Tamamschjania lazica new genus new combination of umbelliferae in the flora of the caucasus and western asia ussr

Pimenov, M.G.; Klyuikov, E.V.

Botanicheskii Zhurnal (St Petersburg) 66(10): 1489-1492


Accession: 006577965

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Carpological and other characteristics of the rare species Eleutherospermum lazicum were studied. This species differs from the type species of this genus, E. cicutarium, and from other genera of the tribe Pleurospermieae to which the genus Eleutherospermum belongs. According to the external and internal morphological characteristics of its vegetative and generative organs this species belongs to the tribe of orthospermatic Umbelliferae, Ligusticeae, but its does not belong to Ligusticum s. s. or to any other genera of this tribe. The species was classified under the new monotype genus TAMAMSCHJANIA. Tamamschijania gen. nov. (Umbelliferae, Ligusticeae) and the type sspecies T. lazica (Boiss. et Bal. M. Pimen et Kljuykov) comb. nov. were proposed and described. Comparative data were presented on their morphology.