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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6584

Chapter 6584 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Wielicki W., 1987: Technological progress in agriculture methodical problems

P"rvanov P., 1987: Technological properties of sugar beets following pre sowing gamma ray and fast neutron treatments of the seeds

Nankova M., 1985: Technological properties of wheat cultivar pliska grain depending on fertilizer application and predecessor

Sasseville J.L., 1986: Technological public choice in practice the case of wastewater treatment facilities

Barsel' V.A., 1983: Technological studies of the base for liniments with dibunol

Constantinides S.M., 1979: Technological studies on ocean pout an unexploited fish species for direct human consumption

Uebe N., 1984: Technological studies on storing unbaled straw in the open for prolonged periods

Oberman, H.; Pabis, E.; Szmelich, W., 1981: Technological suitability of mono sporous populations and hybrids of brewers yeast 1. laboratory scale tests

Oberman, H.; Pabis, E.; Szmelich, W., 1981: Technological suitability of mono sporous populations and hybrids of brewers yeasts 2. pilot plant scale tests

Ungethuem M., 1980: Technological test methods for hip prostheses

El Haramein F.J., 1987: Technological value of some pakistani commercial wheat varieties

Fleckseder H., 1987: Technological water pollution control as applied to a community in the east of austria

Willis C.P., 1987: Technologist radiation exposures from nuclear medicine imaging procedures

Lovelace E., 1987: Technologists and marketers in the food industry comparisons in information use

Spano L.A., 1982: Technology advances for continuous compression milling pre treatment of ligno cellulosics for enzymatic hydrolysis

Lutsenko V.I., 1984: Technology analysis and use of a polyionic solution with sorbitol

El Akary M.O., 1987: Technology and characteristics of beefburger containing plant substitutes

Petrosyan, G. P., 1978: Technology and economical characteristics of chemical reclamation of sodic solonetz solonchaks in the ararat plain of the armenian ssr ussr

Westby C.A., 1988: Technology and economics of ethanol production from fodder beets via solid phase fermentation

Lavrent'eva L.N., 1983: Technology and evaluation of some drug forms of stampirin

Campana A., 1985: Technology and instrumentation for semen analyses and artificial insemination by husband artificial insemination by donor

Booth C., 1985: Technology and medicine

Bajaj Y.P.S., 1979: Technology and prospects of cryo preservation of germ plasm

Il'ina T.M., 1984: Technology and study of the healing properties of ointments suppositories and sponges of vitamin u in a collagen base

De Datta S.K., 1986: Technology development and the spread of direct seeded flooded rice in southeast asia

Avishai M., 1986: Technology for rapid production of flowering pot plants of leucadendron discolor

Matsushiro A., 1987: Technology for the creation of mutant protein using oligonucleotide

Pankin I.P., 1985: Technology of accelerated propagation of grape varieties by means of tissue culture

Lipkan H.M., 1982: Technology of butaquertin tablets

Jaeger B., 1983: Technology of composting

Gafurov A.G., 1988: Technology of cotton seed storage in a gas medium

Nikolaev E.V., 1983: Technology of cultivating high quality winter wheat on irrigated soils in crimean oblast ukrainian ssr ussr

Khromov, V. M.; Sadchikov, A. P., 1976: Technology of determining production of macrophytes

Chabas J., 1981: Technology of equipment used for tartaric stabilization of wines

Adrianov V.N., 1982: Technology of growing parent chrysanthemum plants in heated film covered hothouses

Kobyl'chenko N.V., 1983: Technology of liquid 1 2 extracts of gastric species

Wenk, R. E.; Lustgarten, J. A., 1974: Technology of manually operated sampler pipets

Luk'yanchikova G.I., 1987: Technology of manufacture of proserine tablets containing high molecular weight compounds and their study

Chystyakova, L. M., 1978: Technology of manufacturing concentrates of aqua menthae and rosae

Pristavko, V. P.; Chernii, A. M., 1975: Technology of mass breeding of codling moth laspeyresia pomonella lepidoptera tortricidae

Usmanov I.Yu, 1984: Technology of observation number planning in estimation of morphological plant structure

Pilarczyk A., 1985: Technology of pig production in poland

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583042

Suprunov N.I., 1979: Technology of production of pectic substances from fruit of sorbus aucuparia

Keller U., 1983: Technology of sewage sludge hygienization

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583045

Karasik V.M., 1986: Technology of the collection and concentration of phytoplankton seston in eutrophic water bodies

Randriatiana R., 1987: Technology of the isolation of total alkaloids from the aboveground part of ammodendron karelini

Rabinovich A.M., 1980: Technology of the production of crude stephania glabra in the ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583049

Kogan, A. Kh, 1978: Technology of tracheal intubation artificial respiration and endo tracheal anesthesia in small laboratory animals

Petrosyan M.D., 1980: Technology of washing salt affected heterogeneous soils

Thoemen K.H., 1983: Technology of waste incineration

Homma S., 1988: Technology of weaning food formulations prepared from germinated cereals and legumes

Wu, W.; Liu, Y., 1987: Technology on the introduction and cultivation of rhodiola sachalinensis a. bor

Bittenbender H.C., 1987: Technology transfer within the apple blueberry and juice grape industries in michigan usa

Huddleston A.L., 1986: Techscore a program for tabulating the results of multiple choice questions and correcting multiple choice examinations

Okogun, J. I.; Ayafor, J. F., 1977: Tecleaverdoornine a new c prenylated phenylated furo quinoline

Thomson R.H., 1988: Tecomaquinone iii a new quinone from tabebuia pentaphylla

Perry V.H., 1983: Tectal ablation at different ages in developing rats has different effects on retinal ganglion cell density but not on visual acuity

Dean P., 1986: Tectal cells of origin of predorsal bundle in rat location and segregation from ipsilateral descending pathway

Lohman A.H.M., 1983: Tectal connections in python reticulatus

Ulinski, P. S., 1977: Tectal efferents in the banded water snake natrix sipedon

Szekely G., 1986: Tectal neurons of the frog rana catesbeiana intracellular recording and labeling with cobalt electrodes

Watanabe M., 1985: Tectal neurons projecting to the isthmo optic nucleus in the japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Cook J.E., 1983: Tectal paths of regenerated optic axons in the goldfish carassius auratus evidence from retrograde labeling with horseradish peroxidase

Stuermer C.A.O., 1988: Tectal pathways of regenerating goldfish optic axons after nasal or temporal half retinal removal

Gaillard F., 1982: Tectal processing of visual signals from the caudalmost part of the frog rana esculenta visual field

Ito H., 1986: Tectal projection neurons to the retinopetal nucleus in the filefish navodon modestus

Crandall, J. E.; Heaton, M. B.; Brownell, W. E., 1977: Tectal projection of displaced ganglion cells in avian retina

Vanegas H., 1982: Tectal projections in teleosts responses of some target nuclei to direct tectal stimulations

Sharma S.C., 1979: Tectal projections in the goldfish carassius auratus a degeneration study

Schroeder D.M., 1981: Tectal projections of an ir sensitive snake crotalus viridis

Dom R.M., 1987: Tectal transplants into the occipital cortex of the newborn rat

Hopkins T.S., 1984: Tectasquilla lutzae new genus new species crustacea stomatopoda lysiosquillidae from the gulf of mexico

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583075

Zagorulko, T. M.; Khachatryan, A. V., 1976: Tecto cortical connections in the rat visual system

Glickstein M., 1979: Tecto pontine pathway in the cat laminar distribution of cells of origin and visual properties of target cells in dorsolateral pontine nucleus

Rose, P. K.; Abrahams, V. C., 1978: Tecto spinal and tecto reticular cells their distribution and afferent connections

Arriagada J.R., 1981: Tecto tectal interactions through the commissure of the superior colliculi an electro physiological study

Belekhova, M. G.; Kosareva, A. A., 1978: Tecto thalamo telencephalic relationships in turtles after visual de afferentation

Ohkubo N., 1981: Tectocepheus elegans new species acarina oribatida from japan

Rimpler, H.; Christiansen, I., 1977: Tectograndinol a new di terpene from tectona grandis

Frederiksen, N. O., 1987: Tectonic and paleogeographic setting of a new latest cretaceous floristic province in north america

Tarkowski R., 1984: Tectonic deformation of ammonites in upper jurassic nodular limestone of the pieniny klippen belt and its structural meaning

Matsuzawa I., 1985: Tectonic development of the tokachi plain japan differentiation of the obihiro basin and the makubetsu plateau

Damaske, E., 1978: Tectonic kerato plasty in the treatment of elliots trephining

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583087

Sereno, M. I., 1985: Tectoreticular pathways in the turtle pseudemys scripta 1. morphology of tectoreticular axons

Sereno, M. I.; Ulinski, P. S., 1985: Tectoreticular pathways in the turtle pseudemys scripta 2. morphology of tectoreticular cells

Rosenkvist U., 1982: Tectorial and basal membranes in experimental hypo thyroidism

Kletsky E.J., 1979: Tectorial membrane a possible effect on frequency analysis in the cochlea

Zwislocki, J. J.; Chamberlain, S. C.; Slepecky, N. B., 1988: Tectorial membrane i. static mechanical properties in vivo

Ingham J.L., 1980: Tectorigenin a phyto alexin of centrosema haitiense and other centrosema species

Szalak, M.; Herec, S., 1977: Tectum mesencephali of the wild boar sus scrofa

Monto, A. S.; Koopman, J. S.; Longini, I. M-Jr, 1985: Tecumseh study of illness 13. influenza infection and disease 1976 1981

Rice J., 1986: Teen pregnancy in new orleans louisiana usa factors that differentiate teens who deliver abort and successfully contracept

Svanberg L., 1983: Teenage deliveries in a swedish population in the 1970s

Mckechnie, R. J.; Cameron, D.; Cameron, I. A.; Drewery, J., 1977: Teenage drinking in southwest scotland

Mucatel M., 1982: Teenage driving after using marihuana or drinking and traffic accident involvement

Ostergaard B., 1987: Teenage endometriosis

Tang G., 1985: Teenage endometriosis and congenital abnormality of the genital system

Trifiletti R.J., 1983: Teenage fathers an exploration of their developmental needs and anxieties and the implications for clinical social intervention and services

Stokes C.S., 1985: Teenage fertility socioeconomic status and infant mortality

Yarber, W. L., 1977: Teenage girls and venereal disease prophylaxis

Ignatoff E., 1980: Teenage lower class black mothers and their preterm infants an intervention and developmental follow up

Yip W.C.L., 1984: Teenage marriages in singapore

Butler N.R., 1983: Teenage mothering admission to hospital and accidents during the 1st 5 years

Butler N., 1984: Teenage mothering child development at 5 years

Straton J.A.Y., 1981: Teenage pregnancies in western australia

Frothingham T.E., 1983: Teenage pregnancy a prospective study of self esteem and other socio demographic factors

Punnonen R., 1987: Teenage pregnancy and delivery

Sepkoski C., 1982: Teenage pregnancy and neo natal behavior effects in puerto rico and florida usa

Shelton C., 1982: Teenage pregnancy and parenthood outcomes for mother and child

Jekel J.F., 1984: Teenage pregnancy in the bahamas trends and characteristics

Gillberg I.C., 1986: Teenage psychoses epidemiology classification and reduced optimality in the prenatal perinatal and neonatal periods

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583116

Jackson A., 1985: Teenage school refusers grow up a follow up study of 168 subjects ten years on average after in patient treatment

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583118

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583119

Eisele, J. W.; Frisino, J.; Haglund, W.; Reay, D. T., 1987: Teenage suicide in king county washington usa i. rates of suicide for 26 years

Eisele, J. W.; Frisino, J.; Haglund, W.; Reay, D. T., 1987: Teenage suicide in king county washington usa ii. comparison with adult suicides

Copeland A.R., 1985: Teenage suicide the 5 year metro dade county florida usa experience from 1979 until 1983

Naeye R.L., 1981: Teenaged and pre teenaged pregnancies consequences of the fetal maternal competition for nutrients

Silva J.L.P., 1984: Teenager pregnancy pediatric aspects

Nore A.K., 1985: Teenagers and contraception evaluation of the first year of the contraceptive guidance clinic in sor varanger norway

Ahmed L., 1987: Teenagers and their health

Phillips, S.; Bohannon, W.; Heald, F. P., 1986: Teenagers' choices regarding the presence of family members during the examination of genitalia

Opara, A. A.; Mara, D. D.; Wheater, D. W. F., 1977: Teepol and triton media for the enumeration of escherichia coli by membrane filtration

Dellipiani, A. W.; Colling, W. A.; Donaldson, R. J.; Mccormack, P., 1977: Teesside coronary survey fatality and comparative severity of patients treated at home in the hospital ward and in the coronary care unit after myo cardial infarction

Thompson R.P.H., 1987: Teeth and benign esophageal stricture

Kartas F., 1987: Teeth and diet of species of the genus pagrus pisces sparidae from the coasts of tunisia

Nawakura K., 1982: Teeth and tooth supporting tissue of dogs in xenogenous transplantation from man to dog

Paul S.R., 1981: Teeth as index to health and age in bangladeshi children

Serwatka S., 1984: Teeth eruption in the european bison

Szafraniec I., 1981: Teeth hard tissues parodontium and oral mucosa in individuals from areas contaminated by industrial gases and dusts containing fluorine compounds

Martin, L. D.; Stewart, J. D., 1977: Teeth in ichthyornis class aves

Patte, E., 1976: Teeth in the solutreen of badegoule france couchard excavations

Ward D., 1983: Teeth of a new neoselachian shark from the british uk lower jurassic

Malecki J., 1980: Teeth of fish of the genus ptychodus from cretaceous chalk sediments in the vicinity of krakow poland

Pharisat, A., 1975: Teeth of fossil selachians and holosteans from the kimmeridgian of the baume quarry at audincourt doubs department france

Munson P.J., 1984: Teeth of juvenile woodchucks marmota monax as seasonal indicators on archaeological sites

Nosotti S., 1986: Teeth of placodontia reptiles from the collections of the milan civic museum of natural sciences italy

Tintori A., 1980: Teeth of the selachian genus pseudodalatias from the norian upper triassic of lombardy northern italy

Kruckow T., 1979: Teeth of vertebrates from the mussel limestone muschelkalk and cretaceous of helgoland

Santos H.L.D.S., 1982: Teeth specialization in the pharyngeal bone of the cyprinodontid fish rivulus santensis

Hirsch V.J., 1981: Teething age in prematurely born infants

Roche, J., 1978: Teething and age data on rock dassies genus procavia

Donnelly B.J., 1982: Teflon and non teflon lined dies effect on spaghetti quality

Byers B.R., 1982: Teflon chemostat for studies of trace metal metabolism in streptococcus mutans and other bacteria

Bedetti, C. D.; Siewers, R. D.; Dunsford, H. A., 1978: Teflon felt embolism of coronary arteries after cardiac surgery a case report

Farkouh E., 1980: Teflon felt for closure of the pelvic floor after abdomino perineal excision of the rectum

Cohen N.L., 1988: Teflon injection for vocal cord paralysis after intracranial operation

O'boyle P.J., 1988: Teflon injection in female stress incontinence effect of urethral pressure profile and flow rate

Worth P.H.L., 1985: Teflon injection in stress incontinence

Rohl H.F., 1988: Teflon injections in post prostatectomy incontinence

Reich, A. R.; Lerman, J. W., 1978: Teflon laryngo plasty an acoustical and perceptual study

Mancaruso A., 1985: Teflon paste effect the tone of lower esophageal sphincter experimental research

Lowry L.D., 1987: Teflon paste implant in unilateral vocal cord paralysis ct characteristics

Kitzing, P.; Lofqvist, A., 1977: Teflon paste injection into the paralytic vocal fold a simple procedure to improve disturbed cough function

Matthews H.R., 1987: Teflon strip pneumostasis for excision of giant emphysematous bullae

Murray A.G., 1981: Teflon tape suspension for the control of stress incontinence

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583163

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583164

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583165

Celerier M.L., 1979: Tegenaria soriculata and tegenaria cyrnea araneae agelenidae

Narkiewicz O., 1980: Tegmental afferents of the amygdaloid body in the rat

Ballintijn C.M., 1983: Tegmental neurons controlling medullary respiration center activity in the carp

Belekhova M.G., 1980: Tegmental thalamic interrelationships in turtles emys orbicularis

Jouvet M., 1979: Tegmento reticular projections with special reference to the muscular atonia during paradoxical sleep in the cat a horseradish peroxidase study

Belekhova M.G., 1980: Tegmento telencephalic interrelations in turtles emys orbicularis

Whittington H.B., 1985: Tegopelte gigas a 2nd soft bodied trilobite from the burgess shale middle cambrian british columbia canada

Donaldson I., 1981: Tegretol a double blind trial in tinnitus

Euzet Sicard S., 1979: Tegument and sensory receptors of the scolex of a tetraphyllidean cestode plerocercoid by transmission and scanning electron microscopy

Miller R.E., 1980: Tegument associated antigen modulation by adult male schistosoma mansoni

Wilson R.A., 1983: Tegument surface membranes of adult schistosoma mansoni development of a method for their isolation

Nesterenko L.T., 1987: Tegument ultrastructure in opisthioglyphe ranae trematoda plagiorchidae

Calloni C., 1983: Tegumental glands in the 3rd gastral tergites of male parischnogaster nigricans serrei and parischnogaster mellyi hymenoptera stenogastrinae

Turillazzi S., 1979: Tegumental glands in the abdomen of some european polistes hymenoptera vespidae

Bocquet Vendrine J., 1979: Tegumental growth and its relationship with molting in crinoniscus equitans a cryptoniscian isopod crustacean

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583187

Pasteels, J. M., 1968: Tegumentary glands of termitophilous staphylinids coleoptera part 2 the genera termitellodes termella and nasutitella aleocharinae corotocini termitogastrina

De-La-Serna-De-Esteban, C., 1978: Tegumentary metasomatic glands in some argentine species of bothriuridae scorpions

Imandel, K.; Razeghi, N.; Samar, P., 1978: Tehran ground water pollution by detergents

Mackowiak, P. A.; Smith, J. W., 1978: Teichoic acid antibodies in chronic staphylococcal osteo myelitis

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583194

Tuazon, C. U.; Sheagren, J. N., 1976: Teichoic acid antibodies in the diagnosis of serious infections with staphylococcus aureus

Tung K.S.K., 1981: Teichoic acid antibody and circulating immune complexes in the management of staphylococcus aureus bacteremia

White A., 1979: Teichoic acid antibody determination by agar gel diffusion effect of using dilute antigen preparations

Larinkari, U. M.; Valtonen, M. V.; Sarvas, M.; Valtonen, V. V., 1977: Teichoic acid antibody test its use in patients with coagulase positive staphylococcal bacteremia

Tomasz A., 1987: Teichoic acid containing muropeptides from streptococcus pneumoniae as substrates for the pneumococcal autolysin

Naumova, I. B.; Shashkov, A. S.; Stroganova, M. P., 1978: Teichoic acid from cell walls of streptomyces kanamyceticus ria 690 and the use of carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy for the localization of phospho di ester linkage in the chain

Wise, E. M-Jr ; Glickman, R. S.; Teimer, E., 1972: Teichoic acid hydrolase activity in soil bacteria

Dmitrieva, N. F.; Streshinskaya, G. M.; Petrykina, Z. M.; Panina, L. I.; Naumova, I. B., 1976: Teichoic acid level in cell walls of actinomyces rimosus strain lst 118 during ontogenesis

Slabyj, B. M.; Panos, C., 1973: Teichoic acid of a stabilized l form of streptococcus pyogenes

Polin A.N., 1987: Teichoic acid of cell wall in arthrobacter crystallopoietes

Le, C. T.; Lewin, E. B., 1978: Teichoic acid serology in staphylococcal infections of infants and children

Kennedy, L. D., 1974: Teichoic acid synthesis in bacillus stearothermophilus

Button, D.; Hemmings, N. L., 1976: Teichoic acids and lipids associated with the membrane of a bacillus licheniformis mutant and the membrane lipids of the parental strain

Knox K.W., 1982: Teichoic acids from chemostat grown cultures of streptococcus mutans and lactobacillus plantarum

Schaeffler M.J., 1987: Teichoic acids in cell walls of strains of the nicotianae group of arthrobacter a chemotaxonomic marker

Nagel, J. G.; Sheagren, J. N.; Tuazon, C. U.; Cardella, T. A., 1977: Teichoic acids in pathogenic staphylococcus aureus

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583211

Elliott, S. D.; Mccarty, M.; Lancefield, R. C., 1977: Teichoic acids of group d streptococci with special reference to strains from pig meningitis streptococcus suis

Panos C., 1984: Teichoic acids of streptococcus agalactiae chemistry cyto toxicity and effect on bacterial adherence to human cells in tissue culture

Fiedler F., 1983: Teichoicase from bacillus subtilis strain marburg

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583215

Arioli V., 1983: Teichomycin in vitro and in vivo evaluation in comparison with other antibiotics

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583217

Bardone, M. R.; Paternoster, M.; Coronelli, C., 1978: Teichomycins new antibiotics from actinoplanes teichomyceticus new species part 2 extraction and chemical characterization

Parenti, F.; Beretta, G.; Berti, M.; Arioli, V., 1978: Teichomycins new antibiotics from actinoplanes teichomyceticus part 1 description of the producer strain fermentation studies and biological properties

Scharpf R.F., 1979: Teichospora obducens and a pleospora sp on korthalsella in hawaii usa

Baddiley J., 1980: Teichuronic acid from the walls of bacillus licheniformis atcc 9945

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583222

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583223

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583224

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583225

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583226

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583227

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583228

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583229

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583230

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583231

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583232

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583233

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583234

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583235

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583236

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583237

Yamauchi T., 1981: Teikaside a a pregnane glycoside of trachelospermum asiaticum

Carne P.B., 1986: Teinogenys mooniensis new species and new locality records for other species of teinogenys coleoptera scarabaeidae dynastinae

Rosales T.O., 1981: Telangi ectasia and optic atrophy in cone rod degenerations

Conlon, C. L.; Weinger, R. S.; Cimo, P. L.; Moake, J. L.; Olson, J. D., 1978: Telangi ectasia and von willebrands disease in 2 families

Larsson, S. E.; Lorentzon, R.; Boquist, L., 1978: Telangi ectatic osteo sarcoma

Matsuno, T.; Unni, K. K.; Mcleod, R. A.; Dahlin, D. C., 1976: Telangi ectatic osteogenic sarcoma

Butler A., 1982: Telangi ectatic osteogenic sarcoma a clinico pathologic study of 124 patients

Provencher S., 1984: Telangiectasia in aluminum workers a follow up

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583246

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583247

Behar C., 1986: Telangiectatic osteosarcoma

Ma L., 1986: Telangiectatic osteosarcoma of the mandible

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583250

Okawara, A. S., 1975: Tele auto tomogram and application of the pneumo encephalographic chair in stereotactic operations

Henry J., 1982: Tele cobalt therapy in operable breast cancer at the j bordet institute brussels belgium 1969 1975

Puig De La Bellacasa R., 1980: Tele communications computers and other complementary communication means on behalf of the disabled

Murphy, R. L. H. Jr ; Bird, K. T., 1974: Tele diagnosis a new community health resource observations on the feasibility of tele diagnosis based on 1000 patient transactions

Lindo G.V., 1981: Tele electro cardiography in myo cardial infarction

Section 7, Chapter 6584, Accession 006583256

Baisogolov, G. D.; Mardynskii-Yu, S.; Kudryavtseva, G. T.; Skoropad-Yu, D., 1978: Tele electron therapy of malignant tumors

Tsodikova L.B., 1983: Tele gamma therapy results in patients with prostatic cancer

Cunningham, N.; Marshall, C.; Glazer, E., 1978: Tele medicine in pediatric primary care favorable experience in nurse staffed inner city clinic

Domino E.F., 1979: Tele methyl histamine distribution in rat brain

Sandler M., 1980: Tele methyl histamine is a specific mono amine oxidase b substrate in man

Domino E.F., 1979: Tele methyl histamine oxidation by type b mono amine oxidase

Mardynskii Yu S., 1979: Tele radiation therapy as an independent method of treating uterine carcinoma

Przylipiak S., 1981: Tele radiographic assessment of prognathism during maxillo orthopedic treatment

Benoist M., 1982: Tele radiography and xerography by profile incidence

Gruita M., 1979: Tele radiography in vertical dento maxillary abnormalities

Harrington M.B., 1983: Tele radiology results of a field trial

Kaufman J.J., 1982: Tele therapy for stage c adeno carcinoma of the prostate

Andersson, T., 1976: Tele transmission of physiological data

Tully J.E., 1979: Telecad a television communication aid for the disabled

Lavoie, A.; Lambert, E.; Clavet, D.; Dubois, J. M. M.; Gendron, L.; Lacroix, J., 1985: Teledetection of marine algae from the coasts of quebec canada 2. localization and attempt at biomass evaluation by photointerpretation

Dobrev D., 1986: Telegammatherapy of the central nervous system in acute lymphoblastic leukosis

Khrapkova L.A., 1987: Teleindication of the dynamics of the geotechnical system kara kum canal desert turkmen ssr ussr

Arnaud F., 1987: Telematics technical basis and veterinary applications

Vafopoulou A., 1981: Teleme cheese from deep frozen curd

Ramji S., 1984: Telemedicine a feasibility experiment for national application

Furuta N., 1981: Telemetered cardiac catheterization method at treadmill exercise

Livermore A., 1982: Telemetered electro encephalography in schizophrenia spectral analysis during abnormal behavior species

Stern J.T.Jr, 1979: Telemetered electro myography of flexor digitorum profundus and flexor digitorum superficialis in pan troglodytes and implications for interpretation of the olduvai hominid 7 hand

Jungers W.L., 1987: Telemetered electromyography of the fast and slow extensors of the leg of the brown lemur lemur fulvus

De-Jong, D. A.; Ouden, A. H. D.; Van-De-Boon, A.; Yeskoot, F.; Maas, A., 1975: Telemetered epidural pressure

Rader, R. D.; Stevens, C. M., 1975: Telemetered renal responses in dogs during detection of explosives

Frankel V.H., 1982: Telemetering in vivo loads from nail plate implants

Cai Q H., 1987: Telemetering of the swimming movements of silver carp and bighead

Blumenberg D., 1986: Telemetric and endoscopic studies on the sociology activity and mass changes in the field vole microtus arvalis pall

Goto H., 1986: Telemetric cystometry

Jungmann, H.; Stein, G., 1972: Telemetric electro cardiogram tests on infarct patients at low temperatures

Da Silva F.L., 1981: Telemetric electro encephalogram and video monitoring in epilepsy

Garas, J.; Besbeas, S.; Vassilopoulos, D.; Pateras, H.; Ramandanis, G., 1976: Telemetric estimation of the descending colon pressure changes on dogs before and after total and selective vagotomy

Radmann D., 1986: Telemetric fetal monitoring using monitor bmt 914 1

Burstein A.H., 1988: Telemetric force measurements across the hip after total arthroplasty

Degruy M.V., 1984: Telemetric investigation of vertical migration of nautilus belauensis in palau western caroline islands pacific ocean

Pokorny W., 1979: Telemetric load studies in children with extra systole

El-Khamlichi, A.; Favre, R.; Besse, R.; Zander, E., 1978: Telemetric measurement of intra cranial pressure with the help of an electro magnetic detector implanted within the epidural space tolerance and reliability verified in 16 cases

Van-Venrooij, G. E. P. M.; Kingma, F., 1974: Telemetric measurement of the epidural temperature the correlation between epidural and sublingual temperature

Sumner-Smith, G.; Bell, M.; Manley, P.; Caddell, E.; Hoare, J., 1977: Telemetric measurements of strain in the metacarpus of the horse a pilot study

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