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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6546

Chapter 6546 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cummins, A.G.; Duncombe, V.M.; Bolin, T.D.; Davis, A.E.; Kelly, J.D., 1978:
Suppression of rejection of Nippostrongylus brasiliensis in iron and protein deficient rats: effect of syngeneic lymphocyte transfer

Wood, K.J.; Evins, J.; Morris, P.J., 1985:
Suppression of renal allograft rejection in the rat by class I antigens on purified erythrocytes

Rhee, H.M.; Eulie, P.J.; Peterson, D.F., 1985:
Suppression of renal nerve activity by methionine enkephalin in anesthetized rabbits

Sato Y.; Fujita T., 1984:
Suppression of renal sympathetic activity with potassium supplement in deoxy cortico sterone acetate salt rats

Kaneda, H.; Matsumoto, J.; Haruyama, T.; Yoshikawa, K.; Takeuchi, M.; Murata, T., 1979:
Suppression of renin in diabetic patients under chronic dialysis treatment

Szilagyi, J.E.; Chelly, J.; Doursout, M.F., 1986:
Suppression of renin release by antagonism of endogenous opiates in the dog

Vandongen R.; Strang K.D.; Poesse M.H.; Birkenhager W.H., 1979:
Suppression of renin secretion in the rat kidney by a nonvascular alpha adrenergic mechanism

Yun, J.C.H.; Kelly, G.; Bartter, F.C., 1977:
Suppression of renin secretion of propranolol in salt depleted dogs

Kimura, E.; Tanaka, K.; Mizuno, K.; Honda, Y.; Hashimoto, H., 1977:
Suppression of repeatedly occurring ventricular fibrillation with nifedipine in variant form of angina pectoris

Huguenard, J.R.; Wilson, W.A., 1985:
Suppression of repetitive firing of neurons by diphenylbarbituric acid

Getz L.L.; Dluzen D.; Mcdermott J.L., 1983:
Suppression of reproductive maturation in male stimulated virgin female microtus ochrogaster by a female urinary chemo signal

Sharbaugh, R.J.; Grogan, J.B., 1969:
Suppression of res function in the rat with cyclo phosphamide

Samojlik E.; Santen R.J.; Worgul T.J., 1984:
Suppression of residual estrogen production with amino glutethimide in women following surgical hypophysectomy or adrenalectomy

Press J.W.; Cline L.D.; Flaherty B.R., 1984:
Suppression of residual populations of the rice weevil sitophilus oryzae by the parasitic wasp anisopteromalus calandrae

Tugarinov V.V., 1987:
Suppression of resistance to streptomycin in green alga chlamydomonas reinhardii

Hymowitz N., 1979:
Suppression of responding during signaled and unsignaled shock

Bradshaw, C.M., 1977:
Suppression of response rates in variable interval schedules by a concurrent schedule of reinforcement

Hayashi T.; Negishi K., 1979:
Suppression of retinal spike discharge by di propyl acetate depakene a possible involvement of gamma amino butyric acid

Rao, N.R.; Dhala, S.A., 1978:
Suppression of rhizobia by pseudomonas aeruginosa

Stephens C.T.; Herr L.J.; Hoitink H.A.J.; Schmitthenner A.F., 1981:
Suppression of rhizoctonia solani damping off by composted hardwood bark medium

Emanuel, N.M.; Dederer, L.Y. ; Kukushkina, G.V.; Gorbacheva, L.B., 1976:
Suppression of rna synthesis by propyl gallate in the rna polymerase system

Sacher, R.F.; Hopen, H.J.; Jacobsen, B.J., 1978:
Suppression of root diseases and weeds in peas pisum sativum treated with di nitro phenol and di nitro aniline herbicides

Porter D.M.; Rud O.E., 1980:
Suppression of sclerotinia blight of peanuts with di nitro phenol herbicides

Reyes A.A., 1988:
Suppression of sclerotinia sclerotiorum and watery soft rot of celery by controlled atmosphere storage

Kimberlin, R.H.; Walker, C.A., 1986:
Suppression of scrapie infection in mice by heteropolyanion 23, dextran sulfate, and some other polyanions

Oh, J.O.; Minasi, P.; Grabner, G.; Ohashi, Y., 1985:
Suppression of secondary herpes simplex uveitis by cyclosporine

Mak, R.H.K.; Turner, C.; Thomspon, T.; Powell, H.; Haycock, G.B.; Chantler, C., 1985:
Suppression of secondary hyperparathyroidism in children with chronic renal failure by high dose phosphate binders calcium carbonate vs. aluminum hydroxide

Mattingly J.A.; Kemp J.D., 1979:
Suppression of secondary plaque forming cell responses by rat splenic adherent cells evidence for dependence on prostaglandin production

Rapoff M.A.; Altman K.; Christophersen E.R., 1980:
Suppression of self injurious behavior determining the least restrictive alternative

Harris S.L.; Wolchik S.A., 1979:
Suppression of self stimulation 3 alternative strategies

Coleman R.S.; Whitman T.L.; Johnson M.R., 1979:
Suppression of self stimulatory behavior of a profoundly retarded boy across staff and settings an assessment of situational generalization

Goldberg J.; Colmers W.; Edstrom J.; Lukowiak K., 1987:
Suppression of sensory to motor synaptic transmission and narrowing of the sensory neuron action potential by arginine vasotocin in aplysia californica

Baraban J.M.; Aghajanian G.K., 1980:
Suppression of serotonergic neuronal firing by alpha adrenoceptor antagonists evidence against gamma amino butyric acid mediation

Byrne J.J.; Carbone J.P.; Pepe M.G., 1988:
Suppression of serum adrenal cortex hormones by chronic low dose polychlorobiphenyl or polybromobiphenyl treatments

Marder, M.L.; Channing, C.P.; Schwartz, N.B., 1977:
Suppression of serum follicle stimulating hormone in intact and acutely ovariectomized rats by porcine follicular fluid

Takahara, J.; Hosogi, H.; Yamauchi, J.; Ogawa, N.; Ofuji, T., 1975:
Suppression of serum growth hormone levels by glucagon in patients with active acromegaly

Miyake A.; Aono T.; Kinugasa T.; Tanizawa O.; Kurachi K., 1979:
Suppression of serum levels of luteinizing hormone by short loop and long loop negative feedback in ovariectomized women

Kalra, S.P., 1977:
Suppression of serum luteinizing hormone releasing hormone and luteinizing hormone in rats by an inhibitor of norepinephrine synthesis

Lind, L.; Wengle, B.; Wide, L.; Wrege, U.; Ljunghall, S., 1988:
Suppression of serum parathyroid hormone levels by intravenous alphacalcidol in uremic patients on maintenance hemodialysis. A pilot study

Ragavan V.V.; Frantz A.G., 1981:
Suppression of serum prolactin by naloxone but not by anti beta endorphin anti serum in stressed and unstressed rats

Mori, M.; Kobayashi, I.; Wakabayashi, K., 1978:
Suppression of serum thyrotropin concentrations following thyroidectomy and cold exposure by passive immunization with anti serum to thyrotropin releasing hormone in rats

Mori M.; Kobayashi I.; Wakabayashi K., 1981:
Suppression of serum tsh concentrations following thyroidectomy and cold exposure by passive immunization with anti serum to trh in rats

Renner K.J.; Smits A.W.; Quadagno D.M.; Hough J.C., 1984:
Suppression of sexual behavior and localization of tritium labeled puromycin after intracranial injection in the rat

Nichols, A.R.; Williams, M.C., 1976:
Suppression of shear induced hemolysis by 3 plasma proteins

Kannagi M.; Chalifoux L.V.; Lord C.I.; Letvin N.L., 1988:
Suppression of simian immunodeficiency virus replication in vitro by cd8 positive lymphocytes

Rawson J.A.; Tilokskulchai K., 1981:
Suppression of simple spike discharges of cerebellar purkinje cells by impulses in climbing fiber afferents

Nawa, Y.; Fukumoto, T., 1978:
Suppression of skin reactivity in rats bearing immuno globulin e or immuno globulin g 2 a immuno cytomas

Arimura A.; Meyers C.A.; Case W.L.; Murphy W.A.; Schally A.V., 1979:
Suppression of somatostatin levels in the hepatic portal and systemic plasma of the rat by synthetic human pancreatic poly peptide

Thomas, W.E.; Ardill, J.; Buchanan, K.D., 1984:
Suppression of somatostatin release by duodenogastric reflux in dogs

Stenzel, W., 1977:
Suppression of sorbose fermentation of salmonellae by salicin

Wathen P.M.; Manning D.D., 1986:
Suppression of specific immunoglobulin m immunoglobulin a and immunoglobulin g responses in mice treated with anti delta from birth

Berg, P.E.; Kang, S.S., 1975:
Suppression of spectinomycin resistance in a mutant of escherichia coli strain k 12

Voglmayr, J.K., 1975:
Suppression of sperm granulomas in vasectomized rats by local heating of the testis

Robaire, B.; Smith, S.; Hales, B.F., 1984:
Suppression of spermatogenesis by testosterone in adult male rats: effect on fertility, pregnancy outcome and progeny

Fukutani K.; Ishida H.; Shinohara M.; Minowada S.; Niijima T.; Hijikata K.; Izawa Y., 1981:
Suppression of spermatogenesis in patients with behcets disease treated with cyclo phosphamide and colchicine

Wickings E.J.; Nieschlag E., 1980:
Suppression of spermatogenesis over 2 years in rhesus monkeys actively immunized with follicle stimulating hormone

Karagulova G.O.; Bochkina G.I.; Shuvalova T.V.; Lukoshkova E.V., 1986:
Suppression of spinal afferent component of the pressor reflexes with noradrenaline

Klimanskiĭ, V.A.; Rakin, I.Kh.; Zakharov, G.N.; Gotman, L.N., 1980:
Suppression of spleen function by embolization of the splenic artery

Wierda, D.; Pazdernik, T.L., 1979:
Suppression of spleen lymphocyte mitogenesis in mice injected with platinum compounds

Imaya, H.; Matsuura, H.; Kudo, M.; Nakazawa, S., 1988:
Suppression of splenic natural killer cell activity in rats with brain tumors

Yoshida M.C., 1980:
Suppression of spontaneous and mitomycin c induced chromosome aberrations fanconis anemia by cell fusion with normal human fibroblasts

Zimin Y.I.; Red'kin A.P., 1987:
Suppression of spontaneous leukocyte migration under agar by unstimulated lymphocytes

Katz I.R.; Asofsky R.; Thorbecke G.J., 1980:
Suppression of spontaneous reticulum cell sarcoma development and of syngeneic stimulator cells by anti mu treatment of sjl j mice

Wigston D.J., 1980:
Suppression of sprouted synapses in axolotl ambystoma mexicanum muscle by transplanted foreign nerves

Burns, J.C.; Cope, W.A.; Wildonger, K.J., 1976:
Suppression of standard forage in vitro dry matter disappearance by acetone methanol and aqueous extracts from crownvetch leaflets

Kerber E.R.; Green G.J., 1980:
Suppression of stem rust puccinia graminis f sp tritici resistance in the hexa ploid wheat triticum aestivum cultivar canthatch by chromosome 7dl

Leavitt, M.L.; Miller, R.E.; Kotchen, T.A., 1980:
Suppression of stimulated plasma renin by clonidine in the dog

Bassett, M.; Coons, T.A.; Wallis, W.; Goldberg, E.H.; Williams, R.C.J., 1977:
Suppression of stimulation in mixed leukocyte culture by new born splenic lymphocytes in the mouse

Norris P.J.; Dhaliwal D.K.; Druce D.P.; Bradford H.F., 1983:
Suppression of stimulus evoked release of amino acid neuro transmitters from synaptosomes by verapamil

Hunt P.; Bennett C.P.A.; Asman A., 1985:
Suppression of sumatra disease symptoms in cloves syzygium aromaticum treated with antibiotics

Depew L.J., 1988:
Suppression of sunflower moth lepidoptera pyralidae on sunflower with selected insecticides

Horio S.; Yamada T.; Shimizu H., 1981:
Suppression of super precipitation of contractile proteins from chicken gizzard muscle by pre incubation in the presence of atp without calcium

Shebuski R.J.; Fujita T.; Smith J.M.Jr; Kopaciewicz L.J.; Blumberg A.L.; Hieble J.P., 1985:
Suppression of sympathetic ganglionic neurotransmission by the selective dopamine 1 receptor agonist fenoldopam skf 82526 in the anesthetized dog

Viswanathan M.; Hissa R.; George J.C., 1985:
Suppression of sympathetic nervous system by short photoperiod and melatonin in the syrian hamster mesocricetus auratus

Cooper, H.L.; Bhattacharya, B.; Bassin, R.H.; Salomon, D.S., 1987:
Suppression of synthesis and utilization of tropomyosin in mouse and rat fibroblasts by transforming growth factor alpha: a pathway in oncogene action

Peterkofsky B.; Prather W., 1986:
Suppression of synthesis of pro alpha 1 i and production of altered pro alpha 2 i procollagen subunits in 4 nitroquinoline 1 oxide transformed fibroblasts

Gupta S.K.; Kharole M.U.; Kalra D.S., 1982:
Suppression of t and b cell dependent immune systems in chicken

Brown S.L.; Van Epps D.E., 1985:
Suppression of t lymphocyte chemotactic factor production by the opioid peptides beta endorphin and methionyl enkephalin

McChesney, M.B.; Altman, A.; Oldstone, M.B., 1988:
Suppression of T lymphocyte function by measles virus is due to cell cycle arrest in G1

Meuth, J.L.; Morgan, E.L.; Discipio, R.G.; Hugli, T.E., 1983:
Suppression of t lymphocyte functions by human c 3 fragments 1. inhibition of human t cell proliferative responses by a kallikrein cleavage fragment of human complement c 3b inhibitor

Olafsson, J.H.; Granerus, G.; Lindholm, L.; Roupe, G., 1985:
Suppression of T lymphocyte mitogen response in patients with mastocytosis

Gemsa D.; Leser H G.; Deimann W.; Resch K., 1982:
Suppression of t lymphocyte proliferation during lymphoma growth in mice role of prostaglandin e 2 producing suppressor macrophages

Wildermuth G.B., 1980:
Suppression of take all caused by gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici by some australian soils

Weller D.M.; Cook R.J., 1983:
Suppression of take all of wheat triticum aestivum by seed treatments with fluorescent pseudomonads

Buckel, P.; Piepersberg, W.; Boeck, A., 1976:
Suppression of temperature sensitive aminoacyl transfer rna synthetase mutations by ribosomal mutations a possible mechanism

Barreca T.; Martorana G.; Franceschini R.; Giberti C.; Brancadoro M.T.; Messina V.; Rolandi E., 1986:
Suppression of testicular androgenesis by 6 d tryptophan lhrh does not affect tsh secretion in male subjects

Kinzel V.; Loehrke H.; Goerttler K.; Fuerstenberger G.; Marks F., 1984:
Suppression of the 1st stage of phorbol 12 tetradecanoate 13 acetate effected tumor promotion in mouse skin by nontoxic inhibition of dna synthesis

Shirasawa, N.; Matsuno, T., 1979:
Suppression of the accumulation of steroid inducible glutamine synthetase ec messenger rna on embryonic chick retinal polysomes by interferon preparation

Anderson, C.; Groth, O., 1985:
Suppression of the allergic contact reaction in the guinea pig by cyclosporin A

Hubbard, D.A.; Lee, W.Y.; Sehon, A.H., 1981:
Suppression of the anti di nitro phenyl immuno globulin e response with tolerogenic conjugates of di nitro phenyl with poly vinyl alcohol 1. specific suppression of the anti di nitro phenyl immuno globulin e response

Lee, W.Y.; Sehon, A.H., 1981:
Suppression of the anti di nitro phenyl immuno globulin e response with tolerogenic conjugates of di nitro phenyl with poly vinyl alcohol 2. induction of hapten specific suppressor t cells

Wei B Y.; Holford Strevens V.; Carter B.G.; Sehon A.H., 1984:
Suppression of the anti tri mellityl immuno globulin e response in mice by conjugates of tri mellityl with poly vinyl alcohol

Shopp, G.M.; McCay, J.A.; Holsapple, M.P., 1985:
Suppression of the antibody response by a formamidine pesticide: dependence on the route of exposure

Malik, U.; Khuller, G.K.; Kumar, B., 1983:
Suppression of the antibody response to sulfo lipids in leprosy patients by 4 4' di aminodiphenyl sulfone

Gallyas, F., 1982:
Suppression of the argyrophil III reaction by mercapto compounds (a prerequisite for the intensification of certain histochemical reactions by physical developers)

Hladka, M.; Altaner, C., 1976:
Suppression of the avian sarcoma virus genome in 8 aza guanine resistant transformed hamster cells

Blaser K.; Nakagawa T.; A.L., 1980:
Suppression of the benzyl penicilloyl specific immuno globulin e formation with isologous anti idiotypic antibodies in balb c mice

Volkin E.; Boling M.E.; Jones M.H.; Lee W.H.; Pike L.M., 1980:
Suppression of the biosynthesis of gtp by protein synthesis inhibitors

Carlsen R.C.; Kiff J.; Ryugo K., 1982:
Suppression of the cell body response in axotomized frog rana pipiens spinal neurons does not prevent initiation of nerve regeneration

Tarr, M.J.; Olsen, R.G., 1978:
Suppression of the cell mediated immune system of the horse by systemic cortico steroid administration

Hilgers, L.A.; Snippe, H.; van Vliet, K.E.; Jansze, M.; Willers, J.M., 1986:
Suppression of the cellular adjuvanticity of lipophilic amines by a polyanion

Rabinovich, S.A.; Kulikovskaya, I.M.; Maksakovskaya, E.V.; Chekhonadskikh, T.V.; Pankova, T.G.; Salganik, R.I., 1987:
Suppression of the chloroquine resistance of Plasmodium berghei by treatment of infected mice with a microsomal monooxygenase inhibitor

Moffitt H.R.; Westigard P.H., 1984:
Suppression of the codling moth cydia pomonella lepidoptera tortricidae population on pears in southern oregon usa through mating disruption with sex pheromone

Kaya H.K.; Joos J.L.; Falcon L.A.; Berlowitz A., 1984:
Suppression of the codling moth lepidoptera olethreutidae with the entomogenous nematode steinernema feltiae rhabditida steinernematidae

Hare J.D., 1984:
Suppression of the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata coleoptera chrysomelidae on solanaceous crops with a copper based fungicide

Yeowell, H.N.; Waxman, D.J.; Wadhera, A.; Goldstein, J.A., 1987:
Suppression of the constitutive male specific rat hepatic cytochrome p 450 2c and its messenger rna by 3 4 5 3' 4' 5' hexachlorobiphenyl and 3 methylcholanthrene

Sakato N.; Fujio H., 1986:
Suppression of the delayed type hypersensitivity response to hen egg white lysozyme by hen egg white lysozyme peptides in a genetically high responder mouse strain evidence for requirement of the loop structure for induction of suppressor t cells

Bagdasarian, M.M.; Izakowska, M.; Bagdasarian, M., 1977:
Suppression of the dnaa phenotype by mutations in the rpob cistron of rna polymerase in salmonella typhimurium and escherichia coli

Hunt, W.A.; Majchrowicz, E., 1980:
Suppression of the ethanol withdrawal syndrome by aliphatic diols

Dubernard, J.M.; Traeger, J.; Neyra, P., 1977:
Suppression of the exocrine function as an aid to segmental pancreatic transplantation in dogs

Holtta E.; Janne J.; Hovi T., 1979:
Suppression of the formation of poly amines and macro molecules by dl alpha di fluoromethyl ornithine and methyl glyoxal bis guanyl hydrazone in phyto hem agglutinin activated human lymphocytes

Hunninghake, G.W.; Fauci, A.S., 1978:
Suppression of the generation of human concanavalin a induced cyto toxic effector cells by concanavalin a activated suppressor cells

Nakamoto J.M.; Gertner J.M.; Press C.M.; Hintz R.L.; Rosenfeld R.G.; Genel M., 1986:
Suppression of the growth hormone response to clonidine and growth hormone releasing hormone by exogenous growth hormone

Ilfeld, D.N.; Krakauer, R.S.; Blaese, R.M., 1977:
Suppression of the human autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction by physiologic concentrations of hydrocortisone

Kleinman R., 1979:
Suppression of the humoral immune response by particulate material extracted from spleen cell sub populations of mopc 315 tumor bearing mice

Ortiz, A.M.; Yamamoto, R., 1981:
Suppression of the humoral immune response to inactivated Newcastle disease virus by Mycoplasma meleagridis in the Turkey

Garas N.A.; Doke N.; Kuc J., 1979:
Suppression of the hyper sensitive reaction in potato tubers by mycelial components from phytophthora infestans

Doke N.; Tomiyama K., 1980:
Suppression of the hyper sensitive response of potato tuber protoplasts to hyphal wall components by water soluble glucans isolated from phytophthora infestans

Kogel K.H.; Schrenk F.; Sharon N.; Reisener H.J., 1985:
Suppression of the hypersensitive response in wheat stem rust interaction by reagents with affinity for wheat triticum aestivum cultivar feldkrone plasma membrane galactoconjugates

Niwa, O., 1985:
Suppression of the hypomethylated Moloney leukemia virus genome in undifferentiated teratocarcinoma cells and inefficiency of transformation by a bacterial gene under control of the long terminal repeat

Gudelsky G.A.; Koenig J.I.; Jackman H.; Meltzer H.Y., 1986:
Suppression of the hypothermic and hyperthermic responses to 5 hydroxytryptamine agonists following the repeated administration of monoamine oxidase inhibitors

Eidinoff H., 1988:
Suppression of the immune reactive in multiple sclerosis might be achieved by intravenous injections of myelin basic protein concomitant and the administration of an immunosuppressant with a corticosteroid

Murgita, R.A.; Tomasi, T.B.J., 1975:
Suppression of the immune response by alpha feto protein part 1 the effect of mouse alpha feto protein on the primary and secondary antibody response

Murgita, R.A.; Tomasi, T.B.J., 1975:
Suppression of the immune response by alpha feto protein part 2 the effect of mouse alpha feto protein on mixed lymphocyte reactivity and mitogen induced lymphocyte transformation

Bluestone, J.A.; Lopez, C., 1979:
Suppression of the immune response in tumor bearing mice 1. response to virus producing tumor cells and non virus producing tumor cells

Bluestone, J.A.; Lopez, C., 1979:
Suppression of the immune response in tumor bearing mice 2. characterization of adherent suppressor cells

Bluestone, J.A.; Lopez, C., 1983:
Suppression of the immune response in tumor bearing mice 3. induction of functionally suppressive antigen driven macrophages

Ullrich S.E., 1986:
Suppression of the immune response to allogeneic histocompatibility antigens by a single exposure to uv radiation

Batungbacal M.R.; Scott G.R., 1982:
Suppression of the immune response to clostridial vaccine by tick borne fever

Virgin, H.W.Iv ; Unanue, E.R., 1984:
Suppression of the immune response to listeria monocytogenes 1. immune complexes inhibit resistance

Grinevich A.S., 1985:
Suppression of the immune response to ovalbumin with xenogeneic antiidiotypic antibodies

Hayglass K.T.; Strejan G.H., 1984:
Suppression of the immuno globulin e antibody response by glutaraldehyde modified ov albumin dissociation between loss of antigenic reactivity and ability to induce suppression

Ekramoddoullah, A.K.M.; Kisil, F.T.; Sehon, A.H., 1977:
Suppression of the immuno globulin e antibody response in mice to kentucky blue grass pollen allergens

Filion L.G.; Lee W.Y.; Sehon A.H., 1980:
Suppression of the immuno globulin e antibody response to ov albumin in mice with a conjugate of ov albumin and isologous gamma globulins

Kawabata T.T.; White K.L.Jr, 1987:
Suppression of the in vitro humoral immune response of mouse splenocytes by benzo a pyrene metabolites and inhibition of benzo a pyrene induced immunosuppression by alpha naphthoflavone

Kosmatopoulos K.; Scott Algara D.; Cabannes J.; Arbouys S.O., 1987:
Suppression of the in vitro parent antihybrid reaction by spleen cells from the opposite parent strain

Greenberg P.D.; Cheever M.; Fefer A., 1979:
Suppression of the in vitro secondary response to syngeneic tumor and in vivo tumor therapy with immune cells by culture induced suppressor cells

Shopp G.M.; Munson A.E., 1984:
Suppression of the in vitro specific antibody response by 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate in the mouse

Pinto, M.; Torten, M.; Birnbaum, S.C., 1978:
Suppression of the in vivo humoral and cellular immune response by staphylococcal entero toxin b

Ullrich S.E.; Azizi E.; Kripke M.L., 1986:
Suppression of the induction of delayed type hypersensitivity reactions in mice by a single exposure to uv radiation

Renton K.W.; Keyler D.E.; Mannering G.J., 1979:
Suppression of the inductive effects of pheno barbital and 3 methyl cholanthrene on ascorbic acid synthesis and hepatic cytochrome p 450 linked mono oxygenase systems by the interferon inducers poly inosinic acid poly cytidylic acid and tilorone

Boughton, T.J.; Malajczuk, N.; Robson, A.D., 1978:
Suppression of the infection of jarrah roots by phytophthora cinnamomi with application of calcium carbonate

Berezantsev-Yu, A., 1975:
Suppression of the inflammatory cellular reaction by helminth larvae and specificity of their encapsulation in tissues of hosts

Pierce, N.F., 1980:
Suppression of the intestinal immune response to cholera toxin by specific serum antibody

Gorog P.; Kovacs I.B.; Born G.V.R., 1980:
Suppression of the intra vascular adherence of granulocytes by n acetyl neuraminic acid sialic acid

Bich Thuy L.T.; Samarut C.; Brochier J.; Revillard J P., 1981:
Suppression of the late stages of mitogen induced human b cell differentiation by fc gamma receptors released from polymorphonuclear neutrophils

Lopez Mora M.A.; Miranda R.; Vazquez C.; Fabian G.; Zarate A., 1987:
Suppression of the levels of growth hormone during the oral glucose tolerance test in obese and ideal body weight people

Mathews H.L.; Kelleher P.J.; Brenman J.; Minden P., 1982:
Suppression of the line 10 guinea pig hepato carcinoma by antigens derived from mycobacterium bovis bcg that are common to the tumor

Franczuk, B., 1978:
Suppression of the local and systemic graft vs host reaction in mice

Iwahashi, O., 1976:
Suppression of the melon fly dacus cucurbitae diptera tephritidae on kudaka island japan with sterile insect releases

Costello, W.J.; Salkoff, L.B., 1986:
Suppression of the membrane defect by divalent cations in the Drosophila mutant shibire

King, D.P.; Strober, S.; Kaplan, H.S., 1981:
Suppression of the mixed leukocyte response and of graft vs. host disease by spleen cells following total lymphoid irradiation

Engleman, E.G.; Mcmichael, A.J.; Mcdevitt, H.O., 1978:
Suppression of the mixed lymphocyte reaction in man by a soluble thymus derived cell factor

Cox W.I.; Holbrook N.J.; Grasso R.J.; Specter S.; Friedman H., 1982:
Suppression of the natural killer cell activity of murine spleen cell cultures by dexamethasone

Ropke C., 1988:
Suppression of the number of clonally expanding t cells by cd8 positive cells as demonstrated by murine t cell colony formation

Milkovic S.; Ozegovic B., 1979:
Suppression of the pituitary growth hormone synthesis in rats bearing a transplantable pituitary tumor secreting large amounts of acth and prolactin

Asch R.H.; Balmaceda J.P.; Borghi M.R.; Niesvisky R.; Coy D.H.; Schally A.V., 1983:
Suppression of the positive feedback of estradiol benzoate on gonadotropin secretion by an inhibitory analog of lhrh in oophorectomized rhesus monkeys evidence for a necessary synergism between lhrh and estrogens

Auer, I.O.; Kress, H.G., 1977:
Suppression of the primary cell mediated immune response by human alpha 1 feto protein in vitro

Kasahara, K.; Tanaka, S.; Ito, T.; Hamashima, Y., 1977:
Suppression of the primary immune response by chemical sympathectomy

Oldfather J.W.; Chorpenning F.W., 1981:
Suppression of the primary immuno globulin m response by environmental teichoic acid

Ochi T.; Sato K.; Ohsawa M., 1983:
Suppression of the proliferative response to human lymphocytes to cultured allogeneic hela cells by zinc

Lundgren D.L.; Hahn F.F., 1979:
Suppression of the pulmonary clearance of staphylococcus aureus in mice that had inhaled either cerium 144 di oxide or plutonium 239 di oxide

Masterson F.A., 1981:
Suppression of the rats loco motor activity at low intensities of electric foot shock

Cline L.D.; Press J.W.; Flaherty B.R., 1985:
Suppression of the rice weevil sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae inside and outside of burlap woven polypropylene and cotton bags by the parasitic wasp anisopteromalus calandrae hymenoptera pteromalidae

Bhati, D.P.S.; Shukla, V.N., 1975:
Suppression of the species rana dobsonii and re description of rana breviceps

Tessman E.S.; Peterson P.K., 1982:
Suppression of the ssb 1 and ssb 113 mutations of escherichia coli by a wild type rep gene sodium chloride and glucose

Mattice W.L.; Scheraga H.A., 1984:
Suppression of the statistical coil state during the alpha taumr beta transition in homopolypeptides

Das, V.S.R.; Rao, I.M.; Swamy, P.M.; Raghavendra, A.S., 1976:
Suppression of the stomatal opening by morphactins in isolated epidermal strips

Patch C.T.; Hauser J.; Lewis A.M.Jr; Levine A.S., 1983:
Suppression of the sv 40 tumorigenic phenotype in hybrid cells formed from sv 40 transformed and adenovirus 2 transformed hamster embryo cells

Sweeny J.G.; Iacobucci G.A., 1979:
Suppression of the sweetness of 2 3 di hydroxy 4 methoxy di hydro chalcone by alpha hydroxylation

Rao D.V.; Tewari J.P., 1988:
Suppression of the symptoms of american leaf spot of coffee with calcium hydroxide

Tsuruoka M.; Yamakami Y., 1987 :
Suppression of the tail flick reflex by electroacupuncture delivered at the intrasegmental and extrasegmental needling points

Medioni, J.; Vaysse, G., 1975:
Suppression of the tarsal reflex by associative conditioning in drosophila melanogaster acquisition and extinction

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Suppression of the temperature sensitive character of adenovirus 12 early mutants in monkey cells transformed by an adenovirus 7 sv 40 hybrid

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Suppression of the thyrotropin response to thyrotropin releasing hormone by thyroxine therapy in differentiated thyroid carcinoma patients

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Suppression of the transformed phenotype in somatic cell hybrids

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Suppression of the transformed phenotype of hepatoma cells after hybridization with normal di ploid fibroblasts

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Suppression of the translation defect phenotype specific for a virus associated rna deficient adenovirus mutant in monkey cells by sv 40

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Suppression of the tumorous state in crown gall teratomas of tobacco nicotiana tabacum a clonal analysis

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Suppression of thermotropic lipid clustering in tetrahymena nuclear membranes upon calcium and magnesium induced membrane contraction

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Suppression of thielaviopsis basicola by 2 fungicides applied to sandy loam soils in new mexico usa

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Suppression of thymus derived cell mediated immunity by tumor cells immunogenicity vs. immuno suppression and preliminary characterization of the suppressive factors

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Suppression of thymus derived cell responses to histo compatibility antigens by bcg pre treatment

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Suppression of thymus derived cells specific for the nonthymic parental h 2 haplotype in thymus grafted chimeras

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Suppression of thyroid proliferative response to exogenous thyroid stimulating hormone by prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors

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Suppression of thyrotropic hormone secretion by prostaglandin synthesis inhibitors

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Suppression of thyrotropin and prolactin release by pyridoxine in chronic primary hypo thyroidism

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Suppression of tif mediated induction of global cellular response functions in escherichia coli by an altered dnab protein

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Suppression of transferred bxsb male systemic lupus erythematosus disease by female spleen cells

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Suppression of transplantational immunological reactions under conditions of antigen competition

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Suppression of tritiated acetyl choline release from primary nerve cell cultures by tetanus and botulinum a toxin

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Suppression of tritium labeled lysine incorporation into the vascular noncollagenous protein in rats treated with estradiol 17 beta

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Suppression of tropomyosin synthesis, a common biochemical feature of oncogenesis by structurally diverse retroviral oncogenes

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Suppression of trypanosoma congolense trypanosoma vivax and trypanosoma brucei infection rates in tsetse flies maintained on goats immunized with uncoated forms of trypanosomes grown in vitro

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Suppression of tryptophan mutants in Bacillus subtilis by apparent nonsense suppressors

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Suppression of tsh in the presence of normal prolactin responses to trh in 26 patients with primary hyper parathyroidism

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Suppression of tuberculin allergy by simultaneous BCG vaccination

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Suppression of tuberculin hypersensitivity caused by rubella infection

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Suppression of tumor cell growth in vitro by a bone marrow factor

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Suppression of tumorigenicity in clones of hamster cells transformed with avian sarcoma virus

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Suppression of tumorigenicity in human x mouse cell hybrids 1. derivation of hybrid clones chromosome analysis and tumorigenicity studies

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Suppression of tumorigenicity in hybrid and cybrid mouse cells

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Suppression of tumorigenicity in hybrids of tumorigenic chinese hamster cells and di ploid mouse fibroblasts dependence on the presence of at least 3 mouse chromosomes and independence of hamster genome dosage

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Suppression of tumorigenicity in interspecific reconstituted cells and cybrids

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Suppression of tumorigenicity in somatic cell hybrids 1. suppression and re expression of tumorigenicity in di ploid human x d 98ah 2 hybrids and independent segregation of tumorigenicity from other cell phenotypes

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Suppression of tumorigenicity in somatic cell hybrids 2. human chromosomes implicated as suppressors of tumorigenicity in hybrids with chinese hamster ovary cells

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Suppression of tumorigenicity in somatic cell hybrids. III. Cosegregation of human chromosome 11 of a normal cell and suppression of tumorigenicity in intraspecies hybrids of normal diploid x malignant cells

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Suppression of uncontrolled nuclear division in somatic cell hybrids of normal and transformed cells

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Suppression of unprimed t cells and b cells in antibody responses by irradiation resistant and plastic adherent suppressor cells in toxoplasma gondii infected mice

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Suppression of urokinase type plasminogen activator messenger rna levels in human fibrosarcoma cells and synovial fibroblasts by antiinflammatory glucocorticoids

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Suppression of uv erythema by topical cortico steroids

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Suppression of uv sensitivity in escherichia coli mutant uvr 502 by the su 58 missense suppressor

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Suppression of v h c gamma and c mu gene products in rabbits by maternal immunization against immuno globulin m allotype and detection of somatic recombinant molecules in these animals

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Suppression of vasopressin secretion by classically conditioned stimuli in rats

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Suppression of ventricular arrhythmias after coronary artery ligation by pinacidil, a vasodilator drug

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Suppression of ventricular extra systoles by perhexiline

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Suppression of ventromedial hypothalamic lesion induced reactivity and aggressiveness by electrical stimulation ventral to the anterior septum in the rat

Brayley, K.N.; Albert, D.J., 1977:
Suppression of ventromedial hypothalamic lesion induced reactivity and aggressiveness in the rat by stimulation of lateral septum but not medial septum or cingulate cortex

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Suppression of verticillium wilt to tomato by difluoromethylornithine a suicidal inhibitor of polyamine biosynthesis

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Suppression of vesicular stomatitis virus defective interfering particle generation by a functions associated with human chromosome 16

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Suppression of visual observing by rhesus monkeys produced by conditioned aversive visual stimuli

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Suppression of water on other noncoupled spins by homonuclear polarization transfer in magnetic resonance imaging

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Suppression of weight gain by glucagon in obese Zucker rats

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Suppression of wet dog shakes by tail and scruff pinch

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Suppression of wheat take all gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici and ophiobolus patch gaeumannomyces graminis var avenae by fluorescent pseudomonads from a fusarium suppressive soil

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Suppression of xenogeneic local graft vs. host reaction by rat fetal spleen cells

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Suppression on the lymphocyte proliferation by serum lipoproteins of chronic liver diseases

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Suppression or enhancement by superoxide dismutase of tumor cell killing by macrophages of normal donors and breast cancer patients

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Suppression tuning curves for spontaneous otoacoustic emissions in infants and adults

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Suppression with anti immuno globulin of immuno globulin secretion by pig lympho blasts

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Suppressive action of Candida albicans on the immune response in guinea pigs

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Suppressive action of Candida albicans on the immune response in mice

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Suppressive action of cytoplasmic and metabolite extracts of Candida albicans on the immune response in guinea pigs

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Suppressive action of near uv light on ouabain resistance induced by far uv light in chinese hamster cells

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Suppressive action of picro toxin a gamma amino butyric acid antagonist on labyrinthine spontaneous nystagmus and vertigo in man

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Suppressive actions of inorganic ions on the bio activity of amino glycoside antibiotics

Yamashita U., 1985:
Suppressive activity of 12 o tetradecaonylphorbol 13 acetate on the induction of cytotoxic t cells in vitro

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Suppressive activity of different fungi against cabbage yellows in the soil and fusarium oxysporum f sp conglutinans in vitro

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Suppressive activity of lymphocytes in patients with chronic myo carditis treated with encorton

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Suppressive activity of some leukemic thymus derived cells from adult patients in japan

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Suppressive activity of streptomycin anti infect on the growth of mycobacterium lepraemurium in macrophage cultures mouse

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Suppressive and cytostatic activities in the spleen of tumor bearing hamsters

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Suppressive b cell factor produced by fcr gamma bearing b cells suppression of b but not non b cell proliferation

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Suppressive cells and supernates of the allogeneic proliferative response in man

Tse, W.W., 1986:
Suppressive effect of acetylcholine on action potentials of canine paranodal fibers

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Suppressive effect of adherent mononuclear cells from peripheral blood of patients with hodgkins disease on phyto hem agglutinin responsiveness

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Suppressive effect of alcoholic liver disease sera on lymphocyte transformation

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Suppressive effect of aluminum chloride administration on mouse lung carcinogenesis by di methyl nitrosamine

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Suppressive effect of alveolar macrophages on the in vitro immune response of rabbit lymphocytes

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Suppressive effect of autologous thymocytes canceled by prednisolone

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Suppressive effect of bacterial endo toxin on the expression of cell mediated anti listeria monocytogenes immunity

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Suppressive effect of blast cells on the in vivo antibody formation and in vitro lymphocyte proliferation in akr mice

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Suppressive effect of bone marrow and spleen cells on antibody genesis and lymphoid cell proliferation in culture in vitro in auto immune mice nzb nzw f 1

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Suppressive effect of bone marrow cells from normal and leukemic mice on antibody production in culture of spleen cells in vitro

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Suppressive effect of bone marrow thymus derived cells activated by histo compatibility antigens on antibody formation

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Suppressive effect of calcitonin on intestinal absorption of calcium and phosphorus in sheep

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Suppressive effect of captopril on platelet aggregation in essential hypertension

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Suppressive effect of carboxyphenylchloroanthranilic acid on pokeweed mitogen induced b cell differentiation

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Suppressive effect of catecholamines on 19-S antibody formation in mouse spleen fragments in vitro

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Suppressive effect of copper on ethylation of rat liver DNA with ethionine in vivo

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Suppressive effect of cyclo heximide cinnamates on immune response and tumor growth in mice a structure activity relationship with respect to the substituent on the benzene ring of the cinnamic acid moiety

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Suppressive effect of cyclo heximide p chloro cinnamate on immune responses in mice

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Suppressive effect of cyclo phosphamide on the thymus derived cell system in chickens

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Suppressive effect of elcatonin an eel calcitonin analog on excessive urinary hydroxy proline excretion in poly ostotic fibrous dysplasia mccune albrights syndrome

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Suppressive effect of endo toxin on erythropoietin responsive cells in mice

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Suppressive effect of high doses of phyto hem agglutinin in the humoral and cellular immune response

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Suppressive effect of hopantenate calcium on lesion induced sprouting

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Suppressive effect of human interferons on erythroid colony growth in disorders of erythropoiesis

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Suppressive effect of immuno globulin a soluble immune complexes on neutrophil chemo taxis

Ito S.; Shinomiya K.; Mikawa H., 1983:
Suppressive effect of immuno globulin e soluble immune complex on neutrophil chemo taxis

Minami J.; Utsumi S., 1981:
Suppressive effect of immuno globulin g 1 antibody on the complement activation of immuno globulin g 2 antibody of the guinea pig

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Suppressive effect of indazole adenine dinucleotides on proliferation of normal and malignant cells

Matsunaga T.; Nagata K.; Hanioka N.; Tanaka E.; Buppodom P.; Yoshimura K.O.H., 1986:
Suppressive effect of interferon inducer polyriboinosinic acid polyribocytidylic acid on induction of udp glucuronyltransferases and monoxygenases in liver microsomes of rats

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Suppressive effect of interferon on erythroid cell proliferation

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Suppressive effect of ipratropium bromide on nasal hypersecretion due to parasympathetic stimulation following its local application

Saito H.; Tomioka H.; Asano K.; Watanabe T., 1980:
Suppressive effect of lactobacillus casei on the drug resistance transfer in escherichia coli

Ichinose Y., 1985:
Suppressive effect of lipopolysaccharide or muramyl dipeptide on fc receptor expression in macrophages

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Suppressive effect of metyrapone on plasma acth immuno reactivity in normal man

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Suppressive effect of monocytes in vitro in patients with carcinoma of the uterine cervix

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Suppressive effect of morphine on serum gonadotropin levels in castrated rats

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Suppressive effect of Newcastle disease virus on the primary and secondary immune responses of hamsters

Zhu L.; Yang L.; Zhang S., 1987:
Suppressive effect of pge on the generation and biological activity of bcgf

Kumagai T., 1986:
Suppressive effect of preirradiation with blue light on near uv light induced conidiation in alternaria tomato

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Suppressive effect of prolactin on estrogen induced secretion of luteinizing hormone by sequentially perifused rat hypothalamus pituitary

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Suppressive effect of protein antigen containing liposomes on immuno globulin e antibody in the mouse

Noguchi K.; Hara H.; Nagai K., 1982:
Suppressive effect of rabbit anti mouse brain serum on murine pluripotent hemopoietic precursors in vitro and committed early erythrocytic and macrophage granulocytic precursors detected after brief in vivo passage

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Suppressive effect of right side anterior hypothalamic lesion on ovarian compensatory hypertrophy in rats

Suzuki, Y.; Kobayashi, A., 1985:
Suppressive effect of secondary Toxoplasma gondii infection on antibody responses in mice

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Suppressive effect of secretin upon pancreatic alpha cell function

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Suppressive effect of spirometra erinacei plerocercoids on thyroid function in golden hamster

Orion D.; Netzer D., 1981:
Suppressive effect of the root knot nematode meloidogyne javanica on fusarium oxysporum f sp melonis wilt of the muskmelons cucumis melo

Kawano Y.; Noma T.; Yoshizawa I.; Baba M.; Yata J., 1988:
Suppressive effect of tranilast on the induction of antigen specific il2 responsiveness of the lymphocytes

Konat G.; Clausen J., 1980:
Suppressive effect of tri ethyl lead on entry of proteins into the central nervous system myelin sheath in vitro

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Suppressive effect of tritoqualine on lipid peroxidation and enzyme leakage induced by carbon tetrachloride in rat hepatocytes

Umezu K.; Yuasa S.; Sudoh A.; Inagaki M., 1986:
Suppressive effect of tritoqualine on the acceleration of fibrosis in the liver

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Suppressive effect of uv b irradiation of epidermal cells on the induction of contact sensitivity

Fujiwara, H.; Shearer, G.M., 1981:
Suppressive effect of x irradiated tumor cell pre sensitization on the induction of syngeneic tumor immunity 2. opposite effects of intra venous administration of tri nitro phenyl conjugated tumor cells on the development of anti tumor and anti self cyto toxic effector cells

Yatsuyanagi J.; Iwai K.; Ogiso T., 1987:
Suppressive effect of zinc on some functions of neutrophils studies with carrageenan induced inflammation in rats

Wakabayashi K.; Yamazaki K.; Kawasaki K.; Yonemura D., 1985:
Suppressive effect on the electro oculographic light rise of the intravenous injection of a hypertonic solution

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Suppressive effect on tumor growth of enzootic bovine leukemia cells in nude mice by monoclonal antibodies against tumor associated antigens

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Suppressive effects and safety of long term cinoxacin therapy on the recurrence of complicated urinary tract infections

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Suppressive effects of an extramedullary tumor on bone marrow erythropoiesis and stroma

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Suppressive effects of beta lactam antibiotics on in vitro generation of cytotoxic t cells

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Suppressive effects of chemicals in mixture on the salmonella typhimurium plate test response in the absence of apparent toxicity

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Suppressive effects of corynebacterium parvum propionibacterium acnes on primary and secondary antibody responses in mice

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Suppressive effects of e 64 and its analogues on reaginic immunoglobulin e antibody production

Takeshita K.; Otomo S.; Aihara H.; Yoshimura H.; Hanada K., 1986:
Suppressive effects of ep 459 on the ige antibody response in mice and the bronchial anaphylaxis in guinea pigs

Hunt P.; Eardley D.D., 1986:
Suppressive effects of insulin and insulin like growth factor 1 on immune responses

Tomita, Y.; Kuwata, T., 1981:
Suppressive effects of interferon on cell fusion by Sendai virus

Abe Y.; Tadano T.; Yonezawa A.; Kisara K., 1987:
Suppressive effects of intraventricular injected dopamine and nomifensine on muricide induced by thiamin deficiency

Azuma, H.; Iwai, K.; Sato, K.; Kikuta, M.; Liu, H.J.; Oshino, N., 1982:
Suppressive effects of lisuride on the synthesis, release and metabolism of dopamine in rat brain

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Suppressive effects of monocytes in the autologous mixed lymphocyte reaction

Kakegawa, N., 1984:
Suppressive effects of psychological tasks on subclinical epileptic discharges

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Suppressive effects of regional lymph node cells and extracts on antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity

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Suppressive effects of somatostatin in dog purkinje fibers

Yuasa, S.; Sudoh, A.; Umezu, K., 1986:
Suppressive effects of tritoqualine on cell growth and collagen secretion in fibroblasts

Ohtaki, S., 1978:
Suppressive effects on sv 40 induced oncogenesis of several immuno suppressive agents and hormonal modifications applied during the latent period

Takagi K.; Ujiye T., 1986:
Suppressive effects on the arrowhead scale unaspis yanonensis hemiptera diaspidae of the introduced parasitoids aphytis yanonensis and coccobius fulvus hymenoptera aphelinidae

Amemiya, H.; Matsunaga, Y.; Kondoh, Y.; Fujii, T.; Tanaka, S.; Takagi, S.; Yamaguchi, Y., 1976:
Suppressive factor in the pregnant plasma on lymphocyte activity and phyto hem agglutinin induced stimulative erythrocyte rosette formation

Saito H.; Tomioka H., 1980:
Suppressive factor of tumor origin against macrophage phagocytosis of staphylococcus aureus

Elleman, C.J.; Eidinger, D., 1977:
Suppressive factors in ascitic fluids and sera of mice bearing ascites tumors

Sylvia D.M.; Sinclair W.A., 1983:
Suppressive influence of laccaria laccata on fusarium oxysporum and on douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings

Fujiwara, R.; Tanaka, N.; Orita, K., 1984:
Suppressive influence of surgical stress on the graft vs. host reaction in mice

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Suppressive influences from peri aqueductal gray and nucleus raphe magnus on respiration and related reflex activities and on solitary tract neurons and the effect of naloxone

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Suppressive lymphocytes against granulocytic colony forming cells in relation to therapeutic response to glucocorticoid in patients with aplastic anemia

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Suppressive role of nk cells in pokeweed mitogen induced immunoglobulin synthesis effect of depletion enrichment of leu 11b positive cells

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Suppressive serum, suppressor lymphocytes, and death from burns

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Suppressive substance for the function of phagocytes in the serum of leukemic patients

Liew, F.Y.; Schmidt, J.A.; Liu, D.S.; Millott, S.M.; Scott, M.T.; Dhaliwal, J.S.; Croft, S.L., 1988 :
Suppressive substance produced by T cells from mice chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruzi. II. Partial biochemical characterization

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Suppressive substance produced by T cells from mice chronically infected with Trypanosoma cruzi. III. Genetic restriction and further characterization

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Suppressive therapy for radiation associated nodular thyroid disease double blind study with tri iodo thyronine and desiccated thyroid

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Suppressive vs augmenting effect of the same pre treatment regimen in 2 murine tumor systems with distinct effector mechanisms

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Suppressor activity in the spleen of neo natal mice

Garcia M.S.; Baranao R.I.; Fernandez O.; Rumi L.S., 1983:
Suppressor activity induced by concanavalin a in peripheral lymphocytes from patients with solid malignant tumors

Rudnicka W., 1980:
Suppressor activity of blood lymphocytes from guinea pigs treated with anti lymphocyte serum

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Suppressor activity of bovine Fc gamma positive cells during a persistent infection with Mycobacterium avium

Pisarev, V.M.; Volgin, A.Y., 1978:
Suppressor activity of spleen cells in drug induced immunological tolerance

Chen Y H.; Heller P., 1982:
Suppressor activity of splenic macrophages in murine plasma cytoma is inhibited by plasma cytoma specific ligands

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Suppressor activity of splenocytes from mice treated with Ecteinascidia turbinata extract

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Suppressor activity of t cells bearing fc receptors for immuno globulin g on lymphoid colony formation

Miyawaki T.; Seki H.; Taniguchi N.; Kubo M., 1979:
Suppressor activity of thymus derived lymphocytes from infants assessed by co culture with unfractionated adult lymphocytes in the pokeweed mitogen system

Alevy, Y.G.; Hutcheson, P.; Mueller, K.R.; Slavin, R.G., 1983:
Suppressor alveolar macrophages in experimentally induced uremia

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Suppressor alveolar macrophages in mice bearing metastatic Lewis lung carcinoma tumors

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Suppressor and cytolytic cell function in multiple sclerosis. Effects of cyclosporine A and interleukin 2

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Suppressor cell activation by anti thy 1.2 in nzb wf mice

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Suppressor cell activities in patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma

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Suppressor cell activities of peripheral blood mononuclear cells in type b hepatitis in korea

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Suppressor cell activity after major injury: indirect and direct functional assays

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Suppressor cell activity among the peripheral blood leukocytes of selected homo sexual subjects

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Suppressor cell activity and phenotypes in the blood or tissues of patients with leprosy

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Suppressor cell activity in a male infant with thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocyte dys function treated with thymosin

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Suppressor thymus derived cells in thymus reconstituted nude mice regulation of mitogen induced transformation

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Suppressor thymus derived cells in tolerance to human gamma globulin mediation by a specific soluble factor

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Suppressor thymus derived cells induced by soluble immune complexes can adoptively transfer inhibition of cytophilic antibody receptors on macrophages

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Suppressor thymus derived cells presence in mice rendered tolerant by neo natal treatment with anti receptor antibody or antigen

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Suppressor thymus derived cells prevent experimental auto immune encephalo myelitis in mice

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Suppressor thymus derived cells regulate the cytolytic thymus derived lymphocyte response to syngeneic tumors induced by murine sarcoma virus in the mouse

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Suppressor thymus derived cells which block the induction of cyto toxic thymus derived cells in vivo

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Suppressor thymus derived lymphocytes and auto anti bone marrow derived cell cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes in a case of acquired hypo gamma globulinemia

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Suppressor thymus derived mechanisms in contact sensitivity 3. apparent nonmajor histo compatibility complex restriction is a result of multiple sets of major histo compatibility complex specific suppressor thymus derived cells induced by syngeneic 2 4 di nitro phenyl modified lymphoid cells

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Suppressors of fuchsin resistance in yeast

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Suppressors of snf 2 mutations restore invertase derepression and cause temperature sensitive lethality in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Suppressors suaC109 and suaA101 of Aspergillus nidulans alter the ribosomal phenotype in vitro

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Supra pubic puncture of the bladder as a method for the bacteriological diagnosis of urinary tract infections in children

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Suprabasal keratinocytes infected with poxvirus molluscum contagiosum

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Supraceliac aortofemoral bypass

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Suprachiasmatic lesions disrupt the daily rhythmicity in the sexual behavior of normal male rats and of male rats treated neo natally with anti estrogen

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Suprachiasmatic lesions prevent an anti gonadal effect of melatonin

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Suprachiasmatic nuclear lesions eliminate circadian rhythms of drinking and activity, but not of body temperature, in male rats

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