Synthesis of 1 6' 8' di substituted 2' ethylquinazolin 4' oxyacetyl 3 methyl 4 4'' n substituted sulfonamidophenyl azo pyrazoline 5 ones as potential anti bacterial anti fungal and anti viral agents

Srivastava, N.; Bahadur, S.; Verma, H.N.; Khan, M.M.A.A.

Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 45(3): 105-108


ISSN/ISBN: 0250-474X
Accession: 006564628

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Fifteen new 1-(6',8'-disubstituted-2'-ethyl-quinazolin-4-oxyacetyl)-3-methyl-4-[4'-(N-substituted-sulfonamido)-phenylazo]-pyrazolin-5-ones were synthesized by coupling of 4-(N-substituted sulfonamido)-phenyldiazonium salts at position 4 of 1,2-disubstituted-pyrazolin-5-ones, synthesized by cyclization of N-substituted hydrazines for evaluation of antibacterial, antifugngal and antiviral action. None showed outstanding activity.