Synoptic monitoring for migrant insect pests in great britain and western europe 3. the seasonal distribution of pest aphids and the annual aphid aero fauna over great britain uk 1975 1980

Taylor, L.R.; Woiwod, I.P.; Tatchell, G.M.; Dupuch, M.J.; Nicklen, J.

Rothamsted Experimental Station Report Part 2 : 23-122


Accession: 006559117

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To facilitate the recognition of alate aphid pest species and potential virus vectors in random samples of airborne migrants, the total aerial samples for all species between 1975 and 1980 are tabulated at 18 continuously operated sampling stations. Annual means for the geographical distributions of up to 3 seasonal cycles of migration of 27 spp. of alate aphids, including agricultural and forest pests, are mapped to verify annual life cycles and provide a basis for forecasting distribution.