Taxonomic revision and the present situation of inland water fish from turkish thrace

Balik, S.

DOGA Bilim Dergisi Seri A Temel Bilimler 9(2): 147-160


Accession: 006580202

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A taxonomical revision of Thracian inland water fish fauna is carried out, together with the establishment of their regional distribution. As a result of an evaluation of the numerous samples collected from this region, presence of 35 genera and 40 species, of which 8 are subspecies, is established. Of these species, 4 species [Alburnus alburnus, Aspius aspius, Chondrostoma nasus, and Silurus glanis] are new records from Turkish Thrace. Of these 40 species, approximately 14 of them are economically important for human consumption. Several precautionary views are conveyed from the standpoint of conservation and usage of the economically important fish species.