, H.; Kobayashi, Y., 1978: Suppression of temperature sensitive sporulation of a bacillus subtilis elongation factor g mutant by rna polymerase mutations

Gurney M.E.; Apatoff B.R.; Heinrich S.P., 1986: Suppression of terminal axonal sprouting at the neuromuscular junction by monoclonal antibodies against a muscle derived antigen of 56000 daltons

Barreca T.; Martorana G.; Franceschini R.; Giberti C.; Brancadoro M.T.; Messina V.; Rolandi E., 1986: Suppression of testicular androgenesis by 6 d tryptophan lhrh does not affect tsh secretion in male subjects

Chatterjee S.; Ray A.; Bagchi P.; Deb C., 1988: Suppression of testicular steroidogenesis in rats by the organochlorine insecticide aldrin

Wortsman J.; Khan M.S.; Rosner W., 1986: Suppression of testosterone estradiol binding globulin by medroxyprogesterone acetate in polycystic ovary syndrome

Badr, F. M.; Bartke, A.; Dalterio, S.; Bulger, W., 1977: Suppression of testosterone production by ethyl alcohol possible mode of action

Kinzel V.; Loehrke H.; Goerttler K.; Fuerstenberger G.; Marks F., 1984: Suppression of the 1st stage of phorbol 12 tetradecanoate 13 acetate effected tumor promotion in mouse skin by nontoxic inhibition of dna synthesis

Shirasawa, N.; Matsuno, T., 1979: Suppression of the accumulation of steroid inducible glutamine synthetase ec messenger rna on embryonic chick retinal polysomes by interferon preparation

Cooke, I. M.; Diamond, J. M.; Grinnell, A. D.; Hagiwara, S.; Sakata, H., 1968: Suppression of the action potential in nerve by nitro benzene derivatives lobster squid

Budzynski W.; Janiak M.; Radzikowski C.; Szmigielski S., 1987: Suppression of the activity of natural killer like cells by peritoneal macrophages obtained from lewis lung tumor bearing propionibacterium granulosum kp 45 treated or normal untreated mice

Kuri Harcuch W.; Green H., 1981: Suppression of the adipose conversion of 3t3 cells by acidified serum

Anderson C.; Groth O., 1985: Suppression of the allergic contact reaction in the guinea pig by cyclosporin a

Rossi G.A.; Di Negro G.B.; Balzano E.; Cerri E.; Sacco O.; Balbi B.; Venturini A.; Ramoino R.; Ravazzoni C., 1985: Suppression of the alveolitis in pulmonary sarcoidosis by oral corticosteroids

Hubbard, D. A.; Lee, W. Y.; Sehon, A. H., 1981: Suppression of the anti di nitro phenyl immuno globulin e response with tolerogenic conjugates of di nitro phenyl with poly vinyl alcohol 1. specific suppression of the anti di nitro phenyl immuno globulin e response

Lee, W. Y.; Sehon, A. H., 1981: Suppression of the anti di nitro phenyl immuno globulin e response with tolerogenic conjugates of di nitro phenyl with poly vinyl alcohol 2. induction of hapten specific suppressor t cells

Horn W.; Opferkuch W.; Podack E.R., 1981: Suppression of the anti erythrocyte immune response in mice by the c 5b 9 complex of complement

Weber E.A.; Blaser K., 1986: Suppression of the anti hapten ige antibody response with hapten modified spleen cells

Kaplan, E. L.; Wannamaker, L. W., 1976: Suppression of the anti strepto lysin o response by cholesterol and by lipid extracts of rabbit skin

Wei B Y.; Holford Strevens V.; Carter B.G.; Sehon A.H., 1984: Suppression of the anti tri mellityl immuno globulin e response in mice by conjugates of tri mellityl with poly vinyl alcohol

Shopp G.M.Jr; Mccay J.A.; Holsapple M.P., 1985: Suppression of the antibody response by a formamidine pesticide dependence on the route of exposure

Shopp G.M.Jr; Munson A.E., 1985: Suppression of the antibody response by phorbol esters in the mouse is due to an effect on the nylon wool adherent cell population

Malik, U.; Khuller, G. K.; Kumar, B., 1983: Suppression of the antibody response to sulfo lipids in leprosy patients by 4 4' di aminodiphenyl sulfone

Braley Mullen H., 1980: Suppression of the antibody response to type iii pneumococcal poly saccharide with antigen coupled to syngeneic lymphoid cells

Gallyas F., 1982: Suppression of the argyrophil iii reaction by mercapto compounds a prerequisite for the intensification of certain histochemical reactions by physical developers

Oatman L.C.; Anderson B.W., 1980: Suppression of the auditory frequency following response during visual attention

Hladka, M.; Altaner, C., 1976: Suppression of the avian sarcoma virus genome in 8 aza guanine resistant transformed hamster cells

Blaser K.; Nakagawa T.; De Weck A.L., 1980: Suppression of the benzyl penicilloyl specific immuno globulin e formation with isologous anti idiotypic antibodies in balb c mice

Volkin E.; Boling M.E.; Jones M.H.; Lee W.H.; Pike L.M., 1980: Suppression of the biosynthesis of gtp by protein synthesis inhibitors

Heller K.J.; Kadner R.J.; Guenther K., 1988: Suppression of the btu b451 mutation by mutations in the ton b gene suggests a direct interaction between ton b and ton b dependent receptor proteins in the outer membrane of escherichia coli

Mclendon, D. M.; Harris, R. T.; Maule, W. F., 1976: Suppression of the cardiac conditioned response by delta 9 tetra hydro cannabinol a comparison with other drugs

Carlsen R.C.; Kiff J.; Ryugo K., 1982: Suppression of the cell body response in axotomized frog rana pipiens spinal neurons does not prevent initiation of nerve regeneration

Tarr, M. J.; Olsen, R. G., 1978: Suppression of the cell mediated immune system of the horse by systemic cortico steroid administration

Lie, T. S.; Kanda, M.; Choi, S. K.; Piepho, A.; Gruenn, U.; Oehr, P., 1977: Suppression of the cell mediated immunity in minor histo incompatible rat kidney allo graft recipients

Hilgers L.A.T.; Snippe H.; Van Vliet K.E.; Jansze M.; Willers J.M.N., 1986: Suppression of the cellular adjuvanticity of lipophilic amines by a polyanion

Rabinovich S.A.; Kulikovskaya I.M.; Maksakovskaya E.V.; Chekhonadskikh T.V.; Pankova T.G.; Salganik R.I., 1987: Suppression of the chloroquine resistance of plasmodium berghei by treatment of infected mice with a microsomal monooxygenase inhibitor

Moffitt H.R.; Westigard P.H., 1984: Suppression of the codling moth cydia pomonella lepidoptera tortricidae population on pears in southern oregon usa through mating disruption with sex pheromone

Kaya H.K.; Joos J.L.; Falcon L.A.; Berlowitz A., 1984: Suppression of the codling moth lepidoptera olethreutidae with the entomogenous nematode steinernema feltiae rhabditida steinernematidae

Hare J.D., 1984: Suppression of the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata coleoptera chrysomelidae on solanaceous crops with a copper based fungicide

Yeowell, H. N.; Waxman, D. J.; Wadhera, A.; Goldstein, J. A., 1987: Suppression of the constitutive male specific rat hepatic cytochrome p 450 2c and its messenger rna by 3 4 5 3' 4' 5' hexachlorobiphenyl and 3 methylcholanthrene

Rheins L.A.; Barnes L.; Amornsiripanitch S.; Collins C.E.; Nordlund J.J., 1987: Suppression of the cutaneous immune response following topical application of the prostaglandin pge 2

Fredrickson G.G.; Bennett M., 1982: Suppression of the cyto toxic response of mouse lymphocytes to syngeneic tumor cells by tumor promoting phorbol ester

Gascoigne N.R.J.; Crispe I.N., 1984: Suppression of the cyto toxic t cell response to minor allo antigens in vivo linked recognition by suppressor t cells

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