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The action of anticlastogens in human lymphocyte cultures and their modification by rat-liver S9 mix. II. Studies with vitamins C and E

Gebhart, E.; Wagner, H.; Grziwok, K.; Behnsen, H.

Mutation Research 149(1): 83-94


ISSN/ISBN: 0027-5107
PMID: 2579333
Accession: 006595573

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The action of vitamins C (VC) and E (VE) on the clastogenic activity of trenimon (TR), cyclophosphamide (CP) and bleomycin (BM) was tested on cultures of human peripheral blood lymphocytes with and without addition of rat-liver S9 mix. The influence of both anticlastogens on the SCE-inducing activity of TR and CP was examined under the same conditions. A distinct dose-dependent anticlastogenic effect of VC was detected in the action of long-term treatment (24 h) with TR, if the vitamin was added to the cultures simultaneously with or before the clastogen. In the short-term tests (2 or 3 h clastogen treatment ending 23 h or 21 h before harvesting) simultaneous addition of both vitamins did reduce the chromosome-damaging action of TR whether S9 mix was present or absent. While VC also decreased the frequency of chromosome damage induced by S9-mix-activated CP, VE was inactive under the same conditions. Neither vitamin significantly affected the chromosome-breaking activity of BM if S9 mix was absent, but they increased the clastogenicity of BM metabolized by S9 mix. In contrast to their anticlastogenic efficacy neither of the vitamins displayed any significant anti-SCE effect, nor were they active in affecting the inhibition of cell proliferation caused by TR or CP.

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