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Systematics of the adianthidae litopterna mammalia

American Museum Novitates (2771): 1-25

Systematics of the adianthidae litopterna mammalia

The genera and species of previously known Adianthidae are revised with descriptions of original and more recently collected specimens. Proectocion, usually placed in the Didolodontidae, is an appropriate primitive morphotype for the family. Adiantoides and the recently described Indalecia are placed in the subfamily Indaleciinae, which includes somewhat aberrant Eocene ?adianthids. Tricoelodus, usually considered of doubtful validity and affinities, is the best known genus and is represented by a new species from the Deseadan of Bolivia in addition of the type [T. boliviensis ]. Tricoelodus, Proadiantus and Thadanius (a new monotypic genus from the Deseadan of Bolivia) form a monophyletic subgroup of Adianthidae, Thadanius being the most primitive; Adianthus may be most closely related to Proheptaconus.

Accession: 006574664

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