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Survival and prophylactic control of tropilaelaps clareae infesting apis mellifera colonies in afghanistan

Woyke, J.

Apidologie 15(4): 421-434


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-8435
Accession: 006551679

Honeybee colonies heavily infested with T. clareae were found in some apiaries in Afghanistan. Only colonies moved for winter to warmer areas where interruption of brood rearing did not occur were invaded, while those overwintered in colder areas were free of mites. From 2-54% of brood cells were infested in particular colonies, but only 1.5% of adult bees were invaded. T. clareae mites on combs with eggs or on adult bees can survive for 1-2 days only. Adult mites are unable to feed on hemolymph of adult bees. Three methods are described to combat Tropilaelaps. Invasion of A. mellifera by T. clareae in temperate zones where winter interruption of brood rearing occurs is not expected, but T. clareae can create real problems for beekeeping in tropical zones of all continents.

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