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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6596

Chapter 6596 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ostrolucka M.G.; Mankovska B., 1986:
The accumulation of sulfur and fluorine in vegetative and generative organs of quercus robur

Emets V.M.; Zhulidov A.V., 1982:
The accumulation of the micro elements deficient in the food by the imago of the beetle lethrus apterus coleoptera scarabaeidae of different sizes within the same population

Maicas E.; Pluthero F.G.; Friesen J.D., 1988:
The accumulation of three yeast ribosomal proteins under conditions of excess messenger rna is determined primarily by fast protein decay

Huang, J.T.; Lajtha, A., 1978:
The accumulation of tritiated enkephalinamide 2 d alanine 5 methioninamide in rat brain tissues

Falkus B.; Pytasz M., 1980:
The accumulation of zinc and lead in bodies of earthworms from the roadside areas in upper silesia poland

Drbal K.; Veber K., 1987:
The accumulation of zinc copper cadmium and lead in the alga scenedesmus obliquus lh

Anadon A.; Munoz M.J.; Ortiz J.A., 1984:
The accumulation of zinc lead copper iron and chromium by rainbow trout salmo trutta fario ecotoxicological action

Jenkins, D.; Klein, S.A.; Yang, M.S.; Wagenet, R.J.; Biggar, J.W., 1978:
The accumulation translocation and degradation of biocides at land waste water disposal sites the fate of malathion carbaryl diazinon and 2 4 d butoxyethyl ester

Fahmy M.H., 1985:
The accumulative effect of finnsheep breeding in crossbreeding schemes growth and carcass traits

Fahmy M.H.; Dufour J.J., 1988:
The accumulative effect of finnsheep breeding in crossbreeding schemes reproductive performance

Fahmy M.H., 1987:
The accumulative effect of finnsheep breeding in crossbreeding schemes wool production and fleece characteristics

Raikhel A.S., 1984:
The accumulative pathway of vitellogenin in the mosquito aedes aegypti oocyte a high resolution immunochemical and cytochemical study

Smith P.L.; Vickers D., 1988:
The accumulator model of two choice discrimination

Kern, W.h.; Zivolich, M.R., 1977:
The accuracy and consistency of the cytologic classification of squamous lesions of the uterine cervix

Rutkowski B.; Poznanski R.; Wroblewska I.; Zuchowski J., 1986:
The accuracy and effectiveness of forest inventory methods on circular relascope and six tree sample plots

Tiainen J.; Bastian H V., 1983:
The accuracy and efficiency of territory mapping tested on willow warblers phylloscopus trochilus and chiffchaffs phylloscopus collybita

Earnest F.Iv; Houser O.W.; Forbes G.S.; Kispert D.B.; Folger W.N.; Sundt T.M.Jr, 1983:
The accuracy and limitations of intra venous digital subtraction angiography in the evaluation of arthero sclerotic cerebro vascular disease angiographic and surgical correlation

Webb J.A.W.; Murray A.; Bary P.R.; Hendry W.F., 1987:
The accuracy and limitations of ultrasound in the assessment of venous extension in renal carcinoma

Basson M.; Rosenberg A.A.; Beddington J.R., 1988:
The accuracy and reliability of two new methods for estimating growth parameters from length frequency data

Chapman, K.R.; D'Urzo, A.; Rebuck, A.S., 1983:
The accuracy and response characteristics of a simplified ear oximeter

Evans N.T.S.; Francis P.; Constable T.B., 1979:
The accuracy and spatial resolution of the measurement of tissue oxygen removal rate

Beggs W.D.A., 1984:
The accuracy and speed of repeated responses

Chrystyn, H.; Ellis, J.W.; Mulley, B.A.; Peake, M.D., 1988:
The accuracy and stability of Bayesian theophylline predictions

Howorth P.J.N.; Raouf A.A.M.; Keightley H.G.; Marsden P.; O'gorman P., 1980:
The accuracy and standardization of thyroxine binding globulin kits

Komoda, M.K.; Festinger, L.; Sherry, J., 1977:
The accuracy of 2 dimensional saccades in the absence of continuing retinal stimulation

Jones S.D.M.; Allen O.B.; Haworth C.R., 1982:
The accuracy of 2 recording instruments in the measurement of sub cutaneous fat thickness in pork carcasses

Edwards, N.H., 1986:
The accuracy of a bayesian computer program for diagnosis and teaching in acute abdominal pain of childhood

Chrystyn H.; Mulley B.A.; Peake M.D., 1987:
The accuracy of a pharmacokinetic theophylline predictor using once daily dosing

Symons R.G.; Wilke T.J.; Wellby M.L., 1983:
The accuracy of a quantitative kit radio immunoassay for free thyroxine

Solum T.; Ingemarsson I.; Nygren A., 1980:
The accuracy of abdominal electro cardiography for fetal electronic monitoring

Brown J.V.; Sepehr M.M.; Ettlinger G.; Skreczek W., 1986:
The accuracy of aimed movements to visual targets during development the role of visual information

Lamb G.C.; Roush G., 1988:
The accuracy of alkaline phosphatase isoenzyme determination

Sonneveld C., 1979:
The accuracy of analytical data of glasshouse soil testing

Dean, R.; Herlihy, E.; Mcguire, E.J., 1978:
The accuracy of anti microbial disc sensitivity testing in urinary tract infections

Ellner S., 1985:
The accuracy of bartletts small fluctuation approximation for stochastic difference equation population models

Hertel P.T.; Anooshian L.J.; Ashbrook P., 1986:
The accuracy of beliefs about retrieval cues

Hunter, G.C.; Sieffert, G.; Malone, J.M.; Moore, W.S., 1982:
The accuracy of carotid back pressure as an index for shunt requirements. A reappraisal

Thorburn, W., 1978:
The accuracy of clinical applanation tonometry

Fisher B.; Wolmark N.; Bauer M.; Redmond C.; Gebhardt M., 1981:
The accuracy of clinical nodal staging and limited axillary dissection as a determinant of histologic nodal status in carcinoma of the breast

Attwood, E.C.; Zochowski, G., 1976:
The accuracy of commercial calibration sera and assayed control sera

Weinbaum, F.I.; Dubner, S.; Turner, J.W.; Pardes, J.G., 1987:
The accuracy of computed tomography in the diagnosis of retroperitoneal blood in the presence of abdominal aortic aneurysm

Platt, J.F.; Bree, R.L.; Schwab, R.E., 1987:
The accuracy of CT in the staging of carcinoma of the prostate

Bailey, D.; Garralda, M.E., 1986:
The accuracy of dating childhood life events on a parental questionnaire

Neukirch F.; Maguin P.; Perdrizet S.; Pariente R., 1984:
The accuracy of death certification of respiratory disease in france and 7 other countries of the european economic community

Groth R., 1987:
The accuracy of determining soil moisture and inorganic nitrogen contents under field conditions in albic luvisol tieflehm fahlerde

Greenbaum, M.; Beyt, B.E.; Murray, P.R., 1980:
The accuracy of diagnosing pulmonary tuberculosis at a teaching hospital

Key, H.; Jackson, P.C.; Thomas, E.A.; Jeans, W.D.; Davies, E.R., 1987 :
The accuracy of digital subtraction angiography for the quantification of atherosclerosis

Wood G.A.; Marshall R.N., 1986:
The accuracy of direct linear transformation extrapolation in three dimensional film analysis

Teirstein P.S.; Yock P.G.; Popp R.L., 1985:
The accuracy of doppler ultrasound measurement of pressure gradients across irregular dual and tunnel like obstructions in blood flow

Pavlov H.; Warren R.F.; Sherman M.F.; Cayea P.D., 1983:
The accuracy of double contrast arthrographic evaluation of the anterior cruciate ligament a retrospective review of 163 knees with surgical confirmation

Wright, S.; Morris, J.T.; Hartog, M., 1982:
The accuracy of drawing up insulin by insulin treated diabetics

Lutze J., 1984:
The accuracy of driver selection tests in cases of drunken driving results of a probation control

Hames T.K.; Ratliff D.A.; Humphries K.N.; Gazzard V.M.; Birch S.J.; Chant A.D.B., 1985:
The accuracy of duplex scanning in the evaluation of early carotid disease

Acalovschi M.; Badea G.; Badea R., 1985:
The accuracy of echography and cholecystography in the diagnosis of gallbladder lithiasis

Patterson R.P.; Fisher S.V., 1979:
The accuracy of electrical transducers for the measurement of pressure applied to the skin

O'keeffe D.F.; Garite T.J.; Elliott J.P.; Burns P.E., 1985:
The accuracy of estimated gestational age based on ultrasound measurement of biparietal diameter in preterm premature rupture of the membranes

Mcguire F.L., 1986:
The accuracy of estimating the sobriety of drinking drivers

Batchelor C.H., 1984:
The accuracy of evapotranspiration estimated with the fao modified penman equation

Poses, R.M.; Cebul, R.D.; Collins, M.; Fager, S.S., 1985:
The accuracy of experienced physicians' probability estimates for patients with sore throats. Implications for decision making

Lange P.E.; Beurich H.W.; Onnasch D.G.W.; Heintzen P.H., 1983:
The accuracy of experimentally determined angiographic right ventricular volume

Crone R.A., 1984:
The accuracy of fixation in lateral gaze and the problem of retinal slip

Zink P.; Schneider B.; Schroeder G.; Wolf M., 1985:
The accuracy of forensic blood alcohol determination

Monsen, R.B.; Engebretson, A.M., 1983:
The accuracy of formant frequency measurements: a comparison of spectrographic analysis and linear prediction

Foxman, B.; Edington, D.W., 1987:
The accuracy of health risk appraisal in predicting mortality

Paz J.M.; Villar R.; Calvo S.; Tutor J.C., 1980:
The accuracy of hemo globin determination with the coulter counter s a controversial point

Ismajovich, B.; Wexler, S.; Golan, A.; Langer, L.; David, M.P., 1986:
The accuracy of hysterosalpingography vs. laparoscopy in evaluation of infertile women

Duczek L.J., 1982:
The accuracy of identifying bipolaris sorokiniana conidia extracted from soils in saskatchewan canada

Gilbert, E.H.; Earle, J.D.; Goris, M.L.; Kaplan, H.S.; Kriss, J.P., 1976:
The accuracy of indium iii chloride as a bone marrow scanning agent

Slinker, B.K.; Glantz, S.A., 1985:
The accuracy of inferring left ventricular volume from dimension depends on the frequency of information needed to answer a given question

Tereshchenko L.I.; Tereshchenko V.G., 1987:
The accuracy of information characteristics of the species structure of ichthyocenosis

Barchielli, A.; Geddes, M., 1986:
The accuracy of local death certificates in cancer of the lung and stomach

Hansell D.M.; Cooke J.C.; Parsons C.A., 1988:
The accuracy of mammography alone and in combination with clinical examination and cytology in the detection of breast cancer

Manoliu, R.A.; Ooms, G.H., 1977:
The accuracy of mammography: an analysis of 655 histologically verified cases

Jull, G.; Bogduk, N.; Marsland, A., 1988:
The accuracy of manual diagnosis for cervical zygapophysial joint pain syndromes

Chrisman N.R., 1987:
The accuracy of map overlays a reassessment

Filippov, G.V.; Chertov, O.G., 1976:
The accuracy of mapping forest soils according to the humus type

Weidner, N.; Oates, J.; Tung, K.S., 1981:
The accuracy of Masson's trichrome stain in predicting the presence or absence of glomerular immune complexes

Knoke, J.D.; Tsao, L.L.; Neuman, M.R.; Roux, J.F., 1976:
The accuracy of measurements of intra uterine pressure during labor a statistical analysis

Williams C.C.; Kerelakes J.G.; Grossman L.W., 1981:
The accuracy of molybdenum 99 assays in technetium 99m solutions

Sainsbury, P.; Jenkins, J.S., 1982:
The accuracy of officially reported suicide statistics for purposes of epidemiological research

Love R.R.; Evans A.M.; Josten D.M., 1985:
The accuracy of patient reports of a family history of cancer

Juttijudata P.; Palavatana C.; Chiemchaisri C.; Churnratanakul S., 1986:
The accuracy of percutaneous transhepatic cholangiography using the chiba needle in the diagnosis of level and cause of cholestasis

Khazaie, K.; Buchanan, J.H.; Rosenberger, R.F., 1984:
The accuracy of phage q beta rna translation 1. errors during the synthesis of q beta proteins by intact escherichia coli cells

Khazaie, K.; Buchanan, J.H.; Rosenberger, R.F., 1984:
The accuracy of phage q beta rna translation 2. errors during the synthesis of q beta proteins by cell free escherichia coli extracts

Maryon R.H.; Heasman C.C., 1988:
The accuracy of plume trajectories forecast using the uk meteorological office operational forecasting models and their sensitivity to calculation schemes

D.N.e H.W.; Vijverberg J., 1985:
The accuracy of population density estimates of copepods and cladocerans using data from tjeukemeer the netherlands as an example

Thompson, R.C.; Karim, A.M., 1982:
The accuracy of protein biosynthesis is limited by its speed high fidelity selection by ribosomes of aminoacyl transfer rna ternary complexes containing guanosine 5' gamma thio tri phosphate

Wolf, P.S.; Genton, E., 1970:
The accuracy of pulmonary angiography in assessing resolution of experimental thrombo emboli

Omura F.; Zushi M.; Shimomura Y.; Taniguchi S., 1986:
The accuracy of radioisotope scintigrams in the diagnosis of head and neck tumors

Chambers J.L.; Stroud R.M., 1979:
The accuracy of refined protein structures comparison of 2 independently refined models of bovine trypsin

Linton S.J.; Melin L., 1982:
The accuracy of remembering chronic pain

Haley, R.W.; Schaberg, D.R.; McClish, D.K.; Quade, D.; Crossley, K.B.; Culver, D.H.; Morgan, W.M.; McGowan, J.E.; Shachtman, R.H., 1980:
The accuracy of retrospective chart review in measuring nosocomial infection rates. Results of validation studies in pilot hospitals

Polly D.W.Jr; Callaghan J.J.; Sikes R.A.; Mccabe J.M.; Mcmahon K.; Savory C.G., 1988:
The accuracy of selective magnetic resonance imaging compared with the findings of arthroscopy of the knee

Koenigsberg, M.; Wiener, S.N.; Walzer, A., 1979:
The accuracy of sonography in the differential diagnosis of obstructive jaundice: a comparison with cholangiography

Astrahan, M.A.; Luxton, G.; Sapozink, M.D.; Petrovich, Z., 1988:
The accuracy of temperature measurement from within an interstitial microwave antenna

Allan, S.; Coates, R.H., 1976:
The accuracy of the barium meal in the diagnosis of carcinoma of the stomach

Alonso, P.L.; Bowman, A.; Marsh, K.; Greenwood, B.M., 1987:
The accuracy of the clinical histories given by mothers of seriously ill African children

Harris W.H.; Waltman A.C.; Athanasoulis C.; Wessinger S.J.; Salzman E.W., 1981:
The accuracy of the in vivo diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis in patients with prior venous thrombo embolic disease or severe varicose veins

Lindblad B.; Bergqvist D.; Fredin H.; Jaroszewski H.; Nosslin B., 1987:
The accuracy of the iodine 125 radioactive uptake test for detection of deep venous thrombosis using various labelled proteins fibrinogen albumin and comparison with phlebography in hip surgery patients

Williamson J.F., 1986:
The accuracy of the line and point source approximations in iridium 192 dosimetry

Finlay, R.A.P., 1978:
The accuracy of the london england parish registers 1580 1653

D.L.cey G.; Wilkins R.; Cramer B.; Benson M.; Spencer J.; Mitchell R., 1983:
The accuracy of the plain abdominal radiograph in assessing colonic fecal contamination

Guinan, P.; Bush, I.; Ray, V.; Vieth, R.; Rao, R.; Bhatti, R., 1980:
The accuracy of the rectal examination in the diagnosis of prostate carcinoma

Van Hof M.W., 1982:
The accuracy of tilt discrimination in the rabbit

McCarthy, I.D.; Sharafi A Oxby, C.B.; Oxby, C.B.; Burkinshaw, L., 1980:
The accuracy of total body nitrogen determined by neutron activation analysis

Dove H.; Freer M., 1979:
The accuracy of tritium labeled water turnover rate as an estimate of milk intake in lambs

Ackerstaff R.G.A.; Eikelboom B.C.; Hoeneveld H.; D.V.ies A.R.; Moll F.L., 1982:
The accuracy of ultrasonic duplex scanning in carotid artery disease

Solum, T.; Ingemarsson, I.; Nygren, A., 1981:
The accuracy of ultrasonic fetal cardiography

Seitz J.F.; Boustiere C.; Maurin P.; Aimino R.; Durbec J.P.; Botta D.; Escoffier J.M.; Gauthier A.P., 1983:
The accuracy of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of cirrhosis a study of 100 consecutive examinations

Dewbury, K.C.; Clark, B., 1979:
The accuracy of ultrasound in the detection of cirrhosis of the liver

Foster, K.J.; Dewbury, K.C.; Griffith, A.H.; Wright, R., 1980:
The accuracy of ultrasound in the detection of fatty infiltration of the liver

Poston G.J.; Joseph A.E.A.; Riddle P.R., 1983:
The accuracy of ultrasound in the measurement of changes in bladder volume

Stonehill, R.B.; Peoples, A.G., 1982:
The accuracy of venturi masks at altitude

Marquette, G.P.; Dillard, T.; Bietla, S.; Niebyl, J.R., 1985:
The accuracy of visual and meter determinations of blood glucose with the use of Chemstrip bG

Morris C.A.; Smith R.J.; Hearnshaw H.; Dicker R.W., 1981:
The accuracy of visual assessments for weight in young beef calves

Robertson N.H.; Nowers J.H.; Dixon A., 1979:
The accuracy of waikato milk meters and recording jars used in herd recording

Monroe, E.K.; Lange, G., 1977:
The accuracy with which children judge the composition of their free recall

Yamamuro S., 1981:
The accurate determination of nitrogen 15 with an emission spectrometer

Hall, L.M.; Spierer, P., 1986:
The Ace locus of Drosophila melanogaster: structural gene for acetylcholinesterase with an unusual 5' leader

L.B.un A.; Cluzan S.; Davis S.J.M.; Hansen J.; Renault Miskovsky J., 1987:
The aceramic neolithic of cyprus

Anda, S.; Svenningsen, S.; Dale, L.G.; Benum, P., 1986:
The acetabular sector angle of the adult hip determined by computed tomography

Barrett, J.; Livesey, P.J., 1982:
The acetic acid component of lead acetate: its effect on rat weight and activity

Ballard, J.M.; Stacey, B.E., 1970:
The acetonation of d allose

Alonso Lopez M.; Barbat J.; Fanton E.; Fernandez Mayoralas A.; Gelas J.; Horton D.; Martin Lomas M.; Penades S., 1987:
The acetonation of lactose and benzyl beta lactoside with 2 methoxypropene

Fond, O.; Engasser, J.M.; Matta-El-Amouri, G.; Petitdemange, H., 1986:
The acetone butanol fermentation on glucose and xylose. I. Regulation and kinetics in batch cultures

Jones S.P.; Parr G.D., 1987:
The acetotoluides as models for studying cyclodextrin inclusion complexes

Brown, E.D.; Clarkson, R.; Leeney, T.J.; Robinson, G.E., 1978:
The acetoxy fulvene synthesis of prostaglandins part 1 synthesis of the corey aldehyde

Ruch, G.A.; Davis, R.; Koelle, G.B., 1976:
The acetyl cholin esterase ec and pseudo cholin esterase ec contents of human placenta at term

Makotchenko V.M.; Malinina Putsenko V.P.; Kleiner A.I.; Genes V.S.; Efremova V.A.; Rabinovich N.L., 1982:
The acetyl choline acetyl cholin esterase and sympathico adrenal systems in dust induced bronchitis

Perrine, D.; Georges, P., 1978:
The acetyl choline activity on the ventricle of the goldfish heart carassius auratus teleost cyprinidae modification of the response by means of the temperature

Valente D.; Marques L.A.C.; Mendes E.G., 1981:
The acetyl choline contents of honeys from different bees as determined in 4 point assays

Orsetti M.; Fundaro A.; Molinengo L., 1979:
The acetyl choline eserine synergism in the epinephrine induced ventricular automaticity

Chad J.E.; Kerut G.A., 1981:
The acetyl choline induced membrane current fluctuations are characteristic of the receptor ionophore population involved

Segal, M., 1978:
The acetyl choline receptor in the rat hippocampus nicotinic muscarinic or both

Wilson, S.P.; Kirshner, N., 1977:
The acetyl choline receptor of the adrenal medulla

Klett, R.P.; Fulpius, B.W.; Cooper, D.; Smith, M.; Reich, E.; Possani, L.D., 1973:
The acetyl choline receptor part 1 purification and characterization of a macro molecule isolated from electrophorus electricus

Karlin, A., 1974:
The acetyl choline receptor progress report

Dreyer, F.; Peper, K., 1974:
The acetyl choline sensitivity in the vicinity of the neuro muscular junction of the frog

Tong, S.W., 1977:
The acetylated amino terminus of calcium dependent atpase from rabbit skeletal muscle sarcoplasmic reticulum a common amino terminal acetylated methionyl sequence

Bradshaw, D.; Hemsworth, B.A., 1976:
The acetylation of hemicholinium 3 by choline acetyl transferase

Lindsay, D.G.; Shall, S., 1971:
The acetylation of insulin

Evans, D.A.; Paterson, S.; Francisco, P.; Alvarez, G., 1985:
The acetylator phenotypes of Saudi Arabian diabetics

Platonova R.D.; Poskonova M.A.; Rodionov I.M., 1986:
The acetylcholine activation of the sodium pump in the frog muscular fibers

Varanda, W.A.; Aracava, Y.; Sherby, S.M.; VanMeter, W.G.; Eldefrawi, M.E.; Albuquerque, E.X., 1985:
The acetylcholine receptor of the neuromuscular junction recognizes mecamylamine as a noncompetitive antagonist

Chow, F.L.; Telen, M.J.; Rosse, W.F., 1985:
The acetylcholinesterase defect in paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria: evidence that the enzyme is absent from the cell membrane

Gnadt J.W.; Pegram G.V.; Baxter J.F., 1985:
The acetylcholinesterase inhibitor dfp increases rapid eye movement sleep in rats

Smith, M.S.; Firestone, M.K.; Tiedje, J.M., 1978:
The acetylene inhibition method for short term measurement of soil denitrification and its evaluation using nitrogen 13

Sadykov B.F.; Zueva L.D.; Kappushev A.U., 1983:
The acetylene method compared with the direct determination of molecular nitrogen fixation

Dalton, H.; Whittenbury, R., 1976:
The acetylene reduction technique as an assay for nitrogenase activity in the methane oxidizing bacterium methylococcus capsulatus strain bath

Chen, Z.L., 1987:
The Acetylenes from Atractylodes macrocephala

Villares R.; Cabrera C.V., 1987:
The achaete scute gene complex of drosophila melanogaster conserved domains in a subset of genes required for neurogenesis and their homology to myc

Guerin C.; Barychnikov G.F., 1987:
The acheulean rhinoceros of the koudaro i cave georgia ussr and the survival of some mammalian species during the pleistocene in the caucasus mountains

Penalva C., 1987:
The acheulian industries of portugal

Tuffereau, A.; Bouchet, J.P.; Moigne, A.M.; Munaut, V., 1986:
The acheulian layers of the middle terrace in the somme basin at cagny l'epinette somme france

Rogers, J.; Curtis, P., 1980:
The achievement of continuity of care in a primary care training program

Evans S.A.; Neild J.R.A., 1981:
The achievement of very high yields of potatoes in the uk

Pershin, G.N., 1976:
The achievements of pharmacology and prospects of its development dedicated to the 25th congress of the communist party of the ussr

Utkin, A.I., 1977:
The achievements of soviet silviculture

Kilo, C.; Miller, J.P.; Williamson, J.R., 1980:
The Achilles heel of the University Group Diabetes Program

Costin, G.; Kaplan, S.A.; Ling, S.M., 1970:
The achilles reflex time in thyroid disorders

Ingling, C.R.Jr ; Tsou, B.H.P.; Gast, T.J.; Burns, S.A.; Emerick, J.O.; Riesenberg, L., 1978:
The achromatic channel part 1 the nonlinearity of minimum border and flicker matches

Ammannati P.; Gloria E.; Porciatti A., 1986 :
The achromatopsia value of fundus fluorescein angiography in the diagnosis of achromatopsia

Angelov G.; Abdelmalek B., 1987:
The acid alkaline balance in calves with enteritis

Zaks, I.O., 1976:
The acid alkaline balance of the cerebro spinal fluid in the post resuscitory period

Baffa O.; Nascimento O.R.; Tabak M., 1985:
The acid alkaline transition of a sea turtle dermochelys coriacea myoglobin coexistence at high ph of high and low spin forms

Osinskii, S.P.; Povzhitkova, M.S., 1977:
The acid base and water electrolyte status in animals with experimental tumors

Wenzel, M., 1973:
The acid base balance in parenteral nutrition

Tomaszkiewicz T.; Markowska J.; Glogowska Z.; Simm S.; Herwichowska K., 1980:
The acid base balance in women with neoplastic process of the genitals and the effect of cobalt 60 therapy

Krausz, S.; Bernstein, R.; Marder, J., 1977:
The acid base balance of the rock partridge alectoris chukar exposed to high ambient temperatures

Sternadel J.; Wojcicka J.; Krawczyk A.; Wiczynska S.; Dolo A., 1981:
The acid base balance parameters in new borns delivered by cesarean section

Zennaro, R.G., 1977:
The acid base equilibrium in brady cardic infarction

Schneiberg, K.; Rytwinski, K.; Bartnikowa, W., 1976 :
The acid base equilibrium in lympho blastic leukemias of the mouse

Misiuna, D.; Bielak, L.; Bilinski, S., 1983:
The acid base equilibrium of 4 methyl 3 r thiazolone 2 hydrazone derivatives v. ionization constants of 4 methyl r thiazolidene 2 and beta methyl beta 4 methylthiazolyl 2 hydrazides of acetic and benzoic acid

Renaud, R.; Rosenthal, C.; Bock, A.; Raffi, F., 1977:
The acid base equilibrium of the mother and fetus its practical consequences in treatment of fetal acidoses

Ikeda M.; Nagai T., 1982:
The acid base equilibrium reaction of benzodiazepinooxazoles

Bruice, T.C.; Maskiewicz, R.; Job, R., 1975:
The acid base properties hydrolytic mechanism and susceptibility to molecular oxygen oxidation of iron sulfur clusters

Katoh K.; Sasaki Y.; Tsuda T., 1983:
The acid base status of arterial and various abdominal venous blood in sheep

Bush, M.; Custer, H.; Smeller, J.; Bush, L.M.; Seal, U.S.; Barton, R., 1978:
The acid base status of lions panthera leo immobilized with 4 drug combinations

Collins, J.A.; Simmons, R.L.; James, P.M.; Bredenberg, C.E.; Anderson, R.W.; Heisterkamp, C.A.I.i, 1970:
The acid base status of seriously wounded combat casualties part 1 before treatment

Madrigal R.V.; Bagby M.O.; Pryde E.H., 1988:
The acid catalyzed addition of alkoxyl groups to the olefinic double bonds of soybean oil

Brown, K.L.; Chu, M.M.L.; Ingraham, L.L., 1976:
The acid catalyzed decomposition of phenacyl cobalamin evidence for the formation of an enol cobalt iii pi complex intermediate

Hirsch, J.; Feather, M.S., 1978:
The acid catalyzed dehydration of 2 deoxy d glucose

Lonnberg H.; Gylen O., 1983:
The acid catalyzed hydrolysis of anomeric alkyl fructofuranosides

Blunt J.W.; Ditzel E.J.; Hartshorn M.P.; Hickey B.J.; Johnstone P.K.; Munro M.H.G.; Robinson W.T., 1981:
The acid catalyzed rearrangement of 8 r 13 r 8 17 epoxy labd 14 en 13 ol x ray structure analysis of a tetra cyclic ether product

Ligny, G.; Smets, P., 1978:
The acid concentration of the parietal component of gastric secretion in patients suffering from gastro duodenal disease

Verlinden M., 1982:
The acid decomposition of human blood and plasma for the determination of selenium

Shelton, K.R., 1978:
The acid dependent conversion of major nuclear oligomeric poly peptides into a small species

Greenland, A.J.; Lewis, D.H., 1981:
The acid invertases of the developing 3rd leaf of oat 2. changes in the activities of soluble iso enzymes

Greenland, A.J.; Lewis, D.H., 1981:
The acid invertases of the developing 3rd leaf of oat avena sativa cultivar maris quest 1. changes in activity of invertase and concentrations of ethanol soluble carbohydrates

Mcgarvie D.; Parolis H., 1981:
The acid labile peripheral chains of the mucilage of opuntia ficus indica

Distler W.; Kroencke A., 1983 :
The acid pattern in human dental plaque

Boesby, S., 1977:
The acid perfusion test. A study in patients with symptomatic hiatus hernia, and of the effect of a modified Belsey MK IV repair on the test

Kaul, B.; Petersen, H.; Grette, K.; Myrvold, H.E.; Halvorsen, T., 1986:
The acid perfusion test in gastroesophageal reflux disease

Spedini G.; Capucci E.; Fuciarelli M.; Rickards O., 1980:
The acid phosphatase polymorphism frequencies in the mbugu and sango of central africa correlations between the p r allele frequencies and some climatic factors in africa

Dassa, E.; Cahu, M.; Desjoyaux-Cherel, B.; Boquet, P.L., 1982:
The acid phosphatase with optimum pH of 2.5 of Escherichia coli. Physiological and Biochemical study

Arnold, W.N.; Garrison, R.G.; Mann, L.C.; Wallace, D.P., 1988:
The acid phosphatases of Thermoascus crustaceus, a thermophilic fungus

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The action of acephate in pseudoplusia includens lepidoptera noctuidae and pristhesancus papuensis hemiptera heterystera reduviidae

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The action of acetaldehyde on the intra cellular electrical activities of the guinea pig tenia coli

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The action of caerulein on pancreatic and biliary secretions of the chicken

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The action of caffeine in promoting ultrastructural damage in frog skeletal muscle fibers evidence for the involvement of the calcium induced release of calcium from the sarcoplasmic reticulum

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The action of carbachol on spontaneous transmitter release from rat motor nerve terminals depending on the extracellular potassium concentration

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The action of cobalt nickel and chromium on phagocytosis and bacterial killing by human polymorphonuclear leukocytes its relevance to infection after total joint arthro plasty

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The action of cysteine on phyto hem agglutinin stimulation of lymphocytes part 2 influence on incorporation of tritiated uridine and carbon 14 leucine

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The action of d l ethionine on the streaming of protoplasm in the root hairs of barley hordeum vulgare

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The action of decamethrin a synthetic pyrethroid on the rat

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The action of electro shock on behavioral and neuronal reactions in edible snails

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The action of electro shock on the electric activity of neurons in the edible snail

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The action of endrin 20 on microtus arvalis

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The action of entomo pathogenic fungi of the genus aschersonia on the greenhouse whitefly

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The action of erabu toxin b in the cerebral cortex evidence for short latency potentially nicotinic neurons

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The action of erabu toxin b on spontaneous and glutamate induced cortical activity

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The action of estrogen and progesterone on the expression of the transferrin gene. A comparison of the response in chick liver and oviduct

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The action of ethanol and other solvents on nerve tissue under in vitro conditions

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The action of exogenous abscisic acid and gibberellic acid on gene expression in germinating castor beans ricinus communis

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The action of exogenous abscisic acid on malate synthase synthesis in germinating castor bean ricinus communis cultivar zanzibariensis seeds

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The action of exogenous formaldehyde on the membrane structure level in acute cerebral ischemia

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The action of exogenous gibberellic acid on iso citrate lyase messenger rna in germinating castor bean ricinus seeds

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The action of exogenous gibberellic acid on polysome formation and translation of messenger rna in germinating castor bean ricinus communis seeds

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The action of exogenous gibberellic acid on protein and messenger rna in germinating castor bean ricinus seeds

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The action of experimentally adjusted distraction on the elbow joint of the rabbit

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The action of external factors on the sexuality of aquatic gastropod mollusks

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The action of external tetraethylammonium ions on unitary delayed rectifier potassium channels of frog skeletal muscle

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The action of fibrinolytic principle obtained from the venom of agkistrodon halys on blood coagulation system

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The action of fluoride on the calcium pre treated blood

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The action of fusicoccin alone and with some plant growth substances on tobacco tissue cultures

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The action of gamma rays of cobalt 60 on the nucleic acid content and histogenesis of tuber tissues of jerusalem artichokes helianthus tuberosus cultivated in vitro

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The action of gamma vinyl gamma amino butyric acid and gamma acetylenic gamma amino butyric acid on the resting and stimulated release of gamma amino butyric acid in vivo

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The action of glycine on rat epileptic foci

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The action of gossypol on rat germinal cells

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The action of halofenate on platelet shape change and prostaglandin synthesis

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The action of halothane on adenylate cyclase

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The action of heat and inst ionizing radiation on the infectivity of isolated phi x 174 dna escherichia coli

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The action of heavy metals on the gametes of marine mussel mytilus edulis 2. uptake of copper and zinc and their effect on respiration in the sperm and unfertilized egg

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The action of heavy metals on the gametes of the marine mussel mytilus edulis 1. copper induced uncoupling of respiration in the unfertilized egg

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The action of heavy metals on the gametes of the marine mussel mytilus edulis iii. the effect of applied copper and zinc on sperm motility in relation to ultrastructural damage and intracellular metal localization

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The action of heparin on the incorporation of tritiated thymidine into the cells of the continuous line a 1

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The action of herbicide on free amoebas rhizopoda protozoa preliminary study

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The action of herbicides and agrotechnical procedures on the weed flora in continuing experiments on cereal crops noitzsch east germany program

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The action of herbicides on photosynthetic electron transport

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The action of herbicides on the dynamics of the chemical composition and yield quality of barley in different provision of nutrients

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The action of high hydrostatic pressure on the membrane currents of helix pomatia neurons

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The action of human and rabbit serum phospho lipase a 2 ec on escherichia coli phospho lipids

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The action of human complement c 3 in soluble or cross linked form with resting and activated murine b lymphocytes

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The action of human pancreatic and salivary iso amylases ec on starch and glycogen

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The action of hydro carbons and carbon tetra chloride on the sodium current of the squid loligo forbesi giant axon

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The action of hydrocortisone and insulin on the activity and the iso enzymes of tyrosine alpha keto glutarate trans aminase in the cyto structures of the liver of different aged rats

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The action of hydrocortisone insulin and glucagon on chicken liver hexo kinase and glucose 6 phosphatase and on the plasma glucose and free fatty acid concentrations

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The action of hydrocortisone on dna synthesis in epithelial cells of the urinary bladder and the renal cortex and on the blood gluco corticoid level

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The action of imipramine on the lower urinary tract of the dog

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The action of immuno depressants using the leukocyte migration test

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The action of immuno globulin g and immuno globulin m isolated from testicular anti serum on the sexually mature rat testicles

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The action of industrial atmospheric pollutants synthetic rubber production factors on tradescantia clone 02

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The action of inhalation anesthetics on the lower esophageal sphincter

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The action of inhibitors histidine and amp on the atp phospho ribosyl transferase of escherichia coli

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The action of inorganic phosphate on thiamine transport by rat everted jejunal sacs

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The action of inositol hexanicotinate as antilipemic on normal and hypercholesterolemic rabbits

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The action of insecticides on larvae of musca domestica in swine manure

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The action of insecticides on neuro secretory neurons in the stick insect carausius morosus

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The action of insulin and di butyryl cyclic amp on the biosynthesis of poly unsaturated acids of alpha linolenic and family in htc cells

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The action of insulin on brown adipose tissue in vivo

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The action of intensive cultivation measures in cereal crop rotations

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The action of interferon on growth and differentiation of mouse neuroblastoma cells

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The action of interferon on the phasic distribution of the cell cycle of human tumor cells in a culture

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The action of interferons on the morphology of mononuclear elements of human peripheral blood scanning electron microscopic observations

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The action of intra venous ethanol on gastric secretion

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The action of intracellular factors of the rat kidney following partial nephrectomy

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The action of intrathecal morphine and methadone on the lower urinary tract in the dog

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The action of intravenous anesthetic and central depressant drugs on the contractures elicited by tetraethylammonium in the chick biventer cervicis muscle

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The action of ionizing radiation on dna in the presence of quinacrine part 1 uv absorption and fluorescence measurements

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The action of ionizing radiation on dna in the presence of quinacrine part 2 dna strand breakage

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The action of ionizing radiation on dna in the presence of quinacrine part 2 esr study spin transfer in gamma irradiated lyophilized dna quinacrine complexes

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The action of ionizing radiation on protein part 2 radical formation in l tryptophan hydro chloride

Flossmann, W.; Westhof, E., 1978:
The action of ionizing radiation on protein part 3 radical formation in l phenyl alanine hydro chloride

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The action of ionizing radiation on rna metabolism part 2 the kinetics of nuclear rna degradation in organs of irradiated rats

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The action of iontophoretically applied acetyl choline and dopamine on single claustrum neurons in the cat

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The action of iontophoretically applied l glutamate on an insect locusta migratoria migratorioides visceral muscle

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The action of islet activating protein (pertussis toxin) on insulin's ability to inhibit adenylate cyclase and activate cyclic AMP phosphodiesterases in hepatocytes

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The action of isoprenaline on the smooth muscle of the guinea pig tenia coli

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The action of isoproterenol on the chick embryo heart

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The action of isoxsuprine on myo cardial contractility

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The action of itraconazole and ketoconazole on growth and sterol synthesis in Aspergillus fumigatus and Aspergillus niger

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The action of juglone on the micro flora of nonalcoholic beverages

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The action of juvenile hormone on follicle cells of Rhodnius prolixus in vitro: the effect of colchicine and cytochalasin B

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The action of juvenile hormone on the follicle cells of rhodnius prolixus the importance of volume changes

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The action of kainic acid and quisqualic acid on the glutamate receptors of 3 identifiable neurons from the brain of the snail helix aspersa

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The action of ketamine and hexenal on excitable membranes of the frog neuromuscular preparation

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The action of l dopa and of dopamine on plasma nonesterified fatty acids in normal and obese subjects

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The action of labetalol on the heart rate arterial blood pressure and systolic time intervals at rest and during exercise in hypertension

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The action of lactic acid bacteria to silage

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The action of lanthanum and methoxy verapamil on the calcium exchange in the smooth muscle cells of the guinea pig tenia coli

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The action of lead on connective tissue

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The action of lead on fungi

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The action of lecithin and calcium dips in the control of bitter pit in apple fruit malus domestica

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The action of lecithin mono layers on mosquitoes part 1 general observations

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The action of lecithin mono layers on mosquitoes part 2 action on the respiratory structures

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The action of leucotrofina on in vitro mechanical muscular effort

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The action of leukeran on the local shwartzman phenomenon

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The action of leukocytic pyrogen on the thermo sensitive neurons of the anterior hypothalamus

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The action of levamisole on thymus derived lymphocytes in normal and atopic subjects

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The action of light melatonin and lsd on the frog's gonads in spring and winter

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The action of light on culture media

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The action of lindane in causing ultrastructural damage in frog rana temporaria skeletal muscle

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The action of lipase on chloroplast membranes 2. poly peptide patterns of bean galacto lipase treated and phospho lipase a 2 treated thylakoid membranes

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The action of lipases on low density blood serum lipo proteins

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The action of local anesthetics on lipolysis and on adenosine cyclic amp content in isolated rat fat cells

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The action of low frequency ultrasound on the peritoneum peritoneal exudate cells and the course of experimental peritonitis

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The action of low intensity microwave radiation on body weight spontaneous activity and blood values of mice undergoing long term experiments

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The action of low molecular weight fragments of the substrate and their analogs on the activity of phospho lipase isozymes from clostridium perfringens type a

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The action of lysozyme ec on peptido glycan with n unsubstituted glucosamine residues isolation of glycan fragments and their susceptibility to lysozyme

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The action of lysozyme on partially deacetylated chitin/

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The action of manganese on the platelet aggregation in vitro starting points of prevention

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The action of mebeverine and metabolites on mammalian non myelinated nerve fibers

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The action of mecoprop and dichlorprop on bedstraw under glasshouse conditions

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The action of mercury nitrate on rat kidney tubules and glomeruli in tissue culture histochemical observations

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The action of methylated derivatives of 5 hydroxy tryptamine at ganglionic receptors

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The action of methylene blue on spontaneous and evoked reactions in the autonomic neuromuscular junction

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The action of metronidazole on DNA

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The action of metronidazole on the parasite trichomonas vaginalis cultivated in vitro

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The action of minaprine on tyrosine metabolism in the rat

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The action of mineral forms of nitrogen as affected by modification of the soil ph value

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The action of mitomycin c on the bristle forming apparatus of phormia regina

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The action of mono functional and di functional sulfur mustards on the rna containing bacterio phage mu 2

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The action of mouse anti serum against isologous aggregated immuno globulins on transplantation and anti tumor immunity

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The action of n butyric acid n hexanoic acid and iso butyric acid on the respiration of candida tropicalis

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The action of n hydroxy 2 acetylamino fluorene on the synthesis of ribosomal and poly adenylic acid containing rna in normal and regenerating liver

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The action of n methyl d aspartic acid on mouse spinal neurons in culture

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The action of n methyl n nitroso urea on nonestablished human cell lines in vitro part 1 cell cycle inhibition and aberration induction in di ploid and downs fibroblasts

Kaina, B., 1977:
The action of n methyl n nitroso urea on nonestablished human cell lines in vitro part 2 nonrandom distribution of chromatid aberrations in di ploid and downs cells

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The action of nad on hereditary properties of wheat

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The action of nerveside, a peptide extracted from brain, on myenteric ganglia in Auerbach's plexus

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The action of neuro hormonal peptides on the spontaneous pulsations of cultured cardiac ventricular cells of new born rats

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The action of neurotensin on single myenteric neurons

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The action of nicergoline and di hydro ergotamine on the arterial blood pressure after their injection into the cerebral ventricles of cats

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The action of nicotinamide on neuromuscular transmission

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The action of nifedipine adalat in neurological patients with arterial hypertension

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The action of nifedipine on peripheral blood flow in patients with atherosclerotic arterial disease of the lower limbs a controlled study

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The action of nisin on beer spoilage lactic acid bacteria

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The action of nitrite on NADP reduction by intact spinach chloroplasts

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The action of nitro imidazole drugs the products of nitroimidazole reduction

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The action of nitroso guanidine mutagen and other dna inactivating agents on streptococcus pyogenes k 56 strains with normal and reduced dark repair ability uv light mutagen nitrogen mustard mutagen ethyl methane sulfonate mutagen mitomycin c mutagen escherichia coli

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The action of nitrous acid on Haemophilus influenzae transforming DNA

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The action of nonachlazine on adrenaline induced platelet aggregation

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The action of noradrenaline and dopamine on the pacemaker cells of the rat heart in normal conditions and those of pharmacological desympathization

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The action of norepinephrine in the rat hippocampus part 3 hippocampal cellular responses to locus coeruleus stimulation in the awake rat

Segal, M.; Bloom, F.E., 1976:
The action of norepinephrine in the rat hippocampus part 4 the effects of locus coeruleus stimulation on evoked hippocampal unit activity

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The action of novocaine on the deamination of some monoamines

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The action of nuclear and cytoplasmic fractions on dna quantity in a compensatorily hypertrophied rat kidney

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The action of Nupercaine on calcium efflux from rat liver mitochondria

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The action of nystatin on cultured rat myocardial cells and cell membranes isolated rat hearts and intact rats

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The action of octopamine and other biogenic amines on locust schistocerca americana gregaria central neurons

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The action of organic and mineral fertilizers on the pigment content of young rye plants

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The action of organic mercurials on the erythrocyte membrane

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The action of organic solvents and bivalent cations on the melting of dna histone h 2b complex

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The action of orotic acid on nerve tissue cultured in vitro

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The action of ouabain on prolactin induced lactogenesis and on the level of mammary prolactin receptors

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The action of ouabain on the function of the atrio ventricular node in rabbits

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The action of oxygen and oxygen at high pressure on inhibitory transmission

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The action of p chlorophenyl alanine alone or in combination with acth on the acquisition of a conditioned avoidance reflex in the rat

Laborit, H.; Desplaces, N., 1977:
The action of p chlorophenyl alanine on hypertension in the rat provoked by the application of an unavoidable plantar electric shock

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The action of paraquat pestic and diquat pestic on the respiration of liver cell fractions rat enz nadh dehydrogenase enz nadph oxidase

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The action of parenterally administered casein hydrolysate on gastric secretion under different degrees of the gastric gland de nervation

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The action of parotid venom on the heart of the toad bufo ictericus ictericus spix 1824 and its effects on the inhibition caused by vagal stimulation

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The action of peptides on the mudpuppy electro retinogram

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The action of perexiline maleate on the electro cardiogram

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The action of perhexiline maleate on the hemoglobin dissociation curve in coronary patients

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The action of pheno barbital morphine and ethanol on the physicochemical properties of erythrocyte membranes

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The action of phenol on fish carassius auratus gibelio a histochemical and biochemical study

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The action of phentolamine chlorhydrate on platelets of patients on extracorporeal circulation

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The action of phenylmethylsulfonyl fluoride metab on human enz acetyl cholin esterase enz chymotrypsin and enz trypsin electric eel human mouse bovine rat

Britten, J.S.; Blank, M., 1969:
The action of phloridzin and sugars on sodium ion potassium ion activated atpase

Jung J.; Dressel J., 1981:
The action of phosphate accumulation in the soil over a number of years compared with that of freshly supplied fertilizer phosphate in a model experiment

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The action of phospho di esterase inhibitors on the hyper sensitivity of frog rana catesbeiana photo receptor

Alsina A.; Garcia M.D.; Valls O.; Garcia S., 1985:
The action of phospholipase a 2 from vipera berus on mixed monolayers of l alpha didecanoylphosphatidylcholine and cholesterol

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The action of phospholipases a 2 and d on the plasma membranes of corn root cells

Smidt, S., 1978:
The action of photochemical oxidizing agents on forest trees

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The action of physalaemin on electrolyte excretion by the mandibular and sublingual salivary glands of the rat

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The action of physalaemin on the peristaltic reflex of guinea pig isolated ileum

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The action of picrotoxin on the interspike interval in rat supraoptic neurons

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The action of pimaricin, etruscomycin and amphotericin B on liposomes with varying sterol content

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The action of piperidine on muscle spindles in the rat

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The action of piracetam in ischemic flaps

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The action of piracetam on carbon 14 glucose metabolism in normal and post hypoxic rat cerebral cortex slices

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The action of piracetam on liver mitochondria respiration in intact and gonadectomized rats of both sexes

Barnes, M.F.; Light, E.N.; Lang, A., 1969:
The action of plant growth retardants on terpenoid biosynthesis inhibition of gibberellic acid production in fusarium moniliforme by 2 chloroethyl trimethyl ammonium chloride and amo 1618 action of these retardants on sterol biosynthesis

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The action of plasma of partially hepatectomized rats on the adenylate cyclase of liver membranes

Butschak, G.; Teichmann, B.; Scheunig, G.; Siebarth, D., 1978:
The action of poly chlorinated bi phenyls kanechlor 500 and delor 106 and 3 methyl cholanthrene on the activity of some microsomal enzymes of the rat liver

Mehlhorn H.; Pooch H.; Raether W., 1983:
The action of poly ether ionophorous antibiotics monensin salinomycin lasalocid on developmental stages of eimeria tenella coccidia sporozoa in vivo and in vitro study by light microscopy and electron microscopy

Arinze A.E., 1985:
The action of polygalacturonase and cellulase enzymes of botryodiplodia theobromae on yam dioscorea spp and sweet potato ipomoea batatas tissues

Evans D.F.; Foster G.E.; Hardcastle J.D.; Johnson F.; Wright J.W., 1982:
The action of porcine glucagon on the motility of the canine duodenum and jejunum

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The action of porphyrinogenic trace metals on the activity of hepatic uro porphyrinogen decarboxylase ec

Worowski, K.; Gabryelewicz, A.; Roszkowska, W.; Bajko, K., 1979:
The action of potato inhibitors on activation of zymogen forms of digestive system proteases

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The action of prazosin in human vascular preparations

Farag A.I.; Varjas L., 1981:
The action of precocene 2 on the development and reproduction of the cotton stainer dysdercus cingulatus following larval treatments

Lewis, D.A.; Day, E.H., 1975:
The action of prednisolone on rheumatoid synovial tissues

Den Hertog A.; Van Den Akker J., 1987:
The action of procainamide and quinidine on the alpha 1 receptor operated channels in smooth muscle cells of guinea pig tenia ceci

Cook B.J.; Holman G.M., 1979:
The action of proctolin and l glutamic acid on the visceral muscles of the hind gut of the cockroach leucophaea maderae

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The action of products of formaldehyde reaction with different amines on nucleic acids and their components

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The action of prostacyclin on the contractility of the isolated circular and longitudinal muscle layers of the human oviduct

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The action of prostaglandin e 1 and papaverine on the anaphylactic release of histamine from mast cells

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