Temperature profiles of growth and ethanol tolerance of the xylose fermenting yeasts candida shehatae and pichia stipitis

D.P.eez J.C.; Bosch, M.; Prior, B.A.

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 25(6): 521-525


ISSN/ISBN: 0175-7598
Accession: 006585080

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The effect of different ethanol concentrations on the growth of Candida shehatae and Pichia stipitis with xylose as substrate was evaluated in a temperature gradient incubator. The upper limit of the temperture profiles of ethanol tolerance of both yeast strains were similar, although P. stipitis appeared to have a slightly higher ethanol tolerance in the higher temperature range. An increase in the ethanol concentration severely depressed the maximum growth temperature, and also increased the minimum growth temperature slightly. The ethanol tolerance limit of 46-48 g .cntdot. l-1 occurred within a narrow temperature plateau of 11 to 22.degree.C. The low ethanol tolerance of these pentose fermenting yeasts is detrimental for commercial ethanol production from hemicellulose hydrolysates.