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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6552

Chapter 6552 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Kraus, H.; Witcher, W., 1977: Survey of pine pitch canker in south carolina

Tateishi N.Y., 1985: Survey of pisum sativum pea diseases in the federal district brazil

Hojima, Y.; Pisano, J. J.; Cochrane, C. G., 1983: Survey of plant inhibitors of polymorphonuclear leukocyte elastase ec pancreatic elastase cathepsin g ec cathepsin b ec hageman factor fragments and other serine proteinases

Werner Washburne M., 1980: Survey of plants for entero kinase inhibitors

Plorde J.J., 1985: Survey of plasmids and resistance factors in campylobacter jejuni and campylobacter coli

Truffaut N., 1985: Survey of plasmids in clostridium butyricum and clostridium beijerinckii strains from different origins and different phenotypes

Henrichsen J., 1983: Survey of pneumococcal types in israel israel 1978 1981

Dobson H.E.M., 1988: Survey of pollen and pollenkitt lipids chemical cues to flower visitors

Swallow, W. H., 1976: Survey of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in selected foods and food additives available in new zealand

Letterman R.D., 1982: Survey of poly electrolyte coagulant use in the usa

Ho C N., 1987: Survey of polynuclear aromatic compounds in oil refining areas

Galileo, M. H. M.; De, O. Gastal, H. A.; Grazia, J., 1977: Survey of populations of pentatomidae hemiptera on soybean culture glycine max in the municipality of guaiba rio grande do sul brazil

Lapointe G., 1986: Survey of populations of the lobster homarus americanus on the north bank of gaspe bay canada

Joo H.S., 1981: Survey of porcine parvovirus infection in swine fetuses and their dams at a minnesota usa abattoir

Haywood P.E., 1984: Survey of positive results from racecourse anti doping samples received at racecourse security services laboratories

De-Almeida, J. R. M.; Maltez, A. C., 1977: Survey of possible portuguese yellow lupine lupinus luteus ecotypes

Henriksen P., 1982: Survey of post mortem findings in rabbits

Baker H.W., 1979: Survey of primary liver tumors and oral contraceptive use

Milton K., 1981: Survey of primates and their habitat on the tapajos river brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551019

Wijesinghe, C. P.; Dissanayake, S. A. W.; Dassanayake, P. V. L. N., 1978: Survey of psychiatric morbidity in a semi urban population in sri lanka

Jospitre J., 1982: Survey of psycho therapy with black men

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551022

Jin, X. M.; Pan, H. Q.; He, P. Q.; Guo, D., 1987: Survey of psychosocial problems of preschool children

Bahuguna V.K., 1986: Survey of public opinion for wildlife a case study

Campbell I.A., 1982: Survey of pulmonary tuberculosis in south and west wales uk 1976 1978

Anderson J.W., 1986: Survey of pyruvate phosphate dikinase activity of plants in relation to the 3 carbon pathway 4 carbon pathway and crassulacean acid metabolism mechanism of carbon dioxide assimilation

Schwab R.G., 1979: Survey of q fever agglutinins in birds and small rodents in northern california usa 1975 1976

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551028

Tanner J.T., 1981: Survey of radio nuclides in foods 1961 1977

Harcourt S.A., 1980: Survey of radio sensitivity in a variety of human cell strains

Mcafee, J. G.; Thakur, M. L., 1976: Survey of radioactive agents for in vitro labeling of phagocytic leukocytes part 1 soluble agents

Mcafee, J. G.; Thakur, M. L., 1976: Survey of radioactive agents for in vitro labeling of phagocytic leukocytes part 2 particles

Baratta E.J., 1985: Survey of radionuclides in foods 1978 1982

Kelada N.L., 1981: Survey of rats and mice and their ecto parasites in relation to cultivated areas in the vicinity of alexandria governorate egypt

Thorburn H., 1983: Survey of rats rattus norvegicus in kuwait for the presence of leptospira interrogans

Knappett K.B., 1981: Survey of reasons for herbage seed crops not producing certified seed after passing field inspection 1977 79 seasons

Klich M.A., 1987: Survey of representative species of aspergillus for regions of dna homology to aspergillus nidulans developmental genes

Cook R.R., 1982: Survey of reproductive events of wives of employees exposed to chlorinated dioxins

Orleans M., 1984: Survey of reproductive hazards among oil chemical and atomic workers exposed to halogenated hydrocarbons

Brauner P., 1986: Survey of reproductive indices of crosses of the bohemian pied with ayrshire cattle and the red holstein breed

Barker J., 1985: Survey of reptiles and amphibians of the coastal forests near bega new south wales australia

Fasci A., 1988: Survey of requests for medical assistance during fencing matches

Driscoll C.T., 1988: Survey of residual aluminum in filtered water

Hopkins J.P., 1987: Survey of residue concentrations of the anabolic agents trenbolone acetate finaplix and zeranol ralgro in beef for the domestic and export markets

Campbell J.B., 1983: Survey of resistance by house fly musca domestica diptera muscidae to dichlorvos in nebraska usa feedlots

Nakahara, H.; Ishikawa, T.; Sarai, Y.; Kondo, I.; Kozukue, H., 1978: Survey of resistance to metals and antibiotics in clinical isolates of klebsiella pneumoniae in japan

Kozukue H., 1984: Survey of resistance to metals and volatization activity of mercury resistant r plasmids in citrobacter isolated from clinical lesions in japan

Greening H.G., 1981: Survey of resistance to phosphine in coleopterous pests of grain and stored products in new south wales australia

Kawasaki K., 1983: Survey of respiratory diseases among chicken flocks in japan for avian infectious bronchitis by the neutralization test with embryo adapted beaudette strain

Honda, Y., 1984: Survey of retinal detachment surgery by the conventional approach during a 6 year period 2. operation modes and complications

Legaspi R.S., 1979: Survey of rice oryza sativa seed samples of different cultivars for reaction to phenol

Mharapara L.M., 1985: Survey of rice oryza sativa ssp indica production practices in the masvingo and manicaland provinces zimbabwe

Abdelkarim M.E.H., 1982: Survey of rodents in a newly irrigated area on the edge of the egyptian western desert

Kim, J. I.; Han, S. C.; Choi, K. M., 1987: Survey of root knot nematodes meloidogyne spp in continuous cultivation field of hot pepper

Ren Z.Y., 1983: Survey of rotavirus antibody among the population of tianjin china/

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551059

Shulman A.D., 1985: Survey of sampling techniques in widowhood research 1973 1983

Birrie H., 1986: Survey of schistosomiasis mansoni in the borkena river basin ethiopia

Hosomichi T., 1981: Survey of screening for uterine cervical cancer in wakayama city japan

Gordon R.W., 1985: Survey of selected british columbia and yukon salmon canada streams for sensitivity to acidification from precipitation

Engst R., 1981: Survey of selected myco toxins in food

Ramus J., 1983: Survey of selected seaweeds for simultaneous photo production of hydrogen and oxygen

Nassichuk M.D., 1985: Survey of selected streams from sensitivity to acidification from the proposed hat creek coal development british columbia canada

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551068

Khachatourians G.G., 1984: Survey of sensitivity of 12 yeast genera toward t 2 toxin

Strong J.P., 1982: Survey of serum cholesterol and tri glyceride concentration and lipo protein electrophoretic pattern in rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta

Felsburg P.J., 1988: Survey of serum iga igg and igm concentrations in a large beagle population in which iga deficiency had been identified

Bjornsson, O. J.; Davidhsson, D.; Olafsson, O.; Sigfusson, N.; Thorsteinsson, T., 1977: Survey of serum lipid levels in icelandic men aged 34 61 years an epidemiological and statistical evaluation

Lazarus P.J., 1984: Survey of services provided by united cerebral palsy agencies and the effect of public law 94 142 on preschool handicapped children

Meade L.D., 1986: Survey of shallow benthic habitat eastern shore and cape breton nova scotia canada

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551075

White J.M., 1981: Survey of sickle cell disease in england and wales uk

Furness, G. O., 1977: Survey of snails on citrus in the riverland of south australia

Frank, J. F.; Marth, E. H., 1978: Survey of soft and semi soft cheese for presence of fecal coliforms and serotypes of entero pathogenic escherichia coli/

Turner, T. R.; Waddington, D. V., 1978: Survey of soil testing programs for turf grasses

Lyons, A. J-Jr ; Pridham, T. G.; Hesseltine, C. W., 1969: Survey of some actinomycetales for alpha galactosidase activity

Benzi G., 1985: Survey of some biochemical characteristics of yersinia sp strains

Leppard G.G., 1979: Survey of some canadian lakes for the presence of ultrastructurally discrete particles in the colloidal size range

Bowles J.B., 1986: Survey of some eastern iowa usa caves for wintering bats

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551084

Reiprich, A., 1983: Survey of some habitually hardly distinguishable butterfly species from the territory of czechoslovakia 10. representatives of the group coleophora serratella lepidoptera coleophoridae

Sandhu D.K., 1985: Survey of some indian soils for laccase producing fungi and their lignin degrading ability

Fazio T., 1979: Survey of some market basket commodities for poly nuclear aromatic hydro carbon content

Varman P.N., 1979: Survey of some mineral elements in the blood of buffaloes bubalus bubalis in different physiological conditions

Smith R.J., 1981: Survey of some molecularly dispersed odorous constituents in swine house air

Van Kammen A., 1982: Survey of some poultry viruses in papua new guinea

Shorvon S.D., 1987: Survey of specialized hospital services for adults with epilepsy in the north east thames region of the uk

Swink W.D., 1983: Survey of stocking policies for tailwater trout fisheries in the southern usa

Prakash S., 1987: Survey of storage facilities on procurement agencies in punjab india

Kansouh A.S.H., 1979: Survey of stored grain insects in silo bins of mosul iraq and protective measures

Zimmerman M.L., 1987: Survey of stored product and other economic pests in import warehouses in los angeles california usa

Parker N.C., 1985: Survey of striped bass morone saxatilis hatchery management in the southeastern usa

Takeyama I., 1987: Survey of students who listen to loud rock and roll music

Fu L.C., 1981: Survey of subjective symptoms among university students

Menezes M., 1983: Survey of sucking insects from citrus orchards by using a costal suction trap

Bolin, R. K.; Wright, R. E.; Wilkinson, M. N.; Lindner, C. K., 1968: Survey of suicide among patients on home leave from a mental hospital

Bourne, M. C.; Clemente, M. G.; Banzon, J., 1976: Survey of suitability of 30 cultivars of soybeans for soy milk manufacture

Beier, H.; Siler, D. J.; Russell, M. L.; Bruening, G., 1977: Survey of susceptibility of cowpea mosaic virus protoplasts and intact plants from vigna sinensis lines

Adamson, R. P.; Sommerfield, M. R., 1978: Survey of swimming pool algae of the phoenix arizona usa metropolitan area

Myers A.R., 1980: Survey of synovial fluid cryo precipitates

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551105

Fowler S.W., 1982: Survey of tar hydro carbon and metal pollution in the coastal waters of oman

Wilkinson B.J., 1983: Survey of taurine uptake and metabolism in staphylococcus aureus

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551108

Wen S., 1980: Survey of termites in the southern regions of shanxi and gansu provinces china with description of glyptotermes longnanensis new species isoptera kalotermitidae

Munda I.M., 1982: Survey of the algal biomass in the polluted area around rovinj istrian coast north adriatic

Schelpe, E. A. C. L. E.; Jeremy, A. C.; Launert, E., 1977: Survey of the angolan flora volume on pteridophyta

Kempf, W. W.; Lenko, K., 1976: Survey of the ant fauna of the northern coast and islands adjacent to sao paulo state brazil part 1 the subfamilies dorylinae ponerinae and pseudomyrmecinae hymenoptera formicidae

Wright J.E., 1982: Survey of the argentine species of the ganoderma lucidum complex

Arai Y., 1985: Survey of the association of dermatomyositis and pulmonary fibrosis

Recher, H. F., 1975: Survey of the avi fauna of myall lakes new south wales australia report of the 1972 royal australasian ornithologists union field outing

Fruin, John-T; Foster, James-F; Fowler, James, L., 1978: Survey of the bacterial populations of bologna products

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551118

Pearson, D. L., 1975: Survey of the birds of a lowland forest plot in the east sepik district papua new guinea

Effendi R.M.E., 1983: Survey of the blue butterflies of the lycaena phoenicurus new combination group and the description of a new species from the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Liard, F.; Huot, G., 1977: Survey of the carabidae coleoptera of the eastern townships quebec canada

Corey P.N., 1979: Survey of the clinical use of pressurized aerosol inhalers

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551123

Reifschneider F.J.B., 1982: Survey of the compatibility types of isolates of phytophthora capsici obtained from pumpkin hot and sweet peppers

De Vos R.H., 1979: Survey of the contamination of dutch coastal waters by chlorinated hydro carbons including the occurrence of methyl thio penta chloro benzene and di methyl thio tetra chloro benzene

Monaco, A. P.; Codish, S. D., 1976: Survey of the current status of the clinical uses of anti lymphocyte serum

Biol-Bundesanst-Land-Forstwirtsch-(W-Ger), 1978: Survey of the damage caused by birds and mammals to cultivated plants in west germany

Murphy E., 1984: Survey of the dental health and denture status of institutionalized elderly patients in ireland

Steinmann, H., 1981: Survey of the dermaptera material in the dresden museum east germany 1. catadermaptera

Rinallo C., 1983: Survey of the deterioration of the coastal vegetation in the park of san rossore in central italy

Yates C.W., 1983: Survey of the distribution and occurrence of weeds in herbage seed crops in england and wales uk for 1973 compared with 1978

Yates C.W., 1985: Survey of the distribution and occurrence of weeds in herbage seed crops in england and wales uk in 1983 and a comparison with 1973 and 1978 seasons already reported

Taylor P.A., 1988: Survey of the distribution and perceived losses caused by paspalum leaf blight in northern victoria australia

Harris R.V., 1979: Survey of the distribution of blackberry rubus fruticosus in victoria australia and the use and effectiveness of chemical control measures

Sastre P., 1987: Survey of the distribution of hummingbirds on mount pelee martinique france

Yates C.W., 1981: Survey of the distribution of important weeds in herbage seed crops in england and wales uk 1978 season

Palm E., 1979: Survey of the distribution of the tortricoidea in denmark lepidoptera

Sapkarev J., 1987: Survey of the earthworms lumbricidae of serbia yugoslavia in a restricted sense and description of new taxa

Pip E., 1979: Survey of the ecology of submerged aquatic macrophytes in central canada

Sun Z., 1987: Survey of the effect of acupuncture therapy in 35 cases of obstructive and communicating hydrocephalus

Holden S.A., 1987: Survey of the effect of adding fluosol da 20 percent oxygen to treatment with various chemotherapeutic agents

Huebschmann A.V., 1984: Survey of the epilithic moss associations of central europe

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551143

Kulin L., 1987: Survey of the essence of malnutrition on the basis of our thermoregulation research work

Symmers, W. S. C., 1968: Survey of the eventual diagnosis in 600 cases referred for a 2nd histological opinion after an initial biopsy diagnosis of neopl hodgkins disease human

Chastel C., 1988: Survey of the experimental pathogenic effect of spiroplasmas isolated from mosquitoes on the hatching of aedes aegypti ova and their larval evolution

Best E.K., 1982: Survey of the extent of copper deficiency of wheat on the western downs queensland australia

Sheehy R.J., 1982: Survey of the extrachromosomal gene pool of clostridium difficile

Macrina, F. L.; Reider, J. L.; Virgili, S. S.; Kopecko, D. J., 1977: Survey of the extrachromosomal gene pool of streptococcus mutans

Fott, B., 1975: Survey of the family characiaceae chlorococcales with taxonomic name changes and new descriptions

Davies J.N., 1983: Survey of the fish fauna in the grampians regions southwestern victoria australia

Roti-Michelozzi-Clavarino, G., 1978: Survey of the flora of ethiopia part 29 oxalidaceae

Entzeroth, R., 1978: Survey of the flora of game enclosures in the rhineland west germany in order to ascertain those plants which are avoided by ruminant cloven hoofed game animals

Missiakas D., 1988: Survey of the folding pathway of a two domain protein phosphoglycerate kinase

Jolivet P., 1987: Survey of the food selection in galerucinae study by genus coleoptera chrysomelidae

Moll, E. O., 1986: Survey of the freshwater turtles of india part i. genus kachuga

Haselwandter K., 1988: Survey of the fungal air spora in valleys and upper regions in tyrol austria 1984 1985 as a basic requirement for the avoidance of contact with allergens

Rick C.M., 1982: Survey of the genus lycopersicon for variability in alpha tomatine content

Mattick, L. R.; Rice, A. C., 1970: Survey of the glycerol content of new york state wines

Platt T.R., 1982: Survey of the helminth parasites of the rat rattus norvegicus from maymont park richmond virginia usa

Parent, G. H., 1974: Survey of the herpeto fauna of belgium luxembourg and surrounding territories

Moravec J., 1983: Survey of the higher vegetation units of the czech ssr czechoslovakia

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551163

Pelletier J., 1986: Survey of the hymenoptera symphyta from the department of indre et loire france

Sindel, B. M.; Michael, P. W., 1988: Survey of the impact and control of fireweed senecio madagascariensis poir. in new south wales australia

Giugliano L., 1979: Survey of the incidence of low birth weight in manaus amazonas brazil in 1976

Chaudhury M.N., 1984: Survey of the incidence of mange in domestic animals in west bengal india

Picard, J., 1976: Survey of the inheritance of absence of tannin in field bean seeds

Zeissler, H., 1976: Survey of the land snail fauna of the hoerselberg mountains near eisenach

Nonose N., 1981: Survey of the literature on the association between smoking and cancer

Marini, G.; Maspes, P. E., 1968: Survey of the long term fate of 192 consecutive cases of primary subarachnoid hemorrhage comparison between operated and non operated patients

Bazzanti M., 1981: Survey of the macro benthic community in an area of lake bracciano central italy

De-Lange, L., 1976: Survey of the macro vegetation in a ditch near tienhoven utrecht netherlands

Granados J.L., 1984: Survey of the management of post term pregnancy

Gray B.N., 1987: Survey of the management of primary breast cancer in western australia

Balatova Tulackova E., 1985: Survey of the meadow plant communities in the protected landscape area of zdarske vrchy czechoslovakia 2

Plahar W.D., 1988: Survey of the microbial quality of dry fish cassava and okra in ghana

Kulkarni P.R., 1987: Survey of the microbiological quality of whole black pepper and turmeric powder sold in retail shops in bombay india

Schmidt K., 1980: Survey of the microcoryphia insecta of the northeastern usa and adjacent provinces of canada

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551182

Tisserat B., 1984: Survey of the morphogenetic potential of excised palm embryos in vitro

Abdel Hafez S.I.I., 1979: Survey of the myco flora of barley grains in egypt

Abdel Hafez S.I.I., 1982: Survey of the myco flora of desert soils in saudi arabia

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551187

Handzo I., 1980: Survey of the number of deliveries and obstetrical operations at the 2nd hospital of gynecology and obstetrics in bratislava czechoslovakia 1955 1978

Donnelly H.T., 1980: Survey of the numbers and species of amphibia used in the uk in 1977

Stockwell A.J., 1987: Survey of the oral health needs of institutionalized elderly patients in western australia

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551192

Downing, W., 1976: Survey of the otitidae diptera acalyptratae in the region of cincinnati ohio usa

Reckahn J.A., 1988: Survey of the parasite fauna of lake huron canada fishes 1961 to 1971

Christie W.J., 1988: Survey of the parasite fauna of lake ontario canada fishes 1961 to 1971

Lawrie A.H., 1988: Survey of the parasite fauna of lake superior canada fishes 1969 to 1975

Nepszy S.J., 1988: Survey of the parasite fauna of selected fish species from lake erie canada 1970 1975

Wagner W.D., 1986: Survey of the pathologic findings in a large production colony of pigeons with special reference to pseudomembranous stomatitis and nephritis

Sherman G., 1981: Survey of the perceived needs of hearing impaired adults in queensland australia

Wilson H.J., 1983: Survey of the peregrine falco peregrinus breeding population in ireland in 1981

Yoch, D. C.; Lindstrom, E. S., 1971: Survey of the photosynthetic bacteria for rhodanese thio sulfate cyanide sulfur transferase ec activity

Austara O., 1982: Survey of the pine beauty moth panolis flammea new record in norway in 1980 and 1981 using traps with synthetic pheromone analogs

Struble, P.; Tomanek, G. W., 1971: Survey of the plant population on an ungrazed meadow in north central kansas usa

De Flora S., 1979: Survey of the pollution in a coastal area of the tyrrhenian sea aerial photography physicochemical and microbiological investigations and mutagenic monitoring

Cape R.D.T., 1987: Survey of the prescribing pattern and use of anticholinergic medications in the institutionalized elderly

Waterson H.A., 1979: Survey of the presence and methods of control of wild oat black grass and couch grass in cereal crops in the uk during 1977

Br Med Res Counc, 1984: Survey of the previous investigation and treatment by private practitioners of patients with pulmonary tuberculosis attending government chest clinics in hong kong

Kikuchi R., 1986: Survey of the prognosis for dermatomyositis with special reference to its association with malignancy and pulmonary fibrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551211

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551212

Mcclatchie G., 1980: Survey of the rehabilitation outcome of strokes

Youssef M.M.A., 1986: Survey of the rice root nematode hirschmanniella oryzae in rice fields in dakahlia governorate egypt and effect of rice sequence on its population

Hejzlar, M.; Vymola, F.; Trojanova, M., 1975: Survey of the sensitivity of the strains neisseria gonorrhoeae to antibiotics in czechoslovakia ussr 1957 1973

Schawaller W., 1981: Survey of the spider families in dominican amber and other tertiary resins amber collection stuttgart arachnida araneae

Ritzau C., 1983: Survey of the stock of odonata of blockland and hollerland in bremen west germany insecta

Hallas, T. E., 1977: Survey of the tardigrada of finland

Suzuki A., 1982: Survey of the toxic hebeloma and isolation of the toxic principle of hebeloma vinosophyllum

Mikes, M.; Soti, J.; Sey, O.; Dimitrijevic, S., 1974: Survey of the trematodes of the fish eating birds in vojvodina yugoslavia

Bautista H.P., 1979: Survey of the types in the herbarium of the botanical garden of rio de janeiro brazil chrysobalanaceae

De Lima H.C., 1979: Survey of the types in the herbarium of the botanical garden of rio de janeiro brazil leguminosae papilionatae ormosia

Marques, M. D. C. M.; Montalvo, E. A., 1976: Survey of the types in the herbarium of the botanical gardens of rio de janeiro brazil bignoniaceae part 2

De-Souza, A. F. R.; Marques, M. D. C. M., 1977: Survey of the types in the herbarium of the botanical gardens of rio de janeiro brazil bignoniaceae part 3

Valente, M. D. C., 1976: Survey of the types of loganiaceae species from the herbarium of the botanical gardens of rio de janeiro brazil

Valente, M. D. C., 1977: Survey of the types of species of passifloraceae and rhizophoraceae from the herbarium of the botanical gardens of rio de janeiro brazil

Andreata, R. H. P.; Da-Silva, N. M. F.; Marquete, O.; De-Abreu, C. L. B., 1978: Survey of the types of the herbarium of the rio de janeiro brazil botanical gardens leguminosae mimosoideae part 1

Payne, W. L.; Gerding, T. A.; Dent, R. G.; Bier, J. W.; Jackson, G. J., 1980: Survey of the usa atlantic coast surf clam spisula solidissima and clam products for anisakine nematodes and hyper parasitic protozoa

Smith C.L., 1984: Survey of the use of colonoscopy in inflammatory bowel disease

Lee D.H., 1986: Survey of the utilization of combine in korea

Morilla A., 1987: Survey of the vaccines and immunization programs against hog cholera in farms of the state of mexico

Vankat J.L., 1982: Survey of the vegetation and flora of a wetland in kiser lake state park champaign county ohio usa

Emison, W. B.; Porter, J. W.; Norris, K. C.; Apps, G. J., 1978: Survey of the vertebrate fauna in the grampians edenhope area of southwestern victoria

Timmerman, A.; Morzer-Bruyns, M. F.; Philippona, J., 1976: Survey of the winter distribution of palearctic geese in europe western asia and north africa

Eastop, V. F.; Hille Ris Lambers, D., 1976: Survey of the worlds aphids

Drilleau J.F., 1988: Survey of the yeast flora found in cider factories located in the west of france

Takahashi S., 1983: Survey of thorotrast associated liver cancers in japan

Bernstein H.A., 1981: Survey of threats and assaults directed toward psycho therapists

Penhale W.J., 1984: Survey of thyro globulin auto antibodies in dogs

Dipeolu, O. O., 1975: Survey of tick infestation in the trade cattle and sheep and goats in nigeria

Fantasia J.E., 1988: Survey of tissue diagnostic services in usa dental schools 1985

Rugg Gunn A.J., 1979: Survey of toothbrushing duration in 85 uninstructed english school children

Macgregor I.D.M., 1985: Survey of toothbrushing habits in smokers and nonsmokers

Dams R., 1983: Survey of total and respirable suspended particulate matter in an iron foundry comparison of stationary sampling and personal monitoring

Dick, G. L.; Hughes, J. T.; Mitchell, J. W.; Davidson, F., 1978: Survey of trace elements and pesticide residues in the new zealand diet part 1 trace element content

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551246

Interdiscip Group Cancer Care Eval (Italy), 1988: Survey of treatment of primary breast cancer in italy

Vial J., 1982: Survey of tri halo methane levels in rhone alps western europe water supplies estimates on the formation of chloroform in waste water treatment plants and swimming pools

Zavatti A., 1984: Survey of trihalomethanes levels in water and air of swimming pools in modena italy

Khan M.I., 1982: Survey of tuberculous infection in school children in bahrain

Marques, M. D. C. M.; Montalvo, E. A., 1977: Survey of type specimens in the herbarium of the botanical gardens of rio de janeiro brazil bignoniaceae part 1

Abreu, C. L. B. D.; Barbosa, V. P., 1977: Survey of type specimens in the herbarium of the botanical gardens of rio de janeiro brazil leguminosae caesalpinioideae part 1 simaroubaceae thymelaeaceae

Bastos, A. R.; De-Abreu, C. L. B., 1977: Survey of type specimens of the herbarium of the botanical gardens of rio de janeiro brazil leguminosae caesalpinioideae part 2

Ferraz, C. L. D. A.; Conceicao, C. D. A.; Bastos, A. R., 1977: Survey of types from the herbarium of the botanical gardens of rio de janeiro brazil leguminosae caesalpinioideae part 4 swartzieae

Sandeman J.M., 1984: Survey of ultrasound therapy devices in manitoba canada

Levitt M.A., 1986: Survey of undergraduate emergency medical education in the usa

Perrotta D.M., 1987: Survey of underlying conditions of persons hospitalized with acute respiratory disease during influenza epidemics in houston texas usa 1978 1981

Et Al, 1986: Survey of urinary tract infections in the kyushu area japan with special reference to bacterial isolates classified by type of infections and drug sensitivities

Zhang L., 1988: Survey of urine specimens from kindergarten children in beijing china for cytomegalovirus infection by dna dna hybridization method

Khotale V., 1986: Survey of uzi fly infestation in bastar district india

Ito N., 1983: Survey of various chemicals for initiating and promoting activities in a short term in vivo system based on generation of hyperplastic liver nodules in rats

Svoboda J., 1986: Survey of vegetated areas and musk ox populations in east central ellesmere island canada

Kerwin J.L., 1980: Survey of vegetative flavonoids of sedum section gormania crassulaceae

Tashima K., 1986: Survey of velopharyngeal function and articulation in patients with cleft palate in kochi prefecture japan

Tjamos E.C., 1979: Survey of verticillium dahliae wilt of olive trees olea europaea in greece

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551267

Pasternak C.A., 1980: Survey of virally mediated permeability changes

Nazareno N.R.X., 1985: Survey of virus and mollicute diseases of corn zea mays in the state of parana brazil

Caron, M.; Lachance, R. O.; Routhier, B., 1978: Survey of virus diseases of 1st year raspberry plantings in quebec canada

Itoh H., 1985: Survey of vitamin b 12 producing bacteria isolated from indonesian tempeh

Et Al, 1988: Survey of vitamin content of fortified milk

Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551273

Thompson B.K., 1983: Survey of vomi toxin contamination of 1980 ontario canada white winter wheat crop results of survey and feeding trials

Karasik, V. M.; Kril', S. I.; Pyatetskii, I. V., 1978: Survey of water air screens as a means for protection of water body surfaces from pollution

Francisco T.M., 1987: Survey of weeds in field peas chickpeas and rapeseed in the victorian wimmera australia

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Section 7, Chapter 6552, Accession 006551999

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