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The age dependence of endochondral bone formation in mice biochemical evidence for decreased bone forming capacity

Wlodarski, K.H.; Reddi, H.A.

Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences Biological Sciences 34(7-9): 155-160


Accession: 006598199

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Alkaline and acid phosphatase activity were used as the biochemical parameters of endochondral osteogenesis of Balb/cann mice during ageing. It was demonstrated that the activity of alkaline phosphatase, as expressed as units per g of tissue or per milligram of protein, is higher in the 6-9 weeks old mice than in the 13-18 weeks old ones. Similar tendency of decline in activity was found for acid phosphatase, although the differences were significant only when the activity was expressed in units per mg of protein, but not per gram of tissue.

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