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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6553

Chapter 6553 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Petras, S.F.; Casida, L.E., 1985:
Survival of Bacillus thuringiensis Spores in Soil

Menon A.S.; D.M.stral S., 1985:
Survival of bacillus thuringiensis var kurstaki in waters

Garcia, A.; Sierra, M.F.; Friberg, J., 1981:
Survival of bacteria after freezing of human semen in liquid nitrogen

Hoover, C.I.; Newbrun, E., 1977:
Survival of bacteria from human dental plaque under various transport conditions

Appelbaum, P.C.; Spangler, S.K.; Crist, R.; Crist, A.E., 1988:
Survival of bacteria in Difco CultureSwab and Marion Culturette II transport systems

Fruin J.T.; Guthertz L.S., 1982:
Survival of bacteria in food cooked by microwave oven conventional oven and slow cookers

Stewart A.W., 1981:
Survival of bacteria in soul foods at 10 celsius

Human, R.P.; Jones, G.A., 1986:
Survival of bacteria in swab transport packs

Sako H., 1988:
Survival of bacteria pathogenic for fish in seawater

Fattal B.; Vasl R.J.; Katzenelson E.; Shuval H.I., 1983:
Survival of bacterial indicator organisms and enteric viruses in the mediterranean coastal waters of tel aviv israel

Berry, S.A.; Noton, B.G., 1976:
Survival of bacterio phages in sea water

Loi L.; Barton P.A.; Fincher G.B., 1987:
Survival of barley 1 3 1 4 beta glucanase isoenzymes during kilning and mashing

Dawbarn D.; D.Q.idt M.E.; Emson P.C., 1985:
Survival of basal ganglia neuropeptide y somatostatin neurons in huntingtons disease

Daoust R.A.; Pereira R.M., 1986:
Survival of beauveria bassiana deuteromycetes moniliales conidia on cadavers of cowpea pests stored outdoors and in laboratory in brazil

D'ambra V.; Ferrata M., 1981:
Survival of benomyl tolerant and sensitive strains of cercospora beticola

Lipinska E., 1979:
Survival of bifidobacteria under adverse physiological conditions

Walker, A.R.; Walker, B.F.; Isaacson, C.; Doodha, M.I.; Segal, I., 1986:
Survival of black men with prostatic cancer in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa

Ott J.A.R.; Waber J., 1982:
Survival of blue green algae in a simulated antarctic pond

Kotb S.I.; Angle J.S., 1986:
Survival of blue green algae in various carrier media

Spasojevic-Rabrenovic, V., 1978:
Survival of bordetella pertussis strains freeze dried in different suspending media during long term storage

Harrison J.G., 1983:
Survival of botrytis fabae conidia in air

Lindner G.M.; Anderson G.B.; Bondurant R.H.; Cupps P.T., 1983:
Survival of bovine embryos stored at 4 celsius

Roberts, D.H.; Lucas, M.H.; Wibberley, G.; Chasey, D., 1981:
Survival of bovine leukosis virus in bovine whole blood, serum and plasma

Berezkin D.P.; Semiglazov V.F.; Filatov V.N.; Ekimov V.I., 1986:
Survival of breast cancer patients based on the data of the all union center for evaluation of treatment efficacy

Korzeniowski S.; Szpytma T., 1987:
Survival of breast cancer patients with brain metastases treated by irradiation

Clobert J.; Bauchau V.; Dhondt A.A.; Vansteenwegen C., 1987:
Survival of breeding female starlings in relation to brood size

Safriel U.N.; Harris M.P.; Brooke M.D.L.; Britton C.K., 1984:
Survival of breeding oystercatchers haematopus ostralegus

Tuleva B.; Petkov P., 1979:
Survival of brewers yeast saccharomyces carlsbergensis after temperature treatment and release of uv absorbing substances

Ehlers J.G.; Chapparo Serrano M.; Richter R.L.; Vanderzanti C., 1982:
Survival of campylobacter fetus ssp jejuni in cheddar and cottage cheese

Abram D.D.; Potter N.N., 1984:
Survival of campylobacter jejuni at different temperatures in broth beef chicken and cod supplemented with sodium chloride

Hanninen M L., 1981:
Survival of campylobacter jejuni campylobacter coli in ground refrigerated and in ground frozen beef liver and in frozen broiler carcasses

Margarita M.; Vivanco V D.; Adam M.M., 1983:
Survival of campylobacter jejuni in different media and feces at different temperatures and times of preservation

Koidis P.; Doyle M.P., 1983:
Survival of campylobacter jejuni in fresh and heated red meat

Stern N.J.; Greenberg M.D.; Kinsman D.M., 1986:
Survival of campylobacter jejuni in selected gaseous environments

Stern, N.J.; Kotula, A.W., 1982:
Survival of Campylobacter jejuni inoculated into ground beef

Keirn W.; Metter G., 1985:
Survival of cancer patients by economic status in a free care setting

Valdes-Collazo, L.; Schultz, A.J.; Hazen, T.C., 1987:
Survival of Candida albicans in tropical marine and fresh waters

Guttman, F.M.; Lizin, J.; Robitaille, P.; Blanchard, H.; Turgeon-Knaack, C., 1977:
Survival of canine kidneys after treatment with di methyl sulfoxide freezing at minus 80 celsius and thawing by microwave illumination

Uemura M.; Sakai A., 1980 :
Survival of carnation dianthus caryophyllus shoot apices frozen to the temperature of liquid nitrogen

Tickle, C.; Crawley, A.; Roscoe, J.P., 1979:
Survival of cells implanted in the embryonic chick limb bud: a difference between normal and malignant rat brain cells

Duffner P.K.; Cohen M.E.; Myers M.H.; Heise H.W., 1986:
Survival of children with brain tumors surveillance epidemiology and end results program 1973 1980

Hoskins G.E.; Dilziel F.C., 1984:
Survival of chinook fry oncorhynchus tshawytscha following exposure to benzalkonium chloride in soft water

Tjiam, K.H.; van Heijst, B.Y.; de Roo, J.C.; de Beer, A.; van Joost, T.; Michel, M.F.; Stolz, E., 1984:
Survival of Chlamydia trachomatis in different transport media and at different temperatures: diagnostic implications

Prentice, M.J.; Farrant, J., 1977:
Survival of chlamydiae after cooling to minus 196 celsius

Wall C.J.; Lewis B.G., 1980:
Survival of chlamydo spores and subsequent development of mycocentrospora acerina in soil

Weste G.; Vithanage K., 1979:
Survival of chlamydo spores of phytophthora cinnamomi in several nonsterile host free forest soils and gravels at different soil water potentials

Van-Gemerden, H., 1980:
Survival of chromatium vinosum at low light intensities

Jackson, K.M.; Berger, J., 1984:
Survival of ciliate protozoa under starvation conditions and at low bacterial levels

Cunfer, B.M.; Seckinger, A., 1977:
Survival of claviceps purpurea and claviceps paspali sclerotia

Nagell, B., 1977:
Survival of cloeon dipterum ephemeroptera larvae under anoxic conditions in winter

Konoplyannikov A.G.; Lepekhina L.A.; Kolesnikova A.I.; Ermakov V.I., 1986:
Survival of clonogenic cells of lewis lung carcinoma forming colonies in agar cultures in diffusion chambers after gamma neutron and gamma neutron californium 252 irradiation

Sakamoto K.; Takai T.; Ito A.; Hasegawa T.; Sugai I.; Takaku S., 1980:
Survival of clonogenic murine epithelioma cells exposed to 52 mev proton beam produced from the cyclotron at the institute of nuclear study japan

Trakulchang, S.P.; Kraft, A.A., 1977:
Survival of clostridium perfringens in refrigerated and frozen meat and poultry items

Sundberg, A.D.; Carlin, A.F., 1976:
Survival of clostridium perfringens in rump roast cooked in an oven at 107 celsius or 177 celsius in an electric crockery pot

Williams J.C.; Maki L.R., 1980:
Survival of clostridium sporogenes pa 3679 and bacillus coagulans in green beans and tomatoes home canned at high altitude 7200 feet

Savani, J.; Harris, N.D.; Gould, W.A., 1978:
Survival of clostridium sporogenes pa 3679 in home canned tomatoes

Van-Den-Driessche, R., 1977:
Survival of coastal and interior douglas fir seedlings after storage at different temperatures and effectiveness of cold storage in satisfying chilling requirements

Zamansky G.B.; Little J.B., 1982:
Survival of cobalt 60 irradiated herpes simplex virus in 15 human di ploid fibroblast cell strains

Martin R.M.; Wertheimer A.C., 1987:
Survival of coho salmon oncorhynchus kisutch cultured in fresh water and in estuarine net pens

Nair J.; Newhook F.J.; Corbin J.B., 1983:
Survival of colletotrichum acutatum f sp pinea in soil and pine debris

Farley, J.D., 1976:
Survival of colletotrichum coccodes in soil

Tebeest D.O., 1982:
Survival of colletotrichum gloeosporioides f sp aeschynomene in rice irrigation water and soil

Warren, H.L., 1977:
Survival of colletotrichum graminicola in corn kernels

Naylor, V.D.; Leonard, K.J., 1977:
Survival of colletotrichum graminicola in infected corn stalks in north carolina

Lipps P.E., 1983:
Survival of colletotrichum graminicola in infested corn zea mays residues in ohio usa

Vizvary M.A.; Warren H.L., 1982:
Survival of colletotrichum graminicola in soil

Mccallum, I.M.; Elliot, J.I.; Owen, B.D., 1977:
Survival of colostrum deprived neo natal piglets fed gamma globulins

Mckenzie H.; Grant M.N., 1980:
Survival of common spring wheat cultivars triticum aestivum grown in mixtures in 3 environments

Sastry, A.N.; Zeitlin-Hale, L., 1977:
Survival of communally reared larval and juvenile lobsters homarus americanus

Beuchat L.R., 1979:
Survival of conidia of aspergillus flavus in dried foods

Carpenter, E.J.; Peck, B.B.; Anderson, S.J., 1974:
Survival of copepods passing through a nuclear power station on northeastern long island sound usa

Luczynski M., 1985:
Survival of coregonus albula teleostei embryos incubated at different thermal conditions

Guy C.L.; Niemi K.J.; Fennell A.; Carter J.V., 1986:
Survival of cornus sericea stem cortical cells following immersion in liquid helium

Augustine, J.L.; Renshaw, H.W., 1986:
Survival of Corynebacterium pseudotuberculosis in axenic purulent exudate on common barnyard fomites

Nelson G.A., 1985:
Survival of corynebacterium sepedonicum in potato solanum tuberosum stems and on surfaces held at freezing and above freezing temperatures

Lehn-Jensen, H.; Greve, T., 1981:
Survival of cow blastocysts utilizing short freezing curves

Windberg L.A.; Anderson H.L.; Engeman R.M., 1985:
Survival of coyotes canis latrans in southern texas usa

Warnock, G.L.; Gray, D.W.; McShane, P.; Peters, M.; Morris, P.J., 1987:
Survival of cryopreserved isolated adult human pancreatic islets of Langerhans

Thelestam M.; Mollby R., 1983:
Survival of cultured cells after functional and structural dis organization of plasma membrane by bacterial hemo lysins and phospho lipases

Martins, B.I.; Raju, M.R.; Hayes, T.L.; Tobias, C.A., 1977:
Survival of cultured mammalian cells exposed to ultrasound

Griffel M., 1981:
Survival of cutaneous malignant melanoma patients at university of iowa usa hospitals 1950 1974

Gliwicz Z.M.; Rowan M.G., 1984:
Survival of cyclops abyssorum tatricus copepoda crustacea in alpine lakes stocked with planktivorous fish

French, D.W.; Menge, J.A., 1978:
Survival of cylindrocladium floridanum in naturally and artificially infested forest tree nurseries

Hill D.J.S.; Martin A.J.; Davidson G.P.; Smith G.S., 1985:
Survival of cystic fibrosis patients in south australia evidence that cystic fibrosis center care leads to better survival

Noer H.; Secher H., 1983:
Survival of danish kestrels falco tinnunculus in relation to protection of birds of prey

Nebeker A.V.; Onjukka S.T.; Cairns M.A.; Krawczyk D.F., 1986:
Survival of daphnia magna and hyalella azteca in cadmium spiked water and sediment

Nebeker, A.V., 1976:
Survival of daphnia magna crayfish and stone flies in air super saturated water

Batac-Catalan, Z.; Cairns, J.J., 1977:
Survival of daphnia pulex under thermal stress and sublethal concentration of chromate

Rand M.L.; Packham M.A.; Mustard J.F., 1983:
Survival of density sub populations of rabbit platelets use of chromium 51 labeled or indium 111 labeled platelets to measure survival of least dense and most dense platelets concurrently

Crabb H.S.M., 1981:
Survival of dental restorations in a teaching hospital

Hunter B., 1985:
Survival of dental restorations in young patients

Bashi E.; Aylor D.E., 1983:
Survival of detached sporangia of peronospora destructor and peronospora tabacina

Zavala, M.E.; Sussex, I.M., 1986:
Survival of developing wheat triticum aestivum cultivar inia r 66 embryos and bean phaseolus vulgaris taylor's horticultural axes following cryoprotection and freezing in liquid nitrogen

Schroeder W.J.; Hamlen R.A.; Beavers J.B., 1979:
Survival of diaprepes abbreviatus larvae on selected native and ornamental florida usa plants

Oakley, G.A., 1981:
Survival of Dictyocaulus viviparus infection in earthworms

Sissons J.W.; Thurston S.M., 1984:
Survival of dietary antigens in the digestive tract of calves tolerant to soybean products

Imhof J.G.A.; Harrison A.D., 1981 :
Survival of diplectrona modesta trichoptera hydropsychidae during short periods of desiccation

Lobachevskii P.N.; Mishonova V.B., 1987:
Survival of diploid yeast cells after gamma irradiation genetic control over the additional growth effect

Wiklund C.; Jarvi T., 1982:
Survival of distasteful insects after being attacked by naive birds a reappraisal of the theory of aposematic coloration evolving through individual selection

Karow, A.M.Jr ; Liu, W.P.; Humphries, A.L.Jr, 1970:
Survival of dog kidneys subjected to high pressures necrosis of kidneys after freezing

Kozhura, V.L., 1975:
Survival of dogs during recovery from prolonged hypo volemic hypotension

Thies W.G.; Nelson E.E., 1987:
Survival of douglas fir injected with the fumigants chloropicrin methylisothiocyanate or vorlex

el Kouni, M.H.; Nash, D., 1977:
Survival of Drosophila melanogaster larvae on defined medium supplemented with naturally occurring nucleosides and nucleic acid bases

Yinon U.; Goshen S., 1984:
Survival of early monocular deprivation effects in cortical cells of kittens following prolonged dark rearing

Plumb J.A.; Quinlan E.E., 1986:
Survival of edwardsiella ictaluri in pond water and bottom mud

Lacroix G.L., 1985:
Survival of eggs and alevins of atlantic salmon salmo salar in relation to the chemistry of interstitial water in redds in some acidic streams of atlantic canada

Dubrovin, I.Ya, 1975:
Survival of eggs and larvae of the azov anchovy and environmental factors

Bengtsson B., 1984:
Survival of elderly ophthalmic outpatients

Moue T., 1984:
Survival of embryo irradiated with gamma rays by embryo culture in brassica pekinensis

Yorke C.D., 1983:
Survival of embryos and larvae of the frog polypedates leucomystax in malaysia

Wirth Dzieciolowska E., 1987:
Survival of embryos in relation to the vasculature of implantation places in laboratory mice

Willers D.; Lehmann Danzinger H., 1984:
Survival of endo parasitic hymenoptera in pupae of lepidoptera by inhibition of phenol oxidase

Sheth, N.K.; Wisniewski, T.R.; Franson, T.R., 1988:
Survival of enteric pathogens in common beverages: an in vitro study

Keswick B.H.; Gerba C.P.; Secor S.L.; Cech I., 1982:
Survival of enteric viruses and indicator bacteria in ground water

Joret J C.; Block J C., 1981:
Survival of enteric viruses during postal transport after adsorption on glass micro fiber filter

Dahling, D.R.; Safferman, R.S., 1979:
Survival of enteric viruses under natural conditions in a subarctic river

Frank, J.F.; Marth, E.H.; Olson, N.F., 1977:
Survival of entero pathogenic and nonpathogenic escherichia coli during the manufacture of camembert cheese

Stiles M.E.; N.L.K.; Paradis D.C., 1979:
Survival of entero pathogenic bacteria on artificially contaminated bologna

Bryskin, M.L., 1975:
Survival of enterobacteria and staphylococcus aureus on synthetic plastics

Shushunova, A.V.; Maksimova, L.M., 1976:
Survival of epiphytic microorganisms during sublimation drying and storage

Thompson H.W.; Skradski K.J.; Thoreson J.R.; Polesky H.F., 1985:
Survival of er a positive red cells in a patient with allo anti er a

Tanaka T.; Saito I., 1986:
Survival of erwinia carotovora ssp carotovora in onion field soil during winter and the role as a primary inoculum of the survived bacteria

Haygood R.A.; Strider D.L.; Echandi E., 1982:
Survival of erwinia chrysanthemi in association with philodendron selloum other greenhouse ornamentals and in potting media

Schwartz G.N.; Vigneulle R.M.; Macvittie T.J., 1986:
Survival of erythroid burst forming units and erythroid colony forming units in canine bone marrow cells exposed in vitro to 1 mev neutron radiation of x rays

Kocka, F.E.; Bretz, W.H., 1969:
Survival of Escherichia coli after storage in various frozen menstrua

Peiffer S.; Dan T.B B.; Frevert T.; Cavari B.Z., 1988:
Survival of escherichia coli and enterococci in sediment water systems of lake kinneret israel under feedback controlled concentrations of hydrogen sulfide

Kadri M.H.; Salama M.S., 1988:
Survival of escherichia coli and pseudomonas aeruginosa in kuwait brackish water

Nikovskaya G.N.; Globa L.I.; Rotmistrov M.N., 1979:
Survival of escherichia coli b bacterio phage t 2 and escherichia coli k 12 bacterio phage ms 2 during dialysis and storage

Trevors J.T., 1987:
Survival of escherichia coli donor recipient and transconjugant cells in soil

Makukutu C.A.; Guthrie R.K., 1986:
Survival of escherichia coli in food at hot holding temperatures

Burdyl P.; Post F.J., 1979:
Survival of escherichia coli in great salt lake utah usa water

Niemi, M., 1976:
Survival of escherichia coli phage t 7 in different water types

Vecchionacce, R.A.; Bassette, R.; Metha, R.S., 1978:
Survival of Escherichia coli, strain W, during the manufacture of cottage cheese

Goonewardene H.F.; Kwolek W.F.; Williams E.B., 1986:
Survival of european red mite panonychus ulmi on apples malus domestica with different levels of susceptibility to powdery mildew podosphaera leucotricha

Foster R.E.; Cherry R.H., 1987:
Survival of fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae exposed to cold temperatures

Van Rensburg H.J.; Strijdom B.W., 1980:
Survival of fast growing and slow growing rhizobium spp under conditions of relatively mild desiccation

Smith R.J.F.; Lemly A.D., 1986:
Survival of fathead minnows after injury by predators and its possible role in the evolution of alarm signals

Bauerfeind S.; Gerhardt G.G.; Rheinheimer G., 1981:
Survival of fecal bacteria in experiments with and without sediment addition

Splittstoesser D.F.; Stewart J.D.; Wilkison M., 1982:
Survival of fecal coliforms in frozen vegetable homogenates

Hirn J.; Kallio H.; Tikanamaki E., 1982:
Survival of fecal indicator bacteria in an industrial scale composting procedure

Ringelman J.K.; Longcore J.R., 1983:
Survival of female black ducks anas rubripes during the breeding season

Vogt W.G., 1987:
Survival of female bush flies musca vetustissima walker diptera muscidae in relation to reproductive stage

Mazur, P.; Kemp, J.A.; Miller, R.H., 1976:
Survival of fetal rat pancreases frozen to minus 78 and minus 196 celsius

Hsu M Y.; Jaskoll T.F.; Unakar N.J.; Bekhor I., 1987:
Survival of fiber cells and fiber cell messenger rna in lens of rats maintained on a 50 percent galactose diet for 45 days

Brommer E.J.P.; Engbers J.; Laarse A.V.D.; Nieuwenhuizen W., 1987:
Survival of fibrinogen degradation products in the circulation after thrombolytic therapy for acute myocardial infarction

Jarocka-Cyrta, E.; Jodczyk, K.J.; Bankowski, E., 1985:
Survival of fibroblasts from l 929 and balb c 3t3 lines in eagle's solution containing platelet degradation products

Hickey G.M., 1979:
Survival of fish larvae after injury

Cunliffe, H.R.; Blackwell, J.H., 1977:
Survival of foot and mouth disease virus in casein and sodium caseinate produced from the milk of infected cows

Cline L.D.; Highland H.A., 1987:
Survival of four species of stored product insects confined with food unvacuumized and vacuumized film pouches

Smolander A.; Van Dijk C.; Sundman V., 1988:
Survival of frankia strains introduced into soil

Block W.; Erzinclioglu Y.Z.; Worland M.R., 1988:
Survival of freezing in calliphora larvae

Rauber, R., 1987:
Survival of freshly ripened seeds of winter barley hordeum vulgare l. at different soil depths

Fritz K.R.; Johnson D.L., 1987:
Survival of freshwater drums released from lake erie usa commercial shore seines

Schmid, W.D., 1982:
Survival of frogs in low temperature

Whittingham D.G.; Wood M.; Farrant J.; Lee H.; Halsey J.A., 1979:
Survival of frozen mouse embryos after rapid thawing from minus 196 celsius

Raccach, M.; Rottem, S.; Razin, S., 1975:
Survival of frozen mycoplasmas

Mazur, P.; Miller, R.H.; Leibo, S.P., 1974:
Survival of frozen thawed bovine red cells as a function of the permeation of glycerol and sucrose

Rajotte R.V.; Mazur P., 1981:
Survival of frozen thawed fetal rat pancreases as a function of the permeation of di methyl sulfoxide and glycerol warming rate and fetal age

Mazur, P.; Miller, R.H., 1976:
Survival of frozen thawed human red cells as a function of the permeation of glycerol and sucrose

Miyamoto, H.; Ishibashi, T., 1977:
Survival of frozen thawed mouse and rat embryos in the presence of ethylene glycol

Krasne, F.B.; Lee, S.H., 1977:
Survival of functional synapses on crustacean neurons lacking cell bodies

Hargreaves, A.J.; Fox, R.A., 1977:
Survival of fusarium avenaceum in soil

Liddell C.M.; Burgess L.W., 1985:
Survival of fusarium moniliforme at controlled temperature and relative humidity

Manzo S.K.; Claflin L.E., 1984:
Survival of fusarium moniliforme hyphae and conidia in grain sorghum sorghum bicolor stalks

Macnish, G.C., 1976:
Survival of gaeumannomyces graminis var tritici in artificially colonized straw buried in naturally infested soil

Movsumzade K.M., 1982:
Survival of gd minus allele carriers under malaria free conditions

Busolo, F.; Baratto, T.; Bertoloni, G.; Grossato, A., 1981:
Survival of genital mycoplasma on various bacteriological swabs and transport media

Hiroe K.; Udatsu S., 1980:
Survival of goat spermatozoa stored at 25 celsius

Srivastava, A.C., 1980:
Survival of gonococci in urethral secretions with reference to the nonsexual transmission of gonococcal infection

Smith, G.L.; Cumming, C.G.; Ross, P.W., 1986:
Survival of gram positive anaerobic cocci on swabs and their isolation from the mouth and vagina

Douvres F.W.; Fetterer R.H., 1986:
Survival of haemonchus contortus adults in defined semi defined and complex cell free media

Norton C.F.; Grant W.D., 1988:
Survival of halobacteria within fluid inclusions in salt crystals

Birt D.F.; Schuldt G.H.; Salmasi S., 1982:
Survival of hamsters mesocricetus fed graded levels of 2 protein sources

Durynina E.P.; Chicheva T.B.; Alekseeva N.P., 1980:
Survival of helminthosporium sativum conidia in the soil depending on the soil physicochemical properties and mineral fertilizers applied

Vechiato M.H.; Lasca C.C.; Valarini P.J., 1987:
Survival of helminthosporium sativum in stored wheat triticum aestivum seeds

Bolkvadze Z.A., 1984:
Survival of helminthosporium turcicum conidia and their pathogenicity depending on their maintenance time

Fidler, I.J.; Caines, S.; Dolan, Z., 1976:
Survival of hematogenously disseminated allogeneic tumor cells in athymic nude mice

Mintz, G.A.; Klocko, K.; Cutarelli, P.; Kumar, M.L., 1985:
Survival of herpes simplex virus on dental handpieces

Ward L.D.; Burger J., 1980:
Survival of herring gull larus argentatus and domestic chicken gallus gallus embryos after simulated flooding

Kirby, R.D.; Ehler, L.E., 1977:
Survival of hippodamia convergens in grain sorghum

Kurtz S.R.; Kuszaj T.; Ouellet R.; Valeri C.R., 1982:
Survival of homo zygous co a colton red cells in a patient with anti co a 1

Harbo J.R., 1983:
Survival of honey bee hymenoptera apidae spermatozoa after 2 years in liquid nitrogen minus 196 celsius

Barker R.J.; Kunzmann M., 1980:
Survival of honey bees apis mellifera caged without food or water

Seeley T.D.; Visscher P.K., 1985:
Survival of honeybees apis mellifera in cold climates the critical timing of colony growth and reproduction

Yaguchi S.; Takahashi T., 1984:
Survival of hop stunt viroid in the hop humulus lupulus cultivar shinshuwase garden

Tsuyama, K.; Sonoda, T.; Kitamura, Y.; Inoue, R.; Ochi, T.; Ono, K., 1982:
Survival of host mast cells after establishment of hematopoietic chimerism by graft vs. host reaction in nonirradiated f 1 hybrid mice

Milby, M.M.; Wright, M.E., 1976:
Survival of house sparrows and house finches in kern county california usa

Heacox A.E.; Leopold R.A.; Brammer J.D., 1985:
Survival of housefly embryos cooled in the presence of dmso

Umbach G.E.; Hug V.; Spitzer G.; Tomasovic B.; Thames H.; Ajani J.A.; Drewinko B., 1985:
Survival of human bone marrow cells after in vitro treatment with 12 anticancer drugs and implications for tumor drug sensitivity assays

Schlunk T.; Rueber E.; Schleyer M., 1981:
Survival of human bone marrow progenitor cells after freezing improved detection in the colony formation assay

Steuer, A.F.; Rhim, J.S.; Hentosh, P.M.; Ting, R.C., 1977:
Survival of human cells in the aggregate form: potential index of in vitro cell transformation

Azikiwe, A.N.; Castro, O.; Osbaldiston, G.W.; Finch, S.C., 1978:
Survival of human chromium 51 erythrocytes in guinea pigs

Ottenbreit M.J.; Inoue S.; Fracassa M., 1979:
Survival of human colony forming cells after freezing

Fujioka R.S.; Loh P.C.; Lau L.S., 1980:
Survival of human enteroviruses in the hawaiian usa ocean environment evidence for virus inactivating microorganisms

Castro, O.; Socha, W.W.; Moor-Jankowski, J., 1981 :
Survival of human erythrocytes in primate animals

Andersson, A.; Christensen, N.; Groth, C.G.; Hellerström, C.; Petersson, B.; Sandler, S., 1984:
Survival of human fetal pancreatic explants in organ culture as reflected in insulin secretion and oxygen consumption

Lopez Karpovitch X.; Piedras J.; Cordova M.S., 1981:
Survival of human isologous platelets labeled with chromium 51 after storage at room temperature

Parkinson, A.J.; Muchmore, H.G.; Scott, E.N.; Scott, L.V., 1983:
Survival of human parainfluenza viruses in the South Polar environment

Wiley, B.B.; Westerberg, S.C., 1969:
Survival of human pathogens in composted sewage

Sattar S.A.; Karim Y.G.; Springthorpe V.S.; Johnson Lussenburg M.C., 1987:
Survival of human rhinovirus type 14 dried onto nonporous inanimate surfaces effect of relative humidity and suspending medium

Prosser, J.S., 1976:
Survival of human thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes after x irradiation

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Survival of inoculum of the entomo pathogenic fungus beauveria bassiana as influenced by fungicides

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Survival of insects in the wheel bays of a Boeing 747B aircraft on flights between tropical and temperate airports

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Survival of intergeneric micrografted rosaceae

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Survival of kn a plus mcc a plus red cells in a patient with anti kn a mcc a

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Survival of lactobacillus bulgaricus during freezing and freeze drying after growth in the presence of calcium

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Survival of lactobacillus casei yit 9018 in acidic environments

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Survival of large bowel carcinoma patients with different DNA ploidy

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Survival of leptospira interrogans pomona in an acidic soil under simulated new zealand field conditions

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Survival of listeria monocytogenes during manufacture and storage of cottage cheese

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Survival of Listeria monocytogenes in experimentally infected mice

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Survival of listeria monocytogenes in simulated milk cooling systems

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Survival of lyophilized spores of actinomyces parvullus predicted on the basis of a technique of accelerated storage

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Survival of macrophomina phaseolina in soil and in residue of soybean

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Survival of mammalian cells following multiple freeze thaw cycles implications for data analysis

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Survival of marine phyto plankton in high concentrations of heavy metals and uptake of copper

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Survival of men treated for chronic stable angina pectoris. A cooperative randomized study

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Survival of mice inoculated with non-differentiating myeloid leukemia cells is prolonged by the injection of an inducer of cell differentiation with a sensitizer

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Survival of microbial films in the microwave oven

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Survival of microorganisms during compaction in various direct compression materials used for tableting

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Survival of microorganisms in a rock bed under conditions simulating solar heat storage

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Survival of microorganisms in deep frozen barley and pig feed

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Survival of mono sex grass carp in small ponds

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Survival of motoneurons in the brachial lateral motor column of limbless mutant chick embryos depends on the periphery

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Survival of mouse testicular stem cells after gamma or neutron irradiation

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Survival of murine carrier erythrocytes injected via peritoneum

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Survival of murine epithelioma cells exposed at various positions to pions produced by the cyclotron at tri university meson facility british columbia canada

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Survival of mycelia of macrophomina phaseolina in natural soil and soil amended with crop residues

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Survival of mycobacterium leprae in tissues kept frozen at minus 80 celsius

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Survival of mycobacterium lepraemurium in vitro for 30 years by lyophilization

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Survival of mycobacterium tuberculosis on surfaces at different air humidities

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Survival of Mycoplasma gallisepticum in mains water

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Survival of myzus persicae aphididae treated with heat and then exposed to different temperatures

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Survival of native structure and biological activity in fibronectin pasteurized in the presence of sucrose

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Survival of natural sewage populations of enteric bacteria in diffusion and batch chambers in the marine environment

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Survival of Neisseria gonorrhoeae on surfaces

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Survival of nematodes in dry and water saturated soils meloidogyne incognita eggs and larvae

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Survival of neo natal rat retinal ganglion cells in vitro is enhanced in the presence of appropriate parts of the brain

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Survival of neorickettsia strain q 18 in experimentally infected laboratory animals

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Survival of new born rats at 4350 meters simulated altitude

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Survival of nicotiana tabacum cultivar wisconsin 38 plants regenerated from gamma irradiated tissue cultures

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Survival of octogenarians 6 years after initial chromosome examination

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Survival of odonata larvae in a dried up pond in western norway

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Survival of oligodendrocytes in chronic relapsing experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis

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Survival of oligotrophous prosthecate bacteria under the action of extreme environmental factors

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Survival of operated bronchus carcinoma patients a prospective study

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Survival of orally administered lactobacillus strains in the gut of cannulated pigs

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Survival of osmiophilic molds in meta bi sulfite treated rendered animal byproducts

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Survival of oxygenated and hypoxic tumor cells in the extended peak regions of heavy charged particle beams

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Survival of palm phoenix dactylifera seeds under cryogenic conditions

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Survival of parasites in mice immunized against Plasmodium berghei

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Survival of pathogenic bacteria in crude oil

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Survival of pathogenic organisms in the black sea mussel in experimental infection

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Survival of patients with aortic valve endo carditis prognostic implications of the echo cardiogram

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Survival of patients with mild angina or myocardial infarction without angina: a comparison of medical and surgical treatment

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Survival of patients with small neopl carcinomas of the head of the pancreas biliary intestinal bypass vs pancreato duodenectomy

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Survival of penicillamine treated mice following whole body irradiation

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Survival of perennial grass seedlings under intensive grazing in semi arid rangelands

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Survival of phellinus weirii in douglas fir stumps after logging

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Survival of phoenix dactylifera pollen grains under cryogenic conditions

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Survival of phytopathogen corynebacterium michiganense pathovar michiganense in water

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Survival of phytophthora capsici in soil

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Survival of phytophthora cinnamomi in buried eucalyptus roots

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Survival of phytophthora cinnamomi in root fragments in australian forest soils

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Survival of phytophthora infestans in potato solanum tuberosum cultivar kennebec stem lesions at high temperatures and implications for disease forecasting

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Survival of phytophthora infestans in seeds extracted from infected tomato fruits

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Survival of pig hatched blastocysts exposed below 15 c

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Survival of pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella saunders larvae in green cotton bolls at high internal boll temperatures

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Survival of plasmid containing strains of escherichia coli in soil effect of plasmid size and nutrients on survival of hosts and maintenance of plasmids

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Survival of poliovirus within organic solids during chlorination

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Survival of potassium ion permeability and gating currents in squid loligo pealei axons perfused with potassium ion free media

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Survival of potato strain race 3 of pseudomonas solanacearum in the deeper soil layers

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Survival of primates in lethal septic shock following delayed treatment with steroid

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Survival of prolonged burial by subalpine forest understory plants

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Survival of prototheca zopfii and prototheca wickerhamii under variable environmental conditions

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Survival of pseudomonas fluorescens and bacillus subtilis introduced into two soils of different texture in field microplots

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Survival of pseudomonas glycinea and xanthomonas phaseoli var sojensis in leaf debris and soybean seed in brazil

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Survival of pseudomonas putida a biological control agent in soil

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Survival of pseudomonas solanacearum biovars 2 and 3 in soil effect of moisture and soil type

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Survival of pseudomonas solanacearum in selected north carolina usa soils

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Survival of pseudomonas solanacearum in soil

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Survival of pseudomonas solanacearum in soil rhizosphere and plant roots

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Survival of pseudomonas solanacearum race 3 in plant debris and in latently infected potato tubers

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Survival of pseudomonas solanacearum under diverse agro climates in india

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Survival of pseudomonas syringae pathovar lachrymans in soil plant debris and the rhizosphere of nonhost plants

Leben C., 1986:
Survival of pseudomonas syringae pathovar lachrymans with cucumber roots

Mccarter S.M.; Jones J.B.; Gitaitis R.D.; Smitley D.R., 1983:
Survival of pseudomonas syringae pathovar tomato in association with tomato lycopersicon esculentum seed soil host tissue and epiphytic weed hosts in georgia usa

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Survival of pseudomonas tomato in soil and seeds

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Survival of puccinia dispersa mycelium in the buds and rhizomes of anchusa officinalis

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Survival of pupae of mamestra configurata lepidoptera noctuidae and 2 of its parasites in untilled and tilled soil

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Survival of purified motor neurons in vitro effects of skeletal muscle conditioned medium

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Survival of pythium aphanidermatum in golf course turfs

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Survival of r plus escherichia coli in sea water

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Survival of r s and m variants of mycobacterium lacticolum under different conditions of storage

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Survival of rabbit and horse erythrocytes in vivo after changing the fatty acyl composition of their phosphatidylcholine

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Survival of rabbit blastocysts at subnormal temperatures with prolactin added to media

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Survival of rabbit eggs stored in liquid nitrogen at different developing stages

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Survival of shrimp outside of water

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Survival of some fusarium spp in the sea and river water

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Survival of some microorganisms in ordinary water and melt water

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Survival of some microorganisms on polymer building materials

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Survival of some phytophthora spp in soil

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Survival of some plant pathogens during industrial scale composting of wastes from a food processing plant

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Survival of staphylococcus aureus during preparation and preservation of powdered skim milk problems of counting surviving cells

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Survival of Staphylococcus epidermidis on the skin of patients of lepromatous leprosy

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Survival of strains of soft rot coliform bacteria on micro threads exposed in the laboratory and in the open air

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Survival of streptococci and coliforms of bovine fecal origin in drainage water and soil stored at different temperatures

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Survival of Streptococcus pneumoniae in sputum from patients with pneumonia

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Survival of syngeneic skin grafts in mice under the effect of imuran and phyto hem agglutinin m

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Survival of teliospores of sphacelotheca reiliana in soil

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Survival of the brinjal wilt pathogen pseudomonas solanacearum var asiaticum in naturally and artificially infected soils

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Survival of the colorado potato beetle on virus infected tomato in relation to plant nitrogen and alkaloid content

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Survival of the face fly musca autumnalis in feces from cattle fed alfalfa hay or grain diets effect of fermentation and microbial changes

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Survival of the ganglion cell population in the rabbit retina following neonatal visual cortex ablation

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Survival of the jamaican iguana cyclura collei

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Survival of the maize rayado fino virus

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Survival of the mangrove oyster crassostrea rhizophorae gilding 1828 as a function of variations in temperature salinity and ph

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Survival of the marine crab scylla serrata exposed to thermal shock under different experimental conditions

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Survival of the mutant clone 3. catastrophic selection inadequacy of the selection coefficient for estimation of the fate of the clone

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Survival of the salmonid viruses infectious hematopoietic necrosis and infectious pancreatic necrosis in ozonated chlorinated and untreated waters

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Survival of the soft rot pathogen in the phyllosphere of white cabbage

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Survival of tick borne encephalitis virus during the life of dermacentor reticulatus nymphs

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Survival of tissue culture cells frozen by a 2 step procedure to minus 196 celsius part 2 warming rate and concentration of di methyl sulfoxide

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Survival of transfused alpha 2 plasmin inhibitor in a patient with its congenital deficiency

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Survival of transfused normal granulocytes in a patient with chronic granulomatous disease

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Survival of treponema pallidum under micro aerobic conditions in cell and tissue cultures

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Survival of vendace coregonus albula eggs in different lake types

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Survival of veratrum viride a robust herbaceous plant when buried by volcanic tephra

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Survival of verticillium albo atrum from alfalfa medicago sativa in feces of leaf chewing insects

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Survival of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in shrimp tissue under various environmental conditions

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Survival of Vibrio parahaemolyticus in two gastropod molluscs, Clithon retropictus and Nerita albicilla

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Survival of vibrio parahaemolyticus in various diluents

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Survival of virus in chilled, frozen, and processed oysters

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Survival of viruses of the tick borne encephalitis complex in brain cell cultures of suckling mice

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Survival of wheat take all fungus in suppressive and non suppressive soils

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Survival of whitefringed beetle larvae graphognathus peregrinus on a variety of greenhouse potted plants

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Survival of wild and game farm cock pheasants released in pennsylvania usa

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Survival of wild turkey hens in north missouri usa

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Survival of winter apple tree grafts as a function of the level of mineral nutrition during the cultivation of rootstocks

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Survival of within tree ips calligraphus coleoptera scolytidae effect of insect associates

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Survival of xanthomonas campestris pathovar vesicatoria in florida usa on tomato crop residue weeds seeds and volunteer tomato plants

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Survival of xanthomonas campestris pathovar vesicatoria in pepper capsicum annuum seeds and roots in symptomless and dry leaves in nonhost plants and in the soil

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Survival of xanthomonas vesicatoria the incitant of chili leaf spot and a medium for its isolation

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Survival of xylaria sp in the soil and the effect of green manure application on disease incidence

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Survival of yersinia enterocolitica during the manufacture and storage of feta cheese

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Survival of yersinia enterocolitica in different experimental aquatic systems

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Survival of yersinia enterocolitica in xenopsylla cheopis aphaniptera fleas

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Survival of young american alligators on a florida lake usa

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Survival of young immature capsella bursa pastoris embryos cultured in vitro

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Survival or refrigerated tatochila butterflies lepidoptera pieridae as an indicator of male nutrient investment in reproduction

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Survival osmo regulatory ability and respiration of idotea chelipes crustacea isopoda from lake veere netherlands in different salinities and temperatures

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Survival over summer of rhynchosporium secalis in host debris in the field

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Survival overturning and lethal exposure times for the pearl dace semotilus margaritus exposed to copper solution

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Survival pattern and cause of death in patients with multiple sclerosis results from an epidemiological survey in northeast scotland uk

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Survival patterns following primary prosthetic replacement for acute femoral neck fractures in the elderly

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Survival patterns in cystic fibrosis

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Survival patterns of female breast cancer patients in the estonian ssr ussr in 1968 1981

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Survival patterns of nursing home admissions and their policy implications

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Survival periods of rats injected with acetyl choline adrenaline histamine or serotonin and exposed to acute microwave irradiation

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Survival potential of 1st instars of the codling moth laspeyresia pomonella in laboratory experiments

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Survival probabilities of infants delivered prior to the 34th week of pregnancy as estimated by a logistic model

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Survival probabilities of mutant alleles in fine grained environments

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Survival, prognostic factors, and relapse patterns in uterine cervical carcinoma

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Survival properties of organic residues through the human digestive tract

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Survival quality after esophageal resection and esophagogastroplasty using h 2 antagonists

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Survival rate and adaptation of some strains of pseudomonas genus to sea and river waters

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Survival rate and dispersal of the adults of pieris rapae crucivora

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Survival rate and life span of rhesus monkeys at the yerkes regional primate research center atlanta georgia usa

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Survival rate and mobility in an enclosed population of red backed vole clethrionomys rufocanus bedfordiae

Soroczan, W., 1977:
Survival rate and motion of developmental forms of strongyloides stercoralis nematoda strongyloidea in the exterior environment/

Fainshtein F.E.; Polyanskaya A.M.; Levitin E.I., 1980:
Survival rate and prognostic features of chronic lympho leukemia

Zhestyanikov V.D.; Savel'eva G.E.; Zherebtsov S.V.; Korol'ko O.F., 1987:
Survival rate and repair of dna single strand breaks in gamma irradiated escherichia coli cells depending on the presence of plasmids pkm 101 and col i b p9

Grobe T.; Raithel D., 1983:
Survival rate and stroke incidence after carotid end arterectomy

Alton L.V., 1981:
Survival rate dynamics of some strains of escherichia coli in soddy podzolic soil

Storgaard, L.; Bischoff, N.; Henriksen, F.W.; Fischerman, K.; Jarnum, S., 1979:
Survival rate in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis

Clobert J.; Perrins C.M.; Mccleery R.H.; Gosler A.G., 1988:
Survival rate in the great tit parus major in relation to sex age and immigration status

Kovalenko, F.P., 1976:
Survival rate of alveococcus and echinococcus protoscoleces in the intestinal tract of laboratory rodents

Morozova, L.M.; Evsikov, V.I., 1977:
Survival rate of balb and c 57bl mouse embryos during reciprocal transplantations at early stages of development

Khakama M., 1985:
Survival rate of breast cancer patients in finland

Vasilevskaya A.I.; Antonenko A.L.; Zhdanova N.N.; Udovenko V.F., 1985:
Survival rate of certain melanin containing hyphomycetes at the temperature of liquid helium

Syrstad O., 1979:
Survival rate of dairy cows as influenced by herd production level age at 1st calving and sire

Herasymenko, D.D., 1977:
Survival rate of escherichia coli in oil polluted sea water/

Urban E., 1980:
Survival rate of fry of ctenopharyngodon idella and cyprinus carpio cultured jointly under laboratory conditions

Mandulova, P.; Khadzhiev, S., 1976:
Survival rate of lung cancer patients

Khdanova N.N.; Vasilevskaya A.I.; Aksenov S.I.; Antonenko A.L.; Udovenko V.F., 1982:
Survival rate of melanin containing fungi under conditions of super high vacuum

Lommatzsch, P.; Dietrich, B., 1976:
Survival rate of patients with choroidal melanoma

Boguslavskaya, N.V.; Filippov, A.V., 1977:
Survival rate of phytophthora infestans in soils of different types

Musialek B., 1985:
Survival rate of skin grafts between the mice of two stocks differing in effective size

Rapoport A.I.; Meisel' M.N., 1985:
Survival rate of yeast organisms after dehydration determined using the technique of luminescent microscopy

Cecil S.G.; Just J.J., 1979:
Survival rate population density and development of naturally occurring anuran larvae rana catesbeiana

Petters R.M.; Mettus R.V., 1984:
Survival rate to term of chimeric morulae produced by aggregation of 5 9 embryos in the mouse mus musculus

Charlwood, J.D., 1986:
Survival rate variation of Anopheles farauti (Diptera: Culicidae) between neighboring villages in coastal Papua New Guinea

Seigel D.; Myers M.; Ferris F.IIi; Steinhorn S.C., 1979:
Survival rates after enucleation of eyes with malignant melanoma

Pearn, J., 1978:
Survival rates after serious immersion accidents in childhood

Mao Y.; Semenciw R.; Morrison H.; Koch M.; Hill G.; Fair M.; Wigle D., 1988:
Survival rates among patients with cancer in alberta canada in 1974 78

Jedrychowski, W.; Tobiasz-Adamczyk, B.; Olma, A.; Gradzikiewicz, P., 1985:
Survival rates among Seventh Day Adventists compared with the general population in Poland

Ashcroft R.E., 1979:
Survival rates and breeding biology of puffins fratercula arctica on skomer island wales uk

Sasaki, A.; Suzuki, T.; Horiuchi, N., 1980:
Survival rates and causes of death of diabetics in japan a 10 year follow up study

Veilleux J M., 1983:
Survival rates and growth in height obtained after 10 years as a consequence of autumnal reforestation

Cooper R.S.; Simmons B.; Castaner A.; Prasad R.; Franklin C.; Ferlinz J., 1986:
Survival rates and prehospital delay during myocardial infarction among black persons

Kuse, R.; Calavrezos, A.; Hinrichs, A.; Hausmann, K., 1981:
Survival rates in Hodgkin's disease in relation to histological subtypes

Gasparini S.; Sanguinetti C.M.; Forastieri L.; Bastianelli P.; Massei V., 1980:
Survival rates in primary lung carcinoma a study of a new 170 patients series

Ebeling K.; Nischan P.; Zellmer C., 1987:
Survival rates of asymptomatic or symptom detected cases of lung cancer

Alsabti E., 1979:
Survival rates of breast carcinoma patients after surgery and anesthetic

Primavera, J.H., 1976:
Survival rates of different penaeus monodon post larval stages

Kitchen W.H.; Murton L.J., 1985:
Survival rates of infants with birth weights between 501 and 1000 grams improvement by excluding certain categories of cases

Delatte L.C.; E.G.; Navarrete R.V., 1982:
Survival rates of patients with bladder tumors an experience of 1744 cases 1950 1978

Pakkanen, M., 1977 :
Survival rates of patients with malignant melanoma of the skin

Crozat Y.; Cleyet Marel J.C.; Giraud J.J.; Obaton M., 1982:
Survival rates of rhizobium japonicum populations introduced into different soils

Humphrey, S.R.; Cope, J.B., 1977:
Survival rates of the endangered indiana bat myotis sodalis

Tatner P., 1986:
Survival rates of urban magpies

Sugimachi, K.; Matsuoka, H.; Matsufuji, H.; Maekawa, S.; Kai, H.; Okudaira, Y., 1987:
Survival rates of women with carcinoma of the esophagus exceed those of men

Zalewski, A.A., 1978:
Survival re innervation and histochemical maturation of skeletal muscle xeno grafts in the nude mouse

Rutherford M.C., 1981:
Survival regeneration and leaf biomass changes in woody plants following spring burns in burkea africana ochna pulchra savanna

Cline L.D.; Highland H.A., 1985:
Survival reproduction and development of 7 species of stored product insects on the various food components of lightweight high density prototype military rations

Ullrich S.O.Jr; Millemann R.E., 1983:
Survival respiration and food assimilation of daphnia magna exposed to petroleum derived and coal derived oils at 3 temperatures

Carvalho, S.E.; Nadkarni, G.B., 1978:
Survival response of budding and sporulating cells of saccharomyces cerevisiae to gamma radiation

Chin H.W.; Young A.B.; Maruyama Y., 1981:
Survival response of malignant gliomas to radio therapy with or without 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitroso urea or 1 2 chloroethyl 3 4 methylcyclohexyl 1 nitroso urea chemo therapy at the university of kentucky medical center usa

Prasad, R.; Prasad, A., 1978:
Survival sequence of infants: a factorial analysis

Rice S.D.; Bailey J.E., 1980:
Survival size and emergence of pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha alevins after short term and long term exposures to ammonia

Hansen E.M.; Roth L.F.; Hamm P.B.; Julis A.J., 1980:
Survival spread and pathogenicity of phytophthora spp on douglas fir pseudotsuga menziesii seedlings planted on forest sites

Reichardt W.; Morita R.Y., 1982:
Survival stages of a psychrotrophic cytophaga johnsonae strain

Leviton, A.; Fulchiero, A.; Gilles, F.H.; Winston, K., 1978:
Survival status of children with cerebellar gliomas

Block W., 1980:
Survival strategies in polar terrestrial arthropods

Mclachlan A.J.; Cantrell M.A., 1980:
Survival strategies in tropical rain pools

Irmler U., 1981:
Survival strategies of animals in the seasonally flooded amazonian inundation forest south america

Moran, E.F., 1977:
Survival strategies the use of resources along the transamazon highway

Kageyama K.; U.T., 1982:
Survival structure of pythium spp in the soils of bean fields

Nordhagen R.; Aas M., 1979:
Survival studies of chromium 51 labeled cha plus red blood cells in a patient with anti ch a and massive transfusion of incompatible blood

Singh A.P.; Bhargava S.N., 1981:
Survival studies on 3 species of fusarium causing wilt of pigeon pea cajanus cajan

Cockey, R.R.; Tatro, M.C., 1974:
Survival studies with spores of Clostridium botulinum type E in pasteurized meat of the blue crab Callinectes sapidus

Popov S.Ya, 1981:
Survival tables and biological parameters of the spider mite tetranychus turkestani

Kuehn, L.A.; Ackles, K.N.; Cole, J.D., 1977:
Survival test of submersible life support systems

Oya S., 1979:
Survival tests on submerged green rice leafhopper nephotettix cincticeps in relation to winter mortality under snow cover in the hokuriku district japan

Marliave J.B., 1980:
Survival through metamorphosis of pacific herring clupea harengus pallasi prevented from schooling

Thoresen S.O.; Rognum T.O., 1986:
Survival time and acting capability after fatal injury by sharp weapons

Beierwaltes W.H.; Nishiyama R.H.; Thompson N.W.; Copp J.E.; Kubo A., 1982:
Survival time and cure in papillary and follicular thyroid carcinoma with distant metastases statistics following university michigan ann arbor michigan usa therapy

Tompkins, J.A.; Tsai, C.F., 1976:
Survival time and lethal exposure time for the blacknose dace exposed to free chlorine and chloramines

Schneider, M.D.; Johnson, D.L.; Shefner, A.M., 1968:
Survival time and retention of anti malarial resistance of malarial parasites in repository in liquid nitrogen 196 c plasmodium berghei plasmodium gallenaceum chicken mouse rat inst cryopreservation

Dirnhofer, R., 1975:
Survival time following primary traumatic brain stem hemorrhage a case report

Levy, V.; Rao, V.J., 1988:
Survival time in gunshot and stab wound victims

Ohya I.; Iwasa M.; Komoriya H.; Bunai Y., 1985:
Survival time in suffocation estimation from experimental suffocation on rabbits

Ferrara, P.; Tarzia, R.; Lombardi, S.; Graziadei, L., 1975:
Survival time of 2 groups of animals 1 in experimental hypoxia and the other in the same conditions but perfused with perhydrol

Karasek E.; Gruner S.; Volk H D., 1984:
Survival time of skin allografts in bln mouse inbred strains

Demey F.; Makumyaviri A.M.; Vlietinck R.; L.R.y D.; Verhulst A., 1985:
Survival time of various strains of mice infected with metacyclic forms of trypanosoma brucei

Dunn H.M.; Mccomb J.M.; Mackenzie G.; Adgey A.A.J., 1986:
Survival to leave hospital from ventricular fibrillation

Behnke, J.M.; Ali, N.M.; Jenkins, S.N., 1984:
Survival to patency of low level infections with Trichuris muris in mice concurrently infected with Nematospiroides dubius

Koch M.; Starreveld A.A.; Brown L.B.; Gaedke H., 1982:
Survival trends in women with epithelial cancer of the ovary in northern alberta canada 1960 1979

Bohren B.B.; Rogler J.C.; Carson J.R., 1982:
Survival under heat stress of lines selected for fast and slow growth at 2 temperatures

Scremin, A.M.; Scremin, O.U.; Brechner, T., 1980:
Survival under hypoxia. Age dependence and effect of cholinergic drugs

Frank K.T.; Leggett W.C., 1983:
Survival value of an opportunistic life stage transition in capelin mallotus villosus

Metcalfe N.B.; Furness R.W., 1985:
Survival winter population stability and site fidelity in the turnstone arenaria interpres

Kraus J.F.; Franti C.E.; Borhani N.O.; Riggins R.S., 1979:
Survival with an acute spinal cord injury

Lavery, I.C.; Chiulli, R.A.; Jagelman, D.G.; Fazio, V.W.; Weakley, F.L., 1982:
Survival with carcinoma arising in mucosal ulcerative colitis

Lanzotti, V.J.; Thomas, D.R.; Boyle, L.E.; Smith, T.L.; Gehan, E.A.; Samuels, M.L., 1977:
Survival with inoperable lung cancer an integration of prognostic variables based on simple clinical criteria

Conant, J.K.; Flannery, J.T.; Graydon, R.J.; Ely, M.G.I.i ; Berlin, B.B., 1985 :
Survival with localized carcinoma radical prostatectomy vs. radiation therapy

Drzewiecki K.T.; Andersen P.K., 1982:
Survival with malignant melanoma a regression analysis of prognostic factors

Søndergaard, K.; Schou, G., 1985:
Survival with primary cutaneous malignant melanoma, evaluated from 2012 cases. A multivariate regression analysis

Soorae, A.S.; Stevenson, H.M., 1979:
Survival with residual tumor on the bronchial margin after resection for bronchogenic carcinoma

Rokicka Milewska D.D., 1982:
Survivals exceeding 3 years in children with acute lympho blastic leukemia

Froggatt D.; Mawby R.I., 1981:
Surviving an amputation

Ellenberg, H., 1974:
Surviving rates of roe deer fawns in stammham west germany

Pijnenborg, R., 1976:
Surviving tropho blastic giant cells and ovarian function after prostaglandin induced abortion in the golden hamster

Magnuson J.J.; Beckel A.L.; Mills K.; Brandt S.B., 1985:
Surviving winter hypoxia behavioral adaptations of fishes in a northern wisconsin usa winterkill lake

Chauvin R., 1981:
Survivone a substance inducing survival of isolated bees

Schiemann, D.A., 1973:
Survivor curves for leptospira autumnalis strain akiyami a based on most probable number values

Pike A.; Mcneilly T.; Putwain P.D., 1979:
Survivor populations of perennial rye grass lolium perenne cultivar s 23 from zero grazed and set stocked swards

Li, F.P.; Stone, R., 1976:
Survivors of cancer in childhood

Skale B.T.; Miles W.M.; Heger J.J.; Zipes D.P.; Prystowsky E.N., 1986:
Survivors of cardiac arrest prevention of recurrence by drug therapy as predicted by electrophysiologic testing or electrocardiographic monitoring

Goldstein, G.; van Kammen, W.; Shelly, C.; Miller, D.J.; van Kammen, D.P., 1987:
Survivors of imprisonment in the Pacific theater during World War II

Uddin, J.; Kraus, A.S.; Kelly, H.G., 1970:
Survivorship and death in rheumatoid arthritis

Keeler K.H., 1987:
Survivorship and fecundity of the polycarpic perennial mentzelia nuda loasaceae in nebraska usa sandhills prairie

Nakamura K.; Abbas I.; Hasyim A., 1984:
Survivorship and fertility schedules of 2 epilachnine species feeding on cucurbitaceous plants under laboratory conditions coleoptera coccinellidae

Kloek, G.P.; Ralin, D.B.; Ridgel, G.C., 1976:
Survivorship and gene frequencies of Drosophila melanogaster populations in abnormal oxygen atmospheres

Kloek, G.; Ridgel, G.; Ralin, D., 1976:
Survivorship and life expectancy of drosophila melanogaster populations in abnormal oxygen normal pressure regimes

Gibbons J.W.; Semlitsch R.D., 1982:
Survivorship and longevity of a long lived vertebrate species how long do turtles live?

Granath W.O.Jr; Esch G.W., 1983:
Survivorship and parasite induced host mortality among mosquitofish in a predator free north carolina usa cooling reservoir

Mougeot G.; Coutris G.; Lancastre F.; Ouaghlissi J.P.; Bolognini Treney J., 1987:
Survivorship and receptivity changes in the snail intermediate host of schistosoma mansoni by inoculation of sensitized or nonsensitized snail hemolymph

Metcalfe W.S.; Ellison A.M.; Bertness M.D., 1986:
Survivorship and spatial development of spartina alterniflora gramineae seedlings in a new england usa salt marsh

Ubukata H., 1981:
Survivorship curve and annual fluctuation in the size of emerging population of cordulia aenea amurensis odonata corduliidae

Frohlich C.; Buskirk R.E., 1982:
Survivorship curves and growth rates for a population of mustache hairs

Jackson K.M.; Berger J., 1985:
Survivorship curves of ciliate protozoa under starvation conditions and at low bacterial levels

Jain T.B.; Nadkarni U.G.; Kumar R., 1986:
Survivorship for some breeds of bovines in punjab india

Morris E.C.; Myerscough P.J., 1988:
Survivorship growth and self thinning in banksia ericifolia

Jones W.T., 1986:
Survivorship in philopatric and dispersing kangaroo rats dipodomys spectabilis

Hochberg M.C.; Dorsch C.A.; Feinglass E.J.; Stevens M.B., 1981:
Survivorship in systemic lupus erythematosus effect of antibody to extractable nuclear antigen

Stevenson D.E.; Tuttle M.D., 1981:
Survivorship in the endangered gray bat myotis grisescens

De-Bie, S., 1977:
Survivorship in the svalbard rein deer rangifer tarandus platyrhynchus on edgeoya svalbard arctic

Frazer N.B., 1983:
Survivorship of adult female loggerhead sea turtles caretta caretta nesting on little cumberland island georgia usa

Galbraith D.A.; Brooks R.J., 1987:
Survivorship of adult females in a northern population of common snapping turtles chelydra serpentina

Kloek, G.P., 1978:
Survivorship of drosophila in nitrogen reduced hypobaric atmospheres

Bechinski E.J.; Bechinski J.F.; Pedigo L.P., 1983:
Survivorship of experimental green cloverworm plathypena scabra lepidoptera noctuidae pupal cohorts in soybeans

Eckardt C.; Gotze O.; Utermann D., 1983:
Survivorship of patients with circulatory disorders of the posterior segment

Collins M.; Crawley M.J.; Mcgavin G.C., 1983:
Survivorship of the sexual and agamic generations of andricus quercuscalicis on quercus cerris and quercus robur

Hui, C.A.; Ridgway, S.H., 1978 :
Survivorship patterns in captive killer whales orcinus orca

Davis H.T.; Decamilla J.; Bayer L.W.; Moss A.J., 1979:
Survivorship patterns in the post hospital phase of myo cardial infarction

Van-Driesche, R.G., 1988:
Survivorship patterns of pieris rapae l. lepidoptera pieridae in massachusetts kale with special reference to mortality due to apanteles glomeratus l. hymenoptera braconidae

Eriksson O., 1986:
Survivorship reproduction and dynamics of ramets of potentilla anserina on a baltic seashore meadow

Schnack J.A.; Gonzalez A.; Estevez A.L., 1983:
Survivorship schedule of latrodectus mirabilis araneae theridiidae under experimental conditions

Tennis P., 1983:
Survivorship spatial pattern and habitat structure of field crickets orthoptera gryllidae in 2 old fields

Faure M.; Guerin C., 1984:
Sus strozzii and sus scrofa 2 artiodactyl mammals as paleoenvironmental markers

Jimenez-Diaz, R.M.; Boothroyd, C.W., 1976:
Suscept pathogen relationship in maize affected by yellow leaf blight

Soracco, R.J.; Gill, H.K.; Fliermans, C.B.; Pope, D.H., 1983:
Susceptibilities of algae and Legionella pneumophila to cooling tower biocides

Kaye, D.; Kobasa, W.; Kaye, K., 1980:
Susceptibilities of anaerobic bacteria to cefoperazone and other antibiotics

Jones, T.L.; Ogunro, E.A.; Samarel, A.M.; Ferguson, A.G.; Lesch, M., 1983:
Susceptibilities of cardiac myo fibrillar proteins to cathepsin d ec catalyzed degradation

Kosakai N., 1988:
Susceptibilities of clinical isolates to antibacterial agents focusing mainly on ofloxacin first report

Gillatt P.N.; Palmer R.C.; Smith P.L.R.; Walters C.L.; Reed P.I., 1985:
Susceptibilities of drugs to nitrosation under simulated gastric conditions

Gillatt P.N.; Hart R.J.; Walters C.L.; Reed P.I., 1984:
Susceptibilities of drugs to nitrosation under standardized chemical conditions/

Ogimoto K.; Inamoto T.; Nirasawa K., 1979:
Susceptibilities of escherichia coli from gut of pigs against animal feed additive colistin under anaerobic condition

Kinsinger R.A.; Mcgaughey W.H.; Dicke E.B., 1980:
Susceptibilities of indian meal moth plodia interpunctella and almond moth ephestia cautella to 8 bacillus thuringiensis isolates lepidoptera pyralidae

Olivier, M.; Tanner, C.E., 1987:
Susceptibilities of macrophage populations to infection in vitro by Leishmania donovani

Tilton, R.C.; Steingrimsson, O.; Ryan, R.W., 1978:
Susceptibilities of pseudomonas spp to tetracycline minocycline gentamicin and tobramycin

Etienne, J.; Coulet, M.; Brun, Y.; Blanchon, J.F.; Demoux, F.; Fleurette, J., 1988:
Susceptibilities of streptococcal strains associated with infective endocarditis to nine antibiotics

Arai T.; Komatsu Y., 1981:
Susceptibilities of the normal bacterial flora to broad spectrum antibiotics under anaerobic conditions

Noda, T.; Isogal, K.; Hayashi, H.; Katunuma, N., 1981:
Susceptibilities of various myo fibrillar proteins to cathepsin b ec and morphological alteration of isolated myo fibrils by this enzyme

Freney, J.; Husson, M.O.; Gavini, F.; Madier, S.; Martra, A.; Izard, D.; Leclerc, H.; Fleurette, J., 1988:
Susceptibilities to antibiotics and antiseptics of new species of the family Enterobacteriaceae

Moss, C.; Friedmann, P.S.; Shuster, S.; Simpson, J.M., 1985:
Susceptibility and amplification of sensitivity in contact dermatitis

Akol, G.W.; Authie, E.; Pinder, M.; Moloo, S.K.; Roelants, G.E.; Murray, M., 1986:
Susceptibility and immune responses of zebu and taurine cattle of West Africa to infection with Trypanosoma congolense transmitted by Glossina morsitans centralis

Tatner M.F.; Horne M.T., 1983:
Susceptibility and immunity to vibrio anguillarum in post hatching rainbow trout fry salmo gairdneri

Tang Chiong R.; Montada Dorta D.; Navarro Ortega A.; Gonzalez Broche R., 1987:
Susceptibility and or resistance of adult anopheles albimanus wiedemann 1821 diptera culicidae to insecticides used in public health and agriculture

Turowski, G.; Polaczek-Kornecka, B., 1984:
Susceptibility and resistance of bacterial strains to brulamycin from isolated surgical material

Zinkernagel, V., 1985:
Susceptibility and resistance of head lettuce lactuca sativa to downy mildew bremia lactucae 2. light and electron microscopic examinations of the host parasite interface

Calich, V.L.; Singer-Vermes, L.M.; Siqueira, A.M.; Burger, E., 1985:
Susceptibility and resistance of inbred mice to Paracoccidioides brasiliensis

Wexler B.C., 1980:
Susceptibility and resistance of sprague dawley and spontaneously hypertensive rats to aortic calcification induced by a diet high in calcium phosphate

Newman M.C.; Feng S.Y., 1982:
Susceptibility and resistance of the rock crab cancer irroratus to natural and experimental bacterial infection

Geczy, C.L.; Roberts, I.M.; Meyer, P.; Bernard, C.C., 1984:
Susceptibility and resistance to experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis and neuritis in the guinea pig correlate with the induction of procoagulant and anticoagulant activities

Tsonev P.; Kirchev D.; Atanasov K.; Jotova I.; Nikolova M.; Kamburov G.; Proykova M., 1987:
Susceptibility and spread of leukosis in basic cattle breeds bred in bulgaria

Mourya D.T.; Malunjkar A.S.; Banerjee K., 1987:
Susceptibility and transmissibility of aedes aegypti to four strains of chikungunya virus

Banerjee K.; Mourya D.T.; Malunjkar A.S., 1988:
Susceptibility and transmissibility of different geographical strains of aedes aegypti mosquitoes to chikungunya virus

Rusu V.; Kovacs M., 1986:
Susceptibility characteristics to antimicrobial agents of campylobacter jejuni campylobacter coli strains

Katiyar J.C.; Gupta S.; Sen A.B., 1983:
Susceptibility chemo therapeutic reaction and immunological response of rat and mouse to hymenolepis nana a comparative study

Rudofsky U.H.; Dilwith R.L.; Tung K.S.K., 1980:
Susceptibility differences of inbred mice to induction of auto immune renal tubulo interstitial lesions

Peres Domingues E.; Boica A.L.Jr, 1987:
Susceptibility evaluation of six onion varieties to thrips tabaci lindeman 1888 thysanoptera thripidae in early crop

Erlandson M.A.; Ewen A.B.; Mukerji M.K.; Gillott C., 1986:
Susceptibility in immature stages of melanoplus sanguinipes orthoptera acrididae to nosema cuneatum microsporida nosematidae and its effect on host fecundity

Mommsen S.; Aagaard J., 1986:
Susceptibility in urinary bladder cancer acetyltransferase phenotypes and related risk factors

Fisher, M.W.; Hillegas, A.B.; Nazeeri, P.L., 1971:
Susceptibility in vitro and in vivo of Pseudomonas pseudomallei to rifampin and tetracyclines

Southern, P.M.; Kutscher, A.E.; Ragsdale, R.; Luttrell, B., 1987:
Susceptibility in vitro of Nocardia species to antimicrobial agents

Wismer, G.L.; Buxton, R.B.; Rosen, B.R.; Fisel, C.R.; Oot, R.F.; Brady, T.J.; Davis, K.R., 1988:
Susceptibility induced MR line broadening: applications to brain iron mapping

Downes, J.; Andrew, J.H., 1988:
Susceptibility of 114 isolates of the Bacteroides fragilis group to imipenem and eight other antimicrobial agents

Kokubu H.; Mills R.B., 1980:
Susceptibility of 13 stored product beetles to entanglement by trogoderma hastisetae

Mani M.; Nagarkatti S., 1983:
Susceptibility of 2 braconid parasites apanteles angaleti and bracon kirkpatricki to several chemical pesticides

Zelazny B., 1985:
Susceptibility of 2 coconut pests oryctes rhinoceros coleoptera scarabaeidae and tirathaba rufivena lepidoptera pyralidae to the entomoparasitic nematode steinernema feltiae equals neoaplectana carpocapsae

D.B.ito F.B.; Hanahoe T.H.P., 1983:
Susceptibility of 2 colonies of wistar rats to inflammation with particular reference to delayed hyper sensitivity

Smith A.L.; Anderson C.R., 1980:
Susceptibility of 2 turtle species to eastern equine encephalitis virus

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