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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6588

Chapter 6588 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ferraro J.A., 1983: Temporal summation in normally and abnormally hearing chinchillas

Nabelek, I. V., 1978: Temporal summation of constant and gliding tones at masked auditory threshold

Burr D.C., 1981: Temporal summation of moving images by the human visual system

Matsuo H., 1984: Temporal summation of normal eyes and impaired regions of the visual field

Gerken G.M., 1979: Temporal summation of pulsate brain stimulation in normal and deafened cats

Dooling R.J., 1979: Temporal summation of pure tones in birds

Stoimenova B., 1987: Temporal summation of receptive fields for line orientation in humans

Jerger, J.; Mauldin, L.; Lewis, N., 1977: Temporal summation of the acoustic reflex

Goodman, A. C.; Richards, A. M., 1977: Temporal summation of the human acoustic reflex part 1 variabilities

Periquet G., 1988: Temporal surveys of french populations of drosophila melanogaster p m system enzymatic polymorphism and infection by the sigma virus

Pollack, I., 1978: Temporal switching between bin aural information sources

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587011

Fivizzani, A. J.; Meier, A. H., 1978: Temporal synergism of cortisol and prolactin influences salinity preference of gulf killifish fundulus grandis

Meier A.H., 1983: Temporal synergism of neuro transmitter affecting drugs influences seasonal conditions in sparrows

Kennington E., 1983: Temporal synthesis of mitochondrial proteins from mouse epididymal spermatozoa

Vitton N., 1985: Temporal threshold and response bias in the discrimination of empty intervals by cats

Moore G.P., 1985: Temporal tracking and synchronization strategies

Innis, N. K.; Staddon, J. E. R., 1971: Temporal tracking on cyclic interval reinforcement schedules

Adolph A.R., 1985: Temporal transfer and nonlinearity properties of turtle pseudemys scripta elegans electroretinogram tuning by temperature pharmacology and light intensity

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587019

Lee J.A.H., 1982: Temporal trends in breast cancer

Ries L., 1986: Temporal trends in breast cancer survival in sweden significant improvement in 20 years

Manley T.R., 1988: Temporal trends in frequencies of melanic morphs in cryptic moths of rural pennsylvania usa

Rowlatt S.M., 1982: Temporal trends in some metal concentrations in sediments at the liverpool bay england uk sewage sludge dumping ground

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587024

Needleman H.L., 1982: Temporal trends in the lead concentrations of umbilical cord blood

Barltrop D., 1987: Temporal trends in urban and rural blood lead concentrations

Brennan E.R., 1982: Temporal trends is isolation by distance on sanday orkney islands

Anderson R.F., 1984: Temporal trends of cancer mortality in eastern new england usa compared to the nation 1950 1975

Adolph A.R., 1985: Temporal tuning and nonlinearity of intraretinal pathways in turtle pseudemys scripta elegans effects of temperature stimulus intensity and size

Maclean A., 1982: Temporal uncertainty and the refractoriness of the human vertex evoked potential

Spies R.B., 1987: Temporal variability and the relationship between benthic meiofaunal and microbial populations of a natural coastal petroleum seep

Raynor, G. S.; Hayes, J. V.; Ogden, E. C., 1976: Temporal variability in airborne pollen concentrations

Peterson W.T., 1987: Temporal variability in egg production rates of acartia tonsa dana in long island sound usa

Douglas W.A., 1984: Temporal variability in the community structure of fish on coral patch reefs and the relation of community structure to reef structure

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587036

Joseph P.S., 1982: Temporal variability of phyto plankters in vellar estuary india

Melack J.M., 1979: Temporal variability of phyto plankton in tropical lakes

Santo L., 1986: Temporal variability of soil hydraulic properties with wetting and drying subsequent to tillage

Carter M.R., 1988: Temporal variability of soil macroporosity in a fine sandy loam under moldboard ploughing and direct drilling

Lacroix G., 1983: Temporal variability of zoo plankton biomass atp content and dry weight in the st lawrence estuary canada advective phenomena during neap tide

Girard P., 1986: Temporal variation at five allozyme loci in 12 french natural populations of drosophila melanogaster

Cook J.L., 1986: Temporal variation for the expression of catalase in drosophila melanogaster correlations between rates of enzyme synthesis and levels of translatable catalase messenger rna

Box J.D., 1983: Temporal variation in algal bioassays of water from 2 productive lakes

O'connor, B. H.; Kerrigan, G. C.; Nouwland, C. R., 1978: Temporal variation in atmospheric particulate lead and bromine levels for perth western australia 1971 1976

Stewart J., 1979: Temporal variation in benthic ciliates and the application of association analysis

Crowe T.M., 1983: Temporal variation in breeding foraging and bird sanctuary visitation by a south african population of great white pelicans pelecanus onocrotalus

Elmes, G. W., 1987: Temporal variation in colony populations of the ant myrmica sulcinodis i. changes in queen number worker number and spring production

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587049

Tont S.A., 1981: Temporal variation in diatom abundance off southern california usa in relation to surface temperature air temperature and sea level

Wiens J.A., 1980: Temporal variation in habitat structure and shrub steppe bird dynamics

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587052

Alcock J., 1980: Temporal variation in male copulatory behavior in the solitary bee nomadopsis puellae hymenoptera andrenidae

Carlson, D. S., 1976: Temporal variation in prehistoric nubian crania

Edwards T.C.Jr, 1988: Temporal variation in prey preference patterns of adult ospreys

Reader R.J., 1985: Temporal variation in recruitment and mortality for the pasture weed hieracium floribundum implications for a model of population dynamics

Lester D., 1979: Temporal variation in suicide and homicide

Carlson J.R., 1981: Temporal variation in the availability of an ecdysial motor program during the last instar and early adult stages of the cricket teleogryllus oceanicus

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587059

Wilkinson P., 1985: Temporal variation in the chromosomal structure of a hybrid zone and its relationship to karyotypic repatterning

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587061

Relethford J.H., 1983: Temporal variation in the mating structure of sanday orkney island scotland uk

Milkman, R.; Koehn, R. K., 1977: Temporal variation in the relationship between size numbers and an allele frequency in a population of mytilus edulis

Newell C.J., 1982: Temporal variation in the reproductive cycle of mytilus edulis bivalvia mytilidae from localities on the usa east coast

Murison R.D., 1985: Temporal variation in the results of soil phosphate analyses

Whitmore R.C., 1979: Temporal variation in the selected habitats of a guild of grassland sparrows

Farnham M.W., 1982: Temporal variation in the tidal volume inspiratory duration relationship in humans

Dean J.M., 1981: Temporal variation in the utilization of an inter tidal creek by the bay anchovy anchoa mitchilli

Price P.W., 1986: Temporal variation in three trophic level interactions among willows sawflies and parasites

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587070

Holland, A. F.; Mountford, N. K.; Mihursky, J. A., 1977: Temporal variation in upper bay meso haline benthic communities part 1 the 9 meter mud habitat

Levin M.P., 1981: Temporal variation in vagility implications for evolutionary studies

Welte J.W., 1987: Temporal variation in violent death in erie county new york usa 1973 1983

Barton, E. D.; Huyer, A.; Smith, R. L., 1977: Temporal variation observed in the hydrographic regime near cabo corveiro spanish sahara in the northwest african upwelling region february to april 1974

Blanco A., 1985: Temporal variation of allele frequencies in populations of akodon dolores rodentia cricetidae

Sorensen J., 1986: Temporal variation of denitrification activity in plant covered littoral sediment from lake hampen denmark

Knibb W.R., 1986: Temporal variation of drosophila melanogaster adh allele frequencies inversion frequencies and population sizes

Barrett S.C.H., 1981: Temporal variation of gender in aralia hispida araliaceae

Berg B., 1985: Temporal variation of litter decomposition in relation to simulated soil climate long term decomposition in a scots pine pinus sylvestris forest 5

Chadwick E.M.P., 1988: Temporal variation of meristic traits within an atlantic salmon salmo salar stock and implications for stock identification

Ward T.J., 1987: Temporal variation of metals in the seagrass posidonia australis and its potential as a sentinel accumulator near a lead smelter

Sethuraman S., 1981: Temporal variation of particle scattering coefficients at brookhaven national laboratory new york usa

Olsthoorn A., 1979: Temporal variation of pinus radiata invasion of eucalypt forest

Newcombe R.G., 1980: Temporal variation of serum levels of vitamin folate iron and total iron binding capacity

Smith S.J., 1987: Temporal variation of size fractionated primary production in bedford basin canada during the spring bloom

Strobeck C., 1985: Temporal variation of the mating system in a natural population of jack pine pinus banksiana

Shimizu K., 1981: Temporal variation of the static electric field inside an animal cage

Richerson P.J., 1985: Temporal variation spatial heterogeneity and competition for resources in plankton systems a theoretical model

Gordon, D. C. Jr ; Keizer, P. D.; Dale, J., 1978: Temporal variations and probable origins of hydro carbons in the water column of bedford basin nova scotia canada

Price A.R.G., 1979: Temporal variations in abundance of penaeid shrimp larvae and oceanographic conditions off ras tanura western arabian gulf saudi arabia

Nichols D.G., 1983: Temporal variations in acid precipitation over new york state usa what the 1965 1979 usa geological survey data reveal

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587092

Price, R.; Warwick, R. M., 1980: Temporal variations in annual production and biomass in estuarine populations of 2 polychaetes nephtys hombergi and ampharete acutifrons

Labrecque G., 1983: Temporal variations in chloroform induced hepato toxicity in rats

Godin J G.J., 1984: Temporal variations in daily patterns of swimming activity and vertical distribution in juvenile pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Spieler R.E., 1985: Temporal variations in gonadal and body fat responses to daily injections of 5 hydroxytryptophan and dopa in the gulf killifish fundulus grandis

Sundberg J., 1985: Temporal variations in nutrient transport to the laholm bay sweden

Bell G.D., 1987: Temporal variations in paracetamol absorption and metabolism in man

Subba-Rao, D. V., 1977: Temporal variations in primary production during upwelling season off waltair india bay of bengal

Lamb M., 1985: Temporal variations in the concentration and settling flux of carbon and phytoplankton pigments in a deep fjord like estuary

Domino E.F., 1982: Temporal variations in the effect of morphine and nalorphine on total brain acetyl choline content in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587102

Begon, M., 1976: Temporal variations in the reproductive condition of drosophila obscura and drosophila subobscura

Jancsar S., 1979: Temporal variations in the skin of atlantic salmon salmo salar

Bogdan G.F., 1980: Temporal variations in tri halo methane content of drinking water

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587106

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587107

Mauriello S.M., 1987: Temporal variations of glandular kallikrein protein and amylase in mixed human saliva

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587109

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587110

Riaux Gobin C., 1985: Temporal variations of nutritive salts and chlorophyll pigments in the interstitial water of an estuarine mud flat of northern brittany france

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587112

Occhipinti Ambrogi A., 1987: Temporal variations of secondary production in the marine bivalve spisula subtruncata off the po river delta italy

Friedman E.A., 1983: Temporal variations of temperature of the breast by cholesteric liquid crystal contact plate thermography

Hoyt W.F., 1981: Temporal visual field defects associated with nasal hypoplasia of the optic disc

Werner, E. B.; Beraskow, J., 1980: Temporal visual field defects in glaucoma

Bowe, C. A.; Dinsmoor, J. A., 1981: Temporal vs. spatial information as a reinforcer of observing

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587118

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587119

Nichols, J. D.; Conley, W.; Batt, B.; Tipton, A. R., 1976: Temporally dynamic reproductive strategies and the concept of r selection and k selection

Tsakas S., 1988: Temporally regulated protein synthesis in cultured hemocytes of the mediterranean fruit fly ceratitis capitata during larval and prepupal development internalization of larval serum proteins into the hemocytes

Rothstein D.M., 1988: Temporally regulated tandem promoters in micromonospora echinospora

Wearden J.H., 1980: Temporally spaced responding for food in adult rats after under nutrition early in life

Shur B.D., 1988: Temporally specific involvement of cell surface beta 1 4 galactosyltransferase during mouse embryo morula compaction

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587125

Tominaga A., 1985: Temporary above knee prostheses and training program during chemotherapy

Yule A.B., 1984: Temporary adhesion of the barnacle balanus balanoides cyprid the existence of an antennular adhesive secretion

Waxman S.G., 1988: Temporary adhesions between axons and myelin forming processes

Hazama S., 1982: Temporary admission to other hospitals enrolled at national leprosarium oshima seisho en japan between april 1978 and march 1980

Hoecht B., 1981: Temporary amaurosis after burn injury a case and a review of the literature

Heermann J., 1980: Temporary amaurosis in endo nasal micro surgery of the ethmoid and lacrimal sac in local anesthesia

Penney, D. G.; Baylerian, M. S.; Fanning, K. E., 1980: Temporary and lasting cardiac effects of pre natal and post natal exposure to carbon mon oxide

Macrae J., 1985: Temporary and permanent threshold shift associated with hearing aid use

Morton T.H., 1982: Temporary and selective anosmia in tiger salamanders ambystoma tigrinum caused by chemical treatment of the olfactory epithelium

Amir, J.; Kahn, V.; Unterman, M., 1978: Temporary anoxia as a means of preventing sugar accumulation during storage at 4 celsius

Brereton R.J., 1985: Temporary antimesenteric stomas without a skin bridge in infants

Hori M., 1985: Temporary arteriovenous fistula for venous reconstruction using synthetic graft a clinical and experimental investigation

Yetman R.J., 1987: Temporary arteriovenous shunt prior to free myoosseous flap transfer

Bertolaccini P.M., 1986: Temporary aspects of carbon monoxide in rome italy

Schaal S.F., 1979: Temporary atrial standstill

Shumacker, H. B. Jr ; Isch, J. H.; Jolly, W. W., 1976: Temporary axillary carotid shunting for unusual instances of carotid stenosis

Wilson J.H.P., 1982: Temporary beneficial effect of arterialization of the liver in cirrhotic dogs with a porta caval shunt a preliminary report

Pillay R., 1985: Temporary blindness and eclampsia a report of 2 cases

Taylor I., 1987: Temporary blood flow stasis with degradable starch microspheres dsm for liver metastases in a rat model

Albrektsson T., 1986: Temporary bone tissue ischemia in the hind limb of the rabbit a vital microscopic study

O'neill, M. F. X.; Munda, R.; Adeyemo, A.; Bole, P. V.; Clauss, R. H., 1976: Temporary bypass grafts during surgery of the abdominal aorta

Cooper D.N., 1982: Temporary cardiac pacing via the esophagus

Novick, T. L.; Pritchett, E. L. C.; Campbell, R. W. F.; Rogers, G. C.; Wallace, A. G.; Gallagher, J. J., 1978: Temporary catheter induced block in accessory pathways

Bosch, D. A.; Ebels, E. J., 1976: Temporary cell cycle arrest in neural and extraneural developing rat tissues after exposure to methylnitroso urea and ethylnitroso urea

Spangen, L.; Liljeqvist, L.; Ljungdahl, I.; Somell, A., 1976: Temporary changes in the renal function following strepto kinase therapy a case report

Man'ko, V. M.; Petrov, R. V.; Rudneva, T. B., 1977: Temporary characteristics of stem cell inactivation by allogeneic lymphocytes

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587154

Ger R., 1985: Temporary colostomy an outmoded procedure? a report on the intracolonic bypass

Schecter W.P., 1987: Temporary colostomy for trauma a new method to simplify colostomy closure

Arees, E. A.; Delong, G. R., 1977: Temporary contacts formed between developing optic fibers in the chick

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587158

Kaufman D.G., 1979: Temporary culture in iso leucine free medium enhances transformation of 10t 1 2 cells by n methyl n nitro n nitroso guanidine

Belis J.A., 1980: Temporary cutaneous vesicostomy in pediatric patients

Siegel A., 1981: Temporary de synchronization among circadian rhythms with lateral fornix ablation

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587162

Piliavin J.A., 1987: Temporary deferral and donor return

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587164

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587165

Papescu A., 1980: Temporary dermato plasty with porous films of poly urethane in chronic ulcers

Humphrey R.L., 1979: Temporary disappearance eclipse of lpc 1 plasma cytoma m component synthesis following tumor cell transfer

Stashak, T. S.; Knight, A. P., 1978: Temporary diverting colostomy for the management of small colon tears in the horse a case report

Sawai H., 1985: Temporary double representation in expanded ipsilateral retinocollicular projection of neonatally one eye removed rats

Becker D., 1981: Temporary dressing of burn wounds using sterile frozen porcine skin

Da-Cunha, M. F.; Meistrich, M. L.; Haq, M. M.; Gordon, L. A.; Wyrobek, A. J., 1982: Temporary effects of 4' 9 acridinylamino methanesulfon m anisidide chemo therapy on spermatogenesis

Mil'kov M.A., 1981: Temporary electro cardial stimulation in patients suffering from ischemic heart disease with conductivity disturbances

Simonov V.I., 1986: Temporary electrocardiostimulation in coronary patients with paroxysmal arrhythmias

Giuliani L., 1982: Temporary embolization in urological practice myth or reality?

Hombach V., 1987: Temporary endocardial cardioversion in intensive care medicine efficacy and hemodynamic aspects

Prisada O.V., 1985: Temporary endocavitary electric cardiostimulation in acute myocardial infarction arrhythmias

Cook, A. F., 1977: Temporary exposure of the middle cambrian warwickshire england

Pertuiset, B.; Van-Effenterre, R.; Horn, Y., 1976: Temporary external valve drainage in hydrocephalus with increased ventricular fluid pressure

Berntman L., 1987: Temporary extracorporeal perfusion of the splanchnic circulation dependent on the riolan anastomosis

Junk W.J., 1985: Temporary fat storage an adaptation of some fish species to the water level fluctuations and related environmental changes of the amazon river brazil

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587181

Kozlovskaya S.S., 1981: Temporary fixed bridge prostheses

Magazanik A., 1981: Temporary heat intolerance in a heat stroke patient

Ryckborst H., 1981: Temporary hydrologic changes after de forestation for pioneer homesteading

Toft, A. D.; Mcintosh, D.; Cameron, E. H. D.; Irvine, W. J.; Seth, J.; Lidgard, G. P., 1976: Temporary hypo thyroidism after surgical treatment of thyro toxicosis

Wolff B.G., 1986: Temporary ileostomy for ileal pouch anal anastomosis function and complications

Brandt K.D., 1984: Temporary immobilization facilitates repair of chemically induced articular cartilage injury

Buecherl E.S., 1987: Temporary implantation of the berlin artificial heart system

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587189

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587190

Thomson D., 1983: Temporary incomplete ischemia of the legs induced by aortic clamping in man metabolic and hemodynamic effects of temporary extracorporeal bypass

Yuceoglu A.M., 1980: Temporary increase in chromosome breakage in an infant pre natally exposed to lead

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587193

Yust, I.; Smith, R. W.; Wunderlich, J. R.; Mann, D. L., 1976: Temporary inhibition of antibody dependent cell mediated cyto toxicity by pre treatment of human attacking cells with ammonium chloride

Nemeth, I.; Varjas, L., 1976: Temporary inhibition of diapause incidence by juvenoids in the cereal bug eurygaster maura heteroptera scutelleridae

Collavo D., 1987: Temporary inhibition of moloney murine sarcoma virus m msv induced tumors by adoptive transfer of ricin treated t lymphocytes

Latif, P.; Ewy, G. A., 1977: Temporary inhibition of permanently implanted demand pacemakers

Yeung C.H., 1986: Temporary inhibition of the initiation of motility of demembranated hamster sperm by high concentrations of atp

Geiger, D. R.; Sovonick, S. A., 1970: Temporary inhibition of translocation velocity and mass transfer rate by petiole cooling

Grove O., 1981: Temporary internal biliary drainage with trans endoscopic trans papillary endo prosthesis

Gutierrez De La Roche H., 1984: Temporary interruption of lactation as a management practice to improve reproductive efficiency of blanco orejinegro cows

Baba, T.; Aoki, K.; Kidera, Y.; Kimura, M.; Kanematsu, T.; Kimura, N. T., 1976: Temporary interruption of regional blood flow combined with local hyper thermia for cancer chemo therapy

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587203

Hansen S.T.Jr, 1982: Temporary intra luminal shunts resolution of a management dilemma in complex vascular injuries

Amthor, M., 1978: Temporary ischemia as experimental model for human shock lung

Lote K., 1981: Temporary ischemia induced by degradable starch microspheres possible thrombogenic effects in vivo and in vitro

Rosengren B., 1985: Temporary ischemia of a large bowel segment induced by degradable starch microspheres in man

Zauberman H., 1986: Temporary keratitis sicca secondary to bilateral acute dacryoadenitis

Hamilton R.C., 1981: Temporary kerato prosthesis for use during pars plana vitrectomy

Meshcheryakov, V. A.; Kazanovskaya, I. A., 1978: Temporary limitations of treatment of visual information by a human operator

Diaz, A.; Ricco, J. B.; Franco, D.; Gigou, M.; Szekely, A. M.; Bismuth, H., 1977: Temporary liver transplantation in acute liver failure

Ohshima K., 1987: Temporary loop cutaneous ureterostomy for massively dilated upper urinary tract in children

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587213

De Monasterio F.M., 1986: Temporary loss of foveal contrast sensitivity associated with panretinal photocoagulation

Mattox, D. E.; Goode, R. L., 1978: Temporary loss of hearing after a glycerin test

Shea J.J., 1983: Temporary loss of hearing after salt loading in glycerol test

Kusunoki H., 1986: Temporary low oxygen conditions for the formation of nitrate reductase and nitrous oxide reductase by denitrifying pseudomonas sp g 59

Cleveland R.J., 1979: Temporary mechanical cardiac assistance in small animals

Wexler M R., 1980: Temporary micro vascular silicone shunts

Petitpretz P., 1986: Temporary minimal esophagostomy in the surgical treatment of malignant esophago bronchial or esophago pleural fistulae

Linke D.B., 1988: Temporary mirror writing and mirror reading as disinhibition phenomena a case study

Joseph, S. R., 1977: Temporary mosquito control in maryland usa

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587223

Girardin, P.; Tollenaar, M.; Deltour, A.; Muldoon, J., 1987: Temporary nitrogen starvation in maize zea mays l. effects on development dry matter accumulation and grain yield

Chretien, F. C.; David, G., 1978: Temporary obstructive effect of human cervical mucus on spermatozoa throughout reproductive life a scanning electron microscopic study

Crowell, R. M.; Olsson, Y.; Klatzo, I.; Ommaya, A., 1970: Temporary occlusion of the middle cerebral artery in the monkey clinical and pathological observations

Section 7, Chapter 6588, Accession 006587227

Emperaire J.C., 1987: Temporary ovarian transfer during uterovaginal radiotherapy description of a novel method

Foss P.O., 1987: Temporary pacemaker therapy in a community hospital

Cameron A., 1987: Temporary pacemaker use during coronary arteriography

Alexander J.A., 1981: Temporary pacemaker wire insertion a simple safe and effective technique

Mcmillen J.J., 1983: Temporary pacemaking by general internists

Jamieson M.P.G., 1986: Temporary pacing leads in cardiac surgery a comparison of multifilament braided electrode and localized solitary stainless steel electrode

Dowson C.G., 1987: Temporary parasitism of coriolus spp by lenzites betulina a strategy for domain capture in wood decay fungi

Falk J.L., 1979: Temporary peritoneal sequestration of sodium chloride and persistent sodium chloride appetite

Old L.J., 1981: Temporary plasma induced remission of lympho blastic leukemia in a dog

Balko M.L., 1987: Temporary pools as islands in space and in time the biota of vernal pools in san diego southern california usa

Baran D.T., 1988: Temporary postthyroidectomy hypocalcemia

Netscher C., 1985: Temporary protection of eggplant from meloidogyne incognita by minute quantities of isazophos and aldicarb applied at seedling stage

Rignault D., 1985: Temporary protection of the duodenal circuit by reversible pyloro duodenal exclusion

Sarles H., 1988: Temporary pseudochronic lesions during the recovery of acute necrohemorrhagic pancreatitis in rabbits

West-Eberhard, M. J., 1978: Temporary queens in metapolybia aztecoides wasps nonreproductive helpers without altruism

Geinrikh A.K., 1982: Temporary reconstructions of planktonic populations in the norwegian and sargasso seas

Kamijyo, Y.; Garcia, J. H.; Cooper, J., 1977: Temporary regional cerebral ischemia in the cat a model of hemorrhagic and subcortical infarction

Deonna, T.; Fletcher, P.; Voumard, C., 1982: Temporary regression during language acquisition a linguistic analysis of a 2.5 year old child with epileptic aphasia

Meyer, D. J., 1977: Temporary remission of hypo glycemia in a dog with an insulinoma after treatment with streptozotocin

Orsetti, A.; Hagelsteen, C.; Zouari, N., 1977: Temporary restored normo glycemia following the implantation of a bio artificial insulin distributor in the totally pancreatectomized dog/

Fomicheva, E. E., 1976: Temporary reverse connections in stimulation of symmetrical parts of the tongue

Hosoda S., 1986: Temporary salvage of ischemic myocardium by the protease inhibitor bis ethyl 2r 3r 3 s methyl 1 4 2 3 4 trimethoxyphenylmethylpiperazin 1 ylcarbonylbutylcarbonyloxiran 2 carboxylate sulfate

Hartwick J.P., 1982: Temporary saphenous vein arterio venous shunt in femoro popliteal arterial bypass

Clarke M., 1987: Temporary sequential atrioventricular pacing in myocardial infarction

Sommer R., 1985: Temporary shunting in carotid surgery an intraoperative study of some metabolic parameters and the electroencephalogram

Ogino N., 1987: Temporary silicone oil tamponade for retinal detachment with proliferative vitreoretinopathy indications and results

Gonvers M., 1985: Temporary silicone oil tamponade in the management of retinal detachment with proliferative vitreoretinopathy

Yoshikawa M., 1980: Temporary site in the anti tryptic fragment from adzuki bean proteinase inhibitor ii

Russell P.S., 1981: Temporary skin transplantation for the treatment of extensive burns

Satoh M., 1982: Temporary spinalization reverses the inhibitory effect of cyclazocine on the nociceptive response of rabbit spinal dorsal horn lamina v type neurons

Moore E.E., 1984: Temporary splenic artery occlusion during construction of the distal splenorenal shunt

Chiang S.C., 1984: Temporary spontaneous regression of lung cancer

Lau I F., 1979: Temporary sterility induced by intra scrotal deposition of silastic poly pyrrolidone prostaglandin f 2 alpha tubes in the rabbit effect on fetal survival after regain of fertility

Dufy B., 1983: Temporary stimulation of prolactin release by gh 3 cells cultured in vitro under the influence of calcitonin

Olson R.W., 1980: Temporary submucosal cervical cerclage

Nagasawa, T.; Kim, B. K.; Baldini, M. G., 1978: Temporary suppression of circulating anti platelet allo antibodies by the massive infusion of fresh stored or lyophilized platelets

Walker J.B., 1985: Temporary suppression of clonus in humans by brief photostimulation

Nakagawa H., 1988: Temporary suppression of the hyperglycemic response to 2 deoxy d glucose by blinding

Muenzberger E., 1987: Temporary threshold of hearing shift with noise exposure and overhead work

Narins P.M., 1985: Temporary threshold shift adaptation and recovery characteristics of frog auditory nerve fibers

Okamoto K., 1986: Temporary threshold shift after exposure to discotheque sound

Axelsson, A.; Lindgren, F., 1978: Temporary threshold shift after exposure to pop music

Axelsson A., 1983: Temporary threshold shift after exposure to predicted and unpredicted noise

Johnstone, J. R., 1976: Temporary threshold shift and cochlear nerve fibers

Yates, J. T.; Ramsey, J. D.; Holland, J. W., 1974: Temporary threshold shift at 2 minutes from simulated work days at 85 vs 90 decibels absolute

Humes, L. E., 1980: Temporary threshold shift for masked pure tones

Kohler W., 1985: Temporary threshold shift frequency profiles after low tone exposure

Masuda T., 1985: Temporary threshold shift from equal energy intermittent noises

Ward, W. D.; Cushing, E. M.; Burns, E. M., 1976: Temporary threshold shift from neighborhood aircraft noise

Hlobil H., 1979: Temporary threshold shift in patients with serous otitis media

Lee S.H., 1987: Temporary threshold shift induced by industrial noise

Johnstone B.M., 1982: Temporary threshold shift modified by bin aural acoustic stimulation

Watanabe S., 1981: Temporary threshold shift of vibratory sensation after clasping a vibrating handle

Hesse A., 1984: Temporary threshold shifts after onset and offset of moderately loud low frequency maskers

Humes, L. E.; Koval, C. B., 1981: Temporary threshold shifts for masked pure tones 2. broad band masker

Bennett, T. L.; Morgan, R. J.; Murphy, P.; Eddy, L. B., 1978: Temporary threshold shifts in auditory sensitivity produced by the combined effects of noise and sodium salicylate

Adkins W.Y., 1979: Temporary threshold shifts in humans exposed to octave bands of noise for 16 24 hours

Mozo B., 1983: Temporary threshold shifts produced by exposure to low frequency noises

Gilbert R.M., 1981: Temporary threshold shifts produced by wideband noise

Poole, T. A., 1977: Temporary trans conjunctival buckling for retinal detachment

Stezoski S.W., 1984: Temporary trans tracheal jet for the reversible support of respiration in rats

Tauchert M., 1986: Temporary transcutaneous pacemaker stimulation in the intensive care unit

Goldhammer E., 1987: Temporary transvenous pacing analysis of indications complications and malfunctions in acute myocardial infarction versus noninfarction settings

Carpenter R.A., 1987: Temporary tube gastrostomy a clinical evaluation

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