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Systematic notes on ceutorhynchinae with description of a new genus and a new species coleoptera curculionidae

Bollettino dell'Associazione Romana di Entomologia 36(1-4): 49-60

Systematic notes on ceutorhynchinae with description of a new genus and a new species coleoptera curculionidae

The following new synonymies are proposed: Ceutorhynchus parnassicus Pic, 1908 = C. (Ethelcus) denticulatus (Schrank, 1781); C. brevirostris Schultze, 1900 = C. (Neoglocianus) smyrnensis Schultze, 1898. The new name for homonymy in Ceutorhynchus Germ. is C. (Ceutorhynchus) korotvaeyi for C. simillimus Korotyaev, 1980 (nec Edwards; 1911). New generic combinations are Boraginobius akbesianus (Pic), Thanocolus vaulogeri (Schultze) and Nedvus distinctepubens (Pic), all from Ceutorhyncus. C. herbsti Faust is transferred from the subgenus Neoglocianus Diekm. to Glocianus Reitter. Trachelanthus Korot. is regarded as valid genus, and not as a subgenus of Ceutorhynchus. The type of Manmaropus testaceitaris Pic is lost and the orginal description is too short for identifying this species; M. testaceitarsis is considered a nomen dubium. C. (s.s.) vorisekianus sp. nov. from Abkhazia (Caucasus) [USSR], similar to C. roberti Gyll., and the new genus CEUTHAMIOCOLUS, closely related to Ceutorhynchus (type species; C. scolopax Schultze), are described. C. albolimbatus Pic is assigned to the subgenus Dionorenus Reitter.

Accession: 006574007

Related references

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Colonnelli E., 1983: Systematic notes on ceutorhynchinae with description of allosirocalus new genus and of 3 new species coleoptera curculionidae. Some problems of the Ceutorhynchinae taxonomy are discussed. The following, previously considered subgenera of ceutorhynchus, are raised to the status of genera for morphological and biological reasons: Boraginobius Wagner, Datonychus Wagner, Hadr...

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