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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 6599

Chapter 6599 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Krauthamer G.M., 1980: The afferent projections to the centrum medianum of the cat as demonstrated by retrograde transport of horseradish peroxidase

Ellis C.J.K., 1979: The afferent pupillary defect in acute optic neuritis

Sanborn G.E., 1987: The afferent pupillary defect in asymmetric glaucoma

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598003

Balduini A.V., 1980: The afferent system of extrapapillary mechano reception in the frog tongue

Miyaki, T., 1978: The afferent venous vessels to the liver and the intra hepatic portal distribution in the fowl

Mckeon B., 1983: The afferent volleys responsible for spinal proprioceptive reflexes in man

Tracey D.J., 1979: The afferents and projections of the ventroposterolateral thalamus in the monkey

Delius J.D., 1982: The afferents to the pigeon optic tectum

Banarescu P.M., 1983: The affinities and derivation of the aquatic fauna of high asia

Blake D.B., 1979: The affinities and origins of the crown of thorns sea star acanthaster new status

Dequatre B., 1983: The affinities between heterobasidion annosum and the bondarzewiaceae

Kuepfer, P., 1974: The affinities between orophyte flora of the alps and that of the pyrenees

Bassett, M. G.; Cocks, L. R. M.; Holland, C. H., 1976: The affinities of 2 endemic silurian brachiopods from the dingle peninsula ireland

Leinders, J., 1975: The affinities of bunodont listriodontinae of europe and africa

Crawford, H. D. J.; Evans, K. A., 1978: The affinities of chenopodium flabellifolium chenopodiaceae evidenve from seed coat surface and flavonoid chemistry

Smith M.P., 1986: The affinities of conodonts new evidence from the carboniferous of edinburgh scotland uk

Finney S.C., 1979: The affinities of isograptus glossograptus cryptograptus corynoides and allied graptolites

Appleby R.M., 1979: The affinities of liassic and later ichthyosaurs

Day M.C., 1979: The affinities of loboscelidia hymenoptera chrysididae loboscelidiinae

Jarzen, D. M., 1976: The affinities of marsypiletes cretacea

De Muizon C., 1987: The affinities of notocetus vanbenedeni an early miocene platanistoid cetacea mammalia from patagonia southern argentina

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598022

Muller J., 1979: The affinities of plagiopteron suaveolens plagiopteraceae

Cruickshank, A. R. I., 1975: The affinities of proterochampsa barrioneuvoi

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598025

O'farrell A.F., 1985: The affinities of the australian gomphidae odonata

Wright C.W., 1984: The affinities of the cretaceous ammonite neosaynoceras

Borecky S.R., 1983: The affinities of the new zealand passerine genus turnagra

Woodruff G.N., 1987: The affinities potencies and efficacies of some benzodiazepine receptor agonists antagonists and inverse agonists at rat hippocampal gaba a receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598030

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598031

Nakajima H., 1985: The affinity and selectivity of denopamine ta 064 a new cardiotonic agent for beta adrenergic receptors

Zharhary, D.; Segev, Y.; Gershon, H., 1977: The affinity and spectrum of cross reactivity of antibody production in senescent mice the immuno globulin m response

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598034

Shen M.M S., 1980: The affinity chromatographic studies of initiation factors attached to sepharose

Wood, T.; Fletcher, S., 1978: The affinity chromatography of transketolase ec

Baisden C.R., 1987: The affinity glycated hemoglobin in a family with hereditary spherocytosis and in other non hemoglobinopathic hemolytic anemias

Salvo, R. A.; Serio, G. F.; Evans, J. E.; Kimball, A. P., 1976: The affinity labeling of amino acids in or about the active center of dna dependent dna polymerase i

Karlin, A.; Cowburn, D., 1973: The affinity labeling of partially purified acetyl choline receptor from electric tissue of electrophorus

Hennekes R., 1979: The affinity of atropine for muscarine receptors in human sphincter pupillae

Stewart Tull D.E.S., 1981: The affinity of bacterial poly saccharide containing fractions for mammalian cell membranes and its relationship to immuno potentiating activity

Ryazhskii G.G., 1985: The affinity of calcium pumps of the plasma membrane sarcoplasmic reticulum and mitochondria for calcium ions

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598043

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598044

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598045

Dahl, A. R.; Hodgson, E., 1978: The affinity of cytochrome p 450 for ethyl iso cyanide an explanation of double soret spectra

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598047

Draper, R. D.; Ingraham, L. L., 1970: The affinity of flavin semi quinones for certain aromatic compounds and di sulfides

Mercer, J.; Funder, J. W., 1978: The affinity of hydroxylated progesterone derivatives for classical steroid receptors

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598050

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598051

Camejo, G.; Waich, S.; Quintero, G.; Berrizbeitia, M. L.; Lalaguna, F., 1976: The affinity of low density lipo proteins for an arterial macro molecular complex a study in ischemic heart disease and controls

Cowan A., 1982: The affinity of morphine for its pharmacologic receptor in vivo

Dore J.C., 1983: The affinity of n formimidoyl thienamycin mk 0787 for beta lactamases analysis by a statistical method correspondence analysis

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598055

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598056

Melville R., 1983: The affinity of paeonia and a 2nd genus of paeoniaceae

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598058

Ramirez F., 1986: The affinity of phospholipase a 2 for the interface of the substrate and analogs

Pierce R.A., 1981: The affinity of platelets for the subendothelium

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598061

Jones, A. G.; Davis, M. A., 1977: The affinity of radio labeled bone seeking compounds for injured myo cardium in the rat

Davis, J. L.; Morris, R. O., 1976: The affinity of rat liver ribosome subunits for de granulated rough microsomal membranes

Yoshiyuki, M., 1976: The affinity of rhinolophus ferrumequinum nippon from yakushima island

Yoshiyuki M., 1980: The affinity of rhinolophus ferrumequinum of the kii peninsula with that of other regions in japan

Heimer, R.; Klein, G., 1978: The affinity of soluble immune complexes for concanavalin a

Veale M.A., 1988: The affinity of some acetylenic analogues of 4 damp methobromide for muscarinic receptors in guinea pig ileum and atria

Mitchelson F., 1986: The affinity of some selective muscarinic receptor antagonists for the muscarinic receptor mediating endothelial dependent relaxation of the rabbit and rat thoracic aorta

Dawson G., 1979: The affinity of the fucose binding lectin from lotus tetragonolobus for glyco peptides and oligo saccharides accumulating in fucosidosis

De Sanchez N., 1986: The affinity of the lectins ricinus communis and glycine max to carbohydrates on the cell surface of various forms of trypanosoma cruzi and trypanosoma rangeli and the application of these lectins for the identification of trypanosoma cruzi in the feces of rhodnius prolixus

Somers, G. F.; Brown, M., 1978: The affinity of trichomes of blue green algae for calcium ions

Dawson R.M., 1984: The affinity of tritium labeled quinuclidinyl benzilate and some other radio ligands for glass micro fiber and cellulose filters in some common liquid scintillation solvents

Polonovski J., 1982: The affinity of type 1 collagen for lipid in vitro

Riley, R. L.; Klinman, N. R., 1986: The affinity threshold for antigenic triggering differs for tolerance susceptible immature precursors vs. mature primary b cells

Puget, A., 1976: The afghan pika ochotona rufescens rufescens mammalia lagomorph

Barduta Z., 1980: The afla toxigenic potential of some nutritional vegetable flours

Majerus P., 1981: The afla toxin situation in different kinds of foodstuffs

Mattei X., 1985: The aflagellate spermatozoon of diplozoon gracile platyhelminthes monogenea polyopisthocotylea a demonstrative case of relationship between sperm ultrastructure and biology of reproduction

Boucek, Z., 1976: The african and asiatic species of trichospilus and cotterellia hymenoptera eulophidae

Kuntz, R. E.; Mccullough, B.; Huang, T. C.; Moore, J. A., 1978: The african baboon papio cynocephalus as an experimental host for schistosoma mattheei

Breteler, F. J., 1979: The african dichapetalaceae 5. a taxonomical revision

Breteler F.J., 1981: The african dichapetalaceae 7

Breteler, F. J., 1978: The african dichapetalaceae part 4 a taxonomical revision this 2nd installment of the revision of dichapetalum contains the treatment of the species c f

Van Bruggen A.C., 1981: The african element among terrestrial mollusks of the island of madagascar

Gillies M.T., 1980: The african euthyplociidae ephemeroptera exeuthyplociinae new subfamily

Akingbohungbe A.E., 1980: The african genera of surinamellini heteroptera miridae with descriptions of new species

De Vos M.P., 1984: The african genus crocosmia

Coulon, G., 1976: The african genus echinoplectus reduced to synonym coleoptera pselaphidae euplectinae

De Vos M.P., 1979: The african genus ferraria

Ashlock, P. D.; Slater, J. A., 1976: The african genus hyalonysius hemiptera heteroptera lygaeidae

Dieterlen, F., 1976: The african genus of muridae lophuromys comparisons with the aid of new data on morphology ecology and biology

Jago N.D., 1982: The african genus phaeocatantops and its allies in the old world tropical genus xenocatantops with description of new species orthoptera acridoidea acrididae catantopinae

Robbrecht, E., 1987: The african genus tricalysia a. rich. rubiaceae 4. a revision of the species of section tricalysia and section rosea

Robbrecht, E., 1983: The african genus tricalysia rubiaceae 3. probletostemon revived as a section of subgenus tricalysia

Robbrecht, E., 1979: The african genus tricalysia rubiaceae coffeeae 1. a revision of the species of subgenus empogona

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598096

De-Vos, M. P., 1983: The african genus tritonia 2. sections subcallosae new section and montbretia

De Vos M.P., 1982: The african genus tritonia iridaceae 1

Mungai M.N., 1987: The african grasshopper genus acanthacris orthoptera acrididae cyrtacanthacridinae

Wagner, F. S.; Eddy, G. A.; Brand, O. M., 1977: The african green monkey as an alternate primate host for studying machupo virus infection

Nilsson J.R., 1986: The african heterotrich ciliate stentor andreseni new species and stentor amethystinus leidy a comparative ultrastructural study

Brooks S.J., 1984: The african lacewing genus ceratochrysa new genus new status neuroptera chrysopidae a predator on the cassava mealybug phenacoccus manihoti hemiptera homoptera pseudococcidae

Goy, J., 1977: The african limnocnida cnidaria limnomedusae

Jacques-Felix, H., 1978: The african madagascan and mascarene genera of memecyleae melastomataceae

Jonsson L., 1979: The african member of taeniophyllum orchidaceae

Griswold, C. E., 1987: The african members of the trap door spider family migidae araneae mygalomorphae 1. the genus moggridgea o.p. cambridge 1875

Petter F., 1981: The african mice of the mus sorella group rodentia muridae

Jotterand Bellomo M., 1986: The african mus genus an example of karyotypic homogeneity cytogenetic study of mus minutoides mus musculoides ivory coast mus setulosus central african republic and mus mattheyi burkina faso

Jotterand, M., 1975: The african mus pigmy mice the role of chromosomal polymorphism in speciation

Thomas H., 1984: The african origins of the miocene bovids artiodactyla mammalia from the grosseto lignites tuscany italy

Fursch H., 1986: The african representatives of the genus afidenta coccinellidae coleoptera

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598112

Steinmann H., 1984: The african species group of the genus esphalmenus dermaptera pygidicranidae

Husband R.W., 1981: The african species of coccipolipus with a description of all stages of coccipolipus solanophilae acarina podapolipidae

Kulo S D., 1988: The african species of quadriacanthus with proposal of quadriacanthoides new genus monogenea dactylogyridae

Evers A.M.J., 1986: The african species of the genera laius heterolaius and syndesmolaius new genus 61st contribution to the knowledge of the malachiidae

Fuersch H., 1988: The african species of the genera lioadalia crotch and oenopia mulsant coleoptera coccinellidae

Munona J., 1985: The african species of the genus arrhipis coleoptera eucnemidae

Van-Hille, J. C., 1977: The african species of the genus formicomus with mat elytra coleoptera anthicidae

Loots G.C., 1985: The african species of the subgenus kampimodromus acarina phytoseiidae

Loots G.C., 1985: The african species of the subgenus typhlodromus with descriptions of the males of typhlodromus magdalenae and typhlodromus griekwensis acari phytoseiidae

Przybos E., 1980: The african strain of paramecium jenningsi cytological and karyological investigations

Van-Ros, G., 1977: The african variant of glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase as factor favoring anemia comparative survey on 157 deficient and 300 nondeficient adults

Flechtmann, C. H. W., 1977: The africanized bee and dissemination of acarapis woodi in brazil

Krikken, J., 1978: The afro asian bolboceroides validus new combination group coleoptera geotrupidae

Soika A.G., 1981: The afro tropical genus delta hymenoptera eumenidae

Freidberg A., 1979: The afro tropical species assigned to terellia diptera tephritidae

Sabrosky C.W., 1982: The afro tropical species of apotropina diptera chloropidae

Den Heyer J. , 1981: The afro tropical species of cyta bdellidae actinedida acarida

Daccordi M., 1980: The afro tropical subgenera of chrysolina with description of a new species

Woodley N.E., 1987: The afrotropical beridinae diptera stratiomyidae

Donskoff, M., 1985: The afrotropical forest acridians ii. new genera and species from the tai forest ivory coast

Barraclough D.A., 1985: The afrotropical genus bogosia diptera tachinidae

Hippa H., 1984: The afrotropical genus hovaxylota diptera syrphidae

Woodley N.E., 1987: The afrotropical pachygastrine genera ashantina kertesz and meristomeringina james with two new generic synonyms diptera stratiomyidae

Crosskey, R. W.; White, G. B., 1977: The afrotropical region a recommended term in zoo geography

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598138

Levene, H. I.; Patterson, V.; Murphey, B. G.; Overbeck, A. L.; Veach, T. L., 1970: The aftercare of schizophrenics an evaluation of group and individual approaches

Tokhver, A. K.; Margna, E. R., 1978: The aftereffect of blue red and far red light on the accumulation of antho cyans

Szmigiel, A., 1981: The aftereffect of nitrogen fertilizers 1. the aftereffect of ammonium nitrate applied before sugar beets on the yields of spring barley

Zhakupova Sh A., 1982: The aftereffect of preparation f 1 radio modifying effect on variability of barley in m 2 and m 3

Petrov P.I., 1981: The aftereffect of trifluralin in crop rotation soybeans wheat on carbonate chernozem soils without irrigation

Bengtson, C.; Klockare, B.; Klockare, R.; Larsson, S.; Sundqvist, C., 1978: The aftereffect of water stress on chlorophyll formation during greening and the levels of abscisic acid and proline in dark grown wheat seedlings

Bengtson, C.; Olof-Falk, S.; Larsson, S., 1977: The aftereffect of water stress on transpiration rate and changes in abscisic acid content of young wheat plants

Pollack R.H., 1982: The aftereffects of prolonged perception of shape

Osin N.S., 1983: The afterglow of hela cells under deep hypoxia

Busch, M.; Makoski, B.; Schulz, U.; Sauerwein, K., 1977: The afterloading system of essen for intra cavitary radio therapy

Platt, S., 1987: The aftermath of angie's overdose is soap opera damaging to your health?

Enright J.T., 1986: The aftermath of horizontal saccades saccadic retraction and cyclotorsion

West D., 1987: The aftermath of rape profiles of immediate and delayed treatment seekers

Davis B., 1981: The aftermath of suicide an instrument for measuring reactions to the surviving family

Tsuji M., 1982: The afterripening characteristics of plum prunus salicina fruits and ethephon effects on their afterripening

Englar J.R., 1981: The agar component of the red seaweed gelidium purpurascens

Narayanan K.R., 1982: The agar contact replica technique after iso electric focusing as a screening method for the detection of enzyme variants

Gazdzinski, P.; Macdonald, J. W.; Mcmartin, D. A., 1977: The agar gel precipitin response to the h 120 and h 52 vaccines of infectious bronchitis virus

Melton L.D., 1983: The agar type poly saccharide from the red alga gracilaria secundata

Ward J.M., 1987: The agarase gene dag a of streptomyces coelicolor a3 2 affinity purification and characterization of the cloned gene product

Bibb M.J., 1987: The agarase gene dag a of streptomyces coelicolor a32 nucleotide sequence and transcriptional analysis

Corner, E. J. H., 1986: The agaric genus panellus karst. including dictyopanus pat. in malaysia

Dickerson A.G., 1985: The agaricus bisporus mannitol pathway during sporophore growth

Wallin, R. F.; Hume, R. D.; Jackson, E., 1987: The agarose diffusion method for ocular irritancy screening cosmetic products part i

Clausen, J. E., 1975: The agarose migration inhibition technique for in vitro demonstration of cell mediated immunity in man

Silba J., 1987: The agathis of espiritu santo araucariaceae new hebrides

Gentry, H. S., 1978: The agaves of baja california mexico

De Zayas A.A., 1984: The agaves of western cuba

Arenberger E., 1986: The agdistis species of the ethiopian region first contribution lepidoptera pterophoridae

Wiedmann J., 1979: The age and depositional environment of the gosau group coniacian santonian brandenberg triol austria

Zhao D., 1986: The age and genesis of phosphorites in the tiantaishan and chadian zones southern shanxi province china

Arawomo G.A.O., 1982: The age and growth of juvenile brown trout in loch leven kinross scotland uk

Bhatnagar G.K., 1979: The age and growth of labeo fimbriatus from river narmada india

Nakai K., 1980: The age and growth of nibea albiflora

Kraiem M.M., 1982: The age and growth of the barbel barbus barbus in 2 french rivers the rhone and the allier a comparative study

Campbell, G.; Collins, R. A., 1975: The age and growth of the pacific bonito sarda chiliensis in the eastern north pacific

Bresnick, G. I.; Heins, D. C., 1977: The age and growth of the weed shiner notropis texanus

Dean J.M., 1984: The age and growth of young of the year spot leiostomus xanthurus in south carolina usa

Kotlyar A.N., 1987: The age and growth rate of the alfoncino beryx splendens lowe

Jenkins D.G., 1982: The age and paleo ecology of the st erth beds southern england uk based on planktonic foraminifera

Shust, K. V.; Pinskaya, I. A., 1978: The age and rate of growth of 6 species of nototheniidae

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598180

Smith D.G., 1981: The age and significance of a small lower paleozoic inlier in county mayo ireland

Kendall M.A., 1987: The age and size structure of some northern populations of the trochid gastropod monodonta lineata

Cahoon L.B., 1987: The age and trophic history of lake waccamaw north carolina usa

Brand, U.; Rust, B. R., 1977: The age and upper boundary of the nepean formation in its type section near ottawa ontario canada

Castellano H.M., 1981: The age at menarche in carabobo venezuela with a note on the secular trend

Gallo, P. G., 1977: The age at menarche in some populations of the veneto north italy

Guarniere, J.; Ferlazzo, G.; Amagliani, G., 1978: The age at menarche in the school population of messina

Uehara M., 1985: The age at onset and the prognosis of diabetes especially the prognosis and causes of death in juvenile onset diabetic patients

Diamond I., 1983: The age at which child bearing starts a longitudinal study

Tkachenko S.V., 1986: The age bound characteristics of thrombogenesis in rats

Stockwell, E. G.; Swanson, D. A.; Wicks, J. W., 1987: The age cause proxy relationship in infant mortality

Saitseva T.L., 1987: The age changes of the morpho genetic structure in karelian birch plantations

Cunningham W.R., 1987: The age comparative construct validity of speeded cognitive factors

Gil'manov T.G., 1986: The age composition and valuation survey characteristics of the cenopopulations of the white saxual haloxylon persicum bunge in the white saxual ecosystems of a sandy desert of eastern kara kum turkmen ssr ussr

Ito S., 1982: The age composition of field populations and the survival rates in culex tritaeniorhynchus

Van-Dijk, T. S., 1973: The age composition of populations of calathus melanocephalus analyzed by studying marked individuals kept within fenced sites

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598198

Reddi H.A., 1986: The age dependence of endochondral bone formation in mice biochemical evidence for decreased bone forming capacity

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598200

Wiederanders, B.; Ansorge, S.; Bohley, P.; Kirschke, H.; Langner, J.; Hanson, H., 1978: The age dependence of intra cellular proteolysis changes of the substrate proteins

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598202

Aurich, G., 1976: The age dependence of the cellular immune reaction in children part 1 studies in healthy children and in disease patterns with secondary involvement of the immune apparatus without leukoses and tumors

Aurich, G., 1976: The age dependence of the cellular immune reaction in children part 2 studies in children with acute lymphatic leukemias

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598205

Gammeltoft S., 1987: The age dependency of cerebrospinal fluid protein concentrations lower reference intervals in children than in adults

Okamoto R., 1980: The age dependency of estrogen induced uterine thymidine kinase isozymes in the rat an analysis by radioautography

Erb N., 1986: The age dependency of the creatinine related concentration of ribonucleosides in human urine

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598209

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598210

Biermann J., 1987: The age dependent changes of the physical working capacity 170 pwc after four weeks of training during a treatment in a rehabilitation center

Nokubo M., 1988: The age dependent decline in the biliary transport maximum of conjugated sulfobromophthalein in the rat

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598213

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598214

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598215

Themann H., 1979: The age dependent effects of poly chlorinated bi phenyls on rat liver an ultrastructural morphometric study

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598217

Williams K.L., 1981: The age dependent loss of cells from the rear of a dictyostelium discoideum slug is not tip controlled

Fornaini G., 1983: The age dependent metabolic decline of the red blood cell

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598220

Srdoc D., 1979: The age determination of quaternary deposits at some localities in the dinaric karst yugoslavia by the radio carbon method

Urlichs, M., 1977: The age determination of the pachycardia tuffites and the lower carnian strata in the dolomites italy

Warncke E., 1985: The age distribution of a cirsium palustre population in a spring area in jutland denmark

Appleton, D. R.; Wright, N. A.; Dyson, P., 1977: The age distribution of cells in stratified squamous epithelium

Whittemore, A. S., 1977: The age distribution of human cancer for carcinogenic exposures of varying intensity

Barker D.J.P., 1984: The age distribution of legg perthes disease an analysis using sartwells incubation period model

Asano Y., 1980: The age distribution of neutralizing antibodies against varicella zoster virus in healthy individuals

De Clerck R., 1986: The age distribution of sole catches from the north sea the celtic sea and the irish sea during the period 1971 1985

Prerovsky I., 1979: The age factor in blood flow in the calf and in vascular resistance at rest and in reactive hyperemia

Mendlewicz, J., 1976: The age factor in depressive illness some genetic considerations

Mann R.H.K., 1984: The age growth and diet of a freshwater population of the flounder platichthys flesus in southern england uk

Vlachos C.G., 1985: The age growth and reproduction of brown trout salmo trutta fario in the aspropotamos stream greece

Rendle E.L., 1983: The age growth and reproduction of the stone loach noemacheilus barbatulus in a dorset england uk chalk stream

Delisi, C., 1977: The age incidence of female breast cancer simple models and analysis of epidemiological patterns

Et Al, 1984: The age incidence of spontaneous abortion

Kovalev A.G., 1980: The age of a tree and anatomo morphological structure of needles in scotch pine pinus sylvestris

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598237

Zou N., 1986: The age of appearance of the taeniae and haustra of the human colon and cause of formation

Twidale, C. R.; Harris, W. K., 1977: The age of ayers rock and the olgas central australia

Schumacker-Lambry, J., 1975: The age of cretaceous and tertiary sediments at leval trahegnies hainaut belgium palynological study

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598241

Founk J., 1982: The age of female european corn borer moths ostrinia nubilalis lepidoptera pyralidae in the field and tests of its use in forecasting damage to green peppers

Mougin, J. L.; Jouanin, C.; Despin, B.; Roux, F., 1986: The age of first breeding of cory's shearwater on selvagem grande south atlantic ocean and problems of ring loss

Lukasik J., 1984: The age of gilts of the pulawy breed at first fertilization and their future breeding utility

Van-Ryzin, M. T.; Fisher, H. I., 1976: The age of laysan albatrosses diomedea immutabilis at 1st breeding

Oduntan, S. O.; Ayeni, O.; Kale, O. O., 1976: The age of menarche in nigerian girls

De Boer J.N., 1979: The age of olfactory cues functioning in chemo communication among male domestic cats

Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598248

Teravainen, H.; Forgach, L.; Hietanen, M.; Schulzer, M.; Schoenberg, B.; Calne, D. B., 1986: The age of onset of parkinson's disease etiological implications

Keen D.H., 1985: The age of pleistocene marine deposits at portland dorset england uk

Khalturin, D. K., 1978: The age of smolt and duration of the marine period in the life of salmon salmonidae

Action D.F., 1984: The age of some holocene soils on the ear lake terraces in saskatchewan canada

Zhang L., 1983: The age of the badaowan formation in northern xinjiang china

Cardoso T.R.M., 1985: The age of the batinga and aracare formations of the sergipe alagoas basin brazil

Pirlet, H., 1975: The age of the black marble at theux belgium

Butterworth, M. A.; Smith, A. H. V., 1976: The age of the british upper coal measures with reference to their mio spore content

Van-Amerom, H. W. J.; Boersma, M.; Riehl-Herwirsch, G., 1976: The age of the carboniferous of christophberg carinthia austria

Bristow, C. R., 1976: The age of the cayo formation ecuador

Mitchell M., 1981: The age of the dinantian lower carboniferous rocks proved beneath the kent coalfield england uk

Hendey, Q. B., 1978: The age of the fossils from baards quarry langebaanweg south africa

Romaniv A.M., 1987: The age of the golovniskaya suite by calcareous nannoplankton soviet carpathians

Mccoy J.P., 1982: The age of the hartman moraine and the campbell beach of lake agassiz in northwestern ontario canada

Boullier A., 1981: The age of the hauts de meuse coral reef between verdun and commercy and oxfordian stratigraphy in the east of the paris basin france

Curry, D., 1976: The age of the hengistbury beds eocene and its significance for the structure of the area around christchurch dorset england

De Vos J., 1985: The age of the hominid bearing deposits of java state of the art

Odebode, M. O., 1978: The age of the marly formation of the miocene basin of vence southeast france based on planktonic foraminifera

Bugaev, V. F., 1978: The age of the masu salmon

Horton, A., 1977: The age of the middle jurassic white sands of north oxfordshire

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Section 7, Chapter 6599, Accession 006598895

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