Tertiary calcareous nanno plankton and benthic foraminifera bio stratigraphy of the point arena area california usa

Miller, P.L.

Micropaleontology (New York) 27(4): 419-443


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-2803
Accession: 006589589

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Calcareous nannofossils recovered from Tertiary rocks on the coast of northern California (latitude 39.degree. N) provide definitive biostratigraphic criteria for dating depositional events and for determining time distribution of benthic foraminifers. About 20 million years of the later Paleogene geologic record, from Middle Eocene to Middle Oligocene time, appears to be missing within the northern segment of the Salinian Block, but Oligocene-Miocene nannofossil zonation can be correlated with the radiometrically-calibrated Zemorrian-Saucesian Stage boundary. Nannofossil zonation of middle Tertiary rocks deposited in the open marine, deep-water turbidite environment of the Point Arena Basin indicates that many associated deep-water benthic foraminifers are time-transgressive, while a relative few are time-restrictive. Nannofossil floras of the Late Oligocene to Middle Miocene section near Point Arena can also be compared to assemblages described from Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 173.