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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6548

Chapter 6548 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Soo L., 1987: Surface free energy as the potential in oligomeric equilibria prediction of hemoglobin disaggregation constant

Arends J., 1984: Surface free energy changes of human enamel during pellicle formation an in vivo study

Fell J.T., 1983: Surface free energy characteristics of mixtures

Berlin, R. D.; Oliver, J. M., 1980: Surface functions during mitosis 2. quantitation of pinocytosis and kinetic characterization of the mitotic cycle with a new fluorescence technique

Koppel, D. E.; Oliver, J. M.; Berlin, R. D., 1982: Surface functions during mitosis 3. quantitative analysis of ligand receptor movement into the cleavage furrow diffusion vs. flow

Deanin G.G., 1985: Surface functions during mitosis in rat basophilic leukemia cells

Berlin, R. D.; Oliver, J. M.; Walter, R. J., 1978: Surface functions during mitosis part 1 phagocytosis pinocytosis and mobility of surface bound concanavalin a

Sharon N., 1984: Surface galactolipids of wheat protoplasts as receptors for soybean agglutinin and their possible relevance to host parasite interaction

Jacob F., 1979: Surface galactosyl glyco peptides of embryonal carcinoma cells

Aoi Y., 1979: Surface glyco peptide change triggered by contact between normal cells from rat liver and their sv 40 transformed cells from the same virus

Lewis R.G., 1983: Surface glyco protein changes in ram spermatozoa during epididymal maturation

Kozlowska, K.; Bomirski, A.; Zurawska-Czupa, B., 1977: Surface glyco protein components in isolated melanotic melanoma cells in the golden hamster

Sallstrom J., 1983: Surface glyco protein patterns of b type chronic lymphocytic leukemia cells correlate with the clinical activity of the disease

Andersson, L. C.; Gahmberg, C. G.; Nilsson, K.; Wigzell, H., 1977: Surface glyco protein patterns of normal and malignant human lymphoid cells part 1 thymus derived cells thymus derived blasts and leukemic thymus derived cell lines

Nilsson, K.; Andersson, L. C.; Gahmberg, C. G.; Wigzell, H., 1977: Surface glyco protein patterns of normal and malignant human lymphoid cells part 2 bone marrow derived cells bone marrow derived blasts and epstein barr virus positive and negative bone marrow derived lymphoid cell lines

Smets, L. A.; Van-Beek, W. P.; Van-Rooij, H., 1976: Surface glyco proteins and concanavalin a mediated agglutinability of clonal variants and tumor cells derived from sv 40 virus transformed mouse 3t3 cells

Legrand M., 1980: Surface glyco proteins evidence that they may function as the race specific phyto alexin elicitors of phytophthora megasperma f sp glycinea

Banderet E., 1979: Surface glyco proteins from human thymus derived bone marrow derived and chronic lymphatic leukemia lymphocytes isolated by 3 different lectins

Conti-Devirgiliis, L.; Stefanini, S.; Dini, L.; Barcaioli, B., 1978: Surface glyco proteins in the regenerating corneal epithelium of triturus cristatus

Virtanen I., 1983: Surface glyco proteins of cultured human keratinocytes from normal and uninvolved psoriatic epidermis

Popovic M., 1980: Surface glyco proteins of human sarcoma cells and fibroblastic cells

Andersson, L. C.; Gahmberg, C. G., 1978: Surface glyco proteins of human white blood cells analysis by surface labeling

Peterson P.A., 1980: Surface glyco proteins of normal and neoplastic glia cells in culture

Warren, L.; Fuhrer, J. P.; Buck, C. A., 1972: Surface glyco proteins of normal and transformed cells a difference determined by sialic acid and a growth dependent sialyl transferase

Cohen D., 1987: Surface glycoconjugates on rat photoreceptor cilium effect of neuraminidase digestion

Loomis W.F., 1987: Surface glycoprotein gp24 involved in early adhesion of dictyostelium discoideum

Nilsson K., 1985: Surface glycoprotein patterns of established human lung cancer cell lines and primary cultures

Maddy A.H., 1985: Surface glycoproteins as markers of the cellular status of b chronic lymphocytic leukemia lymphocytes

Hormia M., 1985: Surface glycoproteins of cultured human umbilical vein endothelial cells

Leary J.F., 1987: Surface glycoproteins of differentiating neuroblastoma cells analyzed by lectin binding and flow cytometry

Suominen J., 1986: Surface glycoproteins of human spermatozoa

Calio R., 1987: Surface glycoproteins of influenza virus increase cell mediated immunity functions in mice

Huber C., 1985: Surface glycoproteins on normal and malignant human leukocytes

Vannucchi, S.; Del-Rosso, M.; Cella, C.; Urbano, P.; Chiarugi, V., 1978: Surface glycosamino glycans and calcium distribution in 3t3 cells

Augusti-Tocco, G.; Chiarugi, V. P., 1976: Surface glycosamino glycans as a differentiation cofactor in neuro blastoma cell cultures

Dreyfus H., 1985: Surface glycosyltransferase activities during development of neuronal cell cultures

Rosenberger, R. F.; Grover, N. B.; Zaritsky, A.; Woldringh, C. L., 1978: Surface growth in rod shaped bacteria

Cormier J M., 1985: Surface healing and histologic maturation of patent polytetrafluoroethylene grafts implanted in patients for up to 60 months

Stark R., 1984: Surface heat transfer coefficients for steam air mixtures in 2 pilot scale retorts

Lind I., 1988: Surface heat transfer in thawing by forced air convection

Shohet D., 1987: Surface hemagglutinating activity of pseudomonas aeruginosa

Astor Y.M., 1987: Surface hydrographic observations in the northwestern region of the venezuelan caribbean sea

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547043

Richardson T., 1982: Surface hydrophobicity of alpha s 1 i alpha s 1 casein a and b and its implications in cheese structure

Godon B., 1982: Surface hydrophobicity of gliadin components

Adachi K., 1987: Surface hydrophobicity of hemoglobins a f and s determined by gel filtration column chromatography in high phosphate buffer

Tschaepe H., 1986: Surface hydrophobicity of plasmid carrying virulent shigella flexneri and their avirulent variants

Lichtenberger L.M., 1988: Surface hydrophobicity of the gastric mucosa in the developing rat effects of corticosteroids thyroxine and prostaglandin e 2

Sefton, M. V.; Merrill, E. W., 1976: Surface hydroxylation of styrene butadiene styrene block co polymers for bio materials

Lawson D.L., 1982: Surface ia like expression and mixed lymphocyte reaction stimulating capacity of human leukemic myelo blasts implications for immuno therapy and prognosis

Cabral J.M.S., 1984: Surface immobilization and entrapping of enzymes on glutaraldehyde cross linked gelatin particles

Scribner, D. J.; Weiner, H. L.; Moorhead, J. W., 1977: Surface immuno globulin and fc receptors on murine bone marrow derived lymphocytes loss of receptor interaction after cell activation

Sell S., 1981: Surface immuno globulin bearing rabbit lymphocytes express both heavy chain variable region and light chain allotypic determinants

Howard, M. C.; Claesson, M. H.; Johnson, G. R., 1977: Surface immuno globulin characteristics of bone marrow derived lymphocyte developmental states and bone marrow derived lymphocyte colony forming cells

Vitetta E.S., 1984: Surface immuno globulin d negative b cells from neo natal mice do not respond to the thymus independent antigen tri nitro phenyl brucella abortus in limiting dilution cultures

Ratnam S.S., 1982: Surface immuno globulin d of b lymphocytes and clotting

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547057

Becker, K. E.; Ishizaka, T.; Metzger, H.; Ishizaka, K.; Grimley, P. M., 1973: Surface immuno globulin e on human basophils during histamine release

Dyminski J.W., 1981: Surface immuno globulin g mediated mixed lymphocyte culture and cell mediated lympholysis responses by immuno competent thymus cells

Godal T., 1984: Surface immuno globulin g subclasses in human b cell lymphomas as revealed by mono clonal antibodies

Teodorescu, M.; Mayer, E. P., 1978: Surface immuno globulin in immuno proliferative diseases

Nossal G.J.V., 1981: Surface immuno globulin isotype activation and tolerance susceptibility of b lymphocytes of new zealand black mice

Strober S., 1979: Surface immuno globulin isotypes on cells responding to lipo poly saccharide by immuno globulin m and immuno globulin g secretion

Rosner M.C., 1980: Surface immuno globulin lectin induced cap formation and phagocytic function in 5 patients with the leukemic phase of hairy cell leukemia

Rogge H., 1981: Surface immuno globulin m kappa of pro lymphocytic leukemia cells with antibody activity to surface antigens of sheep and guinea pig red blood cells

Loke, Y. W.; Brook, S. S.; Allen, G. E., 1977: Surface immuno globulin m on lymphocytes from pregnant women

Klein, E.; Eskeland, T.; Inoue, M.; Strom, R.; Johansson, B., 1970: Surface immuno globulin moieties on lymphoid cells

Ito, S.; Hattori, A.; Ito, S.; Ihzumi, T.; Sanada, M.; Matsuoka, M., 1978: Surface immuno globulin of human lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547069

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547070

Mandel T.E., 1979: Surface immuno globulin on cultured fetal mouse thymocytes

Mattes, M. J.; Steiner, L. A., 1978: Surface immuno globulin on frog lymphocytes identification of 2 lymphocyte populations

Borysenko M., 1984: Surface immuno globulin on granular and agranular leukocytes in the thymus and spleen of the snapping turtle chelydra serpentina

Pattengale, P. K.; Schneider, B. K.; Parker, J. W.; Tindle, B. H.; Chandor, S.; Lukes, R. J., 1976: Surface immuno globulin on leukemic leukemoid and normal granulocytes

Ballieux R.E., 1979: Surface immuno globulin on rabbit lymphocytes rabbit bone marrow derived and thymus derived cells are distinct populations

Linthicum, D. S.; Bahu, R. M.; Sell, S., 1982: Surface immuno globulin on rabbit lymphoid cells 7. binding of exogenous immuno globulin by neo natal lymphocytes and ability of aggregated immuno globulin in neo natal sera to bind to adult cells

Linthicum, D. S.; Sell, S., 1976: Surface immuno globulin on rabbit lymphoid cells part 3 double expression and separate endocytosis of surface immuno globulin allotypes on hetero zygous lymphocytes demonstrated by immuno electron microscopic labeling

Linthicum, D. S.; Sell, S., 1977: Surface immuno globulin on rabbit lymphoid cells part 4 ultrastructural labeling of a group and b group allotypic determinants

Linthicum, D. S.; Sell, S., 1977: Surface immuno globulin on rabbit lymphoid cells part 5 ultrastructural distribution of b 4 allotypic determinants on thymus lymph node and bone marrow lymphocytes

Linthicum, D. S.; Sell, S.; Mandy, W. J., 1977: Surface immuno globulin on rabbit lymphoid cells part 6 failure to detect d and e group immuno globulin allotypes on lymphocytes by immuno electron microscopic labeling

Scher I., 1984: Surface immuno globulin phenotype of complement receptor positive and complement receptor negative b cells of normal and xid immuno deficient mice

Scott, D. W.; Layton, J. E.; Johnson, G. R., 1978: Surface immuno globulin phenotype of murine spleen cells which form bone marrow derived cell colonies in agar

Cinader B., 1980: Surface immuno globulin receptors of rabbit lymphoid cells evaluation of fluorescent staining with antibodies to immuno globulin light chain allotypes

Ferrante, A.; Jenkin, C. R., 1977: Surface immuno globulins a possible mechanism for the persistence of trypanosoma lewisi in the circulation of rats

Prusek, W., 1977: Surface immuno globulins and lymphocyte adhesiveness during development

Prusek, W., 1977: Surface immuno globulins and lymphocyte adhesiveness in dystreptic children

Prusek, W., 1977: Surface immuno globulins and lymphocyte adhesiveness in materno neo natal pairs

Cotropia, J. P.; Gutterman, J. U.; Hersh, E. M.; Mavligit, G. M., 1977: Surface immuno globulins and protease inhibitors of human acute leukemia blasts

Ricci M., 1981: Surface immuno globulins are involved in the interaction of protein a with human b cells and in the triggering of b cell proliferation induced by protein a containing staphylococcus aureus

Weigle W.O., 1983: Surface immuno globulins as targets for anti immuno globulin dependent cell mediated lysis of b cells

Facchini A., 1979: Surface immuno globulins in bone marrow derived lymphocytes in man effects of enzyme digestion

Becker M., 1980: Surface immuno globulins in human chronic leukemia cells

Bourgois, A.; Kitajima, K.; Hunter, I. R.; Askonas, B. A., 1977: Surface immuno globulins of lipo poly saccharide stimulated spleen cells the behavior of immuno globulin m immuno globulin d and immuno globulin g

Bhoopalam, N.; Chen, Y.; Yakulis, V.; Heller, P., 1976: Surface immuno globulins of lymphocytes in plasma cytoma part 5 the effect of rna rich extract from mouse plasma cytoma mopc 104e on the immune response

Puskas M., 1981: Surface immuno globulins of tonsil lymphocytes

Singh S., 1980: Surface immuno globulins on burkitts lymphoma biopsy cells from 91 patients

Vardiman J., 1982: Surface immuno globulins on hairy cells of 55 patients with hairy cell leukemia

Zeromski J., 1981: Surface immuno globulins on neoplastic cells from lung cancer

Trebichavsky, I.; Jaroskova, L.; Pospisil, M.; Hofman, J.; Prokesova, L., 1977: Surface immuno globulins on stimulated lymphocytes

Bankhurst, A. D.; Warner, N. L.; Sprent, J., 1971: Surface immuno globulins on thymus and thymus derived lymphoid cells

Jurd, R. D.; Stevenson, G. T., 1976: Surface immuno globulins on xenopus laevis lymphocytes

Strober S., 1986: Surface immunoglobulin g bearing cells retain the capacity to secrete immunoglobulin m

Al Katib A., 1985: Surface immunoglobulin light chain expression by the common acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell line reh

Wang C.Y., 1985: Surface immunoglobulin negative sheep erythrocyte negative null cell non hodgkins lymphomas multiparametric determination of their b or t cell lineage

Kluin, P. M.; De-Weger, R. A.; Schuurman, H. J.; Peters, P. P. J.; Spies, P. I.; Bast, B. J. E. G.; Van-Unnik, J. A. M.; De-Gast, G. C., 1985: Surface immunoglobulin restriction in b non hodgkin's lymphomas in cell suspension and on frozen tissue sections

Buchanan T.M., 1988: Surface immunolabeling of neisseria gonorrhoeae employing monoclonal antibodies to proteins ia and ib

Yunus, M.; Iqbal, M.; Yunus, D., 1978: Surface imprinting by celloidin

Hulmes D.J.S., 1987: Surface induced aggregation of type i procollagen

Simon B.A., 1980: Surface induced lamellar orientation of multi layer membrane arrays theoretical analysis and a new method with application to purple membrane fragments

Leadbetter E.R., 1988: Surface induced synthesis of new sulfonolipids in the gliding bacterium cytophaga johnsonae

Peppas N.A., 1988: Surface instabilities during swelling of ph sensitive hydrogels

Drouhard J P., 1985: Surface integration and least squares procedures for the inverse recovery of cardiac multipole components

Murray, D. G.; Dow, J. A. S.; Fairchild, E., 1978: Surface interaction between hydrophilic gels and articular cartilage

Stefanini M., 1980: Surface interaction in vitro between sertoli cells and germ cells at different stages of spermatogenesis

Chen, S. S.; Rosano, H. L., 1977: Surface interaction of eicosyl sodium sulfate mono layers with gelatins and bovine serum albumin

Porwit Bobr Z., 1988: Surface interaction of human granulocytes and lymphocytes with staphylococcal extracellular serine proteinase

Orci L., 1983: Surface interactions and intra cellular localization of cationic ferritin similarity to iodine 125 labeled insulin in 3t3 l 1 adipocytes

Hartmann, J. F.; Hutchison, C. F., 1976: Surface interactions between mammalian sperm and egg variation of spermatozoa concentration as a probe for the study of binding in vitro

Doroszewski J., 1982: Surface interactions of leukemia and red cells passively moving in a quiescent fluid

King L.E.Jr, 1984: Surface iodination of epidermal growth factor receptors in intact cells

Winkelmann G., 1979: Surface iron polymers and hydroxy acids a model of iron supply in sideramine free fungi

Quin, B. F.; Woods, P. H., 1978: Surface irrigation of pasture with treated sewage effluent part 1 nutrient status of soil and pasture

Quin, B. F.; Forsythe, L. J., 1978: Surface irrigation of pasture with treated sewage effluent part 2 drainage losses of nitrate and other nutrients

Quin, B. F.; Syers, J. K., 1978: Surface irrigation of pasture with treated sewage effluent part 3 heavy metal content of sewage effluent sludge soil and pasture

Cogan U., 1981: Surface isotherms of intrinsic red cell membrane proteins

Stepanova, L. K.; Sergeeva, N. S.; Belaya-Yu, A.; Denisova, T. P.; Mel'nik, E. G., 1976: Surface k antigens of salmonella in connection with the virulence of the pathogens

Isquith, A. J.; Mccollum, C. J., 1978: Surface kinetic test method for determining rate of kill by an anti microbial solid

Luescher E.F., 1982: Surface labeling of human platelets by reductive methylation

Owen, E., 1978: Surface labeling of human skin fibroblasts of healthy and cystic fibrosis subjects

Butters, T. D.; Hughes, R. C., 1975: Surface labeling of human tumor kb cells iodination and fractionation of membrane glyco proteins

Ochiai H., 1980: Surface labeling of membrane glyco proteins and their drastic changes during development of dictyostelium discoideum

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547133

Nussbaum J.L., 1982: Surface labeling of oligodendrocytes with anti myelin serum in cell cultures from the rat brain light microscopic and electron microscopic immuno cytochemical studies

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547135

Courtois, Y.; Hughes, R. C., 1976: Surface labeling of senescent chick fibroblasts by lacto peroxidase catalyzed iodination

Glick M.C., 1980: Surface labeling of sialic acid residues in bhk cells and viral transformants

Farid N.R., 1983: Surface labeling of thyrocytes isolated by a new method combining enzymatic digestion and percoll gradient centrifugation

Goff R., 1980: Surface labeling studies of normal and dystrophic myogenic cells in culture

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547140

Stieglitz P., 1982: Surface landmarks for supraclavicular block of the brachial plexus

Macrae T.P., 1988: Surface lattice in alpha keratin filaments

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547143

Khalsa S.J.S., 1980: Surface layer intermittency investigated with conditional sampling

Barbey, C.; Coute, A., 1976: Surface layer of cyanophyceae on the dunes of the mauritanian sahel

Featherstone, J. D. B.; Duncan, J. F.; Cutress, T. W., 1978: Surface layer phenomena in in vitro early caries like lesions of human tooth enamel

Formanek H., 1981: Surface layers of xanthomonas malvacearum the cause of bacterial blight of cotton

Favretto L.G., 1986: Surface lead pollution of roadside crops in relation to the distance from an emitting line source

Fisher R.W., 1987: Surface lectin binding to anabaena variabilis and to cultured and freshly isolated anabaena azollae

Grover N.B., 1988: Surface limited growth a model for the synchronization of a growing bacterial culture through periodic starvation

Strauss, J. S.; Vitale, J. J.; Downing, D. T.; Franco, D., 1978: Surface lipid composition in children with protein calorie mal nutrition

Hamilton, R. J.; Raie, M. Y.; Weatherston, I., 1976: Surface lipids of ligia oceanica part 2 the ester fractions

Clark, T.; Watkins, D. A. M., 1978: Surface lipids of sphaerotheca fuliginea spores

Thompson, A. C.; Knight, W. E., 1978: Surface lipids of trifolium spp

Wise S.W.Jr, 1981: Surface lithofacies biofacies and diatom diversity patterns as models for delineation of climatic change in the southeast atlantic ocean

Santos P.F., 1980: Surface litter breakdown in a chihuahuan desert ecosystem

John, H. C., 1973: Surface living ichthyo plankton in the canary current

Page A.L. , 1986: Surface loading effect on cadmium and zinc sorption by kaolinite and montmorillonite from low concentration solutions

Uusitalo, R. J.; Karnovsky, M. J., 1977: Surface localization of 5 nucleotidase on the mouse lymphocyte

Preissner K., 1979: Surface localization of apo lipo protein a ii in lipo protein complexes

Funahashi S., 1979: Surface localization of enzymes in mycelia and micro conidia of fusarium oxysporum

Nissonson, I.; Tannenbaum, M.; Neu, H. C., 1969: Surface localization of escherichia coli 5 nucleotidase by electron microscopy

Hancock R.E.W., 1983: Surface localization of pseudomonas aeruginosa outer membrane porin protein f by using mono clonal antibodies

Birdsell D.C., 1986: Surface localization of sialic acid on actinomyces viscosus

Quintanilha, A. T.; Packer, L., 1977: Surface localization of sites of reduction of nitroxide spin labeled molecules in mitochondria

Gonda, M. A.; Arthur, L. O.; Zeve, V. H.; Fine, D. L.; Nagashima, K., 1976: Surface localization of virus production on a gluco corticoid stimulated oncornavirus producing mouse mammary tumor cell line by scanning electron microscopy

Ackerman G.A., 1983: Surface localization of wheat germ agglutinin and concanavalin a binding sites on normal human blood cells an ultrastructural histochemical study

Dobrzanski W.T., 1983: Surface located trypsin activated streptococcus sanguis strain wicky endo nuclease

Munekage Y., 1984: Surface long waves and interfacial long waves in a 2 layer basin with variations in depth and width

Esselman W.J., 1986: Surface ly 5 glycoprotein in murine natural killer nk cell development target binding and cytotoxicity

Bach M.A., 1983: Surface lyt phenotype of suppressor cells in c 57bl 6 mice infected with mycobacterium lepraemurium

Robertson D.C., 1979: Surface macro molecules and virulence in intra cellular parasitism comparison of cell envelope components of smooth and rough strains of brucella abortus

Klainer, A. S.; Perkins, R. L., 1972: Surface manifestations of antibiotic induced alterations in protein synthesis in bacterial cells

Steiner A., 1980: Surface manifestations of ciliate morphogenesis regeneration in stentor and suctorian budding revisited

Sirkes Z., 1987: Surface manifestations of internal oscillations in a highly saline lake the dead sea

Ogasawara N., 1986: Surface mannan from glomerella cingulata

Zimmerman D., 1979: Surface mapping of mouse thymocytes

Bedwany R., 1980: Surface mapping of rs t segment in acute myo cardial infarction

Block, P.; Lenaers, A.; Tiberghien, J.; Coussaert, E.; Van-Thiel, E.; Lebedelle, M.; Raadschelders, I.; Bourgain, R.; Kornreich, F., 1976: Surface maps and myo cardial scanning at rest and during exercise comparison with coronary angiography

Gupta S., 1979: Surface marker analysis and flow cytometric studies of acute nonlymphocytic leukemias in children and young adults

Lopez Borrasca A., 1986: Surface marker analysis in acute myeloid leukemia and correlation with fab classification

Jaksic B., 1988: Surface marker analysis in routine laboratory classification diagnosis of leukemia

Schlossman S.F., 1983: Surface marker analysis of acute myelo blastic leukemia identification of differentiation associated phenotypes

Delellis R.A., 1981: Surface marker and histo pathologic correlation with long term survival in advanced large cell non hodgkins lymphoma

Burns, G. F.; Cawley, J. C.; Flemans, R. J.; Higgy, K. E.; Worman, C. P.; Barker, C. R.; Roberts, B. E.; Hayhoe, F. G. J., 1977: Surface marker and other characteristics of gauchers cells

Klein G., 1988: Surface marker characterization of ebv carrying cells in blood of healthy seropositive individuals

Carstensson A., 1985: Surface marker characterization of epstein barr virus target cells in normal blood and tonsil b lymphocyte populations

Le Douarin N.M., 1983: Surface marker for hemopoietic and endothelial cell lineages in quail coturnix coturnix japonica that is defined by a mono clonal antibody

Begg C.B., 1981: Surface marker identification of small cleaved follicular center cell lymphomas with a highly favorable prognosis

Zalewski P.D., 1979: Surface marker studies in chronic lymphocytic leukemia and non hodgkins lymphoma

Yokoyama M.M., 1985: Surface marker studies of cerebrospinal fluid lymphocytes in vogt koyanagi haradas diseases

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547193

Morell, A.; Losa, G.; Barandun, S., 1985: Surface markers 5' nucleotidase activity and in vitro functions of lymphocytes from patients with primary humoral immunodeficiency

Baehner R., 1983: Surface markers and biological functions of polymorphonuclear cells fractionated by countercurrent centrifugal elutriation

Fontana L., 1987: Surface markers and cytotoxic activities of lymphocytes in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance and untreated multiple myeloma increased phytohemagglutinin induced cellular cytotoxicity and inverted helper suppressor cell ratio are features common to both diseases

Tullgren O., 1985: Surface markers and cytotoxic activity of blood natural killer cells studied at the single cell level in hodgkins disease

Horwitz, D. A.; Niaudet, P.; Greaves, M. F.; Dorling, J.; Deteix, P., 1978: Surface markers and electron microscopy of human blood l cells a comparison with thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes

Ricci M., 1984: Surface markers and function of circulating thyroid auto antibody producing cells

Bom-Van-Noorloss, A. A.; Splinter, T. A. W.; Van-Heerde, P.; Van-Beek, A. A. M.; Melief, C. J. M., 1978: Surface markers and functional properties of non hodgkins lymphoma cells in relation to histology

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547202

Bentwich, Z.; Polliack, A.; Douglas, S. D., 1976: Surface markers and other characteristics of the lymphocyte in chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Miller G., 1979: Surface markers and size of lymphocytes in human umbilical cord blood stimulated into dna synthesis by epstein barr virus

Dufty J.H., 1981: Surface markers for characterization of bovine blood lymphocyte populations and changes in these from birth to maturity

Stobo, J. D., 1978: Surface markers for lymphocyte sub populations/

Ponce Sandoval M., 1985: Surface markers for lymphocytes in patients with dengue hemorrhagic fever

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547208

Germain D., 1987: Surface markers in acute non lymphoid leukemia analysis with a panel of 36 monoclonal antibodies

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547210

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Wozniak L., 1980: Surface markers of lymphoid cells in non hodgkin lymphomas

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547228

Lala, P. K.; Kaizer, L., 1977: Surface markers of small lymphocytes appearing in murine ta 3 st solid tumors host spleen and blood

Garnis, S.; Lala, P. K., 1978: Surface markers of small lymphocytes appearing in the mouse ehrlich ascites tumor host spleen and blood

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Jondal, M.; Holm, G.; Wigzell, H., 1972: Surface markers on human thymus derived lymphocytes and bone marrow derived lymphocytes part 1 a large population of lymphocytes forming nonimmune rosettes with sheep red blood cells

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547235

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547236

Manconi, P. E.; Zaccheo, D.; Bugiani, O.; Fadda, M. F.; Cadoni, A.; Marrosu, M. G.; Cianchetti, C.; Grifoni, V., 1978: Surface markers on lymphocytes from human cerebro spinal fluid predominance of thymus derived lymphocytes bearing receptors for the fc segment of immuno globulin g

Kamihira, S., 1976: Surface markers on lymphocytes of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in japan

Bonissol C., 1982: Surface markers on mouse cells transformed after exposure to hela chromosomes are mycoplasma orale membrane proteins

Tada T., 1979: Surface markers on natural killers cells of the mouse

Rabin H., 1982: Surface markers on primate b and t lymphoid cell lines identified by antibodies to human and simian lymphocyte antigens

Ottaviani, E., 1988: Surface markers on the hemocytes of the freshwater snail planorbarius corneus l. gastropoda pulmonata

Al-Adra, A. R.; Pilarski, L. M.; Mckenzie, I. F. C., 1980: Surface markers on the thymus derived cells that regulate cyto toxic thymus derived cell responses 1. the ly phenotype of suppressor thymus derived cells changes as a function of time and is distinct from that of helper or cyto toxic thymus derived cells

Pilarski, L. M.; Al-Adra, A. R.; Mckenzie, I. F. C., 1980: Surface markers on the thymus derived cells that regulate cyto toxic thymus derived cell responses 2. distribution of ly 6.1 and ly 7.2 selective expression of ly 7.2 on helper thymus derived cell effectors

Swenney A.G., 1981: Surface mass transfer processes during color removal from effluent using silica

Basch P.F., 1988: Surface maturation in female schistosoma mansoni schistosoma mattheei and schistosomatium douthitti

Fabian P., 1988: Surface measurements of trace gases in the tropical region near hyderabad india

Galli S.J., 1981: Surface membrane alterations in guinea pig basophils undergoing anaphylactic de granulation a scanning electron microscopic study

Mckenzie I.F.C., 1981: Surface membrane antigens of hemopoietic tumor cell lines and normal marrow progenitor cells

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547250

Section 7, Chapter 6548, Accession 006547251

Mintz, U.; Sachs, L., 1977: Surface membrane changes in lymphocytes from patients with infectious mononucleosis

Robinson, P. J.; Anderton, B. H.; Roitt, I. M., 1976: Surface membrane changes in mitogen transformed lymphocytes

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