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The acheulian layers of the middle terrace in the somme basin at cagny l'epinette somme france

Tuffereau, A.; Bouchet, J.P.; Moigne, A.M.; Munaut, V.

Anthropologie (Paris) 90(1): 9-28


Accession: 006595196

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The site of Cagny-l'Epinette excavated since 1980 showed fluvial deposits belonging to a late stage (MTIII) of the Somme basin Middle terrace, covered by sandy loams. According to the regional data, the Cagny-l'Epinette fluvial level is dated in the 4th glacial-interglacial cycle before the present (the last is the Weichselian and the Holocene). Results of palynology show in the fine fluvial deposits interstadial conditions with a landscape of boreal forest.

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