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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6575

Chapter 6575 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Allem, A.C., 1977:
Systematic notes and new synonymies for south american euphorbiaceae part 3

Allem, A.C., 1977:
Systematic notes and new synonyms in euphorbiaceae from south america part 4

Allem, A.C., 1977:
Systematic notes and new synonyms in euphorbiaceae from south america part 5

Hancock D.L., 1979:
Systematic notes on 3 species of african papilionidae lepidoptera

Olson S.L., 1981:
Systematic notes on certain oscines from panama and adjacent areas aves passeriformes

Colonnelli E., 1981:
Systematic notes on ceutorhynchinae with description of a new genus and a new species coleoptera curculionidae

Colonnelli E., 1983:
Systematic notes on ceutorhynchinae with description of allosirocalus new genus and of 3 new species coleoptera curculionidae

Dransfield J., 1980:
Systematic notes on pinanga palmae in borneo

Mattaar J.T.A.; Loof P.A.A., 1984:
Systematic notes on some species of scutellonema hoplolaimidae nematoda

Caldara, R., 1975:
Systematic notes on some tychius species 8th contribution to the knowledge of coleoptera curculionidae

Quickelberge, C.D., 1977:
Systematic notes on southern african butterflies part 1 on the validity of pseudacraea eurytus f pondo

Quickelberge, C.D., 1977:
Systematic notes on southern african butterflies part 2 a revision of the stygionympha vigilans trimen stygionympha wichgrafi complex lepidoptera satyridae with the description of a new species

Telleria M.T., 1984:
Systematic notes on spanish aphyllophorales

Gardner, R.O., 1978:
Systematic notes on the alseuosmiaceae

Storer, R.W., 1978:
Systematic notes on the loons gaviidae aves

Leenhouts P.W., 1979:
Systematic notes on the sapindaceae nephelieae

Fain A., 1985:
Systematic notes on the speleognathinae acari ereynetidae with description of new taxa and a key to the trispeleognathini

White I.M.; Clement S.L., 1987:
Systematic notes on urophora diptera tephritidae species associated with centaurea solstitialis asteraceae cardueae and other palearctic weeds adventive in north america

Frankel, F.; Graham, V., 1976:
Systematic observation of classroom behavior of retarded and autistic preschool children

Gatter, W., 1978:
Systematic observations of the visible migration on the randecker maar as pattern of ornithological entomological research

Ferrara, F., 1977:
Systematic observations on the genera exzaes and hekelus crustacea oniscoidea with the description of a new species

French J.C., 1987:
Systematic occurrence of a sclerotic hypodermis in roots of araceae

French J.C., 1988:
Systematic occurrence of anastomosing laticifers in araceae

Fox M.G.; French J.C., 1988:
Systematic occurrence of sterols in latex of araceae subfamily colocasioideae

Besch, G.J.; Tanner, M.A.; Howard, S.P.; Wolberg, W.H.; Gould, M.N., 1986:
Systematic optimization of the clonal growth of human primary breast carcinoma cells

Niezgoda, C.J.; Tomb, A.S., 1975:
Systematic palynology of tribe leucophylleae scrophulariaceae and selected myoporaceae

Stephanova, D.I., 1988:
Systematic paranodal demyelination of nerve fibers: computer simulations

Cowan, P.E., 1977:
Systematic patrolling and orderly behavior of rats during recovery from deprivation

Baum R.; Smith G.G., 1986:
Systematic ph study on the acid and base catalyzed racemization of free amino acids to determine the six constants one for each of the three ionic species

Martin Piera F.; Zunino M., 1986:
Systematic phylogenetic and biogeographic analysis of a species group of the subgenus palaeonthophagus zunino 1979 coleoptera scarabaeidae genus onthophagus the onthophagus ovatus group

Voous, K.H.; De-Vries, T., 1978:
Systematic place and geographic history of the galapagos hawk buteo galapagoensis

Triplehorn C.A.; Wheeler Q.D., 1979:
Systematic placement and distribution of uloporus ovalis new record coleoptera heteromera archeocrypticidae

Gubin Y.M., 1987:
Systematic position and age of some labyrinthodonts from upper permian deposits of the western cisural area russian sfsr ussr

Lambert, A.; Sanfilippo, D., 1977:
Systematic position and biology of ergenstrema mugilis monogenea monopisthocotylea parasite of liza ramada subgenus liza teleostei mugilidae

Camicas, J.L.; Morel, P.C., 1976:
Systematic position and classification of ticks acarida ixodida

Riousset, L.; Josserand, M.; Capellano, A., 1977:
Systematic position and description of rhodocybe stangliana new combination basidiomycetes tricholomaceae equals squamanita stangliana architecture of the spore wall

Makryi T.V., 1981:
Systematic position and distribution of the lichens cetraria komarovii and cetraria perstraminea parmeliaceae

Dvoryadkin V.A.; Besprozvannykh V.V., 1985:
Systematic position and life cycle of asymphylotrema macracetabulum new combination trematoda monorchidae

Schnetter R.; Richter U., 1980:
Systematic position and occurrence of a corallinoidea corallinaceae cryptonemiales rhodophyceae from the caribbean sea corallina panizzoi new name new status

Al'khovik T.S., 1985:
Systematic position and phylogenetic relations of the genus scoliopora favositida

Kuznetsov, V.I.; Stekol'nikov, A.A., 1978:
Systematic position and phylogenetic relationships of the superfamily coleophoroidea lepidoptera oecophoridae coleophoridae ethmiidae treated on the basis of functional morphology of male genitalia

Poplin F.; Mourer Chavire C.; Evin J., 1983:
Systematic position and recording of sylviornis neocaledoniae extinct giant megapode aves galliformes megapodiidae from new caledonia

Smetana A., 1985:
Systematic position and review of deinopteroloma with descriptions of four new species coleoptera silphidae and staphylinidae omaliinae

Stevcic, Z., 1977:
Systematic position and status of the homolodromids crustacea decapoda brachyura

Von-Haffner, K., 1977:
Systematic position and the evolution of pentastomida based on new comparative research

Bannikov A.F., 1986:
Systematic position composition and origin of the family carangidae

Bannikov A.F., 1981:
Systematic position composition and origin of the family scombridae

Havlicek, V., 1976:
Systematic position of 4 ordovician brachiopod species

Riedel A.; Radja T., 1983:
Systematic position of aegopis mosorensis gastropoda zonitidae

Solem J.O., 1981:
Systematic position of agrypnetes crassicornis trichoptera phryganeidae

Berezovskaya T.P.; Serykh E.A.; Amel'chenko V.P., 1980:
Systematic position of artemisia pectinata asteraceae

Reddy B.B.; Narayana L.L., 1982:
Systematic position of averrhoaceae

Simoes M.; Medeiros L.D., 1985:
Systematic position of bulinus truncatus contortus michaud 1839 considerations on its distribution in portugal and action as a transmitter of schistosomiasis

Kamelin R.V.; Makhmedov A.M., 1980:
Systematic position of central asiatic species of the genus salvia lamiaceae from the section physosphace

Shcherbak, G.I., 1977:
Systematic position of certain mite species of the genus rhodacarus parasitiformes gamasoidea

Alekseev V.N., 1980:
Systematic position of dendrocerus spissicornis and notes on the systematics of the genus dendrocerus hymenoptera ceraphronoidea megaspilidae

Masuda O.; Habe T., 1987:
Systematic position of four buccinid species collected from off tajima in the japan sea

Smitskaya, M.F.; Slavnaya, N.N., 1978:
Systematic position of helvella and morchella fungi and the status of their study in the ussr

Narayana, L.L.; Rao, D., 1978:
Systematic position of humiriaceae linaceae and erythroxylaceae in the light of their comparative floral morphology and embryology a discussion

Gubin Y.M., 1984:
Systematic position of intasuchidae

Chernova, O.A., 1978:
Systematic position of mayflies of the genus paracinygmula ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Dutt B.S.M.; Narayana L.L.; Radhakrishnaiah M.; Nageshwar G., 1984:
Systematic position of moringa

Parukhin, A.M., 1978:
Systematic position of nematodes of the genus sobolevicephalus

Chkhikvadze V.M., 1980:
Systematic position of neogene fresh water turtles of the moldavian ssr ukrainian ssr ussr and some central european countries

Talwar, P.K., 1975:
Systematic position of pama pama pisces sciaenidae with a discussion on the taxonomic status of otolithoides brunneus

De, V.Graham, M.W.R., 1977:
Systematic position of peckelachertus hymenoptera eulophidae and description of a new species from britain

Wawra E., 1979:
Systematic position of platyhedyle denudata opisthobranchia gastropoda

Reeder, J.R., 1976:
Systematic position of redfieldia gramineae

Helyuta, V.P., 1986:
Systematic position of representatives of the genus erysiphe hedw. fil. fr parasites of salvia l. species

Nekrasov, V.V., 1978:
Systematic position of scads of the genus trachurus in the western part of the indian ocean

Blanz P.A.; Gottschalk M., 1986:
Systematic position of septobasidium graphiola and other basidiomycetes as deduced on the basis of their 5s ribosomal rna nucleotide sequences

Zhou X G.; Liu J H., 1987:
Systematic position of silenites coryell and booth 1933 ostracoda

Oganezova G.G., 1987:
Systematic position of some controversial genera of asphodeloideae liliaceae based on the anatomical structure of their fruits and seeds

Sovorova N.P., 1981:
Systematic position of some siberian russian sfsr ussr trilobites

Gingerich, P.D., 1976:
Systematic position of the alleged primate lantianius xiehuensis from the eocene of china

Rutishauser R.; Mendoza Heuer I., 1985:
Systematic position of the canarian endemic species polycarpaea filifolia polycarpaea gomerensis paronychia gomerensis within the paronychoideae sensu lato caryophyllaceae

Ivantsoff W.; Said B.; Williams A., 1987:
Systematic position of the family dentatherinidae in relationship to phallostethidae and atherinidae

Durette Desset M C.; Sutton C.A., 1979 :
Systematic position of the genus boehmiella nematoda haemonchinae

Kireichuk A.G., 1982:
Systematic position of the genus calonecrus and notes on the phylogeny of the family nitidulidae coleoptera

Azbel' A.Ya; Pyatkova D.M., 1980:
Systematic position of the genus garantella foraminifera

Gueho E.; Jouvert S.; Bastide M., 1979:
Systematic position of the genus geotrichum

Houbrick R.S., 1981:
Systematic position of the genus glyptozaria prosobranchia gastropoda

Kalinina O.I., 1983:
Systematic position of the genus hilyotrogus and description of the larva hilyotrogus bicoloreus coleoptera scarabaeidae

Durette-Desset, M.C., 1977:
Systematic position of the genus moguranema

Mcalpine, J.F., 1976:
Systematic position of the genus omomyia and its transference to the richardiidae diptera

Becker K H.; Kunz H., 1981:
Systematic position of the genus oniscopsis in harpacticoida crustacea copepoda

Kurosawa, Y., 1977:
Systematic position of the genus tamamushia coleoptera buprestidae endemic to the ogasawara islands japan

Collares Pereira M.J., 1979:
Systematic position of the iberian cyprinidae forms arcasis and macrolepidotus of the genus rutilus

Chupov V.S., 1984:
Systematic position of the liliaceae sensu stricto subfamily lilioideae of the family liliaceae sensu lato serological investigation

Staszkiewicz, J., 1977:
Systematic position of the pubescent oak quercus pubescens in the bielinek forest steppe preserve on the oder poland with application of biometric analysis of leaves

Scholtz C.H.; D'hotman D.; Nel A., 1987:
Systematic position of the south american genus cryptogenius westwood coleoptera scarabaeoidea trogidae and hybosoridae

Parukhin A.M., 1980:
Systematic position of the thorny headed worm serrasentoides fistulariae

Hell P.; Paule L., 1983:
Systematic position of the west carpathian czechoslovakia wild hog sus scrofa

Cone, D.K., 1978:
Systematic position of urocleidus adspectus monogenea ancyrocephalinae of perca flavescens

Kitao K.; Habe T., 1982:
Systematic positions of hamineobulla kawamurai and pseudophiline hayashii opisthobranchia

Talmadge, J.E.; Phillips, H.; Schindler, J.; Tribble, H.; Pennington, R., 1987:
Systematic preclinical study on the therapeutic properties of recombinant human interleukin 2 for the treatment of metastatic disease

Masliah Planchon R.; Lavigne F.; Claquin C.; Papiernik E., 1983:
Systematic prevention of deep vein thrombosis by using sub cutaneous heparin treatment after cesarean section advantages and inconveniences

Zapparoli M., 1981:
Systematic problems and notes on the geographic range of some moroccan centipedes chilopoda

Vesmanis I.E., 1980:
Systematic problems of the genus crocidura in africa and new methods of measuring the teeth mammalia insectivora soricidae

Singer R., 1983:
Systematic problems on the agaricales

Mcnamara, J.R.; Andrasik, F., 1977:
Systematic program change its effects on resident behavior in a forensic psychiatry institution

Moreau J.; Matyash Smirniaguina L.; Scherrer K., 1981:
Systematic punctuation of eukaryotic dna by adenine plus thymine rich sequences

Glasgow, L.R.; Paulson, J.C.; Hill, R.L., 1977:
Systematic purification of 5 glycosidases from streptococcus pneumoniae diplococcus pneumoniae

D.Freina J.J., 1981:
Systematic recording of the bombyx and sphinx fauna of asia minor

Kunz H., 1984:
Systematic relations in the family tetragonicipitidae copepoda harpacticoida

Johansson I.; Svensson B.G.; Tengo J.; Bergstrom G., 1982:
Systematic relationship of halictinae bees based on the pattern of macro cyclic lactones in the dufour gland secretion

Lindsay S.L., 1982:
Systematic relationship of parapatric tree squirrel species tamiasciurus in the pacific northwest usa

Levenson H.; Hoffmann R.S., 1984:
Systematic relationships among taxa in the townsend chipmunk tamias townsendii group

Kessler L.G.; Avise J.C., 1984:
Systematic relationships among waterfowl anatidae inferred from restriction endonuclease analysis of mitochondrial dna

Hafner D.J.; Geluso K.N., 1983:
Systematic relationships and historical zoo geography of the desert pocket gopher geomys arenarius

Peterson P.M.; Annable C.R.; Rieseberg L.H., 1988:
Systematic relationships and nomenclatural changes in the allium douglasii complex alliaceae

Washington B.B., 1986:
Systematic relationships and ontogeny of the sculpins artedius clinocottus and oligocottus cottidae scorpaeniformes

Eley J.W., 1982:
Systematic relationships and zoo geography of the white winged guan penelope albipennis and related forms

Burns J.C.; Choate J.R.; Zimmerman E.G., 1985:
Systematic relationships of pocket gophers genus geomys on the central great plains usa

Norton R.A.; Behan Pelletier V.M., 1986:
Systematic relationships of propelops with a modification of family group taxa in phenopelopoidea acari oribatida

Patton, J.L.; Macarthur, H.; Yang, S.Y., 1976:
Systematic relationships of the 4 toed populations of dipodomys heermanni

Slater J.A., 1980:
Systematic relationships of the antillocorini of the western hemisphere hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Baker M.R., 1982:
Systematic relationships of the atractidae and cosmocercidae nematoda cosmocercoidea 2 new atractids parasitic in amphibians and fish

Petriella B., 1981:
Systematic relationships of the corystospermaceae

Lammers T.G.; Stuessy T.F.; Silva O.M., 1986:
Systematic relationships of the lactoridaceae an endemic family of the juan fernandez islands chile

Norton R.A.; Oconnor B.M.; Johnston D.E., 1983:
Systematic relationships of the pediculochelidae acari acariformes

Grund C.; Gilroy J.; Gleaves T.; Jensen U.; Boulter D., 1981:
Systematic relationships of the ranunculaceae based on amino acid sequence data

Grund C.; Jensen U., 1981:
Systematic relationships of the saxifragales revealed by serological characteristics of seed proteins

Van Zyll D.Jong C.G., 1980:
Systematic relationships of woodland and prairie forms of the common shrew sorex cinereus cinereus and sorex cinereus haydeni in the canadian prairie provinces

Roman, E.; Pichot, J., 1976:
Systematic remarks and bio geography of some diptera tabanidae from france and nearby swiss localities

Angelini F.; D.M.rzo L., 1984:
Systematic remarks on agathidium from central africa with description of three new species coleoptera leiodidae

Moore S.P., 1984:
Systematic removal of visual feedback

Simon A., 1979:
Systematic replication of saunders attitude factors

Van-Goethem, J.L., 1976:
Systematic research on the urocyclinae mollusca gastropoda urocyclidae

Heyer W.R.; Daugherty C.H.; Maxson L.R., 1982:
Systematic resolution of the genera of the crinia complex amphibia anura myobatrachidae

Behle, W.H., 1976:
Systematic review inter gradation and clinal variation in cliff swallows

Brooks D.R.; Mayes M.A.; Thorson T.B., 1981:
Systematic review of cestodes infecting fresh water sting rays chondrichthyes potamotrygonidae including 4 new species from venezuela

M.Y.; W.J., 1981:
Systematic review of chinese sable martes zibellina with description of a new subspecies

Hoagland, K.E., 1977:
Systematic review of fossil and recent crepidula and discussion of evolution of the calyptraeidae

Topachevskii V.A.; Skorik A.F., 1979:
Systematic review of late miocene and early pliocene rodents mammalia rodentia in the northern black sea region ussr 1

Ottenwalder J.A.; Genoways H.H., 1982:
Systematic review of the antillean west indies bats of the natalus micropus complex chiroptera natalidae

Snelson F.F.Jr, 1980:
Systematic review of the cyprinid fish notropis lirus

Maibach, A., 1986:
Systematic review of the genus calopteryx leach odonata zygoptera for western europe ii. morphological analysis and synthesis

Maibach, A., 1985:
Systematic review of the genus calopteryx odonata zygoptera in western europe i. biochemical analysis

Rivas L.R., 1986:
Systematic review of the perciform fishes of the genus centropomus

Williams S.L.; Genoways H.H., 1981:
Systematic review of the texas pocket gopher geomys personatus mammalia rodentia

Endrody-Younga, S., 1978:
Systematic revision and phylogeny of some meligethinae genera from the ethiopian region coleoptera nitidulidae

Meyer M., 1981:
Systematic revision chorology and ecology of european populations of lycaena helle lepidoptera lycaenidae

Kitchener D.J.; Caputi N., 1985:
Systematic revision of australian scoteanax and scotorepens chiroptera vespertilionidae with remarks on relationships to other nycticeiini

Remaudiere G.; Hennebert G.L., 1980:
Systematic revision of entomophthora aphidis description of 2 new aphid pathogens

E.H.didi M.N.; Fayed A.A.; E.N.ggar S.M., 1984:
Systematic revision of erodium geraniaceae in egypt

Chen M H.; Chang K H.; Lee S C., 1986:
Systematic revision of four formosan lagocephalus swellfishes with particular reference to electrophoretic comparison on soluble muscle proteins

Archibald J.D.; Rigby J.K.Jr; Robison S.F., 1983:
Systematic revision of oxyacodon condylarthra periptychidae and a description of oxyacodon ferronensis new species

Betsch, J.M., 1977:
Systematic revision of symphypleona collembolans

Dhondt, A.V., 1975:
Systematic revision of the chlamydinae pectinidae bivalvia mollusca of the european cretaceous part 4 merklinia

Remaudiere G.; Keller S., 1980:
Systematic revision of the genera of entomophthoraceae with entomo pathogenic potential

Genest-Villard, H., 1978:
Systematic revision of the genus graphiurus rodentia gliridae

Lourenco W.R., 1987:
Systematic revision of the genus opisthacanthus scorpiones ischnuridae

Pouyet S.; David L., 1979:
Systematic revision of the genus steginoporella bryozoa cheilostomata

Belles X., 1988:
Systematic revision of the genus xylodes waterhouse coleoptera ptinidae

Hershler R., 1985:
Systematic revision of the hydrobiidae gastropoda rissoacea of the cuatro cienegas basin coahuila mexico

Ramaiyan V.; Natarajan R., 1980:
Systematic revision of the indian species of ilisha pisces clupeiformes

Munteanu, D., 1977:
Systematic revision of the species carduelis chloris fringillidae aves in romania

Pericart, J., 1982:
Systematic revision of the west palearctic tingidae hemiptera heteroptera 9. additions and corrections

Pericart, J., 1978:
Systematic revision of the western palearctic tingidae part 5 contribution to knowledge of the genus acalypta hemiptera heteroptera

Pericart, J., 1981:
Systematic revision of west palearctic tingidae 8. tingis hemiptera heteroptera

Pericart, J., 1977:
Systematic revision of west palearctic tingidae part 1 note on agramma and creation of magmara alticeps new genus new combination hemiptera heteroptera

Pericart, J., 1977:
Systematic revision of west palearctic tingidae part 2 the genus campylosteira hemiptera heteroptera

Pericart, J., 1979:
Systematic revision of western palearctic tingidae 6. the genus copium hemiptera heteroptera

Pericart, J., 1981:
Systematic revision of western palearctic tingidae 7. the genus monosteira hemiptera heteroptera

Venrick, E.L., 1978:
Systematic sampling in a planktonic ecosystem

Cassel R.N., 1985:
Systematic self regulation of the neural system essential for peak performance and well being

Guillet Rosso F.; Fari A.; Taylor S.; Forman R.; Belaisch Allart J.; Testart J.; Frydman R., 1987:
Systematic semen culture and its influence of ivf management

Suzuki, K.; Nagayoshi, H., 1978:
Systematic separation and identification of pesticides classified in the 5th and 6th divisions by thin layer chromatography

Jansen R.K., 1985:
Systematic significance of chromosome numbers in acmella asteraceae

Webster G.L.; Rupert E.; Koutnik D., 1982:
Systematic significance of pollen nuclear number in euphorbiaceae tribe euphorbieae

Chuang T.I.; Heckard L.R., 1983:
Systematic significance of seed surface features in orthocarpus scrophulariaceae subtribe castillejinae

Terekhin E.S.; Kravtsova T.I.; Vasilevskaya V.K., 1981:
Systematic significance of some peculiarities in the structure and biology of the shoots of the orobanchaceae

Lackey J.A., 1981:
Systematic significance of the epihilum in phaseoleae fabaceae faboideae

E.H.didi M.N.; A.W.keel S.A.M.; E.G.rf I.A., 1988:
Systematic significance of the flavonoid constituents in the fagonia indica complex

Hari Gopal B.; Mohan Ram H.Y., 1985:
Systematic significance of the mature embryo of bamboos

Waterman P.G.; Hussain R.A., 1983:
Systematic significance of xanthones benzophenones and bi flavonoids in garcinia

Leverenz J.; Deans J.D.; Ford E.D.; Jarvis P.G.; Milne R.; Whitehead D., 1982:
Systematic spatial variation of stomatal conductance in a sitka picea sitchensis spruce plantation

Sweet M.H.; Schaefer C.W., 1985:
Systematic status and biology of chauliops fallax with a discussion of the phylogenetic relationships of the chauliopinae hemiptera heteroptera malachiidae

Jones T.R.; Collins J.P.; Kocher T.D.; Mitton J.B., 1988:
Systematic status and distribution of ambystoma tigrinum stebbinsi lowe amphibia caudata

Lynch J.D., 1980:
Systematic status and distribution of some poorly known frogs of the genus eleutherodactylus from the chocoan lowlands of south america

Regel' K.V.; Bondarenko S.K., 1982:
Systematic status and life cycles of cestodes wardium retracta new combination and wardium pararetracta new species cyclophyllidea hymenolepididae

Lessmann Schoch U.; Schoebel T.; Stephan S., 1988:
Systematic status and soil development of the tschernosem des oberrheintales and the smonica of rheinhessen west germany

Buroker N.E.; Chanley P.; Cranfield H.J.; Dinamani P., 1983:
Systematic status of 2 oyster populations of the genus tiostrea from new zealand and chile

Moravec F., 1984:
Systematic status of allocreadium carparum digenea and 3 other related species from fishes of czechoslovakia

Savage J.M., 1981:
Systematic status of central american frogs confused with eleutherodactylus cruentus

Robbins L.W.; Schlitter D.A., 1981:
Systematic status of dormice rodentia gliridae from southern cameroon

Tyler, M.J.; Davies, M., 1980:
Systematic status of kankanophryne anura leptodactylidae

Brooks, D.R., 1978:
Systematic status of proteocephalid cestodes from reptiles and amphibians in north america with descriptions of 3 new species

Diersing V.E., 1981:
Systematic status of sylvilagus brasiliensis and sylvilagus insonus from north america

Laerm J., 1981:
Systematic status of the cumberland island georgia usa pocket gopher geomys cumberlandius

Lee S C.; Tsoi S.C.M.; Chao W C., 1987:
Systematic status of the fishes of glaucosoma in taiwan

Thompson M.B., 1981:
Systematic status of the genus australocrinia anura leptodactylidae

Cui G.; Chu X., 1986:
Systematic status of the genus luciocyprinus and its specific differentiation pisces cyprinidae

Hoffman, R.L., 1975:
Systematic status of the millipede genus thelydesmus polydesmida cryptodesmidae

Lieb C.S., 1988:
Systematic status of the neotropical snakes dendrophidion dendrophis and dendrophidion nuchalis colubridae

Hanel L.; Novak J., 1981:
Systematic status of tilapia mariae and tilapia meeki pisces cichlidae

Protopopova V.V., 1986:
Systematic structure and florogenetic relations of the synanthropic flora of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Zakhran, M.A.; Zaki, M.A.; Shmidt, V.M., 1977:
Systematic structure of the flora of the egyptian coast of the red sea

Zozulin G.M.; Fedyaeva V.V., 1985:
Systematic structure of the flora of the lower don river russian sfsr ussr

Lee G.J., 1986:
Systematic studies in the phacelia humiles group hydrophyllaceae corolla venation patterns

Jones, H.M.; Vernon, M.W.; Rush, M.E., 1987:
Systematic studies invalidate the neonatally androgenized rat as a model for polycystic ovary disease

Dechamps R.; Mosango M.; Robbrecht E., 1985:
Systematic studies of african hymenocardiaceae pollen morphology and wood anatomy

Heubl G.R., 1984:
Systematic studies of central european polygala species

Monkolprasit S., 1983:
Systematic studies of coral cods serranidae from the andaman sea phuket province thailand

Monkolprasit S.; Sontirat S., 1980:
Systematic studies of coral reef fishes from the indian ocean phuket thailand

Braasch M.E.; Page L.M., 1979:
Systematic studies of darters of the subgenus catonotus percidae with the description of a new species from caney fork tennessee

Page, L.M.; Braasch, M.E., 1977:
Systematic studies of darters of the subgenus catonotus percidae with the description of a new species from the duck river system tennessee usa

Page, L.M.; Braasch, M.E., 1976:
Systematic studies of darters percidae with the description of a new species from the lower cumberland and tennessee river systems usa

Koh H.S.; Peterson R.L., 1983:
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Systematic studies on fishes belonging to the genus coilia

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Systematic studies on ilisha kampeni pisces clupeidae and a biometric comparison of stocks from 2 localities

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Systematic studies on japanese family ovulidae gastropoda part 4

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Systematic studies on lichens part 10 conotremopsis weberiana new genus new species of the family of ostropaceae

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Systematic studies on limnic macrostomum spp turbellaria macrostomida from east africa

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Systematic studies on mexican zamiaceae 1. additional notes on ceratozamia kuesteriana from tamaulipas mexico

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Systematic studies on microturbellaria microdalyellia maialis new species and castrada chodorowskii new species

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Systematic studies on nematodes of fresh water fishes part 1 description of neocamallanus sindensis new species nematoda camallanidae from sind pakistan

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Systematic studies on some korean woody plants anatomy of lauraceous root wood

Park S.J.; Soh W.Y., 1984:
Systematic studies on some korean woody plants anatomy of lauraceous stem woods

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Systematic studies on some korean woody plants comparative wood anatomy of magnoliaceae winteraceae and schisandraceae

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Systematic studies on some korean woody plants external morphology of lauraceae

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Systematic studies on some korean woody plants floral morphology of magnoliaceae and illiciaceae

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Systematic studies on some taxa of the saprolegniaceae

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Systematic studies on the european species of the genera philopterus and docophorulus mallophaga philopteridae part 2 the genus docophorulus

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Systematic studies on the family zerconidae 4. asian zerconidae acari mesostigmata

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Systematic studies on the fauna of gryllidae orthoptera of turkey and observations on habitats and behaviors of the species found

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Systematic studies on the genus onycholyda hymenoptera pamphiliidae of the far east ii

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Systematic studies on the mexican zamiaceae 1. chromosome numbers and karyotypes

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Systematic studies on the protein binding of biologically active substances

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Systematic studies on the tribe meteorini from japan hymenoptera braconidae i. the genus zele

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Systematic studies on the tribe meteorini from japan hymenoptera braconidae ii. the corax group of the genus meteorus haliday

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Systematic studies on the tribe meteorini hymenoptera braconidae from japan iii. the hirsutipes group of the genus meteorus haliday

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Systematic studies on western palearctic perlodini plecoptera perlodidae

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Systematic study and biology of hypocreales ascomycetes of argentina part 3 growth development and cytology of neocosmospora vasinfecta

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Systematic study of amphipoda crustacea in korea part 3 4 unrecorded caprellids caprellidae from south korea

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Systematic study of amphipoda crustacea in korea vi. gammarus hoonsooi new species of freshwater gammarid gammaridae from south korea

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Systematic study of benthic sponges astrophorida demospongia caught between tossa and calella catalonia spain

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Systematic study of mutants inhibited by their own metabolites in the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae i obtainment and characterization of the various classes of mutants

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Systematic study of osbertia asteraceae astereae

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Systematic study of some species of the genera alveolina nummulites ranikothalia and assilina in the south of polath southwest ankara

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Systematic study of sponges of the order halichondrida demospongia of the littoral of blanes gerona and alicante spain

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Systematic study of the cymindis alternans rambur 1837 group coleoptera carabidae

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Systematic study of the genus cyprinus pisces cyprinidae in yunnan china

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Systematic study of the genus phora from japan diptera phoridae 1. description of a new species with discussion on the terminology of the male genitalia

Goto, T., 1985:
Systematic study of the genus phora from japan diptera phoridae 2. descriptions of 4 new species

Goto T., 1985:
Systematic study of the genus phora from japan diptera phoridae iii

Goto T., 1985:
Systematic study of the genus phora from japan diptera phoridae iv

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Systematic study of the genus phora from japan diptera phoridae v

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Systematic study of the genus tor pisces cyprinidae with description of a new species

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Systematic study of the hyphomycetes from santiago river buenos aires province argentina

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Systematic study of the mature larvae of oriental polistine wasps hymenoptera vespidae 1. species of ropalidia and polistes from sumatra and java islands

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Systematic study of the nephrographic times in intra venous urography part 1 technical problems and normal values

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Systematic study of the order poecilosclerida demospongia of the costa brava gerona spain

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Systematic study of the subfamily leuciscinae cyprinidae from korea

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Systematic study of the variability of a podzolic soil along a trench in a maple acer saccharum stand with yellow birch betula alleghaniensis

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Systematic study on a bivalve inhabiting hydroid eucheilota intermedia from central japan

Kubota S., 1985:
Systematic study on a bivalve inhabiting hydroid eugymnanthea inquilina japonica from central japan

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Systematic study on mollusca

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Systematic study on the barracudas pisces sphyraenidae from a northern sector of the south china sea

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Systematic survey of resin canals in roots of araceae

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Systematic survey of the malagasy endemic genus pyxis reptilia chelonia

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Systematic synthesis of di nucleotides with rnase u 2 rnase n 1 and a nonspecific rnase from bacillus subtilis

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Systematic treatment of chronic pain with anti depressants

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Systematic trends in metallo porphyrin optical spectra

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Systematic ultrasensitive assay of thyroid stimulating hormone in 50 cases of atrial fibrillation

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Systematic understanding of cancer patients who refuse treatment

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Systematic use of affinity differences between immobilized lectin gels for demonstration of glyco protein molecular variants the example of radish beta fructosidase

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Systematic usefulness of lower incisor enamel in muridae rodentia

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Systematic variation in the miniopterus tristis group of the bent winged bats of the genus miniopterus chiroptera vespertilionidae

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Systematic variations in the content of the purine nucleotides in the steady state perfused rat heart

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Systematic verbal performance subtests differences on the wechsler adult intelligence scale an artifact of this instrument

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Systematic wood anatomy and affinities of the urticaceae

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Systematic wood anatomy of desmopsis sapranthus and stenanona annonaceae

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Systematic zoology tribes in the animal kingdom

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Systematical approach of 4 naviculae subtilissimae diatomophyceae

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Systematical implications of 3 genera of triassic aulacocerida rostra micro structural analysis of cephalopoda coleoidea

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Systematical synopsis of the west palearctic species of the genera tetralonia and eucera the males of which are established as visitors to ophrys flowers with descriptions of new taxa hymenoptera apoidea

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Systematical value of characteristics of larvae and adults of mermithids nematoda regarding morphological biological and immunological features

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Systematically individualizing tobramycin dosage regimens

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Systematically predetermined therapeutic trials in hospital

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Systematics anatomy and boring mechanisms of the rock boring mytilid bivalve botula fusca

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Systematics and bio geography of the tyrannid genus todirostrum and related genera aves

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Systematics and biology of the deep sea fish family gibberichthyidae a senior synonym of the family kasidoroidae

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Systematics and distribution of 2 chromosome forms in the southern grasshopper mouse genus onychomys

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Systematics and distribution of fish from the family diretmidae beryciformes

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Systematics and distribution of fish from the family polymixiidae polymixioidei beryciformes

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Systematics and distribution of halacarellus spp halacaridae acari on the coast of brittany

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Systematics and distribution of indochinese thai clupeid fishes in the subfamily pellonulinae

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Systematics and distribution of lanternfishes of the genera lobianchia and diaphus myctophidae in the indian ocean

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Systematics and distribution of marine oligochaetes annelida from the bay of san quintin baja california mexico

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Systematics and distribution of the callocystitidae echinodermata rhombifera

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Systematics and distribution of the fungus microsphaera ornata erysiphaceae in the ussr

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Systematics and distribution of the genera crossosoma antroherposoma and antroverhoeffia diplopoda ascospermophora

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Systematics and distribution of the genus chondrostoma agassiz 1835 pisces cyprinidae

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Systematics and distribution of the genus labichthys nemichthyidae eels

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Systematics and distribution of the genus neofundulus cyprinodontiformes rivulidae

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Systematics and distribution of the mexican and central american rainfrogs of the eleutherodactylus gollmeri group amphibia leptodactylidae

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Systematics and distribution of the skinks allied to eumeces tetragrammus sauria scincidae

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Systematics and ecology of algae in austrian mountain streams

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Systematics and ecology of colorless flagellates in sewage

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Systematics and ecology of gammarid amphipods from the gironde estuary france

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Systematics and ecology of lyngbya spp and associated species cyanophyta in a new england usa salt marsh

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Systematics and ecology of pyrearinus coleoptera elateridae

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Systematics and ecology of some cirolanid isopods from southern japan

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Systematics and ecology of some tenebrionidae from kashmir and ladakh india insecta coleoptera

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Systematics and ecology of the char salvelinus neiva from lake ueginskoe of the okhota river basin ussr

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Systematics and ecology of the estuarine amphipod crustacean lepidactylus dytiscus haustoriidae

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Systematics and ecology of the hydroid population of 2 posidonia oceanica meadows

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Systematics and ecology of the land crabs decapoda coenobitidae grapsidae and gecarcinidae of the tokelau islands central pacific

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Systematics and ecology of the larval parasites hymenoptera ichneumonidae braconidae eulophidae of leaf mining sawflies hymenoptera tenthredinidae

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Systematics and ecology of the sea urchin genus centrostephanus echinodermata echinoidea from the atlantic and eastern pacific oceans

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Systematics and ecology of zeilleria and other brachiopods in the uppermost triassic of the west carpathians

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Systematics and evolution in the savanna species of the genus batis aves in africa

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Systematics and evolution of neotropical hemirhipini pyrophorinae elateridae coleoptera

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Systematics and evolution of oncholaiminae nematoda part 2

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Systematics and evolution of oncholaiminae nematoda part 3 the system of oncholaiminae

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Systematics and evolution of oncholaiminids nematoda oncholaiminae part 1 structure evolution and taxonomic significance of the tubular organ

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Systematics and evolution of probathyopsis mammalia dinocerata from the late paleocene and early eocene of western north america

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Systematics and evolution of sorghum section sorghum gramineae

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Systematics and evolution of the genus esthonyx mammalia tillodontia in the early eocene of north america

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Systematics and evolution of the genus Paraceroglyphus and related taxa (Acari: Acaridae) associated with fleas (Insecta: Siphonaptera)

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Systematics and evolution of the tribe piezocerini coleoptera cerambycidae

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Systematics and evolution of western north american frogs allied to rana aurora and rana boylii electrophoretic evidence

Green D.M., 1986:
Systematics and evolution of western north american frogs allied to rana aurora and rana boylii karyological evidence

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Systematics and functional morphology of oniscomorph millipedes arthropoda diplopoda from the carboniferous of north america

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Systematics and genetic system in water frogs of europe

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Systematics and geographic isozyme variation in the plethodontid salamander desmognathus fuscus

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Systematics and geographic variation in the golden breasted puffleg eriocnemis mosquera aves trochilidae

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Systematics and geographical distribution of interstitial turbellaria from the canary islands spain

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Systematics and geographical distribution of the asian silurid catfish genus wallago with a key to the species

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Systematics and geographical distribution of the genus parotocinclus ostariophysi loricariidae

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Systematics and history of the development of beech and beech forests of the mountainous crimea ukrainian ssr ussr

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Systematics and hybridization in the 4 living species of horseshoe crabs

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Systematics and hybridization of figbirds sphecotheres

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Systematics and invertebrate pathology a trans kingdom problem

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Systematics and karyoevolution in magnoliidae tetrameranthus as compared with other annonaceae genera of the same chromosome number

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Systematics and karyotype of the grasshopper genera omalotettix and abracris

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Systematics and levels of covariation in cerion from the turks and caisos islands atlantic ocean

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Systematics and life cycle of the pentastomid genus kiricephalus with descriptions of 3 new species

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Systematics and life histories of new zealand bonnemaisoniaceae bonnemaisoniales rhodophyta i. the genus asparagopsis

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Systematics and life history aspects of the percid fish etheostoma blennius with description of a new subspecies from sequatchie river tennessee usa

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Systematics and microevolution of the genus amphora bacillariophyta

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Systematics and microstructure of the scale shaped leaves of cordaitales

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Systematics and mitochondrial genome evolution of australian rosellas aves platycercidae

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Systematics and morphology of the antarctic cranchiid squid galiteuthis glacialis

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Systematics and morphology of the weed flora of delhi state india 1

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Systematics and natural history of solenogenys coleoptera carabidae scaritini with a description of solenogenys funkei new genus new species from the central amazon brazil

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Systematics and natural history of wadotes araneae agelenidae

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Systematics and nomenclature of quadrifid noctuidae of france based on recent studies

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Systematics and phylogeny of the sarmatian cardiids of the paratethys

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Systematics and relationships of the bigeneric pacific family campynemataceae liliales

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Systematics and the status of sea otters enhydra lutris

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Systematics and variation of cyprinodon fontinalis new species from chihuahua mexico

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Systematics and variation of the aztec shiner notropis sallei a cyprinid fish from central mexico

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Systematics and zoo geography of 3 new nematode parasites of the frog breviceps sylvestris sylvestris from south africa

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Systematics and zoo geography of bembidion 1. the bembidion carlhi and bembidion erasum groups of western north america coleoptera carabidae bembidiini

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Systematics and zoo geography of plagiola equals dysnomia equals epioblasma an almost extinct genus of fresh water mussels bivalvia unionidae from middle north america

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Systematics and zoo geography of scelionid flies hymenoptera scelionidae

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Systematics auto ecology and biology of the polychaetes of the rocky coast of helgoland west germany

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Systematics behavior and bionomics of costa rican katydids of the genus sphyrometopa orthoptera tettigoniidae agroeciinae

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Systematics distribution and variability of hawthorns occurring in poland

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Systematics ecology and distribution of mites of the family pygmephoridae trombidiformes

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Systematics ecology and environmental research

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Systematics growth and development of lafoeina maxima equals keratosum complexum hydrozoa campanulinidae

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Systematics karyology and distribution of the festuca valesiaca group poaceae in austria and the south tirol italy

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Systematics morphology and distribution of the western palearctic species of the spider wasp genera arachnotheutes and stolidia hymenoptera pompilidae

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Systematics morphology and distribution of the western palearctic species of the spider wasps general nanoclavelia pedinpompilus and agenioidevagetes new genus hymenoptera pompilidae

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Systematics of 2 forms of blacknose dace rhinichthys atratulus pisces cyprinidae in a zone of syntopy with a review of the species group

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Systematics of a species complex in the deep sea genus eurycope with a revision of 6 previously described species crustacea isopoda eurycopidae

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Systematics of african bats of the genus eptesicus mammalia vespertilionidae 2. karyotypes of african species and their generic relationships

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Systematics of anaphothrips sensu lato and some related genera insecta thysanoptera thripidae

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Systematics of anoura cultrata anoura brevirostrum and anoura werckleae

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Systematics of antrozous dubiaquercus chiroptera vespertilionidae with comments on bauerus new status

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Systematics of apion johnschmitti new species subgenus trichapion from costa rica coleoptera curculionoidea apionidae

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Systematics of apoideans of the tribe anthophorini hymenoptera apoidea anthophoridae

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Systematics of asian fescues festuca 6. new data on the nomenclature and geographic distribution of narrow leaved species

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Systematics of asian fescues festuca part 1 subgenera drymanthele subulatae *hca schedonorus leucopoa

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Systematics of asiatic fescues festuca 5. new taxa of the far east

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Systematics of asiopsocidae psocoptera including pronotiopsocus amazonicus new genus new species

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Systematics of australian diplurinae chelicerata mygalomorphae dipluridae 2 new genera from southwestern australia

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Systematics of bees of the genus eufriesea hymenoptera apidae

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Systematics of bees of the genus halictus latreille hymenoptera halictidae with description of the 7th and 8th metasomal sterna of males subgenus tytthalictus pesenko

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Systematics of caecilians amphibia gymnophiona of the family scolecomorphidae

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Systematics of ceratites

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Systematics of cestodes of the suborder catenotaeniata

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Systematics of cincinnatia winkleyi gastropoda hydrobiidae

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Systematics of cliff surfaces on the japanese sea coasts

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Systematics of clupeid larvae in the eastern atlantic ocean between 20 degrees north and 15 degrees south marine and brackish waters

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Systematics of cnemidophorus gularis 1. reallocation of populations currently allocated to cnemidophorus gularis and cnemidophorus scalaris in coahuila mexico

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Systematics of cnemidophorus gularis 2. specific and subspecific identity of the zacatecas whiptail cnemidophorus gularis semiannulatus new subspecies

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Systematics of conidiobolus entomophthorales using numerical taxonomy part 1 biology and cluster analysis

King, D.S., 1976:
Systematics of conidiobolus entomophthorales using numerical taxonomy part 2 taxonomic considerations

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Systematics of conidiobolus entomophthorales using numerical taxonomy part 3 descriptions of recognized species

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Systematics of crumomyia and alloborborus diptera sphaeroceridae

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Systematics of diseases with cenesthopathic hypochondriacal and algic hypochondriacal syndromes

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Systematics of east african species of meizodon reptilia serpentes colubridae

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Systematics of echinodermata 2

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Systematics of echinonyssus 2. echinonyssus blanchardi and echinonyssus confucianus acari laelapidae

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Systematics of european crayfish decapoda astacidae proposal and justification

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Systematics of fissurella in the peruvian and magellanic faunal provinces chile argentina gastropoda prosobranchia

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Systematics of flaveria flaveriinae asteraceae

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Systematics of flying squirrels glaucomys volans from mexico guatemala and honduras

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Systematics of fossil carychium gastropoda basommatophora

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Systematics of freesia iridaceae

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Systematics of fungi causing entomophthora mycosis

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Systematics of fungi coelomomyces parasitizing mosquitoes culex

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Systematics of genus idioderma homoptera membracidae and biology of idioderma virescens

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Systematics of genus lygodium lygodiaceae in india

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Systematics of gobies of the genus gobius ussr species neogobius and mesogobius

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Systematics of gomphocerinae acridians from mont ventoux vaucluse approached from an acoustic behavior point of view orthoptera acrididae

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Systematics of gynandriris iridaceae a mediterranean southern african disjunct

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Systematics of hanseniaspora and kloeckera

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Systematics of irish charr salvelinus alpinus as indicated by electrophoretic analysis of tissue proteins

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Systematics of jurassic lituolinae

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Systematics of larvae and pupae of american curculionoidea status report historical review and bibliography

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Systematics of leucophyllum and eremogeton scrophulariaceae

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Systematics of liophis reginae and liophis williamsi serpentes colubridae with a description of a new species

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Systematics of mayfly imagoes of the genus epeorus ephemeroptera heptageniidae

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Systematics of mice of the subgenus akodon rodentia cricetidae in southern south america with the description of a new species

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Systematics of microtus subterraneus and microtus savii on the apennine peninsula and neighboring regions

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Systematics of mirabilis subgenus quamoclidion nyctaginaceae

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Systematics of moraea iridaceae in tropical africa

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Systematics of myrteola myrtaceae

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Systematics of nama hydrophyllaceae comparison of seed morphology of sections arachnoidea and cinerascentia with five species of eriodictyon and turricula parryi

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Systematics of nama hydrophyllaceae flavonoids and phyletic position of section arachnoidea and section cinerascentia

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Systematics of nama hydrophyllaceae seed coat morphology of lemmonia californica and nama spp allied with nama demissum

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Systematics of nearctic euceros hymenoptera ichneumonidae eucerotinae

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Systematics of nearctic telenomus classification and revisions of the telenomus podisi and telenomus phymatae species groups hymenoptera scelionidae

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Systematics of neotropical gastropod eating snake genera tropidodipsas and sibon

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Systematics of neotropical gastropod eating snakes the fasciata group of the genus sibon

Kofron C.P., 1988:
Systematics of neotropical gastropod eating snakes the sartorii group of the genus sibon

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Systematics of neotropical hirstionyssus mites with special emphasis on venezuela acarina mesostigmata

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Systematics of new world trissolcus a genus of pentatomid egg parasites hymenoptera scelionidae neotropical species of the trissolcus flavipes group

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Systematics of new world trissolcus hymenoptera scelionidae species related to trissolcus basalis

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Systematics of new zealand monotis upper triassic bivalvia subgenus entomonotis

Grant Mackie J.A., 1980:
Systematics of new zealand monotis upper triassic bivalvia subgenus eomonotis

Grant Mackie J.A., 1980:
Systematics of new zealand monotis upper triassic bivalvia subgenus inflatomonotis

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Systematics of new zealand monotis upper triassic bivalvia subgenus maorimonotis

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Systematics of north american and greater antillean species of embidopsocus psocoptera liposcelidae

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Systematics of north american colubrid snakes related to tantilla planiceps

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Systematics of north american grape species

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Systematics of nymphaea subgenus hydrocallis nymphaeaceae 1. 4 new species from the neotropics

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Systematics of oenothera section kneiffia onagraceae

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Systematics of oriental pygmy squirrels of the genera exilisciurus and nannosciurus mammalia sciuridae

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Systematics of oysters from the southern primor'ye ussr

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Systematics of palafoxia asteraceae helenieae

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Systematics of palearctic myzininae wasps hymenoptera tiphiidae

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Systematics of paleocene viverravidae mammalia carnivora in the bighorn basin and clark's fork basin wyoming usa

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Systematics of paleozoic and mesozoic chitons

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Systematics of perisphinctids ammonoidea

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Systematics of phthiracaroidea oribatida euptyctima

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Systematics of polystichum in western north america north of mexico

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Systematics of punctate rhynchonellids brachiopods

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Systematics of saldula palustris from the oregon usa coast heteroptera saldidae

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Systematics of skinks of the eumeces brevirostris species group in western mexico

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Systematics of snail killing flies of the genus elgiva in north america and biology of elgiva divisa new record diptera sciomyzidae

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Systematics of some representatives of the nummulites fabianii group

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Systematics of some south indian sternophorid pseudoscorpions pseudoscorpionida monosphyronida

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Systematics of some west pacific lyria mollusca volutidae with description of a new species

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Systematics of south american tripsacum gramineae

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Systematics of spiny pocket mice genus heteromys of the heteromys desmarestianus species group from mexico and northern central america

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Systematics of sun squirrels heliosciurus in eastern africa

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Systematics of talinum parviflorum and the origin of talinum teretifolium portulacaceae

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Systematics of testacea rhizopoda in sphagnum a scanning electron microscopy study

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Systematics of the adianthidae litopterna mammalia

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Systematics of the amphi atlantic bambusoid genus streptogyna poaceae

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Systematics of the amphiatlantic microphthalmus listensis species group polychaeta hesionidae facts and concepts for reconstruction of phylogeny and speciation

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Systematics of the anglerfishes of the genus ceratias

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Systematics of the asian fescues festuca 8. types of varieties of festuca ovina in the kyoto herbarium japan

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Systematics of the avian genus emberizoides emberizidae

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Systematics of the baetis propinquus group of baetis spp ephemeroptera baetidae

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Systematics of the bent grass species agrostis syreistschikowii agrostis marschalliana and agrostis trinii

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Systematics of the blaste posticata complex with descriptions of 3 new species psocoptera psocidae

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Systematics of the calamarina group of the colubrid snake genus tantilla

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Systematics of the calopsocidae an oriental and melanesian family of psocoptera

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Systematics of the commercially important prawns crustacea decapoda subfamily penaeinae from goa india

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Systematics of the common kingsnake lampropeltis getulus

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Systematics of the crayfishes of the hagenianus group of the genus procambarus subgenus girardiella decapoda cambaridae

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Systematics of the donsiellinae lang copepoda harpacticoida

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Systematics of the drosophila montium species subgroup a biochemical approach

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Systematics of the erypauropodinae tracheata dignata pauropoda

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Systematics of the family parahoplitidae

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Systematics of the genera Debaryomyces and Metschnikowia: proton magnetic resonance spectra of their mannans as an aid in classification

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Systematics of the genus achlya

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Systematics of the genus ammonitoceras

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Systematics of the genus baetis ephemeroptera baetidae and a description of a new species from central asia

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Systematics of the genus blarina in tennessee usa and adjacent areas

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Systematics of the genus calomyscus cricetidae 1. karyological differentiation of the sibling species from transcaucasia and turkmen ssr ussr and a review of species of the genus calomyscus

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Systematics of the genus candida inst proton magnetic resonance spectra of the mannans and mannose containing poly saccharides as an aid in classification

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Systematics of the genus candida pmr spectra of the mannose containing poly saccharides of some further species of candida as an aid in classification

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Systematics of the genus cheirodon pisces characidae in chile with description of a new species multi variance analysis

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Systematics of the genus eumops chiroptera molossidae

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Systematics of the genus filipendula rosaceae in india

Panigrahi G., 1981:
Systematics of the genus isoetes isoetaceae in india

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Systematics of the genus monodonta sensu antiquo i. preliminary remarks mollusca trochidae

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Systematics of the genus phylladoderma family cardiolepidaceae from the ufimian and kazanian deposits of the russian platform russian sfsr ussr

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Systematics of the genus platanthera orchidaceae in japan and adjacent regions with special reference to pollination

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Systematics of the genus polystichum from the himalayas

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Systematics of the genus potentilla l. rosaceae juss. its infrageneric classification and evolutionary trends

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Systematics of the genus scythis and revision of the species coleoptera tenebrionidae

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Systematics of the genus strombomonas defl

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Systematics of the genus stylantheus coleoptera bruchidae

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Systematics of the genus torulopsis pmr spectra of the mannose containing poly saccharides as an aid in classification

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Systematics of the genus tricimba diptera chloropidae

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Systematics of the gorgeted woodstars aves trochilidae acestrura

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Systematics of the gurnards genus lepidotrigla pisces triglidae from the indian ocean

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Systematics of the imago of the palearctic mayflies of the genus cinygmula ephemeroptera heptageniidae

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Systematics of the irish pollan coregonus pollan an electrophoretic comparison with other holarctic coregoninae

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Systematics of the key silverside menidia conchorum with comments on other menidia species pisces atherinidae

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Systematics of the lampropeltis mexicana species group of the colubrid genus lampropeltis with an hypothesis of mimicry

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Systematics of the leptodactylus fuscus group of the frog genus leptodactylus amphibia leptodactylidae

Heyer W.R., 1979:
Systematics of the leptodactylus pentadactylus species group of the frog genus leptodactylus amphibia leptodactylidae

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Systematics of the menidia beryllina complex pisces atherinidae from the gulf of mexico and its tributaries

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Systematics of the mitriform gastropods in the light of recent studies

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Systematics of the monodelphic species of trichodoridae nematoda diphtherophorina with descriptions of a new genus and 4 new species

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Systematics of the mygalomorph spider genus masteria masteriinae dipluridae arachnida

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Systematics of the nearctic genus pseudiron ephemeroptera heptageniidae pseudironiinae

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Systematics of the nearctic ptilodexia diptera tachinidae

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Systematics of the neogene siwalik pakistan hipparions mammalia equidae based on cranial and dental morphology

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Systematics of the neotropical characiform genus potamorhina pisces characiformes

Vari R.P., 1982:
Systematics of the neotropical characoid genus curimatopsis

Almeda, F.Jr, 1977:
Systematics of the neotropical genus centradenia melastomataceae

Griffiths T.A., 1982:
Systematics of the new world nectar feeding bats mammalia phyllostomidae based on the morphology of the hyoid and lingual regions

Smith, R.K., 1978:
Systematics of the north american high northern latitude very shallow cold water foraminiferal fauna

Engstrom M.D.; Choate J.R., 1979:
Systematics of the northern grasshopper mouse onychomys leucogaster on the central great plains usa

Fordyce R.E., 1981:
Systematics of the odontocete whale agorophius pygmaeus and the family agorophiidae mammalia cetacea

Szalay, F.S., 1976:
Systematics of the omomyidae tarsiiformes primates taxonomy phylogeny and adaptations

Miller J.E., 1984:
Systematics of the ophidiasterid sea stars copidaster lymani new record and hacelia superba new record echinodermata asteroidea with a key to species of ophidiasteridae from the western atlantic

Grant V.; Grant K.A., 1979:
Systematics of the opuntia phaeacantha group in texas usa

Lowry J.K., 1984:
Systematics of the pachynid group of lysianassoid amphipoda crustacea

Garay, L.A., 1977:
Systematics of the physurinae orchidaceae in the new world

Fusiak F.; Schilling E.E., 1984:
Systematics of the prenanthes roanensis complex asteraceae lactuceae

Staegemann G., 1987:
Systematics of the preparation of cavities and stumps on the basis of principles that preserve the structure

Greer A.E.; Cogger H.G., 1985:
Systematics of the reduce limbed and limbless skinks currently assigned to the genus anomalopus lacertilia scincidae

Cashner R.C.; Jenkins R.E., 1982:
Systematics of the roanoke bass ambloplites cavifrons

Walker J.M.; Maslin T.P., 1981:
Systematics of the santa catalina whiptail cnemidophorus catalinensis with reference to the superspecies cnemidophorus tigris

Sugiyama E.; Kano R., 1984:
Systematics of the sarcophaginae of the oriental region based on the comparative morphology of the male genitalia diptera sarcophagidae

Paramonova, N.P., 1977:
Systematics of the sarmatian and akchagylian cardiidae bivalvia

Lindberg D.R., 1988:
Systematics of the scurriini new tribe of the northeastern pacific ocean patellogastropoda lottiidae

Kuvaev, V.B.; Yukhananov, D.K., 1976:
Systematics of the section oligosperma of the genus acanthophyllum in the flora of the ussr

Mago Leccia F.; Lundberg J.G.; Baskin J.N., 1985:
Systematics of the south american freshwater fish genus adontosternarchus gymnotiformes apteronotidae

Marshall L.G., 1981:
Systematics of the south american marsupial family microbiotheriidae

Goldblatt P., 1985:
Systematics of the southern african genus geissorhiza iridaceae ixioideae

Goldblatt P., 1987:
Systematics of the southern african genus hexaglottis iridaceae iridoideae

Schmidly, D.J.; Hendricks, F.S., 1976:
Systematics of the southern races of ords kangaroo rat dipodomys ordii

Lupu D.; Blujdea M., 1980:
Systematics of the species belonging to the genus alopia gastropoda pulmonata

Beal R.S.Jr, 1979:
Systematics of the species of cryptorhopalum coleoptera dermestidae occurring in california usa

Raven, R.J., 1978:
Systematics of the spider subfamily hexathelinae dipluridae mygalomorphae arachnida

Kafanov A.I., 1980:
Systematics of the subfamily clinocardiinae bivalvia cardiidae

Mostert L.E.; Scholtz C.H., 1986:
Systematics of the subtribe scarabaeina coleoptera scarabaeidae

Wilson L.D.; Mena C.E., 1980:
Systematics of the tantilla melanocephala group of the colubrid snake genus tantilla

Fromard F., 1987:
Systematics of the taxon arctostaphylos uva ursi ericaceae in europe new data on populations in and around the pyrenees france spain

Savage H.M., 1986:
Systematics of the terpides lineage from the neotropics definition of the terpides lineage methods and revision of fittkaulus savage and peters insecta ephemeroptera leptophlebiidae

Reeder J.R., 1982:
Systematics of the tribe orcuttieae gramineae and the description of tuctoria new genus

Galileo, M.H.M., 1987:
Systematics of the tribes meroscelisini and anacolini coleoptera cerambycidae prioninae in the americas ii. anacolini

Betz B.W., 1983:
Systematics of the trichadenotecnum alexanderae species complex psocoptera psocidae based on an investigation of modes of reproduction and morphology

Lewis J.J., 1982:
Systematics of the troglobitic caecidotea crustacea isopoda asellidae of the southern interior low plateaus usa

Nilson, G.; Andren, C., 1984:
Systematics of the vipera xanthina complex reptilia viperidae 2. an overlooked viper within the vipera xanthina species group in iran

Nilson, G.; Andren, C., 1985:
Systematics of the vipera xanthina complex reptilia viperidae 3. taxonomic status of the bulgar dagh viper in south turkey

Nilson, G.; Andren, C., 1985:
Systematics of the vipera xanthina complex reptilia viperidae i. a new iranian viper in the vipera raddei species group

Barron, J.R., 1978:
Systematics of the world eucerotinae hymenoptera ichneumonidae part 2 nonnearctic species

Hoshaw, R.W., 1980:
Systematics of the zygnemataceae chlorophyceae 2. zygo spore wall structure in sirogonium and a taxonomic proposal

Hoshaw, R.W., 1983:
Systematics of the zygnemataceae chlorophyceae 3. transeau collection of the zygnemataceae an old collection with modern uses

Hoshaw, R.W.; Wells, C.V., 1982:
Systematics of the zygnemataceae chlorophyceae 4. nuclear cytology of sirogonium melanosporum a species with large chromosomes

Dewet J.M.J.; Harlan J.R.; Brink D.E., 1982:
Systematics of tripsacum dactyloides gramineae

D.W.t J.M.J.; Brink D.E.; Cohen C.E., 1983:
Systematics of tripsacum section fasciculata gramineae

Crowell R.M.; Davids C., 1979:
Systematics of unionicola laurentiana new species and unionicola nearctica new species sponge associated hydracarina parasitengona unionicolidae from north america

Govorova O.K.; Karatygin I.V., 1987:
Systematics of ustilago species from polygonaceae

Zaverukha, B.V., 1987:
Systematics of vascular plants status and prospects for development in the ukrainian ssr ussr

Lavie, P., 1983:
Systematics of vitaceae 2. cissus gambiana descoings

Pericart, J., 1977:
Systematics of west palearctic tingidae 4. genus dictyonota

Gold, J.R., 1977:
Systematics of western north american trout salmo with notes on the redband trout of sheepheaven creek california

Bezy R.L., 1984:
Systematics of xantusiid lizards of the genus lepidophyma in northeastern mexico

Feist, R., 1976:
Systematics phylogeny and bio stratigraphy of some trilobites from the french devonian

D.Jong R., 1986:
Systematics phylogeny and biogeography of the chiefly afromontane genus chondrolepis lepidoptera hesperiidae

Meien, S.V., 1978:
Systematics phylogeny and ecology of propteridophytes

Goldblatt P., 1981:
Systematics phylogeny and evolution of dietes iridaceae

Gingerich, P.D.; Simons, E.L., 1977:
Systematics phylogeny and evolution of early eocene adapidae mammalia primates in north america

Breure A.S.H., 1979:
Systematics phylogeny and zoo geography of bulimulinae mollusca

Sudhaus W., 1980:
Systematics phylogeny biology and ecology of species of rhabditis subgenus poikilolaimus as a contribution to subspeciation and parallel evolution in nematodes

Shepard T.E.; Burr B.M., 1984:
Systematics status and life history aspects of the ashy darter etheostoma cinereum pisces percidae

Erhan, S., 1978:
Systematics use of protein nearest neighbor frequency distribution as an objective key

Albers F., 1980:
Systematics variation and evolutionary tendencies in the subtribes aristaveninae and airinae gramineae aveneae

Ivchenko I.S., 1981:
Systematization and some problems in the efficient utilization of useful plants of the dendro flora of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Abdalla R.J.; Cohen M.; Freitas L.C.A., 1987:
Systematization for knee joint rehabilitation

Tchai B S.; Park S C., 1982:
Systematization of clinical biochemistry in medical education

Moiseeva N.I.; Simonov M.Yu; Sysuev V.M., 1979:
Systematization of mathematical methods of biomedical data processing

Wolfram Gabel R., 1980:
Systematization of the angio architectony of the jejunum and the ileum in man around the peri natal period

Szyika, A.S., 1976:
Systematization of the angio architectony of the jejunum and the ileum in the adult human

Wolfram Gabel R.; Maillot C.; Koritke J.G., 1986:
Systematization of the angioarchitecture of the adult human colon

Vandamme J.P.J.; Bonte J., 1986:
Systematization of the arteries in the splenic hilus

el Bacha, A.; Maillot, C., 1977:
Systematization of the articular surfaces of the carpometacarpal joints

Kalina G.P.; Vinogradova L.A.; Trukhina G.M., 1985:
Systematized identification of gram negative nonfermenting microorganisms in the study of environmental objects

Larregue, M.; Debray, H.; Pere, C.; Bairera, E.; Bressieux, J.M.; Daniel, F., 1978:
Systematized papulosis of the lower scapular areas with ultrastructural anhistic bodies specific cutaneous symptoms of hunters disease

Vainberg, M.Sh, 1976:
Systeme international units of measurement in medical radiology

Goerttler K.; Loehrke H.; Schweizer J.; Hesse B., 1979:
Systemic 2 stage carcinogenesis in the epithelium of the fore stomach of mice using 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene as initiator and the phorbol ester 12 o tetra decanoyl phorbol 13 acetate as promoter

Martin, P.L.; Yen, S.S.; Burnier, A.M.; Hermann, H., 1979:
Systemic absorption and sustained effects of vaginal estrogen creams

Myers D.R.; Pashley D.H.; Lake F.T.; Burnham D.; Kalathoor S.; Waters R., 1986:
Systemic absorption of carbon 14 glutaraldehyde from glutaraldehyde treated pulpotomy sites

Crosby, S.S.; Edwards, W.A.; Brennan, C.; Dellinger, E.P.; Bauer, L.A., 1987:
Systemic absorption of endotracheally administered aminoglycosides in seriously ill patients with pneumonia

Whitford, G.M.; Ekstrand, J., 1980:
Systemic absorption of fluoride from alginate impression material in humans

Remley, K.B.; Cubberley, D.A.; Watanabe, A.S.; Nelson, J.A.; Colby, T.V., 1986:
Systemic absorption of gallbladder sclerosing agents in the rabbit. A preliminary study

Berlin Wahlen A.; Evers H.; Haegerstam G., 1981:
Systemic absorption of ketocaine following epi cutaneous administration

Weinstein, A.J.; McHenry, M.C.; Gavan, T.L., 1977:
Systemic absorption of neomycin irrigating solution

Rosenfeldt, F.L.; Glover, J.R.; Marossy, D., 1981:
Systemic absorption of noxythiolin from the pleural cavity in man and in the rabbit

Trope, G.E.; Lawrence, J.R.; Hind, V.M.; Everden, A., 1979:
Systemic absorption of topical and subconjunctival gentamicin

Anderson, J.A., 1980:
Systemic absorption of topical ocularly applied epinephrine and dipivefrin

Garden, J.M.; Freinkel, R.K., 1986:
Systemic absorption of topical steroids. Metabolic effects as an index of mild hypercortisolism

Trope, G.E.; Lawrence, J.R.; Hind, V.M.; Bunney, J., 1979:
Systemic absorption of topically applied chloramphenicol eyedrops

Ogawa H.; Shimazu T.; Nishimura T., 1987:
Systemic acaricidal activity of chloromethanesulfonamide against three species of phytophagous mites and its toxicity to rats mice and carp

Weststeijn E.A., 1984:
Systemic acquired resistance induced by tobacco mosaic virus in nicotiana tabacum cultivar xanthi nc does not disappear at 32 celsius

Doss M.; Hevesi M., 1981:
Systemic acquired resistance of cucumber to pseudomonas lachrymans as expressed in suppression of symptoms but not in multiplication of bacteria

Van-Loon, L.C., 1976:
Systemic acquired resistance peroxidase activity and lesion size in tobacco reacting hyper sensitively to tobacco mosaic virus

Chai H.B.; Doke N., 1987:
Systemic activation of oxygen generating reaction superoxide dismutase and peroxidase in potato plants in relation to induction of systemic resistance to phytophthora infestans

Chaouat, G.; Monnot, P., 1984:
Systemic active suppression is not necessary for successful allopregnancy

Oetting R.D., 1982:
Systemic activity of acephate butoxycarboxim and butocarboxim for control of myzus persicae on ornamentals

Cone, W.W.; Maitlen, J.C., 1976:
Systemic activity of aldicarb against two spotted spider mites on hops and aldicarb residues in hop cones

Duarte M.D.L.R.; Albuquerque F.C.D., 1988:
Systemic activity of benomyl at different ph levels in black pepper

Boisvenu R.J.; Clymer B.C., 1982:
Systemic activity of nifluridide against sucking lice linognathus vituli and the common scabies mite psoroptes ovis on cattle

Schmidt, C.D.; Matter, J.J., 1978:
Systemic activity of the pyrethroid nrdc 161 s cyano 3 phenoxyphenylmethyl cis dextro 3 2 2 di bromoethenyl 2 2 dimethyl cyclo propanecarboxylate against stable flies on cattle

Takahashi K.; Saeki K.; Ogata N.; Maeda H.; Yamada K.; Miki K.; Uyama M., 1987:
Systemic acyclovir and gamma globulin for kirisawa uveitis

Gross G., 1986:
Systemic acyclovir therapy of immunocompetent and immunodeficient patients with herpes simplex and varicella zoster virus infections

Meerson F.Z.; Malyshev I.Yu; Belkina L.M.; Saltykova V.A., 1988:
Systemic adaptation to stress enhances heart resistance to arrhythmogenic factors

Klabunde, R.E.; Laughlin, M.H.; Armstrong, R.B., 1988:
Systemic adenosine deaminase administration does not reduce active hyperemia in running rats

Martinovits G.; Melamed E.; Cohen O.; Rosenthal J.; Uzzan A., 1986:
Systemic administration of antioxidants does not protect mice against the dopaminergic neurotoxicity of 1 methyl 4 phenyl 1 2 5 6 tetrahydropyridine

Golub, S.H.; Dorey, F.; Hara, D.; Morton, D.L.; Burk, M.W., 1982:
Systemic administration of human leukocyte interferon to melanoma patients 1. effects on natural killer function and cell populations

Golub, S.H.; D'amore, P.; Rainey, M., 1982:
Systemic administration of human leukocyte interferon to melanoma patients 2. cellular events associated with changes in natural killer cyto toxicity

Karavodin, L.M.; Golub, S.H., 1983:
Systemic administration of human leukocyte interferon to melanoma patients 3. increased helper supressor cell ratios in melanoma patients during interferon treatment

King M.G.; Kastin A.J.; Olson R.D.; Coy D.H., 1979:
Systemic administration of methionine enkephalin 2 d alanine methionine enkephalin beta endorphin and 2 d alanine beta endorphin effects of eating drinking and activity measures in rats

Ettinghausen, S.E.; Lipford, E.H.; Mulé, J.J.; Rosenberg, S.A., 1985:
Systemic administration of recombinant interleukin 2 stimulates in vivo lymphoid cell proliferation in tissues

Khalil S.N.; Madan V.; Rigor B.M.; Fields W.S.; Unger K.M., 1979:
Systemic air embolism following induction of artificial pneumothorax under anaesthesia, with successful management

Graham, J.M.; Beall, A.C.; Mattox, K.L.; Vaughan, G.D., 1977:
Systemic air embolism following penetrating trauma to the lung

Ponn, R.B.; Zatarain, G.; Gerzberg, L.; Hottinger, G.F.; Haase, W.; Nelsen, T.S., 1977:
Systemic air embolism in experimental penetrating lung injuries

Gossain, V.V.; Rovner, D.R.; Mohan, K., 1985:
Systemic allergy to human (recombinant DNA) insulin

Fisher, M.S.; Kripke, M.L., 1977:
Systemic alteration induced in mice by uv light irradiation and its relationship to uv carcinogenesis

Loewy, D.M.; Williams, P.B.; Crouch, E.R.; Cooke, W.J., 1987:
Systemic aminocaproic acid reduces fibrinolysis in aqueous humor

Lan, T.S.; Chen, C.Y.; Jan, C.M.; Tsai, J.F.; Chien, C.H., 1987:
Systemic amyloidosis: a case report

Janssen, S.; Van Rijswijk, M.H.; Meijer, S.; Ruinen, L.; Van der Hem, G.K., 1986:
Systemic amyloidosis: a clinical survey of 144 cases

Libeskind, M.; Malbran, J.; Lugagne, F.; Agard, D.; Gatineau-Saillant, C.; Guyet-Rousset, P., 1977:
Systemic amyloidosis and multiple myeloma. Report of a case with the association of light chain myeloma and gastric plasmacytosis

Pilon, V.A.; Gomez, L.G.; Butler, J.J., 1982:
Systemic amyloidosis associated with a benign mesenteric lymphoid mass

McGlennen, R.C.; Burke, B.A.; Dehner, L.P., 1986:
Systemic amyloidosis complicating cystic fibrosis. A retrospective pathologic study

Ristow, S.C.; Condemi, J.J.; Stuard, I.D.; Schwartz, R.H.; Bryson, M.F., 1977:
Systemic amyloidosis in cystic fibrosis

Dorman S.A.; Gamelli R.L.; Benziger J.R.; Trainer T.D.; Foster R.S., 1981:
Systemic amyloidosis involving 2 renal transplants

Theaker J.M.; Raine A.E.G.; Rainey A.J.; Heryet A.; Clark A.; Oliver D.O., 1987:
Systemic amyloidosis of beta 2 microglobulin type a complication of long term hemodialysis

Breathnach S.M.; Wilkinson J.D.; Black M.M., 1979:
Systemic amyloidosis with an underlying lympho proliferative disorder a case in which nail involvement was a presenting feature

Juli D., 1987:
Systemic analogy and early organization of affect physiological adaptation and ego structure in respect to the development of individual psychosomatic patterns

Pahskovskii V.E.; Orlov Y.K.; Koval'chuk Y.I., 1985:
Systemic analysis of association flows in healthy people and in patients with mental disorders

Machula, A.I.; Morozov-Yu, I., 1987:
Systemic analysis of phenazepam's effect on animal behavior by means of the pattern recognition theory

Skipina E.G.; Krichevskaya I.P.; Nil'dibaeva Z.B.; Abisheva Z.S., 1981:
Systemic analysis of the functions of venous vessels

Ryzhikov G.V.; Rakov G.K., 1981:
Systemic analysis of thermo regulatory mechanisms in the body

Sullivan, R.D., 1976:
Systemic and arterial infusion chemo therapy for metastatic liver cancer

Velasco M.; Urbina Quintana A.; Morillo J.; Vizcarrondo H.; Ramirez A.; Hernandez E.; Hernandez Pieretti O., 1984:
Systemic and cardiac hemodynamic interactions between guanfacin and hydralazine in hypertensive patients

Golikov B.M., 1988:
Systemic and cerebral circulation in patients with primary arterial hypotension

Denisov V.N.; Raev S.F.; Antuf'ev I.I., 1981:
Systemic and cerebral hemodynamics of pilots exposed to moderate hypoxia

Schulte Sasse U.; Hess W.; Schweichel E.; Tarnow J.; Bureckner J.B., 1981:
Systemic and coronary hemodynamic effects of dobutamine and norepinephrine during metabolic acidosis

Kawashima, S.; Liang, C.S., 1985:
Systemic and coronary hemodynamic effects of pinacidil, a new antihypertensive agent, in awake dogs: comparison with hydralazine

Kawashima, S.; Liang, C.S., 1985:
Systemic and coronary hemodynamic effects of pinacidil in awake normotensive and hypertensive dogs

Dinerman, J.; Mehta, J.L.; Nichols, W.W., 1988:
Systemic and coronary hemodynamic effects of prostacyclin and nitroprusside in conscious dogs

Maseri, A.; Pesola, A.; L'abbate, A.; Contini, C.; Magini, G., 1976:
Systemic and coronary hemodynamic effects of the new hypotensive drug l 6150

Rowe G.G.; Bandow G.T.; Van Laanen P.J.; Michler K.J.; Zarnstorff W.C.; Afonso S., 1979:
Systemic and coronary hemodynamic effects of trans thoracic direct current shock

Wendt, R.L., 1972:
Systemic and coronary vascular effects of the 2 and the 5 mono nitrate esters of isosorbide

Wohlgelernter, D.; Loke, J.; Matthay, R.A.; Siegel, N.J., 1978 :
Systemic and discoid lupus erythematosus: analysis of pulmonary function

San Martin G.; Gonzalez G.; Lopez Jamar E., 1985:
Systemic and ecologic aspects on some species of syllidae polychaeta of the galician coasts spain

Poirrier, M.A., 1977:
Systemic and ecological studies of anheteromeyenia ryderi porifera spongillidae in louisiana usa

Hartling O.J.; Svendsen T.L.; Trap Jensen J., 1981:
Systemic and fore arm hemodynamic and metabolic effects of racemic propranolol or d propranolol in healthy subjects

Pomier-Layrargues, G.; Villeneuve, J.P.; Willems, B.; Huet, P.M.; Marleau, D., 1987:
Systemic and hepatic hemodynamics after variceal hemorrhage: effects of propranolol and placebo

Moore K.; Moore M., 1979:
Systemic and in situ natural killer activity in tumor bearing rats

Sarasombath, S.; Banchuin, N.; Sukosol, T.; Vanadurongwan, S.; Rungpitarangsi, B.; Dumavibhat, B., 1987:
Systemic and intestinal immunities after different typhoid vaccinations

Sarasombath, S.; Banchuin, N.; Sukosol, T.; Rungpitarangsi, B.; Manasatit, S., 1987:
Systemic and intestinal immunities after natural typhoid infection

Nelson D.P.; King C.E.; Dodd S.L.; Schumacker P.T.; Cain S.M., 1987:
Systemic and intestinal limits of oxygen extraction in the dog

Hynes M.A.; Gallagher M.; Yacos K.V., 1981:
Systemic and intra ventricular naloxone administration effects on food and water intake

Sokolov E.I.; Ol'kha R.P.; Sofieva I.E.; Velichkina S.V., 1987:
Systemic and intracardiac hemodynamic changes in normal subjects exposed to emotional stress

Yamanaka Y., 1980:
Systemic and local fibrinolysis in respiratory tract inflammation in specific pathogen free rabbits

Bennett, R.H.; Jasper, D.E., 1978:
Systemic and local immune responses associated with bovine mammary infections due to Mycoplasma bovis: resistance and susceptibility in previously infected cows

Chernushenko E.F.; Goncharova S.I.; Belyanovskaya T.I., 1986:
Systemic and local immunity status in sarcoidosis patients

Fuchs, A.R.; Periyasamy, S.; Soloff, M.S., 1983:
Systemic and local regulation of oxytocin receptors in the rat uterus, and their functional significance

Adams, L.E.; Hess, E.V., 1976:
Systemic and local responses in man following the accidental injection of complete freunds adjuvant

Tirone P.; Boldrini E., 1981:
Systemic and local tolerability of iopamidol an experimental study

Losonsky, G.A.; Rennels, M.B.; Lim, Y.; Krall, G.; Kapikian, A.Z.; Levine, M.M., 1988:
Systemic and mucosal immune responses to rhesus rotavirus vaccine MMU 18006

Kroegel C.; Costabel U.; Guzman J.; Hirsch F.; Ruehle K H.; Matthys H., 1988:
Systemic and necrotizing vasculitis with bronchial asthma and eosinophilia churg strauss syndrome

Young R.S.K.; Yagel S.K.; Towfighi J., 1983 :
Systemic and neuro pathologic effects of escherichia coli endo toxin in neo natal dogs

Wilson R.L.; Wightman R.M., 1985:
Systemic and nigral application of amphetamine cause an increase in extracellular concentration of ascorbate in the caudate nucleus of the rat

Singh J.; Singh A.P.; Peshin P.K., 1985:
Systemic and organ effects of thiopental sodium on oxygen environment and acid base status of calves

Dobromyslova O.P.; Lesnyak G.P., 1986:
Systemic and peripheral hemodynamics in healthy people of both sexes varying in age

Hodgkinson R.; Husain F.J.; Hayashi R.H., 1980:
Systemic and pulmonary blood pressure during cesarean section in parturients with gestational hypertension

McIlduff, J.B.; Daggett, W.M.; Buckley, M.J.; Lappas, D.G., 1980:
Systemic and pulmonary hemodynamic changes immediately following mitral valve replacement in man

Magrini, F.; Buzzetti, G.; D.G.ovanni, F.; Cerati, D.; Macchi, G.; Mondadori, C., 1985:
Systemic and pulmonary hemodynamic effects of indapamide in patients with mild arterial hypertension

Chen, H.I.; Wang, D.J., 1984:
Systemic and pulmonary hemodynamic responses to intracranial hypertension

Barusco G.; Giron G.P., 1982:
Systemic and pulmonary hemodynamics during conventional mechanical artificial respiration and high frequency jet ventilation during general anesthesia

Tranquilli W.J.; Manohar M.; Parks C.M.; Thurmon J.C.; Theodorakis M.C.; Benson G.J., 1982:
Systemic and regional blood flow distribution in unanesthetized swine and swine anesthetized with halothane plus nitrous oxide halothane or enflurane

Pagny, J.Y.; Peronnet, F.; Beliveau, L.; Sestier, F.; Nadeau, R., 1986:
Systemic and regional blood flows during graded treadmill exercise in dogs

Fink, M.P.; Fiallo, V.; Stein, K.L.; Gardiner, W.M., 1987:
Systemic and regional hemodynamic changes after intraperitoneal endotoxin in rabbits: development of a new model of the clinical syndrome of hyperdynamic sepsis

Suarez, D.H.; Pegram, B.L.; Frohlich, E.D., 1981:
Systemic and regional hemodynamic changes associated with anterior hypothalamic lesions in conscious rats

Richer C.; Lefevre Borg F.; Lechaire J.; Gomeni C.; Gomeni R.; Giudicelli J F.; Cavero I., 1987:
Systemic and regional hemodynamic characterization of alpha 1 adrenoceptor and alpha 2 adrenoceptor agonists in pithed rats

Caramelo C.; Fernandnez Cruz A.; Villamediana L.M.; Sanz E.; Rodriguez Puyol D.; Hernando L.; Lopez Novoa J.M., 1986:
Systemic and regional hemodynamic effects of a synthetic atrial natriuretic peptide in conscious rats

Criscione, L.; Burdet, R.; Hänni, H.; Kamber, B.; Truog, A.; Hofbauer, K.G., 1987:
Systemic and regional hemodynamic effects of atriopeptin II in anesthetized rats

LeJemtel, T.H.; Maskin, C.S.; Mancini, D.; Sinoway, L.; Feld, H.; Chadwick, B., 1985:
Systemic and regional hemodynamic effects of captopril and milrinone administered alone and concomitantly in patients with heart failure

Fink, M.P.; Morrissey, P.E.; Stein, K.L.; Clement, R.E.; Fiallo, V.; Gardiner, W.M., 1988:
Systemic and regional hemodynamic effects of cyclo-oxygenase and thromboxane synthetase inhibition in normal and hyperdynamic endotoxemic rabbits

Nakai M.; Matsui Y.; Yamamoto J., 1986:
Systemic and regional hemodynamic effects of e 614 tripamide as studied in conscious spontaneously hypertensive rats

Charocopos, F.; Hatzinikolaou, P.; North, W.G.; Gavras, H., 1982:
Systemic and regional hemodynamic effects of endogenous vasopressin stimulation in rats

Imai, N.; Liang, C.S.; Stone, C.K.; Hayes, J.S.; Hood, W.B., 1987:
Systemic and regional hemodynamic effects of isomazole in awake dogs with congestive heart failure

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