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Systematics of the south american freshwater fish genus adontosternarchus gymnotiformes apteronotidae

Contributions in Science (Los Angeles) (358): 1-19

Systematics of the south american freshwater fish genus adontosternarchus gymnotiformes apteronotidae

The apteronotid fish genus Adontosternarchus Ellis, 1912, is revised, and characters are presented as evidence for the monophyly of the genus and of the interrelationships of its member species. Four species are recognized of which 2 are described as new: A. sachsi (Peters, 1877), A. balaenops (Cope, 1878), A. devenanzii sp. nov. and A. clarkae sp. nov. The known distribution of each species is plotted and a key to species is provided. Recent collections in channels of the lower Orinoco River [Venezuela] show A. sachsi and A. devenanzii to be extremely abundant.

Accession: 006574755

Related references

Lundberg, J.G.; Cox Fernandes, C., 2007: A new species of South American ghost knifefish Apteronotidae Adontosternarchus from the Amazon Basin. We describe a new species of apteronotid electric fish, Adontosternarchus nebulosus, from the Brazilian and Peruvian Amazon. Adontosternarchus nebulosus differs trenchantly from its congeners in its boldly contrasting color pattern of irregular, d...

De-Santana, C.-David; Crampton, W., G.R., 2007: Revision of the deep-channel electric fish genus Sternarchogiton (Gymnotiformes : Apteronotidae). The Neotropical ghost knifefish genus Sternarchogiton is revised on the basis of morphology and pigmentation. A new diagnosis for the genus is provided. Two new deep-channel taxa from the lowland portions of the Amazon basin are described: S. lab...

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Albert, J.S.; Crampton, W.G., 2006: Pariosternarchus amazonensis: a new genus and species of Neotropical electric fish (Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae) from the Amazon River. Pariosternarchus amazonensis, new genus and species, is described from the Amazon river of Brazil and Peru. It is unique among apteronotids in possessing a wide head that is flattened on its entire ventral surface, and in possessing highly expande...

Campos-da-Paz, Ricardo., 2000: On Sternarchorhynchus Castelnau: a South American electric knifefish, with descriptions of two new species (Ostariophysi: Gymnotiformes: Apteronotidae). This paper summarizes information on the South American freshwater gymnotiform genus Sternarchorhynchus Castelnau (family Apteronotidae), especially taxonomic and systematic. Sternarchorhynchus britskii and S. mesensis are described as new from th...

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Dyer, Brian, S., 1997: Phylogenetic revision of Atherinopsinae (Teleostei, Atherinopsidae), with comments on the systematics of the South American freshwater fish genus Basilichthys girard. Hypotheses of relationships among atherinopsine taxa and their monophyly are revised using mugilids, Cyprinodontea (beloniforms and cyprinodontiforms), Atherinoidei, and Menidiinae as outgroups. Anatomical evidence is compiled with published morph...

Lundberg J.G.; Mago Leccia F., 1986: A review of rhabdolichops gymnotiformes sternopygidae a genus of south american freshwater fishes with descriptions of four new species. The sternopygid fish genus Rhabdolichops Eigenmann and Allen 1942 is reviewed. The homology of the unusual gill rakers of Rhadbolichops is discussed. Characters presented as evidence for the monophyly of the genus are: separate foramina in the pro...

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