Section 7
Chapter 6,586

Temperature tolerance of young rockfish sebastes thompsoni

Ouchi, K.

Bulletin of the Japan Sea National Fisheries Research Institute 28: 1-8


Accession: 006585716

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For young rockfish (S. thompsoni) acclimated to temperatures between 10 and 25.degree. C, the upper incipent lethal temperature (defined as the temperature at which 50% of fish die after 24 h) ranged between 25.6-28.8.degree. C; the ultimate upper lethal temperature was about 28.6.degree. C. The upper thermal tolerance zones for the fish were 334.degree. C squared; and the thermal tolerance (sum of upper and lower thermal tolerance zones) was 701.degree. C squared. The temperature tolerance of the fish was closely similar to that of Perca flavescens. Larvae of S. thompsoni have an extremely low level of temperature tolerance among inhabitants of warm waters.

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