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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6578

Chapter 6578 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Bruserud, O.; Thorsby, E., 1985: T lymphocyte responses to coxsackievirus b 4 and mumps virus 1. influence of hla dr restriction elements

Bruserud, O.; Stenersen, M.; Thorsby, E., 1985: T lymphocyte responses to coxsackievirus b 4 and mumps virus ii. immunoregulation by hla dr 3 and hla dr 4 associated restriction elements

Roberts R.B., 1988: T lymphocyte responses to mycobacterial antigen in aids patients with disseminated mycobacterium avium mycobacterium intracellulare infection

Fedyuk E.A., 1980: T lymphocyte responsiveness of inbred mice strains during pregnancy

Volpe R., 1983: T lymphocyte sensitization and suppressor t lymphocyte defect in patients long after treatment for graves disease

Volpe R., 1981: T lymphocyte sensitization in graves and hashimotos diseases confirmed by an indirect migration inhibition factor test

Williams R., 1985: T lymphocyte sensitization to hepatitis b core antigen and t cell mediated unresponsiveness to hepatitis b surface antigen in hepatitis b virus related chronic liver disease

Williams R., 1986: T lymphocyte sensitization to hepatocyte antigens in autoimmune chronic active hepatitis and primary biliary cirrhosis evidence for different underlying mechanisms and different antigenic determinants as targets

Reichlin M., 1988: T lymphocyte specificity differences to horse cytochrome c in different lymphoid cell compartments

Hunninghake G.W., 1983: T lymphocyte sub population abnormalities in apparently healthy patients with hemophilia

Harada Y., 1980: T lymphocyte sub populations and b lymphocytes in children and adolescents with bronchial asthma

Greaves M.F., 1980: T lymphocyte sub populations and ia positive t cells in patients with immuno deficiency

Wasserman J., 1981: T lymphocyte sub populations and pokeweed mitogen induced immuno globulin synthesis in vitro by mononuclear cells from psoriasis patients

Mackay I.R., 1982: T lymphocyte sub populations defined by 2 sets of mono clonal antibodies in chronic active hepatitis and systemic lupus erythematosus

Von Stedingk L V., 1982: T lymphocyte sub populations defined by mono clonal antibodies and fc receptor binding in relation to immuno suppression in vaccine induced rubella infection

Jakobiec F.A., 1984: T lymphocyte sub populations in b cell derived non hodgkins lymphomas and hodgkins disease

Blomgren H., 1982: T lymphocyte sub populations in blood following radiation therapy for breast cancer

Gasparotto G., 1981: T lymphocyte sub populations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia a quantitative and functional study

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577018

Giordano G., 1983: T lymphocyte sub populations in graves disease relationship with clinical conditions

Roberts B.E., 1983: T lymphocyte sub populations in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Kaaman T., 1981: T lymphocyte sub populations in patients with chronic dermatophytosis

Benner R., 1984: T lymphocyte sub populations in patients with various courses after hepatitis b virus infection

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577023

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577024

Maccario R., 1983: T lymphocyte sub populations in pregnancy

Biberfeld G., 1983: T lymphocyte sub populations in relation to immuno suppression in measles and varicella

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577027

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577028

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577029

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577030

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577031

Hayry P., 1984: T lymphocyte subclasses in rheumatoid synovia as analyzed with mono clonal antibodies and functional in vitro tests

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577033

Lin T Y., 1986: T lymphocyte subpopulation before and after surgical removal of hepatocellular carcinoma

Russo A., 1986: T lymphocyte subpopulation changes during hemolysis in glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase deficient children

Stojimirovic E., 1985: T lymphocyte subpopulation in children after anti cancer therapy and long term remission

Giller R.H., 1985: T lymphocyte subpopulations and function during murine cytomegalovirus infection

Pozzetto A., 1985: T lymphocyte subpopulations and lymphocytotoxic antibodies in patients with autoimmune hemolytic anemia

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577039

Chianura L., 1986: T lymphocyte subpopulations defined by monoclonal antibodies in essential mixed cryoglobulinemia and in secondary cryoglobulinemias

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577041

Carcassonne Y., 1985: T lymphocyte subpopulations identified by monoclonal antibodies after human bone marrow transplantation

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577043

Johansson O., 1987: T lymphocyte subpopulations in bone marrow transplanted patients in relation to graft versus host disease and cytomegalovirus induced infection

Holm G., 1987: T lymphocyte subpopulations in chronic lymphocytic leukemia of b cell type in relation to immunoglobulin isotypes on the leukemic clone and to clinical features

Gofman L., 1987: T lymphocyte subpopulations in different glomerulopathies

Yasunaga K., 1985: T lymphocyte subpopulations in hemophiliac patients

Reyes L., 1984: T lymphocyte subpopulations in humans

Russo N., 1984: T lymphocyte subpopulations in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura

Flamini G., 1984: T lymphocyte subpopulations in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura correlation with the presence of platelet association immunoglobulin g

Hayward A.R., 1986: T lymphocyte subpopulations in insulin dependent type i diabetes mellitus

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577052

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577053

Lee C F., 1986: T lymphocyte subpopulations in synovial fluid in ankylosing spondylitis

Jones W.G., 1985: T lymphocyte subpopulations in type i diabetes mellitus a longitudinal study

Rahi A.H.S., 1984: T lymphocyte subpopulations in uveitis

Kruger B.J., 1985: T lymphocyte subset changes in recurrent aphthous stomatitis

Hirsch M.S., 1984: T lymphocyte subset interactions in the cell mediated immune response to epstein barr virus

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577059

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577060

Markowitz N., 1987: T lymphocyte subset studies to monitor patients with aids and aids related complex

Najera D., 1986: T lymphocyte subsets and antilymphocyte antibodies in lupus nephritis

Catovsky D., 1982: T lymphocyte subsets and colony growth in hairy cell leukemia

Frodin L., 1983: T lymphocyte subsets and hla dr expressing cells in rejected human kidney grafts

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577065

Morell A., 1985: T lymphocyte subsets and immunoglobulin concentrations in bronchoalveolar lavage of patients with sarcoidosis and high and low intensity alveolitis

Guillou P.J., 1986: T lymphocyte subsets and interleukin 2 production in zinc deficient rats

Landolfi R., 1986: T lymphocyte subsets and platelet associated immunoglobulin g in idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura effect of splenectomy

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577069

Klareskog L., 1987: T lymphocyte subsets functional deficits and morphology in sciatic nerves during experimental allergic neuritis

Gasbarrini G., 1986: T lymphocyte subsets implicated in cytotoxicity in autologous hepatocytes in chronic active hepatitis patients with active viral replication

Miyai K., 1983: T lymphocyte subsets in auto immune thyroid diseases and subacute thyroiditis detected with mono clonal antibodies

Morgese G., 1987: T lymphocyte subsets in children with recurrent respiratory infections

Castello G., 1985: T lymphocyte subsets in endocrine exophthalmos

Benezra D., 1985: T lymphocyte subsets in experimental autoimmune uveitis

Warnke R.A., 1982: T lymphocyte subsets in follicular lymphomas compared with those in nonneoplastic lymph nodes and tonsils

Tura S., 1981: T lymphocyte subsets in healthy splenectomized patients

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577078

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577079

Baroni C.D., 1984: T lymphocyte subsets in human lymph nodes relative increase of okt 8 plus cells in neoplastic and reactive b cell proliferation

Ojiambo H.P., 1985: T lymphocyte subsets in idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy

Barboni P., 1986: T lymphocyte subsets in infectious mononucleosis

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577083

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577084

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577085

Owen R.L., 1987: T lymphocyte subsets in nude mice with giardia muris infection

Watanabe S., 1984: T lymphocyte subsets in osteoporosis effect of 1 alpha hydroxyvitamin d 3

Novick, D. M.; Tregenza, G. S.; Solinas, A.; Newman, R. G.; Ghodse, A. H.; Thomas, H. C., 1986: T lymphocyte subsets in parenteral and non parenteral heroin abusers in britain uk

Rygaard J., 1983: T lymphocyte subsets in patients with newly diagnosed type 1 insulin dependent diabetes a prospective study

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577090

Dobois De Montreynaud J.M., 1984: T lymphocyte subsets in pleural fluids discrimination according to traditional and monoclonal antibody defined markers

Bizzarro, A.; Fontana, A.; De-Bellis, A.; Daponte, A.; Iacono, G.; Peluso, G., 1987: T lymphocyte subsets in pregnant women with graves' disease

Fukuoka M., 1987: T lymphocyte subsets in primary lung cancer

Papanayotou P., 1987: T lymphocyte subsets in recurrent oral ulceration a preliminary study

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577095

Kazemi H., 1982: T lymphocyte subsets in smoking and lung cancer analysis by mono clonal antibodies and flow cytometry

Horwitz D.A., 1983: T lymphocyte subsets in systemic lupus erythematosus correlations with cortico steroid therapy and disease activity

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577098

Forsum U., 1982: T lymphocyte subsets in the duodenal epithelium in dermatitis herpetiformis

Olafsdottir K., 1988: T lymphocyte subsets in the human lacrimal gland

Jemna I., 1986: T lymphocyte subsets in tuberculous pleurisy

Scher I., 1983: T lymphocyte subsets in uveitis

Gaetani S., 1987: T lymphocyte subsets in zinc deficient and in protein malnourished rats

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577104

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577105

Chieco Bianchi L., 1981: T lymphocyte tolerance and early appearance of virus induced cell surface antigens in moloney murine leukemia virus neo natally injected mice

Kirchner H., 1986: T lymphocytes activated by interleukin 2 alone acquire permissiveness for replication by herpes simplex virus

Lichtensteiger W., 1987: T lymphocytes affect the development of sympathetic innervation of mouse spleen

Montella F., 1981: T lymphocytes and b lymphocytes 2 different cell populations for the 1st defense barrier at cutaneous and mucosal levels?

Mahunka M., 1981: T lymphocytes and b lymphocytes and immuno globulins of the serum in drug eruptions of immediate type

Khudaiberdyev Ya K., 1980: T lymphocytes and b lymphocytes during typhoid fever

Brown S.I., 1981: T lymphocytes and b lymphocytes in ocular cicatricial pemphigoid

Bizer V.A., 1980: T lymphocytes and b lymphocytes in sarcoma patients before and after carminomicin therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577114

Segerberg Konttinen M., 1981: T lymphocytes and mononuclear phagocytes in the skin infiltrate of systemic and discoid lupus erythematosus and jessners lymphocytic infiltrate

Garcia Calderon P.A., 1982: T lymphocytes and nonspecific t suppressor activity in patients with extrinsic asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577117

Kollemans Beynen A.R., 1986: T lymphocytes as a prognostic indicator in head and neck cancer

Tornoczky J., 1985: T lymphocytes bearing fc receptors for immunoglobulin g in b cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Crystal R.G., 1988: T lymphocytes compartmentalized on the epithelial surface of the lower respiratory tract express the very late activation antigen complex vla 1

Perlmann P., 1987: T lymphocytes displaying major histocompatibility complex unrestricted cytotoxicity after activation by k46m a mitogenic monoclonal antibody against leukoagglutinin reactive human t lymphocyte surface components

Straube W., 1988: T lymphocytes during normal menstrual cycle

Nomoto K., 1988: T lymphocytes emigrating from the thymus to the spleen during postpartum regulate serum immunoglobulin levels in mice

Logue G.L., 1983: T lymphocytes escape membrane defect in paroxysmal nocturnal hemo globinuria

Minowada J., 1980: T lymphocytes expressing human ia like antigens in infectious mononucleosis

Mukanbaev K.M., 1982: T lymphocytes forming spontaneous stable e rosettes in patients with nephro tuberculosis and post tuberculous pyelo nephritis

Hoar D.I., 1986: T lymphocytes from hemophiliacs proliferate after exposure to factor viii product

Diener E., 1986: T lymphocytes from irradiation chimeras repopulated with 13 day fetal liver cells recognized antigens only in association with self major histocompatibility complex products

Lozovoi V.P., 1983: T lymphocytes functional properties of patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577130

Robertson A.L.Jr, 1988: T lymphocytes in aortic and coronary intimas their potential role in atherogenesis

Odo T., 1981: T lymphocytes in aplastic anemia immune specific interferon production and t gamma cells

Raimondi R., 1983: T lymphocytes in b cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia characterization by mono clonal antibodies and correlation with fc receptors

Tomita H., 1985: T lymphocytes in cancerous tissues of the head and neck

Vierucci A., 1984: T lymphocytes in children with recurrent respiratory infections effect of the use of thymostimulin on the alterations of t cell subsets

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577136

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577137

Wekerle H., 1982: T lymphocytes in experimental auto immune myasthenia gravis isolation of t helper cell lines

Kaufman H.S., 1980: T lymphocytes in experimental myo cardial infarction

Collins, P. B.; Johnson, A. H.; Moriarty, M., 1980: T lymphocytes in human cancer 1. mitogen responsiveness of lymphocytes in cancer patients

Johnson, A. H.; Collins, P. B.; Moriarty, M., 1980: T lymphocytes in human cancer 2. effects of radio therapy and controlled nutritional intake

Moss, D. J.; Bishop, C. J.; Burrows, S. R.; Ryan, J. M., 1985: T lymphocytes in infectious mononucleosis 1. t cell death in vitro

Bishop, C. J.; Moss, D. J.; Ryan, J. M.; Burrows, S. R., 1985: T lymphocytes in infectious mononucleosis 2. response in vitro to interleukin 2 and establishment of t cell lines

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577144

Svennevig J L., 1980: T lymphocytes in malignant nonlymphoid human tumors detected by esterase technique

Neckers L.M., 1981: T lymphocytes in migraine

Koehler G., 1984: T lymphocytes in patients with gynecologic malignancies

Akkaya S., 1985: T lymphocytes in psoriasis

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577149

Bagby G.C.Jr, 1981: T lymphocytes involved in inhibition of granulopoiesis in 2 neutropenic patients are of the cyto toxic suppressor t 3 plus t 8 plus subset

Bettelheim P., 1987: T lymphocytes lack rearrangement of the bcr gene in philadelphia chromosome positive chronic myelocytic leukemia

Wieczorek Z., 1983: T lymphocytes modifying factors in sera of patients with myasthenia gravis

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577153

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577154

Heatley R.V., 1988: T lymphocytes of the human colonic mucosa functional and phenotypic analysis

Lund O E., 1987: T lymphocytes of the normal human cornea

Gilman, S. C.; Rosenberg, J. S.; Feldman, J. D., 1982: T lymphocytes of young and aged rats 2. functional defects and the role of interleukin 2

Mayr W.R., 1986: T lymphocytes recognize hla d differences even in hla dr compatible combinations a proof for the sensitivity of t cell reactions in mixed lymphocyte culture

Hance A.J., 1988: T lymphocytes recovered by bronchoalveolar lavage from normal subjects and patients with sarcoidosis are refractory to proliferative signals

Lamb J.R., 1986: T lymphocytes respond to solid phase antigen a novel approach to the molecular analysis of cellular immunity

Plaut M., 1982: T lymphocytes responses of murine lung immunization with allo antigen induces accumulation of cyto toxic and other t lymphocytes in the lung

Snodgrass, H. R.; Wilson, D. B.; Bosma, M. J., 1981: T lymphocytes specific for immuno globulin allotype 1. igh 1b specific t cells demonstrated by suppression in vivo and cyto toxicity in vitro

Snodgrass, H. R.; Bosma, M. J.; Wilson, D. B., 1981: T lymphocytes specific for immuno globulin allotype 2. cloned igh 1b specific cyto toxic t cells

Volpe E., 1985: T lymphocytes subpopulations in b cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia

Colley D.G., 1981: T lymphocytes that contribute to the immuno regulation of granuloma formation in chronic murine schistosomiasis

Johnson D.D., 1986: T lymphocytes with 7 14 translocations frequency of occurrence breakpoints and clinical and biological significance

Meneghini C.L., 1981: T lymphocytes with immuno globulin g fc receptors in skin cancers

Kumagai K., 1982: T lymphocytes with receptors for immuno globulin m fc tmu as an effector cell in delayed type hyper sensitivity

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577169

Matthys H., 1984: T lymphocytosis in broncho alveolar lavage fluid of hyper sensitivity pneumonitis changes in profile of t cell subsets during the course of disease

Kaura Y.K., 1983: T lymphoid and b lymphoid cell population in calves immunized against theileria annulata

Cohn M., 1983: T lymphoma variants with specifically altered growth in semi solid media

Ichimaru M., 1985: T lymphomas associated with human t cell leukemia lymphoma virus may show phenotypic and functional differences from adult t cell leukemias

Thomas G.J., 1981: T maze alternation response patterning and septo hippocampal circuitry in rats

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577175

Jacob, K. G.; Willmund, R.; Folkers, E.; Fischbach, K. F.; Spatz, H. C., 1977: T maze photo taxis of drosophila melanogaster and several mutants in the visual systems

Cuadras, J.; Vila, E.; Balasch, J., 1978: T maze shock avoidance in the hermit crab dardanus arrosor

Mukovozova L.A., 1986: T mu and t gamma lymphocyte count and ratio in brucellosis patients

Sadauskas P., 1982: T mu cell and tgamma cell subsets in normal and leukemic cattle

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577180

Williamson H.O., 1979: T mycoplasma ureaplasma urealyticum in human reproductive failure

Fowlkes, D. M.; Macleod, J.; O'leary, W. M., 1975: T mycoplasmas and human infertility correlation of infection with alterations in seminal parameters

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577183

Schmidt, K. H.; Kuehnemund, O.; Koehler, W., 1980: T proteins of streptococcus pyogenes 1. preparation of a serological type specific t 1 antigen by ion exchange chromatography and its characterization

Schmidt, K. H.; Kuehnemund, O.; Koehler, W., 1980: T proteins of streptococcus pyogenes 2. preparation of specific immuno adsorbents for isolation of anti t antibodies and investigations of the t 4 t 24 pattern

Schmidt, K. H.; Koehler, W., 1981: T proteins of streptococcus pyogenes 3. purification of t proteins with trypsin pepsin and c phage associated lysin by means of immuno chromatography

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577187

Mills, E. L., 1976: T r r stebbing a bibliography with biographic notes

Pecht J., 1986: T recognition of t languages a new approach to describe and program the parallel pattern recognition capabilities of d dimensional tessellation structures

Schabtach E., 1985: T reticular interneurons a class of serially of repeating cells in the zebrafish brachydanio rerio hindbrain

Chowdhuri A.N.R., 1983: T serotypes of group a streptococci from skin lesions from a rural area of delhi india

Tagini, G.; Camino, E., 1973: T shaped cells of dorsal ganglia can influence the pattern of afferent discharge

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577193

Marden, M. C.; Kister, J.; Bohn, B.; Poyart, C., 1988: T state hemoglobin with four ligands bound

Kapur, T. R.; Gupta, U.; Singh, O. P.; Hingorani, V.; Kandhari, K. C.; Bhutani, L. K., 1976: T strain mycoplasma in human genital tract infections

Brown, W. J.; Jacobs, N. F. Jr ; Arum, E. S.; Arko, R. J., 1976: T strain mycoplasma in the chimpanzee

Cacciola E., 1984: T subset abnormalities in thalassemia intermedia possible evidence for a thymus functional deficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577198

Dieli, F.; Abrignani, S.; Salerno, A., 1986: T suppressor afferent cells which regulate contact sensitivity to picryl chloride act across genetic barrier

Minowada J., 1984: T suppressor cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia phenotypic characterization by mono clonal antibodies

Drexhage H.A., 1986: T suppressor cell defects in euthyroid nonendemic goiter

Mowat A.P., 1985: T suppressor cell function and number in children with liver disease

Rich R.R., 1987: T suppressor cell growth factor and anti cd3 antibodies stimulate reciprocal subsets of t lymphocytes

Gottlieb P.D., 1982: T suppressor cells activated by anti tsu d serum are igh v restricted

Azembala M., 1980: T suppressor cells and suppressor factor which act at the efferent stage of the contact sensitivity skin reaction their production by mice injected with water soluble chemically reactive derivatives of oxazolone and picryl chloride

Stevens R.H., 1983: T suppressor cells are required for the maintenance of the antigen induced b cell unresponsive state in humans

Falcone G., 1984: T suppressor cells as well as anti hapten and anti idiotype b lymphocytes regulate contact sensitivity to oxazolone in mice injected with purified protein derivative from mycobacterium tuberculosis

Bocchieri M.H., 1985: T suppressor clones derived from murine autologous mixed lymphocyte response

Asheron G.L., 1984: T suppressor factor activity is due to 2 separate molecules the lyt 1 negative 2 positive i j positive cells of mice primed with antigen make an antigen binding molecule which is only active when complemented by cofactor made by lyt 1 positive 2 negative i j positive cells

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577210

Ratiani L.N., 1980: T suppressors in the cerebro spinal fluid during tuberculous meningitis

Yasumura T., 1982: T system abnormalities in differentiating skeletal fibers of dystrophic chickens

Malashkhiya Yu A., 1980: T system and b system indices of immunity and t suppressor activity in the blood and cerebro spinal fluid of children with serous meningitis

Pavlenishvili I.V., 1986: T system and b system of immunity and changes in t lymphocyte subpopulations in newborns and 1 6 month old children with sepsis induced by gram negative bacteria

Svetukhin A.M., 1981: T system and b system of immunity in acute purulent surgical infections

Zavgorodnyaya A.M., 1980: T system immunity indices in patients with periodic disease

Fedorina L.A., 1981: T systems and b systems of immunity in patients with pesticide intoxication

Vergara, U., 1983: T t and h 2 systems in wild mice mus musculus 2. t haplotypes and ss and slp proteins

Hamaoka T., 1985: T t cell interaction in the in vitro induction of delayed type hypersensitivity responses demonstration of vaccinia virus reactive helper t cell activity involved in enhanced induction of delayed type hypersensitivity responses

Hamaoka T., 1985: T t cell interaction in the induction of delayed type hypersensitivity responses vaccinia virus reactive helper t cell activity involved in enhanced in vivo induction of delayed type hypersensitivity responses and its application to augmentation of tumor specific delayed type hypersensitivity responses

Roellinghoff, M.; Pfizenmaier, K.; Wagner, H., 1982: T t cell interactions during cyto toxic t cell responses 4. murine lymphoid dendritic cells are powerful stimulators for helper t lymphocytes

Kroenke, M.; Scheurich, P.; Pfizenmaier, K.; Heeg, K.; Wagner, H., 1984: T t cell interactions during in vitro cyto toxic t cell responses 6. the role of t cell derived colony stimulating factor in helper t cell activation

Kroenke, M.; Scheurich, P.; Pfizenmaier, K.; Roellinghoff, M.; Wagner, H., 1982: T t cell interactions during in vitro cyto toxic t lymphocyte responses 5. precursor frequencies and specificity of allo reactive helper t cells

Bennett D., 1983: T t somite mesoderm is able to differentiate into cartilage in vitro

Sengar, D. P. S.; Hyslop, D. B.; Rashid, A.; Harris, J. E., 1975: T thymus derived lymphocyte rosettes in hemo dialysis patients and renal allo graft recipients

Yoder O.C., 1982: T toxin production by near isogenic isolates of cochliobolus heterostrophus races t and o

Fogler, R. J., 1977: T tube duodeno gastrostomy for the management of longstanding perforated ulcer

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577228

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577229

Kasten F.H., 1979: T tubes in cultured mammalian myo cardial cells

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577231

Leeson T.S., 1980: T tubules couplings and myo fibrillar arrangements in rat atrial myo cardium

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577233

Panigrahi D., 1981: T typing and serogrouping of beta hemolytic streptococci in various human diseases in and around chandigarh india

Ivarsson, R.; Christensen, P., 1977: T typing of group a streptococci from clinical specimens restriction of the number of implied m types in each t pattern by tests for opacity factor and nad glyco hydrolase

Fenici R., 1980: T wave abnormalities in top ranking athletes effects of isoproterenol atropine and physical exercise

Visioli O., 1985: T wave abnormalities of intermittent bundle branch block pathogenesis and prognostic significance

Engel, T. R.; Shah, R.; Depodesta, L. A.; Frankl, W. S.; Krause, R. L., 1978: T wave abnormalities of intermittent left bundle branch block

Bunnell D.E., 1980: T wave amplitude and the p q interval relationships to noninvasive indices of myo cardial performance

Dart A., 1986: T wave amplitude as a quantitative index of regional myocardial sympathetic responsiveness

Scwartz, P. J.; Weiss, T., 1971: T wave amplitude as an index of cardiac sympathetic activity a misleading concept

Matyas, T. A., 1976: T wave amplitude stability during sinus arrhythmia in the resting man

Orinius E., 1981: T wave changes after acute myo cardial infarction predicting re infarction

Lofmark R., 1981: T wave changes and post infarction angina pectoris predictive of recurrent myo cardial infarction

Peiren W., 1979: T wave changes caused by coronary insufficiency and their differentiation from those caused by myo cardial disease or neurosis analysis of 1509 cases

Brumana T., 1987: T wave changes in patients with hemodynamic evidence of systolic or diastolic overload of the left ventricle a retrospective study on 168 patients with isolated chronic aortic valve disease

Tuvemo T., 1982: T wave changes in the right precordial leads in 7 year old and 8 year old children during a valsalva maneuver

Lasser, R. P., 1976: T wave changes secondary to left anterior hemi block as shown by study of intermittent and alternating patterns

Nakaya Y., 1984: T wave polarity related to the repolarization process of epicardial and endocardial ventricular surfaces

Jacob F., 1980: T wpa 1 t wpa 2 t wpa 3 3 new t haplotypes in the mouse

Miyamoto H., 1987: T zone histiocyte in cutaneous t cell proliferating diseases

Suemasu K., 1985: T zone histiocytes in adenocarcinoma of the lung in relation to postoperative prognosis

Smolle J., 1985: T zone histiocytes in granulomatous skin diseases

Sakuma H., 1983: T zone histiocytes with s 100 protein development and distribution in human fetuses

Marton P.F., 1986: T zone lymphoma with predominance of plasmacytoid t cells associated with myelomonocytic leukemia a distinct clinicopathological entity

Ritz J., 1988: T11 cd2 activation of cloned human natural killer cells results in increased conjugate formation and exocytosis of cytolytic granules

Miyasaka M., 1986: T11ts the cell surface molecule binding to the erythrocyte receptor of t lymphocytes cellular distribution purification to homogeneity and biochemical properties

Christensen P., 1987: T15 group a streptococcal fc receptor binds to the same location on igg as staphylococcal protein a and igg rheumatoid factors

Scharff M.D., 1988: T15 pc binding monoclonal antibodies retain specificity when they switch from igm to igg

Wilkinson H.A., 1987: T2 and t3 sympathetic ganglia in the adult human a cadaver and clinical radiographic study and its clinical application

Bryan R.N., 1988: T2 effect of hemoglobin concentration assessment with in vitro mr spectroscopy

Million R.R., 1987: T2 t4 carcinoma of the skin of the head and neck treated with radical irradiation

Ali I.U., 1988: T24 human bladder carcinoma cells with activated ha ras protooncogene nontumorigenic cells susceptible to malignant transformation with carcinogen

Brenner M.B., 1987: T3 glycoprotein is functional although structurally distinct on human t cell receptor gamma t lymphocytes

Terhorst C., 1987: T3 p28 is a protein associated with the delta and epsilon chains of the t cell receptor t3 antigen complex during biosynthesis

Blaese R.M., 1987: T3 t cell receptor ti complex independent activation of t cells by wheat germ agglutinin

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577267

Shabaroa Z.A., 1988: T4 dna ligase substrate properties of synthetic dna duplexes with structural defects

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577269

Palmer L., 1987: T4 lymphopenia in human tuberculosis

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577271

Bhatti L., 1988: T4 positive t helper cell function in vivo differential requirement for induction of antiviral cytotoxic t cell and antibody responses

Davey F.R., 1987: T6 monoclonal antibody reacts with blasts from cases of common antigen acute lymphocytic leukemia

Horvath J., 1987: T6 positive and hla dr positive cell numbers in epidermis of immunosuppressed renal transplant recipients

Section 7, Chapter 6578, Accession 006577275

Ansorge W., 1988: T7 dna polymerase in automated dideoxy sequencing

Studier F.W., 1987: T7 lysozyme inhibits transcription by t7 rna polymerase

Studier F.W., 1987: T7 rna polymerase can direct expression of influenza virus cap binding protein pb2 in escherichia coli

Reinherz E.L., 1984: Ta 1 a novel 105 kilodalton human t cell activation antigen defined by a monoclonal antibody

D'amaro J., 1986: Ta 10 and 2b 3 two new alleles in the hla dq region recognized by monoclonal antibodies

Szyfelbein W.A., 1982: Ta and t 1 bladder cancer location recurrence and progression

Debbage J.M., 1982: Tab toxin induced symptoms are associated with the accumulation of ammonia formed during photo respiration

Turner J.G., 1981: Tab toxin produced by pseudomonas tabaci decreases nicotiana tabacum glutamine synthetase in vivo and causes accumulation of ammonia

Pierce R., 1984: Tabanid diptera populations associated with an equine infectious anemia outbreak in an inapparently infected herd of horses

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Fairchild, G. B., 1980: Tabanidae diptera from tbe dominican republic

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Lehrer M.M., 1986: Tabanidae diptera in the danube delta romania

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Fairchild, G. B.; Rafael, J. A., 1984: Tabanidae diptera of amazonia iv. description of fidena bistriga new species and catachlorops overali new species

Gorayeb, I. S., 1988: Tabanidae diptera of amazonia x. description of stenotabanus sandyi new species from rondonia brazil

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Thompson, P. H.; Blume, R. R.; Aga, A., 1977: Tabanidae diptera of texas usa part 6 coastal prairie species victoria county

Thompson, P. H., 1977: Tabanidae diptera of texas usa part 7 comparisons of upland and lowland tabanid populations in southeast texas

Gorayeb, I. D.; Rafael, J. A., 1984: Tabanidae diptera of the amazon region 5. description of 2 new species

Gorayeb, I. D. S., 1986: Tabanidae diptera of the amazon region vii. description of fidena aurelenta new species and of the female of fidena kroeberi fairchild

Marie A., 1984: Tabanidae diptera on the northern limit of the forests maritime domain of new quebec canada

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