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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6595

Chapter 6595 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Mccallum C.J., 1981: The 5q minus chromosome in a case of erythroid hypoplasia

Wiernik P.H., 1987: The 5q minus deletion correlation of breakpoints with the immunophenotype of leukemic blast cells

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594002

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594003

Van-Bell, C. T., 1985: The 5s and 5.8s ribosomal rna sequences of tetrahymena thermophila and tetrahymena pyriformis

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594005

Artavanis-Tsakonas, S.; Schedl, P.; Tschudi, C.; Pirrotta, V.; Steward, R.; Gehring, W. J., 1977: The 5s genes of drosophila melanogaster

Brand R.E., 1984: The 5s ribosomal rna gene clusters in tetrahymena thermophila strain differences chromosomal localization and loss during micronuclear aging

Liang X L., 1988: The 5s ribosomal rna nucleotide sequence of a silkworm hybrid

De Wachter R., 1988: The 5s ribosomal rna sequences of a red algal rhodoplast and a gymnosperm chloroplast implications for the evolution of plastids and cyanobacteria

Nazar R.N., 1984: The 5s rna binding protein from yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae ribosomes an rna binding sequence in the carboxyl terminal region

Roy C., 1979: The 5s rna binding protein from yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae ribosomes evolution of the eukaryotic 5s rna binding protein

Smith, N.; Matheson, A. T.; Yaguchi, M.; Willick, G. E.; Nazar, R. N., 1978: The 5s rna protein complex from an extreme halophile halobacterium cutirubrum purification and characterization

Matheson A.T., 1979: The 5s rna protein complex from an extreme halophile halobacterium cutirubrum studies on the rna protein interaction

Boersma W.J.A., 1987: The 5t2 mouse multiple myeloma model characterization of 5t2 cells within the bone marrow

Galleron C., 1984: The 5th base a natural feature of dinoflagellate dna

Johnson M.H., 1983: The 5th cell cycle of the mouse embryo is longer for smaller cells than for larger cells

Janezic, F., 1975: The 5th contribution to the knowledge of animal caused plant galls zoocecidia in slovenia yugoslavia

Danilov M.P., 1980: The 5th supplement to the flora of the tuva assr russian sfsr ussr

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594019

Westbrook, E. M.; Piro, O. E.; Sigler, P. B., 1984: The 6 angstrom crystal structure of delta 5 3 keto steroid isomerase ec architecture and location of the active center

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594021

Drawert F., 1986: The 6 carbon aldehyde forming system in agropyron repens

Liepman H.P., 1981: The 6 editions of the origin of species a comparative study

Eisenberg, R. L.; Mani, R. L., 1977: The 6 french catheter in arch aortography

Costall, B.; Naylor, R. J.; Pycock, C., 1975: The 6 hydroxy dopamine rotational model for the detection of dopamine agonist activity reliability of effect from different locations of 6 hydroxy dopamine

Shoham, M.; Steitz, T. A., 1982: The 6 hydroxymethyl group of a hexose is essential for the substrate induced closure of the cleft in hexo kinase ec

Pace-Asciak, C. R.; Rangaraj, G., 1977: The 6 keto prostaglandin f 1 alpha pathway in the lamb ductus arteriosus

Berman L.B., 1985: The 6 minute walk a new measure of exercise capacity in patients with chronic heart failure

Saier, M. H. Jr ; Ballou, C. E., 1968: The 6 o methyl glucose containing lipo poly saccharide of mycobacterium phlei complete structure of the poly saccharide proprioni bacterium carynebacterium nucardia

Saier, M. H. Jr ; Ballou, C. E., 1968: The 6 o methyl glucose containing lipo poly saccharide of mycobacterium phlei structure of the reducing end of the poly saccharide

Gray, G. R.; Ballou, C. E., 1972: The 6 o methyl glucose containing lipo poly saccharides of mycobacterium phlei locations of the acyl groups

Smith, W. L.; Ballou, C. E., 1973: The 6 o methyl glucose containing lipo poly saccharides of mycobacterium phlei locations of the neutral and acidic acyl groups

Fraenkel D.G., 1979: The 6 phospho gluconate dehydrogenase reaction in escherichia coli

Fujikawa T., 1982: The 6 species of the genus platynothrus from hokkaido japan

Rappaport H.P., 1988: The 6 thioguanine 5 methyl 2 pyrimidinone base pair

London I.M., 1985: The 60s ribosomal subunit as a carrier of eukaryotic initiation factor 2 and the site of reversing factor activity during protein synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594037

Kashkin, P. N., 1977: The 60th anniversary of soviet medical mycology

Davis B.D., 1984: The 64 kilodalton membrane protein of bacillus subtilis is also present as a multiprotein complex on membrane free ribosomes

Grinberg V.M., 1979: The 64th cruise of the research vessel vityaz studies of the black sea pelagic ecosystems

Shinnick T.M., 1987: The 65 kilodalton antigen of mycobacterium tuberculosis

Finlay T.H., 1985: The 65 kilodalton phorbol diester hydrolase in mouse plasma is esterase 1 and is immunologically distinct from the 56 kilodalton phorbol diester hydrolase in mouse liver

Chance B., 1983: The 650 nanometer chromophore in escherichia coli is an oxy or oxygenated compound not the oxidized form of cytochrome oxidase d an hypothesis

Preston C.M., 1987: The 65000 m r dna binding and virion trans inducing proteins of herpes simplex virus type 1

Lazarides E., 1980: The 68000 dalton neuro filament associated poly peptide is a component of nonneuronal cells and of skeletal myo fibrils

Yamamoto S., 1988: The 6r oxygenase activity of arachidonate 5 lipoxygenase purified from porcine leukocytes

Okada N., 1984: The 6s rna transcribed from rodent total dna in vitro is the transcript of the type 2 alu family

Shaulo D.N., 1982: The 6th supplement to the flora of the tuva assr russian sfsr ussr

Kosarev, A. N., 1977: The 6th voyage of the research ship akademik petrovskii in the mediterranean sea

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594050

Athias-Henriot, C., 1977: The 7 branches of the genus neogamasus as revealed by dynamic evolutionary data parasitiformes parasitidae

Et Al, 1984: The 7 countries study 2289 deaths in 15 years

Craig D.A., 1979: The 7 larval instars of prosimulium mixtum and prosimulium fuscum diptera simuliidae

Fredeen, F. J. H., 1976: The 7 larval instars of simulium arcticum diptera simuliidae

Fredeen F.J.H., 1981: The 7 larval instars of simulium luggeri diptera simuliidae

Thompson, M. H.; Osborne, M. R.; King, H. W. S.; Brookes, P., 1976: The 7 methyl benz a anthracene deoxy ribo nucleoside products isolated from dna after metabolism of the carcinogen by rat liver microsomes in the presence of dna

Lynch, W. E.; Short, J.; Lieberman, I., 1976: The 7.1s nuclear dna polymerase and dna replication in intact liver

Martin P.M.V., 1987: The 70 kd neisserial common antigen is a surface exposed antigenically stable peptidic structure

Ungewickell E., 1985: The 70 kilodalton mammalian heat shock proteins are structurally and functionally related to the uncoating protein that releases clathrin triskelia from coated vesicles

Rabotnov, T. A.; Tikhomirov, V. N., 1975: The 70th birthday of s y lipshits

Patterson D., 1986: The 724 family of dna sequences is interspersed about the pericentromeric regions of human acrocentric chromosomes

Hightower L.E., 1986: The 73 kilodalton heat shock cognate protein purified from rat brain contains nonesterified palmitic acid and stearic acid

Macleod R.M., 1981: The 7315a pituitary tumor is refractory to dopaminergic inhibition of prolactin release but contains dopamine receptors

Michel, R.; Hallermayer, G.; Harmey, M. A.; Miller, F.; Neupert, W., 1977: The 73s ribosome of neurospora crassa is the native mitochondrial ribosome

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594065

Martin, M. R.; Mason, C. A., 1977: The 7th cranial nerve of the rat visualization of efferent and afferent pathways by cobalt precipitation

Sick, H.; Koritke, J. G., 1976: The 7th sterno costal articulation

Grubov, V. I., 1977: The 7th supplement to the list of flora of the mongolian peoples republic

Pekhk T.I., 1982: The 8 13 epoxy labd 14 en 19 oic acid component of pinus sylvestris needles

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594070

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594071

Taylor P.L., 1979: The 8 iso prostaglandins evidence for 8 compounds in human semen

Bayne S.C., 1987: The 8 year clinical performance of 15 low gold casting alloys

Hirth L., 1986: The 80 kilodalton polypeptide associated with the replication complexes of cauliflower mosaic virus is recognized by antibodies to gene v translation product

Yoshikawa, S.; Inui, T., 1986: The 82 drawings and their most common names image agreement adequacy of complexity and familiarity

Hubert W.A., 1986: The 85 year history of the aquatic macrophyte species composition in a eutrophic prairie lake usa

Schedl P., 1985: The 87 a 7 chromomere identification of novel chromatin structures flanking the heat shock locus that may define the boundaries of higher order domains

Greengard P., 1987: The 87 kda protein a major specific substrate for protein kinase c purification from bovine brain and characterization

Muench K., 1986: The 89000 molecular weight murine cytomegalovirus immediate early protein activates gene transcription

Koszinowski U.H., 1988: The 89000 molecular weight murine cytomegalovirus immediate early protein stimulates c fos expression and cellular dna synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594081

Manni, J. A.; Muller-Eberhard, H. J., 1969: The 8th component of human complement c8 isolation characterization and hemolytic efficiency

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594083

Thielert K., 1988: The 9 amino group an essential structural fragment for high affinity of beta carboline esters to the benzodiazepine receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594085

Boeger P., 1988: The 9 kda phosphoprotein involved in photoinhibition

Chattopadhyaya, J. B.; Reese, C. B., 1978: The 9 phenylxanthen 9 yl protecting group

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594088

Favez, F.; Jeannin, M.; Praehler-Baillod, M.; Piolino-Hoffer, P.; Poget, F.; Regard, Y., 1978: The 9 year old child a clinical and epidemiological study

Hardesty B., 1985: The 90 kilodalton component of reticulocyte heme regulated eif 2 alpha initiation factor 2 alpha subunit kinase is derived from the beta subunit of spectrin

Hardesty B., 1987: The 90 kilodalton peptide of the heme regulated eif 2 alpha kinase has sequence similarity with the 90 kilodalton heat shock protein

Morillon Chapey M., 1982: The 923 wave per centimeter band of freon 12 studied by ir microwave double resonance

Hovi T., 1985: The 95000 molecular weight gelatin binding protein in differentiated human macrophages and granulocytes

Vartio T., 1985: The 95000 molecular weight gelatin binding protein in human serum and plasma

Aunis D., 1983: The 97 kilodalton alpha actinin like protein in chromaffin granule membranes from adrenal medulla evidence for localization on the cytoplasmic surface and for binding to actin filaments

Barker M., 1981: The 9l rat tumor description and application of an animal model

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594097

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594098

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594099

Christiansen J., 1988: The 9s rna precursor of escherichia coli 5s rna has three structural domains implications for processing

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594101

Olsson R.A., 1985: The a 1 adenosine receptor identification of the binding subunit by photoaffinity cross linking

Stiles G.L., 1985: The a 1 adenosine receptor solubilization and characterization of a guanine nucleotide sensitive form of the receptor

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594104

Gottschall J.L., 1985: The a 1b genotype expressed as a 2b on the red cells of individuals with strong b gene specific transferases results from 1 paternity cases

Gonzalez, F.; Kemp, R. G., 1978: The a 2 b 2 hybrid isozyme of phospho fructo kinase

Lewkowicz A.T., 1985: The a 3 phenotype serologic and anthropologic aspects

Wright J.M.Jr, 1979: The a and b blood group substances on odontogenic epithelium

Fincher G.B., 1988: The a and b chains of carboxypeptidase i from germinated barley originate from a single precursor polypeptide

O'malley B.W., 1987: The a and b forms of the chicken progesterone receptor arise by alternate initiation of translation of a unique messenger rna

Prockop D.J., 1987: The a and b fragments of normal type i procollagen have a similar thermal stability to proteinase digestion but are selectively destabilized by structural mutations

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594113

Englesberg E., 1981: The a asc and l systems for the transport of amino acids in chinese hamster ovary cells cho k 1

Van-Dijl, H., 1978: The a b typology according to friedman and rosenan and an effort to test some of the characteristics by means of a psychological test rating of statements list or dutch equivalent

Billig J.M., 1979: The a b variable and preferred in patient treatment environment

Fleck W.F., 1985: The a factor a pleiotropic endogenous effector of cytodifferentiation of streptomyces griseus strains

Herskowitz I., 1988: The a factor pheromone of saccharomyces cerevisiae is essential for mating

Jahnavi M.R., 1986: The a genome of arachis hypogaea

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594120

Halma G., 1983: The a o external skeletal fixator in the treatment of severe tibia fractures

Lin, T. C.; Bendet, I. J., 1976: The a protein of bacterio phage fd its interference with viral infection

Ui M., 1983: The a protomer of islet activating protein pertussis toxin as an active peptide catalyzing adp ribosylation of a membrane protein

Mocarski E.S., 1985: The a sequence of the cytomegalovirus genome functions as a cleavage packaging signal for herpes simplex virus defective genomes

Ewalt Evans R., 1988: The a system of horse erythrocyte alloantigens a new allele and another look at factor ae

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594126

Siewert H., 1979: The a wave in the calibrated apex cardiogram in patients with hypertension studies at rest and under load

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594128

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594129

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594130

Taricco M., 1987: The aachen aphasia test aat ii psychometric properties of the italian version

Willmes K., 1986: The aachen aphasia test i

Dietl, G.; Etzold, A., 1977: The aalenian at the type locality

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594134

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594135

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594136

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594137

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594138

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594139

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594140

Wickens M., 1986: The aauaaa sequence is required both for cleavage and for polyadenylation of sv 40 pre messenger rna in vitro

Bell K., 1981: The ab blood group system of cats

Suzuki K., 1980: The ab variant of g m 2 gangliosidosis clinical biochemical and pathological studies of 2 patients

Hinton G.G., 1981: The ab variant of meta chromatic leuko dystrophy postulated activator protein deficiency light microscopic and electron microscopic findings in a sural nerve biopsy

Buisson Y., 1985: The abac identibiogramme ii a new automatic system for the simultaneous identification and antibiogram of enterobacteria

Usher M.B., 1984: The abantis species lepidoptera hesperiidae of western west africa

Duncan N., 1981: The abbeystead and mallowdale lancashire england uk gull colony before control

Tudahl L.A., 1987: The abbreviated burn specific health scale

Schwab C.W., 1988: The abbreviated injury scale 1985 revision a condensed chart for clinical use

De Silva P.K., 1983: The abbreviated larval development of caridina singhalensis decapoda atyidae

Khoo H.W., 1987: The abbreviated larval development of the freshwater prawn macrobrachium malayanum roux 1934 decapoda palaemonidae reared in the laboratory

Cairns, J. Jr ; Dickson, K. L.; Slocomb, J., 1977: The abcs of diatom identification using laser holography

Mason W.R.M., 1983: The abdomen of vanhornia eucnemidarum hymenoptera proctotrupoidea

King A.S., 1986: The abdominal air sac ostium of the domestic fowl a sphincter regulated by neuro epithelial cells

Arvy L., 1979: The abdominal bones of cetaceans

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594157

Namiki M., 1987: The abdominal distention to be considered from a psychosomatic point of view neurotic abdominal distension

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594159

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594160

Breuker, K. H.; Khalili-Brunklaus, D.; Bolte, A., 1976: The abdominal fetal electro cardiogram for the analysis of pre partal and sub partal heart frequency

Hamalle R.J., 1987: The abdominal flora of the banded cucumber beetle diabrotica balteata leconte

Blankenship, J. E.; Coggeshall, R. E., 1976: The abdominal ganglion of aplysia brasiliana a comparative morphological and electro physiological study with notes on aplysia dactylomela

Vellano C., 1984: The abdominal gland of the crested newt triturus cristatus carnifex a possible source of courtship pheromones preliminary ethological and biochemical data

Gaines P.A., 1988: The abdominal manifestation of von hippel lindau disease and a radiological screening protocol for an affected family

Helleur C., 1985: The abdominal mechanism

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594167

Zacharuk R.Y., 1983: The abdominal musculature associated with oviposition in gall forming tephritid fruit flies in the genus urophora

Kabir, S. M. H.; Begum, F., 1987: The abdominal musculature of a rice grasshopper oxya velox fab. iii. genital region female

Kabir, S. M. H.; Begum, F., 1987: The abdominal musculature of a rice grasshopper oxya velox fab. orthoptera acrididae i. pregenital region

Kabir, S. M. H.; Begum, F., 1987: The abdominal musculature of a rice grasshopper oxya velox fab. orthoptera acrididae ii. genital region male

Vogel F., 1986: The abdominal musculature of orchestia cavimana amphipoda talitridae

Koff S.A., 1985: The abdominal neourethra in children technique and long term results

Bruno D.W., 1982: The abdominal pores in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri and some other salmonid species

Lewis E.B., 1985: The abdominal region of the bithorax complex

Girona J., 1982: The abdomino endo rectal resection with per anal anastomosis in the treatment of radiation injuries of the rectum

Karakousis C.P., 1984: The abdominoinguinal incision in limb salvage and resection of pelvic tumors

Housley G.D., 1983: The abducens nucleus in the carpet shark cephaloscyllium isabella

Wulle C., 1987: The abductor digiti minimi longus anatomical rarity

Bode H.R., 1982: The aberrant a morphological mutant of hydra attenuata has altered inhibition properties

Williams G.C., 1987: The aberrant and monotypic soft coral genus malacacanthus thomson 1910 octocorallia alcyoniidae endemic to southern africa

Field C.J., 1985: The aberrant behavior checklist a behavior rating scale for the assessment of treatment effects

Sturmey P., 1988: The aberrant behavior checklist a british replication and extension of its psychometric properties

Kissel R.C., 1987: The aberrant behavior checklist factor structure and the effect of subject variables in american and new zealand facilities

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594186

Oelrich, T. M.; Moosman, D. A., 1977: The aberrant course of the cutaneous component of the ilio inguinal nerve

Fox J.L., 1985: The aberrant jugular bulb

Riser N.W., 1980: The aberrant polychaete stygocapitella subterranea from some american beaches

Bohn, R. C.; Stelzner, D. J., 1981: The aberrant retino retinal projection during optic nerve regeneration in the frog rana pipiens 1. time course of formation and cells of origin

Bohn, R. C.; Stelzner, D. J., 1981: The aberrant retino retinal projection during optic nerve regeneration in the frog rana pipiens 2. anterograde labeling with horseradish peroxidase

Bohn, R. C.; Stelzner, D. J., 1981: The aberrant retino retinal projection during optic nerve regeneration in the frog rana pipiens 3. effects of crushing both nerves

Seres Sturm L., 1985: The aberrant retroesophageal right subclavian artery

Morse J.C., 1982: The aberrant spermatozoa of hydropsychidae caddis flies trichoptera an electron microscope analysis on spermiogenesis

Davies A., 1988: The abh reactions of seminal stains

Kohyama, T., 1982: The abies population of mount shimagare japan 2. reproductive and life history traits

Heptinstall S., 1980: The abilities of human blood platelets to bind extracellular calcium and to be aggregated by adp are related

De Aguilar P.V., 1986: The abilities of the rat brain to sustain the survival of implanted or cultured embryonic dorsal root ganglion neurons depend on the selected region

Mashiba H., 1981: The ability for insulin secretion and mode of treatment of diabetics

Novikova R.V., 1981: The ability for temporal summation of signals of the cat visual cortex neurons

Kratzsch G., 1982: The ability for tillering and ear formation yield structure and optimum seed rate in winter wheat varieties

Litchfield R., 1982: The ability of a beach to readjust following a change in sea level

Gessler C., 1987: The ability of a cultivar pathogenic race of colletotrichum lindemuthianum to induce resistance to bean anthracnose in etiolated bean hypocotyls

Davis J.S., 1984: The ability of a field population of diatoms to discriminate between phosphate and arsenate

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594205

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594206

Poole Wilson P.A., 1985: The ability of a submaximal exercise test to predict maximal exercise capacity in patients with heart failure

Dvorak R., 1983: The ability of activated sludge to decompose automotive chemical preparations

Hers H G., 1984: The ability of adenosine to decrease the concentration of fructose 2 6 bis phosphate in isolated hepatocytes a cyclic amp mediated effect

Zavarzin G.A., 1986: The ability of aerobic hydrogen bacteria to remove hydrogen when its concentrations are extremely low

Beiderbeck, R., 1972: The ability of agrobacterium to induce tumors and to produce phage ps 8

Jakoby W.B., 1986: The ability of amine n methyltransferases from rabbit liver to n methylate azaheterocycles

Bayley, J. M.; King, J.; Gamborg, O. L., 1972: The ability of amino compounds and conditioned medium to alleviate the reduced nitrogen requirement of soybean cells grown in suspension cultures

Reid B.L., 1987: The ability of an electric current to carry information for crystal growth patterns

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594216

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594217

Willner P., 1984: The ability of anti depressant drugs to de sensitize beta receptors is inversely correlated with their clinical potency

Rudnicka, W.; Goscicka, T.; Szewczyk, K.; Zelazowski, P.; Zablocki, B., 1976: The ability of anti lymphocyte serum against lymph node lymphocyte sub populations to prolong the skin allo graft survival in mice

Hauzer Alfirevic O., 1979: The ability of antibiotic synthesis of streptomyces sp 18 in semi industrial production

Burki, N. K.; Mitchell, K.; Chaudhary, B. A.; Zechman, F. W., 1978: The ability of asthmatics to detect added resistive loads

Mori, R.; Hino, Y.; Taniguchi, T.; Nomoto, K.; Takeya, K., 1976: The ability of athymic nude mice to survive intra cerebral infection of lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594223

Louis, J. A.; Chiller, J. M.; Weigle, W. O., 1973: The ability of bacterial lipo poly saccharide to modulate the induction of unresponsiveness to a state of immunity cellular parameters

Shalter, M. D.; Schleidt, W. M., 1977: The ability of barn owls tyto alba to discriminate and localize avian alarm calls

Mattocks A.R., 1985: The ability of bifunctional and monofunctional pyrrole compounds to induce sister chromatid exchange in human lymphocytes and mutations in salmonella typhimurium

Gusareva, E. V.; Panyushkina, N. V.; Dontsova, G. V., 1975: The ability of biogenic mono amines to reduce a radiation injury of ehrlich ascites carcinoma cells in in vitro experiments

Alekperov U.K., 1987: The ability of biologically active compounds to modify cytogenetic anatomical and physiological changes in seedling cells and tissues after long term spaceflight

Ryzewska A., 1982: The ability of blood lymphocytes of healthy humans to induce antibody dependent cellular cyto toxicity is not dependent on donors age

Bierer, B. W.; Derieux, W. T., 1975: The ability of blood plasma from drinking water vaccinated turkeys to protect against a lethal challenge of pasteurella multocida

Hutchinson D.N., 1984: The ability of campylobacter media supplements to neutralize photochemically induced toxicity and hydrogen per oxide

Pelevina I.I., 1979: The ability of cells in tissue culture and in tumors to recover from damage induced by n methyl n nitroso urea

Wurtman R.J., 1984: The ability of certain anorexic drugs to suppress food consumption depends on the nutrient composition of the test diet

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594234

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594235

Yamamura H.I., 1979: The ability of choline and its analogs to interact with muscarinic cholinergic receptors in the rat brain

Dashevskii B.A., 1979: The ability of corvidae birds to determine empirical dimensions of objects

Pan'shin A.G., 1982: The ability of cultured cells to re distribute surface receptors

Bernhard, E. J.; Le, A. X. T.; Yannelli, J. R.; Holterman, M. J.; Hogan, K. T.; Parham, P.; Engelhard, V. H., 1987: The ability of cytotoxic t cells to recognize hla a2.1 or hla b7 antigens expressed on murine cells correlates with their epitope specificity

Marceau F., 1987: The ability of des arg 9 bradykinin to relax rabbit isolated mesenteric arteries is acquired during in vitro incubation

IImura K., 1986: The ability of divalent cations to enhance ethanol induced sleeping time

Siedlecki J.A., 1987: The ability of dna polymerase beta to synthesize dna beyond the gap with displacement of the nonreplicated strand

Aubert M., 1987: The ability of electrolyzed seawater to disinfect beaches

Zachariah, P. K.; Slaga, T. J.; Berry, D. L.; Bracken, W. M.; Buty, S. G.; Martinsen, C. M.; Juchau, M. R., 1977: The ability of enteric bacteria to catalyze the covalent binding of bile acids and cholesterol to dna and their inability to metabolize benzo a pyrene to a binding product and to known metabolites

Semenov, I. L.; Vyskrebentseva, E. I.; Buyanova, A. V., 1977: The ability of excised vascular bundles of ladys mantle to hydrolyze sucrose

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594246

Wright R.W.Jr, 1982: The ability of fetal calf serum new born calf serum and normal steer serum to promote the in vitro development of bovine morulae

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594248

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594249

Kwasna H., 1985: The ability of fusaria isolated from domestic cereals to produce vomitoxin and zearalenone

Manka M., 1983: The ability of fusaria pathogenic to wheat barley and corn to produce zearalenone

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594252

Rusiecka Matusiewicz K., 1987: The ability of granulocytes from the bone marrow vascular and tissue pools of healthy subjects to engulf latex particles and reduce nitro blue tetrazolium

Young J.C., 1985: The ability of growing chicks to recover from short term exposure to dietary wheat ergot and the effect of chemical and physical treatments on ergot toxicity

Bevan, M. J.; Hyman, R., 1977: The ability of h 2 positive and h 2 negative cell lines to induced or be lysed by cyto toxic thymus derived cells

Leskowitz S., 1980: The ability of hapten conjugated cells to induce cell mediated cyto toxicity is affected by the mode of hapten linkage

Katz Salamon M., 1984: The ability of human subjects to detect small changes in breathing volume

Burakoff S.J., 1985: The ability of ia and h 2k k bearing membranes to replace the antigen presenting cell in an h 2k k allogeneic cytotoxic t cell response

Reynolds B.L., 1984: The ability of immuno globulin a to inhibit complement consumption by complement fixing antigens and antigen antibody complexes

Glavac V., 1979: The ability of impatiens glandulifera to compete on the banks of the river fulda near kassel west germany

Bolton R.E., 1988: The ability of inflammatory bronchoalveolar leukocyte populations elicited with microbes or mineral dust to injure alveolar epithelial cells and degrade extracellular matrix in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594264

Mcdonald, J. M.; Bruns, D. E.; Jarett, L., 1976: The ability of insulin to alter the stable calcium pools of isolated adipocyte sub cellular fractions

Shinohara N., 1983: The ability of interspecies cross reactive anti ia murine allo antibodies to eliminate a sub population of human adherent cells responsible for induction of allo immunity

Ignatova T.N., 1984: The ability of intraspecies and interspecies hybrid cells of mouse hepatoma 22a to synthesize serum proteins albumin and transferrin

Holt G., 1979: The ability of ionizing radiations of different linear energy transfer to induce chromosomal deletions in aspergillus nidulans

Semenov, I. L.; Vyskrebentseva, E. I., 1977: The ability of isolated alchemilla vascular bundles to release sugars

Karttunen P., 1983: The ability of isolated myo cardial cells of the rat to contract at temperatures near freezing point

Gerber, D. A., 1977: The ability of joint like motion to produce sulfhydryl dependent aggregation of human gamma globulin

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594272

Tank P.W., 1981: The ability of localized implants of whole or minced dermis to disrupt pattern formation in the regenerating fore limb of the axolotl ambystoma mexicanum

Hopper K., 1983: The ability of lymphokine and lipo poly saccharide to induced pro coagulant activity in mouse macrophage cell lines

Stromberg B.V., 1984: The ability of macrophages from head and neck cancer patients to kill tumor cells effect of prostaglandin inhibitors on cytotoxicity

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594276

Oliphant J.C., 1981: The ability of mycoplasma mycoides ssp mycoides and closely related strains from goats and sheep to immunize mice against mycoplasma mycoides ssp capri

Richner, H.; Graber, W., 1978: The ability of nonclassical meteorological parameters to penetrate into buildings

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594289

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594290

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594295

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594296

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594301

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594336

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Winkelstein J.A., 1986: The ability to sensitize host cells for destruction by autologous complement is a general property of lipoteichoic acid

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594369

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Lauersen, N. H.; Wilson, K. H., 1976: The abortifacient effects of a newly developed vaginal silastic device impregnated with a 0.5 percent concentration of 15s 15 methyl prostaglandin f 2 alpha methyl ester in the 1st trimester

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Tokar F., 1987: The aboveground biomass of a pure stand of red oak quercus rubra l

Tokar F., 1980: The aboveground biomass of young homogeneous and mixed stands of edible chestnut castanea sativa

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594407

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594419

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594434

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594440

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594442

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594443

Henrikson B I., 1988: The absence of antipredator behavior in the larvae of leucorrhinia dubia odonata and the consequences for their distribution

Sakamoto H., 1985: The absence of any effect of alpha human atrial natriuretic peptide on sodium transport and osmotic water flow in the toad bufo bufo japonicus bladder

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594446

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594447

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594449

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594451

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Singh T., 1985: The absence of corneal toxicity with low level topical anesthesia

Trutko S.M., 1984: The absence of correlation between cyanide resistant respiration and cytochrome d content in bacteria

Watanabe T., 1988: The absence of correlation between sodium in diet duplicates and stomach cancer mortality in japan

Ferriani R.A., 1988: The absence of correlation between the grade of hirsutism and the levels of circulating androgens

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594474

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Dukes I.D., 1983: The absence of effect of chemical sympathectomy on ventricular hypertrophy induced by hypoxia in young rabbits

Coggle J.E., 1982: The absence of effect on pulmonary alveolar macrophage numbers during prolonged periods of monocytopenia

Stubbs J.M., 1982: The absence of endogenous lipase from oil palm elaeis guineensis mesocarp

Medentsev A.G., 1979: The absence of energy conservation coupled with electron transfer via the alternative pathway in cyanide resistant yeast mitochondria

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594481

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594492

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594494

Schroeder H.E., 1981: The absence of labial villi in new born humans

Holm J., 1982: The absence of lag in conservation of discontinuous and continuous material

Coggle J.E., 1981: The absence of late effects of radiation on the cellularity of the mouse thymus

Jeffrey R.C., 1987: The absence of leaching of molybdenum in acidic soils from western australia

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594500

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594502

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Mendoza E.M.T., 1985: The absence of oligosaccharides in storage roots of sweet potato ipomoea batatas

Wilberg R.B., 1985: The absence of orienting task specificity in psychomotor learning

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594506

Gardner P.J., 1984: The absence of pre malignant changes in the cryptorchid testis before adulthood

Nealon T.F.Jr, 1979: The absence of protein sparing effects utilizing crystalline amino acids in stressed patients

Ellis, R. J.; Timson, C., 1980: The absence of proto chlorophyllide accumulation in algae with inhibited chlorophyll synthesis

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594510

Garg, L. C., 1975: The absence of renal bi carbonate re absorption maxima during carbonic anhydrase inhibition

Anderson D.M.W., 1985: The absence of rhamnose in human urine following the ingestion of gum karaya sterculia

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594513

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594514

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594515

Oppenheim R.W., 1986: The absence of significant postnatal motoneuron death in the brachial and lumbar spinal cord of the rat

Mcelwain M.C., 1986: The absence of somatic effects of p m hybrid dysgenesis in drosophila melanogaster

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Fritz I.B., 1983: The absence of specific interactions of sertoli cell secreted proteins with antibodies directed against h y antigen

Green D.G., 1985: The absence of spread of adaptation between rod photoreceptors in turtle chelydra serpentina retina

Spotnitz H.M., 1982: The absence of temperature effects on end diastolic pressure volume relations in the canine left ventricle determined by 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594524

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Sjo, O.; Buchthal, F.; Henriksen, O.; Sejrsen, P., 1976: The absence of the fibers in the sural nerve mediating vaso constriction

Efimov A.S., 1985: The absence of the insulin receptor response to receptorotropic action in the rat liver with lesioned innervation

Fry G.A., 1980: The absence of the ives effect in a deuteranope

Blincow E., 1986: The absence of thermoplasmaquinones in campylobacter pyloridis and its temperature and ph growth range

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594534

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594536

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594537

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594538

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594539

Sawers S.J.A., 1983: The absolute bio availability of caffeine in man

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594541

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594542

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594543

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Giesecke, J., 1977: The absolute configuration of apo morphine

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Inayama S., 1986: The absolute configuration of curcumalactone

Iwasa K., 1979: The absolute configuration of dextro corynoline

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594552

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594553

Mangoni L., 1988: The absolute configuration of grindelic acid

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594555

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594558

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594559

Nishizawa T., 1984: The absolute configuration of pectenol

Pratt G.E., 1983: The absolute configuration of precocene i di hydro diols produced by metabolism of precocene i by corpora allata of locusta migratoria in vitro

Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594562

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594566

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Section 7, Chapter 6595, Accession 006594999

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