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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6594

Chapter 6594 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Takkunen J.T., 1987: Thallium scintigraphy in prediction of occlusion of bypass grafts in asymptomatic and symptomatic patients

Wilson, I. C.; Dean, A. C. R., 1977: Thallium sensitivity and tolerance in klebsiella pneumoniae

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593002

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593003

Schoer J., 1987: Thallium transfer from soils to plants correlation between chemical form and plant uptake

Daniel E.E., 1983: Thallium uptake by canine iliac arteries

Hong, W. S., 1977: Thalloid hepaticae of montana usa and phyto geographical relationships to neighboring states and provinces

Medyannikov V.M., 1981: Thallome ultrastructure and transport of photosynthetic products in marine brown algae sargassum pallidum sargassaceae

Gunatilaka, A., 1976: Thallophyte boring and micritization within skeletal sands from connemara western ireland

Katayama M., 1986: Thallophytic allelopathy isolation and identification of laetisaric acid

Daniel E.E., 1981: Thallous ion activation of p nitrophenyl phosphatase of rat myometrium plasma membrane

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593011

Janacek K., 1988: Thallous ion interactions with the transport of ions in the alga hydrodictyon reticulatum

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593013

Friedl T., 1987: Thallus development and phycobionts of the parasitic lichen diploschistes muscorum

Galatis B., 1988: Thallus development in dictyopteris membranacea phaeophyta dictyotales

Tripodi G., 1987: Thallus morphology and spore formation in cultured erythrocladia irregularis rosenvinge rhodophyta bangiophycidae

Larson D.W., 1984: Thallus size as a complicating factor in the physiological ecology of lichens

Whitfield A., 1987: Thallus tip structure and matrix development in bryoria fuscescens

Allender, B. M.; Smith, G. G., 1978: Thallus variation in hormophysa triquetra fucales phaeophyta in oceanic and estuarine habitats

Schiecke, U., 1971: Thambema new record isopoda asellota in the mediterranean thambema amicorum from the gulf of naples italy and remarks on the diagnosis of the genus

Dugdale J.S., 1987: Thambotricha vates meyrick reassigned to epermeniidae lepidoptera epermenioidea

Hollin, J. T., 1977: Thames interglacial sites ipswichian sea levels and antarctic ice surges

Pereira G., 1982: Thamnocephalus venezuelensis new species anostraca thamnocephalidae 1st report of thamnocephalus new record in south america

Finney S.C., 1980: Thamnograptid dichograptid and abrograptid graptolites from the middle ordovician athens shale of alabama usa

Vite, J. P.; Williamson, D. L., 1970: Thanasimus dubius prey perception

Rodrigues Coqueiro G., 1981: Thanatephorus cucumeris pellicularia filamentosa on rubber seedlings growing in nurseries in felixlandia minas gerais brazil

Currah R.S., 1987: Thanatephorus pennatus new species isolated from mycorrhizal roots of calypso bulbosa orchidaceae from alberta canada

Aggarwal N.K., 1985: Thanatophoric dwarfism

Frahm R., 1986: Thanatophoric dwarfism

Lee G S., 1980: Thanatophoric dwarfism

Reinken, L.; Frisch, H.; Hoepfel, I., 1978: Thanatophoric dwarfism

Adetoro O.O., 1986: Thanatophoric dwarfism in a nigerian child

Tan S.L., 1987: Thanatophoric dwarfism three case reports

Mauduit Astolfi J.I., 1985: Thanatophoric dwarfism with clover skull report of one case and review of the literature

Sundvist L., 1983: Thanatophoric dysplasia 3 cases

Tufano E.C.L., 1981: Thanatophoric dysplasia a case of long survival

De Elejalde M.M., 1985: Thanatophoric dysplasia fetal manifestations and prenatal diagnosis

Kabashima S., 1981: Thanatophoric dysplasia of identical twins

Carlberg U., 1986: Thanatosis and autotomy as defense in baculum sp 1 insecta phasmida

Christensen S.B., 1986: Thapsigargin a histamine secretagogue is a non 12 o tetradecanoylphorbol 13 acetate type tumor promoter in two stage mouse skin carcinogenesis

Christophersen C., 1982: Thapsigargin and thapsigargicin 2 histamine liberating sesqui terpene lactones from thapsia garganica x ray analysis of the 7 11 epoxide of thapsigargin

Rasmussen, U.; Christensen, S. B.; Sandberg, F., 1978: Thapsigargine and thapsigargicine 2 new histamine liberators from thapsia garganica

Hedley A.K., 1982: Tharies surface replacement for osteo necrosis of the femoral head

Schulz K., 1981: Tharybis minor s copepoda calanoida tharybidae from the slope waters of northwest africa with remarks on the genus tharybis

Pascoe P.L., 1983: Tharyx marioni polychaeta a remarkable accumulator of arsenic

Cooperrider T.S., 1985: Thaspium and zizia umbelliferae in ohio usa

Dickens R., 1984: Thatch accumulation in bermuda grass cynodon dactylon x cynodon transvaalensis as influenced by cultural practices

Steinegger D.H., 1980: Thatch accumulation in kentucky blue grass poa pratensis as influenced by cultivar mowing and nitrogen

Riordan T.P., 1986: Thatch accumulation in tall fescue festuca arundinacea turfs

Burns R.E., 1987: Thatch and quality of tifway bermudagrass turf in relation to fertility and cultivation

Halisky P.M., 1981: Thatch and quality of zoysia zoysia japonica cultivar meyer in relation to management

Law A.G., 1979: Thatch and tiller size as influenced by residue management in kentucky blue grass seed production

Eggens J.L., 1980: Thatch control on creeping bent grass turf

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593054

Theischinger G., 1979: Thaumalea malickyi new species from crete diptera nematocera thaumaleidae

Joost W., 1979: Thaumalea martinovskyi new species from the caucasus ussr

Vaillant, F., 1977: Thaumaleidae from europe diptera

Wagner R., 1981: Thaumaleids from the mediterranean area diptera

Poinar G.O.Jr, 1981: Thaumamermis cosgrovei new genus new species mermithidae nematoda parasitizing terrestrial isopods isopoda oniscoidea

Kornicker L.S., 1985: Thaumatoconcha porosa new species of abyssal ostracod from the indian ocean halocyprida thaumatocypridae

Gaudant J., 1981: Thaumaturus pisces teleostei a fossil osteoglossomorpha from the european cenozoic

Tsankov G., 1985: Thaumetopoea pinivora new record in bulgaria

Texier L., 1979: Thaumetopoea pityocampa caterpillar and man morphology of venom apparatus epidemiological investigation

Halperin J., 1983: Thaumetopoea solitaria lepidoptera thaumetopoeidae in israel

Texier L., 1986: Thaumetopoein an urticating protein from the hairs and integument of the pine processionary caterpillar thaumetopoea pityocampa lepidoptera thaumetopoeidae

Davey, C. L.; Gilbert, K. V., 1976: Thaw contracture and the disappearance of atp in frozen lamb

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593067

Jondet, R.; Rabadeux, Y.; Jondet, M., 1975: Thawing at 75 and 35 celsius of bull sperm frozen in 0.25 ml straws

Ciotola R.T., 1988: Thawing of fresh frozen plasma at 45 c versus 37 c comparison using satellite packs of the same donor units

Bondrup-Nielsen, S., 1977: Thawing of frozen prey by boreal and saw whet owls

Nebel R.L., 1984: Thawing optimums for bovine spermatozoa processed by 3 methods and packaged in continental and french straws

Kupferschmied H., 1982: Thawing time and nonreturn rate of bovine semen frozen in fine french straws

Hayakawa K I., 1986: Thawing time of frozen food of a rectangular or finitely cylindrical shape

Sekar G., 1982: Thaxteriellopsis lingicola and its moorella anamorph

Gupta R.C., 1988: Thaxterina new genus tuberiferous ascomycete with multispored asci from india

Halling R.E., 1981: Thaxters thaxterogasters and other chilean hypogeous fungi

Ticzon, A. R.; Damato, A. N.; Caracta, A. R.; Lau, S. H.; Bobb, G. A., 1976: The 1 2 3 4 phenomenon atrio ventricular nodal gap in the dog

Reynafarje B., 1980: The 1 2 3 benzothiadiazoles a new type of compound acting on coupling site i in rat liver mitochondria

Ivanetich K.M., 1982: The 1 2 di chloro ethylenes their metabolism by hepatic cytochrome p 450 in vitro

Mueller J., 1983: The 1 3 5 di tert butylphenyl 1 methylethoxy carbonyl residue a protecting group cleavable under extremely mild acidic conditions

Erker T., 1988: The 1 3 dipolar cycloaddition as an approach to novel tricyclic o n and s n heterocycles

Barthels R., 1982: The 1 3 dithian 2 ylmethoxycarbonyl group as 2 step amino protective function in peptide chemistry

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593083

Serve M.P., 1980: The 1 alkoxy 4 5 dichloro 1 2 3 benzotriazole system

Norman A.W., 1983: The 1 alpha hydroxylation of 24 hydroxy vitamin d 3 by chick kidney homogenates

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593086

Light, R. W.; Conrad, S. A.; George, R. B., 1977: The 1 best test for evaluating the effects of broncho dilator therapy

Morvay, J.; Falkay, G.; Sas, M., 1973: The 1 cystine amino peptidase content of human semen

Ilan, Y. A.; Czapski, G.; Meisel, D., 1976: The 1 electron transfer redox potentials of free radicals part 1 the oxygen super oxide system

Darling D.B., 1983: The 1 film urogram in urinary tract infection in children

Osnes M., 1985: The 1 gram carbon 14 d xylose breath test in gallstone patients with and without duodenal diverticula

Lloyd Still J.D., 1980: The 1 hour blood xylose test in the evaluation of mal absorption in infants and children

Mccarry B.E., 1983: The 1 nitro pyrene reductase of salmonella typhimurium

Thompson G.A., 1979: The 1 point method in predicting dosage regimen in case of hepatic and or renal failure in presence or absence of change in volume of distribution

Hirai, N.; Okamoto, M.; Koshimizu, K., 1986: The 1' 4' trans diol of abscisic acid a possible precursor of abscisic acid in botrytis cinerea

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593096

Boari G., 1986: The 10 cubic meters per hour rim nut demonstration plant at west bari italy for removing and recovering nitrogen and phosphorus from wastewater

Smith D.R., 1984: The 10 diopter base down fixation test for amblyopia comparison of techniques

Marsden H.S., 1986: The 10 kilodalton virion phosphoprotein encoded by gene us 9 from herpes simplex virus type 1

Mccartney P., 1982: The 10 year follow up of the bedford england uk survey 1962 1972 glucose tolerance and diabetes

Kono R., 1982: The 10 year follow up of the persistence of humoral antibody to rubella virus acquired by vaccination with the japanese to 336 vaccine

Bates T.D., 1988: The 10 year results of a prospective trial of post operative radiotherapy delivered in 3 fractions per week versus 2 fractions per week in breast carcinoma

Gel'fand V.I., 1986: The 100 kilodalton cytoskeletal protein is a component of endosomes involved in receptor mediated endocytosis

Izumi, K., 1978: The 100 megahertz proton nmr spectra of phenyl thio hydantoin derivatives of amino acids/

Kivilaan, A.; Bandurski, R. S., 1981: The 100 year period for w. j. beals seed viability experiment

Buss, W. C., 1977: The 105 millimeter camera as a supplement to nuclear venography

Kiseleva, I. P.; Lapin, I. P.; Leont'ev, V. G.; Prakh'e, I. B.; Samsonova, M. L.; Khaunina, R. A., 1977: The 11 hydroxy cortico steroid mediated increase in tryptophan pyrrolase activity in the rat liver induced by lithium

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593108

Moller B.L., 1986: The 110 kilodalton reaction center protein of photosystem i p 700 chlorophyll a protein 1 is an iron sulfur protein

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593110

Et Al, 1983: The 11q 22q translocation a collaborative study of 20 new cases and analysis of 110 families

Iselius L., 1980: The 11q 22q translocation a european collaborative analysis of 43 cases

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593113

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593114

Morisita, T.; Nagase, K.; Moriyama, K.; Matumoto, Y., 1975: The 11th case of human infection with mesocestoides lineatus in japan

Hubel, D. H.; Livingstone, M. S., 1983: The 11th j.a.f. stevenson memorial lecture blobs and color vision

Lavengood R., 1984: The 11th rib transcostal incision technique for an extrapleural approach

Shimasue, A., 1975: The 12 alpha hydroxylase of 7 alpha hydroxy 4 cholesten 3 one

Kleiner, J. P.; Nelson, W. P.; Boland, M. J., 1978: The 12 lead electro cardiogram in exercise testing a misleading baseline

Bagg L.R., 1984: The 12 minute walking distance its use in the preoperative assessment of patients with bronchial carcinoma before lung resection

Gilman, J. G., 1987: The 12.6 kilobase dna deletion in dutch beta 0 thalassemia

Busso M., 1980: The 120 meter meteorological tower of trino vercellese environmental laboratory italy

Schmickel R., 1984: The 13p homogeneously staining region in a human neuro blastoma cell line does not contain ribosomal rna genes

Croce C.M., 1985: The 14 18 chromosome translocations involved in b cell neoplasms result from mistakes in vdj joining

Rahier, A.; Taton, M., 1986: The 14 alpha demethylation of obtusifoliol by a cytochrome p 450 monooxygenase from higher plants microsomes

Gros E.G., 1987: The 14 beta hydroxylation in the biosynthesis of cardenolides in digitalis purpurea the role of 3 beta hydroxy 5 beta pregn 8 14 en 20 one

Mclachlan, A. D.; Stewart, M., 1976: The 14 fold periodicity in alpha tropo myosin and the interaction with actin

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593128

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593129

Darribere, T.; Yamada, K. M.; Johnson, K. E.; Boucaut, J. C., 1988: The 140 kda fibronectin receptor complex is required for mesodermal cell adhesion during gastrulation in the amphibian pleurodeles waltlii

Horwitz M.S., 1985: The 140 kilodalton adenovirus dna polymerase is recognized by antibodies to escherichia coli synthesized determinants predicted from an open reading frame on the adenovirus genome

Moohr J.W., 1980: The 14q plus chromosome in pre b cell acute lympho blastic leukemia

Catovsky D., 1986: The 14q plus marker in hairy cell leukemia a cytogenetic study of 15 cases

Guillebaud J., 1983: The 150 microgram 30 microgram formulation experience in the uk

Shirei, V. A., 1976: The 15th voyage of the research vessel dmitrii mendeleev

Osman S.M., 1980: The 16 carbon mono enoic acid of zanthoxylum alatum seed oil

Ponomareva, L. A.; Vinogradova, N. G., 1976: The 16 day voyage of the research ship dmitrii mendeleev

Kashyap M.L., 1981: The 16 hour standing test and lipo protein electrophoresis compared for detection of chylomicrons in plasma

Nerviano, V. J.; Weitzel, W. D., 1977: The 16 personality factor and california psychological inventory a comparison

Fleckenstein B., 1987: The 160000 m r virion protein encoded at the right end of the herpesvirus saimiri genome is homologous to the 140000 m r membrane antigen encoded at the left end of the epstein barr virus genome

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593142

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593143

Ito, S.; Yamaguchi, M.; Miyamoto, N.; Yanase, T., 1977: The 17 alpha hydroxylase deficiency found in genotypically female and male siblings both phenotypically female

Massart, C.; Le-Pogamp, C.; Nicol, M., 1983: The 17 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase ec of serum and tissue and estrogens in hydatidiform moles

Saedler H., 1984: The 17 kilobase tam 1 element of antirrhinum majus induces a 3 base pair duplication upon integration into the chalcone synthase gene

Dawid I.B., 1983: The 1723 element a long homogeneous highly repeated dna unit interspersed in the genome of xenopus laevis

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593148

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593149

Huisman T.H.J., 1986: The 18 to 23 kilobase deletion of the macedonian delta beta thalassemia includes the entire delta and beta globin genes

Chuang L.F., 1987: The 180 kda polypeptide contains the dna binding domain of rna polymerase ii

Barnet, M. C., 1972: The 1832 cholera epidemic in york

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593153

Blanz P.A., 1985: The 18s and 5s ribosomal rna genes in oenothera mitochondria sequence rearrangements in the 18s and 5s ribosomal rna genes of higher plants

Benn M., 1986: The 19 carbon diterpenoid alkaloids of aconitum delphinifolium

Majak W., 1986: The 19 carbon diterpenoid alkaloids of delphinium bicolor

Sennett, J. A.; Yarbro, L. R.; Slaton, P. E.; Hollifield, J. W.; Liddle, G. W., 1977: The 19 carbon mineralo corticoids in hypertension

Dickinson A., 1980: The 19 hydroxylase of the gerbil meriones unguiculatus adrenal gland a mitochondrial enzyme

Kapoor Q.S., 1985: The 19 kilodalton glycoprotein coded by region e 3 of adenovirus purification characterization and structural analysis

Kaziro Y., 1983: The 19 kilodalton protein encoded by early region 1b of adenovirus type 12 is synthesized efficiently in escherichia coli only as a fused protein

Myers, R. M.; Varkey, M. J.; Reuben, R.; Jesudass, E. S.; Benjamin, B., 1971: The 1968 outbreak of dengue in vellore southern india

Grove, O.; Larsen, F. B.; Reinicke, V., 1976: The 1971 1972 epidemic of acute viral hepatitis in godthaab greenland

Chan, K. L.; Ng, S. K.; Chew, L. M., 1977: The 1973 dengue hemorrhagic fever outbreak in singapore and its control

Rodrigues, F. M.; Vidyasagar, J.; Singh, P. B.; Ghosh, S. N.; Guttikar, S. N.; Joshi, M. V.; Gupta, N. P., 1976: The 1973 epidemic of japanese encephalitis in west bengal india a serological survey of domestic animals

Lakey, R. J., 1976: The 1973 marine pollution conventions impact on ships transporting hazardous materials

Cooke, W. B., 1977: The 1973 massachusetts usa foray

Bailey, R. G.; Denny, P., 1978: The 1974 biological survey of nyumba ya mungu reservoir tanzania concluding remarks

Newton, M., 1975: The 1974 in training examination in obstetrics and gynecology

Hazlewood, R. M.; Oddo, A. F.; Pagan, R. D.; Botzler, R. G., 1978: The 1975 1976 avian cholera outbreaks in humboldt county california

Poulet, A. R.; Poupon, H., 1978: The 1975 1976 outbreak of nile rats arvicanthis niloticus in the sahelian zone of senegal its impact upon trees and shrubs

Flegg J.J.M., 1979: The 1975 census of the great crested grebe podiceps cristatus in britain uk

Desio, A.; Bigioggero, B.; Casnedi, R.; Ferrario, A.; Forcella, F.; Jafry, S. A.; Orombelli, G.; Zaidi, M., 1976: The 1975 geological geophysical expedition in the kashmir himalayas and in the western karakoram pakistan geological research

Sage, B. L.; Vernon, J. D. R., 1978: The 1975 national survey of rookeries

Fyfe, R. W.; Temple, S. A.; Cade, T. J., 1976: The 1975 north american peregrine falcon survey

Fujii H., 1984: The 1976 1977 rubella epidemic in fukuoka city in southern japan epidemiology and incidences of complications among 80000 persons who were school children at 28 primary schools and their family members

Slack, N. G.; Zander, R. H., 1977: The 1976 a leroy andrews bryological foray

Burack, R.; Fox, F. J., 1976: The 1976 hand book of prescription drugs

Petersdorf, R. G.; Pelletier, L. L.; Durack, D. T., 1977: The 1976 paul b beerson lecture some observations on experimental endo carditis

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593180

Doubleday W.G., 1980: The 1977 census of northwest atlantic harp seals pagophilus groenlandicus

Grannis, G. F.; Massion, C. G., 1978: The 1977 college of american pathologists enzymology survey principal findings

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593183

Mackinnon C.N., 1979: The 1977 return of pink salmon stocks to the johnstone strait canada study area and prospects for 1979

Dumas J., 1979: The 1977 salmon salmo salar run in the nivelle river atlantic pyrenees 1st successful attempts at rehabilitation with stocking of hatchery reared smolts of scottish origin

Fisher K.A., 1980: The 1978 1979 purse seine skipjack katsuwonus pelamis fishery in new zealand waters

Kearsey S.V., 1980: The 1978 1979 survey of herring gull larus argentatus colonies on the yorkshire and cleveland coast england uk

Batsakis J.G., 1979: The 1978 college of american pathologists survey of analyses of 5 serum enzymes by 450 laboratories

Juel R., 1979: The 1978 college of american pathologists therapeutic drug monitoring inter laboratory survey program

Settle F.H., 1979: The 1978 epornitic of avian cholera on the chesapeake bay usa

Forbes W.F., 1986: The 1978 national survey of smoking habits of canadian school children

Garcia Vilanova Comas A., 1985: The 1978 tumor node metastasis system in breast cancer proposal of a modification

Gayed S.K., 1985: The 1979 blue mold epidemic of flue cured tobacco in ontario canada and disease occurrence in subsequent years

Roden C.M., 1984: The 1980 1981 phyto plankton cycle in the coastal waters off connemara ireland

Van Der Hoeven L.H., 1982: The 1980 comprehensive blood bank survey of the college of american pathologists

Lechat M.F., 1985: The 1980 earthquake in southern italy morbidity and mortality

Lechat M.F., 1983: The 1980 earthquake in southern italy rescue of trapped victims and mortality

Gifford M., 1985: The 1980 patient urgency study further analysis of the data

Whittington P.A., 1985: The 1980 sample survey of rookeries

Hunter J.S.IIi, 1983: The 1981 distribution of onthophagus gazella from releases in texas and onthophagus taurus from an unknown release in florida usa coleoptera scarabaeidae

Joshi G.D., 1988: The 1981 epidemic of japanese encephalitis in tamil nadu and pondicherry india

Maxwell G.A., 1982: The 1981 survey of dental practice

Rasmusson E.M., 1983: The 1982 1983 climate anomaly in the equatorial pacific

Lim T.W., 1984: The 1982 dengue epidemic in malaysia epidemiological serological and virological aspects

Pavri K.M., 1985: The 1982 epidemic of dengue fever in delhi india

Murphy G.P., 1984: The 1982 national survey of carcinoma of the breast in the usa by the american college of surgeons

Kharlamenko V.I., 1982: The 1982 red tide in peter the great bay ussr sea of japan

Simon T.L., 1986: The 1983 comprehensive blood bank survey of the college of american pathologists

Et Al, 1986: The 1983 early run fraser and thompson river pink salmon morphology energetics and fish health

Armstrong R.W., 1985: The 1983 roe herring charter vessel monitoring and sampling program

Rollefson G.O., 1985: The 1983 season at the early neolithic site of ain ghazal jordan

Et Al, 1986: The 1983 yellow fever epidemic in burkina faso

Armstrong R.W., 1985: The 1984 roe herring charter vessel monitoring and sampling program

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593214

Armstrong R.W., 1985: The 1985 roe herring clupea harengus pallasi charter vessel monitoring and sampling program

Simon T.L., 1988: The 1986 comprehensive blood bank survey of the college of american pathologists

Wagner G.N., 1987: The 1986 lake nyos gas disaster in cameroon west africa

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593218

Armstrong R.W., 1986: The 1986 roe herring clupea harengus pallasi charter vessel monitoring and sampling program

Kim Y.H., 1987: The 1986 survey on horse diseases of veterinary importance in korea

Bourdier L., 1987: The 1986 year of vine and wine growing

Glaetzer K.H., 1987: The 19s ring type particles of drosophila cytological and biochemical analysis of their intracellular association and distribution

Wertz G.W., 1985: The 1a protein gene of human respiratory syncytial virus nucleotide sequence of the messenger rna and a related polycistronic transcript

Erskine, A. J., 1978: The 1st 10 years 1966 1975 of the cooperative breeding bird survey in canada

Arbus, G. S.; Demaria, J. E.; Galiwango, J.; Irwin, M. A.; Churchill, B. M., 1980: The 1st 10 years of the dialysis transplantation program at the hospital for sick children toronto canada 1. pre dialysis and dialysis

Krementz, E. T.; Yeager, R.; Hawley, W.; Weichert, R., 1971: The 1st 100 cases of parathyroid tumor from charity hospital of louisiana

Schatz G., 1985: The 1st 12 amino acids less than half of the pre sequence of an imported mitochondrial protein can direct mouse cytosolic dihydrofolate reductase into the yeast mitochondrial matrix

Winkleman G.E., 1983: The 1st 12 years of a long term crop rotation study in southwestern saskatchewan canada nitrate nitrogen distribution in soil and nitrogen uptake by the plant

Poryadkova N.A., 1981: The 1st 2 mitotic cycles of human lymphocytes after irradiation at different stages

Drew, S. I.; Joffe, B.; Vinik, A.; Seftel, H.; Singer, F., 1978: The 1st 24 hours of acute pancreatitis changes in biochemical and endocrine homeostasis in patients with pancreatitis compared with those in control subjects undergoing stress for reasons other than pancreatitis

Wingate M.E., 1979: The 1st 3 words

Zitter T.A., 1979: The 1st 4 years of integrated pest management in everglades florida usa celery apium graveolens var dulce 2

Elliott J.M., 1981: The 1st 50 years of the journal of animal ecology with an author index

Provonsha A.V., 1984: The 1st adult of spinadis ephemeroptera heptageniidae

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593235

El-Najjar, M. Y., 1976: The 1st americans a study of the origin evolution and variation of the american indians

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593237

Burchak Abramovich N.I., 1982: The 1st and unique find of the fossil of the oligocene toothed bird from perekishkul apsheron peninsula azerbaijan ssr in the ussr and on the asian continent

Todd, E. C. D., 1976: The 1st annual summary of food borne disease in canada

Witkus R., 1984: The 1st appearance of poly ploid nuclei in primary roots of 2 di ploid angiosperms

Muller F., 1981: The 1st appearance of the human nervous system at stage 8

O'rahilly R., 1983: The 1st appearance of the major divisions of the human brain at stage 9

O'rahilly R., 1985: The 1st appearance of the neural tube and optic primordium in the human embryo at stage 10

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593244

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593245

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593246

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593247

Ounsted, M. K.; Simons, C. D., 1978: The 1st born child toddlers problems

Van-Densteen, J. J., 1977: The 1st breeding record of cettis warbler cettia cetti in the netherlands

Fujimaki, Y.; Hikawa, M., 1978: The 1st breeding record of the gray bunting emberiza variabilis in hokkaido japan

Troizkaja, T. D., 1976: The 1st bryozoan of the genus mongoloclema in the devonian of the ussr

Rosa, R.; Prehu, M. O.; Beuzard, Y.; Rosa, J., 1978: The 1st case of a complete deficiency of di phospho glycerate mutase ec in human erythrocytes

Makizumi S., 1983: The 1st case of a human infected with an acanthocephalan parasite bolbosoma sp

Arsenijevic V., 1981: The 1st case of dracontiasis in yugoslavia

Hafsia M., 1981: The 1st case of echinococcus multilocularis new record in tunisia

Brenes-Madrigal, R. R.; Sousa, O. E.; Bonilla, M. A.; Achit, S. M., 1977: The 1st case of human hepatic hydatidosis in costa rica

Kondelka, D., 1975: The 1st case of the over wintering of the black necked grebe podiceps nigricollis in czechoslovakia

Assale, G.; Dunand, J.; Doucet, J., 1977: The 1st case of tinea nigra palmaris in a negro female from the ivory coast

Torcea S., 1979: The 1st case of total albinism in crocidura russula mammalia insectivora

Oh Ishi S., 1980: The 1st cases of fitzgerald factor deficiency in the orient 3 cases in 1 family

Daly R., 1981: The 1st cassetteless x ray department

Bogers, R. J.; Hooymans-Klappe, H. T. M.; Libbenga, K. R., 1976: The 1st cell cycle in explants from the mature root cortex of 7 day old pisum sativum

Miller, W. B.; Newman, L. F., 1978: The 1st child and family formation

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593264

St-John, H., 1978: The 1st collection of hawaiian usa plants by david nelson in 1779 hawaiian plant studies part 55

Cochrane, C. G.; Wuepper, K. D., 1971: The 1st component of the kinin forming system in human and rabbit plasma its relationship to clotting factor xii hageman factor

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593458

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593508

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593509

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593555

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593572

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593573

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593590

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593591

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593656

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593718

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593719

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593720

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593721

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593888

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593889

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593891

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Section 7, Chapter 6594 , Accession 006593897

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593898

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593899

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593917

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Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593951

Section 7, Chapter 6594, Accession 006593952

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Section 7 , Chapter 6594, Accession 006593999

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