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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6555

Chapter 6555 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Larson W.E., 1987: Susceptibility to compression of a clay loam haplaquoll

Wilson D., 1988: Susceptibility to cumulative and acute irritant dermatitis an experimental approach in human volunteers

Coleman D.L., 1987: Susceptibility to db gene and streptozotocin induced diabetes in c57bl mice control by gender associated mhc unlinked traits

Pinterova J., 1984: Susceptibility to ddt and some other insecticides of head lice pediculus capitis in czechoslovakia

Liat L.B., 1980: Susceptibility to ddt malathion fenitrothion and dieldrin of 3 flea species in the boyolali plague endemic area central java indonesia

Dafoe, D. C.; Naji, A.; Plotkin, S. A.; Barker, C. F., 1980: Susceptibility to diabetogenic virus host vs. pancreatic factors

Lai J L., 1985: Susceptibility to different leukemic cell lines to the anticellular and antiviral effects of interferons

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554007

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554008

Doube B.M., 1984: Susceptibility to drowning of eggs of the dung breeding flies haematobia irritans exigua and musca vetustissima diptera muscidae in relation to dung beetle activity

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554010

Bateman, D. F.; Van-Etten, H. D.; English, P. D.; Nevins, D. J.; Albersheim, P., 1969: Susceptibility to enzymatic degradation of cell walls from bean d plants resistant and susceptible to rhizoctonia solani phaseolus vulgaris d

Crittenden L., 1985: Susceptibility to erb b induced erythroblastosis is a dominant trait of 151 chickens

Lindh, J., 1977: Susceptibility to experimental allergic encephalo myelitis in 2 strains of rats and their hybrids

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554014

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554015

Crystal R.G., 1987: Susceptibility to experimental interstitial lung disease is modified by immune and non immune related genes

Uzeda M.D., 1987: Susceptibility to five antimicrobial agents of strains of the bacteroides fragilis group isolated in brazil

Grier A.H., 1980: Susceptibility to fluorescent light induced chromatid breaks associated with dna repair deficiency and malignant transformation in culture

Fredrickson T.N., 1983: Susceptibility to friend helper virus leukemias in cxb recombinant inbred mice

Whittington, W. J.; Feakin, S. D., 1970: Susceptibility to fusarium culmorum in wheat m triticum aestivum m substitution lines

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554021

Laufs, R.; Fleckenstein, B., 1973: Susceptibility to herpesvirus saimiri and antibody development in old world and new world monkeys

Feingold N., 1987: Susceptibility to human cutaneous leishmaniasis and hla gm km markers

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554024

Cocchi R., 1981: Susceptibility to infective respiratory diseases in depressed children epidemiological survey of 126 subjects clinical therapeutic report of 61 cases

Gastelum-Luque, R.; Lagunes-Tejeda, A.; Bravo-Mojica, H.; Llanderal-Cazares, C., 1987: Susceptibility to insecticides in populations of fall armyworms spodoptera frugiperda j. e. smith lepidoptera noctuidae from various localities in mexico

Saxena, S. C.; Gohain, R., 1976: Susceptibility to insecticides of lasioderma serricorne coleoptera anobiidae grown on vitamin deficient diets

Dawkins R.L., 1985: Susceptibility to insulin dependent diabetes mellitus is marked by major histocompatibility complex supratypes rather than individual alleles

Dorman M.F., 1983: Susceptibility to intra speech of masking in listeners with sensori neural hearing loss

Soulier J.P., 1983: Susceptibility to invasion by plasmodium falciparum of some human erythrocytes carrying rare blood group antigens

Terashi A., 1986: Susceptibility to ischemic insult in hypertensive rats correlation between degree of ischemia and hypertension

Sanford K.K., 1981: Susceptibility to killing by bcg activated macrophages associated with spontaneous neoplastic transformation in culture

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554033

Heidrick M.L., 1988: Susceptibility to lipid peroxidation and accumulation of fluorescent products with age is greater in t cells than b cells

Althage A., 1985: Susceptibility to lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus isolates correlates directly with early and high cytotoxic t cell activity as well as with footpad swelling reaction and all three are regulated by h 2d

Datta, S. K.; Schwartz, R. S., 1976: Susceptibility to lymphomas and expression of c type rna viruses during the graft vs host reaction

Stutman O., 1986: Susceptibility to lysis by natural killer and natural cytotoxic cells is independent of the mitotic stage of the target cell cycle

Candeli A., 1984: Susceptibility to lytic agents and dna base composition of members of the genus bacillus with ellipsoidal spores swelling the sporangia

Jacobsen J., 1983: Susceptibility to mecillinam and other antibiotics and serogroups of entero toxigenic escherichia coli from children in addis ababa ethiopia

Winblad S., 1981: Susceptibility to mecillinam and other antibiotics of 28 o serotypes of yersinia enterocolitica

Chavez J., 1987: Susceptibility to mercurials to clinical pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated in mexico

Spivak J.L., 1983: Susceptibility to merocyanine 540 mediated photo sensitization a differentiation marker on murine hematopoietic progenitor cells

Mirabile, C. S-Jr ; Glueck, B. C.; Stroebel, C. F.; Pitblado, C., 1977: Susceptibility to motion sickness and ego closeness ego distance as measured by the auto kinetic response tendency

Mirabile, C. S-Jr ; Glueck, B. C.; Stroebel, C. F., 1976: Susceptibility to motion sickness and field dependence independence as measured with the rod and frame test

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554045

Dawkins R.L., 1986: Susceptibility to murine experimental autoallergic myasthenia gravis the role of antibody specificity

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554047

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554048

Tanemura M., 1981: Susceptibility to mycobacterium avium of c 3h he mice

Tanemura, M., 1981: Susceptibility to mycobacterium avium of various inbred strains of mice 1. on cases with intra peritoneal infection

Kawaguchi, Y.; Matsuoka, M.; Sushida, K.; Tanemura, M., 1982: Susceptibility to mycobacterium avium of various inbred strains of mice 2. host resistance to mycobacterium avium of hybrids of c 3h origin

Rosenberg M., 1986: Susceptibility to natural killer cell lysis is abolished in tumor cells by a factor which restores their contact inhibited growth

Butterworth, J.; Priestman, D., 1981: Susceptibility to neuraminidase of alpha l fucosidase ec and n acetyl beta d glucosaminidase ec of cystic fibrosis i cell and neuraminidase deficient fibroblasts

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554054

Rommelaere J., 1988: Susceptibility to parvovirus minute virus of mice as a function of the degree of host cell transformation little effect of sv 40 infection and phorbol ester treatment

Will B.E., 1987: Susceptibility to pentylenetetrazole induced and audiogenic seizures in rats with selective fimbria fornix lesions and intrahippocampal septal grafts

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554057

Garcia-Rodriguez, J. A.; Prieto-Prieto, J.; Garcia-Sanchez, J. E.; Saenz-Gonzalez, M. C.; Martin-Luengo, F., 1976: Susceptibility to phosphomycin as a differential character for gram negative anaerobic bacilli

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554060

Baker, J. A.; Modde, T., 1977: Susceptibility to predation of blacktail shiners stained with bismarck brown y

Allen P.J., 1987: Susceptibility to pressure neuropathy distal to a constricting ligature in the guinea pig

Guerritore A., 1982: Susceptibility to proteinases of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae enzymes selectively modified by fatty acids

Liewendahl K., 1982: Susceptibility to proteolysis of thyro globulin from rats and guinea pigs treated with excess iodide

Soderberg L.S.F., 1988: Susceptibility to reinfection after a primary chlamydial genital infection

Monto, A. S.; Bryan, E. R., 1978: Susceptibility to rhinovirus infection in chronic bronchitis

Veech J.A., 1986: Susceptibility to root knot nematodes meloidogyne incognita in cotton gossypium hirsutum lines resistant to the fusarium wilt root knot complex

Hurley R., 1980: Susceptibility to rubella in a pregnant population after the introduction of vaccination

Pinon, J.; Du-Cros, E. T., 1976: Susceptibility to rusts in miscellaneous poplar species melampsora larici populina and melampsora allii populina

Pepper R.L., 1979: Susceptibility to sea sickness influence of hull design and steaming direction

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554071

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554072

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554073

Fenner, M., 1978: Susceptibility to shade in seedlings of colonizing and closed turf species

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554075

Kopacka B., 1981: Susceptibility to some chemo therapeutics of haemophilus influenzae isolated from children with laryngologic diseases

Bondurant M., 1985: Susceptibility to staphylococcal alpha toxin of friend virus infected murine erythroblasts during differentiation

Rapp, F.; Trulock, S. C., 1970: Susceptibility to super infection of simian cells transformed by sv 40

Archer A., 1984: Susceptibility to the effects of delayed auditory feedback

Rodriguez, M.; Leibowitz, J.; David, C. S., 1986: Susceptibility to theiler's virus induced demyelination mapping of the gene within the h 2d region

Golder T.K., 1986: Susceptibility to topical applications of endosulfan and dieldrin in sprayed and unsprayed populations of glossina pallidipes diptera glossinidae in kenya

Skamene E., 1985: Susceptibility to urethan induced pulmonary adenomas between a j and c 57bl 6j mice use of axb and bxa recombinant inbred lines indicating a three locus genetic model

Myers M.G., 1986: Susceptibility to varicella zoster virus among adults at high risk for exposure

Thongcharoen P., 1985: Susceptibility to varicella zoster virus in thai children and young adults

Ndoye, M., 1977: Susceptibility to various entomophagous fungi fungi imperfecti and development of mycosis by beauveria bassiana in larvae and pupae of chilo suppressalis

Theander O., 1986: Susceptibility to vole attacks due to bark phenols and terpenes in pinus contorta provenances introduced into sweden

Agrawal, U.; Srivastava, A. K., 1976: Susceptibility to volume stress in colisa fasciata

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554090

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554091

Gadhvi, N. P., 1988: Sushruta's lateral perineal approach for prostatectomy and repair of the ruptured posterior urethra

Fine, H. K., 1978: Suspect contamination of charcoal tubes linked to coated paper photo copies

Freitas, J. E.; Mirkes, S. H.; Fink-Bennett, D. M.; Bree, R. L., 1982: Suspected acute cholecystitis comparison of hepato biliary scintigraphy vs. ultrasonography

Babatunde G.M., 1983: Suspected aflatoxin b 1 induced liver cirrhosis in pigs in ibadan nigeria

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554096

De Angelis D., 1986: Suspected and confirmed glaucoma defects in color vision and computerized central perimetry

Hell K., 1980: Suspected appendicitis is a conservative attitude advantageous

Demaray, S. Y.; Altman, N. H.; Ferrell, T. L., 1978: Suspected ascorbic acid deficiency in a colony of squirrel monkeys saimiri sciureus

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554100

Coulman B.E., 1983: Suspected boron deficiency in birdsfoot trefoil lotus corniculatus in field plots

Takasu T., 1982: Suspected cases of familial alzheimers disease a case and a study on aneu ploidy in leukocytes

Vieweg W.V.R., 1980: Suspected coronary artery disease among military aviation personnel

Palo J., 1987: Suspected dementia evaluation of 323 consecutive referrals

Lindsay D.J., 1988: Suspected ectopic pregnancy endovaginal and transvesical us

Widholm O., 1988: Suspected ectopic pregnancy ultrasound findings and hcg levels assessed by an immunofluorometric assay

Martineau B., 1982: Suspected epidemiological relationships among strains of escherichia coli o 55 b 5 confirmed by restriction pattern analysis of the carried plasmid rco lbm incf iii

Barrett J., 1983: Suspected epidural compression of the spinal cord and cauda equina by metastatic carcinoma clinical diagnosis and survival

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554109

Van Niekerk F.A., 1983: Suspected hybrid vetch vicia villosa crossed with vicia dasycarpa poisoning of cattle in south africa

Kyvik K.R., 1987: Suspected injuries to the nervous system due to solvents which received another diagnosis

Higgins C.B., 1987: Suspected intracardiac masses evaluation with mr imaging

Mack L.A., 1988: Suspected leaking abdominal aortic aneurysm use of sonography in the emergency room

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554114

Silpasuvan S., 1981: Suspected malignant hyper thermia in a strabismus patient a case

Gill C.W., 1986: Suspected mechano and chemosensory structures of temora longicornis copepoda calanoida

Willems J S., 1981: Suspected neoplasm of the liver with pulmonary metastases cured by surgery and penicillin disseminated actinomycosis revisited

Von Hochstetter A.R., 1987: Suspected neoplastic lesion of bone biopsy planning by the pathologist

Gold P., 1979: Suspected neurological impairment and cognitive abilities a longitudinal study

Schapiro R., 1983: Suspected obstructive jaundice a decision analysis of diagnostic strategies

Povey R.C., 1984: Suspected parvovirus infection in porcupines

Orr M.B., 1988: Suspected periodontopathic bacteria associated with broken mouth periodontitis in sheep

Aviado D.M., 1988: Suspected pulmonary carcinogens in environmental tobacco smoke

Neifeld, J. P.; Michaelis, L. L.; Doppman, J. L., 1977: Suspected pulmonary metastases correlation of chest x ray whole lung tomograms and operative findings

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554125

Shinozaki T., 1986: Suspected rotavirus encephalitis

Munday, B. L.; Black, H., 1976: Suspected sarcocystis infections of the bovine placenta and fetus

Rohde A., 1984: Suspected schizophrenia

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554129

Elston R.A., 1988: Suspected toxicopathic hepatic necrosis and megalocytosis in pen reared atlantic salmon salmo salar in puget sound washington usa

Civetta J.M., 1986: Suspected vascular trauma of the extremities the role of arteriography in proximity injuries

Mckenzie, R. A.; Parker, R. J.; Eaves, F. W., 1978: Suspected viral hepatitis of nude mice in australia

Mysterud I., 1984: Suspected wolf predation on sheep in hedmark norway 1982

Timchenko V.M., 1984: Suspended alluvial sediments from the danube river in the system of the danube dnieper hydroeconomic complex ussr

Goulder R., 1986: Suspended bacteria in calcareous and acid headstreams abundance heterotrophic activity and downstream change

Chapman S.R., 1981: Suspended culture of oysters ostrea edulis biological fouling control

Weston J., 1982: Suspended load transport of foraminiferal tests in a tide swept and wave swept sea

Tramontano J.M., 1979: Suspended material distributions in the wake of estuarine channel dredging operations

Decamps, H.; Casanova-Batut, T., 1978: Suspended materials and turbidity of the river lot

Jouanneau, J. M.; Pujos, M., 1987: Suspended matter and bottom deposits in the mahury estuarine system french guiana environmental consequences

Fischer J.K., 1985: Suspended matter in surface waters of the tropical zone of indian ocean

Shirota, A.; Tanaka, K., 1981: Suspended matter in the ariake bay japan 1. transportation of clay floc suspension from the chikugo river to the estuary

Khachaturova T.A., 1981: Suspended matter of the caspian sea ussr and its biochemical composition

Limeburner R., 1986: Suspended matter regime in the yellow sea china

Stabel H H., 1982: Suspended matter studies in lake constance western europe with interval sedimentation traps

Oike T., 1981: Suspended matter turbidity and bottom sediment in harding lake alaska usa

Mead, C. J.; Watmough, B. R., 1976: Suspended molt of trans saharan migrants in iberia

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554149

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554150

Kalinic N., 1986: Suspended particulate matter and fluoride content in the air in an aluminum plant

Lundqvist G.R., 1987: Suspended particulate matter in dwellings the impact of tobacco smoking

Drake, D. E., 1977: Suspended particulate matter in the new york bight apex usa fall 1973

Day N.J., 1981: Suspended sediment beneath permanent and seasonal ice ross ice shelf antarctica

Settlemyre, J. L.; Gardner, L. R., 1977: Suspended sediment flux through a salt marsh drainage basin

Probst J.L., 1987: Suspended sediment load and mechanical erosion in the senegal basin estimation of the surface runoff concentration and relative contributions of channel and slope erosion

Rausch D.L., 1979: Suspended sediment phosphorus relationships for the inflow and outflow of a flood detention reservoir

Collins, M. B., 1976: Suspended sediment sampling towers as used on the inter tidal flats of the wash eastern england

West B.G., 1981: Suspended sediment transport and water movement at one tree reef southern great barrier reef australia

Dunbar R.B., 1987: Suspended sediment transport sedimentation and resuspension in lake houston texas usa implications for water quality

Shideler G.L., 1985: Suspended sediment variability in surface waters of the lower rio grande fluvial system south texas usa

Mobley M.C., 1984: Suspended sediments and nutrients in water ebbing from seagrass covered and denuded tidal mudflats in a southern australian embayment

Bonnaud P., 1980: Suspended segmental replacement of the ureter using the ileum experimental results at 5 years

Gilvear D.J., 1988: Suspended solids transport in the regulated river blithe staffordshire uk

Stickney R.R., 1987: Suspended spawning cans for channel catfish in a surface mine lake

Smith R.C., 1979: Suspending sutures in blepharo plasty

Maddock S.E., 1987: Suspension and protoplast culture of hexaploid wheat triticum aestivum l

Miyake, T.; Saigo, K.; Marunouchi, T.; Shiba, T., 1977: Suspension culture of drosophila melanogaster cells employing a gyratory shaker

Ishizaka T., 1983: Suspension culture of human mast cells basophils from umbilical cord blood mononuclear cells

Wagner B., 1979: Suspension culture of myo cardial cells from new born rats

Wollman S.H., 1980: Suspension culture of separated follicles consisting of differentiated thyroid epithelial cells

Ambesi Impiombato F.S., 1984: Suspension culture reveals a morphogenetic property of a thyroid epithelial cell line

Brasch K., 1982: Suspension cultures of adult rooster hepatocytes with a sustained vitellogenic response

Karzel K., 1981: Suspension cultures of ehrlich ascites tumor cells as a test system for the study of cyto toxic effects of anesthetics

Arndt, D.; Schwalbe, P., 1978: Suspension cultures of human malignant lymphoma in the leukocyte migration test

Van Furth R., 1979: Suspension cultures of mononuclear phagocytes in the teflon culture bag

Michaljanicova D., 1987: Suspension density and accumulation ratio of sugars and amino acids in yeasts

Buhr, K. J., 1976: Suspension feeding and assimilation efficiency in lanice conchilega polychaeta

Wassersug R.J., 1979: Suspension feeding dynamics of anuran larvae related to their functional morphology

Fenchel T., 1980: Suspension feeding in ciliated protozoa feeding rates and their ecological significance

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554185

Fankboner, P. V., 1978: Suspension feeding mechanisms of the armored sea cucumber psolus chitinoides

Suzuki K., 1987: Suspension laminotomy a new surgical technique for compression myelopathy

Palmer M.A., 1985: Suspension of marine nematodes in a turbulent tidal creek species patterns

Mandel L.J., 1984: Suspension of medullary thick ascending limb tubules from the rabbit kidney

Hac A., 1985: Suspension optimization of a 2 degree of freedom vehicle model using a stochastic optimal control technique

Tow J., 1986: Suspension polymerization for coating microspheres

Bienfang P.K., 1983: Suspension properties of various phyletic groups of phyto plankton and tintinnids in an oligotrophic subtropical system

Zajaczkowski M., 1987: Suspension settling effect on macrobenthos biomass distribution in the hornsund fjord spitsbergen norway

Steinberg M.P., 1980: Suspension stability of illinois usa soybean beverage

Wood A.M., 1987: Suspension times of particles in the upper ocean

Kostick D.S., 1981: Suspensions and bottom sediments in the chilean archipelago

Piai G., 1979: Suspensions of chick embryo cells effects depending on the composition of the dissociating solution

Priscu, J. C.; Goldman, C. R., 1983: Suspensoid characteristics in subalpine castle lake california usa 1. chemical composition

Priscu, J. C., 1983: Suspensoid characteristics in subalpine castle lake california usa 2. optical properties

Cionini, P. G.; Bennici, A.; Alpi, A.; D'amato, F., 1976: Suspensor ga and in vitro development of phaseolus coccineus embryos

Shah M.Y., 1985: Suspensor haustorium in pedicularis pyramidata a new record for scrophulariaceae

Baumel J.J., 1985: Suspensory ligaments of nerves an adaptation for protection of the avian spinal cord

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554203

Bernaschek G., 1981: Suspicion in rupture of the uterus even by external routine cardio tocogram?

Pribilla O., 1982: Suspicion of an interchange of babies in portugal solved

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554206

Nakai M., 1984: Suspicion of vertical transmission of adult t cell leukemia lymphoma associated virus in a non endemic area

Williams R.B.Jr, 1987: Suspiciousness health and mortality a follow up study of 500 older adults

Jaffe J.H., 1988: Suspiciousness induced by four hour intravenous infusions of cocaine preliminary findings

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554210

Vygodin V.A., 1982: Sustac pharmacodynamics in patients with angina pectoris of effort

Santos E.P.D., 1986: Sustainable yield curve for hoplias malabaricus bloch in northeastern brazilian weirs application of the mathematical model of santos 1983

Santos E.P.D., 1986: Sustainable yield curve simulated in fishery research

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554214

Sashinami T., 1988: Sustained accelerated idioventricular rhythm in children with special reference to electrophysiological and histopathological investigation

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554216

Rotstein O.D., 1983: Sustained alterations in lipo protein cholesterol concentrations dependent on the daily distribution of lipid intake

Stewart W.D.P., 1982: Sustained ammonia production by immobilized filaments of the nitrogen fixing cyanobacterium anabaena 27893

Legge, G. E., 1978: Sustained and transient mechanisms in human vision temporal and spatial properties

Cleland, B. G.; Dubin, M. W.; Levick, W. R., 1971: Sustained and transient neurons in the cats retina and lateral geniculate nucleus

Honegger, H. W., 1978: Sustained and transient responding units in the medulla of the cricket gryllus campestris

Mcreynolds J.S., 1983: Sustained and transient synaptic inputs to on off ganglion cells in the mudpuppy retina

Georgeson M.A., 1986: Sustained and transient temporal integration functions depend on spatial frequency not grating area

Asakawa O., 1983: Sustained anesthesia with 2 phenoxy ethanol in yearling rainbow trout

Blenkharn J.I., 1988: Sustained anti adherence activity of taurolidine taurolin and noxythiolin noxyflex s solutions

Davis A., 1983: Sustained anti anginal action of glyceryl tri nitrate cream

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554227

Gordon A.J., 1981: Sustained anti hypertensive response with minizide long term follow up in a multicenter study

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554229

Engel T.R., 1984: Sustained arrhythmias in hypertrophic obstructive cardio myopathy

Goldberg R.N., 1981: Sustained arterial blood pressure elevation associated with pneumo thoraces early detection via continuous monitoring

Hara H., 1986: Sustained attention and the influence of anticonvulsants on it in children with epilepsy or febrile convulsions

Vaughn B.E., 1982: Sustained attention during exploratory manipulation as a predictor of cognitive competence in preterm infants

Erlenmeyer Kimling L., 1986: Sustained attention in children at risk for schizophrenia findings with two visual continuous performance tests in a new sample

Appel P.W., 1982: Sustained attention in methadone patients

Simons R.F., 1986: Sustained attention in type a and type b subjects a blink reflex analysis

Allison P., 1988: Sustained attention of adults with mental retardation

Waite, W. W.; Osborne, J. G., 1972: Sustained behavioral contrast in children

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554239

Goldberg L.I., 1984: Sustained beneficial hemodynamic responses to large doses of trans dermal nitro glycerin in congestive heart failure and comparison with intra venous nitro glycerin

Swan H.J.C., 1980: Sustained benefits of oral penta erythritol tetra nitrate on ventricular function in chronic congestive heart failure

Meunier P.J., 1983: Sustained biochemical effects of short treatment of pagets disease of bone with di chloro methylene di phosphonate

Bohr D.F., 1982: Sustained blood pressure elevation to lower body compression in pigs and dogs

Emurian H.H., 1982: Sustained blood pressure responding during synthetic work

Cooke I.R.C., 1983: Sustained branchial apnea in the australian short finned eel anguilla australis

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554246

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554247

Lalonde M., 1988: Sustained caulogenesis in callus cultures of larix eurolepis initiated from short shoot buds of a 12 year old tree

Edman J.D., 1981: Sustained colonization of the black fly simulium decorum diptera simuliidae

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554250

Beyer K.H., 1983: Sustained concurrent blood pressure and salt water balance in unrestrained rats

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554252

O'brien R.F., 1986: Sustained coronary vasoconstriction provoked by a peptidergic substance released from endothelial cells in culture

Lehmann, D.; Skrandies, W.; Lindenmaier, C., 1978: Sustained cortical potentials evoked in humans by bin ocularly correlated uncorrelated and disparate dynamic random dot stimuli

Matthews, G.; Wickelgren, W. O., 1978: Sustained de polarizing potentials in reticulo spinal axons during evoked seizure activity in lamprey spinal cord

Meade R.G., 1981: Sustained decrease in fat consumption produced by amphetamine in rats maintained on a dietary self selection regime

Wong R.K.S., 1988: Sustained dendritic gradients of calcium induced by excitatory amino acids in ca1 hippocampal neurons

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554258

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554259

David A., 1986: Sustained division of protoplast derived cells from primary leaves of pinus pinaster factors affecting growth and change in nuclear dna content

Pitt, C. G.; Gratzl, M. M.; Jeffcoat, A. R.; Zweidinger, R.; Schindler, A., 1979: Sustained drug delivery systems 2. factors affecting release rates from poly epsilon capro lactone and related bio degradable poly esters

Schindler A., 1979: Sustained drug delivery systems part 1 the permeability of poly epsilon capro lactone poly dl lactic acid and their co polymers

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554263

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554264

Medici A., 1980: Sustained effect of nitro glycerin ointment on exercise tolerance in patients with effort angina

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554266

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554267

Hollenberg N.K., 1980: Sustained effectiveness of converting enzyme inhibition in patients with severe congestive heart failure

Welch, B. L.; Welch, A. S., 1969: Sustained effects of brief daily stress fighting upon brain and adrenal catecholamines and adrenal spleen and heart weights of mice

Parkington, H. C.; Lipton, A., 1976: Sustained effects of synthetic ovarian steroids on rat myometrial contractility

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554271

Ferin M., 1988: Sustained effects on opioid antagonism during the normal human luteal phase

Labbe J., 1987: Sustained efficacy of aluminum to reduce quartz toxicity in the lung

Most A.S., 1986: Sustained efficacy of percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty

Damiano B.P., 1981: Sustained electrical stimulation of the perforant path duplicates kainate induced electro physiological effects and hippocampal damage in rats

Davis J.N., 1983: Sustained elevation of hippocampal cyclic amp levels after medial septal lesions

Et Al, 1985: Sustained engraftment of allogeneic bone marrow transplants in three cases of leukemia

Lee K.S., 1982: Sustained enhancement of evoked potentials following brief high frequency stimulation of the cerebral cortex in vitro

Blennow, G.; Nilsson, B.; Siesjo, B. K., 1977: Sustained epileptic seizures complicated by hypoxia arterial hypotension or hyper thermia effects on cerebral energy state

Menadue M.F., 1983: Sustained estrogen induced hyper prolactinemia results from a pituitary defect

Chilton M D., 1986: Sustained ethylene production in agrobacterium transformed carrot disks caused by expression of the t dna tms gene products

Fetz E.E., 1988: Sustained excitatory synaptic input to motor cortex neurons in awake animals revealed by intracellular recording of membrane potentials

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554283

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554284

Lambert J.D.C., 1979: Sustained extracellular potentials in the cat spinal cord during the micro iontophoretic application of excitatory amino acids

Richardson C.T., 1985: Sustained fasting achlorhydria a comparison of medical regimens

Piccolino M., 1979: Sustained feedback effects of l horizontal cells on turtle pseudemys scripta elegans cones

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554288

Jaffe A.S., 1987: Sustained fibrinolysis after administration of t pa despite its short half life in the circulation

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554290

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554291

Section 7 , Chapter 6555, Accession 006554292

Hopmans P., 1979: Sustained growth responses to super phosphate applied to established stands of pinus radiata

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554294

Matzner, Y.; Polliack, A.; Shenar, E.; Izak, G., 1978: Sustained hematological remission after bone marrow curettage in a case of primary myelo fibrosis

Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554296

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Section 7, Chapter 6555, Accession 006554329

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