Section 7
Chapter 6,569

Synthesis of dna in roots of gamma irradiated shoots of legumes in post radiation period

Golikova, O.P.; Mironyuk, T.I.

Fiziologiya i Biokhimiya Kul'turnykh Rastenii 9(4): 398-405


Accession: 006568133

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With maximal inhibition of the replicative synthesis (incubation of roots in the medium without sucrose) an increase in incorporation of radioactivity into DNA of the irradiated roots is observed in a division zone. In the zones of tension and the beginning of differentiation an increase in the DNA activity in irradiated roots is observed under optimal conditions of incubation. Possibly in the irradiated roots reparation synthesis is responsible for a rise in the DNA activity in the division zone, and the replicative and reparation synthesis of DNA is responsible in the zones of tension and differentiation.

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