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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6571

Chapter 6571 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Gull R., 1988:
Synthesis of partially chlorinated epoxidized fat derivatives and their use as plastics additives

Tanaka, T.; Hayasaka, T.; Saito, T.; Saito, K.; Goto, T.; Okutani, K.; Yamada, S.I., 1980:
Synthesis of partially saturated 2 naphthaleneacetic acid and 2 naphthylideneacetic acid

Fulop F.; Huber I.; Dombi G.; Bernath G., 1987:
Synthesis of partially saturated dipyrido 1 2 a 4 3 d pyrimidin 11 ones via catalytic hydrogen transfer reaction

Carr J.P.; Dixon D.C.; Klessig D.F., 1985:
Synthesis of pathogenesis related proteins in tobacco nicotiana tabacum is regulated at the level of messenger rna accumulation and occurs on membrane bound polysomes

Bharwaj, D.K.; Bisht, M.S.; Jain, S.C.; Sharma, G.C., 1978:
Synthesis of patuletin

Haraguchi K.; Kuroki H.; Masuda Y., 1987:
Synthesis of pcb methylsulfone some differences in mass and pmr spectroscopy

Fiedurek J.; Ilczuk Z., 1983:
Synthesis of pectinases by hetero zygous di ploids of aspergillus niger

Fiedurek J.; Ilczuk Z., 1983:
Synthesis of pectinolytic enzymes by forced heterokaryons of aspergillus niger in submerged culture

Avrova, N.P., 1975:
Synthesis of pectolytic enzymes of clostridium felsineum and their hydrolysis of pectin substances of flax straw

Andresen, B.D.; Weitzenkorn, D.E., 1978:
Synthesis of pemoline deuterium 5 a metabolic probe for hyperactivity

Hanlon B.; John D.I.; Williams D.J., 1986:
Synthesis of penicillanate dimers an x ray crystal structure of a penicillanylidene penicillanate

Johansson, N.G., 1976:
Synthesis of penicillin analogs levo methyl 6 epi 6 bromo bis norpenicillanate and racemic methyl 6 epi 6 bromo penicillanate

Beugelmans Verrier M.; Potier P., 1987:
Synthesis of pentacyclic beta carboline and 1 4 benzodiazepine hybrid molecules by dehydrogenation transamidation of quinazolinotetrahydro beta carbolines

Kulinkovich L.N.; Timoshchuk V.A., 1983:
Synthesis of pento pyraninic acid

Yamauchi K.; Ohtsuki S.; Kinoshita M., 1984:
Synthesis of peptide analogs containing 2 aminoethyl phosphonic acid ciliatine

Rich D.H.; Lehrman S.R.; Kawai M.; Goodman H.L.; Suttie J.W., 1981:
Synthesis of peptide analogs of prothrombin precursor sequence 5 9 substrate specificity of vitamin k dependent carboxylase

Tsuda, Y.; Okada, Y.; Nagamatsu, Y.; Okamoto, U., 1987:
Synthesis of peptide chloromethyl ketones and examination of their inhibitory effects on human spleen fibrinolytic proteinase (SFP) and human leukocyte elastase (LE)

Samukov V.V.; Kalashnikov V.V.; Ofitserov V.I.; Shval'e A.F., 1985:
Synthesis of peptide fragment of hemagglutinin of the a aichi 2 68 h 3n 2 influenza virus

Nokihara K.; Yanaihara C.; Iguchi K.; Fukata S.; Tanaka M.; Mochizuki T.; Tatemoto K.; Lundberg J.M.; Mutt V.; Yanaihara N., 1984:
Synthesis of peptide histidine isoleucine and related peptides and immunochemical confirmation of amino acid residue in position 24 of peptide histidine isoleucine with use of synthetic peptides

Okada Y.; Tsuda Y.; Nagamatsu Y.; Okamoto U., 1984:
Synthesis of peptide inhibitors of human spleen fibrinolytic proteinase and human leukocyte elastase like proteinase

Harding D.R.K.; Hancock W.S.; Sparrow J.T., 1985:
Synthesis of peptide labeled with p iodophenylalanine which corresponds to the first amphipathic region of apolipoprotein c i

Lord S.T.; Breslow E., 1980:
Synthesis of peptide spin labels that bind to neurophysin and their application to distance measurement within neurophysin complexes

Adams, E., 1976:
Synthesis of peptides and derivatives of 3 hydroxy proline and 4 hydroxy proline

Larsson, L.E.; Melin, P.; Ragnarsson, U., 1976:
Synthesis of peptides by fragment condensation on a solid support part 2 a scheme for preparation of 4 8 di substituted vasopressins evaluated on 8 arginine vasopressin

St-Pierre, S.; Gaudreau, P.; Drouin, J.N.; Regoli, D.; Lemarie, S., 1979:
Synthesis of peptides by the solid phase method 4. desarginine brady kinin and analogs

Fournier, A.; Couture, R.; Magnan, J.; Gendreau, M.; Regoli, D.; St-Pierre, S., 1980:
Synthesis of peptides by the solid phase method 5. substance p and analogs

St-Pierre, S.; Lalonde, J.M.; Gendreau, M.; Quirion, R.; Regoli, D.; Rioux, F., 1981:
Synthesis of peptides by the solid phase method 6. neurotensin fragments and analogs

Fournier, A.; Couture, R.; Regoli, D.; Gendreau, M.; St-Pierre, S., 1982:
Synthesis of peptides by the solid phase method 7. substance p and analogs

Park, W.K.; St-Pierre, S.A.; Barabe, J.; Regoli, D., 1978:
Synthesis of peptides by the solid phase part 3 brady kinin fragments and analogs

Zecchini, G.P.; Paradisi, M.P., 1979:
Synthesis of peptides containing 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro quinoline 2 carboxylic acid 3. cyclization of di peptides and amides with acetic anhydride

Cerrini S.; Fedeli W.; Mazza F.; Lucente G.; Paglialunga Paradisi M.; Romeo A., 1979:
Synthesis of peptides containing 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro quinoline 2 carboxylic acid part 2 crystal and molecular structure of a 1h 3h 5h oxazolo 3 4 a quinolin 3 one derivative obtained from a linear tri peptide

Skaric, V.; Kovacevic, M.; Skaric, D., 1976:
Synthesis of peptides containing cis or trans 3 or 4 amino cyclo hexanecarboxylic acid residues

Deak, G.; Gall-Istok, K.; Zara-Kaczian, E.; Kisfaludy, L., 1980:
Synthesis of peptides containing d glucosaminic acid 1. synthetic methods

Gall-Istok, K.; Zara-Kaczian, E.; Kisfaludy, L.; Deak, G., 1981:
Synthesis of peptides containing d glucosaminic acid 2. synthesis of some tri peptides and hexa peptides

Teuber, H.J.; Krause, H., 1978:
Synthesis of peptides of the amino acids 3 5 di tert butyl 4 hydroxyphenyl alanine and 3 5 di tert butyl 4 hydroxyphenyl glycine

Rackur G.; Yamaguchi I.; Leban J.J.; Bjorkroth U.; Rosell S.; Folkers K., 1979:
Synthesis of peptides related to substance p and their activities as agonists and antagonists

Devadas, B.; Pandey, R.K.; Mathur, K.B., 1978:
Synthesis of peptides with 1 beta naphthalene sulfonyloxy benzotriazole a highly efficient peptide coupling reagent

Makowski, M.; Rzeszotarska, B.; Kubica, Z.; Wieczorek, P., 1984:
Synthesis of peptides with alpha beta dehydro amino acids 1. synthesis of n benzyloxycarbonyl di peptides and n tri fluoroacetyl di peptides of dehydro alanine and dehydrophenyl alanine/

Makowski, M.; Rzeszotarska, B.; Kubica, Z.; Pietrzynski, G., 1985:
Synthesis of peptides with alpha beta dehydroamino acids 2. synthesis of tert butyloxycarbonyldipeptides of dehydroalanine and dehydrophenylalanine

Makowski, M.; Rzeszotarska, B.; Kubica, Z.; Pietrzynski, G.; Hetper, J., 1986:
Synthesis of peptides with alpha beta dehydroamino acids 5. coupling experiments with carboxyl terminal dehydrophenylalanine and dehydroalanine residues

Siffert, O.; Pasquet, M., 1977:
Synthesis of peptidic inhibitors of the collagenase from achromobacter iophagus

Harrington, C.R.; Baddiley, J., 1984:
Synthesis of peptidoglycan and teichoic acid in Bacillus subtilis: role of the electrochemical proton gradient

Venkataramu S.D.; Pearson D.E.; Beth A.H.; Perkins R.C.; Park C.R.; Park J.H., 1981:
Synthesis of per deuterio n 1 oxyl 2 2 6 6 tetramethyl 4 piperidinyl maleimide a highly sensitive spin probe

Strzelczyk, M., 1983:
Synthesis of per hydro 1 4 thiazepines of expected pharmacological activity 3. 4 2 hydroxyethyl per hydro 1 4 thiazepine esters

Kojima Y.; Kato N., 1980:
Synthesis of per hydro furo 2 3 b furan compounds and the structure activity relationships of the anti feeding active compounds

Gorman A.A.; Standen M.C., 1988:
Synthesis of perdeuterio 1 4 diazabicyclo 2 2 2 octane

Miki Y.; Uragi M.; Takemura S.; Ikeda M., 1985:
Synthesis of perifused indolizines and azaindolizines by intramolecular 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition of 3 phenylpropynoyloxyalkylpyridine n ylides

Prager R.H.; Were S.T., 1983:
Synthesis of perloline 6 3 4 di methoxyphenyl 5 hydroxy 5 6 di hydro benzo c 2 7 naphthyridin 4 3h one

Luu-Duc, C.; Charlon, C.; Delord, C.A.; Cros, J.; Monsarrat, B., 1978:
Synthesis of pethidine derivatives carbon 14 labeled dl phenoperidine

Calas B.; Michelot R.; Lecaer J.P.; Cave A.; Parello J.; Potier P., 1987:
Synthesis of pglu 5 mephe 8 sar 9 substance p 5 11 dime c7 using polyacrylamide resin and biological activity on guinea pig ileum and tracheal smooth muscle

Hoet, P.; Coene, M.; Cocito, C., 1978:
Synthesis of phage 2c dna in permeabilized bacillus subtilis

Reeve J.N.; Lanka E.; Schuster H., 1980:
Synthesis of phage p 1 ban in mini cells infected by p 1 mutants

Gold, L.M.; Schweiger, M., 1969:
Synthesis of phage specific alpha glucosyl transferase and beta glucosyl transferase directed by t even dna in vitro

Brunschede, H.; Bremer, H., 1976 :
Synthesis of phage specific and host specific rna in escherichia coli infected with a fragment of bacterio phage t 5

Morton, D.; Kutter, E.M.; Guttman, B.S., 1978:
Synthesis of phage t 4 dna and bacterio phage in the absence of deoxy cmp hydroxy methylase

Troschuetz, R.; Roth, H.J., 1978:
Synthesis of pharmacologically active hetero cyclic compounds by application of the mannich reaction part 2 partially hydrated benzo cyclo alkeno b quinolinones/

Troschuetz, R.; Roth, H.J., 1978:
Synthesis of pharmacologically active hetero cyclic compounds by application of the mannich reaction part 3 synthesis of pyrido 2 3 d pyrimidine 2 4 diones 5 deaza pteridines

Roth, H.J.; Troschutz, R., 1977:
Synthesis of pharmacologically active hetero cyclic compounds via mannich reaction part 1 3 acetyl pyridines and hydro quinolines

Troschuetz, R.; Roth, H.J., 1978:
Synthesis of pharmacologically active hetero cyclic compounds via mannich reaction part 4 cyclo alka g pyrido 2 3 d pyrimidinediones and benzo cyclo alka g pyrido 2 3 d pyrimidinediones

Tominaga Y.; Lee M.L.; Castle R.N., 1981:
Synthesis of phenaleno 1 9 bc thiophene

Iwao M.; Lee M.L.; Castle R.N., 1980:
Synthesis of phenanthro b thiophenes

Shah, D.O.; Trivedi, K.N., 1977:
Synthesis of phenanthroindolizidine derivatives

Chauncy, B.; Gellert, E., 1970:
Synthesis of phenanthroindolizidines part 2 the synthesis of racemic tylocrebrine racemic tylophorine racemic antofine and racemic 2 3 di methoxy phenanthroindolizidine

Alme P.; Law F.C.P., 1982:
Synthesis of phencyclidine and its analogs labeled with carbon 14 labeled and tritium labeled

Yanaihara, N.; Kubota, M.; Sakagami, M.; Sato, H.; Mochizuki, T.; Sakura, N.; Hashimoto, T.; Yanaihara, C.; Yamaguchi, K.; Et-Al, 1977:
Synthesis of phenolic group containing analogs of porcine secretin and their immunological properties

Rao, S.; Mehta, A.R., 1980:
Synthesis of phenolics in arachis hypogaea cultivar a.h. 334 cell suspensions

Yamaguchi, M.; Shibato, K.; Nakashima, H.; Minami, T., 1988:
Synthesis of phenols by the intramolecular condensation of beta beta' delta delta' tetraoxoalkanedioates a novel boron trifluoride promoted claisen condensation of acetoacetate dianion with esters and amides

Rana S.S.; Barlow J.J.; Matta K.L., 1981:
Synthesis of phenyl 2 acetamido 2 deoxy 3 o alpha l fucopyranosyl beta d gluco pyranoside and related compounds

Rana S.S.; Barlow J.J.; Matta K.L., 1982:
Synthesis of phenyl 2 acetamido 2 deoxy 4 o alpha l fuco pyranosyl beta d gluco pyranoside and p nitrophenyl 2 acetamido 2 deoxy 6 o alpha l fucopyranosyl beta d gluco pyranoside

Razzak K.S.A., 1979:
Synthesis of phenyl 3 acetamido salicylates and phenyl 5 acetamido salicylates as potential analgesics

Heinzmann, U.; Seitz, U., 1977:
Synthesis of phenyl alanine ammonia lyase ec in antho cyanin containing and antho cyanin free callus cells of daucus carota

Csanadi J.; Szataricskai F.; Batta G.; Dinya Z.; Bognar R., 1986:
Synthesis of phenyl beta acobioside a derivative of the disaccharide component of actinoidins

Rana S.S.; Barlow J.J.; Matta K.L., 1980:
Synthesis of phenyl o alpha l fucopyranosyl 1 2 o beta d galactopyranosyl 1 3 2 acetamido 2 deoxy alpha d galacto pyranoside

Roth H.J.; Lenig A.R.; Stock W., 1981:
Synthesis of phenyl phosphorodiamidates 1

Banzatti C.; Heidempergher F.; Melloni P., 1983:
Synthesis of phenyl substituted 2h 3 4 di hydro 3 aminomethyl 1 4 benzoxazines intermediates for 1h 2 3 3a 4 tetra hydro imidazo 5 1 c 1 4 benzoxazin 1 one derivatives 2

Nadian A.K., 1984:
Synthesis of phenyl uniformly carbon 14 labeled 4 hydroxy coumarin

Kornet M.J., 1980:
Synthesis of phenyl urethanes of 1 2 di alkyl 4 pyrazolidinols as anti convulsant agents

Kornet M.J., 1980:
Synthesis of phenyl urethanes of a pyrazolidinyl carbinol as anti convulsant agents

Moor N.A.; Nevinskii G.A.; Ankilova V.N.; Lavrik O.I., 1983:
Synthesis of phenylalanyl adenylate reactive analogs and investigation of their interaction with phenylalanyl transfer rna synthetase from escherichia coli mre 600

Subramanian L.M.; Misra G.S., 1986:
Synthesis of phenylisoxazoles and phenylpyrazoles via cyanoethylation

Vinczer, P.; Juvancz, Z.; Novak, L.; Szantay, C., 1987:
Synthesis of pheromones iii. improved and stereocontrolled syntheses of isomeric mixtures of 8 dodecen 1 yl acetates

Chattopadhyay A.; Mamdapur V.R.; Chadha M.S., 1987:
Synthesis of pheromones of potato tuberworm moth phthorimaea opericulella zeller

Giese B.; Bartmann D.; Hasskerl T., 1987:
Synthesis of pheromones with acetal structures via radical carbon carbon bond formation

Gerlach H.; Kuenzler P., 1980:
Synthesis of phoracantholide k phoracantholide o and phoracantholide m

Franzkowiak M.; Thiem J.; Demoulin C., 1986:
Synthesis of phosphate bridged d glucose units as partial structures of phosphorylated starches

Ramirez F.; Mandal S.B.; Marecek J.F., 1983:
Synthesis of phosphatidyl 6 d glucose and attempted synthesis of phosphatidyl 1 d glucose

Van Boeckel C.A.A.; Van Boom J.H., 1985:
Synthesis of phosphatidyl alpha glucosylglycerol containing a dioleoylphosphatidyl moiety application of the tetraisopropyldisiloxane 1 3 diyl protecting group in sugar chemistry part iii

Van Boeckel C.A.A.; Visser G.M.; Van Boom J.H., 1985:
Synthesis of phosphatidyl beta glucosylglycerol containing a dioleoyldiglyceride moiety application of the tetraisopropyldisiloxane 1 3 diyl protecting group in sugar chemistry part iv

Vasilenko, I.A.; Serebrennikova, G.A.; Evstigneeva, R.P., 1976:
Synthesis of phosphatidyl choline

Prasad C.; Edwards R.M., 1981:
Synthesis of phosphatidyl choline from phosphatidyl ethanolamine by at least 2 methyl transferases in rat pituitary extracts

Medrano E.; Iujvidin S.; Mordoh J., 1981:
Synthesis of phosphatidyl deoxy cmp in human lymphocytes and its enhancement by chlorpromazine

Medrano E.; Mordoh J., 1979:
Synthesis of phosphatidyl deoxy cmp in permeabilized normal human lymphocytes

Nifant'ev E.E.; Predvoditelev D.A.; Zolotov M.A., 1982:
Synthesis of phosphatidyl hydro quinones

Nifant'ev E.E.; Predvoditelev D.A.; Zolotov M.A., 1981:
Synthesis of phosphatidyl ionols

Shevchenko, V.P.; Lazurkina, T.Y. ; Molotkovsky, J.G.; Bergel'son, L.D., 1976:
Synthesis of phosphatidyl muco inositol

Witzke N.M.; Bittman R., 1985:
Synthesis of phosphatidylcholine analogs with an alkyl group at carbon 1 or carbon 3 of the glycerol moiety

Diembeck W.; Eibl H., 1979:
Synthesis of phospho lipid analogs variation of the phosphorus nitrogen distance

Ramirez, F.; Ioannou, P.V.; Marecek, J.F.; Dodd, G.H.; Golding, B.T., 1977:
Synthesis of phospho lipids by means of cyclic enediol pyro phosphates optically active monovalent and divalent cation salts of di phosphatidyl glycerol cardio lipin

Muramatsu, T.; Hara, I.; Hayashi, M., 1977:
Synthesis of phospho lipids part 3 synthesis of 1 2 di palmitoyl rac glyceryl 3 phosphoryl 3 beta cholesterol and 1 2 di palmitoyl rac glyceryl 3 phosphoryl 20 3 beta hydroxy norpregn 5 ene

Ballard, F.J.; Hopgood, M.F.; Reshef, L.; Tilghman, S.; Hanson, R.W., 1974:
Synthesis of phosphoenol pyruvate carboxy kinase ec gtp by isolated liver poly ribosomes

Lebeau L.; Mioskowski C.; Oudet P., 1987 :
Synthesis of phospholipids linked to steroid hormone derivatives

Kupczyk Subotkowska L.; Mastalerz P., 1983:
Synthesis of phosphonic analogs of enkephalins penta peptides with carboxyl group replaced by phosphonate group

L.M.rechal P.; Froussios C.; Level M.; Azerad R., 1981:
Synthesis of phosphono analogs of 3 deoxy d arabino hept 2 ulosonic acid 7 phosphate

Gottikh M.B.; Ivanovskaya M.G.; Shabarova Z.A., 1983:
Synthesis of phosphoramidates of mono nucleotides and oligo nucleotides in aqueous media

Keenan R.W.; Martinez R.A.; Williams R.F., 1982:
Synthesis of phosphorus 32 labeled dolichyl phosphate utilizing a general procedure for phosphorus 32 labeled phosphorus oxy chloride preparation

Singin, A.S.; Safonova, T.S., 1975:
Synthesis of phosphorus 32 labeled tetra substituted sodium salt of di ethyl stilbestrol di phosphoric ester phosphestrol and di ethyl stilbestrol di phosphoric ester tetra ethylenimide

Shabalin Y.A.; Naumov A.V.; Vagabov V.M.; Kulaev I.S.; Danilov L.L.; Shibaev V.N., 1985:
Synthesis of phosphorus 33 dolichyl pyrophosphate and carbon 14 dolichyl pyrophosphate mannose

Alapishvili M.G.; Popova G.V.; Vorontsov E.D.; Kireev V.V.; Suvorov N.N., 1981:
Synthesis of phosphorus nitrogen derivatives of tryptamines

Srivastava O.P.; Hindsgaul O., 1987:
Synthesis of phosphorylated pentasaccharides found on asparagine linked carbohydrate chains of lysosomal enzymes

Pohlmann, R.; Waheed, A.; Hasilik, A.; von Figura, K., 1982:
Synthesis of phosphorylated recognition marker in lysosomal enzymes is located in the cis part of Golgi apparatus

Abe T.; Yamada Y.; Shigematsu Y.; Fukami J.; Fujimoto Y.; Tatsuno T., 1984:
Synthesis of phosphotriester by dicyclohexylcarbodiimide and its biological activities

Laczko E.; Escher E., 1981:
Synthesis of photo affinity labeling analogs of the peptide hormone brady kinin

Husain S.N.; Gentile B.; Sauers R.R.; Eichholz A., 1983:
Synthesis of photo affinity labeling derivatives of d glucose and d galactose

Bouthier D.L.T.ur C.; Moreau B.; Baillarge M.; Blazejewski J C.; Capmau M L.; L.G.ffic F., 1983:
Synthesis of photo cross linkers structural analogs of chloramphenicol

Nevinskii G.A.; Denisov A.Yu, 1981:
Synthesis of photo reactive analogs of 1 n 6 etheno adp and 1 n 6 etheno atp

Lavrik O.I.; Nevinskii G.A.; Khodyreva S.N.; Moor N.A., 1981:
Synthesis of photo reactive phenyl alanine analogs and study of their interaction with phenyl alanyl transfer rna synthetase from escherichia coli mre 600

Molotkovskii Y.G.; Lazurkina T.Yu; Faerman V.N.; Smolyakov V.S.; Bergel'son L.D., 1980:
Synthesis of photo reactive phosphatidyl choline and phosphatidyl ethanolamine

Ivanovskaya M.G.; Sokolova N.I.; Shabarova Z.A., 1979:
Synthesis of photoactivable aryl azide containing penta deoxy ribo nucleotide derivatives

Vodovozova E.L.; Molotkovskii Y.G.; Bergel'son L.D., 1984:
Synthesis of photoactivable phosphatidylcholines and sphingomyelins differing in the distance between the label and polar head group

Kavlentis E., 1988:
Synthesis of phthalaldehyde bisguanylhydrazone pabgh spectrophotometric analysis of cobalt copper nickel mixtures in the presence of several cations

Marsden R.; Maclean D.B., 1984:
Synthesis of phthalide iso quinolines by direct coupling of phthalide anions with 3 4 di hydro iso quinolinium salts

Lyasauskene, L.V.; Lubyanskene, V.N., 1986:
Synthesis of physiologically active compounds in the carp digestive tract 1. synthesis of extracellular proteases and their inhibitors by bacteria from the digestive tract of the wintering carp

Lyasauskene, L.B., 1987:
Synthesis of physiologically active compounds in the digestive tract of the carp 2. physiological variability of the activity of proteases and their inhibitors in the digestive tract mucosa of the carp during winter starvation and at the beginning of its fattening period

Seletsky B.M.; Segal G.M.; Torgov I.V., 1985:
Synthesis of physiologically active steroid esters and spirolactones

Yoshida S.; Nago Y.; Takahashi N., 1980:
Synthesis of piericidin analogs inhibitors on electron transport system in mitochondria

Dierstein R., 1984:
Synthesis of pigment binding protein in toluene treated rhodopseudomonas capsulata and cell free systems

Chauhan, M.S.; Dakshinamurti, K., 1980:
Synthesis of pimeloyl coenzyme A

Yates, P.; Hoare, J.H., 1983:
Synthesis of piperazine 2 5 diones related to bicyclomycin 1 4 di benzyl 3 hydroxy 3 1 2 methoxyethylethenyl piperazine 2 5 dione 2. route via cyclic intermediates

Yates, P.; Hoare, J.H., 1983:
Synthesis of piperazine 2 5 diones related to bicyclomycin 3 acetoxy 1 4 dibenzyl 3 1 2 methoxyethyl piperazine 2 5 dione and 1 2 hydroxyethylethenyl piperazine 2 5 dione 1. route via acyclic intermediates

Kawaguchi M.; Hayashi O.; Kanamoto M.; Hamada M.; Yamamoto Y.; Oda J., 1987:
Synthesis of piperazines and thiomorpholines by oxonolysis of cyclic olefins and reductive n alkylation

Praliev, K.D.; Esenalieva, M.Z.; Sokolov, D.V.; Kurilenko, V.M.; Khlienko-Zh, N., 1980:
Synthesis of piperidine and deca hydro quinoline derivatives and their analgesic and psychotropic properties 8. n substituted 2 3 di methyl 4 phenyl 4 hydroxy piperidine and their propionic esters

Praliev, K.D.; Salita, T.A.; Zhilkibaev, O.T.; Korablev, M.V.; Sadykov, A.O.; Kurbat, N.M.; Sokolov, D.V., 1986:
Synthesis of piperidine and decahydroquinoline derivatives and their analgesic and psychotropic properties xxi. 1 methyl 4 vinylethynylpiperidin 4 ol and its esters

Praliev, K.D.; Esenalieva, M.Z.; Krasnomolova, L.P.; Kurilenko, V.M.; Mekhova, G.M.; Sokolov, D.V., 1985:
Synthesis of piperidine and decahydroquinoline derivatives their analgesic and psychotropic properties 17. 1 3 phenylpropyn 2 yl 2 3 dimethyl 4 ehthnylpiperidin 4 ol stereoisomers and their acetic esters

Korablev, M.V.; Praliev, K.D.; Salita, T.A.; Zhilkibaev, O.T.; Kurbat, N.M.; Sydykov, A.O.; Sokolov, D.V., 1985:
Synthesis of piperidine and decahydroquinoline derivatives their analgesic and psychotropic properties 18. 1 methyl 4 acetylpiperidin 4 ol and its esters

Praliev, K.D.; Belikova, N.A.; Kurilenko, V.M.; Khlienko-Zh, N.; Moiseeva, L.M.; Sokolov, D.V., 1984:
Synthesis of piperidine and decahydroquinoline their analgesic and psychotropic properties 16. new n analogs of demethylprodine

Takai, H.; Obase, H.; Teranishi, M.; Karasawa, A.; Kubo, K.; Shuto, K.; Kasuya, Y.; Shigenobu, K., 1986:
Synthesis of piperidine derivatives with a quinazoline ring system as potential antihypertensive agents

Pelter A.; Ayoub M.T.; Schultz J.; Haensel R.; Reinhardt D., 1979:
Synthesis of piperolide and related compounds

Semler U.; Schmidtberg G.; Gross G.G., 1987:
Synthesis of piperoyl coenzyme a thioester

Maronek D.M.; Hendrix J.W., 1980:
Synthesis of pisolithus tinctorius ecto mycorrhizae on seedlings of 4 woody species

Setti E.L.; Mascaretti O.A., 1988:
Synthesis of pivaloyloxymethyl 6 alpha fluoropenicillanate

Rutanen, E.M.; Menabawey, M.; Isaka, K.; Bohn, H.; Chard, T.; Grudzinskas, J.G., 1986:
Synthesis of placental protein 12 by decidua from early pregnancy

Rutanen, E.M.; Koistinen, R.; Wahlström, T.; Bohn, H.; Ranta, T.; Seppälä, M., 1985:
Synthesis of placental protein 12 by human decidua

Rutanen, E.M.; Koistinen, R.; Sjöberg, J.; Julkunen, M.; Wahlström, T.; Bohn, H.; Seppälä, M., 1986:
Synthesis of placental protein 12 by human endometrium

Bersinger, N.A.; Schneider, H.; Keller, P.J., 1986:
Synthesis of placental proteins by the human placenta perfused in vitro. Preliminary report

Soric J.; Brdar B., 1980:
Synthesis of plasminogen activator by cell cultures on human brain tumors

Mikulovich, T.P., 1978:
Synthesis of plastid and cytoplasmic ribosomal rna in isolated pumpkin cotyledons part 1 effect of detachment and light

Mikulovich, T.P.; Wollgiehn, R.; Khokhlova, W.A.; Neumann, D.; Kulaeva, O.N., 1978:
Synthesis of plastid and cytoplasmic ribosomal rna in isolated pumpkin cotyledons part 2 effect of cyto kinin and light

Beisenherz, W.W., 1977:
Synthesis of plastid ribosomes during leucoplast chloroplast transformation in tissue cultures of nicotiana tabacum

Ho, P.P.K.; Walters, C.P.; Hermann, R.G., 1976:
Synthesis of platelet aggregating factor by human platelet microsomes

Morikawa K.; Honda M.; Endoh K I.; Matsumoto T.; Akamatsu K I.; Mitsui H.; Koizumi M., 1988:
Synthesis of platinum complexes of 2 aminoalkylpyridine as carrier ligand and their antitumor activities

Allcock, H.R.; Allen, R.W.; O'brien, J.P., 1977:
Synthesis of platinum derivatives of polymeric and cyclic phosphazenes

Kung, H.J.; Fung, Y.K.; Majors, J.E.; Bishop, J.M.; Varmus, H.E., 1981:
Synthesis of plus strands of retroviral DNA in cells infected with avian sarcoma virus and mouse mammary tumor virus

Anjanamurthy, C.; Rai, K.M.L., 1985:
Synthesis of podophyllotoxin and related analog 1. synthesis of picropodophyllin analog with expanded lactone ring

Anjanamurthy, C.; Rai, K.M.L., 1985:
Synthesis of podophyllotoxin and related analogs 2. synthesis of beta apopicropodophyllin analogs with modified hydroaromatic ring b

Anjanamurthy, C.; Rai, K.M.K., 1985:
Synthesis of podophyllotoxin and related analogs part i. synthesis of picropodophyllin analogs with expanded lactone ring

Anjanamurthy, C.; Rai, K.M.L., 1985:
Synthesis of podophyllotoxin and related analogs part ii. synthesis of beta apopicropodophyllin analogs with modified hydroaromatic ring b

Anjanamurthy, C.; Shashikanth, S., 1985:
Synthesis of podophyllotoxin and related analogs part v. tetralone carboxylic acids as intermediates for synthesis of o xylene and benzodioxan analogs of tridemethoxy beta apopicropodophyllin

Anjanamurthy, C.; Rai, K.M.L., 1987:
Synthesis of podophyllotoxin and related analogues part iii. synthesis of beta apopicropodophyllin analogues with modified lactone ring

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Synthesis of polar lipids in chloroplasts of winter wheat plants with respect to their frost resistance

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Synthesis of poly 1 3 o 1 benzyl l alanyl carboxylate ethyl d glucos 6 o carbonyl 1 methyl ethylene

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Synthesis of poly 5 vinyl indole derivatives

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Synthesis of poly adenylate containing rna in isolated mitochondria from rat liver

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Synthesis of poly adenylated rna and nonpolyadenylated rna in slices of sweet potato ipomoea batatas cultivar norin 1 root

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Synthesis of poly adenylic acid containing rna by isolated spinach chloroplasts

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Synthesis of poly adenylic acid containing rna induced by ecdysterone in fat body cells of calliphora vicina

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Synthesis of poly adenylic acid polymerase from conserved messenger rna in germinating excised embryos of wheat triticum aestivum

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Synthesis of poly adenylic acid rich rna in embryos of rye during imbibition and early germination

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Synthesis of poly adp ribose in synchronized chinese hamster cells

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Synthesis of poly amine hydro chlorides and their oxidative deamination by di amine oxidase from proliferating tissues

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Synthesis of poly amines and development of work hypertrophy in skeletal muscles during increased muscular activity

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Synthesis of poly amines from methionine in intact and disrupted leaf protoplasts of virus infected chinese cabbage brassica pekinensis cultivar pak choy

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Synthesis of poly chlorinated carbon 14 labeled alkanes of high specific activity

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Synthesis of poly chlorinated di benzo furan isomers and their gas chromatographic profiles/

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Synthesis of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons via a novel annelation method

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Synthesis of poly cyclines 2. synthesis of 12 hydroxy 5a 6 7 8 9 10 11 11a octa hydro 5 12h naphthacenones

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Synthesis of poly functional aromatic ring systems structural analogs of phloroglucides aranciamycin cryptosporin and terramycin

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Synthesis of poly galacturonase ec during tomato lycopersicon esculentum fruit ripening

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Synthesis of poly galacturonate trans eliminase and poly galacturonase by a strain of enterobacter cloacae isolated from ponded sitka spruce

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Synthesis of poly halogenated butyryl chlorides precursors of pyrethroid halo ketenes

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Synthesis of poly hydroxy flavonol methyl ethers with potential cyto toxic activity part 1 synthesis of quercetagetin and gossypetin di methyl ethers for proof of structure of new flavonols from parthenium chrysosplenium larrea and spinacia oleracea species

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Synthesis of poly hydroxy flavonol methyl ethers with potential cyto toxic activity part 2 synthesis of 6 hydroxy kaempferol and 8 hydroxy kaempferol di methyl ethers for proof of structure of new flavonols from betula alnus parthenium hysterophorus and larrea tridentata species

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Synthesis of poly ketide type aromatic natural products by biogenetically modeled routes

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Synthesis of poly oxygenated trans decalins as potential insect anti feedants

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Synthesis of poly peptide chains of thyro globulin

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Synthesis of poly peptide corresponding to taiwan cobra naja naja atra venom cardio toxin

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Synthesis of poly peptides directed by the rna of phage q beta

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Synthesis of poly peptides with the properties of myosin light chains directed by rna extracted from muscle cultures

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Synthesis of poly saccharides part 8 the synthesis of beta 1 6 d glucan by the new poly condensation reaction

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Synthesis of poly unsaturated fatty acids and some derivatives a new method of carbon carbon coupling for preparation of precursors of prostaglandin biosynthesis

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Synthesis of poly z isomers of 2 6 11 15 tetra methyl hexa deca 2 6 8 10 14 pentaene a 20 carbon analog of phytoene reexamination of the stereochemistry of a new isomer of phytoene from rhodospirillum rubrum

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Synthesis of polyacetylenes in tumor callus of bidens alba

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Synthesis of polyadipic anhydride by use of ketene

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Synthesis of polyamides containing enzymatically degradable peptide type bonds in their main chains

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Synthesis of polyether type tetrahydrofurans via hydroperoxide cyclization

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Synthesis of polymer bound antiphlogistic drugs

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Synthesis of polymer bound hemo globin samples

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Synthesis of polymeric models of elastin poly hexa peptides and an insoluble hybrid cross linked poly peptide/

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Synthesis of polynuclear hetero cycles via the reaction of alpha ester carbanions with quaternized nicotinamide salts a facile stereoselective synthesis of sesbanine

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Synthesis of polyols by mycelial fungi

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Synthesis of polyols by yeasts in a medium with increased osmotic pressure

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Synthesis of polypeptide models of collagen polyprolylisoleucylglycine polyisoleucylprolylglycine polyprolylnorisoleucylglycine and polynorisoleucylprolylglycine

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Synthesis of polyphosphoinositides in nuclei of friend cells evidence for polyphosphoinositide metabolism inside the nucleus with changes with cell differentiation

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Synthesis of polyprenyl phosphate sugars via trichloroacetimidates of polyprenols

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Synthesis of polyquinanes 2. the total synthesis of racemic silphinene the intramolecular diels alder approach

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Synthesis of polysubstituted imidazo 2 1 b thiazoles from 4 5 carbethoxy 5 4 methyl 2 mercaptoimidazole

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Synthesis of polyvinylpyrrolidone with varying molecular weight

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Synthesis of porcine C5a anaphylatoxin by the solution procedure and confirmation of the reported structure

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Synthesis of porcine motilin and its d phenylalanyl analog by the use of methanesulfonic acid/

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Synthesis of positive inotropic substances aryloxyalkylguanidines

Buschauer A., 1988:
Synthesis of positive inotropic substances imidazolylpropylguanidines with pyridine increments

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Synthesis of potassium carbon 14 dicloxacillin

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Synthesis of potential anti fungal compounds preparation of 2 alpha aryl beta nitroethyl cyclo alkanones

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Synthesis of potential anti inflammatory compounds

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Synthesis of potential anti metabolites part 20 syntheses of 5 carbomethoxymethyl 2 thio uridine and 5 methylaminomethyl 2 thio uridine the 1st letters of some anti codons and closely related nucleosides from uridine

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Synthesis of potential anti microbial agents from maltose 3. introduction of an amino group into the 3' position of 1 6 anhydro di saccharides

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Synthesis of potential anti neoplastic agents 27. reissert compound studies 44. the ellipticine reissert compound as an intermediate in the syntheses of ellipticine analogs

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Synthesis of potential anti neoplastic agents part 26 1 3 4 6 7 11b hexa hydro 9 10 di methoxy 2h benzo a quinolizin 2 one derivatives

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Synthesis of potential anti progestins 2

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Synthesis of potential biologically active polymers based on poly styrene

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Synthesis of potential cholagogue structure activity relationships of bi cyclo 2 2 1 heptylalkyl carbinols

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Synthesis of potential cholelitholytic agents 3 alpha 7 alpha 12 alpha trihydroxy 7 beta methyl 5 beta cholanoic acid 3 alpha 7 beta 12 alpha trihydroxy 7 alpha methyl 5 beta cholanoic acid and 3 alpha 12 alpha dihydroxy 7 xi methyl 5 beta cholanoic acid

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Synthesis of potential dna bis intercalative agents of the phenanthridinium class

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Synthesis of potential drugs based on hydro phosphoryl compounds 2. aryl ammonium salts of n substituted 1 aminoaryl methane phosphonous acid

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Synthesis of potential drugs based on hydrophosphoryl compounds 6. synthesis and antiviral activity of unsaturated organophosphorus inosinedialdehyde derivatives

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Synthesis of potential ecdysteroid precursors from delta 7 22 sterols

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Synthesis of potential herbicides designed to uncouple photo phosphorylation

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Synthesis of potential inhibitors of hypo xanthine guanine phospho ribosyl transferase ec for testing as anti protozoal agents 1. 7 substituted 6 oxo purines

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Synthesis of potential inhibitors of hypo xanthine guanine phospho ribosyl transferase ec for testing as anti protozoal agents 2. 1 substituted hypo xanthines

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Synthesis of potential metabolites of 4 methyl 1 4 4 nitrophenylaminophenylthiocarbamidopiperazine

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Synthesis of potential metabolites of dibenz a j acridine dihydro diols and phenols

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Synthesis of potential phenolic metabolites of benzo b fluoranthene

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Synthesis of potential proximate and ultimate carcinogenic metabolites of 3 methyl cholanthrene

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Synthesis of potential radioprotectors communication xv amidinoalkylthiosulfates modified with amino acids

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Synthesis of potential schistosomicidal agents derived from 1 4 naphthalenediamine

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Synthesis of potentially anti neoplastic derivatives of n n 2 chloroethyl n nitrosocarbamoyl amino acids

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Synthesis of potentially biologically active 1 3 oxazinones

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Synthesis of potentially carcinostatic hetero cyclic amines

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Synthesis of potentially chemo therapeutic 5 nitro 2 furfurylidenes

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Synthesis of potentially chemotherapeutic mannich bases

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Synthesis of potyviral rna and proteins in tobacco mesophyll protoplasts inoculated by electroporation

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Synthesis of praziquantel analogues

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Synthesis of pre kallikrein and metabolism of plasma kallikrein by perfused rat liver

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Synthesis of precision for the certification of phosphorus in biological materials by inaa

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Synthesis of precocene i dimer a potential anti juvenile hormone

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Synthesis of precocenes with ionophoric groups

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Synthesis of precursors to l ristosamine and l daunosamine from l lactic acid

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Synthesis of predominantly unspliced cytoplasmic rna species by chimeric herpes simplex virus type 1 thymidine kinase human beta globin genes

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Synthesis of pregnane side chains

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Synthesis of premtorin and its isomers

Kreuz K.; Kleinig H., 1984:
Synthesis of prenyl lipids in cells of spinach spinacia oleracea leaf compartmentation of enzymes for formation of iso pentenyl di phosphate

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Synthesis of pro coagulant anti hemophilic factor in vitro

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Synthesis of pro insulin and large glucagon immuno reactivity in isolated langerhans islets from encephalomyocarditis virus infected mice

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Synthesis of prochlorperazine metabolites 7 methoxy derivatives and oxidation products

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Synthesis of proctolin analogues and their cardioexcitatory effect on cockroach periplaneta americana and yellow mealworm tenebrio molitor

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Synthesis of progesterone and estradiol by monkey luteal cells in culture effects of insulin thyroxine cortisol and cholesterol with and without human chorionic gonadotropin

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Synthesis of prolactin by human decidua in vitro

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Synthesis of proline by fat body of the tsetse fly glossina morsitans metabolic pathways

Haeusler J., 1981:
Synthesis of proline compounds cis and trans substituted at carbon 3

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Synthesis of proline derivatives by 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition of azomethine ylide generated from an organosilicon compound

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Synthesis of promoter linkers for the expression of genes in escherichia coli

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Synthesis of propanoyl benzofuran derivatives for possible biological activity

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Synthesis of properties of 2' deoxy 2' thio cytidine

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Synthesis of propranolamine side chain deuterated propranolol propranololdiol and 4 hydroxy propranolol

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Synthesis of propyl 4 o 3 6 di o methyl beta d glucopyranosyl 2 3 di o methyl alpha d rhamnopyranoside

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Synthesis of prostaglandin a 2 through reaction of 3 endo bromo tri cyclo heptan 6 one with a cuprate reagent

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Synthesis of prostaglandin analogs

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Synthesis of prostaglandin analogs methyl 19 20 dinor 9 oxo prost 8 12 enoate and methyl 19 10 dinor 9 10 dioxo prost 8 12 enoate

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Synthesis of prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin c 2 from 5 endo 7 anti di substituted bi cyclo 2 2 1 heptan 2 ones

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Synthesis of prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin f 2 alpha by toadfish opsanus tau red blood cells

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Synthesis of prostaglandin e 2 and prostaglandin f 2 alpha in human tonsillar lymphocytes

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Synthesis of prostaglandin e 2 collagenase and tissue factor by fibroblast substrains substrains are differentially activated for different metabolic products

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Synthesis of prostaglandin E in rabbit eyes with topically applied epinephrine

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Synthesis of prostaglandin f 2 alpha by conjugate addition of a cuprate reagent to 3 tert butyldimethylsilyloxy tri cyclo 3 2 0 0 2 7 heptan 6 one

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Synthesis of prostaglandin h 2

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Synthesis of prostaglandin synthetase substrate analogs part 1 z 14 hydroxy 12 13 methano 8 nona decenoic acid

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Synthesis of prostaglandin synthetase substrate analogs part 2 8z 11z 14z 15 methyl 8 11 14 eicosatrienoic acid

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Synthesis of prostaglandins and cyclic AMP by cultured embryonic palate mesenchyme at various population densities

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Synthesis of prostaglandins and lipoxygenase products by rat glomeruli during development

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Synthesis of prostaglandins and thromboxane in the mouse brain in vivo influence of drug induced convulsions hypoxia and the anti convulsants trimethadione and diazepam

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Synthesis of prostaglandins by tissues of the viviparous lizard sceloporus jarrovi

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Synthesis of prostaglandins thromboxane b 2 and 6 ketoprostaglandin f 1 alpha during cardiopulmonary bypass

Lieb F.; Wendisch D., 1986:
Synthesis of prostanoids from methyl 3 formyl 2 2 dimethylcyclopropanecarboxylate

Ustyuzhanina S.V.; Yarovenko V.L.; Voinarskii I.N., 1984:
Synthesis of protease and alpha amylase by the fungus aspergillus oryzae 251 90

Ustyuzhanina S.V.; Yarovenko V.L.; Voinarskii I.N., 1985:
Synthesis of protease and alpha amylase by washed cells of aspergillus oryzae 251 90

Rich D.H.; Singh J.; Gardner J.H., 1983:
Synthesis of protected 2 amino 8 oxo 9 10 epoxy decanoic acid from 2 amino suberic acid derivatives

Flynn G.A.; Vaal M.J.; Stewart K.T.; Wenstrup D.L.; Beight D.W.; Bohme E.H., 1984:
Synthesis of protected 4 demethoxy 8 nordaunomycinone

Kunz H.; Kauth H., 1983:
Synthesis of protected asparagine glyco peptides via amino terminal elongation of the peptide chain partial sequences of bovine dnase and luteinizing hormone

Naithani, V.K.; Foehles, J., 1978:
Synthesis of protected deca peptide of human insulin

Konstantinov, V.V.; Misharin, A.Y., 1981:
Synthesis of protected deoxy ribo oligo nucleotide blocks by phospho di ester approach using 3' o methoxyacetyl protection for a nucleotide component

Roeper H.; Heyns K.; Roeper S.; Meyer B., 1982:
Synthesis of protected n nitroso sugar amino acids n 1 3 4 6 tetra o acetyl 2 deoxy beta d glucopyranos 2 yl amino acid methyl esters and n 1 3 4 6 tetra o acetyl 2 deoxy beta d galacto pyranos 2 yl amino acid methyl esters and their n nitroso derivatives

Mar'yash, L.I.; Turaev, O.D.; Shibnev, V.A., 1977:
Synthesis of protected oligo peptides fragments of histone fraction h i

Nakagawa S.H.; Kaiser E.T., 1983:
Synthesis of protected peptide segments and their assembly on a polymer bound oxime application to the synthesis of a peptide model for plasma apo lipo protein a i

Mar'yash L.I.; Burichenko R.K.; Shivnev V.A., 1984:
Synthesis of protected peptides corresponding to histone h 1 carboxyl terminal fragments 152 164 and 165 172/

Eckstein, H.; Bayer, E., 1978:
Synthesis of protected sequences 81 88 89 94 83 94 and 81 94 of the f region of myo globin

Mizuno, S.; Matsuzawa, H.; Nagata, Y.; Shibuya, I.; Takahashi, H.; Maruo, B., 1971:
Synthesis of protein and nucleic acid by disrupted spheroplasts of Pseudomonas schuylkilliensis

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Synthesis of protein complexes of bisindole alkaloids from catharanthus roseus

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Synthesis of protein in intestinal cells exposed to cholera toxin

Gacs, J.; Kotai, A.; Szokan, G., 1981:
Synthesis of protein model compounds by side group modification of poly amino acid derivatives 3. preparation of biologically active alpha poly l glutamic acid derivatives with systematically alternate macro molecular properties

Abakumova Y.O.; Kutsenko N.G., 1981:
Synthesis of protein rna and dna and alkylation of macro molecules in cells of sensitive and resistant strains of ascites hepatoma 22a induced by n methyl n nitroso urea

Abakumova O.Yu; Panasyuk A.F.; Kutsenko N.G., 1985:
Synthesis of protein rna and dna in skin fibroblast cultures of healthy donors and patients with rheumatic diseases

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Synthesis of protein rna and ribosomes by individual bacterial cells in balanced growth salmonella typhimurium

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Synthesis of proteins and rna in red and white skeletal muscles in rats

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Synthesis of proteins coded by plasmid vectors of pcv series ap r tc r and their recombinant derivatives pdm in escherichia coli mini cells

Kaplan, A.S.; Ben-Porat, T., 1976:
Synthesis of proteins in cells infected with herpesvirus part 11 sulfated structural glyco proteins

Kaplan, A.S.; Shimono, H.; Ben-Porat, T., 1970:
Synthesis of proteins in cells infected with herpesvirus part 3 relative amino acid content of various proteins formed after infection

Ben-Porat, T.; Shimono, H.; Kaplan, A.S., 1970:
Synthesis of proteins in cells infected with herpesvirus part 4 analysis of the proteins in viral particles isolated from the cytoplasm and the nucleus

Ben-Porat, T.; Kaplan, A.S., 1970:
Synthesis of proteins in cells infected with herpesvirus part 5 viral glyco proteins

Kaplan, A.S.; Ben-Porat, T., 1970:
Synthesis of proteins in cells infected with herpesvirus part 6 characterization of the proteins of the viral membrane

Zhakhova Z.N.; Tripol'skaya N.A.; Konstantinova N.N., 1980:
Synthesis of proteins in different tissues of the rabbit embryo in utero placental ischemia

Foster R.H.; Leonard N.J., 1980:
Synthesis of prox benzo iso allopurinol

Temple C.Jr; Bennett L.L.Jr; Rose J.D.; Elliott R.D.; Montgomery J.A.; Mangum J.H., 1982:
Synthesis of pseudo cofactor analogs as potential inhibitors of the folate enzymes

Rodriguez M.; Bali J P.; Magous R.; Castro B.; Martinez J., 1986:
Synthesis of pseudo peptide analogues of the carboxyl terminal tetrapeptide of gastrin and evaluation of their biological activity on acid secretion

Habermehl, G.; Christ, B.G., 1978:
Synthesis of pseudo uridine c/

Pulgarin C.; Gunzinger J.; Tabacchi R., 1985:
Synthesis of pseudocyphellarins a and b two depsides from the lichen pseudocyphellaria endochrysea

Islam A.; Krishnamurti M., 1981:
Synthesis of psi iso cordoin and related compounds

Poon G.; Chui Y C.; Law F.C.P., 1986:
Synthesis of psilocin labeled with carbon 14 and tritium

Duffley, R.P.; Stevenson, R., 1977:
Synthesis of ptero furan and vigna furan

Uffen, R.L.; Canale-Parola, E., 1972:
Synthesis of pulcherriminic acid by Bacillus subtilis

Zimmermann G.; Hass W.; Faasch H.; Schmalle H.; Koenig W.A., 1985:
Synthesis of pure stereoisomers of the amino terminal amino acid of nikkomycin b

Harcus, R.; Preston, P.N.; Suffolk, J.S., 1976:
Synthesis of purine and pyrimidine substituted nitroxides

Garcia-Munoz, G.; Madronero, R.; Ochoa, C.; Stud, M.; Pfleiderer, W., 1976:
Synthesis of purine like ring systems derived from 1 2 6 thiadiazine 1 1 di oxide

Sato A.; Imai R.; Nakamizo N.; Hirata T., 1979:
Synthesis of purine nucleoside nitroso ureas and their anti tumor activities

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Synthesis of purpuritenin a and 4' methylfurano 2 3 7 8 flavone

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Synthesis of pyrano 3 2 b pyran from tetrahydro 3 pyranone

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Synthesis of pyrano f indoles and pyrano g indoles

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Synthesis of pyranobenzopyranopyridines and benzodipyran derivatives

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Synthesis of pyranoisoflavones by the oxidative rearrangement of dihydropyranochalcones with thallium iii nitrate synthesis of elongatin its angular isomer toxicarol isoflavone and related compounds

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Synthesis of pyranoquinolines

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Synthesis of pyrazino 1 2 a benzimidazole 10 oxides as possible new anti helminthic agents

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Synthesis of pyrazofurin and its analogs

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Synthesis of pyrazofurins further correlations between configuration conformation and proton nmr data for c 2 3 o isopropylideneglycofuranosyl derivatives

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Synthesis of pyrazole pyrazolo 3 4 d pyrimidine and 1h 1 2 4 triazole arabino nucleosides from 2 3 5 tri o benzyl d arabinose hydrazone

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Synthesis of pyrazolo 3 4 d pyridazines from 5 1 methylhydrazinopyridazines by means of the vilsmeier haack reaction

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Synthesis of pyrazolo 3 4 d pyridazines thionation followed by alkylation of pyrazolo 3 4 d pyridazin 4 5h one

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Synthesis of pyrazolo 3 4 d pyrimidine ribonucleoside 3' 5' cyclic phosphates related to cyclic amp cyclic imp and cyclic gmp

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Synthesis of pyrazolo 5 1 c 1 2 4 triazines isoxazolo 3 4 e pyrazolo 5 1 c 1 2 4 triazines and aminopyridones

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Synthesis of pyrazolone acyl derivatives inducers of anti viral inhibitor formation

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Synthesis of pyrazolone derivatives 30. synthesis and analgesic activity of 4 alkoxyimino or alkylaminomethylene 3 methylcarbamoyl 1 methyl or phenyl 2 pyrazolin 5 ones

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Nagai, S.I.; Oda, N.; Ito, I.; Kudo, Y., 1979:
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Synthesis of pyrazolone derivatives 37. synthetic and pharmacological studies on the related compounds of 4 s 7 r 2 amino 7 8 8 trimethyl 4 5 6 7 tetrahydro 4 7 methano 2h indazole

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Synthesis of pyrazolone derivatives 38. 1 5 sigmatropic rearrangement during the cyclo addition of 1 r 4 s 3 di azo bornan 2 one to activated acetylenes

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Synthesis of pyrazolone derivatives 39. synthesis and analgesic activity of pyrano 2 3 c pyrazoles

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Synthesis of pyrazolone derivatives 42. synthesis and analgesic activity of 2 methyl 1 phenyl 6 7 di hydro 1h 5h pyrazolo 5 1 b 1 3 oxazin 8 ium bromide

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Synthesis of pyrazolone derivatives part 26 reaction of 1 methyl 2 phenyl 1 2 3 10 tetra hydro 4h benzo 6 7 thiepino 3 4 c pyrazole 3 4 dione with di methyl acetylenedicarboxylate

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Synthesis of pyrazolone derivatives part 31 asymmetric synthesis of 3a alkyl 3 3a 4 5 6 7 hexa hydro 2h indazol 3 ones

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Synthesis of pyreno b thiophenes

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Synthesis of pyrethrolone derivatives

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Synthesis of pyridazine analogs of the naturally occurring nucleosides cytidine uridine deoxy cytidine and deoxy uridine

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Synthesis of pyridazino 4 5 e 1 3 4 thiadiazines and the ring contraction to pyrazolo 3 4 d pyridazines through extrusion of sulfur

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Synthesis of pyridazo 4 5 b carbazoles

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Synthesis of pyridines from di cyano pyrimidines a diels alder approach to the c ring of streptonigrin

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Synthesis of pyridinium analogs of acetyl choline and their interactions with intestinal muscarinic receptors

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Synthesis of pyridinoline during in vitro aging of bone collagen

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Synthesis of pyrido 3 4 b pyrano 3 4 b indoles

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Synthesis of pyrido 4 3 b dibenzofuran pyrido 4 3 b phenoxathiin 6 ethylpyrido 4 3 b phenothiazine and related compounds as ellipticine analogs

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Synthesis of pyridol 3 2 c pyridazines

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Synthesis of pyridoxal 5 di phosphate and pyridoxal 5 tri phosphate

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Synthesis of pyridoxin and cobalamin by nodule bacteria of clover and lupine

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Synthesis of pyridoxine beta glucoside by rice bran beta glucosidase and its in situ absorption in rat small intestine

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Synthesis of pyridyl oxadiazoles part 2 2 oxadiazolyl pyridines and 2 6 bis oxadiazolyl pyridines as analogs of pyridinol carbamate

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Synthesis of pyrilamine d 6

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Synthesis of pyrimidine acyclo nucleosides

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Synthesis of pyrimidine and purine di nucleosides potential transition state analogs

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Synthesis of pyrimidine nucleotides in the heart: uridine and cytidine kinase activity

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Synthesis of pyrimido 2 1 b benzothiazoles thiazolo 3 2 a 4 5 d' dipyrimidines and a study of michael retrogression

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Synthesis of pyrimido 2 1 b thieno 2 3 d 1 3 thiazines

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Synthesis of pyrimido 4 5 c pyridazine 4 deaza fervenulin pyrazolo 3 4 d pyrimidine and 6 pyrazin 1 yl pyrimidine derivatives

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Synthesis of pyrrolidine derivatives by improved aminoselenation via addition of boron trifluoride complex of dihomoallylcuprate to aldimines containing alpha hydrogen

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Synthesis of pyrrolidine derivatives intra molecular cycling leading to 1 4.2 5 di anhydro 2 3 4 trideoxy 2 4 bis p toluenesulfonamido d threo pentitol

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Synthesis of pyrrolidine derivatives with pharmacological activity 10. synthesis of 1 1 di ethyl 2 methyl 4 diphenylmethylene pyrrolidinium iodide and 1 1 epimeric ethylmethyl 2 methyl 4 diphenylmethylene pyrrolidinium iodides as potential anti cholinergic agents

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Synthesis of pyrrolidine derivatives with pharmacological activity part 9 synthesis of 1 1 5 tri methyl 2 ethyl 3 diphenylmethylene pyrrolidinium iodide and 1 1 2 4 5 penta methyl 3 diphenylmethylene pyrrolidinium iodide as potential anti cholinergic agents

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Synthesis of pyrrolidine derivatives with pharmacological activity xii. synthesis and anticholinergic activity of 1 1 dialkyl 3 diphenylmethylene 2 4 dimethylpyrrolidinium halides

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Synthesis of pyrrolizidine alkaloids indicine intermedine lycopsamine and analogs and their n oxides potential antitumor agents

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Synthesis of pyrrolizidines and related compounds by aldo cyclization of n alpha methylthioacetyl alpha aminoaldehydes

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Synthesis of pyrrolo 1 2 c imidazol 5 one pyrrolo 1 2 a imadazol 5 one and pyrrolo 1 2 b pyrazol 6 one three isomeric azapyrrolizinones by pyrolysis of meldrum's acid derivatives

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Synthesis of pyrrolo 2 1 c 1 4 benzothiazines by annellation of 3 alkoxycarbonylmethylene 4h 1 4 benzothiazines beta enamine esters with dimethylacetylenedicarboxylate

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Synthesis of pyrrolo 2 3 b azepine 4 7 dione derivatives

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Synthesis of pyrrolo 3 2 d pyrimidines from furazano 3 4 d pyrimidines via enolate and ene adducts

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Synthesis of pyrrolo 3 4 d imidazoles a new fluorescent heterocyclic system

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Synthesis of pyruvate 1 carbon 11 as a radiopharmaceutical for tumor imaging

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Synthesis of pyruvate carboxylase from its apo enzyme and plus biotin in bacillus stearothermophilus mechanism and control of the reaction

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Synthesis of pyruvate carboxylase from its apo enzyme and plus biotin in bacillus stearothermophilus purification and properties of the apo enzyme and the holo enzyme synthetase

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Synthesis of quassinoids 7. conversion of cheno deoxy cholic acid to a delta lactone quassinoid analog and generation of a ring diosphenol acetate derivatives of deoxy cholic acid

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Synthesis of quater phenyls poly chlorinated quater phenyls and octadecachloro quater phenyls

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Synthesis of quaternary ammonium compounds and evaluation of their anti microbial activity

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Synthesis of quaternary ammonium salts based on unsaturated 18 carbon acids

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Synthesis of quaternary salts from 2 3' bipyridine and dibromoalkanes

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Synthesis of quinaldinic acid amide derivative of styrene divinylbenzene copolymer and its application in preconcentration of mercury ii

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Synthesis of quinazolin 4 one derivatives from 2 aminobenzamide ii. reaction with gamma lactone and diketone

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Synthesis of quinazoline 2 4 5 8 1h 3h tetrones and their amine nucleophilic addition chemistry

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Synthesis of quinazoline derivatives possessing hypotensive activity

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Synthesis of quinazoline nucleosides from ribose and anthranilonitrile application of phase transfer catalysis in nucleoside synthesis

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Synthesis of quinazolinyl triazines as potential anthelmintics

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Synthesis of quinazolinylpyrimidinediones and their anti inflammatory activity

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Synthesis of quino 2 3 b 1 5 benzoxazepines a novel tetracyclic ring system

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Synthesis of quino fused 2 quinolones and coumarins via azido compounds

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Synthesis of quinoline derivatives

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Synthesis of quinolines via cyanoethylation

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Synthesis of quinolines with hetero cyclic substituents at position 3

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Synthesis of quinone pyrano gamma lactone antibiotics part 1 synthesis of 9 deoxy kalafungin

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Synthesis of quinones and their effects on function and stability of membranes in biological systems

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Synthesis of quinones having carboxyalkyl and hydroxyalkyl side chains and their effects on rat liver lysosomal membrane

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Synthesis of r 1 deuterated 1 tritiated and decane 1 1 10 10 deuterated decane inverse isotope effects in the protonation of anions from 1 3 dithianes

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Synthesis of r 4 methyl 6 2' methylprop 1' enyl 5 6 di hydro 2h pyran and s 4 methyl 6 2' methylprop 1' enyl 5 6 di hydro 2h pyran nerol oxide and natural occurrence of its racemate

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Synthesis of r acetoin and s acetoin 3 hydroxy butan 2 one

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Synthesis of r aminobutane and s 2 aminobutane from s aminobutane and r 2 aminobutanol

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Synthesis of r and s 1 amino 2 2 dideuteriated cyclopropane 1 carboxylic acids

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Synthesis of r and s amphetamine d 3 from the corresponding phenyl alanines

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Synthesis of r and s glutamine thiazole and the corresponding bisthiazole dipeptide of dolastatin 3

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Synthesis of r dextro tritium etomidate

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Synthesis of r epi chlorohydrin and s epi chlorohydrin

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Synthesis of r levo 10 methyl 2 tridecanone the pheromone of the southern corn rootworm diabrotica undecimpunctata

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Synthesis of r p mentha 1 8 dien 4 ol and s p mentha 1 8 dien 4 ol from r limonene

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Synthesis of r plasmid coded beta lactamase ec in mini cells and in an in vitro system

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Synthesis of r s 5 z 8 e 10 e 12 hydroxy heptadeca 5 8 10 trienoic acid and of r s and s 5 z 8 z 10 e 14 z 12 hydroxy eicosa 5 8 10 14 tetraenoic acid and their racemic 5 6 8 9 tetra deuterio isomers

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Synthesis of r s ceramide 1 phospho glycerol from r s 3 benzoyl ceramide phosphate

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Synthesis of r trans 11 hydroxy 8 dodecenoic acid lactone recifeiolide

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Synthesis of rac 3 benzoyl 1 deoxy ceramide 1 phosphonic acid

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Synthesis of racemates and dextro enantiomers of gamma capro lactone gamma dodecano lactone and delta hexadecano lactone lactonic sex pheromones of the dermestid beetle trogoderma glabrum rove beetle bledius mandibularis and bledius spectabilis and oriental hornet vespa orientalis

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Synthesis of racemic 1 3 hydroxy 1 e octenyl 2 imidazoleheptanoic acid

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Synthesis of racemic 10 10 di methyl prostaglandin e 1 methyl ester and its 15 epimer

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Synthesis of racemic 10 22 di oxo kopsane and racemic kopsanone hepta cyclic indole alkaloids synthetic and mechanistic studies/

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Synthesis of racemic 10 methyl 1 dodecanol acetate the chiral component of the smaller tea tortrix moth adoxophyes sp with an option for asymmetric induction

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Synthesis of racemic 11 deoxy 15 ethynyl prostaglandins

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Synthesis of racemic 11 hydroxy trans 8 dodecenoic acid

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Synthesis of racemic 11 keto progesterone a precursor to the cortico steroids an improved method for the introduction of the carbon 19 methyl group into a ring aromatic steroids/

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Synthesis of racemic 14 epiupial by manganese iii gamma lactone annulation

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Synthesis of racemic 14 hydroxy 2 3 6 trimethoxy 9 11 12 13 13a 14 hexa hydro di benzo f h pyrrolo 1 2 b iso quinoline

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Synthesis of racemic 16 thio ketal and 16 keto prostaglandins

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Synthesis of racemic 2 2 di ethyl 3 methyl 6 phenoxyacetamido penam 3 carboxylic acid and racemic 2 2 di ethyl 3 6 dimethyl 6 phenoxyacetamido penam 3 carboxylic acid

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Synthesis of racemic 2 3 di acyloxypropylphosphonyl cholines from racemic 2 3 di acyloxyiodo propanes

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Synthesis of racemic 2 3 hydroxy 1 e octenyl 1 imidazoleheptanoic acid part 2

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Synthesis of racemic 2 beta 20 epoxy 12 methoxyabieta 8 11 13 triene

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Synthesis of racemic 2 carbon 14 insect juvenile hormone iii

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Synthesis of racemic 2 carbon 14 jasmonic acid

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Synthesis of racemic 2 formyl 5 hydroxymethylpyrrole 1 norleucine a biologically active maillard reaction product derived from glucose and lysine

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Synthesis of racemic 2 inden 7 yloxymethylmorpholine hydrochloride ym 08054 indeloxazine hydrochloride and its derivatives with potential cerebral activating and antidepressive properties

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Synthesis of racemic 2' carbon 13 tryptophan

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Synthesis of racemic 3 1' 1' dimethylallyldecursinol and 3 1' 1' dimethylallylxanthyletin

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Synthesis of racemic 3 carbon 11 labeled phenylalanine and 3 carbon 11 labeled dopa

Antoni G.; Langstrom B., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic 3 carbon 11 labelled alanine 2 aminobutyric acid norvaline norleucine leucine and phenylalanine and preparation of l 3 carbon 11 alanine and l 3 carbon 11 phenylalanine

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Synthesis of racemic 3 deoxy 16 azaequilenins through thermolysis of n naphthocyclobutenylmethylpropenamides

Nagao Y.; Inoue K.; Yamaki M.; Takagi S.; Fujita E., 1988:
Synthesis of racemic 3 substituted 4 methoxycarbonyl 1 3 thiazolidine 2 thiones via rearrangement of a substituted group from exo s to n in racemic 2 substituted thio 4 methoxycarbonyl delta 2 1 3 thiazolines

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Synthesis of racemic 4 5 6 tri nor 3 7 inter m phenylene 3 oxa prostaglandins including 1 which inhibits platelet aggregation

Bessiere Y.; Vogel P., 1980:
Synthesis of racemic 4 demethoxy daunomycinone by double diels alder additions to 2 3 5 6 tetra methylidene 7 oxa norbornane

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Synthesis of racemic 4 hydroxycrebanine

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Synthesis of racemic 4' o methyl glabridin an anti microbial prenylated isoflavan from glycyrrhiza glabra

A.K.amees H.; Grayshan R., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic 4as 13cr and racemic 4ar 13cr 1 2 3 4 4a 13c hexahydro 5h indazolo 2 3 d 1 4 benzodiazepin 6 7h ones

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Synthesis of racemic 5 5 di hydroxy leucine the reduction product of gamma carboxy glutamic acid

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Synthesis of racemic 5 butyl 6 8 dimethoxy 3 pentylisochroman and the related derivatives

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Synthesis of racemic 5' o methylphaseollinisoflavan

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Synthesis of racemic 6 beta prostaglandin i 1 and racemic 6 beta decarboxy prostaglandin i 1

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Synthesis of racemic 6 gingerol pungent principle of ginger and relatives via directed aldol reactions

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Synthesis of racemic 6'beta hydroxyaristeromycin a hydroxycarbocyclic analogue of adenosine

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Synthesis of racemic 7 8 and 5 6 dimethyl 2 2 hydroxyisopropyltetralins stress metabolites from tobacco mosaic virus infested tobacco

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Synthesis of racemic 7 9 dideoxydaunomycinone

Guay V.; Brassard P., 1986:
Synthesis of racemic 7 and 8 hydroxydunnione

Vite G.D.; Spencer T.A., 1988:
Synthesis of racemic 7 epivaleranone and racemic valeranone

Cuomo J., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic 7 hydroxycostal and racemic 7 hydroxycostol sweet potato phytoalexins

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Synthesis of racemic 7 methyldemethyl variotin

Suzuki Y.; Danko S.J.; Kono Y.; Takeuchi S.; Daly J.M.; Knoche H.W., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic 8 16 26 34 tetrahydroxy 6 10 14 18 24 28 32 36 octaoxohentetracontane as a potent synthetic analog of race t toxin produced by helminthosporium maydis

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Synthesis of racemic 8 9 13 14 di seco 18 norestradiol and related large ring hormone analogs

Kubodera N.; Nagano H.; Takagi M.; Matsunaga I., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic 8 aza 11 deoxy 10 oxa prostaglandin e 1

Martin Onraet A.; Gansser C.; Plat M.; Viel C.; Merienne C., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic 9 methoxy 4 hydroxy 1 2 3 4 tetrahydroellipticine

Iseki K.; Mase T.; Okazaki T.; Shibasaki M.; Ikegami S., 1983:
Synthesis of racemic 9 o methano delta 6 prostaglandin i 1

Okazaki T.; Shibasaki M.; Ikegami S., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic 9 o methano prostaglandin i 1

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Synthesis of racemic agrimonolide constituent of rhizome of agrimonia pilosa

Tsuji, J.; Yasuda, H.; Mandai, T., 1978:
Synthesis of racemic alpha lipoic acid from a butadiene telomer

Egli M.; Dreiding A.S., 1986:
Synthesis of racemic amino sugar lactones xylo and lyxo 2 3 diacetylamino 5 acetoxypentan 4 olide and 2 3 5 triacetylaminopentan 4 olide

Najjar, S.E.; Blake, M.I.; Lu, M.C., 1978:
Synthesis of racemic amphetamine d 1 and amphetamine d 3

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Synthesis of racemic and enantiomer fridamycin e

Nagren K.; Langstrom B., 1988:
Synthesis of racemic and l selenylmethyl carbon 11 labeled selenomethionine

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Synthesis of racemic and optically active delta 1 and delta 6 3 4 cis tetra hydro cannabinols

Bhakuni D.S.; Gupta P.K., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic antofine and racemic alkaloid c

Burke J.M.; Stevenson R., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic ariensin

Mori, K.; Fujioka, T., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic ascochlorin racemic ascofuranone and ll z 1272 alpha 5 chloro 2 4 dihydroxy 6 methyl 3 2' e 6' e 3' 7' 11' trimethyl 2' 6' 10' dodecatrienylbenzaldehyde

Raj, K.; Joshi, P.P.; Bhakuni, D.S.; Kapil, R.S.; Popli, S.P., 1976:
Synthesis of racemic auraptenol and murrayone

Castonguay A.; Berger Y., 1979:
Synthesis of racemic averufanin noraverufanin and bis deoxy averufanin

Sharma, S.D.; Singh, S.; Bari, S.S., 1976:
Synthesis of racemic beta bisabolol

Mikhno S.D.; Kulachkina N.S.; Filippova T.M.; Suchkova I.G.; Berezovskii V.M., 1981:
Synthesis of racemic biotin from substituted 2 3 dehydro thiophane

Yuste, F.; Walls, F., 1976:
Synthesis of racemic cacalol

Arai Y.; Konno M.; Shimoji K.; Konishi Y.; Niwa H.; Toda M.; Hayashi M., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic carba analogs of 5 hydro per oxy 6 8 11 14 eicosatetraenoic acid and leukotriene a 4 unstable intermediates of slow reacting substance

Halldin C.; Langstrom B., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic carbon 11 phenylglycine

Banerji A.; Kalena G.P., 1983:
Synthesis of racemic carbon 14 labeled mevalono lactone in 1 step

Raucher S.; Bray B.L.; Lawrence R.F., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic catharanthine dextro anhydrovinblastine and levo anhydrovincovaline

Vig O.P.; Nanda R.; Gauba R.; Puri S.K., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic cembrene a

Murali D.; Rao G.S.K., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic chrysolic acid

Bohlmann F.; Krueger M., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic cinera 5 7 11 trien 9 one

Melikyan G.G.; Mkrtchyan D.A.; Lebedeva K.V.; Myaeorg U.Yu; Panosyan G.A.; Badanyan S.O., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic cis 5 tetradecen 4 olide a racemate of the sex pheromone of the japanese beetle popillia japonica

Ley S.V.; Lygo B.; Molines H., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic cis 6 methyltetrahydropyran 2 ylacetic acid a natural product from viverra civetta using organoselenium mediated cyclization reactions

Urech R., 1986:
Synthesis of racemic clavularin b

Ito T.; Tomiyoshi N.; Nakamura K.; Azuma S.; Izawa M.; Maruyama F.; Yanagiya M.; Shirahama H.; Matsumoto T., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic coriolin

Trigo, G.G.; Galvez, E.; Sollhuber, M.M., 1980:
Synthesis of racemic cryptopleurine and related phenanthroquinolizidines

Krebs E P., 1979:
Synthesis of racemic cyano 1 methyl 3 2 4 5 6 7 tetrahydro 4 benzimidazolylthioethyl guanidine a conformationally restricted cimetidine analog

Yamashita K.; Takiwa A.; Nakada H., 1980:
Synthesis of racemic debutenoyl aspertetronin a and stereochemistry of aspertetronin a

Kimura H.; Miyamoto S.; Shinkai H.; Kato T., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic dehydro iridodiol

Biftu T.; Hazra B.G.; Stevenson R., 1979:
Synthesis of racemic deoxy schizandrin

Carruthers W.; Cumming S.A., 1983:
Synthesis of racemic depentyl per hydro histrionico toxin

Mandal S.B.; Pakrashi S.C., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic deplancheine

Boland W.; Jakoby K.; Jaenicke L., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic desmarestene and racemic viridiene the 2 sperm releasing and attracting pheromone from the brown algae desmarestia aculeata and desmarestia viridis

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Synthesis of racemic diplodialide b and a

Markgraf J.H.; Lusskin S.I.; Mcdonald E.C.; Volpp B.D., 1983:
Synthesis of racemic disparlure

Joshi N.N.; Mamdapur V.R.; Chadha M.S., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic disparlure and propylure an efficient derivation from tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol

Cheskis B.A.; Yarutich A.P.; Lebedeva K.V.; Moiseenkov A.M., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic dominicalure the aggregation pheromone of the lesser grain borer rhyzopertha dominica

King S.W.; Riordan J.M.; Holt E.M.; Stammer C.H., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic e and z 1 amino 2 phenyl cyclo propanecarboxylic acid e and z cyclo propylphenyl alanine

Vig, O.P.; Sharma, S.D.; Bari, S.S.; Handa, V.K., 1977:
Synthesis of racemic echinolone a juvenile hormone mimic

Ishibashi H.; Uehara C.; Komatsu H.; Ikeda M., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic endo and racemic exo brevicomin via ene reaction of the pummerer rearrangement product derived from 4 chlorophenyl methyl sulfoxide

Glinski M.B.; Durst T., 1983:
Synthesis of racemic epi iso podophyllo toxin

Ichihara A.; Kimura R.; Oda K.; Moriyasu K.; Sakamura S., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic epoxydon and related natural compounds

Crombie L.; Redshaw S.D.; Slack D.A.; Whiting D.A., 1983:
Synthesis of racemic eriobrucinol and regio isomeric mono terpenoid coumarins using intra molecular cyclo additions

Rao A.V.R.; Reddy K.B.; Dhar T.G.M., 1986:
Synthesis of racemic ethyl e 7 acetoxy 4 oxo 2 octanoate the key synthon of pyrenophorin

Semmelhack M.F.; Zask A., 1983:
Synthesis of racemic frenolicin via organo chromium and organo palladium intermediates

Singer, S.P.; Sharpless, K.B., 1978:
Synthesis of racemic gabaculine utilizing direct allylic amination as the key step

Banerji J.; Das B., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic gadain a new lignan from jatropha gossypifolia euphorbiaceae

Sharma, S.D.; Sethi, A.S.; Sharma, M.L., 1977:
Synthesis of racemic geigerone

Patrick T.B.; Melm G.F., 1979:
Synthesis of racemic helenynolic acid

Huffman J.W.; Desai R.C.; Hillenbrand G.F., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic iso celorbicol

Suess T.R.; Stermitz F.R., 1981:
Synthesis of racemic iso corytuberine and racemic n methyl iso corytuberine

Bhakuni, D.S.; Kumar, P., 1986:
Synthesis of racemic isoboldine and racemic 2' amino and nitro derivatives of reticuline and laudanidine

Prasad A.V.K.; Kapil R.S.; Popli S.P., 1986:
Synthesis of racemic isomedicarpin racemic homopterocarpin and tuberostan a novel entry of hydrogenative cyclization into pterocarpans

Armstrong R.J.; Weiler L., 1986:
Synthesis of racemic karahana ether and a racemic labdadienoic acid by the electrophilic cyclization of epoxyallylsilanes

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Synthesis of racemic lasiodiplodin

Ent H.; D.K.ning H.; Speckamp W.N., 1988:
Synthesis of racemic lasubine i

IIda H.; Kibayashi C.; Tanaka M., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic lasubine i and lasubine ii and racemic subcosine i

Skattebol L.; Stenstrom Y., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic lineatin an aggregation pheromone component of trypodendron lineatum

White J.D.; Avery M.A.; Carter J.P., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic lineatin an aggregation pheromone of trypodendron lineatum

Mckay W.R.; Ounsworth J.; Sum P E.; Weiler L., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic lineatin by the photochemical cyclo addition of allene to anhydro mevalono lactone

Zamarlik H.; Gnonlonfoun N.; Rouessac F., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic loliolide or 6 hydroxy 5 6 7 7a tetrahydro 4 4 7a 4h trimethyl 2 6 s 7a r benzofuranone by the cyclization of homogeranic acid

Jain, A.C.; Gupta, R.C.; Sarpal, P.D., 1978:
Synthesis of racemic lupinifolin di o methyl xanthohumole and iso xanthohumole and related compounds

Nomoto T.; Takayama H., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic lupinine and racemic epilupinine using regioselective alkylation of functionalized 3 sulfolene

Jeffs, P.W.; Cortese, N.A.; Wolfram, J., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic mesembranol and racemic o methyl joubertiamine aza ring expansion of cis bi cyclo 4.2.0 octanones

Boyd, J.; Epstein, W.; Frater, G., 1976:
Synthesis of racemic methyl 2 5 dimethyl 3 vinyl hex 4 enoate methyl santolinate

Hanaoka, M.; Tanaka, K.I.; Arata, Y., 1976 :
Synthesis of racemic methyl decamine

Kitahara T.; Miura K.; Warita Y.; Takagi Y.; Mori K., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic methyl epijasmonate and racemic methyl cucurbate

H.T L., 1981:
Synthesis of racemic methyl nidorellaurinate

Abad A.; Arno M.; Pedro J.R.; Seoane E., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic muscone

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Synthesis of racemic neo hydroxy aspergillic acid

Carruthers W.; Moses R.C., 1988:
Synthesis of racemic nitramine and racemic isonitramine

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Synthesis of racemic nonactic acid

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Synthesis of racemic norisoambreinolide and racemic isoambrox

Erb B.; Borschberg H J.; Arigoni D., 1985:
Synthesis of racemic officinalic acid

Cane D.E.; Thomas P.J., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic pentalenolactones e and f

Ganeshpure P.A.; Stevenson R., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic pluviatolide and racemic iso pluviatolide

Goessinger E., 1980:
Synthesis of racemic porantherilidine

Bal Tembe S.; Bhedi D.N.; D.S.uza N.J.; Rupp R.H., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic praeruptorin a and related khellactone derivatives

Baxter A.D.; Roberts S.M.; Wakefield B.J.; Woolley G.T.; Newton R.F., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic prostaglandin i 2 methyl ester and its 15 epimer from 2 cyclo pent 2 enyl 1 2 oxocyclopentyl ethanol derivatives

Raju B.; Rao G.S.K., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic pterosin m and onitin

Ibuka, T.; Masaki, N.; Saji, I.; Tanaka, K.; Inubushi, Y., 1975:
Synthesis of racemic pumilio toxin c hydro chloride and its crystal structure

Vogt K.; Schmidt R.R., 1988:
Synthesis of racemic ramulosin via inverse type hetero diels alder reaction

Miftakhov M.S.; Akbutina F.A.; Tolstikov G.A., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic recifeiolide

Bohlmann F.; Wegner P., 1983:
Synthesis of racemic rishitinone

Hoshino O.; Itoh K.; Umezawa B.; Akita H.; Oishi T., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic roemecarine and racemic epiroemecarine revised stereostructure for dextro roemecarine

Sanghvi Y.S.; Dabral V.; Bhat K.S.; Rao A.S., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic safrole oxide

Jain A.C.; Nayyar N.K., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic sativanone and racemic dihydrodaidzein

Bhakuni D.S.; Kumar P., 1983:
Synthesis of racemic scoulerine racemic coreximine racemic tetra hydro palmatine and their mono bromo and di bromo derivatives

Kunitomo J I.; Oshikata M.; Nakayama K.; Suwa K.; Murakami Y., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic steporphine the alkaloids of stephania sasakii 15

Gottschall K.; Plieinger H., 1984:
Synthesis of racemic stercobilin ix alpha with the configuration of the natural product and of some urobilins half stercobilins and stercobilins with unequivocal constitution and configuration

Murali D.; Rao G.S.K., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic sydonic acid

Cushman M.; Dekow F.W., 1979:
Synthesis of racemic thalictricavine berlambine and racemic canadine from a common intermediate

Gessner W.; Takahashi K.; Brossi A.; Kowalski M.; Kaliner M.A., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic trans 2 5 dialkylpyrrolidines from the lukes sorm dilactam efficient preparation of racemic trans 2 butyl 5 heptylpyrrolidine and analogs present in ant venoms

Subramanian G.B.V.; Chander Y.; Sood R.C., 1982:
Synthesis of racemic trans 9 10 epoxy 2 methyl octadecane an analog of the gypsy moth porthetria dispar pheromone disparlure and related epoxides

Wakamatsu T.; Yamada S.; Ban Y., 1986:
Synthesis of racemic vermiculine via control of olefin formation

Yoshida K.; Nomura S.; Ban Y., 1985 :
Synthesis of racemic vincadifformine racemic eburcine and racemic 3 epieburcine introduction of methoxycarbonyl function to carbon 3 position of aspidosperma skeleton

Rao A.V.R.; Deshmukh M.N.; Sharma G.V.M., 1987:
Synthesis of racemic zearalenone

Strijtveen B.; Kellogg R.M., 1986:
Synthesis of racemization prone optically active thiols by s n 2 substitution using cesium thiocarboxylates

Yamaguchi, T.; Ichiki, K.I.; Sone, H.; Maeda, M.; Kojima, M., 1978:
Synthesis of radio iodinated analog of oxazolidine 2 4 dione

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Synthesis of radio labeled and unlabeled o 4 ethylthymidine 5' triphosphate

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Synthesis of radioactive carbon 11 molecules for medical research on a microscale a theoretical and practical approach

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Synthesis of radioactive cis diamminedichloroplatinum ii and its biological use as a tracer

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Synthesis of radioactive dolichol from 4s tritiated mevalonate in the regenerating rat liver

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Synthesis of radioactively methyl labeled levo carnitine

Maeda M.; Komori H.; Dohmoto H.; Kojima M., 1985:
Synthesis of radioiodinated analogs of 2 phenylpyrazolo 4 3 c quinolin 3 5h one by a modified triazene method

Cashyap M.M.; Mitchell M.B.; Osborne D.C.; Saunders D., 1985:
Synthesis of radiolabeled forms of a novel histamine h 1 antagonist skf 93944

Dannals R.F.; Langstrom B.; Ravert H.T.; Wilson A.A.; Wagner H.N.Jr, 1988:
Synthesis of radiotracers for studying muscarinic cholinergic receptors in the living human brain using positron emission tomography carbon 11 dexetimide and carbon 11 levetimide

Taylor, J.M.; Schimke, R.T., 1973:
Synthesis of rat liver albumin in a rabbit reticulocyte cell free protein synthesizing system

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Synthesis of rat liver lactate dehydrogenase ec and characterization of its messenger rna

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Synthesis of rat liver mitochondrial proteins after the administration of a nonlethal dose of cyclo heximide

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Synthesis of rat muscle ferritins and functions in iron metabolism of heart and diaphragm

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Synthesis of reca protein and induction of bacterio phage lambda in single strand dna binding protein mutants of escherichia coli

Excoffier G.; Gagnaire D.; Utille J P., 1984:
Synthesis of reducing di saccharides of d xylo pyranose/

Peterson D.M.; Martinez R.A.; Satsangi N.; Weintraub S.T.; Stotter P.L.; Friedberg S.J., 1988:
Synthesis of regiospecifically labeled oxygen 18 glycolic acid and oxygen 18 acyldihydroxyacetone phosphate

Khalikov S.K.; Ismailov M.I.; Alieva S.V.; Valiev R.V., 1982:
Synthesis of regular poly peptides with poly functional amino acids

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Synthesis of renin substrate by rat liver

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Synthesis of replicative form dna and messenger rna by gene iv mutants of bacterio phage s 13

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Synthesis of repressible acid phosphatase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae under conditions of enzyme instability

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Synthesis of reserpine type alkaloids 1. the preparation of tetra cyclic key intermediates

Szantay, C.; Honty, K.; Blasko, G.; Baitz-Gacs, E.; Kolonits, P., 1983:
Synthesis of reserpine type alkaloids 2. synthesis of 18 hydroxy yohimbine stereo isomers and raunescine analogs with normal skeletons

Szantay, C.; Blasko, G.; Honty, K.; Baitz-Gacs, E.; Tamas, J.; Toke, L., 1983:
Synthesis of reserpine type alkaloids 3. synthesis of racemic deserpidine and a racemic raunescine epimer

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Synthesis of retinyl phosphate mannose and dolichyl phosphate mannose from endogenous and exogenous retinyl phosphate and dolichyl phosphate in microsomal fraction. Specific decrease in endogenous retinyl phosphate mannose synthesis in vitamin A deficiency

Creek K.E.; Rimoldi D.; Silverman Jones C.S.; L.M., 1985:
Synthesis of retinyl phosphate mannose in vitro nonenzymic breakdown reversibility

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Synthesis of retinyl phosphate mannose in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae and its possible involvement in lipid linked oligo saccharide formation

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Synthesis of retro chinensin a new naturally occurring 4 aryl 2 3 naphthalide lignan

Olsen R.K.; Ramasamy K., 1985:
Synthesis of retrohydroxamate analogs of the microbial iron transport agent ferrichrome

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Synthesis of reumycin glycoside derivatives

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Synthesis of ribavirin acyclic analogues

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Synthesis of ribo nucleotides and their participation in rna synthesis by coxiella burnetii

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Synthesis of ribo oligo nucleotides using the 4 methoxybenzyl group as a new protecting group for the 2' hydroxyl group/

Ven'yaminova, A.G.; Komarova, N.I.; Levina, A.S.; Repkova, M.N., 1988:
Synthesis of ribonucleoside 3' and 5' h phosphonates via salicylchlorophosphine

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Synthesis of ribosomal and transfer rna in yeast during a nutritional shift up

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Synthesis of ribosomal proteins during the cell cycle of the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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Synthesis of ribosomal rna during sporulation of bacillus subtilis

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Synthesis of ribosomal rna during the mitotic cycle in the slime mold physarum polycephalum

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Synthesis of ribosomal rna in chloroplasts from tobacco leaves of different age

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Synthesis of ribosomal rna in ha ploid and di ploid embryos of the loach

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Synthesis of ribosomal rna in light and dark neurons of the rat cerebral cortex after burn injury

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Synthesis of ribulose 1 5 bisphosphate carboxylase by isolated sorghum mesophyll chloroplasts

Sasaki Y.; Tomoda Y.; Tomi H.; Kamikubo T.; Shinozaki K., 1985:
Synthesis of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase in greening pea pisum sativum cultivar alaska leaves coordination of messenger rna level of two subunits

Ito M.; Amano H., 1980:
Synthesis of ribulose peptide in human spermatozoa glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase 6 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase and lactate dehydrogenase activities in human spermatozoa

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Synthesis of rigid congeners cis and trans 2 p methoxyphenyl 3 methylmorpholine

Perrone R.; Berardi F.; Bettoni G.; Tortorella V., 1985:
Synthesis of rigid dopamine congeners naphtho 1 4 oxazine derivatives

Templeton J.F.; Kumar V.P.S.; Kim R.S.; Labella F.S., 1987:
Synthesis of ring a and b substituted 17 alpha acetoxypregnan 20 one derivatives with potential activity on the digitalis receptor in cardiac muscle

Dalzell H.C.; Manmade A.; Mastrocola A.R.; Razdan R.K., 1979:
Synthesis of ring c aromatic steroids

Colwell W.T.; Soohoo C.; Degraw J.I., 1979:
Synthesis of ring carbon 14 labeled retinyl acetate

Kirst H.A.; Wind J.A.; Paschal J.W., 1987:
Synthesis of ring contracted derivatives of erythromycin

Kim C H.; Marquez V.E., 1987:
Synthesis of ring expanded cytidine homocytidine

Kirk, K.L., 1976:
Synthesis of ring fluorinated serotonins and melatonins

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Synthesis of rna and cytoplasmic ribo nucleo protein particles in the process of cotton gossypium hirsutum seed ripening

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Synthesis of rna and nuclear proteins in regenerating and nontraumatized rabbit tissues

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Synthesis of rna and protein in plasmid containing minicells of escherichia coli k 12

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Synthesis of rna by isolated rat liver mitochondria

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Synthesis of rna by mutants of vesicular stomatitis virus indiana serotype and the ability of wild type vesicular stomatitis virus new jersey to complement the vesicular stomatitis virus indiana temperature sensitive g i 114 transcription defect

Hecht, N.B.; Williams, J.L., 1978:
Synthesis of RNA by separated heads and tails from bovine spermatozoa

Kalt, M.R., 1980:
Synthesis of rna by xenopus laevis spermatogenic cells 2. atp pool kinetics relative rates of rna accumulation and improved separation of cell populations

Owens, R.A.; Diener, T.O., 1977:
Synthesis of rna complementary to potato spindle tuber viroid using phage q beta replicase

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Synthesis of rna complementary to rabbit globin messenger rna by q beta replicase

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Synthesis of rna containing a methylated blocked 5 prime terminus by hela nuclear homogenates

Pages, M.; Alonso, C., 1976:
Synthesis of rna containing poly adenylic acid in 3rd instar salivary glands isolated nuclei

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Synthesis of rna containing virus specific components in l cells persistently infected with simian virus 5

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Synthesis of rna during the germination of botryodiplodia theobromae pycnidio spores

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Synthesis of rna fraction in rat liver after single and repeated hypothalamus stimulation

Tershak, D.R., 1969:
Synthesis of rna in cells infected with lsc poliovirus at elevated temperatures neopl hela cells p fluorophenyl alanine anti viral

Martin, S.J.; Brown, F., 1967:
Synthesis of rna in neopl baby hamster kidney cells in the presence of actinomycin d anti neoplastic metab

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Synthesis of rna in purine deficient escherichia coli and a comparison with the effects of amino acid starvation

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Synthesis of rna in the brain of hibernating animals

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Synthesis of rna in the venom gland of crotalus durissus terrificus ophidia reptilia after manual extraction of the venom

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Synthesis of rna in tissue discs of sweet potato roots after cutting or mercuric chloride treatment

Weidner S.; Kulka K.; Makowski W., 1979:
Synthesis of rna in wheat grain during development and ripening

Dmitrnev, A.D.; Danilevskaia, O.N.; Khesin, R.B., 1976:
Synthesis of RNA polymerase subunits in Escherichia coli mutants

Agliullina D.G.; Vegner E.O.; Vinter V.G., 1982:
Synthesis of rna released by ehrlich carcinoma cells

Jaeck G.; Benz F.W., 1979:
Synthesis of rnase labeled with carbon 13 on methionine 29

Potgieter, M.; Wenteler, G.L.; Drewes, S.E., 1988:
Synthesis of rooperol 1 5 bis 3' 4' dihydroxyphenylpent 1 en 4 yne

Ismail Z.M.; Hoffman H.M.R., 1986:
Synthesis of rosethiophene a new flavor compound

Shevlyagin, V.Y. ; Chizhevskaya, V.I., 1976:
Synthesis of rous sarcoma virus in mammalian embryo tissue cultures

Povarov L.S.; Gol'dberg L.E.; Bazhanov V.S.; Olsuf'eva E.N.; Averbukh L.A.; Filippos'yants S.T., 1981:
Synthesis of rubomycin 13 tert butoxycarbonyl hydrazone and investigation of its anti tumor effects

Banerji A.; Goomer N.C., 1986:
Synthesis of rubraflavone a trimethyl ether

Konarev V.G.; Gaevskaya E.I., 1987:
Synthesis of rye storage protein in a cell free protein synthesizing system

Yanai M.; Sugai T.; Mori K., 1985:
Synthesis of s 2 hydroxy beta ionone employing s 3 hydroxy 2 2 dimethylcyclohexanone as the chiral starting material

Dontsova G.V.; Konstantinova M.M.; Mandrugin A.A.; Rakhmanina O.N.; Fedoseev V.M.; Shlykov Y.V., 1986:
Synthesis of s 3 aminobutylisothiourea and of its heterocyclic derivative radioprotective action of these compounds

Benghiat, E.; Crooks, P.A., 1983:
Synthesis of s 3 indole methyl derivatives of 5' deoxy 5' thio adenosine

Horiuchi, Y.; Akita, E.; Ito, T., 1976:
Synthesis of s 4 amino 2 hydroxy n butyric acid and its n phthaloyl derivative

Benghiat, E.; Crooks, P.A., 1983:
Synthesis of s 5 pyrrolo 2 3 b pyridinemethyl and s 5 pyrrolo 2 3 d pyrimidinemethyl and s 6 pyrrolo 2 3 d pyrimidinemethyl derivatives of 5' deoxy 5' thio adenosine

Silverman R.B.; Levy M.A., 1980:
Synthesis of s 5 substituted 4 amino pentanoic acids a new class of gamma amino butyric acid trans aminase inactivators

Pichat L.; Tostain J.; Gomis J.M.; Coppo M.; Moustier A.M.; Vincent M.; Remond G.; Portevin B.; Laubie M., 1988:
Synthesis of s 9490 3 uniformly labeled carbon 14 cyclohexyl 1 2s 2 1s 1 carbethoxybutylamino 1 oxopropyl 2s 3as 7as perhydroindole 2 carboxylic acid terbutylamine salt 1 and s 9780 uniformly labeled carbon 14 cyclohexyl 1 2s 2 1s 1 carbethoxybutylamino 1 oxopropyl 2s 3as 7as perhydroindole 2 carboxylic acid and of 3 4 tritiated butylamino s 9490 3 and 3 4 tritiated butylamino s 9780 potent inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme at very high specific radioactivities

Guillerm, G.; Galas, M.C.; Le-Goffic, F., 1986:
Synthesis of s adenosyl l homocysteine and 5' methylthioadenosine specifically tritiated at the 5' carbon position

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Synthesis of s adenosyl methionine and s adenosyl homo cysteine in rat liver under hypo vitaminosis e

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Synthesis of s adenosylethionine by the gamma isozyme of methionine adenosyltransferase ec from friend erythroleukemic cells

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Synthesis of s alkyl cysteines and their di peptide derivatives

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Synthesis of s dextro 14 methyl 1 octadecene

D.K.Q.; Thanei P.; Caviezel M.; Schwyzer R., 1979:
Synthesis of s dextro 2 amino 3 1 adamantyl propionic acid l dextro adamantyl alanine as a fat or super analog of leucine and phenyl alanine

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Synthesis of s dextro 4 carboxymethylene 4 butanolide by the arndt eistert rearrangement

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Synthesis of s dextro and r levo 3 2 aminopropyl indole from ethyl d tryptophanate and ethyl l tryptophanate

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Synthesis of s dextro methyl beta gamma di hydroxy alpha methylene butyrate and s levo tulipalin b

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Synthesis of s hydroxyethyl gamma butyrolactone and its application to the synthesis of r dextro gamma caprolactone

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Synthesis of s iso serine

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Synthesis of s levo vertinolide

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Synthesis of s n 2 3 dihydroxy 3 methylbutylacetamide

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Synthesis of s n benzyloxy 4 acetoxymethyl 2 azetidinone potential intermediate for carbapenem antibiotics by chemomicrobiological approach

Dumont R.; Pfander H., 1984:
Synthesis of s plectaniaxanthin

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Synthesis of s substituted 2 mercapto 3 aryl or aralkyl 4 3h quinazolinones their central nervous system and anti microbial activity

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Synthesis of s triazolo 4 3 b pyridazine c nucleosides

Legraverend M.; Lhoste J.M.; Bisagni E., 1981:
Synthesis of s triazolo 4 3 d 1 2 4 triazines and s triazolo 1 5 d 1 2 4 triazines

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Synthesis of s tritiated do 710 a benzamide ligand of the d 2 dopamine receptor and of s tritiated azidosulpride its photoactivable analog

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Synthesis of saccharomyces cerevisiae catalase a ec in vitro

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Synthesis of saframycins i. total synthesis of racemic saframycin b and its congeners

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Synthesis of safrole labeled with carbon 14 in the allyl chain 1 carbon 14 safrole

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Synthesis of saint louis encephalitis virus rna neopl in baby hamster kidney 21 13 cells enz rnase actinomycin anti viral

Giese H.; Hejgaard J., 1984:
Synthesis of salt soluble proteins in barley hordeum vulgare pulse labeling study of grain filling in liquid cultured detached spikes

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Synthesis of salvilenone

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Synthesis of samandarine type alkaloids and analogs

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Synthesis of sceletium and amaryllidaceae alkaloids racemic mesembrine and racemic dihydromaritidine racemic epidihydromaritidine racemic elwesine and racemic epielwesine

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Synthesis of sch 29482 5r 6s 8r 6 1 hydroxyethyl 2 ethyl thio penem 3 carboxylic acid sodium salt a novel penem antibiotic

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Synthesis of secoisoquinoline alkaloids total synthesis of racemic corydalisol racemic aobamine and racemic hypecorinine

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Synthesis of secreted and membrane bound immuno globulin mu heavy chains is directed by messenger rna species that differ at their 3' ends

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Synthesis of secretory and plasma membrane glyco proteins by striated duct cells of rat salivary glands as visualized by radioautography after tritium labeled fucose injection

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Synthesis of selected carbon 14 labeled carcinogenic aromatic amines

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Synthesis of selectively trifluoromethylated pyridine derivatives as potential antihypertensives

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Synthesis of selectively tritium labeled or carbon 14 labeled 2 4 2 thienylcarbonylphenyl propionic acid

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Synthesis of selectivity modified cellulose derivatives via reductive amination of 2 oxy cellulose and 3 oxy cellulose intermediates/

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Synthesis of selenacoumarins

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Synthesis of selenium 75 2 phenyl 1 2 benzisoselenazol 3 2h one pz 51 ebselen a novel biologically active organoselenium compound

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Synthesis of selenium 75 labeled tri methyl selenonium iodide from selenium 75 labeled seleno cystine/

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Synthesis of seleno cysteine by cysteine synthases ec from selenium accumulator and nonaccumulator plants

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Synthesis of seleno guanine platinum ii and thio guanine platinum ii complexes and their anti tumor activity in mice

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Synthesis of selenocystine and selenohomocystine with o acetylhomoserine sulfhydrylase ec

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Synthesis of seminal rnase in isolated lobules of bull seminal vesicles

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Synthesis of semisynthetic dipeptides using n carboxyanhydrides and chiral induction of raney nickel a method practical for large scale

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Synthesis of sepharose derivatives suited for the affinity chromatography of enzymes of the metabolism of myo inositol phosphates

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Synthesis of sequential poly peptides containing l beta 3 4 dopa and l glutamic acid

Yamamoto H.; Hayakawa T., 1982:
Synthesis of sequential poly peptides containing l dopa and l lysine

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Synthesis of sequential poly peptides containing lysine and tyrosine/

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Synthesis of sequential polydepsipeptides involving depsipeptide formation by the 2 nitrophenylsulphenyl n carboxy alpha amino acid anhydride nps nca method

Katakai R.; IIzuka Y., 1985:
Synthesis of sequential polypeptides containing l isoleucine for assignment of the far ir band characteristic of isoleucine in a peptide alpha helix

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Synthesis of series 1 prostaglandins starting from 11 deoxy prostaglandin e 1

Mel'nikova V.I.; Lapitskaya M.A.; Bobrova N.I.; Manukina T.A.; Pivnitskii K.K., 1981:
Synthesis of series 1 prostaglandins through 11 deoxy prostaglandin e 1

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Synthesis of series 2 prostaglandins from 1 z 5 z cyclo octadiene

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Synthesis of serine phosphatides

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Synthesis of serotonin at the spinal level in the rat: modifications induced by nociceptive somatic stimulation associated or not with administration of morphine

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Synthesis of serum proteins by the post hematopoietic feline yolk sac

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Synthesis of sesqui terpene anti tumor lactones 10. total synthesis of racemic parthenin

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Synthesis of sesqui terpene anti tumor lactones 8. an approach to the synthesis of pseudo guianolides based on oxy cope rearrangement

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Synthesis of sesqui terpene anti tumor lactones 9. the hydro naphthalene route to pseudo guaianes total synthesis of racemic confertin

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Synthesis of sesqui terpene anti tumor lactones part 6 cis 8a vinyl octa hydro 3h 2 benzo pyran 3 7 dione a precursor to vernolepin

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Synthesis of sesquiterpene alkaloids guaipyridine epiguaipyridine and related compounds

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Synthesis of sesquiterpenic dimethylisobutyl and dimethylisopropylindans and trimethylisopropylindanes

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Synthesis of seven deuteromethylcaffeine analogues observation of deuterium isotope effects on carbon 13 magnetic resonance analysis

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Synthesis of seven penta n o acetyl pseudo 2 amino 2 deoxy dl hexopyranoses

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Synthesis of several beta alanine derivatives

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Synthesis of several chemo tactic peptide antagonists

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Synthesis of several fructo oligo saccharides by asparagus asparagus officinalis fructosyl transferases

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Synthesis of several membrane proteins during developmental aggregation im myxococcus xanthus

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Synthesis of several new carbapenem antibiotics

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Synthesis of sex pheromone components of the forest tent caterpillar malacosoma disstria and of the western tent caterpillar malacosoma californicum

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Synthesis of sex pheromone components on the basis of glutaric aldehyde monoacetal

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Synthesis of sex pheromones of lesser peachtree borer synanthedon pictipes and peachtree borer synanthedon exitiosa

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Synthesis of seychellogenine part 1 7 beta 11 alpha di hydroxy 7 8 9 11 tetra hydro seychellogenine

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Synthesis of short chain carboxylic acids labeled with carbon 13 and deuterium at various positions

Sekine, M.; Hata, T., 1986:
Synthesis of short oligoribonucleotide bearing a 3' or 5' terminal phosphate by use of 4 4' 4 tris 4 5 dichlorophthalimidotrityl as a new 5' hydroxyl protecting group

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Synthesis of side chain carbon 14 labeled iaa

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Synthesis of side chain hydroxylated tetra hydro cannabinols/

Schiller P.W.; Nguyen T.M D.; Miller J., 1985:
Synthesis of side chain to side chain cyclized peptide analogs on solid supports

Trempy, J.E.; Morrison-Plummer, J.; Haldenwang, W.G., 1985:
Synthesis of sigma 29, an RNA polymerase specificity determinant, is a developmentally regulated event in Bacillus subtilis

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Synthesis of simple quinoline alkaloids a novel quinazoline synthesis

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Synthesis of sinapine during seed development of sinapis alba

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Synthesis of sinefungin and its c 6' epimer

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Synthesis of single isomers e or z of protected gamma delta unsaturated ketones by the horner wittig reaction

Levin D.; Warren S., 1988:
Synthesis of single isomers e or z of unsaturated carboxylic acids by the horner wittig reaction

Takanami, Y.; Kubo, S.; Imaizumi, S., 1977:
Synthesis of single stranded and double stranded cucumber mosaic virus rna in tobacco mesophyll protoplasts

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Synthesis of singly deuterium labeled tritium labeled and carbon 14 labeled and doubly labeled acetaminophen phenacetin and p acetanisidine

Pluzhnikov K.A.; Karelin A.A.; Utkin Y.N.; Tseplin V.I.; Ivanov V.T., 1982:
Synthesis of singly labeled photoactivable derivatives of neuro toxin ii from naja naja oxiana and their interaction with the acetyl choline receptor