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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6557

Chapter 6557 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556000

Et Al, 1987: Sympathetically induced myocardial ischemia causes the heart to release plasma kinin

Mikhailova I.L., 1979: Sympathetico adrenal and entero chromaffin systems and some homeostasis indices in open heart surgery with morphine anesthesia

Askerov N.M., 1986: Sympathetico adrenal and hypophyseal adrenal systems in heart surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass under combined ketamine anesthesia

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556004

Ivleva V.I., 1979: Sympathetico adrenal system in certain complications of myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556006

Tsfasman, A. Z.; Vasil'ev, V. N.; Brodskaya, T. V.; Vydrin, M. L., 1975: Sympathico adrenal system in patients of advanced age with systolic hypertension

Robison, G. A.; Sutherland, E. W., 1970: Sympathin e sympathin i and the intra cellular level of cyclic amp

Itina L.V., 1979: Sympatho activating and sympatho inhibitory afferent fibers of the vagus and splanchnic nerves

Persson B., 1984: Sympatho adrenal activity and metabolic adjustment during the 1st 12 hours after birth in infants of diabetic mothers

Spies H.F., 1979: Sympatho adrenal activity in acute cold exposure mechanisms of sudden death in water immersion

Landsberg L., 1979: Sympatho adrenal activity in fasting pregnant rats dissociation of adrenal medullary and sympathetic nervous system responses

Golde S.H., 1982: Sympatho adrenal activity in infants of diabetic mothers

Kammula R.K., 1982: Sympatho adrenal activity maternal fetal and neo natal responses after epidural anesthesia in the pre eclamptic patient

Mccarty, R.; Kvetnansky, R.; Lake, C. R.; Thoa, N. B.; Kopin, I. J., 1978: Sympatho adrenal activity of spontaneously hypertensive and wistar kyoto rats during recovery from forced immobilization

Gutenberger S., 1981: Sympatho adrenal and adrenal hormonal responses of new born calves to hypo thermia

Hjemdahl P., 1981: Sympatho adrenal and cardio vascular responses to mental stress isometric hand grip and cold pressor test in asymptomatic young men with primary t wave abnormalities in the electro cardiogram

Nisell, H.; Hjemdahl, P.; Linde, B.; Lunell, N. O., 1985: Sympatho adrenal and cardiovascular reactivity in pregnancy induced hypertension 1. responses to isometric exercise and a cold pressor test

Levchenko A.M., 1983: Sympatho adrenal and hypophyseal adrenal systems in the pre operative irradiation of patients with esophageal and cardiac cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556020

Rubin B., 1980: Sympatho adrenal and renin angiotensin systems in the development of 2 kidney 1 clip renal hypertension in rats

Mccarty R., 1981: Sympatho adrenal hyper reactivity to foot shock stress but not to cold exposure in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Ibarra J., 1982: Sympatho adrenal mechanisms in hemodynamic responses to gastric distension in cats

Mccarty, R.; Kopin, I. J., 1978: Sympatho adrenal medullary activity and behavior during exposure to foot shock stress a comparison of 7 rat strains

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556025

Stanton, H. C.; Mueller, R. L., 1976: Sympatho adrenal neurochemistry and early weaning of swine

Elde R., 1983: Sympatho adrenal preganglionic neurons their distribution and relationship to chemically coded fibers in the kitten intermediolateral cell column

Martinsson A., 1982: Sympatho adrenal reactivity in exercise induced asthma

Becker, E. J.; Kreuzer, F., 1968: Sympatho adrenal response to hypoxia human

Kopin I.J., 1979: Sympatho adrenal responses of spontaneously hypertensive rats to immobilization stress

Landsberg L., 1983: Sympatho adrenal responses to acute and chronic hypoxia in the rat

Weinberg R.P., 1983: Sympatho adrenal responses to cold and ketamine anesthesia in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Startsev V.G., 1985: Sympatho adrenal system activity in monkeys in acute and chronic emotional stress situations

Chirginova L.S., 1981: Sympatho adrenal system activity in patients with ischemic heart disease before and after treatment with obsidan

Kovachevich I.V., 1979: Sympatho adrenal system during traumatic shock in simulated weightlessness in the human body

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556036

Yanova L.A., 1980: Sympatho adrenal system in patients with newly identified pulmonary tuberculosis and the effect of anti tuberculosis drugs

Osumi Y., 1986: Sympatho adrenal system involved in the inhibitory effects of nicotine on the vagally stimulated gastric acid output and mucosal blood flow in rats

Kyosola K., 1979: Sympatho adrenergic neural control of the sphincter of oddi of the cat and the dog

Osumi Y., 1987: Sympatho adrenomedullary system mediation of the bombesin induced central inhibition of gastric acid secretion

Davis J.N., 1981: Sympatho hippocampal neurons are inside the blood brain barrier

Davis J.N., 1981: Sympatho hippocampal sprouting is directed by a target tropic factor

Farchi M., 1987: Sympatho inhibitory mechanism acting at sympathetic ganglia to attenuate hypothalamic induced pressor effect in the cat

Wnuk A., 1979: Sympatho neuronal and sympatho adrenal activation during ketamine anesthesia

Miras Portugal M.T., 1985: Sympathoadrenal activity and plasma glucose effects on plasma dopamine beta hydroxylase levels in rats

Smelik P.G., 1987: Sympathoadrenal activity facilitates beta endorphin and alpha msh secretion but does not potentiate acth secretion during immobilization stress

Nisell, H.; Hjemdahl, P.; Linde, B.; Lunell, N. O., 1985: Sympathoadrenal and cardiovascular reactivity in pregnancy induced hypertension 2. responses to tilting

Lunell N.O., 1986: Sympathoadrenal and cardiovascular responses to mental stress in pregnancy induced hypertension

Lincoln J.C.R., 1985: Sympathoadrenal function during cardiac operations in infants with the technique of surface cooling limited cardiopulmonary bypass and circulatory arrest

Mcfadden E.R.Jr, 1988: Sympathoadrenal response to repetitive exercise in normal and asthmatic subjects

Foti A., 1985: Sympathoadrenal responses to stress the linking of type a behavior pattern to ischemic heart disease

Startsev V.G., 1984: Sympathoadrenal system activity in monkeys under acute emotional stress

Gollnick P.D., 1985: Sympathoadrenal system and activation of glycogenolysis during muscular activity

Zatevakhina M.V., 1984: Sympathoadrenal system and dipidolor anesthesia in cardiosurgical patients

Kiseleva Z.M., 1987: Sympathoadrenal system and myocardial hypertrophy in hypertensive patients

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556056

Osumi Y., 1988: Sympathoadrenomedullary system mediation of the prostaglandin e 2 induced central inhibition of gastric acid output in rats

Guyenet P.G., 1988: Sympathoexcitatory neurons of rostral ventrolateral medulla exhibit pacemaker properties in the presence of a glutamate receptor antagonist

Prokhur, V. Z., 1975: Sympathogonioma of the mediastinum in a still born child

Reis D.J., 1985: Sympathoinhibition by a 1 noradrenergic neurons is mediated by neurons in the c 1 area of the rostral medulla

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556061

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556062

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556063

Yoshizaki, S.; Yo, E.; Otsubo, J. I., 1978: Sympathomimetic amines having a 3 4 di hydro carbostyril nucleus

Yoshizaki, S.; Tanimura, K.; Tamada, S.; Yabuuchi, Y.; Nakagawa, K., 1976: Sympathomimetic amines having a carbostyril nucleus

Roller, L., 1976: Sympathomimetic and adrenergic neuron blocking actions of compounds in an isolated arterial preparation

Lenzi P., 1980: Sympathomimetic component of dopamine renal action in hydro saline depletion

Wright N., 1982: Sympathomimetic drugs stimulate the output of secretory glyco proteins from human bronchi in vitro

Bajaj, U. K.; Sharma, V. N., 1977: Sympathomimetic effects of a newly synthesized compound sbs i

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556070

Palm D., 1982: Sympathomimetic effects of amezinium on the cardio vascular system and plasma catecholamines in man

Rees J.M.H., 1980: Sympathomimetic effects of exo isomers and endo isomers of 2 amino benzonorbornene in vitro and in vivo

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556073

Starke, K.; Montel, H., 1973: Sympathomimetic inhibition of noradrenaline release mediated by prostaglandins

Bunag R.D., 1986: Sympathomimetic pressor responses to trh in rats

Welch M.H., 1986: Sympathomimetic protein by young and aged lacrimal gland

Schaefer D.C., 1987: Sympathomimetics and exercise enhancement all in the mind

Laurin L., 1986: Sympathomimetics in nasal allergy

Mueller F.P., 1988: Sympatric and allopatric variation in aphids

Mason P.H., 1979: Sympatric associations of systropus spp diptera bombyliidae and ammophila spp hymenoptera sphecidae

Basset A., 1983: Sympatric co evolution of the trophic niche of 2 detritivorous isopods asellus aquaticus and proasellus coxalis

Waite R.K., 1984: Sympatric corvids effects of social behavior aggression and avoidance on feeding

Alekseev S.S., 1985: Sympatric forms of lenok genus brachymystax from the vitim basin russian sfsr ussr

Tavormina S.J., 1982: Sympatric genetic divergence in the leaf mining insect liriomyza brassicae diptera agromyzidae

Green D.M., 1984: Sympatric hybridization and allozyme variation in the toads bufo americanus and bufo fowleri in southern ontario canada

Vetsler I.I., 1985: Sympatric intraspecific forms of kamchatka ussr salmons

Savvaitova, K. A., 1976: Sympatric morpho ecological groups in chars of the genus salvelinus salmonidae

Ward P.D., 1987: Sympatric occurrence of living nautilus nautilus pompilius and nautilus stenomphalus on the great barrier reef australia

Savvaitova, K. A.; Vasil'ev, V. P., 1976: Sympatric population of chars of the genus salvelinus salmoniformes salmonidae from lake nachinskoe kamchatka russian sfsr ussr

Tauber, C. A.; Tauber, M. J., 1977: Sympatric speciation based on allelic changes at 3 loci evidence from natural populations in 2 habitats

Hueppop K., 1986: Sympatric speciation in cave fishes? studies on a mixed population of epigean and hypogean astyanax characidae pisces

Heimbach, F., 1978: Sympatric species clunio marinus and clunio balticus new species diptera chironomidae isolated by differences in diel emergence time

Roscoe D.J., 1981: Sympatric species diversity of new zealand land snails

Knight R.L., 1987: Sympatric species of nautilus nautilus pompilius and nautilus scrobiculatus in the admiralty islands papua new guinea

Shy E., 1984: Sympatry and allopatry of song in north american tanagers piranga spp

Lanza, B., 1977: Sympatry and coexistence in the italian triturus with notes on the molge italica molisana problem amphibia salamandridae

Frost, J. S.; Bagnara, J. T., 1977: Sympatry between rana blairi and the southern form of leopard frog in southeastern arizona usa anura ranidae

Aldridge B.M., 1984: Sympatry in 2 species of mockingbirds on providenciales island west indies

Morton, M. L.; Sokolski, K. N., 1978: Sympatry in bufo boreas and bufo canorus and additional evidence of natural hybridization

Healey, C. J., 1976: Sympatry in parotia lawesii and parotia carolae

Short, L. L., 1978: Sympatry in woodpeckers of lowland malayan forest

Lloyd, M.; White, J. A., 1976: Sympatry of periodical cicada broods and the hypothetical 4 year acceleration

Downing, W., 1977: Sympatry of tritoxa incurva and tritoxa flexa diptera otitidae

Peters J.H.P., 1984: Sympetrum pedemontanum observed in the netherlands odonata libellulidae

Greider J.L.Jr, 1986: Symphalangism associated with constriction rings syndactyly and brachytelophalangy in a black patient

Bosselmann E., 1986: Symphalangy

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556109

Chavant, L.; Combier, H.; Cros, J., 1975: Symphoricarpos racemosus phytochemical analysis and study of toxicity of the fruit

Stys, P., 1977: Symphylax horvathi new species from borneo heteroptera colobathristidae

Rink R.C., 1988: Symphyseal diastasis in the absence of the exstrophy epispadias complex

Robinson J.S., 1984: Symphysial fundal height from 12 weeks gestation

Walheim G.G., 1984: Symphysiodesis with a new compression plate

Van Roosmalen J., 1987: Symphysiotomy as an alternative to cesarean section

Pearson J.F., 1987: Symphysis fundus height maternal height labor pattern and mode of delivery

Westin B., 1981: Symphysis fundus measurement in prediction of fetal growth disturbances

Lindmark G., 1984: Symphysis fundus measurements and intra uterine growth retardation

Hirschfeld, Z.; Michaeli, Y.; Weinreb, M. M., 1977: Symphysis menti of the rabbit anatomy histology and post natal development

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556120

Cingovski J., 1982: Symphyta from the collection of the institute for plant protection in belgrade yugoslavia hymenoptera symphyta

Chevin, H., 1978: Symphyta hymenoptera fauna in the morbihan bocage france consequences of the leveling of hedges and taluses

Smith D.R., 1982: Symphyta hymenoptera of sri lanka

Smith D.R., 1981: Symphyta hymenoptera pergidae argidae tenthredinidae collected at the reserva ecologica do ibge brasilia brazil

Harkonen M., 1979: Symphytocarpus fusiformis new species myxomycetes from finland

Doganlar M., 1979: Sympiesis yuekseli new species hymenoptera chalcidoidea eulophidae reared from phyllonorycter sp lepidoptera gracilariidae

Davenport G.R., 1979: Symplasm formation and decidualization in the pseudopregnant rabbit after intra luminal instillation of tricaprylin

Boers Van Der Sluijs P., 1980: Symplasmic and apoplasmic radial ion transport in plant roots cortical plasmalemmas lose absorption capacity during differentiation

Kwiatkowska M. , 1988: Symplasmic isolation of chara vulgaris antheridium and mechanisms regulating the process of spermatogenesis

Goodwin P.B., 1985: Symplast domains in extrastelar tissues of egeria densa

Dumanyan D.G., 1987: Symplastic apudoma as a variant of the lung neuroendocrine tumor

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556132

Kurkova E.B., 1979: Symplastic connections in rhizodermis of trianea bogotensis

Nylund J E., 1980: Symplastic continuity during hartig net formation in norway spruce picea abies ecto mycorrhizae

Lucas W.J., 1986: Symplastic transport in ipomoea tricolor source leaves demonstration of functional symplastic connections from mesophyll to minor veins by a novel dye tracer method

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556136

Selezneva A.A., 1987: Symplectic and interhyale in the hyoid arch of osteichthyes

Nooteboom H.P., 1980: Symplocos columbuli new species symplocaceae from sumatra indonesia

Mehrotra B.N., 1986: Symplocos oxyphylla symplocaceae rediscovered from south andamans india

Nooteboom H.P., 1984: Symplocos symplocaceae from the bukit raya borneo

Sassen W.V., 1980: Symplocoside a flavanol glycoside from symplocos uniflora

Hiratsuka Y., 1984: Sympodial and annellidic conidiation in ceratocystis clavigera

Akashi M., 1981: Sympodial monsters 2 autopsy cases of sympus dipus

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556144

Neilands J.B., 1980: Symport transport of ferrichrome type siderophores molecular mechanism

Keleti, T.; Lakatos, S., 1976: Symposia biologica hungarica vol 18 mathematical models of metabolic regulation

Taylor, A. E.; Muller, R., 1976: Symposia of the british society for parasitology vol 14 genetic aspects of host parasite relationships

Taylor, A. E. R.; Muller, R., 1977: Symposia of the british society for parasitology vol 15 parasite invasion

Taylor, A. E. R.; Muller, R., 1978: Symposia of the british society for parasitology vol 16 the relevance of parasitology to human welfare today

Rainey, R. C., 1976: Symposia of the royal entomological society of london no 7 insect flight

Duncan, C. J., 1976: Symposia of the society for experimental biology no 30 calcium in biological systems

Jennings, D. H., 1977: Symposia of the society for experimental biology no 31 integration of activity in the higher plant

Curtis, A. S. G., 1978: Symposia of the society for experimental biology no 32 cell cell recognition

Roberts, D. F.; Thomson, A. M., 1976: Symposia of the society for the study of human biology vol 15 the biology of human fetal growth

Bickel, H.; Stern, J., 1976: Symposia of the society for the study of inborn errors of metabolism vol 12 inborn errors of calcium and bone metabolism

Ohsaki Y., 1980: Symposium occupational lung diseases chromate lung cancer

Gray, T. R. G.; Postgate, J. R., 1976: Symposium of the society for general microbiology no 26 the survival of vegetative microbes cambridge england april 1976

Haddock, B. A.; Hamilton, W. A., 1977: Symposium of the society for general microbiology vol 27 microbial energetics london england march 1977

Raine, D. N., 1977: Symposium of the society for the study of inborn errors of metabolism vol 13 medico social management of inherited metabolic disease

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556167

Bosma, J. F., 1976: Symposium on development of the basi cranium bethesda maryland usa june 23 25 1975

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556169

Saunders, G. F., 1978: Symposium on fundamental cancer research no 30 cell differentiation and neoplasia houston texas usa 1977

Pomerantz, M. A., 1967: Symposium on the years of the quiet sun international quiet sun year april 26 1967

Doughman J.S., 1985: Sympotthastia diptera chironomidae an update based on larvae from north carolina usa sympotthastia diastena new combination and other nearctic species

Westermeyer, J.; Vang, T. F.; Neider, J., 1984: Symptom change over time among hmong refugees psychiatric patients vs. nonpatients

Koger J., 1981: Symptom check list 90 scores of 264 methadone patients in treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556175

Mckee D.C., 1984: Symptom complaints and health care seeking behavior in subjects with bowel dys function

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556177

Olbrisch M.E., 1986: Symptom correlates of blood pressure a replication and reanalysis

Walker E., 1986: Symptom correlates of vulnerability to backward masking in schizophrenia

Marks, G. C.; Tippett, J. T., 1978: Symptom development and disease escape in eucalyptus obliqua growing in soils infected with phytophthora cinnamomi

Siegel M.R., 1986: Symptom development and disease severity in nicotiana tabacum and nicotiana repanda caused by peronospora tabacina

Rohrbach K.G., 1985: Symptom development of chilling injury in pineapple fruit ananas comosus

Kusunoki M., 1987: Symptom development of pine wilt disease histopathological observations with electron microscopes

Mccabe, M. S., 1976: Symptom differences in reactive psychoses and schizophrenia with poor prognosis

Berren M.R., 1981: Symptom distress socio demographic characteristics and transitional services

Price A., 1981: Symptom duration and survival prospects in carcinoma of the rectum

Price A., 1982: Symptom duration tumor staging and survival in patients with carcinoma of the breast

Nelson P.E., 1987: Symptom enhancement of fusarium wilt of chrysanthemum by high temperatures

Orcutt D.M., 1979: Symptom expression and free sterol and fatty acid composition of flue cured tobacco plants exposed to ozone

Yang, I. L., 1986: Symptom expression of loofah witches' broom and three other plant witches' broom agents in periwinkle vinca rosea

Thanassoulopoulos, C. C., 1976: Symptom expression of the tomato wilt fungi verticillium and fusarium as affected by the presence of tobacco mosaic virus

Beiderbeck R., 1980: Symptom expression on catharanthus roseus shoots after infection with agrobacterium rhizogenes

Gould W.J., 1985: Symptom improvement of spastic dysphonia in response to phonatory tasks

Costa A.S., 1987: Symptom intensification prevents so far the control of papaya ringspot by preimmunization

Debusk, R. F.; Haskell, W., 1980: Symptom limited vs. heart rate limited exercise testing soon after myo cardial infarction

Jaramillo, V. J., 1978: Symptom of some mineral deficiencies in strawberries

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556198

Cloninger, C. R.; Von-Knorring, A. L.; Sigvardsson, S.; Bohman, M., 1986: Symptom patterns and causes of somatization in men ii. genetic and environmental independence from somatization in women

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556200

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556201

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556202

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556203

Zeig J.K., 1980: Symptom prescription and ericksonian principles of hypnosis and psycho therapy

Zeig J.K., 1980: Symptom prescription techniques clinical applications using elements of communication

Miller P.M., 1979: Symptom prevalence and severity in a general practice population with appendix

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556207

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556208

Gillberg R., 1985: Symptom profiles in chronic peptide ulcer disease a detailed study of abdominal and mental symptoms

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556210

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556211

Levey G.S., 1988: Symptom rating scale for assessing hyperthyroidism

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556213

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556214

Rubino L., 1986: Symptom regulation induced by chicory yellow mottle virus satellite like rna

Wormsley K.G., 1981: Symptom relief and the placebo effect in the trial of an anti peptic drug

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556217

Syrotuik J., 1981: Symptom reporting at the menopause

Tyroler H.A., 1986: Symptom reports and mortality in an occupational cohort

Toussoun T.A., 1983: Symptom response and colonization as measures of resistance in chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium cultivars inoculated with fusarium oxysporum f sp chrysanthemi

Jones, D. V.; Latham, M. C.; Kosikowski, F. V.; Woodward, G., 1976: Symptom response to lactose reduced milk in lactose intolerant adults

Linder A., 1988: Symptom scores as measures of the severity of rhinitis

Hanley D., 1988: Symptom status and quality of life following prostatectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556224

Altman R., 1982: Symptom survey of residents of homes insulated with urea formaldehyde foam

Palmer G.K., 1985: Symptom variability and selection for reduced severity of cotton gossypium hirsutum seedling disease caused by pythium ultimum

Zwickl B.W., 1987: Symptomatic and asymptomatic cervical infections with human papillomavirus during pregnancy

Bogaard A.V.D., 1983: Symptomatic and asymptomatic rotavirus infections in hospitalized children

Gilardi G., 1986: Symptomatic and asymptomatic vaginitis microbiological clinical and therapeutic aspects

Lam, C. R.; Kabbani, S.; Arciniegas, E., 1978: Symptomatic anomalies of the aortic arch

Ting L P., 1988: Symptomatic anti hbe positive chronic hepatitis b in taiwan with special reference to persistent hbv replication and hdv superinfection

Pedersen R., 1987: Symptomatic aortic aneurysm a difficult diagnosis

Segelov J.N., 1982: Symptomatic arachnoiditis ossificans 2 cases

Alden E.R., 1979: Symptomatic arterio venous malformation in infants less than 6 months of age

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556237

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556238

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556239

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556240

Gleckman, R.; Shannon, R. J.; Crowley, M., 1978: Symptomatic bacterial urinary tract infections in men limitations of quantitative urine cultures

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556242

Magnin G.E., 1980: Symptomatic benign lymphoid hyperplasia of the terminal ileum in an adult

Selikoff I.J., 1988: Symptomatic benign pleural effusions among asbestos insulation workers residual radiographic abnormalities

Monfort G.J., 1987: Symptomatic bilateral renal angiomyolipomas in a child

Talsma S.E., 1986: Symptomatic biliary tract disease in the elderly patient

Chakravorty, R. C.; Makoui, C., 1977: Symptomatic bony metastases from occult primary liver cancer

Sheppard D., 1987: Symptomatic bronchoconstriction after short term inhalation of sulfur dioxide

Mckenzie W.D., 1985: Symptomatic carpal coalition

Anderson, M.; Salmon, M. V., 1977: Symptomatic cataplexy

Linden, B., 1977: Symptomatic chondro calcinosis at the wrist

Matsushima T., 1985: Symptomatic choroidal epithelial cyst in the 4th ventricle

Rizzo S., 1984: Symptomatic chronic persistent hepatitis a clinical trial with arginine thiazolidinecarboxylate sulfile

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556254

Smyth L.T., 1979: Symptomatic coccidioido mycosis following a severe natural dust storm an outbreak at the naval air station lemoore california usa

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556256

Shea P.M., 1982: Symptomatic coronary artery disease in a marathon runner

Macmillan J.P., 1985: Symptomatic coronary artery disease in patients aged 21 to 30 years

Hoffman I., 1986: Symptomatic coronary disease for 20 or more years clinical aspects angiographic findings and therapeutic implications

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556260

Griffiths P.D., 1988: Symptomatic cytomegalovirus infection in seropositive kidney recipients reinfection with donor virus rather than reactivation of recipient virus

Williams, E. H.; Tyers, G. F. O.; Shaffer, C. W., 1978: Symptomatic deep venous thrombosis of the arm associated with permanent trans venous pacing electrodes

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556263

Winkelmann R.K., 1987: Symptomatic dermographism factitious urticaria passive transfer experiments from human to monkey

Greaves M.W., 1983: Symptomatic dermographism natural history clinical features laboratory investigations and response to therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556266

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556267

Mellow, M., 1977: Symptomatic diffuse esophageal spasm manometric follow up and response to cholinergic stimulation and cholin esterase inhibition

Raynor R.B., 1985: Symptomatic disc herniation into the vertebral body

Bannayan G., 1979: Symptomatic duodenal duplication cyst in an adult demonstrated by endoscopic retrograde cholangio pancreatography case report and literature review

Yamamoto S., 1983: Symptomatic duplication of the vertebral artery

Lewis J.W., 1981: Symptomatic ecotopic pancreas relieved by surgical excision

Morrissey J.F., 1986: Symptomatic ectopic gastric epithelium of the cervical esophagus demonstration of acid production with congo red

Worning H., 1986: Symptomatic effect of pancreatic enzyme therapy in patients with pancreatitis

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556275

Hillis L.D., 1983: Symptomatic electro cardiographic metabolic and hemodynamic alterations during pacing induced myo cardial ischemia

Quagliarello J., 1987: Symptomatic endosalpingosis in a postmenopausal woman

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556278

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556279

Nebel, O. T.; Fornes, M. F.; Castell, D. O., 1976: Symptomatic gastro esophageal reflux incidence and precipitating factors

Section 7 , Chapter 6557, Accession 006556281

Weilbaecher T.G., 1986: Symptomatic granular cell tumor of the esophagus

Stern, R. C.; Stevens, D. P.; Boat, T. F.; Doershuk, C. F.; Izant, R. J. Jr ; Matthews, L. W., 1976: Symptomatic hepatic disease in cystic fibrosis incidence course and outcome of portal systemic shunting

Malaskova L., 1986: Symptomatic hepatic porphyria in a worker in the lead hazard

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556285

Sengupta R.P., 1984: Symptomatic hydrocephalus following aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage

Paleev, N. R.; Zakharov, V. N., 1975: Symptomatic hypertensions their origin and systematization

Caro, J. F.; Besarab, A.; Glennon, J. A., 1978: Symptomatic hypo calcemia following combined calcitonin and mithramycin therapy for hyper calcemia due to malignancy

Reidenberg M.M., 1981: Symptomatic hypo kalemia resulting from surreptitious diuretic ingestion

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556290

Chanoine F., 1981: Symptomatic hypo pituitarism revealing a primary empty sella turcica

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556292

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556293

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556294

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556295

Hachinski, V.; Norris, J. W.; Cooper, P. W.; Marshall, J., 1977: Symptomatic intra cranial steal

Brasa J., 1981: Symptomatic intra sphenoidal meningo encephalocele after removal of a parasagittal meningioma

Neuwirth R.S., 1982: Symptomatic intra uterine retention of fetal bones

O'mahony G., 1987: Symptomatic intracranial tuberculoma developing during treatment of tuberculosis a report of 10 patients and review of the literature

Garfin S.R., 1987: Symptomatic intraspinal synovial cysts opacification and treatment by percutaneous injection

Hammill S.C., 1986: Symptomatic isolated carotid sinus hypersensitivity natural history and results of treatment with anticholinergic drugs or pacemaker

Newman N.M., 1981: Symptomatic lepto meningeal metastases preceding other manifestations of occult primary brain tumors

Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556303

Diez Caballero Lasheras F., 1980: Symptomatic meckels diverticulum

Connors J.P., 1980: Symptomatic met hemo globinemia with a commonly used topical anesthetic cetacaine

Paya F.J.P., 1981: Symptomatic myelo lipoma of the suprarenal cortex radiological and echographic aspects

Saigal, S.; Usher, R. H., 1977: Symptomatic neo natal plethora

Mapel J.R., 1983: Symptomatic neurogenic bladder in a cerebral palsied population

Silver, H. M.; Shirkhoda, A.; Simon, D. B., 1978: Symptomatic osseous sarcoidosis with findings on bone scan

Menelaus M.B., 1987: Symptomatic ossicles of the lateral malleolus in children

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Section 7, Chapter 6557, Accession 006556312

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