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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6574

Chapter 6574 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Barascut, J.L.; Couret, I.; Imbach, J.L., 1979:
Synthetic nucleosides 28. regioselectivity and stereospecificity of glycosylation reactions in purine series

Nakayama, C.; Machida, H.; Saneyoshi, M., 1979:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides 12. synthesis and anti viral activities of several 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl 5 alkyl uracils and their 5' mono phosphates

Saneyoshi, M.; Satoh, E., 1979:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides 13. stannic chloride catalyzed ribosylation of several 6 substituted purines

Saneyoshi, M.; Nishimura, S.; Okabe, M.; Fukuoka, F., 1980:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides 14. facile synthesis and anti tumor activities of 6 mercapto purine 2' deoxy riboside and related compounds

Nishimura, S.; Saneyoshi, M., 1980:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides 15. 5 di methylamino 2 oxidoisoquinolin 1 yl di azo methane a novel water soluble fluorescent labeling agent for nucleotides

Saneyoshi, M.; Morozumi, M.; Kodama, K.; Machida, H.; Kuninaka, A.; Yoshino, H., 1980:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides 16. synthesis and biological evaluations of a series of 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl cytosine 5 alkyl or aryl phosphates

Saneyoshi, M.; Nishizaka, H.; Katoh, N., 1981:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides 18. synthesis and cytostatic activity of 5 fluoro pyrimidine nucleosides of 3 amino 3 deoxy beta d ribo furanose and related compounds

Saneyoshi, M.; Tohyama, J.; Nakayama, C., 1982:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides 19. synthesis of 3' deoxy ctp and related 3' deoxy ribo nucleotides from cordycepin

Nakayama, C.; Saneyoshi, M., 1982:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides 20. synthesis of various 1 beta d xylofuranosyl 5 alkyl uracils and related nucleosides

Yamaguchi, T.; Saneyoshi, M., 1984:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides 21. synthesis and biological evaluations of 2' deoxy alpha d ribofuranosyl nucleosides and nucleotides

Saneyoshi, M.; Inomata, M.; Sekine, T.; Hoshi, A.; Fukuoka, F., 1978:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides part 10 synthesis and biological activities of several purin 6 yl benzyl di sulfides and their ribo nucleosides

Saneyoshi, M.; Inomata, M.; Fukuoka, F., 1978:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides part 11 facile synthesis and anti tumor activities of various 5 fluoro pyrimidine nucleosides

Izuta, S.; Saneyoshi, M., 1987:
Synthetic nucleosides and nucleotides xxvii. selective inhibition of dna polymerase alpha by 1 beta d arabinofuranosyl 5 styryluracil 5' triphosphates and related nucleotides influence of hydrophobic and steric factors on the inhibitory action

Barascut, J.L.; Ollier-De-Marichard, C.; Imbach, J.L., 1976:
Synthetic nucleosides part 12 study of ribosylation reactions in triazolo pyrimidine series

Barascut, J.L.; Kam, B.L.; Imbach, J.L., 1977:
Synthetic nucleosides part 14 reaction parameters for preferential obtention of nucleosides of the benzazole series by fusion reaction/

Montero, J.L.; Dhainaut, A.; Imbach, J.L., 1978:
Synthetic nucleosides part 16 selective synthesis of various ribo furanosyl 1 purines

Chavis C.; Grodenic F.; Imbach J L., 1979:
Synthetic nucleosides part 17 1 glycosyl 5 nitro imidazoles and pyrazoles

Rayner, B.; Tapiero, C.; Imbach, J.L., 1976:
Synthetic nucleosides part 9 alpha ribo furano nucleosides

Smirnov, V.D.; Metelev, V.G.; Shabarova, Z.A.; Prokof'ev, M.A., 1976:
Synthetic oligo nucleotides as a tool for studying natural structures and processes

Chuba, P.J.; Pelz, K.; Krekeler, G.; de Isele, T.S.; Göbel, U., 1988:
Synthetic oligodeoxynucleotide probes for the rapid detection of bacteria associated with human periodontitis

Hirao, I.; Naraoka, T.; Kanamori, S.; Nakamura, M.; Miura, K., 1988:
Synthetic oligodeoxyribonucleotides showing abnormal mobilities on polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis

Lathe, R., 1985:
Synthetic oligonucleotide probes deduced from amino acid sequence data. Theoretical and practical considerations

Cubie H.A.; Norval M., 1988:
Synthetic oligonucleotide probes for the detection of human papilloma viruses by in situ hybridization

Petrukhin K.E.; Grishin A.V.; Arsenyan S.G.; Broude N.E.; Grinkevich V.A.; Filippova L.Yu; Severtsova I.V.; Modyanov N.N., 1985:
Synthetic oligonucleotides with high degree of degeneracy used as hybridization probes for identification of messenger rna and complementary dna clones coding for alpha subunit of sodium potassium atpase

Schoeffel A.; Weist S.; Ball R.K.; Scheidtmann K H.; Braun D.G.; Brandner G., 1988:
Synthetic oligopeptides define epitopes at the amino and carboxyl terminus of sv 40 large tumor antigen which are recognized by monoclonal antibodies

Pozsgay V.; Brisson J R.; Jennings H.J., 1987:
Synthetic oligosaccharides related to group b streptococcal polysaccharides the rhamnotriose moiety of the common antigen

Bernardi A.; Beretta M.G.; Colombo L.; Gennari C.; Poli G.; Scolastico C., 1985:
Synthetic opportunities offered by anti alpha methylene beta hydroxy gamma alkoxy esters stereoselective reactions at the double bond

Helou, J.H., 1975:
Synthetic organic dyes in liquid preparations contribution to the study of stability

Folsome, C.E., 1976:
Synthetic organic micro structures and the origins of cellular life

Bhattacharyya, A.; Yanagimachi, R., 1988:
Synthetic organic pH buffers can support fertilization of guinea pig eggs, but not as efficiently as bicarbonate buffer

Swartz, J.D.; Berger, A.S.; Zwillenberg, S.; Granoff, D.W.; Popky, G.L., 1987:
Synthetic ossicular replacements: normal and abnormal CT appearance

Iwamoto, Y.; Graf, J.; Sasaki, M.; Kleinman, H.K.; Greatorex, D.R.; Martin, G.R.; Robey, F.A.; Yamada, Y., 1988:
Synthetic pentapeptide from the B1 chain of laminin promotes B16F10 melanoma cell migration

Hashim, G.A.; Day, E.D., 1987:
Synthetic peptide analogs to probe the immunological expression of the rat encephalitogenic neuropeptide

Bhatnagar, D.; Glass, D.B.; Roskoski, R.; Lessor, R.A.; Leonard, N.J., 1988:
Synthetic peptide analogues differentially alter the binding affinities of cyclic nucleotide dependent protein kinases for nucleotide substrates

Merrifield R.B.; Unson C.; Gurzenda E.M.; Andreu D., 1987:
Synthetic peptide antagonists of glucagon

Laudano, A.P.; Doolittle, R.F., 1978:
Synthetic peptide derivatives that bind to fibrinogen and prevent the polymerization of fibrin monomers

Fox R.I.; Scott S.; Houghten R.; Whalley A.; Geltofsky J.; Vaughan J.; Smith R., 1987:
Synthetic peptide derived from the epstein barr virus encoded early diffuse antigen ea d reactive with human antibodies

Deigin V.I.; Pomogaibo S.V.; Zhukovskii S.V.; Vinogradov V.A., 1988:
Synthetic peptide from helix aspersa increases arterial blood pressure in rats

Bradley, R.J.; Romine, W.O.; Long, M.M.; Ohnishi, T.; Jacobs, M.A.; Urry, D.W., 1977:
Synthetic peptide potassium ion carrier with calcium ion inhibition

Creminon C.; Rholam M.; Boussetta H.; Marrakchi N.; Cohen P., 1988:
Synthetic peptide substrates as models to study a prooxytocin neurophysin converting enzyme

Hunter, T., 1982:
Synthetic peptide substrates for a tyrosine protein kinase

Mullinax T.R.; Stepp L.R.; Brown J.R.; Reed L.J., 1985:
Synthetic peptide substrates for mammalian pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase and pyruvate dehydrogenase phosphatase

House C.; Baldwin G.S.; Kemp B.E., 1984:
Synthetic peptide substrates for the membrane tyrosine protein kinase stimulated by epidermal growth factor

Zavala, F.; Tam, J.P.; Barr, P.J.; Romero, P.J.; Ley, V.; Nussenzweig, R.S.; Nussenzweig, V., 1987:
Synthetic peptide vaccine confers protection against murine malaria

Pierschbacher M.; Hayman E.G.; Ruoslahti E., 1983:
Synthetic peptide with cell attachment activity of fibronectin

Miller R.L., 1982:
Synthetic peptides are not chemo attractants for bull sperm

Zavala, F.; Tam, J.P.; Masuda, A., 1986:
Synthetic peptides as antigens for the detection of humoral immunity to plasmodium falciparum sporozoites

Briand J.P.; Muller P.; Van Regenmortel M.H.V., 1985:
Synthetic peptides as antigens pitfalls of conjugation methods

Iqbal M.; Shivaji S.; Vijayasarathy S.; Balaram P., 1980:
Synthetic peptides as chemo attractants for bull spermatozoa structure activity correlations

Kotler M.; Katz R.A.; Danho W.; Leis J.; Skalka A.M., 1988:
Synthetic peptides as substrates and inhibitors of a retroviral protease

Lee K.K.; Conway A.M.; Carne T.J., 1986:
Synthetic peptides as substrates for processing enzymes in the bovine pituitary

Lentz, T.L.; Hawrot, E.; Wilson, P.T., 1987:
Synthetic peptides corresponding to sequences of snake venom neurotoxins and rabies virus glycoprotein bind to the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor

Chow M.; Yabrov R.; Bittle J.; Hogle J.; Baltimore D., 1985:
Synthetic peptides from 4 regions of the poliovirus type 1 capsid protein vp 1 induce neutralizing antibodies

Day E.D.; Hashim G.A.; Varitek V.A.Jr; Lazarus K.J.; Paterson P.Y., 1981:
Synthetic peptides from region 65 84 of bovine myelin basic protein radio immunoassays and equilibrium competitive inhibition studies with antibodies prepared against myelin basic protein

Harari, I.; Donohue-Rolfe, A.; Keusch, G.; Arnon, R., 1988:
Synthetic peptides of Shiga toxin B subunit induce antibodies which neutralize its biological activity

Scolaro B.; Rocchi R.; Politi V.; D.S.azio G.; G.; Gorini A., 1986:
Synthetic peptides related to the amino terminal amino acid sequence of a pharmacologically active decapeptide isolated from crotalus atrox snake venom

De-Castiglione, R.; Faoro, F.; Perseo, G.; Piani, S.; Santangelo, F.; Melchiorri, P.; Falconieri-Erspamer, G.; Erspamer, V.; Guglietta, A., 1981:
Synthetic peptides related to the dermorphins 1. synthesis and biological activities of the shorter homologues and of analogs of the hepta peptides

Melchiorri, P.; Erspamer, G.F.; Erspamer, V.; Guglietta, A.; De-Castiglione, R.; Faoro, F.; Perseo, G.; Piani, S.; Santangelo, F., 1982:
Synthetic peptides related to the dermorphins 2. synthesis and biological activities of new analogs

Chessa, G.; Borin, G.; Marchiori, F.; Meggio, F.; Brunati, A.M.; Pinna, L.A., 1983:
Synthetic peptides reproducing the site phosphorylated by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase ec in protein phosphatase inhibitor 1 effect of structural modifications on the phosphorylation efficiency

Laudano A.P.; Doolittle R.F., 1980:
Synthetic peptides that bind to fibrinogen and prevent fibrin polymerization structural requirements number of binding sites and species differences

Hugli, T.E.; Erickson, B.W., 1977:
Synthetic peptides with the biological activities and specificity of human complement c 3a anaphylatoxin

Pasqualini E.; Bortolotti A.; Maini S.; Baronio P.; Campadelli G., 1983:
Synthetic pheromones and control of cossus cossus lepidoptera cossidae

Maksimovic M.; Abazovic D., 1982:
Synthetic pheromones of the european pine shoot moth rhyacionia buoliana

Novotny, M.; Harvey, S.; Jemiolo, B.; Alberts, J., 1985:
Synthetic pheromones that promote inter-male aggression in mice

Miyazaki, M.; Yamamoto, K., 1977:
Synthetic phosphatidyl ethanolamines as renin inhibitors

Loh D.; Ross A.H.; Hale A.H.; Baltimore D.; Eisen H.N., 1979:
Synthetic phospho lipid vesicles containing a purified viral antigen and cell membrane proteins stimulate the development of cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes

Motycka, J.; Kalous, J., 1987:
Synthetic phospholipids in piglet and lamb nutrition

Barker A.J.; Pattenden G., 1983:
Synthetic photochemistry a new synthesis of racemic zizaene via an intra molecular variant of the de mayo reaction

Pattenden G.; Whybrow D., 1981:
Synthetic photochemistry a synthesis of the carbon skeleton found in taylorione from mylia taylorii using the di pi methane rearrangement

Gupta Y.P.; Yadav V.S.; Mohammad T., 1983:
Synthetic photochemistry synthesis of liriodenine

Kessar S.V.; Mohammad T.; Gupta Y.P., 1983:
Synthetic photochemistry synthesis of racemic oliveridine

Barriga, F.A.; Gava, A.J.; De-Andrade, A.N.; Avila, L.; De,, P.G., 1975:
Synthetic pigments as sources of egg yolk pigmentation

Turner, J.V.; Anderson, B.F.; Mander, L.N., 1980:
Synthetic plant growth regulators 5. synthesis and crystal structure of a hybrid gibberellin helminthosporic acid

Cossey, A.L.; Mander, L.N.; Turner, J.V., 1980:
Synthetic plant growth regulators 6. the partial synthesis of optically active 4 beta 15 alpha 18 norkaurene 15 carboxylic acids from 4 beta 18 norkauren 3 one by means of a pyrrolidinium ylide rearrangement

Cossey A.L.; Mander L.N.; Pyne S.G., 1979:
Synthetic plant growth regulators part 3 the preparation of further tri cyclic helminthosporic acid analogs with gibberellin like properties

Mander L.N.; Palmer L.T., 1979:
Synthetic plant growth regulators part 4 the preparation of hydroxylated helminthosporic acid analogs

Harris R.L.N.; Huppatz J.L.; Teitei T., 1979:
Synthetic plant growth regulators the synthesis of c o carboxyphenyl derivatives of pyrimidine

Harris, R.L.N.; Huppatz, J.L., 1977:
Synthetic plant growth regulators the synthesis of c o carboxyphenyl derivatives of some 5 membered hetero cycles

Togna A.R.; Del Giudice G.; Verdini A.S.; Bonelli F.; Pessi A.; Engers H.D.; Corradin G., 1986:
Synthetic plasmodium falciparum circumsporozoite peptides elicit heterogenous l 3t4 positive t cell proliferative responses in h 2b mice

Sushkevich, G.N.; Dubovik, B.V.; Baluda, V.P.; Etlis, V.S.; Shomina, F.N., 1977:
Synthetic poly cations as activators of the endogenous mechanism of thrombocyte aggregation

Efimov V.S.; Seredinin S.B.; Chernova O.V.; Grishin V.L.; Verestetskaya T.Z.; Nekrasov A.V., 1983:
Synthetic poly cations based on conidine their excretion and distribution in the organs

Barton, M.A.; Singh, B.; Fraga, E., 1977:
Synthetic poly peptide antigens of defined geometry

Bergeron, R.J.; Neims, A.H.; McManis, J.S.; Hawthorne, T.R.; Vinson, J.R.; Bortell, R.; Ingeno, M.J., 1988:
Synthetic polyamine analogues as antineoplastics

Khaitov R.M.; Madzhidov A.V.; Nekrasov A.V., 1984:
Synthetic polyelectrolyte induced intensification of natural killer activity

Sivuk N.E.; Khaitov R.M.; Norimov A.Sh; Zavgorodnii S.G.; Koryakin S.A., 1985:
Synthetic polyelectrolyte modulated secondary immune response to natural and synthetic antigens

Martynova A.P.; Alekseeva O.G.; Maskhuliya E.Sh, 1981:
Synthetic polymer dust as a harmful occupational allergenic factor

Annenkova V.Z.; Ugryumova G.S.; Platonova A.T.; Annenkova V.M.; Kazimirovskaya V.B.; Roman'kova N.P.; Voronkov M.G., 1982:
Synthetic polymeric blood anti coagulant of direct action

Dranovskaya E.A.; Ignatov P.E., 1982:
Synthetic polymers as agents stimulating and prolonging the immune effect of brucellosis protective antigen

Maeda M.; Inoue S., 1985:
Synthetic polypeptides as materials for functional membranes

Rodriquez D.L.ra A.; Aubourg S.; Suau R.; Castedo L., 1987 :
Synthetic potential of papaverine derivatives via benzynes

Majzoub J.A.; Rosenblatt M.; Fennick B.; Maunus R.; Kronenberg H.M.; Potts J.T.Jr; Habener J.F., 1980:
Synthetic pre pro parathyroid hormone leader sequence inhibits cell free processing of placental parathyroid and pituitary pre hormones

Yatskovskaya, N.L., 1976:
Synthetic progestins in the combined treatment of uterine body cancer

Shapiro, S.S.; Dyer, R.D.; Colás, A.E., 1978:
Synthetic progestins: in vitro potency on human endometrium and specific binding to cytosol receptor

Spisani S.; Vicenzi E.; Traniello S.; Pollini G.P.; Barco A., 1982:
Synthetic prostaglandin e 1 analog in vitro studies on human neutrophils

Wilkinson J.D.; Biever K.D.; Idnoffo C.M., 1979:
Synthetic pyrethroid and organo phosphate insecticides against the parasitoid apanteles marginiventris and the predators geocoris punctipes hippodamia convergens and podisus maculiventris

Flannigan, S.A.; Tucker, S.B.; Key, M.M.; Ross, C.E.; Fairchild, E.J.; Grimes, B.A.; Harrist, R.B., 1985:
Synthetic pyrethroid insecticides: a dermatological evaluation

Hamlen R.A.; Henley R.W., 1980:
Synthetic pyrethroid insecticides resmethrin and permethrin for tropical foliage plant protection

Maccuaig R.D., 1980:
Synthetic pyrethroid insecticides some studies with locusts

Ishaaya I.; Gurevitz E.; Ascher K.R.S., 1983:
Synthetic pyrethroids and avermectin for controlling the grapevine pests lobesia botrana cryptoblabes gnidiella and drosophila melanogaster

Keerthisinghe C.I., 1982:
Synthetic pyrethroids and cotton bollworm control in sri lanka

Ramana, V.V.; Reddy, G.P.V.; Murthy, M.M.K., 1988:
Synthetic pyrethroids and other bait formulations in the control of spodoptera litura fab. attacking rabi groundnut

Waites, R.E.; Gouger, R.J.; Habeck, D.H., 1978:
Synthetic pyrethroids for control of caterpillars on cabbage and brussels sprouts and colorado potato beetle on irish potatoes

Dina S.O., 1979:
Synthetic pyrethroids for the control of cowpea vigna unguiculata cultivar ife brown insect pests

Vermaas W.F.J.; Arntzen C.J., 1983:
Synthetic quinones influencing herbicide binding and photosystem ii electron transport the effects of triazine resistance on quinone binding properties in thylakoid membranes

Begley M.J.; Pattenden G.; Robertson G.M., 1988:
Synthetic radical chemistry total synthesis of racemic isoamijiol

Obana, K.; Naruse, M.; Naruse, K.; Sakurai, H.; Demura, H.; Inagami, T.; Shizume, K., 1985:
Synthetic rat atrial natriuretic factor inhibits in vitro and in vivo renin secretion in rats

Hirai A.; Nishimura T.; Iwamura T., 1979:
Synthetic rates of chloroplast and cytoplasmic ribosomal rna during the cell cycle of chlorella ellipsoidea

Kihlberg J.; Frejd O.; Jansson K.; Sudin A.; Magnusson G., 1988:
Synthetic receptor analogues preparation and calculated conformations of the 2 deoxy 6 o methyl 6 deoxy and 6 deoxy 6 fluoro derivatives of methyl 4 o alpha d galactopyranosyl beta d galactopyranoside methyl beta d galabioside

Kihlberg J.; Frejd T.; Jansson K.; Magnusson G., 1986:
Synthetic receptor analogues preparation of the 3 o methyl 3 c methyl and 3 deoxy derivatives of methyl 4 o alpha d galactopyranosyl beta d galactopyranoside methyl beta d galabioside

Bock K.; Frejd T.; Kihlberg J.; Magnusson G., 1988:
Synthetic receptor analogues the conformation of methyl 4 o alpha d galactopyranosyl beta d galactopyranoside methyl beta d galabioside and related derivatives determined by nmr and computational methods

Poling, S.M.; Hsu, W.J.; Yokoyama, H., 1976:
Synthetic regulators of carotenoid biosynthesis in citrus paradisi

Croft W.A.; Croft M.A.; Paulus K.P.; Williams J.H.; Wang C.Y.; Lower G.M.Jr, 1981:
Synthetic retinamides effect on urinary bladder carcinogenesis by n 4 5 nitro 2 furyl 2 thiazolyl formamide in fischer rats

Eichelberg D.; Schmutzler W., 1988:
Synthetic retinoids inhibit histamine release from isolated human mast cells

Tanaka H.; Hayakawa H.; Obi K.; Miyasaka T., 1986:
Synthetic route to 5 substituted uridines via a new type of desulfurizative stannylation

Bosch, J.; Bonjoch, J., 1981:
Synthetic route to 6 functionalized 2 aza bi cyclo 3.3.1 nonanes

Kendall P.M.; Johnson J.V.; Cook C.E., 1979:
Synthetic route to an aromatic analog of strigol

Martin O.R.; Szarek W.A., 1984:
Synthetic routes from paromamine to the octodiose containing pseudo di saccharide present in oxy apramycin/

Kemp, D.S.; Sidell, M.D.; Shortridge, T.J., 1979:
Synthetic routes to 1 5 di aza cyclo octanes via 2 6 di keto 1 5 di aza bi cyclo 3.3.1 octanes

Tam, S.Y.K.; Fraser-Reid, B., 1977:
Synthetic routes to 2 3 cyclo propanated and 2 3 unsaturated nucleosides

Jarosz, S.; Hicks, D.R.; Fraser-Reid, B., 1982:
Synthetic routes to 6 8 di oxabicyclo 3.2.1 octyl pheromones from d glucose derivatives 3. synthesis of levo frontalin

Plaumann, D.E.; Fitzsimmons, B.J.; Ritchie, B.M.; Fraser-Reid, B., 1982:
Synthetic routes to 6 8 di oxabicyclo 3.2.1 octyl pheromones from d glucose derivatives 4. synthesis of levo alpha multistriatin

Sherk, A.E.; Fraser-Reid, B., 1982:
Synthetic routes to 6 8 di oxabicyclo 3.2.1. octyl pheromones from d glucose derivatives 2. synthesis of dextro exo brevicomin

Malik A.; Afza N.; Voelter W., 1983:
Synthetic routes to amino sugars efficient synthesis of 4 amino hexo pyranosides and 4 6 di amino hexo pyranosides and forosamine via hex 2 eno pyranosides

Chiarello J.; Joullie M.M., 1988:
Synthetic routes to cristatic acid and derivatives

Iwakawa, M.; Pinto, B.M.; Szarek, W.A., 1978:
Synthetic routes to nucleoside analogs of n substituted 1 3 thiazolidines

Pinto, B.M.; Vyas, D.M.; Szarek, W.A., 1977:
Synthetic routes to nucleoside analogs of n substituted 1 oxa 4 aza cyclo hexanes and 1 thia 4 aza cyclo hexanes carbon 13 nmr spectra of 6 membered cyclic amides

Blade R.J.; Hodge P., 1979:
Synthetic routes to r s daunomycinone elaboration of the hydroxy ketone group from an alpha tetralone derivative and selective methylation of the carbon 4 hydroxy group using diazomethane

Pelter A.; A.B.yati R.I.H.; Ayoub M.T.; Lewis W.; Pardasani P.; Hansel R., 1987:
Synthetic routes to the piperolides fadyenolides epoxypiperolides and related compounds

Boland W.; Mertes K., 1984:
Synthetic routes to trace constituents of algal pheromone bouquets and other information imitating substances

Maehr H.; Perrotta A.; Smallheer J., 1988:
Synthetic s 5 benzoyloxy 6 oxohexanoic acid ethyl ester and s s e 3 hydroxymethyloxiranebutanoic acid methyl ester important synthons for leukotrienes b 4 and a 4 from d arabinose

Freeman, G.G.; Whenham, R.J., 1976:
Synthetic s alkenyl l cysteine sulfoxides alliinase ec fission products simulation of flavor components of allium spp

Baratta P.F.; Zivelonghi P.; Battocchia A.; Ghidini O.; Fattovich G., 1980:
Synthetic salmon calcitonin efficacy of intra venous administration in acute pancreatitis and flare ups of chronic recurrent pancreatitis

Simone C.; Racanelli A., 1981:
Synthetic salmon calcitonin in the therapeutic strategy of osteolytic metastatic lesions of mammary carcinoma

Olmi, R.; Pellacci, F.; Maggi, G.; Gnudi, S., 1985:
Synthetic salmon calcitonin in treatment of sudeck's osteodystrophy

Giustina, G.; Cerudelli, B.; Cimino, A.; Rigosa, C.; Rotondi, A.; Radaeli, E., 1985:
Synthetic salmon calcitonin is not diabetogenic in patients with normal or impaired glucose metabolism

Gedikoglu O.; Laleli Y.; Aydinli U., 1986:
Synthetic salmon calcitonin therapy in osteogenesis imperfecta

Shoeb H.A.; Korkor M.I.; Tammam G.H.; S.M., 1980:
Synthetic schistosomicides synthesis of some antimonyl quinolines

Blake A.D.; Mumford R.A.; Strout H.V.; Slater E.E.; Strader C.D., 1987:
Synthetic segments of the mammalian beta ar are preferentially recognized by cyclic amp dependent protein kinase and protein kinase c

Briggs, M.H., 1983:
Synthetic sex hormone treatment during pregnancy and androgen receptors of male offspring

Duong, L.T.; Caulfield, M.P.; Rosenblatt, M., 1987:
Synthetic signal peptide and analogs display different activities in mammalian and plant in vitro secretion systems

Christie G.E.; Farnham P.J.; Platt T., 1981:
Synthetic sites for transcription termination and a functional comparison with tryptophan operon termination sites in vitro

Hales C.A.; Barkin P.W.; Jung W.; Trautman E.; Lamborghini D.; Herrig N.; Burke J., 1988:
Synthetic smoke with acrolein but not hydrochloric acid produces pulmonary edema

Bingham A.G.; Boegge H.; Mueller A.; Ainscough E.W.; Brodie A.M., 1987:
Synthetic spectroscopic and x ray crystallographic studies on binuclear copper ii complexes with a tridentate nitrogen nitrogen sulfur bonding 2 formylpyridine thiosemicarbazone ligand the characterization of both neutral and deprotonated co ordinated ligand structures

Leonard, N.J.; Iwamura, H.; Eisinger, J., 1969:
Synthetic spectroscopic models related to coenzymes and base pairs part 4 stacking interactions in transfer rna the anti codon adjacent base

Iwamura, H.; Leonard, N.J.; Eisinger, J., 1970:
Synthetic spectroscopic models related to coenzymes and base pairs part 7 stacking interactions in transfer rna the bend at di methyl guanosine

Kaya H., 1987:
Synthetic stage diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma by angiography computed tomography and ultrasonography

Cupps T.L.; Wise D.S.; Townsend L.B., 1983:
Synthetic strategies toward the synthesis of 2 4 di methoxy pyrrolo 3 2 d pyrimidine

Trost, B.M.; Rigby, J.H., 1978:
Synthetic strategy toward verrucarins an approach toward verrucarol

Singh N.K.; Agrawal N.; Aggarwal R.C., 1986:
Synthetic structural and antibacterial studies of cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii and zinc ii complexes of pyridine 2 carboxyaldehyde thioisonicotinoylhydrazone

Boorman P.M.; Merrit C.L.; Nandana W.A.S.; Richardson J.F., 1986:
Synthetic structural and spectroscopic studies of the ligating properties of organic disulfides x ray structures of mercury ii chloride dimethyl disulfide 1 1 and triethylammonium trichloromercurate

Belmont D.T.; Paquette L.A., 1985:
Synthetic studies aimed at the dolastanes an attempted a plus c yields abc approach

Dauben W.G.; Saugier R.K.; Fleischhauer I., 1985:
Synthetic studies directed toward cembranolides synthesis of the basic nucleus of crassin acetate

Boeckman, R.K.J. ; Starrett, J.E.J. ; Nickell, D.G.; Sum, P.E., 1986:
Synthetic studies directed toward the naturally occurring acyl tetramic acids 1. convergent total synthesis of racemic tirandamycin a

Ranu, B.C.; Sarkar, M.; Chakraborti, P.C.; Ghatak, U.R., 1982:
Synthetic studies directed towards complex di terpenoids 15. synthesis and stereochemistry of the catalytic reduction of delta 4b 5 gibbenes and related compounds

Nasipuri, D.; Mahapatra, B.; Samaddar, A.K.; Saha, A., 1986:
Synthetic studies in diterpene series part xii. synthesis of racemic 14 ethyl 13 methylpodocarpa 8 11 13 triene a precursor of veadeirol and veadeiroic acid

Rao, A.; Lala, S.; Rao, R.R., 1984:
Synthetic studies in polycyclic systems 9. synthesis of methoxy derivatives of 11h benzo a fluorenes and 11h naphtho 2 1 a fluorenes

Romanovich, A.Y. ; Chizhov, O.S.; Sviridov, A.F., 1987:
Synthetic studies in polyene macrolide antibiotics 2. synthesis of methyl 4 6 dideoxy 2 3 o isopropylidene 4 c methyl alpha l mannopyranoside

Romanovich, A.Y. ; Chizhov, O.S.; Sviridov, A.F., 1987:
Synthetic studies in polyene macrolide antibiotics 3. hydrogenation of methyl 6 deoxy 2 3 o isopropylidene 4 methylene alpha l lyxohexopyranoside

Cloudsdale I.S.; Kluge A.F.; Mcclure N.L., 1982:
Synthetic studies in the ajmaline series

Lounasmaa, M.; Johansson, C.J.; Svensson, J., 1976:
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Synthetic studies on mitomycins the synthesis of mitosene

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Synthetic studies on the carbomycins magnamycins an exception to the enantioselective synthesis of beta alkyl carboxylic acids via chiral oxazolines

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Synthetic studies on the construction of the fundamental skeleton of erythroxydiol part 10 syntheses of 3a 10a di methyl 3a beta 4a alpha 6a beta 10a alpha 10b beta per hydro cyclo propa j phenanthrene 5 8 dione and 8 alpha benzoyloxy 3a 10a dimethyl 3a beta 4a alpha 6a beta 10a alpha 10b beta per hydro cyclo propa j phenanthren 3 one

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Synthetic studies on the hetero cyclic nucleus of the cytochalasins

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Synthetic studies on the inhibitory region of rabbit skeletal troponin I. Relationship of amino acid sequence to biological activity

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Synthetic studies on the lythraceae alkaloids 9. vanadium v oxidation of some seco alkaloids

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System analysis of the multi oscillatory functional order in the circadian and ultradian frequency range and its monitoring value for load effects exemplified by a varying light dark regimen in the intensive rearing of sheep

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System analysis of vascular membrane water and protein transport general method and application to canine hindquarters

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System approach concept of anthropogenic desertification

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System concepts and the evolution of benthic communities

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System design strategy for micro computer controlled data acquisition processing of an ion exchange atomic absorption system for ion speciation

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System family therapy and alcoholism

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System for automatic measurement of chromosome images on films

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System for automatic measurement of frequency amplitude properties of auditory nerve elements

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System for extracting corn rootworm diabrotica spp larvae from soil samples

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System for growing plants under controlled redox potential ph conditions

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System for histogram production in automatic midline echo encephalography

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System for identification and quantitation for drugs in blood serum for making a diagnosis in acute intoxications with these agents

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System for instrumental motor conditioning in cats and temporal parameters computation

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System for laboratory proficiency testing in bacteriology organization and impact on microbiology laboratories in health care facilities funded by the ontario canada government

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System for long term measurement of cerebral blood and tissue oxygenation on newborn infants by near ir transillumination

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System for measurement and data reduction of meal related parameters

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System for predicting spontaneous preterm birth

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System for sampling large trawl catches of research vessels

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System for studying the delta rhythm during sleep and its topographical amplitude distribution

Liard C.; Burger D., 1980:
System for studying the topography of delta rhythm during sleep further development

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System for testing the phagocytic capacity of human blood platelets

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System for the coding of information on medicinal plants

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System for the evaluation of the mutagenic activity of chemicals for humans general principles practical recommendations and further elaborations

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System for the evaluation of the risk from chemical mutagens for man basic principles and practical recommendations

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System for the identification of novel prostaglandins

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System for the measurement of the effects of ultrasound on membrane electrical and mechanical properties of the myo cardium

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System for the passive measurement and analysis of high pressure nervous syndrome tremor in animals

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System for the substantiation of the safety factor in the determination of the threshold limit values of volatile substances in the air at workplaces

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System for the surveillance of neurologic complications due to parotiditis in cuba

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System growth and product growth during the development of a 1 year old shoot of vine vitis vinifera

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System h 2 participation in the regulation of mouse sensitivity to morphine

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System identifiability based on the power series expansion of the solution

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System identification based on point processes and correlation densities i. the nonrefractory neuron model

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System identification based on point processes and correlation densities ii. the refractory neuron model

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System identification of carbon dioxide uptake in lettuce as effected by the pulsed light illumination

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System identification of human stretch reflex dynamics tibialis anterior

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System identification of human triceps surae stretch reflex dynamics

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System identification problems and the method of moments

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System objectives and budgetary control

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System of activation of long chain fatty acids in corn seedlings and ripening seeds

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System of allocating mandarin oranges by uses and nature of allocator

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System of amino peptidases from aspergillus flavus

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System of amphibian melanocytes as an object for developmental biology

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System of automated discrimination of liver scintigrams into the assigned number of classes

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System of blood coagulation in oncological patients treated with rubomycin adriamycin or carminomycin

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System of cenozoic cardioidea bivalvia

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System of central administration in the sanitary epidemiological service

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System of criteria for evaluating and improving work and rest regimens in the chemical industry

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System of double infection between vaccinia virus and mengovirus

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System of ecologic and geographic landscape classification shown in the central european region

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System of epidemiological surveillance as a reflection of the structure of the epidemic process

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System of ethanol production from sugarcane in brazil

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System of fertilizing field crops in the central ciscaucasus ussr

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System of indices characterizing the efficacy of activities of pharmaceutic institutions

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System of indices for soil chemical state

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System of nomenclature for races of puccinia graminis f sp avenae

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System of ostracods from the superfamily darwinulaceae

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System of photosynthetic membranes and evolution of chloroplasts

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System of pore fungi polyporaceae

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System of ptarmica and achillea genera

Kosinski S., 1981:
System of rabbit antigens which elicit skin reacting transplantation antibodies and are different from rabbit histo compatibility rla antigen

Taillard, C.; Koch, P.; Baudoin, C., 1986:
System of rhythmical study in rodents' trapping controlled by microcomputer

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System of teaching radio isotopic diagnosis at the division of roentgenology and radiology

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System of the dynamic observation of children with mental disorders at the psychoneurological office in an outpatient pediatric clinic

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System of the evaluation of changes in the epithelial reticulum in physiological and pathological transformation of the thymus

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System of the genus adoxa adoxaceae

Malyutin N.I., 1987:
System of the genus delphinium ranunculaceae based on seed morphological characters

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System of the genus veronica

Vinogradov G.M., 1988:
System of the life forms of pelagic sand hoppers

Plakhuta Plakutina G.I.; Dmitrieva N.P.; Amirkhanyan E.A., 1988:
System of the thyroid c cells in the rats after flight on the biosatellite cosmos 1667

Archipowa L.A.; Gundorowa R.A.; Chwatowa A.W., 1982:
System of therapy in sympathetic ophthalmia

Malenkov A.G.; Modyanova E.A., 1987:
System of tissue mechanical integration is the basic tissue level regulation system

Natal D.; Marucci D.; Flores D.C., 1985:
System of traps with digital control for studying the hourly frequency of mosquito populations

Hudlicky T.; Sinai Zingde G.; Natchus M.G.; Ranu B.C.; Papadopolous P., 1987:
System oriented design of triquinanes stereocontrolled synthesis of pentalenic acid and pentalenene

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System parameter estimation of the trap model for some species of fish

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System peaks in liquid chromatography their origin formation and importance

Beaumont J.G., 1982:
System requirements for interactive testing

Nemetz P.N., 1980:
System solutions to urban waste water control

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System stimulation experimental a stimulation of the distribution of services to mentally deficient children

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System theoretical analysis of the chemical regulation of breathing with regard to its multi dimensional character

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System theory formulation of site specific water quality standards and protocols

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System theory of the ecological niche

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System thio sulfate cytochrome c oxido reductase 2. rhodopseudomonas palustris and chromatium vinosum

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Systematic absorbance errors with technicon autoanalyzer ii colorimeters

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Systematic account of the diatoms of family epithemiaceae

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Systematic account of the singapore house geckos

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Systematic account on the vegetation of special habitats of sagar india

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Systematic alterations in the anticodon arm make transfer rna g l u su o c a more efficient suppressor

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Systematic analysis and stages of development of the lower cretaceous foraminifers of western georgia ussr

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Systematic analysis of 95 reciprocal translocations of autosomes

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Systematic analysis of antibiotics via agar gel electrophoresis and anti microbial spectrum candidacy for detecting residual antibiotics in foods

X.S.; E.A., 1983:
Systematic analysis of essential hypertension emphasizing renin angiotensin aldo sterone system

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Systematic analysis of flora in the yalta mountain forest state reservation ussr

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Systematic analysis of lichen flora in the left bank ukrainian polesye ussr

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Systematic analysis of serum lipoproteins and apolipoproteins by a combined technique of micro two dimensional electrophoresis

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Systematic analysis of solvents and other volatile substances by gas chromatography

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Systematic analysis of structural bases of the mechanism of somato sensory return afferentation in goal oriented behavior

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Systematic anatomy and phylogeny of mexican columnar cacti

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Systematic anatomy of bahamian species of bursera burseraceae

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Systematic anatomy of oceanopapaver a monotypic genus of the capparaceae from new caledonia

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Systematic anatomy of vegetative organs of the hydrocharitaceae

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Systematic and anatomical study of the genus gracilaria in japan

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Systematic and bioecological study of cataglyphis frigida hymenoptera formicidae formicinae

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Systematic and biogeographic synopsis of the mexican dismorphiinae with special reference to the genus enantia lepidoptera pieridae

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Systematic and biological characteristics of hendersonula toruloidea

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Systematic and biological data concerning the genus pseudicius araneae salticidae in romania

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Systematic and biological notes on the colombian coot fulica americana columbiana aves rallidae

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Systematic and biological studies of a digenean belonging to the family microphallidae travassos 1920 i. microphallus szidati new species an intestinal parasite of rallus sanguinolentus sanguinolentus aves rallidae and himantopus melanurus aves recurvirostridae

Martorelli, S.R., 1986:
Systematic and biological studies of a digenean belonging to the family microphallidae travassos 1920 ii. life cycle development of microphallus szidati in 2 environments of different ecological conditions

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Systematic and biological studies of ascobolaceae of argentina x. saccobolus pampeanus new species cultural and cytological studies

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Systematic and biological studies of ascobolaceae of argentina xi. cytology and development in saccobolus platensis

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Systematic and biological study of ascobolaceae of argentina 8. ascobolus ferrugineus new species cultural and cytological studies

Mercuri, O.A.; Ranalli, M.E., 1976:
Systematic and biological study of hypocreales ascomycetes of argentina part 1 protocrea latissima new species cultural studies

Mercuri, O.A.; Ranalli, M.E., 1977:
Systematic and biological study of hypocreales ascomycetes of argentina part 2 protocrea latissima ascocarp ontogeny cytology

Ranalli, M.E.; Forchiassin, F., 1976:
Systematic and biological study of the ascobolaceae of argentina part 7 development and cytology of saccobolus citrinus

Tammaro F., 1986:
Systematic and biometric study on gentiana orbicularis group gentianaceae from the central apennines italy

Kopia G.A.; Ohlstein E.H.; Ruffolo R.R.Jr, 1988 :
Systematic and coronary hemodynamic actions of the novel inotropic agent ibopamine and the de esterified metabolite and active form epinine relationship to left ventricular performance in the dog

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Systematic and cytological study of the endo commensal ciliata heterotricha

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Systematic and distributional data on synharmonia impustulata coleoptera coccinellidae

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Systematic and distributional notes on some mediterranean species of leptochiton gray 1847 polyplacophora leptochitonidae

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Systematic and diurnal qualitative and quantitative phyto plankton variations in the lake of general belgrano park santa fe argentina

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Systematic and dynamic study of 2 nematocenoses in a temperate climate

Prokop'ev E.P., 1981:
Systematic and ecobiological structure of the flora of the irtysh river floodplain kazakh ssr ussr

De-Civrieux, J.M.S., 1976:
Systematic and ecologic study of the newer bolivinitidae of venezuela

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Systematic and ecological considerations of brachistosternus borellii scorpiones bothriuridae

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Systematic and ecological data on macrothrix hirsuticornis crustacea cladocera in lake campo felice apennine abruzzi italy

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Systematic and ecological notes on various palearctic chrysomelidae description of 2 new species

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Systematic and ecological relationships of the water snakes natrix sipedon pleuralis and natrix fasciata in alabama and the florida panhandle usa

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Systematic and ecological wood anatomy of california usa scrophulariaceae 1. antirrhinum castilleja galvezia and mimulus section diplacus

Michener, D.C., 1986:
Systematic and ecological wood anatomy of californian usa scrophulariaceae ii. penstemon subgenus saccanthera

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Systematic and evolution of eleusine coracana gramineae

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Systematic and faunistic notes on some palearctic flea beetles coleoptera chrysomelidae alticinae

Baranowski R., 1982:
Systematic and faunistic notes on species of leiodes new for sweden coleoptera leiodidae

Raikow R.J., 1985:
Systematic and functional aspects of the locomotor system of the scrub birds atrichornis and lyrebirds menura passeriformes atrichornithidae and menuridae

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Systematic and genetic study of 3 pacific north american species of the genus gnorimosphaeroma isopoda flabellifera part 2 genetics of the poly chromatism and populations

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Systematic and geographical distribution of brachistosternus pentheri scorpiones bothriuridae

Dylewski D.P.; Miller C.E., 1983:
Systematic and host range studies of woronina pythii plasmodiophoromycetes and host pythium species from axenic culture

Commons M.L.; Richards F.A.; Kuhn D., 1982:
Systematic and meta systematic reasoning a case for levels of reasoning beyond piagets stage of formal operations

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Systematic and morphological studies on some european species of turbicellepora bryozoa cheilostomata

Soler Cruz M.D.; Guevara Benitez D.C.; Martin Mateo M.P., 1981:
Systematic and morphological study of mallophaga found on corvus monedula

Sanz Pecina A.M., 1980:
Systematic and paleo ecologic considerations concerning specimens of hallirhoa lycoperdioides originating from maranchon guadalajara spain

Capasso Barbato L.; Petronio C., 1983:
Systematic and phylogenetic considerations on hippopotamus melitensis

Capasso Barbato L.; Peronio C., 1983:
Systematic and phylogenetic considerations on hippopotamus pentlandi mammalia

Dirsh V.M.; Mason J.B., 1979:
Systematic and phylogenetic position of the family xyronotidae acridomorpha insecta

Lehmann, J., 1973:
Systematic and phylogenetic study of the genera thienemanniola and corynocera diptera chironomidae

Dipette D.J.; Simpson K.; Guntupalli J., 1987:
Systematic and regional hemodynamic effect of acute magnesium administration in the normotensive and hypertensive state

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Systematic and stratigraphic palynology of eocene to pliocene strata in the imperial nuktak c 22 well mackenzie delta region district of mackenzie northwest territories canada

D.Cormier A.C., 1981:
Systematic and synonymic list of lepidoptera of france belgium and corsica of patrice leraut observations on the genus boloria lepidoptera nymphalidae

Colonnelli E., 1986:
Systematic and synonymic notes on ceutorhynchinae coleoptera curculionidae

Erwin T.L., 1980:
Systematic and zoo geographic notes on apotomini an old world faunal element new to the western hemisphere list with a description of apotomus reichardti new species from brazil coleoptera carabidae

Robinson, J.R.; Frederick, E.C.; Cooper, L.B., 1986:
Systematic ankle stabilization and the effect on performance

Ramialison L., 1988:
Systematic appendicectomy while undertaking sterilization through a transverse incision minilaparotomy

Barthlott W.; Ziegler B., 1981:
Systematic applicability of seed coat micro morphology in orchids

Nagayama, K.; Wuethrich, K., 1981:
Systematic application of 2 dimensional proton nmr techniques for studies of proteins 1. combined use of spin echo correlated spectroscopy and j resolved spectroscopy for the identification of complete spin systems of nonlabile protons in amino acid residues

Wagner, G.; Kumar, A.; Wuethrich, K., 1981:
Systematic application of 2 dimensional proton nmr techniques for studies of proteins 2. combined use of correlated spectroscopy and nuclear overhauser spectroscopy for sequential assignments of backbone resonances and elucidation of poly peptide secondary structures

Neuhaus, D.; Wagner, G.; Vasak, M.; Kagi, J.H.R.; Wuthrich, K., 1985:
Systematic application of high resolution phase sensitive 2 dimensional proton nmr techniques for the identification of the amino acid proton spin systems in proteins rabbit metallothionein 2

Nyemchenko O.A., 1981:
Systematic approach and mathematical methods in botany

Vidic, E.; Klug, E., 1975:
Systematic approach for investigating basic drugs by paper chromatography and thin layer chromatography

Wigilius B.; Boren H.; Carlberg G.E.; Grimvall A.; Lundgren B.V.; Savenhed R., 1987:
Systematic approach to adsorption on xad 2 resin for the concentration and analysis of trace organics in water below the microgram l level

Weinberg, P.M., 1986:
Systematic approach to diagnosis and coding of pediatric cardiac disease

Fisher M.R.; Rogers L.F.; Hendrix R.W., 1983:
Systematic approach to identifying 4th and 5th carpo metacarpal joint dislocations

Grdinic V.; Oresic L.S., 1987:
Systematic approach to microchemical identification of some nitrogen compounds

Kurkin K.A., 1986:
Systematic approach to programming epigeal mass productivity in meadow phytocenoses

Allerhand, A.; Berman, E., 1984:
Systematic approach to the analysis of carbon 13 nmr spectra of complex carbohydrates 1. alpha d mannopyranosyl residues in oligo saccharides and their implications for studies of glyco proteins and glyco peptides

Allerhand, A.; Berman, E., 1984:
Systematic approach to the analysis of carbon 13 nmr spectra of complex carbohydrates 2. application to the high mannose glyco peptides of hen ov albumin/

Milkina L.I., 1979:
Systematic approach to the organization of nature reserve resources using the ukrainian carpathian mountains as an example

Urmantsev Y.A., 1979:
Systematic approach to the problem of plant resistance adequacy and interpretation of the regression equations of dependence of bean leaf pigment content on the simultaneous effect of external drought and sodium chloride

Shapiro E.S.; Sheridan C.A., 1985:
Systematic assessment and training of sex education for a mentally retarded woman

Seale, N.S.; Thrash, W.J., 1985:
Systematic assessment of color removal following vital bleaching of intrinsically stained teeth

Hickam D.H.; Sox H.C.Jr; Sox C.H., 1985:
Systematic bias in recording the history in patients with chest pain

Rubenstein, L.Z.; Schairer, C.; Wieland, G.D.; Kane, R., 1984:
Systematic biases in functional status assessment of elderly adults: effects of different data sources

Lilge, D., 1975:
Systematic biometric studies on lacerta pityusensis sauria lacertidae

Runemark, H., 1976:
Systematic botany and research in developing countries

Spahr U., 1982:
Systematic catalog of coleoptera in amber and copal

Da-Silva-Cruz, M.A.; Goncalves, T., 1977:
Systematic catalog of portuguese macro lepidoptera

Martinez S., 1982:
Systematic catalog of south american fossil insects

Cekalovic, K.T., 1976:
Systematic catalog of the solifugae of chile arachnida

Ali, H.A., 1974:
Systematic catalog of the subfamily harpalinae insecta coleoptera carabidae of iraq

Bueno Soria J.; Flint O.S.Jr, 1981:
Systematic catalog of the trichoptera of mexico insecta trichoptera with some records of north america central america and south america

Campbell, J.F.; Stenstrom, R.J.; Bertrand, D., 1985:
Systematic changes in perceptual reactance induced by physical fitness training

Makarov-Yu, N., 1976:
Systematic characteristics and distribution of larvae of brachyura decapoda in the black sea neuston

Stalzer W., 1987:
Systematic checking in pollution control sewage works supervision

Rivas-Martinez, S., 1976:
Systematic chorological and ecological notes on plants from spain part 1

Rivas Martinez S., 1979:
Systematic chorological and ecological notes on the plants of spain 4

Juergens U.; May T.; Hillenkoetter K.; Rambeck B., 1984:
Systematic comparison of 3 basic methods of sample pretreatment for high performance liquid chromatographic analysis of antiepileptic drugs using gas chromatography as a reference method

Staak M.; Berghaus G., 1986:
Systematic comparison of blood and breath alcohol analysis

Piera F.M., 1983:
Systematic composition and biogeographic origin of the iberian onthophagini coleoptera scarabaeoidea

Badie A.; Rondelaud D., 1979:
Systematic composition and ecological structure of the mollusca of meadows in haute vienne france

Monsyavichyus V.S., 1987:
Systematic composition and ecozoogeographic characteristics of staphylinid fauna in the lithuanian ssr ussr

Akul'shina N.P.; Elmanova O.N., 1979:
Systematic composition eco biomorphs and ecological niche of ephemeral herbs in the piedmont of pamiro alai tadzhik ssr ussr

Morozov P.E., 1988:
Systematic composition of brachiopods of the family gigantoproductidae from the area near moscow russian sfsr ussr

Merezhko T.O.; Smyk L.V.; Smits'ka M.F., 1985:
Systematic composition of pyrenomycetes and the features of their distribution in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Terabayashi S., 1982:
Systematic consideration of the berberidaceae

Lajos D., 1985:
Systematic control on infectious animal diseases by eradication

Jahier J.; Michiels R.; Feldman J.P.; Mottot C.; Mavel A.; Barthelet J., 1981:
Systematic cytological examination of discharges from the breast in young women the value of screening for cancer and borderline states

Wolff, R., 1977:
Systematic de sensitization and negative practice to alter the aftereffects of a rape attempt

Kazdin, A.E.; Wilcoxon, L.A., 1976:
Systematic de sensitization and nonspecific treatment effects a methodological evaluation

Cotharin, R.L.; Mikulas, W.L., 1975:
Systematic de sensitization of racial emotional responses

Bedell, J.R., 1976:
Systematic de sensitization relaxation training and suggestion in the treatment of test anxiety

Horiot J.C.; Bone M.C.; Ibrahim E.; Castro J.R., 1981:
Systematic dental management in head and neck irradiation

Jovovic D.; Cvijetic O.; Andrejevic L.; Ilic Z., 1984:
Systematic dermatological examination of workers employed in the detergent industry

Prasad B.N.; Jaitly Y.C., 1986:
Systematic description distribution and ecology of certain benthic lentic diatoms

Titlyanova A.A., 1984:
Systematic description of the cycle of matter basic concepts and quantitative parameters

Waterhouse J.B.; Waddington J., 1982:
Systematic descriptions paleo ecology and correlations of the late paleozoic subfamily spiriferellinae brachiopoda from the yukon territory and the canadian arctic archipelago

Goldfarb, L.A.; Fuhr, R.; Tsujimoto, R.N.; Fischman, S.E., 1987:
Systematic desensitization and relaxation as adjuncts in the treatment of anorexia nervosa: a preliminary study

McLaughlin, R.J., 1977:
Systematic design of cantilever beams for muscle research

Nakazato M.; Kanmuri M.; Ariga T.; Fujinuma K.; Naoi Y., 1981:
Systematic detection and determination of anti oxidants in edible oil

Raffoux C.; Schooneman F.; Streiff F.; Laxenaire M.C.; Lambert H., 1981:
Systematic detection of irregular agglutinins in poly transfused and multi para patients

Kobayashi K.; Tonogai Y.; Ito Y., 1985:
Systematic determination method for the 8 pesticides organochlorine organophosphorus carbamate et cetera in foods by gas chromatography

Lin T T.; Bon S.; Dickinson J.; Blume C., 1982:
Systematic development and evaluation of a social skills training program for chemical abusers

Davenport J.E.; Singh H.B., 1987:
Systematic development of reactive tracer technology to determine hydroxyl radical concentrations in the troposphere

Tanaka, T.; Weisblum, B., 1975:
Systematic difference in the methylation of ribosomal rna from gram positive and gram negative bacteria

Rödbro, P.; Bröchner-Mortensen, J., 1976:
Systematic difference of extrarenal background in left and right kidney regions at renography

Heydorn, K.; Damsgaard, E.; Rietz, B., 1980:
Systematic differences in the determination of vanadium in standard reference material 1571 orchard leaves

Wagman, M., 1979:
Systematic dilemma counseling: theory, method, research

Bauman N.; Brockman J.A.; Pease B.S.; Elliott W.J.; Colucci D.F., 1981:
Systematic discovery and evaluation of complement inhibitors

Brasseur, J.E.; Curtis, R.L.; Mellender, J.W.; Rimm, A.A.; Melvin, J.L.; Sulaiman, A.R., 1987:
Systematic distribution of muscle fiber types in the medial gastrocnemius of the laboratory mouse: a morphometric analysis

Pfyffer G.E.; Rast D.M., 1980:
Systematic distribution of ribitol in the fungi

Erdmann J.B., 1979:
Systematic diurnal curve analysis

Crochet J Y., 1979:
Systematic diversity in the didelphidae marsupialia from the european tertiary

Granger, D.A.; Yurkunski, J.M.; Miller, N.H.; Swanson, J.M.; Crinella, F.C., 1987:
Systematic dyskinesia examination of profoundly mentally retarded persons: cooperation and assessment

Gel'tman D.V., 1986:
Systematic ecogeographical characteristics of the species from the affinity urtica dioica urticaceae in the flora of the ussr

Scrocchi G.J.; Halloy Y.S.P., 1986:
Systematic ecological ethological and biogeographic notes on the andean cat felis jacobita felidae carnivora

Tobe H.; Raven P.H., 1987:
Systematic embryology of the anisophylleaceae

Taylor, J.F.; Everett, R.W.; Bean, B., 1985:
Systematic environmental, direct, and service sire effects on conception rate in artificially inseminated Holstein cows

Christensen A.; Sullaway M.; King C.E., 1983:
Systematic error in behavioral reports of dyadic interaction egocentric bias and content effects

Schulz W.; Boettger K.; Meder B.; Grallath E., 1981:
Systematic errors due to phosphate and sulfate in human and control serum in the determination of calcium by atomic absorption spectroscopy

Trommer R., 1984:
Systematic errors in estimating plant density and other area related parameters in cereal crops and rape with the aid of a little frame

Blunick, M.; Mommsen, T.P., 1978:
Systematic errors in fitting linear transformation of the michaelis menten equation

Dawson, N.V.; Arkes, H.R., 1987:
Systematic errors in medical decision making: judgment limitations

Spetch, M.L., 1987:
Systematic errors in pigeons' memory for event duration interaction between training and test delay

Chobanian, S.J.; Benjamin, S.B.; Curtis, D.J.; Cattau, E.L., 1986 :
Systematic esophageal evaluation of patients with noncardiac chest pain

Mayer E.; Micevski K., 1982:
Systematic evaluation of eryngium wiegandii new record

Fujioka Y., 1985:
Systematic evaluation of radular characters in thaidinae gastropoda muricidae

Sharkey, F.E., 1977:
Systematic evaluation of the who classification of salivary gland tumors

Da-Gama, M.M.; Dallai, R., 1978:
Systematic evolution in pseudosinella 13. new from corsica france pseudosinella tyrrhena new species

Habermeyer P.; Brunner U.; Krueger P.; Schiller K.; Schweiberer L., 1985:
Systematic examination of the shoulder

Schnell, D.E., 1978:
Systematic flower studies of sarracenia

Levin, G.A., 1986:
Systematic foliar morphology of phyllanthoideae euphorbiaceae i. conspectus

Levin, G.A., 1986:
Systematic foliar morphology of phyllanthoideae euphorbiaceae ii. phenetic analysis

Levin, G.A., 1986:
Systematic foliar morphology of phyllanthoideae euphorbiaceae iii. cladistic analysis

Nars P.S.; Schubarth L.; Kindler R.; Werthemann U.; Stalder G., 1981:
Systematic follow up of new borns with idiopathic respiratory distress syndrome results in 197 patients born in 1971 1976

Tsang V.C.W.; Tao Y.; Maddison S.E., 1981:
Systematic fractionation of schistosoma mansoni urea soluble egg antigens and their evaluation by the single tube kinetic dependent enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay

Torella R.; Giugliano D.; Siniscalchi N.; Improta L.; Tirelli A.; Sgambato S., 1979:
Systematic hormonal investigations in reactive hypo glycemia 3 cases

Masoud, A.N., 1976:
Systematic identification of drugs of abuse part 2 thin layer chromatography

Grillet, B.; de Clerck, L.; Dequeker, J.; Rutgeerts, P.; Geboes, K., 1987:
Systematic ileocolonoscopy and bowel biopsy study in spondylarthropathy

Mcmillan C.; Bridges K.W., 1982:
Systematic implications of bullate leaves and isozymes for halophila from fiji and western samoa

Proksch P.; Clark C., 1987:
Systematic implications of chromenes and benzofurans from encella asteraceae

Modi W.S.; Lee M.R., 1984:
Systematic implications of chromosomal banding analyses of populations of peromyscus truei rodentia muridae

Tandler B.; Nagato T.; Phillips C.J., 1986:
Systematic implications of comparative ultrastructure of secretory acini in the submandibular salivary gland in artibeus chiroptera phyllostomidae

Norenburg J.L.; Morse P., 1983:
Systematic implications of euphysa ruthae new species athecata corymorphidae a psammophilic solitary hydroid with unusual morphogenesis

Clark W.D.; Urbatsch L.E.; Hartman R.L.; Mayes R.A.; Mabry T.J., 1980:
Systematic implications of flavonoid patterns in haplopappus segregates

Giannasi D.E.; Mickel J.T., 1979:
Systematic implications of flavonoid pigments in the fern genus hemionitis adiantaceae

Olsen J.; Mabry T.J., 1980:
Systematic implications of flavonols in zaluzania

Daugherty C.H.; Allendorf F.W.; Dunlap W.W.; Knudsen K.L., 1983:
Systematic implications of geographic patterns of genetic variation in the genus dicamptodon

Kuramoto M., 1984:
Systematic implications of hybridization experiments with some eurasian tree frogs genus hyla

Bone Q.; Ono R.D., 1982:
Systematic implications of innervation patterns in teleost myotomes

Mcmillan C.; Williams S.C., 1980:
Systematic implications of isozymes in halophila section halophila

Foin T.C., 1982:
Systematic implications of larval shell parameters for the genus cypraea gastropoda mesogastropoda

Patton J.L.; Rogers M.A., 1983:
Systematic implications of nongeographic variation in the spiny rat genus proechimys echimyidae

Jones, S.B., 1977:
Systematic implications of reproductive biology and selected crosses of old world vernonias vernonia vernonieae compositae

Chance G.D.; Bacon J.D., 1984:
Systematic implications of seed coat morphology in nama hydrophyllaceae

Seaman F.C.; Fischer N.H.; Stuessy T.F., 1980:
Systematic implications of sesqui terpene lactones in the subtribe melampodiinae

Visser D.S.; Robinson T.J., 1987:
Systematic implications of spermatozoan and bacular morphology for the south african aethomys

Haufler C.H.; Gastony G.J., 1979:
Systematic implications of spore morphology in bommeria and related fern genera

Blum M.S.; Jones T.H.; Snelling R.R.; Overal W.L.; Fales H.M.; Highet R.J., 1982:
Systematic implications of the exocrine chemistry of some hypoclinea spp

Mabry T.J.; Timmermann B.N.; Heil N.; Powell A.M., 1981:
Systematic implications of the flavonoids and chromosomes of flyriella compositae eupatorieae

Panasenko E.S.; Rudenko V.S., 1987:
Systematic importance of some morphological characters of albaillellidae radiolaria

Burke M.D.; Connelly D.P., 1981:
Systematic instruction in laboratory medicine effects on clinical problem solving performance of medical students

Reyes-Castillo, P., 1977:
Systematic interpretation of the oligocene fossil passalus indormitus coleoptera passalidae

Matthews, M.K.; Adler, N.T., 1978:
Systematic interrelationship of mating, vaginal plug position, and sperm transport in the rat

Colyn M.; Dudu A.M., 1986:
Systematic inventory of rodents muridae of the forest islands of zaire river between kisangani and kinshasa

Eble M.J.; Leetz H K.; Licht N., 1987:
Systematic investigation of the dose distribution created by a mantle field irradiation with cobalt 60 gamma rays in the alderson phantom

Karg W., 1983:
Systematic investigation of the predatory mite family leptolaelapidae acarina parasitiformes

Karg W., 1986:
Systematic investigations of the middle european uropodina acarina parasitiformes

Erkens M.; Thiel M., 1984:
Systematic investigations on the linearity and reproducibility of breath alcohol concentration testing under long term conditions

Lobanov A.L.; Danilevskii M.L.; Murzin S.V., 1981:
Systematic list of long horned beetles coleoptera cerambycidae of the ussr 1

Lobanov A.L.; Danilevskii M.L.; Murzin S.V., 1982:
Systematic list of long horned beetles coleoptera cerambycidae of the ussr 2

Legendre R.; Calderon Gonzalez R., 1984:
Systematic list of the araneae mygalomorphae from chile

Klimaitis, J.F., 1975:
Systematic list of the birds of the de berisso district buenos aires argentina part 1 nonpasserines

Abalos, J.W.; Mischis, C.C., 1975:
Systematic list of the ophidians of the argentine

Baca B.J.; Sorensen L.O.; Cox E.R., 1979:
Systematic list of the seaweeds of south texas usa

Ovcharenko V.I., 1982:
Systematic list of the spider family gnaphosidae in the european part of the ussr and the caucasus

Fujii, Y.; Kobayashi, Y.; Fujii, H.; Higaki, T.; Hara, H.; Usui, T., 1977:
Systematic lupus erythematosus in a boy with a review of the japanese literature

Brekken K.; Iversen B.M.; Matre R.; Christensen J.A., 1986:
Systematic lupus erythematosus with glomerulonephritis

Marmer W.N.; Maxwell R.J.; Phillips J.G., 1983:
Systematic management and analysis of fatty acid data from multiple tissue samples

Edeson R.O.; Ryall R.W., 1983:
Systematic mapping of descending inhibitory control by the medulla of nociceptive spinal neurons in cats

Fein D., 1987:
Systematic misidentification of toes in normal adults

Prasad R.; Sharma S.N., 1980:
Systematic mixed stands of spring wheat triticum aestivum cultivars

Sharma, S.N.; Prasad, R., 1978:
Systematic mixed vs pure stands of wheat genotypes

Erwin, T.L., 1978:
Systematic natural history and zoo geographic notes on the genus agra with a description of a new species from panama coleoptera carabidae lebiini

Soo, R., 1977:
Systematic nomenclatural observations on critical taxa of the central european flora

Nelson C.R.; Baumann R.W., 1988:
Systematic notes and generic placement of utacapnia nedia new combination new status plecoptera capniidae

Allem, A.C.; Waechter, J.L., 1977:
Systematic notes and new synonymies for south american euphorbiaceae part 2

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