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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6590

Chapter 6590 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Cini, R.; Orioli, P., 1981: Ternary complexes between 5' atp 2 2' bi pyridyl and the divalent metal ions manganese ii cobalt ii copper ii and zinc ii preparation and physicochemical properties

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589001

Daniele, P. G.; Ostacoli, G., 1976: Ternary complexes formation between copper ii ion citric acid and l histidine or histamine in aqueous solution

Daniele, P. G.; Ostacoli, G., 1978: Ternary complexes formed by copper ii nickel ii and zinc ii with l histidine and histamine in aqueous solution

Samokish V.A., 1982: Ternary complexes in butyryl cholin esterase catalyzed reactions

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589005

Sigel H., 1982: Ternary complexes in solution as models for enzyme metal ion substrate complexes comparison of the coordination tendency of imidazole and ammonia toward the binary complexes of manganese ii cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii zinc ii or cadmium ii and utp or atp

Nigam P.C., 1984: Ternary complexes in solution complex formation between copper ii zinc ii cadmium ii and ligands of biological importance

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589008

Chaudhuri, P.; Sigel, H., 1977: Ternary complexes in solution part 26 stacking interactions in the mixed ligand complexes formed by adenosine or itp 2 2 bi pyridyl and cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii or zinc ii evidence for phosphate protonated complexes

Reddy, P. R.; Reddy, B. M., 1986: Ternary complexes of 5' cmp and cytosine with some biologically important secondary ligands

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589011

Ang K P., 1981: Ternary complexes of copper i with 2 9 di methyl 1 10 phenanthroline and some oxygen donor ligands

Ang P.K., 1984: Ternary complexes of copper ii and their biological significances

Santappa M., 1981: Ternary complexes of copper ii containing some similar types of amino acids

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589015

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589016

Saladini M., 1982: Ternary complexes of copper ii with n protected amino acids and n methyl imidazole crystal and molecular structures of bis n acetyl alpha alaninatobis n methyl imidazole copper ii di hydrate

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589018

Lingaiah P., 1985: Ternary complexes of dioxouranium vi with 2 hydroxy 1 naphthaldehyde and some amino acids

Reddy M.H., 1983: Ternary complexes of mixed nitrogen oxygen donor ligands in solution

Daniele, P. G.; Ostacoli, G.; Amico, P., 1979: Ternary complexes of nickel ii with the ligand pairs formed by 2 2' bi pyridyl histamine and 1 3 di amino propane in aqueous solution

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589022

Chaudhary A.K., 1982: Ternary complexes of some phenoxy acetic acid herbicides and pyridines with metal ions of biological interest

Lau, S. J.; Sarkar, B., 1971: Ternary coordination complex between human serum albumin copper ii and l histidine

Martin, R. P.; Mosoni, L.; Sarkar, B., 1971: Ternary coordination complexes between glycine copper ii and glycine peptides in aqueous solution

Murugan P.K., 1982: Ternary coordination complexes of copper ii with l histidine and some selected amino acids

Ostacoli G., 1986: Ternary copper ii amino acid complexes with some catecholic compounds in aqueous solution

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589028

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589029

Farhi L.E., 1980: Ternary diffusion and effective diffusion coefficients in alveolar spaces

Modell, H. I.; Farhi, L. E., 1976: Ternary gas diffusion in vitro studies

Rao, S. P. S.; Manohar, H.; Aoki, K.; Yamazaki, H., 1987: Ternary metal complexes vitamin b 6 related compounds crystal and molecular structures of copper ii 2 2' bipyridylpyridoxic acid and copper ii 2 2' bipyridylpyridoxic acid gamma lactone complexes

Jones G., 1980: Ternary solvent mixtures for improved resolution of hydroxylated metabolites of vitamin d 2 and vitamin d 3 during high performance liquid chromatography

Boutron P., 1987: Ternary system with 65 percent w w water 1 2 propanediol and 1 2 butanediol glass forming tendency and stability of the amorphous state

Koerber C., 1982: Ternary systems with 1 2 propanediol a new gain in the stability of the amorphous state in the system water 1 2 propanediol 1 propanol

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589036

Chao H.C., 1980: Terniopsis sessilis new genus new species of podostemonaceae from fujian china

Keng, H., 1977: Ternstroemia corneri new species theaceae

Andersen J.T., 1988: Terodiline emepronium bromide or placebo for treatment of female detrusor overactivity a randomized double blind cross over study

Hald T., 1986: Terodiline in the treatment of women with urgency and motor urge incontinence a clinical and urodynamic double blind crossover study

Ulmsten U., 1980: Terodiline inhibition of human bladder contraction effects in vitro and in women with unstable bladder

Zak, B.; Baginski, E. S.; Epstein, E.; Weiner, L. M., 1970: Terosite sulfonate a sensitive reagent for the determination of serum iron

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589043

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589044

Kozlov, N. G.; Kalechits, G. V.; Vyalimyae, T. K., 1983: Terpene amines 4. synthesis and study of the structure of amines based on dextro fenchone/

Collins M.S., 1981: Terpene biosynthesis by nasute termite nasutitermes octopilis soldiers isoptera nasutitermitinae

Staby, G. L.; Hackett, W. P.; De-Hertogh, A. A., 1973: Terpene biosynthesis in cell free extracts and excised shoots from wedgwood iris

Garcia-Granados, A.; Parra, A.; Pena, A.; Valverde, S., 1980: Terpene components of spanish labiates iii 1. funkiol and sido funkiol 2 minor products of sideritis funkiana

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589049

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589050

Bohlmann, F.; Knoll, K. H.; Zdero, C.; Mahanta, P. K.; Grenz, M.; Suwita, A.; Ehlers, D.; Le-Van, N.; Abraham, W. R.; Et-Al, 1977: Terpene derivatives from species of senecio

Bohlmann, F.; Le-Van, N., 1977: Terpene glycosides of melampodium divaricatum

Wilson, C. W-Iii ; Shaw, P. E., 1978: Terpene hydro carbons from psidium guajava

Bluemel G., 1983: Terpene induced lowering of surface tension in vitro a rationale for surfactant substitution

Winstead J.E., 1982: Terpene production in liquidambar styraciflua

Matthews R.F., 1987: Terpene reduction in cold pressed orange oil by frontal analysis displacement adsorption chromatography

Wilson, S. R.; Jernberg, K. M.; Mao, D. T., 1976: Terpene synthesis via penta dienyl anions

Volin, M., 1978: Terpenes 2. elimination of amino group 28 amino 20 29 lupene

Sadasivam, V.; Verghese, J., 1979: Terpenes 59. amino oximes from racemic p menth 3 ene

Sadasivam, V.; Verghese, J., 1979: Terpenes 60. racemic carvenone

Sadasivam, V.; Verghese, J., 1979: Terpenes 61. ethoxy nitroso caryophyllene

Ferro E.A., 1988: Terpenes and flavones of salvia cardiophylla

Mehta, G.; Kapoor, S. K.; Pandey, P. N., 1976: Terpenes and related systems part 14 stereospecific routes to some santalene type synthons

Andersen, N. H.; Syrdal, D. D., 1970: Terpenes and sesqui terpenes of chamaecyparis nootkatensis g leaf oil

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589065

Bokel, H. H.; Marschall, H.; Weyerstahl, P., 1982: Terpenes and terpene derivatives 13. synthesis of racemic 8 9 dehydro asterolide

Buchmann, B.; Marschall-Weyerstahl, H.; Weyerstahl, P., 1984: Terpenes and terpene derivatives 15. synthesis of 4 8 dimethyl 2 2 methyl 1 propenyl 1 oxaspiro 4 5 dec 7 ene bisabolene oxide

Gottschalk, F. J.; Marschall-Weyerstahl, H.; Weyerstahl, P., 1985: Terpenes and terpene derivatives 16. biomimetic cyclization of 2 3 butenyl 3 4 dimethyl 2 cyclohexen 1 ol

Weyerstahl, P.; Marschall-Weyerstahl, H.; Penninger, J.; Walther, L., 1987: Terpenes and terpene derivatives 22. synthesis of racemic isocanambrin and 6 epi isocordilin

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589070

Weyerstahl, P.; Marschall-Weyerstahl, H.; Scholz, S., 1986: Terpenes and terpene derivatives xix. on the selective epoxidation of racemic beta curcumene synthesis of 1 4 methyl 1 4 cyclohexadien 1 ylethanone

Weyerstahl, P.; Marschall-Weyerstahl, H.; Scholz, S., 1986: Terpenes and terpene derivatives xviii. concerning the preparation of racemic gamma curcumene

Weyerstahl, P.; Marschall-Weyerstahl, H.; Scholz, S., 1987: Terpenes and terpene derivatives xxi. synthesis of racemic 4 5 dihydro beta curcumene 4 5 diol

Hach, V., 1977: Terpenes and terpenoids part 5 the 4 isomeric thujanols their preparative chemistry conformation and reactivity a comprehensive study

Francke, W.; Bruemmer, B., 1978: Terpenes from ascoidea hylecoeti

Zavodnik N., 1988: Terpenes from the red alga sphaerococcus coronopifolius of the north adriatic sea

Buttkus, H. A.; Bose, R. J.; Shearer, D. A., 1977: Terpenes in the essential oil of sagebrush artemisia tridentata

Sato T., 1986: Terpenes of leaf oils from conifers

Takahashi T., 1985: Terpenes of leaf oils from cupressaceae

Ellis W.D., 1982: Terpenes of ponderosa pine pinus ponderosa and feeding preferences by pocket gophers thomomys spp

Short R.P., 1982: Terpenic acids by cyclo pentane annulation of exo cyclic dienes synthesis of tri quinane portion of retigeranic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589083

Hayashi, N.; Scholichin, M.; Komae, H.; Sakao, T., 1978: Terpenic constituents of asarum

Lisker, N.; Kuc, J., 1978: Terpenoid accumulation and browning in potato sprouts inoculated with phytophthora infestans

Hunter, R. E.; Halloin, J. M.; Veech, J. A.; Carter, W. W., 1978: Terpenoid accumulation in hypocotyls of cotton seedlings during aging and after infection by rhizoctonia solani

Veech, J. A.; Mcclure, M. A., 1977: Terpenoid aldehydes in cotton roots susceptible and resistant to the root knot nematode meloidogyne incognita

Benedict J.H., 1988: Terpenoid aldehydes in upland cottons analysis by aniline and hplc methods

Wazeer M.I.M., 1984: Terpenoid and bi flavonoid constituents of calophyllum calaba and garcinia spicata from sri lanka

Larsen R.D., 1988: Terpenoid and flavone constituents of polemonium viscosum

Debry R., 1980: Terpenoid and morphological variability of pinus quadrifolia and its natural hybridization with pinus monophylla in northern baja california mexico and adjoining usa

Debry R., 1982: Terpenoid and morphological variability of pinus quadrifolia and the natural hybridization with pinus monophylla in the san jacinto mountains of california usa

Rowe J.W., 1980: Terpenoid and other extractives of western white pine pinus monticola bark

Hanson, J. R.; Sarah, F. Y., 1979: Terpenoid biosynthesis 23. relationships between the kaurenolides and the seco ring b metabolites of gibberella fujikuroi

Bradshaw, A. P. W.; Hanson, J. R.; Nyfeler, R., 1981: Terpenoid biosynthesis 24. formation of the carbon skeleton of the sesqui terpenoid di hydro botrydial

Hanson, J. R.; O'leary, M. A.; Wadsworth, H. J., 1983: Terpenoid biosynthesis 28. the acetate and mevalonate labeling patterns of the steroid demethoxy viridin

Hanson, J. R.; O'leary, M. A.; Wadsworth, H. J., 1983: Terpenoid biosynthesis 29. cleavage of the sterol side chain in the biosynthesis of demethoxy viridin

Bramley P.M., 1988: Terpenoid biosynthesis in cell extracts of wild type and mutant strains of gibberella fujikuroi

Calvin M., 1983: Terpenoid biosynthesis in euphorbia lathyris latex

Takemoto T., 1986: Terpenoid biotransformation in mammals iv biotransformation of dextro longifolene levo caryophyllene levo caryophyllene oxide levo cyclocolorenone dextro nootkatone levo elemol levo abietic acid and dextro dehydroabietic acid in rabbits

Grant, H. G.; O'regan, P. J.; Park, R. J.; Sutherland, M. D., 1980: Terpenoid chemistry 24. 1 r 1 methoxy myodesert 3 ene an iridoid constituent of myoporum deserti myoporaceae

Russell, C. A.; Sutherland, M. D., 1982: Terpenoid chemistry 25. the absolute configuration of levo ngaione levo epi ngaione and related substances

Grant, H. G.; Russell-Maynard, C. A.; Sutherland, M. D., 1985: Terpenoid chemistry 27. further iridoid constituents 1 r 1 acetoxymyodesert 3 ene and 1 s 1 acetoxymyodesert 3 ene from myoporum deserti myoporaceae

Hegarty, B. F.; Kelly, J. R.; Park, R. J.; Sutherland, M. D., 1970: Terpenoid chemistry part 17 minus ngaione a toxic constituent of myoporum deserti the absolute configuration of minus ngaione

Duhan S.P.S., 1987: Terpenoid compositions of the essential oil derived by acid hydrolysis of nonvolatile portion of aromatic plants

Honcariv R., 1983: Terpenoid compounds from different parts of achillea collina inflorescences

Rickard C.E.F., 1986: Terpenoid constituents of morphologically similar sponges in the family aplysillidae

Junak S.A., 1987: Terpenoid constituents of three taxa of monardella

Malikov V.M., 1982: Terpenoid coumarins from ferula kokanica

Malikov V.M., 1979: Terpenoid glycoside coumarins of ferula conocaula

Kaplan I.R., 1986: Terpenoid hydrocarbons in hula basin israel peat structure and origins

Oguni, I.; Suzuki, K.; Uritani, I., 1976: Terpenoid induction in sweet potato roots by cyclic amp

Camara B., 1984: Terpenoid metabolism in plastids activity localization and substrate specificity of chlorophyll synthetase in capsicum annuum plastids

Moneger R., 1983: Terpenoid metabolism in plastids isolation and biochemical characteristics of capsicum annuum chromoplasts

Camara B., 1984: Terpenoid metabolism in plastids sites of phytoene synthetase activity and synthesis in plant cells

Andersen R.J., 1987: Terpenoid metabolites from skin extracts of the dendronotid nudibranch tochuina tetraquetra

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589117

Node, M.; Ito, N.; Uchida, I.; Fujita, E.; Fuji, K., 1985: Terpenoids 48. new diterpenoids from rabdosia shikokiana var occidentalis

Fuji, K.; Ito, N.; Uchida, I.; Fujita, E., 1985: Terpenoids 49. reactions of shikoccin oxidation catalytic reduction and conversion into the abietane skeleton

Fuji, K.; Node, M.; Ito, N.; Fujita, E.; Takeda, S.; Unemi, N., 1985: Terpenoids 50. antitumor activity of diterpenoids from rabdosia shikokiana var occidentalis

Sangaiah, R.; Rao, G. S. K., 1982: Terpenoids 55. synthesis of 5 hydroxy calamenene a phenolic sesqui terpene from bazzania tricrenata

John, T. K.; Angadi, V. B.; Rao, G. S. K., 1983: Terpenoids 61. synthesis of racemic pterosin b/

Ayanoglu, E.; Gebreyesus, T.; Beechan, C. M.; Djerassi, C., 1979: Terpenoids 76. pre capnelladiene a possible biosynthetic precursor of the capnellane skeleton

Lewis, N. J.; Macmillan, J., 1980: Terpenoids 8. partial syntheses of ent 11 beta hydroxy kaur 16 en 19 oic acid 12 alpha hydroxy kaur 16 en 19 oic acid and 12 beta hydroxy kaur 16 en 19 oic acid from grandiflorenic acid

Lewis, N. J.; Macmillan, J., 1980: Terpenoids 9. 10 alpha 9 alpha methyl migration in derivatives of grandiflorenic acid

Al Hazimi H.M.G., 1986: Terpenoids and a coumarin from ferula sinaica

Romo De Vivar A., 1984: Terpenoids and a flavan 3 ol from viguiera quinqueradiata

Campbell E.O., 1982: Terpenoids and bi benzyls from some new zealand liverworts

Ourisson G., 1981: Terpenoids and bi benzyls of 25 liverwort frullania species

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Mathela C.S., 1986: Terpenoids and polyacetylenes from erigeron linifolius

Yamakawa, K.; Nishitani, K.; Murakami, A.; Iitaka, Y., 1980: Terpenoids and related ali cyclic compounds 21. formation and x ray crystal structure of a novel spiro dimer of 6 dehydroxy santoninic acid

Yamakawa, K.; Kobayashi, M.; Hinata, S.; Satoh, T., 1980: Terpenoids and related ali cyclic compounds 23. total syntheses of racemic phomenone racemic 3 epi phomenone racemic ligularenolide and racemic furano ligularanone

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589134

Yamakawa, K.; Nishitani, K.; Murakami, A.; Yamamoto, A., 1983: Terpenoids and related ali cyclic compounds 28. chemical transformations of alpha santonin into 8 carbon lactonized eudesmanolides yomogin and dia stereo isomers of di hydro graveolide/

Yamakawa, K.; Satoh, T.; Takita, S.; Iida, T.; Iwasaki, M., 1983: Terpenoids and related ali cyclic compounds 30. application of the angular hydroxylation using benzene seleninic anhydride to the syntheses of 10 beta hydroxyfurano eremophilane derivatives/

Satoh, T.; Okuda, T.; Kaneko, Y.; Yamakawa, K., 1984: Terpenoids and related ali cyclic compounds 32. synthesis of chiral di methyl cyclo propane derivatives versatile chiral synthons for casbane lathyrane and ingenane type di terpenoids from dextro 3 carene

Yamakawa, K.; Satoh, T., 1978: Terpenoids and related ali cyclic compounds part 16 total syntheses of furano sesqui terpenes racemic furano eremophilane racemic furano ligularane racemic 9 10 dehydro furano eremophilane racemic 3 beta hydroxy furano eremophilane and racemic 3 beta furano ligularanol

Misra, D. R.; Khastgir, H. N., 1970: Terpenoids and related compounds part 11 chemical investigation of aleurites montana d and the structure of aleuritolic acid a new tri terpene acid

Talapatra, S. K.; Bhar, D. S.; Talapatra, B., 1977: Terpenoids and related compounds part 13 epoxy lupeol a new tri terpenoid from eupatorium odoratum

Talapatra, S. K.; Pradhan, D. K.; Talapatra, B., 1978: Terpenoids and related compounds part 15 3 alpha hydroxy friedel 2 one and 2 beta acetoxy friedel 3 one epicerin acetate 2 new penta cyclic tri terpenoids from cork waste their partial syntheses and 1 step conversions to friedelin

Sengupta, P.; Saha, S. K., 1977: Terpenoids and related compounds part 23 synthesis of d homo progesterone and d homo ii keto progesterone analogs of friedelin

Das K.G., 1979: Terpenoids and related compounds part 25 structures of the 25 nortri terpenoids putrol and putrone

Sengupta, P.; Sen, M.; Nagaraja-Rao, S., 1978: Terpenoids and related compounds part 27 lithium and ethylenediamine reduction of tri terpenoid 1 3 dienes

Andreev S., 1987: Terpenoids from a black sea bryozoan conopeum seuratum

Cheng Y S., 1987: Terpenoids from calocedrus formosana

Rastogi R.P., 1981: Terpenoids from cedrus deodara

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Barrero A.F., 1988: Terpenoids from leaves of juniperus thurifera

Basabe Barcala P., 1988: Terpenoids from nepeta tuberosa ssp reticulata ii

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589151

Deep M.S.H., 1987: Terpenoids from salvia lanigera

Quecuty M.A., 1988: Terpenoids from sideritis varoi

Onorato M.E., 1986: Terpenoids from sideritis varoi ssp oriensis

Van Altena I.A., 1988: Terpenoids from the brown alga cystophora moniliformis

Berezovskaya T.P., 1987: Terpenoids from the essential oil of ledum hypoleucum

Cheminat A., 1986: Terpenoids from the french liverwort targionia hypophylla

Faarax M.X., 1985: Terpenoids from the latex of euphorbia ruspolii

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Hirose Y., 1985: Terpenoids from the seed of chamaecyparis pisifera the structures of 6 diterpenoids

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Siddiqui S., 1988: Terpenoids from the stem bark of azadirachta indica

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Serykh E.A., 1983: Terpenoids of essential oil of ledum palustre var vulgare

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Asakawa Y., 1988: Terpenoids of pleurozia acinosa

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Kaiya T., 1983: Terpenoids of rhododendron japonicum

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Vig, O. P.; Bari, S. S.; Sood, O. P.; Sharma, S. D., 1976: Terpenoids part 121 synthesis of 3 iso propenyl 4 methyl 4 vinyl cyclo hexanone racemic geijerone

Vig, O. P.; Ram, B.; Bari, S. S.; Sharma, S. D., 1976: Terpenoids part 122 synthesis of dl bi cyclo elemene

Vig, O. P.; Sharma, S. D.; Sharma, M. L.; Bari, S. S., 1976: Terpenoids part 123 syntheses of dl fokienol and dl 9 oxo nerolidol

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589185

Vig, O. P.; Ram, B.; Atwal, K. S.; Bari, S. S., 1976: Terpenoids part 125 a new synthesis of humulene 2 6 6 9 tetra methyl cyclo undeca 1 4 8 triene

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589187

Vig, O. P.; Sharma, S. D.; Bari, S. S.; Kumar, S. D., 1977: Terpenoids part 128 synthesis of 7 methyl 3 methylene 6 octen 1 01 gamma geraniol

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Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589193

Fujita, E.; Fujita, T.; Katayama, K., 1970: Terpenoids part 14 formal chemical conversion of enmein into ent kaurene atisine garryine and veatchine

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589195

Node, M.; Hori, H.; Fujita, E., 1976: Terpenoids part 38 ring b contraction of kauranolides and related compounds into gibberellane type compounds

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589197

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Wilson W.T., 1980: Terramycin does not inhibit or enhance chalkbrood ascosphaera apis infections

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Ormiston A.R., 1982: Terranovia arctic vicariant of the devonian lichid ceratarges trilobita

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589219

Couturier C.P., 1985: Terrapin primary afferent projections studied by spatial analyses of spinal cord potentials

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Koller, W.; Rotter, M.; Kundi, M.; Mittermayer, H.; Wewalka, G., 1977: Test method for the evaluation of procedures for the hygienic disinfection of hands part 2 bases and comments illustrated by an example

Abbink D., 1987: Test methods for antifungal agents a critical review

Ahmad M., 1987: Test monitoring in young grade school children

Angell R.W., 1980: Test morphogenesis chamber formation in the foraminifer spiroloculina hyalina

Berthold, W. U., 1976: Test morphology and morphogenesis in patellina corrugata foraminiferida

Severin K.P., 1983: Test morphology of benthic foraminifera as a discriminator of biofacies

Huddleston R.W., 1984: Test morphology of the problematic microfossil bicornifera lagaaiji oligocene gulf coast usa

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589789

Borisy G.G., 1980: Test of 4 possible mechanisms for the temporal control of spindle and cytoplasmic micro tubule assembly in hela cells

Ratti J.T., 1986: Test of a critical density index assumption a case study with gray partridge

Collins J.P., 1980: Test of a hypothesis of territory regulation in an insectivorous bird pipilo erythrophthalmus montanus by experimentally increasing prey abundance

Frazier P.J., 1980: Test of a method to determine socially acceptable occlusal conditions

Elwood, J. W.; Eyman, L. D., 1976: Test of a model for predicting the body burden of trace contaminants in aquatic consumers

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589795

Webb C.J., 1981: Test of a model predicting equilibrium frequencies of females in populations of gynodioecious angiosperms

Schumacher G.E., 1979: Test of a novel method for analysis of the efficacy of anti hypertensive drugs

Schmidt D., 1980: Test of a pion range monitor using the radiative capture of pions on protons

Keidel, W. D.; Engelen, S.; Rix, R., 1971: Test of a systematic theoretical clarification of the alpha rhythm of the human electro encephalogram

Fehler K., 1980: Test of a technique for coprological examination modified according to kato for applicability to parasitological diagnosis in veterinary medicine

Goldstein B., 1985: Test of a theory relating to the cross linking of immunoglobulin e antibody on the surface of human basophils

Ducassou D., 1986: Test of a versatile on line distortion corrector for a gamma camera

Griffiths D., 1982: Test of alternative models of prey consumption by predators using ant lion macroleon quinquemaculatus larvae

Plommet, M.; Bosseray, N., 1977: Test of anti brucellosis vaccine by counting brucella abortus in the spleen of vaccinated or nonvaccinated mice inoculated intra peritoneally

Accettura V., 1985: Test of attention evaluation of the performance of umpires in comparison with a control group

Brown J.R., 1986: Test of auditory comprehension a comparison of hearing impaired and normal hearing listeners

Takaoka H., 1981: Test of bacillus thuringiensis var israelensis as a larvicide for simulium ochraceum the central american vector of onchocerciasis

France R.L., 1987: Test of biotic and abiotic environmental determinants of amphipod hyalella azteca preamplexus

Willeke H., 1981: Test of boars for fertility a necessity for animal husbandry and economics?

Wardecker A.L., 1980: Test of caging materials for the confinement of honey bee apis mellifera colonies in the hot dry climate of the southwestern usa

Sutherland D., 1985: Test of catechol tannic acid bidens pilosa croton oil and phorbol for cocarcinogenesis of esophageal tumors induced in rats by methyl n amylnitrosamine

Fleay, R. F.; Thomas, B. W., 1975: Test of chelation process to remove arsenic from a biological system using neutron activation

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589814

Sondheimer S.J., 1987: Test of cure analysis by direct immunofluorescence for chlamydia trachomatis after antimicrobial therapy

Phillips S.A., 1987: Test of cure for gonorrhea in teenagers who complies and does continuity of care help

Ericsson, C. D.; Dupont, H. L.; Mathewson, J. J.; Johnson, P. C.; Javier-De-La-Cabada, F.; Bitsura, J. A. M., 1988: Test of cure stool cultures for traveler's diarrhea

Lombardi B., 1981: Test of diesel exhaust emissions in the rat liver foci assay

Cemicka Z., 1982: Test of effectiveness of anti microbial preservatives in drugs methodical questions

Sagath, J.; Martincova, R.; Cemicka, Z.; Skachova, M.; Babik, I., 1985: Test of effectiveness of antimicrobial preservation in drugs 2. proposal of criterion

Withers H.R., 1980: Test of equal effect per fraction and estimation of initial clonogen number in micro colony assays of survival after fractionated irradiation

Martinez, F.; Fiori-Savary, N., 1976: Test of hand pointing movements in response to sound stimuli in blind subjects preliminary results

Kuczewska B., 1983: Test of histamine release from basophilic granulocytes under effect of specific allergen and anti immuno globulin e in diagnosis of bronchial asthma

Kothe H W., 1985: Test of implanted polyurethane concerning its biological compatibility

Pinon J., 1986: Test of inhibition of cambial activity of poplar by hypoxylon mammatum development and application

Parizek J., 1985: Test of inhibition of leukocyte migration in children with celiac sprue

Marckwardt E. , 1985: Test of laying hen feed with varied vitamin e and antioxidant supplementation

Urcan, S.; Stanciu, L.; Popescu, S.; Georoceanu, A., 1983: Test of leukocyte migration inhibition 1. value of the test in the diagnosis of certain immune diseases

Stanciu, L.; Radu, S. U. D.; Itu, I.; Popescu, S., 1984: Test of leukocyte migration inhibition 2. comparative study of the techniques in capillary tubes and in agarose

Lloyd D.C.E.F., 1984: Test of lifting and handling capacity their repeatability and relationship to back symptoms

Iwasaki, T.; O'hara, H.; Matsumoto, S.; Matsudaira, H., 1978: Test of magnetic sensitivity in 3 different biological systems

Dixon K., 1984: Test of models for replication of sv 40 dna following uv irradiation

Dixon K., 1987: Test of models for the sequence specificity of uv induced mutations in mammalian cells

Potapova, S. G.; Demidova, N. V.; Kozinets, G. I., 1978: Test of nitro blue tetrazolium reduction test in normal conditions and during acute leukemia

Teichmann, B.; Hauschild, F., 1978: Test of o o di methyl 1 hydroxy 2 2 2 trichloroethyl phosphonate trichlorfon for carcinogenic activity in mice by oral esophageal gastric intubation intra peritoneal and dermal application

Teichmann, B.; Hauschild, F.; Eckelmann, A., 1978: Test of o o di methyl 1 hydroxy 2 2 2 trichloroethyl phosphonate trichlorfon for carcinogenic activity in rats by oral esophageal gastric intubation and intra peritoneal application

Teichmann, B.; Schmidt, A., 1978: Test of o o di methyl 1 hydroxy 2 2 2 trichloroethyl phosphonate trichlorfon for carcinogenic activity in syrian golden hamsters mesocricetus auratus by intra peritoneal administration

Prusa, V. V. V., 1978: Test of ointment fungicides for the therapy of injuries and limitation of gummosis in cherry trees

Krebs, J. R.; Kacelnik, A.; Taylor, P., 1978: Test of optimal sampling by foraging great tits

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589841

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589842

Riboldi J., 1984: Test of polycross progenies and cultivars of alfalfa medicago sativa

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589844

Vilhelmova M., 1987: Test of prolongation of skin graft survival by blood injections provides evidence for presence of a new histocompatibility locus in the b g region of chicken mhc

Nip W.K., 1985: Test of quality of israeli prawns following export and storage

Gebhardt G., 1981: Test of quantitative feed restriction from the 3rd week of life onwards in the rearing of pullets of fattening strains kept in cages

Cekan S.Z., 1981: Test of radio immunoassay validity in the presence of an isotope effect

Tanaka K., 1985: Test of recurrence after experimental radiation therapy of chemically induced autochthonous tumors in mosaic mice

Gallivan J., 1986: Test of reliability of componential analysis of motion verbs

Guise B.J., 1983: Test of reliability of perception of parental and childhood illness behavior

Stone C.J., 1988: Test of sequential feeding regimes for larvae of elminius modestus darwin cirripedia balanomorpha

Naumann S., 1985: Test of short straw winter rye varieties on a locality far from groundwater

Wilson, D. L., 1978: Test of some aging hypotheses using 2 dimensional protein mapping

Skochinskaya N.N., 1986: Test of soybean nodule bacteria in a greenhouse experiment and the use of certain mathematical methods to estimate the significance of the results obtained

Kawabata, N., 1976: Test of statistical stability of the electro encephalogram

Fanton V., 1988: Test of the absolute effect of size on heaviness

Crowley J.M., 1983: Test of the assumptions underlying comparative hearing aid evaluations

Tsankov, G.; Ovcharov, D.; Mirchev, P., 1987: Test of the biotechnical preparation dimilin for control of the thaumetopoea pityocampa schiff. in forest biocenoses

Deliu C., 1983: Test of the capacity for vegetative multiplication using techniques of micro propagation in vitro for some woody ornamentals

Parkinson B., 1983: Test of the dissipation hypothesis of hypnotic amnesia

Smulski H., 1987: Test of the effectiveness of padma 28 in the treatment of patients with chronic arterial circulation disturbances

Farrar R.M., 1981: Test of the exponential distribution for stand structure definition in uneven aged loblolly pine pinus taeda shortleaf pine pinus echinata stands

Nall, B. T.; Garel, J. R.; Baldwin, R. L., 1978: Test of the extended 2 state model for the kinetic intermediates observed in the folding transition of rnase a

Yeh F.C.H., 1987: Test of the first on first in pollination hypothesis in coastal douglas fir

Ross, D. M.; Ross, S. A., 1978: Test of the generality of bobrow and bowers comprehension hypothesis

Juriloff, D. M.; Trasler, D. G., 1976: Test of the hypothesis that embryonic face shape is a causal factor in genetic predisposition to cleft lip in mice

Larimer J., 1980: Test of the identity of the site of blue yellow hue cancellation and the site of chromatic antagonism in the pi 1 pathway

Sheldrick B.H., 1986: Test of the leco chn 600 determinator for soil carbon and nitrogen analysis

Cumming G., 1986: Test of the neurolinguistic programming hypothesis that eye movements relate to processing imagery

Price, G. R., 1976: Test of the neutrality hypothesis

Schlenzka D., 1988: Test of the physical work load in amputated skiers

Sheldrick, B. H.; Mckeague, J. A., 1976: Test of the plummet balance and a comparison of some procedures for particle size analysis

Martel E., 1988: Test of the prevention of blindness health education program for ethiopian primary schools

Graham, E. F.; Vazquez, I.; Schmehl, M., 1977: Test of the quality of semen with the use of the sephadex filter

Coan M.E., 1986: Test of the sheep ked melophagus ovinus as a vector of anaplasma ovis

Wollmann, H.; Patrunky, M.; Zimmermann, M., 1982: Test of the stability of some salicylic acid derivatives in substance 9. the stability of pharmaceuticals and preparations

Hatfield J.L., 1979: Test of the stress degree day concept using multiple planting dates of red kidney beans phaseolus vulgaris

Calvert, J. G., 1976: Test of the theory of ozone generation in los angeles california usa atmosphere

Fehr R.C., 1986: Test of the validity of the vando reducer augmenter scale

Elliott, E. A.; Dawson, S. V., 1977: Test of wave speed theory of flow limitation in elastic tubes

Annear T.C., 1987: Test of weighted usable area estimates derived from a phabsim model for instream flow studies on trout streams

Van Der Bemden S., 1987: Test of zinc sulfate overloading in patients suffering from tinnitus associated with hypozincemia preliminary report

Yasuno M., 1979: Test on chironomidae larvae susceptibility to various insecticides

Vasil'ev, V. N.; Matlina, E. Sh, 1977: Test on the administration of l dopa for the evaluation of catecholamine biosynthesis in vivo in humans in normal and pathological states

Sheu T T., 1981: Test on the improved techniques for rice leaf beetle oulema oryzae control

Finogenova M.P., 1984: Test on the left handed helix of the poly l proline type ii in peptides

Hirata H., 1983: Test on the use of electrode respirometer for the rotifer brachionus plicatilis

Lehmann C., 1988: Test ordering by multiple physicians increases unnecessary laboratory examinations

Kazeniac S.J., 1979: Test paper for detection of lip oxygenase

Et Al, 1985: Test pattern for video displays and hard copy cameras

Suls J., 1982: Test performance as a function of the hard driving and speed components of the type a coronary prone behavior pattern

Frerichs, W. E.; Ely, R., 1978: Test porosity as a paleo environmental tool in the late cretaceous of the western interior usa

Dow, R. L., 1977: Test porosity in neogloboquadrina pachyderma in late miocene to recent deep sea drilling project site 284 south pacific

Miller M.F., 1984: Test procedures and scoring criteria to evaluate toothbrush effectiveness

Hammond P.E., 1985: Test procedures for continuous flow anesthetic apparatus

Sekiguchi S., 1985: Test production and clinical use of human leukocyte interferon in hokkaido red cross blood center japan

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589898

Weber U., 1987: Test program for evaluation of stress asthma

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589901

Thompson C.C., 1979: Test re test gains in wechsler adult intelligence scale scores after 4 re test intervals

Berent S., 1981: Test re test iq changes of epilepsy patients assessing the influence of practice effects

Weitzman R.A., 1984: Test re test reliability of a formula scored multiple choice test

Mcdonald Scott P., 1982: Test re test reliability of assessing psychiatrically ill patients in a multicenter design

Dengerink H.A., 1983: Test re test reliability of auditory threshold and temporary threshold shift

Battle J., 1981: Test re test reliability of developmental tests of visual motor association

Dengerink H.A., 1983: Test re test reliability of the acoustic stapedius reflex

Wallbrown, F. H.; Wallbrown, J. D.; Engin, A. W., 1976: Test re test reliability of the bender gestalt for 1st grade children

Golden C.J., 1982: Test re test reliability of the clinical factor and localization scales of the luria nebraska neuro psychological battery

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589911

Carter C., 1982: Test re test reliability of the hand test with acting out adolescent subjects

Lundquist T., 1980: Test re test reliability of the hand test with older adults

Vestre N.D., 1984: Test re test reliability of the idea inventory

Rotatori, A. F., 1978: Test re test reliability of the quick test for mentally retarded children

Stenner A.J., 1982: Test re test reliability of the self observation scale

Richardson K., 1980: Test re test reliability of the test for auditory comprehension of language when it is used with mentally retarded children

Sheffler M.V., 1981: Test re test stability and effects of psycho physical methods on the speech loudness discomfort level

Watson B.U., 1983: Test re test stability of the hiskey nebraska test of learning aptitude in a sample of hearing impaired children and adolescents

Magnuson B., 1984: Test re test variability of eustachian tube responses in children and persistent middle ear effusion

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589921

Holmes, B.; Willcox, W. R.; Lapage, S. P.; Malnick, H., 1977: Test reproducibility of the api 20e enterotube and pathotec systems

Henderson A.R., 1983: Test request patterns for clinical chemistry in a british and a canadian renal dialysis unit

Pyatrowski P.Ya, 1980: Test results of introduced arboreal and shrub species used as shelter belts on reclaimed peat bogs of the belorussian polesye belorussian ssr ussr

Chepurnov A.V., 1987: Test results of laboratory closed cycle installations for fish rearing

Miyamoto T., 1985: Test results of objective screening color anomalies and reduction color vision tester

Mamaladze, L. P., 1978: Test results of some acaricides against hawthorn mites on plum plantings

Schardt A., 1987: Test results on the determination of physical strain in day nursery educators

Kim Y.M., 1988: Test retest differences and assistive function in detecting conductive hearing loss of impedance audiometry

Cocke T.B., 1988: Test retest reliability and concurrent validity of the morrow assessment of nausea and emesis mane for the assessment of cancer chemotherapy related nausea and vomiting

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589931

Pfister H., 1987: Test retest reliability of a standardized psychiatric interview dis cidi

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589933

Tune L.E., 1986: Test retest reliability of information processing measures among chronic schizophrenics

Faulstich M.E., 1987: Test retest reliability of psychophysiological assessment

Steinberg H., 1985: Test retest reliability of spectral parameters of the electroencephalogram

Ross J.E., 1988: Test retest reliability of the arden grating test inter tester variability

Graybill, D., 1986: Test retest reliability of the children's form of the rosenzweig picture frustration study

Stoner S., 1985: Test retest reliability of the hand test with institutionalized mentally retarded adults

Ventry I.M., 1986: Test retest reliability of the hearing handicap inventory for the elderly

Fekken G.C., 1988: Test retest reliability of the hopelessness scale and its items in a university population

Naglieri J.A., 1986: Test retest reliability of the matrix analogies test short form

Knudsen J., 1986: Test retest reliability of the minnesota leisure time physical activity questionnaire

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589944

Hall M.M., 1987: Test retest reliability of the profile of mood states using visually impaired athletes

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589946

Simo S., 1985: Test retest reliability of the spanish version of the junior eysenck personality questionnaire

Grimsley D.L., 1987: Test retest reliability of the stanton survey honesty test

Randall D.M., 1985: Test retest stability of the wechsler adult intelligence scale revised in a clinical sample

Larson S.M., 1987: Test retest studies of cerebral glucose metabolism using fluorine 18 deoxyglucose validation of method

Kripal J.P., 1987: Test retest variability of auditory event related potentials

Whorton J.E., 1985: Test retest wechsler intelligence scale for children revised scores for 310 educable mentally retarded and specific learning disabled students

Woelfel H., 1981: Test series on the effectiveness of strips of film with phosphorescent pigments in the prevention of damage by game

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589955

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589956

Lambert J.L., 1986: Test strip for the rapid identification of sulfite on foods

Bruns, W. T.; Connell, T. R.; Lacey, J. A.; Whisler, K. E., 1977: Test strip meconium screening for cystic fibrosis

Kutter D., 1980: Test strips for rationalizing microscopic tests of urinary sediment

Jorgensen P.J., 1981: Test strips for semi quantitative measurement of protein blood and glucose in the urine

Hansen H.J., 1979: Test structure and evolution in the foraminifera

Coleman A.R., 1980: Test structure and function of the agglutinated foraminifera clavulina

Smirnova T.N., 1985: Test structure of brachiopods from the family kraussinidae

Hallock P., 1988: Test surface degradation in archaias angulatus

Zhdanov V.M., 1984: Test system for detection and differentiation of influenza virus by enzyme immunoassay

Glazer, V. M.; Kagan, V. E.; Abilev, S. K.; Savov, V. M.; Beim, A. M.; Kozlov-Yu, P., 1983: Test systems for bio monitoring based on membrane bound enzyme complexes 3. evaluation of the geno toxic effect of industrial effluents using the ames test system with metabolic activation by microsomal mono oxygenases

Kozlov-Yu, P.; Kagan, V. E.; Beim, A. M.; Dobrina, S. K.; Kotelevtsev, S. V.; Novikov, K. N.; Savov, V. M.; Serbinova, E. A., 1983: Test systems for bio monitoring on the basis of membrane bound enzyme complexes 1. study of oxygenases with mixed functions in liver microsomes of fish endemic to lake baikal ussr

Glazer, V. M.; Savov, V. M.; Abilev, S. K.; Shesterin, S. I.; Beim, A. M.; Kagan, V. E., 1984: Test systems for biomonitoring based on membrane bound enzyme complexes 4. an evaluation of the genotoxic effects on an ames test system in which metabolic activation is accomplished through microsomal monooxygenases from fish liver

Stepanova, L. I.; Kotelevtsev, S. V.; Komarov, P. G.; Novikov, K. N.; Glazer, V. M.; Beim, A. M.; Kozlov-Yu, P., 1985: Test systems for biomonitoring on the basis of membrane bound enzyme complexes 5. induction of mixed function monooxygenases in the liver microsomes of lake baikal russian sfsr ussr fishes

Muchaud M., 1981: Test systems for detection of human t associated immuno globulin related surface determinants using chicken anti globulin reagents

Harvey A.L., 1988: Test taking behavior under formula and number right scoring conditions

Shapiro A.P., 1986: Test taking behaviors by hypertensive and normotensive individuals

Binswanger U., 1984: Test tape for investigation of urine criteria to exclude normal samples from microscopic sediment examination

Bajaj Y.P.S., 1979: Test tube fertilization and development of maize zea mays plants

Kuboyama M., 1982: Test tube method for counting bifidobacteria in commercial dairy and pharmaceutical bacteria products

Maduewesi, J. N. C.; Lockwood, J. L., 1976: Test tube method of bioassay for thielaviopsis basicola root rot of soybean

Barker W.W., 1988: Test ultrastructure and taphonomy of the monothalamous agglutinated foraminifer cribrothalammina alba new genus new combination heron allen and earland

Conger, S. D.; Green, H. W-Ii ; Lipps, J. H., 1977: Test ultrastructure of some calcareous foraminifera

Haman D., 1986: Test ultrastructure of the problematic microfossil bicornifera lagaaiji keij from the gulf coastal usa plain oligocene

Berezantsev-Yu, A.; Mezhazakis, F. I.; Lavrova, V. P., 1978: Test using poly vinyl chloride bands with an adhesive layer for diagnosing enterobiasis in leningrad ussr

Lai F.S., 1986: Test weight hardness and breakage susceptibility of yellow dent corn hybrids

Vasil'ev, V. N.; Chugunov, V. S., 1983: Test with 0.1 grams of l dopa in clinical studies of neuroses and neurosis like states

Bridges T.L., 1984: Testa characterization of selected caesalpinioideae leguminosae genera

Glueck, J. A.; Clark, L. E.; Smith, O. D., 1977: Testa comparisons of 4 peanut cultivars

Ehler, N., 1976: Testa micro morphology in the genus euphorbia

Saint Martin M., 1986: Testa micromorphology of some papilionaceae

Kravtsova T.I., 1986: Testa structure and development in some orobanchaceae species in the flora of the ussr

Lersten N.R., 1981: Testa topography in leguminosae subfamily papilionoideae

Fink, E. B.; Carpenter, W. T. Jr ; Sacks, M. H.; Langsner, C. A., 1977: Testability and group phenomenon in schizophrenia

Van Der Steen W.J., 1981: Testability and temperature adaptation

Dekhtyar M.N., 1979: Testacea as indicators of trophic level in bodies of water

Moldovan I., 1985: Testacea protozoa rhizopoda in forest litters of the bucegi mountains romania

Opravilova V., 1983: Testacea protozoa rhizopoda of the jihlava river near hrubsice czechoslovakia

Haman D., 1986: Testacealobosa from big bear lake california usa with comments on difflugia tricuspis carter 1856

Lena H., 1983: Testacealobosia protozoa rhizopoda of melbourne florida usa

Chibisova O.I., 1981: Testacean amoeba gromia neglecta new species and its use in the bio indication of sewage treatment

Branson, B. A., 1976: Testacella haliotidea free living in pennsylvania usa

Section 7, Chapter 6590, Accession 006589998

Korganova G.A., 1985: Testacida amoeba protozoa in various environments and adaptive features of soil forms

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