Section 7
Chapter 6,558

Synaptoid profiles in regenerating crustacean peripheral nerves

Nordlander, R.H.; Singer, M.

Cell and Tissue Research 166(4): 445-460


ISSN/ISBN: 0302-766X
PMID: 1253243
DOI: 10.1007/bf00225910
Accession: 006557180

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Synapse-like structures occurring in regenerating crayfish [Cambarus sp., Procambarus sp.] peripheral nerves are characterized by aggregates of small (250-600 .ANG.) electron lucent vesicles adjacent to a thickened presynaptic membrane. Such synaptoid profiles are seen opposite other axons, glial processes or extracellular fibrous material. Junctions with cellular elements do not show postsynaptic specializations. These complexes are compared to axo-glial synapses in the developing spinal cord and to synaptoid configurations observed by others in vertebrate and invertebrate neurosecretory systems.

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