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Chapter 6,579

Tannins of seed meal of sal shorea robusta

Singh, K.; Aora, S.P.

Indian Journal of Animal Sciences 50(12): 1043-1051


ISSN/ISBN: 0367-8318
Accession: 006578397

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Paper chromatography of aqueous acetone extract of tannins from deoiled salseed-meal (DSSM) and its hydrolysate revealed the presence of hydrolyzable and condensed tannins. Chromatography of ethyl acetate (EA) fraction and its hydrolysate revealed only hydrolysable tannins, mainly ellagitannins and gallo/ellagitannins. Chromatography of lead acetate (LA) fraction and its hydrolysate showed the presence of hydrolyzable tannins mainly ellagitannins and condensed tannins. Total tannin content in DSSM was 11.76% on DM [dry matter] basis, of which 6.48% was hydrolyzable tannins, 4.30% condensed tannins and 0.98% monomers. Tannins in DSSM were of hydrolyzable and condensed type. The EA fraction contained only in hydrolyzable tannins while the LA fraction had both hydrolyzable (mainly ellagitannins) and condensed type tannins.

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