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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6583

Chapter 6583 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

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Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582196

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Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582212

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Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582227

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Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582267

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582268

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Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582384

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Wennberg A., 1986: Technical quality of root fillings in an adult swedish population

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Amiard J.C., 1984: Technical recommendations for studying the biogeochemical cycle of trace metals

Pollack H.M., 1985: Technical refinements in percutaneous nephroureterolithotomy

Webb R.S., 1984: Technical report a method for recovering the palmar and plantar pads of small primate cadaver specimens for dermatoglyphic analysis

Messmer K., 1980: Technical report a new chamber technique for micro vascular studies in unanesthetized hamsters

Geise M.C., 1986: Technical report the effects of humidity on the abawerk osteometric board

Turner R.J., 1980: Technical requirements for a successful human umbilical vein implant

Novikov, E. A.; Somov, G. V.; Kravchenko, V. L., 1975: Technical sanitary and hygienic specifications for road construction machinery in arid zones

Ochi H., 1988: Technical study for spect single photon emission computed tomography of the head using the slant hole collimator

Uki, N.; Kikuchi, S., 1981: Technical study on artificial spawning of abalone genus haliotis 7. comparative examinations of rearing apparatus for conditioning adult of abalone

Uki, N.; Kikuchi, S., 1982: Technical study on artificial spawning of abalone genus haliotis 8. characteristics of spawning behavior of haliotis discus hannai induced by uv irradiation stimulus

Kim, Y.; Cho, C., 1976: Technical study on the artificial precocious breeding of abalone haliotis discus hannai

Koenig W., 1987: Technical study on the efficiency of heat and moisture exchangers

De Haan E.F., 1981: Technical trends in diagnostic imaging

De Brux J., 1986: Technique accidents and results obtained in celioscopic puncture of ovarian cysts

Minton A.P., 1986: Technique and apparatus for automated fractionation of the contents of small centrifuge tubes application to analytical ultracentrifugation

Sharpe, A. N.; Dyett, E. J.; Jackson, A. K.; Kilsby, D. C., 1972: Technique and apparatus for rapid and inexpensive enumeration of bacteria

Lin M I., 1981: Technique and apparatus for serial ultra thin sectioning

Marignetti M.L., 1987: Technique and application of light reflection rheography

Mueller W., 1982: Technique and clinical assessment of intra arterial chemo therapy of squamous cell carcinoma

Lucchin M., 1980: Technique and conditions for the success in the manual cross of the soybean glycine max

Bartram C.I., 1987: Technique and evaluation of the double contrast ileostomy enema

Zinner R., 1982: Technique and evaluation of the successfulness of the closure of oro antral communications by means of a stabilized venous blood clot and a surgical adhesive

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582427

Culpepper W.S.IIi, 1985: Technique and experience with azygos patch modified blalock taussig anastomosis for congenital cyanotic heart disease

Mensch B., 1986: Technique and findings of pulmonary scintiscans in children

Foucher G., 1985: Technique and indications of the forearm flap in hand surgery a report of 33 cases

Martin, M.; Auel, H., 1976: Technique and laboratory control of sub cutaneously administered defibrase

Turina M., 1981: Technique and long term results of pacemaker treatment with atrial electrodes

Costamagna G., 1982: Technique and method of post operative radiological study of bile ducts through an external biliary drain

Wilson G.J., 1987: Technique and postoperative management for successful cardiopulmonary bypass and open heart surgery in dogs

Salcman, M.; Sewchand, W.; Amin, P. P.; Bellis, E. H., 1986: Technique and preliminary results of interstitial irradiation for primary brain tumors

Jakimowicz J.J., 1981: Technique and preliminary results of per operative electronic manometry of the bile ducts

Loehlein D., 1988: Technique and problems of small intestine resection for free transplantation

Hippeli R., 1982: Technique and problems of trans axillary angiography of the distal aorta and its branches

Demeocoq F., 1986: Technique and results of central venous catheterization in pediatric oncohematology

Rademacher P., 1986: Technique and results of iridocyclectomy

Towfigh H., 1980: Technique and results of lateral tension band wiring of patellar and olecranon fractures

Hillier S.G., 1984: Technique and results of ovarian microsurgery in preparation for in vitro fertilization

Schmitt E., 1986: Technique and results of rib resection in thoracal scoliosis

Behrens Baumann W., 1986: Technique and results of the bridge plasty for reconstruction of lower lid defects

Voege M., 1987: Technique and results of the hydrophyte vegetation survey carried out with the use of a diving apparatus

Clain A., 1986: Technique and results of trans scrotal operations for hydrocele and scrotal cysts

Dubernard J.M., 1985: Technique and results of ureteroscopy for ureteral stones report on 54 cases

Guerci O., 1987: Technique and staining optimization leukoconcentration

Bolasco P., 1980: Technique and standardization of the positional tympanometry test

Schmelzeisen, H.; Weller, S., 1977: Technique and tactics in fractures of the trochlea of the humerus

Smith A.D., 1986: Technique and trial of continent ileocystostomy

Giraud B., 1985: Technique and use of a silastic cast urodynamic evaluation

Yune H., 1980: Technique and use of corrected axis tomograms of the mandibular condyles

Ishida O., 1986: Technique and usefulness of percutaneous transhepatic choledocholithotripsy ptcl with flexible forceps

Kelly T.F.Jr, 1982: Technique and value of operative arteriography in coronary artery bypass operations

Lessa Z.L., 1986: Technique as a measuring tool in the public health education field

Baumann W.J., 1982: Technique assessment of de myelination from endoneurial injection

Lightman E.S., 1982: Technique bias in measuring acts of altruism the case of voluntary blood donation

Rose A.G., 1982: Technique complications and clinical value of endo myo cardial biopsy in patients with heterotopic heart transplants

Long G.E., 1986: Technique for 3 dimensional analysis of cheumatopsyche pettiti trichoptera hydropsychidae swarms

Kiyatkin E.A., 1981: Technique for a microphoretic study of neurons in unrestrained rats

Millis, R. M.; Wood, D. H., 1977: Technique for accurate determination of the blood nitrogen tension by mass spectrometer

Bradford D.S., 1985: Technique for achievement and maintenance of reduction for severe spondylolisthesis using spinous process traction wiring and external fixation of the pelvis

Warden G.D., 1982: Technique for acute suprapubic catherization of the urinary bladder in the pig

Wolff R.K., 1988: Technique for aerosol deposition restricted to the nose in beagle dogs

Rodriguez A., 1985: Technique for analgesia of the abdominal cavity with electroacupuncture in rabbits

Adams, J. T., 1978: Technique for anterior hemi pylorectomy

Jeffs R.D., 1982: Technique for anti refluxing uretero colonic anastomosis

Meredith W.R.Jr, 1984: Technique for applying heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae eggs to cotton gossypium hirsutum/

Nemeth G., 1985: Technique for arteriographic investigation of uterine tumors

Hensley M.J., 1986: Technique for assessing the response of the respiratory controller to hypoxia and hypercapnia

Levine, T. E.; Bornschein, R. L.; Michaelson, I. A., 1977: Technique for assessing visual discrimination learning in mice

Amerson, H. V.; Mott, R. L., 1978: Technique for axenic production and application of cronartium fusiforme basidio spores

Turner T.M., 1981: Technique for canine total hip replacement

Lipton, J. M.; Kennedy, J. I.; Romans, W. E., 1978: Technique for casting chronic extradural and intra cerebral cannula arrays

Mclone D.G., 1980: Technique for closure of myelo meningocele

Benson, L. N.; Dyck, J.; Hecht, B., 1988: Technique for closure of the small patent ductus arteriosus using the rashkind occluder

Heisey, P. G., 1978 : Technique for collecting fish with a block net in a pumped storage reservoir

Mey E., 1982: Technique for collecting mallophaga on living birds

Trounson A.O., 1981: Technique for collecting mature human oocytes for in vitro fertilization

Smith S.P., 1982: Technique for colon anti refluxing diversion in patient with ileal conduit

Kampine J.P., 1986: Technique for continuous measurement of compliance in isolated vascular segments

Fuller, R. G. C.; Mcdonald, N. J.; Holahan, P. A.; Bolger, E. P., 1978: Technique for continuous recording of vehicle headway

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582484

Fleming J.S., 1979: Technique for contralateral subtraction in lateral lung radio nuclide imaging

Britov, V. A., 1977: Technique for crossing trichinella

Chan I.P., 1988: Technique for culturing animal cells on the surface of microcarriers

Saxena R.C., 1984: Technique for demonstrating phloem or xylem feeding by leafhoppers homoptera cicadellidae and planthoppers homoptera delphacidae in rice plant

Coetzee, B. J.; Gertenbach, W. P. D., 1977: Technique for describing woody vegetation composition and structure in inventory type classification ordination and animal habitat surveys

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582490

Mcguire E.J., 1982: Technique for detection of detrusor hypertonia in the presence of urethral sphincteric incompetence

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582492

Hollowell C.D., 1982: Technique for determining pollutant emissions from a gas fired range

Tai D.Y., 1981: Technique for determining the volatilization coefficients of priority pollutants in streams

Paynter M.J.B., 1980: Technique for determining total bacterial virus counts in complex aqueous systems

Powell R.R., 1982: Technique for differentiating cortical hemispheric activity following exercise

Gardner, D. E.; Graham, J. A.; Miller, F. J.; Illing, J. W.; Coffin, D. L., 1973: Technique for differentiating particles that are cell associated or ingested by macrophages

Hoar, P. F.; Langworthy, H. C.; Mints, W. H.; Long, W. E.; Raymond, L. W., 1976: Technique for electro cardiographic monitoring of working divers

Salyaev R.K., 1984: Technique for electrophysiological studies of membranes of isolated vacuoles

Caron D.A., 1983: Technique for enumeration of heterotrophic and phototrophic nanno plankton using epi fluorescence microscopy and comparison with other procedures

Pelletier R., 1985: Technique for eradication of aphelenchoides besseyi nematoda aphelenchina from seeds of panicum maximum

Casida L.E.Jr, 1987: Technique for estimating low numbers of a bacterial strains in soil

Zhang G., 1984: Technique for estimating sludge compactibility in centrifugal dewatering

Siegel A.I., 1983: Technique for estimating task completion time from partial data

Kol'nobritskii N.I., 1986: Technique for estimation and selection of wheat forms resistant to white head in early stages of plant ontogenesis

Sorenson J.A., 1979: Technique for evaluating radiation beam and image slice parameters of computed tomography scanners

Antropov G.A., 1982: Technique for evaluating the state of the human central nervous system during work

Muniz, M., 1975: Technique for evaluation of egg laying in ceratitis capitata diptera trypetidae

Treheux A., 1986: Technique for exploration of parathyroid masses into schedule of the hyperparathyroidism

Nori D., 1987: Technique for external beam treatment for mesothelioma

Escajadillo J.R., 1988: Technique for external repositioning of the paralyzed vocal cord with silastic implant

Neimeister R., 1982: Technique for extracting niacin from mycobacterium tuberculosis cultured on 7h 10 and 7h 11 agars

Minato, H.; Suto, T., 1979: Technique for fractionation of bacteria in rumen microbial ecosystem 3. attachment of bacteria isolated from bovine rumen to starch granules in vitro and elution of the attached bacteria

Minato, H.; Suto, T., 1981: Technique for fractionation of bacteria in rumen microbial ecosystem 4. attachment of rumen bacteria to cellulose powder and elution of bacteria attached to it

Minato, H.; Suto, T., 1976: Technique for fractionation of bacteria in rumen microbial ecosystem part 1 attachment of rumen bacteria to starch granules and elution of bacteria attached to them

Minato, H.; Suto, T., 1978: Technique for fractionation of bacteria in rumen microbial ecosystem part 2 attachment of bacteria isolated from bovine rumen to cellulose powder in vitro and elution of bacteria attached therefrom

Christensen S.W., 1980: Technique for frequency division multiplication of speech signals

Clapper M., 1987: Technique for gas chromatographic measurement of volatile alkanes from single breath samples

Ziegler T.E., 1986: Technique for hand rearing and reintroducing rejected cotton top tamarin saguinus oedipus oedipus infants

Davis R.E., 1982: Technique for human bone marrow harvest

Wetstein L., 1987: Technique for implantation of phrenic nerve electrodes

Fenton, E., 1977: Technique for in situ perfusion of the guinea pig placenta

Blumgart L.H., 1979: Technique for in vivo perfusion of chemo therapeutic agents into the rat liver

Shields L.J., 1979: Technique for increased granulocyte recovery from human whole body by counterflow centrifugation elutriation part 1 in vitro analyses

Misitano, D. A., 1977: Technique for incubating and hatching eggs of surf smelt for bioassay

Brun, G., 1978: Technique for inducing hemostasis in surgery of extrauterine pregnancy with conservation of the tube

Cassagne C., 1986: Technique for injection into the sciatic nerve of the mouse for quantitative in vivo metabolic studies

Brown, J. W.; Kirsh, M. M., 1978: Technique for insertion of apico aortic conduit

Pifarre R., 1980: Technique for insertion of the intra aortic balloon through the aortic arch

Postlethwait R.W., 1979: Technique for iso peristaltic gastric tube for esophageal bypass

Bishop, P. E.; Supiano, M. A.; Brill, W. J., 1977: Technique for isolating phage for azotobacter vinelandii

Prenant M., 1982: Technique for isolation and culture of erythro blastic islands and separation of their central macrophage

Mordvintseva G.M., 1979: Technique for isolation of clonal cultures of algae from the order desmidiales

Petersen J.L., 1982: Technique for isozyme analysis of live mosquitoes haemagogus equinus diptera culicidae

Silva C.R.S., 1982: Technique for keeping spittlebug nymphs deois flavopicta homoptera cercopidae

Livesey J.H., 1988: Technique for locating the start of the ovarian cycle in women who have no uterus

Schmahl D., 1988: Technique for long term infusion into the inferior mesenteric artery of unrestrained rats

Schwinn F.J., 1983: Technique for long term preservation of phyto pathogenic fungi in liquid nitrogen

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582540

Jackson A.C., 1983: Technique for making hollow central airway casts

Gonzalez Vergara R., 1984: Technique for mammary arteriography in lactating cows

Sato, Y., 1977: Technique for mass rearing of the rice stem borer and development studies of new insecticides

Uther J.B., 1986: Technique for maximizing the frequency response of the signal averaged frank vectorcardiogram

Meyer, M., 1978: Technique for measurement of inert gases in liquids by gas chromatography

Rothman S.W., 1986: Technique for measuring 50 percent end points in cytotoxicity assays for clostridium difficile toxins

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582547

Haynes J.W., 1983: Technique for measuring female attractiveness to sterile male boll weevils anthonomus grandis coleoptera curculionidae

Lew W.Y.W., 1988: Technique for measuring regional two dimensional finite strains in canine left ventricle

Ferguson, A.; Sutherland, A.; Macdonald, T. T.; Allan, F., 1977: Technique for micro dissection and measurement in biopsies of human small intestine

Barnes, B.; Parker, H. G.; Nohr, M. L., 1978: Technique for multi view radio nuclide angiography

Pilkington J.B., 1984: Technique for narcotizing and fixing veliger larvae of amphibola crenata

Gaines C.S., 1982: Technique for objectively measuring a relationship between flour chlorination and cake crumb stickiness

Intizarov, M. M., 1978: Technique for obtaining microbe free plants used for feeding gnotobiotes and animals free of pathogenic flora

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582557

Nabatoff, R. A., 1976: Technique for operation upon recurrent varicose veins

Cole, F. S.; Todres, I. D.; Shannon, D. C., 1978: Technique for per cutaneous cannulation of the radial artery in the new born infant

Barriola J.A., 1988: Technique for placement of a totally implantable venous access device

Hammock, M. K.; Di-Chiro, G.; Pongpatirojana, A., 1976: Technique for placement of experimental indwelling carotid artery catheter

Moloney W.C., 1979: Technique for pre clinical evaluation of continuous infusion chemo therapy with the use of wf rat acute myelogenous leukemia

Flaming D.G., 1979: Technique for precision beveling of relatively large micro pipettes

Marsan, C.; Cywiner-Golenzer, C.; Girardi, P.; Zitouna, M. M., 1975: Technique for preparation of bone marrow biopsies evaluation of bone marrow cellularity

Secchi A.G., 1981: Technique for preparation of primary cell culture in mono layer of retinal pigment epithelium from neo natal rabbit

Elliot, J. G.; Carpenter, J. A.; Hamdy, M. K., 1974: Technique for preparing high quality photographs by fluorescence microscopy

Hamilton Attwell V.L., 1987: Technique for preserving aerial fungus structures for scanning electron microscopy

Rose E.A., 1985: Technique for primate heterotopic cardiac xenotransplantation

Wehner M., 1980: Technique for processing and evaluating of layers of root cement depending on age on the incisors of european ruminant hoofed game

Vologdin M.P., 1979: Technique for quantitative analysis of submerged vegetation and phytophilous fauna

Sivasithamparam K., 1984: Technique for rapid assessment of tolerance of banksia spp to root rot caused by phytophthora cinnamomi

Aggarwal, V.; Bath, R.; Sunshine, I., 1974: Technique for rapidly separating drugs from biological samples

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582574

Bridges J.R., 1983: Technique for rearing mite free southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis coleoptera scolytidae adults

Niehaus M., 1982: Technique for rearing the small tortoiseshell aglais urticae without diapause at different temperatures lepidoptera nymphalidae

Shimanuki H., 1988: Technique for rearing worker honeybees in the laboratory

Galvez Oviedo M.D., 1986: Technique for recovering larvae of angiostrongylus cantonensis from mollusks

West, R. O.; Charrette, E. J. P.; Parker, J. O., 1977: Technique for removal of detached poly ethylene catheters from intra cardiac chambers and great vessels

Moore, W. S.; Hyland, J. L.; Melzian, B. D.; Galloway, W.; Rogerson, P., 1978: Technique for removal of dissolved and dispersed hydro carbons from bioassay effluents

Lobes L.A.Jr, 1980: Technique for removing a fish hook from the posterior segment of the eye

Gonzalez Lavin L., 1988: Technique for repair of left ventricular free wall rupture

Reiter R.J., 1987: Technique for repeated collection of blood that has just perfused in pineal gland of sheep

Koehl M.A.R., 1984: Technique for revealing the 3 dimensional architecture of whole preserved spiculated invertebrates

Martin F.W., 1982: Technique for rooting sweet potato ipomoea batatas leaves

Bennell, A. P.; Christopher, P.; Watling, R., 1978: Technique for routine anatomical studies of dried and fresh basidiomes using plastic embedding and di chromatic staining

Johnson, J. H.; Elissalde, M. H.; Clark, D. E., 1977: Technique for sampling sub cutaneous fat from the tailhead of sheep

Tierno, P. M. Jr, 1968: Technique for sanitizing kolff type hemo dialysis tanks bacteria sodium hypochlorite disinfect

Blaufuss, A.; Garner, D.; Adomian, G. E.; Criley, J. M.; Laks, M. M., 1976: Technique for serial right and left ventricular endo cardial biopsy in dogs

Molongoski J.J., 1981: Technique for simultaneous determination of sulfur 35 labeled sulfide and carbon 14 di oxide in anaerobic aqueous samples

Webster J., 1981: Technique for single spore infection by plasmodiophora brassicae

Nichols, R. L., 1977: Technique for specimen collection of post surgical exudate of wounds

Stein, E. A.; Birt, D. L., 1977: Technique for stabilizing the presentation of auditory stimuli in the freely behaving rat

Robb K.I., 1982: Technique for staining eggs of liriomyza trifolii within chrysanthemum chrysanthemum morifolium celery apium graveolens and tomato lycopersicon esculentum leaves

Parer J.T., 1982: Technique for stepwise reduction of uterine blood flow in the chronically prepared pregnant sheep

Burnham K.P., 1982: Technique for structuring wildlife guilds to evaluate impacts on wildlife communities

Telegdy G., 1979: Technique for study of hypothalamus pituitary testis function in vitro

Bigdai E.V., 1987: Technique for studying the local physiological effects of millimeter radiowaves on biological objects

Lillis, V.; Cooke, R. C., 1978: Technique for studying uptake of labeled nutrients by piptocephalis infected host colonies

Fitzgerald, G. J.; Keenleyside, M. H. A., 1978: Technique for tagging small fish with iodine 131 for evaluation of predator prey relationships

Holm O., 1986: Technique for testing the patency of laser iridotomies

Gutkin T.B., 1981: Technique for the comparison of profile variability between independent groups

Naylor G.R.E., 1980: Technique for the cultural examination of urine using a single plate the macaba plate

Brown S.E., 1986: Technique for the culture and direct sensitivity testing or large numbers of urine specimens

Saragoussi J J., 1980: Technique for the enucleation of malignant melanoma of the choroid

Pentyuk A.A., 1987: Technique for the experimental study of lung surfactants

Mistry S.P., 1981: Technique for the isolation of chicken hepatocytes and their use in a study of gluconeogenesis

Macdonald, R. E., 1969: Technique for the isolation of rna rich mutants from escherichia coli

Villacorta, A., 1976: Technique for the mass culture of the entomophagous fungus metarrhizium anisopliae in granular form

Lalonde M., 1980: Technique for the observation of early morphological changes during ecto mycorrhiza formation

Grissom M.P., 1982: Technique for the performance of xenon 133 ventilation studies during artificial ventilation

Kochkin P.N., 1980: Technique for the preparation of thin sections of the mineralized structures of fishes and mammals

Goodman N.L., 1981: Technique for the purification of the hyphae of filobasidiella neoformans

Corbeil, L. B.; Wunderlich, A. C.; Braude, A. I., 1978: Technique for trans cervical intra uterine inoculation of the mouse

Grollman, J. H. Jr ; Gray, R. K., 1976: Technique for trans jugular placement of an umbrella filter in a left inferior vena cava

Pitts W.R., 1988: Technique for transanal resection of rectal and pararectal lesions using the urological resectoscope

Bajolet A., 1980: Technique for tricuspid annulo plasty with a flexible linear reducer medium term results

Peyman G.A., 1986: Technique for trouble free removal of pars plana infusion cannulas

Chumachenko, P. A., 1975: Technique for using a ruler for karyometry

Thunthy K.H., 1988: Technique for using films accidentally exposed to light

Hawes M.C., 1983: Technique for using isolated corn zea mays root cap cells in a simple quantitative assay for the patho toxin produced by helminthosporium maydis race t

Peters L.J., 1987: Technique for verifying treatment fields using portal images with diagnostic quality

Cooper J.D., 1983: Technique for very long term monitoring of intra cranial pressure

Helmke, R. J.; Heberling, R. L.; Kalter, S. S., 1970: Technique for viral neutralization antibody surveys in primary micro cultures

Meinwald J., 1987: Technique for visualization of epidermal glandular structures in plants

Hickson F.S., 1979: Technique in electro nystagmography

Frosch, J., 1971: Technique in regard to some specific ego defects in the treatment of borderline patients

Skinner D.B., 1980: Technique indications and clinical use of 24 hour esophageal ph monitoring

Pressman, P. I., 1976: Technique of adrenalectomy for metastatic cancer of the breast

Syed, A. M. N.; Feder, B. H., 1977: Technique of afterloading interstitial implants

Friedmann G., 1982: Technique of application of contrast media in computed tomography of the heart

Trim C.M., 1982: Technique of arterial blood collection by per cutaneous puncture of the facial artery in the conscious horse

Barboso G., 1983: Technique of autologous saphenous vein preparation for coronary artery bypass grafting

Cogliolo P., 1984: Technique of balancing anesthesia for maxillofacial surgeries with difficult intubations

Lefebvre M.A., 1983: Technique of bamifylline and most metabolites quantification in plasma by high performance liquid chromatography

Enzmann, V., 1985: Technique of blood transfusion 1. rewarming of packed red cells

Berenstein A., 1981: Technique of catheterization and embolization of the lenticulostriate arteries

Jamieson S.W., 1988: Technique of clinical double lung transplantation

Bolooki H., 1986: Technique of closure of median sternotomy with trans sternal figure of eight wires

Schultz Stuebner A., 1980: Technique of comparative angiographic and morphologic examination of the heart and pulmonary circulation

Levin V.S., 1981: Technique of comparison of morphological characters with distribution of holothurians from coral reefs

Poizat, C., 1975: Technique of concentration of meso psammic opisthobranch gastropods by elutriation

Staehlin, F. O.; Schmid, G.; Hempel, K.; Heidland, A., 1978: Technique of continuous collection of parotid saliva in the rat

Fies J C., 1981: Technique of dehydration by a water acetone exchange

Cefalo R.C., 1983: Technique of early sonographic diagnosis of bilateral cleft lip and palate

Rodriquez Torres R., 1979: Technique of echographic examination of right ventricular wall thickness from the right sternal border

Peres G., 1984: Technique of end to side portacaval shunt in fish scyliorhinus canicula small dogfish

Triner L., 1982: Technique of endo tracheal intubation in rats

Boldyrikhina V.N., 1979: Technique of evaluating the combining ability of parent forms of pear hybrids in the top cross system

Hupscher D.N., 1986: Technique of examination of the esophagus

Chojnacki J., 1981: Technique of excision of intra ductal mammary papilloma

Motus I.Ya, 1980: Technique of extensive mediastinoscopy in lung cancer

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582656

Bhavsar M.S., 1981: Technique of finding a metallic foreign body

Kroiter, M. K., 1969: Technique of genetico statistical analysis of the quantitative character inheritance in the inter breed crosses of sheep

Schmitz W., 1981: Technique of implantation and removal of balloon catheters for intra aortic balloon counter pulsation

Krasnov, M. M., 1977: Technique of implantation of extrapupillary iris lens 8 years of clinical experience

Stoebner P., 1982: Technique of inclusion in epoxy resin for alternative photonic and ultrastructural examination

Niguidula F.N., 1980: Technique of intra operative placement of thermo dilution catheter for cardiac output measurement in children

Hatt M., 1981: Technique of intubation of lacrimal ducts

Schwemmle K., 1983: Technique of isolated perfusion of the extremities

Flandre O., 1980: Technique of isolation and culture of macrophages from human synovial fluid

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582666

Benjamin B., 1987: Technique of laryngoscopy

Michel, F., 1976: Technique of long term recording from single neurons in brain of freely moving animals with floating mobile micro electrodes

Popa, E., 1978: Technique of lung ventilation through an injector

Magnus, L., 1973: Technique of lymphography in the rabbit

Sulis, E.; Busilacchi, M.; Chessa, A.; Monni, A.; Turno, R.; Zizi, P.; Pani, P., 1975: Technique of lymphography in the rat

Lila, M., 1977: Technique of measuring in vitro digestibility in large series for breeding for quality in forage plants

Heng P.W.S., 1987: Technique of measuring rapid water penetration rate into tablets

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582674

Veidenheimer M.C., 1987: Technique of mesenteric lengthening in ileal reservoir anal anastomosis

Takimoto I., 1985: Technique of middle ear surgery in relation to inner ear damage

Kozhevnikov N.D., 1984: Technique of multiparametric estimation of the functional state of rat brain slices in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582678

Janisch H., 1981: Technique of obtaining mature oocytes via laparoscopy for in vitro fertilization

Mittica V., 1980: Technique of ocular akinesia

Johansen T.E.B., 1987: Technique of orchiopexy mobilization of cord length

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582682

Pojda Z., 1987: Technique of preparation of hemopoietic cells of human fetal liver for transplantation

De-Vroey, C., 1975: Technique of preserving yeasts by lyophilization

Lychev, V. A.; Yuzhakov, V. V.; Ivanova, L. F.; Ivanov, V. N.; Kondzhariya-Yu, R., 1978: Technique of prolonged irradiation of the extremities of animals by means of a contact method

Sharoev, E. A., 1975: Technique of propagating arborescent aloe

Coelho J.R.G.P., 1987: Technique of proximal gastric vagotomy with adrenergic preservation pgv ap

Silina N.I., 1987: Technique of quantitative registration of rotifers

Radkowski A., 1982: Technique of radical cobalt 60 tele gamma therapy for prostatic carcinoma

Thiel H J., 1985: Technique of radiotherapy of the neurocranium in children with leukosis

Girshovich A.S., 1987: Technique of rapid mixing and pulse photoaffinity labeling for studying the dynamics of ribosome functioning

Hagmueller, G. W.; Denck, H., 1977: Technique of reconstruction of the proximal subclavian artery

Chiu R.C J., 1986: Technique of right lymphatic duct cannulation for pulmonary lymph collection in an acute porcine model

Seitz W., 1987: Technique of ruthenium 106 application in the treatment of conjunctival melanoma

Svajger, A.; Levak-Svajger, B., 1975: Technique of separation of germ layers in rat embryonic shields

Kuznetzova T.V., 1986: Technique of soil sample pretreatment for analysis of nitrogen 15 to nitrogen 14 isotope ratio

Voskresenskii M.F., 1986: Technique of studying psychotherapeutic resistance in neurotic patients during hypnotic sessions

Ginsberg R.J., 1988: Technique of successful clinical double lung transplantation

Demajo W.A.P., 1987: Technique of successful lung transplantation in humans

Edelmann G., 1984: Technique of surgical excision of villous tumors

Matthews J.B.L., 1979: Technique of systems identification applied to estimating copepod population parameters

Parslow J., 1981: Technique of systems identification applied to estimating copepod production

Kretschmer F., 1985: Technique of the arthrography of the trapeziometacarpal joint of the thumb

Kamiya H., 1981: Technique of the intra oval precipitin reaction by using formalin fixed tissue section for the diagnosis of schistosomiasis schistosoma japonicum

Bennejean, G.; Guittet, M.; Picault, J. P.; Meurier, C.; Thomas, C.; Toquin, D.; Le-Coq, H., 1974: Technique of titrating freeze dried vaccines against mareks disease

Heystraten F.M.J., 1980: Technique of tomography of the lung and mediastinum

Klinkhamer A.C., 1985: Technique of torsion measurement of the lower extremity using computed tomography

Mauermayer, W.; Schueltz, W., 1980: Technique of trans urethral electro resection in high pressure irrigation use of a multi functional irrigation stopcock

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582709

Madden J.L., 1982: Technique of venous impedance plethysmography for quantification of venous reflux

Saure D., 1982: Technique of x ray examination of the lungs

Russell A.S., 1984: Technique related variation in results of fluorescent antinuclear antibody tests

Kimber G., 1984: Technique selection for the introduction of alien variation in wheat triticum aestivum

Shibata T., 1982: Technique to calculate the effect of gamma n reactions of heavy water moderator on beam quality of biomedical irradiation facility

Nunn E.W., 1984: Technique to detect infection by fusarium udum in pigeon pea cajanus cajan before symptom appearance

Hansson A., 1984: Technique to examine human sperm chromosomes using zona free hamster eggs

Bakhos M., 1982: Technique to facilitate mitral valve exposure

Elefteriades J.A., 1986: Technique to facilitate open placement of permanent pacing leads through the cephalic vein

Carson M.L., 1988: Technique to induce sporulation in thanatephorus cucumeris

Bingham S.W., 1986: Technique to measure rooting of sods grown in small containers

Choudhury, B. P., 1976: Technique to prevent corneal drying in the rabbit

Ivlev Yu F., 1988: Technique to register certain physiological parameters at rest in water voles arvicola terrestris under the water

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582726

Kikkawa S., 1986: Technique with lock in amplifier for real time measurement of tricuspid valve annulus area

Fells P., 1987: Techniques and applications of adjustable sutures

Bienz, K. A., 1977: Techniques and applications of auto radiography in the light microscope and electron microscope

Gerlach B., 1981: Techniques and clinical applications electro cardiography of the esophagus

Tothill, P.; Mcloughlin, G. P.; Heading, R. C., 1978: Techniques and errors in scintigraphic measurements of gastric emptying

Prinsloo J.F., 1984: Techniques and hatchery procedures in induced spawning of the european common carp cyprinus carpio and the chinese carps ctenopharyngodon idella hypophthalmichthys molitrix and aristichthys nobilis in transkei south africa/

Francis D., 1980: Techniques and marker genes for use in macrocyst genetics with polysphondylium pallidum

Voigt K., 1979: Techniques and results after embolization of meningiomas

Keys, H. M.; Mccasland, J. P., 1976: Techniques and results of a comprehensive dental care program in head and neck cancer patients

Cook, W. A.; Firlit, C. F.; Stephens, F. D.; King, L. R., 1977: Techniques and results of urodynamic evaluation of children

Walker, W. E.; Stoney, W. S.; Alford, W. C. Jr ; Burrus, G. R.; Frist, R. A.; Glassford, D. M.; Thomas, C. S-Jr, 1978: Techniques and results of ventricular aneurysmectomy with emphasis on antero septal repair

Barold, S. S.; Winner, J. A., 1976: Techniques and significance of threshold measurement for cardiac pacing relationship to output circuit of cardiac pacemakers

Curthoys, I. S.; Webber, S. C. A., 1977: Techniques for acute single neuron recording in new born rats

Earle, R. D.; Kramm, K. R., 1980: Techniques for age determination in the canadian porcupine erethizon dorsatum dorsatum

Ohring, G.; Otterman, J.; Joseph, J., 1973: Techniques for air pollution observation from space

Bradley, W. E.; Andersen, J. T., 1977: Techniques for analysis of micturition reflex disturbances in childhood

Raffaele L., 1986: Techniques for and results of the irradiation of recurrences macroscopic residues and primary inoperable tumors in rectal cancer

Gould, K. L.; Lee, D.; Lovgren, K., 1978: Techniques for arteriography and hydraulic analysis of coronary stenoses in unsedated dogs

Ortman L.F., 1983: Techniques for assessing alveolar bone mass changes in periodontal disease with emphasis on iodine 125 absorptiometry

James W.B., 1986: Techniques for assessing perceptual learning styles implications for the activities manager

Clarke G.N., 1988: Techniques for assessing spermatozoal motility for clinical purposes

Errico D., 1987: Techniques for assessing the effects of pest hazards on long run timber supply

Johnson, P.; Rising, P. A., 1978: Techniques for assessment of biliary excretion and entero hepatic circulation in the rat

Alvarez Gonzalez M.A., 1984: Techniques for behavior modification in the treatment of obesity

Rasmussen H.N., 1979: Techniques for biochemical respiration measurements

Burns E.E., 1982: Techniques for canning instant par boiled rice

Hegdal P.L., 1986: Techniques for capturing common barn owls tyto alba

Il'in I.R., 1980: Techniques for carrying out greenhouse experiments under given physical parameters of the soil

Gillum R.F., 1980: Techniques for characterizing a series of blood pressure measurements over time

Burn Murdoch R.A., 1985: Techniques for choosing reference points from which to measure eruption rates of rat incisors

Grant W.E., 1984: Techniques for collecting blood from collared peccaries dicotyles tajacu/

Starzl T.E., 1983: Techniques for combined procurement of hearts and kidneys with satisfactory early function of renal allo grafts

Drapeau, A. J.; Hoang-Van, H.; Dumoulin, P. P., 1976: Techniques for concentrating viruses from water treated for public distribution

Seylaz, J.; Aubineau, P. F.; Correze, J. L.; Mamo, H., 1973: Techniques for continuous measurement of local cerebral blood flow partial oxygen pressure partial carbon di oxide pressure and blood pressure in the nonanesthetized animal

Ingram C.H., 1981: Techniques for controlling hemorrhage after injury of the lower inferior vena cava and iliac veins

Buja L.M., 1980: Techniques for cryo sectioning and x ray micro analysis in the study of normal and injured myo cardium

Rota T.R., 1980: Techniques for culturing and determining anti microbial susceptibility of chlamydia trachomatis

Poon, M. C.; Saito, H.; Ratnoff, O. D.; Forman, W. B.; Wisnieski, J., 1977: Techniques for demonstration of the specificity of circulating anti coagulants against anti hemophilic factor factor viii with studies of 2 cases possibly related to di phenyl hydantoin therapy

Ivanova, R. P.; Ripatti, P. O.; Bokarev, K. S., 1977: Techniques for detection of quaternary ammonium compounds and sulfonium derivatives in plant extracts

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582769

Leinen M., 1985: Techniques for determining opal in deep sea sediments a comparison of radiolarian counts and x ray diffraction data

Ostazeski S.A., 1986: Techniques for determining reproduction of meloidogyne graminis on zoysia grass zoysia japonica and bermuda grass cynodon dactylon

Ambler, J. R.; Young, J. L., 1977: Techniques for determining root length infected by vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae

Ham, L. C.; Irvine, M., 1975: Techniques for determining seasonality of shell middens from marine mollusk remains

Bromilow R.H., 1981: Techniques for distributing nonfumigant nematocides in soil to control potato cyst nematodes globodera rostochiensis and globodera pallida

Mccown B.H., 1986: Techniques for enhanced release of leaf protoplasts in populus

Chu, K. Y.; Vanderburg, J. A., 1976: Techniques for estimating densities of bulinus truncatus rohlfsi and its horizontal distribution in volta lake ghana

Wijsman E.M., 1984: Techniques for estimating genetic admixture and applications to the problem of the origin of the icelanders and the ashkenazi jews

Tweedie R.L., 1982: Techniques for estimating parameters in bartoszynskis virus model

Leschke R.J., 1987: Techniques for estimating the vapor liquid equilibrium of sugar solutions

Ming F.W., 1985: Techniques for evaluation of dietary protein quality for the rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Croy L.I., 1985: Techniques for evaluation of root respiration in winter wheat triticum aestivum

Barbeau M., 1981: Techniques for examination and rehabilitation of patients with visual disturbances of cerebral origin

Walzer P.D., 1986: Techniques for examining pneumocystis carinii in fresh specimens

Koreshkov N.G., 1985: Techniques for express determination of thiobacillus ferrooxidans biomass and its oxidative activity in solutions obtained upon tank bacterial leaching of sulfide concentrates

Etievant P X., 1987: Techniques for extracting and separating the volatile components of wine

Yule W.N., 1986: Techniques for extracting northern corn rootworm diabrotica spp eggs from soils

Girotti S., 1980: Techniques for extracting proteins from vegetal tissue protein contents of the ripening tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar flamingo fruit

Smith, G. R.; Weis, G. A., 1976: Techniques for fabrication and use of external catheter molds

Collins P.M., 1985: Techniques for hand rearing tree shrews tupaia belangeri from birth

Cascio F., 1985: Techniques for hematic conservation in cardiosurgery

Rigamonti, D.; Limwongse, V.; Desantis, M., 1977: Techniques for histological reconstruction of brain stem recording sites

Caviness C.E., 1986: Techniques for identifying tolerance of soybean glycine max to phytotoxic substances in wheat triticum aestivum straw

Sample, W. F., 1977: Techniques for improved delineation of normal anatomy of the upper abdomen and high retroperitoneum with gray scale ultrasound

Bowden D.M., 1985: Techniques for improving stereotaxic accuracy in macaca fascicularis

Tholey P., 1983: Techniques for inducing and manipulating lucid dreams

Fowler M.C., 1985: Techniques for inducing summer patch symptoms on poa pratensis

Popovic, V.; Schaffer, R.; Popovic, P., 1976: Techniques for induction of neutropenia and granulocytosis in rats

Riley K.L., 1984: Techniques for inoculum production and inoculation of lily lilium longiflorum cultivar ace leaves with botrytis elliptica

Samarasekara M.G., 1985: Techniques for intraoral electron treatments

Johnson P.E., 1985: Techniques for intrinsically labeling wheat triticum aestivum cultivar waldron with zinc 65

Burke J.F., 1981: Techniques for investigating substrate metabolism in patients

Johnstone A.H., 1987: Techniques for investigating the understanding of concepts in science

Martinson C., 1986: Techniques for isolating helminthosporium pedicellatum from infected corn roots

Sanhueza R.M.V., 1985: Techniques for isolating pythium from roots and soil

Liu C.T., 1986: Techniques for isolation and performance of the perfused guinea pig working heart

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582811

Owens B., 1979: Techniques for laparoscopy on patients with previous abdominal surgery

Okita, M.; Benfield, J. R.; Jensen, T.; Matsumura, K.; Shors, E.; Cohen, A. H., 1977: Techniques for localized injections and topical applications of carcinogens at specific endo bronchial sites in dogs

Wilson R.A., 1986: Techniques for locating isotopically labeled schistosomula of schistosoma mansoni in host tissues for ultrastructural investigations

Saxena R.C., 1986: Techniques for locating planthopper homoptera delphacidae and leafhopper homoptera cicadellidae eggs in rice plants

Schreckhise R.G., 1979: Techniques for long term field studies on plant uptake of trans uranics from soil

Hedberg, P. R., 1977: Techniques for long term storage of table grapes

Feeny P., 1985: Techniques for maintaining a culture of the black swallowtail butterfly papilio polyxenes asterius papilionidae

Craymer, L., 1981: Techniques for manipulating chromosomal rearrangements and their application to drosophila melanogaster 1. pericentric inversions

Craymer, L., 1984: Techniques for manipulating chromosomal rearrangements and their application to drosophila melanogaster 2. translocations

Quinton, P. M., 1978: Techniques for micro drop analysis of fluids sweat saliva urine with an energy dispersive x ray spectrometer on a scanning electron microscope

Schmahl T.M., 1984: Techniques for multiple internal mammary artery bypass grafts

Robinson S.R., 1984: Techniques for observing fetal behavior in utero a comparison of chemomyelotomy and spinal transection

Wada K., 1981: Techniques for observing the vascular plexus of the countercurrent heat exchanger of young bluefin tuna thunnus thynnus

Bluman, G. W.; Tuckwell, H. C., 1987: Techniques for obtaining analytical solutions for rall's model neuron

Poznanski R.R., 1987: Techniques for obtaining analytical solutions for the somatic shunt cable model

O'brien C.J., 1988: Techniques for obtaining differential cell counts from bone marrow trephine biopsy specimens

Pollak R., 1985: Techniques for perfusion and storage of heterotopic heart transplants in mice

Bains B.S., 1987: Techniques for planting sugar beet to advance the harvest date in north indian conditions

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582832

Hoop, B.; Hnatowich, D. J.; Brownell, G. L.; Jones, T.; Mckusick, K. A.; Ojemann, R. G.; Parker, J. A.; Subramanyam, R.; Taveras, J. M., 1976: Techniques for positron scintigraphy of the brain

Klose W., 1985: Techniques for post mortem sampling of inner ear fluid

Keyes J.W.Jr, 1981: Techniques for precise recording of gray scale images from computerized scintigraphic displays

Beck C.B., 1982: Techniques for preparation of pyrite and limonite pre mineralizations

Felgenhauer B.E., 1987: Techniques for preparing crustaceans for scanning electron microscopy

Wagner W.H.Jr, 1983: Techniques for preparing riccias for herbarium study

Egley G.H., 1983: Techniques for preparing seeds with water impermeable coats for light microscopy and electron microscopy

Goldstein L., 1980: Techniques for purifying l cell karyoplasts with minimal amounts of cytoplasm

Zethner O., 1979: Techniques for rearing 26 species of noctuidae lepidoptera on an artificial diet

Hendrickson, R. M. Jr ; Barth, S. E., 1977: Techniques for rearing the alfalfa blotch leaf miner

Marrs, R. H., 1985: Techniques for reducing soil fertility for nature conservation purposes a review in relation to research at roper's heath suffolk england uk

Schilling J.J., 1981: Techniques for reproducible transient state iso electric focusing of human pancreatic secretory proteins with computer assisted pattern matching averaging and analysis

Clifton R.J., 1979: Techniques for sampling the air sea interface for estuarine and coastal waters

Opel H., 1985: Techniques for scanning electron microscopy of biotrophic fungal parasites in leaf tissues of plants

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582849

Gottlieb, H. E., 1977: Techniques for signal assignment in carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy of naturally occurring aromatic compounds

Hausman G.J., 1981: Techniques for studying adipocytes

Winder M., 1979: Techniques for studying honey bee apis mellifera pheromones involved in clustering and experiments on the effect of nasonov and queen pheromones

Hepper C.M., 1981: Techniques for studying the infection of plants by vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi under axenic conditions

Grahame Smith D.G., 1981: Techniques for studying the pharmacodynamic effects of cardiac glycosides on patients own erythrocytes during glycoside therapy

Kowalska Wojdylo D., 1986: Techniques for tableting the dry extract from the bark of pygeum africanum hook

Maffei F.H.A., 1985: Techniques for temporary shunting of carotid arteries experimental study in dogs

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582860

Dederich R., 1985: Techniques for the amputation of the lower extremities

Probst J., 1985: Techniques for the amputation of the upper extremities

Svensson L., 1983: Techniques for the analysis of hexavalent chromium total chromium and total nickel in welding fume a cooperative study

Southall D.P., 1988: Techniques for the analysis of long term cardiorespiratory recordings from infants

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582865

Burges, H. D., 1976: Techniques for the bioassay of bacillus thuringiensis with galleria mellonella

Wiseman J.S., 1983: Techniques for the control of cane vigor in red raspberry in scotland uk effects of timing and frequency of cane removal treatments on growth and yield in cultivar glen clova

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582869

Riedel H H., 1980: Techniques for the detection of leukocyto spermia in human semen

Fraga, M. J.; Vilalta, X.; Galvez, J. F., 1976: Techniques for the determination of turnover time of feed in the rumen

Shankarnarayan, K. A.; Dabadghao, P. M.; Rai, P.; Kumar, R., 1975: Techniques for the establishment of pasture legumes in grasslands of heteropogon contortus at jhansi india

Marks, R., 1978: Techniques for the evaluation of emollients and keratolytics

Di Girolamo W., 1987: Techniques for the identification and isolation of epidermal langerhans cells

Zanda, M., 1976: Techniques for the isolation of entero phages for the hygienic study of water

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582877

Nuttall A.L., 1987: Techniques for the observation and measurement of red blood cell velocity in vessels of the guinea pig cochlea

Humphrey T.J., 1986: Techniques for the optimum recovery of cold injured campylobacter jejuni from milk or water

Labuschagne, M. C.; Loots, G. C., 1975: Techniques for the preparation of ticks for scanning electron microscopy

Smith, G. A., 1978: Techniques for the quality determination of animal protein sources

Melchers, G., 1968: Techniques for the quantitative study of mutation in plant viruses tobacco mosaic virus nitrous acid mutagen

Hector J.A.L., 1984: Techniques for the serial collection of blood samples and inspection of gonads in free living albatrosses

Laumonier, R.; Huitric, E.; Delpech, A.; Delpech, B., 1976: Techniques for the study of soluble antigens in pathological anatomy

Ciasullo M., 1981: Techniques for the use of methadone evaluation of results and untoward effects

De-Wolff, F., 1971: Techniques for the vegetative propagation of maize m zea mays m

Foulds L.R., 1980: Techniques for the verification of minimal phylogenetic trees illustrated with 10 mammalian hemo globin sequences

Watschke T.L., 1981: Techniques for thermocouple placement and the automation of temperature measurements in the micro environment of kentucky blue grass poa pratensis cultivar touchdown

King, C. M.; Edgar, R. L., 1977: Techniques for trapping and tracking stoats mustela erminea a review and a new system

Sidhu A.S., 1984: Techniques for trapping pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella males in traps baited with hexalure

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582893

Gerna, G.; Chambers, R. W., 1977: Techniques for typing herpesvirus hominis antibody a comparison of inhibition of peroxidase labeled antibody staining with inhibition of indirect hem agglutination and with micro neutralization

Kemppainen R.J., 1987: Techniques for venous blood sampling from the white pekin duck

Farrah S.R., 1982: Techniques for virus detection in aquatic sediments

Griffith W.C.Jr, 1984: Techniques for yellowcake dissolution studies in vitro and their use in bioassay interpretation

Nickolls P.M., 1986: Techniques in automated cell classification

Thompson, R. A., 1977: Techniques in clinical immunology

Riemann J.F., 1985: Techniques in critical care medicine diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy

Benedict J.B., 1988: Techniques in lichenometry identifying the yellow rhizocarpons

Clayman R.V., 1984: Techniques in per cutaneous removal of renal calculi mechanical extraction and electro hydraulic lithotripsy

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582903

Guery C., 1981: Techniques main advantages and best indications of quick plastic embedding

Strunk R.C., 1981: Techniques of administration of metered dose aerosolized drugs in asthmatic children

Little, H. L.; Zweng, H. C.; Jack, R. L.; Vassiliadis, A., 1976: Techniques of argon laser photo coagulation of diabetic disc new vessels

Melikhov S.A., 1983: Techniques of atrial electric activity recording in clinical practice

Netesina I.S., 1979: Techniques of bicycle ergometric test in rehabilitation of cardio surgical patients

Klein M.D., 1982: Techniques of central venous access for long term parenteral nutrition in infants

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582910

Chourrout D., 1986: Techniques of chromosome manipulation in rainbow trout a new evaluation with karyology

De-Oliveira-Gastal, H. A.; Lanzer, M. E. B.; Galileo, M. H. M., 1976: Techniques of collection and preparation of higher invertebrates for museum collections

Hermet A., 1986: Techniques of desensitization

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582914

Fokin, V. I., 1976: Techniques of experiments on visual learning of bees

Brophy J.E., 1987: Techniques of fluorescence depolarization for measuring seawater viscosities

Wildsmith, J. A. W., 1978: Techniques of intra venous infusion

Emonot A., 1986: Techniques of investigation of pulmonary arteriovenous shunts in the cause of hepatic cirrhosis based on the observation of two cases

Godinho, M. A.; D'souza, N. J.; Freitas, Y. M., 1978: Techniques of isolating hydro carbon utilizing yeasts from the marine environment

Joffe S.N., 1987: Techniques of liver resection comparison of suction knife ultrasonic dissector and contact neodymium yag laser

Gailey F.A., 1987: Techniques of low technology sampling of air pollution by metals a comparison of concentrations of map patterns

Wolber G., 1981: Techniques of neutron dosimetry for nuclear power plant workers

Partain C.L., 1987: Techniques of non orthogonal magnetic resonance imaging and its clinical application

Occhiuto G., 1986: Techniques of pancreas transplantation in the rat which to choose and why

Raspollini M., 1988: Techniques of pelvic and para aortic lymphadenectomy in the surgical treatment of cervix carcinoma

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582926

Revol M., 1981: Techniques of pre operative radio therapy in the treatment of carcinoma of bladder initial results and discussion of a therapeutic protocol based on histo prognosis

Fischer H., 1987: Techniques of pressure bandaging

Lorenzi W., 1981: Techniques of reconstruction after total gastrectomy

Campbell R.M., 1980: Techniques of recording respiratory sounds

Kraft J.M., 1982: Techniques of screening peas pisum sativum for resistance to phoma medicaginis var pinodella

Yun, Y. D.; Oh, Y. J.; Lee, J. H.; Lee, K. H., 1986: Techniques of seedling raising for machine transplanting 11. factors affecting the occurrence of albino seedling and the effect of albino seedling of growth and grain yield

Yun, Y. D.; Shin, J. C.; Kwak, Y. H.; Park, S. H.; Whashio, O., 1986: Techniques of seedling raising for machine transplanting 7. occurrence of seedling rot as affected by temperature at seedling stage

Markevich V.A., 1981: Techniques of self stimulation of subcortical structures in immobilized rats based on biological feedback

Albright L., 1987: Techniques of spinal cord surgery in fetal rats

Girard J., 1984: Techniques of study in insulin resistance in vivo

Blouin J., 1982: Techniques of tartrate stabilization of wines by cooling

Beaulaton I.S., 1979: Techniques of teratogenic research

Smith R.A., 1982: Techniques of trend analysis for monthly water quality data

Rudkin D.M., 1984: Techniques of trilobite exuviation

Rickner T.A., 1979: Techniques of urinary undiversion surgery in children

Tatsuta N., 1981: Techniques of valvulo plastic surgery of the aortic valve prolapsed into a ventricular septal defect

Et Al, 1986: Techniques of vascular microsurgery in pancreas autotransplant in the dog

Turner R.G., 1988: Techniques to determine test protocol performance

Cooper P.G., 1979: Techniques to increase the response rate in follow up studies results of a pilot test

Milano G.R., 1980: Techniques to monitor recruitment of post larval spiny lobsters panulirus argus to the florida keys usa

Younis, A. F.; Hatata, M. A., 1971: Techniques to obtain uniformly growing young roots for the study of salt effects

Rausch, L. J.; Cummings, P. M.; Wenzel, B. M., 1976: Techniques to prevent olfactory nerve reconstitution in the pigeon

Hensley S.D., 1987: Techniques to quantify the effect of diatraea saccharalis lepidoptera pyralidae on sugarcane quality

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582951

Russ N.W., 1982: Techniques used by smokers during contingency motivated smoking reduction

Guzman A.A., 1981: Techniques used for the study of pseudomonas

Macdonald N.A., 1987: Techniques used in performance trials of celery leeks parsnips and sweet corn

Vanezis P., 1979: Techniques used in the evaluation of vertebral artery trauma at post mortem

Holland, R. W. K., 1985: Techniques used in vegetable variety performance trials 1. brassica crops

Peterson B., 1979: Techniques used to establish and limit prairie dog cynomys ludovicianus towns

Emerson C.J., 1979: Techniques utilizing real time stereo scanning electron microscopy in the micro dissection of biological tissues

Nair C.A.A., 1987: Techno economical data on the forest wealth of silent valley kerala india 1

Lapardin M.P., 1985: Technochemical characteristics of the canned food natural antarctic krill meat and its food value

Shestakov E.I., 1986: Technogenic pollution of soils with some trace elements as a function of genetic features of the soils

Baker, R. A., 1978: Technologic intervention in obstetrics has the pendulum swung too far

El Baz F.K., 1984: Technological and biochemical studies on mass production of algae in egypt

Matsov B., 1984: Technological and economic characters of some new introduced soft wheat cultivars

Katsarov G., 1979: Technological and economic evaluation of types of queen cells for commercial queen bee rearing

El Shaarawy M.L., 1987: Technological and storage studies on tamaruddin

Jackowska A., 1982: Technological applications of the results of odor stimulus threshold determination in the example of caraway

Misselhorn K., 1982: Technological aspects of ethanol production

Tsuchiya K., 1987: Technological aspects of irrigation system in paddy land area on the nong wai pioneer agriculture project in thailand

Gruenewald, T., 1977: Technological aspects of the irradiation of onions

Omer A., 1986: Technological aspects on egyptian lupinseed oil

Marschler R., 1985: Technological assessment of a method for combining tillage and catch crop sowing

Arruda M.C.Q.D., 1986: Technological characteristics of jute stalks to produce cellulosic fibers for paper making

Aripov-Kh, N., 1977: Technological classification of alkaloids and methods for obtaining them from plants

Montpetit R., 1981: Technological development for the measurement of the center of volume in the human body

Rusanov V.M., 1981: Technological equipment and automation of the plasma fractionation process

Petrova I., 1987: Technological evaluation of regionally distributed wheat cultivars for intensive growing

Romano F., 1987: Technological evaluation of strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae isolated in different environments influence of the fermentation rate factor

Lenartowicz, W.; Zbroszczyk, J.; Dzieciol, W., 1985: Technological evaluation of the fruits of tart cherry cultivars part i. suitability of eight tart cherry cultivars and three clones of english morello for compotes and for freezing

Lenartowicz, W.; Plocharski, W.; Zbroszczyk, J., 1985: Technological evaluation of the fruits of tart cherry cultivars part ii. suitability of fruits of local cultivars for freezing and canning

Boyer, R. A., 1978: Technological gaps in vegetable protein texturization

Lidovskii, M. Z.; Shteinberg, G. B., 1978: Technological hygiene in the production of injection preparations of antibiotics

Imre, T., 1985: Technological hygiene of swine slaughtering i. scalding singeing slaughtering technology 1. hygiene of scalding and singeing

Takacs, I.; Szita, G., 1985: Technological hygiene of swine slaughtering i. scalding singing slaughtering technology 2. hygienic qualification of technology

Imre, T., 1986: Technological hygiene of swine slaughtering ii. skinning slaughtering technology 1. hygiene of skinning

Takacs, I.; Szita, G., 1987: Technological hygiene of swine slaughtering ii. skinning slaughtering technology 2. hygienic qualification of slaughtering with skinning

Takacs, I., 1987: Technological hygiene of swine slaughtering iii. comparison of slaughtering by scalding singing and by skinning

Gonzalez J., 1986: Technological improvement of cachiri production an indigenous fermented drink made from cassava manihot esculenta crantz

Vaichene-Zh-Yu ; Shukene-Yu-Yu, 1977: Technological indices of flour from winter wheat mutants

Bronitsky G., 1979: Technological innovation and population pressure

Tarasenko, M. T.; Novikov, P. G.; Prokhorova, Z. A., 1977: Technological intensification of soft wood cutting of decorative cultures at the southern shore of the crimea

Nenkov, P.; Bratoeva, M.; Vitanov, T.; Marinova, S.; Denchev, V.; Linde, K., 1987: Technological investigations with attenuated strains of shigella for production of live vaccines 1. cultivation in a fermenter of an attenuated strain shigella flexneri 2a with two markers

Zaporozhets N.F., 1987: Technological methods for the destruction of nitrate and nitrite compounds in root and tuber crops

Section 7, Chapter 6583, Accession 006582995

Kucher O.V., 1987: Technological parameters of plant raw materials

Kaufmann W., 1986: Technological physicochemical and sensory aspects of milk and cultured milk with a modified casein to whey protein ratio

Marchetti R., 1985: Technological potential of some starch degrading yeasts

Tanaka H., 1981: Technological problems in cultivation of plant cells at high density

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